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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 3, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm amy hollyfield. live in antioch, where convicted kidnappers phillip and nancy garrido would frequentenly visit parks, video small children. prosecutors released details and how the system failed. >> this morning, twist of the reported kid fapping of 16-year-old antioch -- kidnapping of 16-year-old antioch boy. police arrest him for staging his own abduction as part of a barbershop robbery. >> good morning. live look from downtown san francisco, the clouds are out. once again. flight arrival delays are likely at sfo. i'll let you know when those happen. slight warming trend on the way, but you may have to wait until the back half of the forecast. >> good morning. i'm sue hall. we have sig-alert in effect in the north bay. overnight roadwork. details in the next ten
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minutes. >> san francisco transportation leaders approve a hefty hike in taxi fares and they vote to put dozens of cabs on the street. good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney. eric thomas has the morning off. >> i'm kristen sze. thank you for joining us. at 5:01. a forum will be held in sacramento today to ask how did the parole system fail kidnap victim jaycee dugard? meantime, prosecutors released frightening video that her kidnappers the garridos shot of other little girls. abc7's amy hollyfield is live in antioch with the latest. amy? >> reporter: kristen, prosecutors say the garridos would come to local park and film children. listen as nancy garrido encourages a young girl to do gymnastics while she films her with a hidden camera. >> can you go all the way down? >> yes. >> let me see. i bet you can go down really easy, huh? >> yeah, that is easy. >> reporter: nancy garrido
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told police she did this for phillip garrido less than 20 times. the videos were released with a lengthy report listing examples of how the system failed in this case. the el dorado says that phillip garrido tricked the system to make them think he was reformed. as they push for change, the legal analyst says there is probably not a perfect solution. >> unless people of california want to pay for parole agent to sit with every parolee 24/7 there will be reoffense. no matter how tight the system is and no matter how many laws you change. >> reporter: the report gives examples of times when the parole agents should have discovered jaycee dugard, the girl the garridos held captive in antioch for 18 years. but it also says garrido should have never been able to grab her in the first place. sating he should not have been released from prison in
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1988. and then lists times he should have gone back to prison for parole violations. today there will be a forum to discuss this and possibility of new law to allow parole board to give as much weight to crime as the criminal's rehabilitation. live in antioch, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> amy, thanks very much. this morning a 16-year-old antioch boy two was reported kidnapped during a barbershop robbery two days ago is now in police custody. he was arrested yesterday after admitting he helped rob the barbershop where he worked and made up a story he had been kidnapped. c.h.p. had posted an amber alert in an effort to find the teenager. police also arrested a 23-year-old antioch man who investigators say masterminded the robbery. a judge ordered a 40-year-old man accused of running down four bicyclists with his suv last june in san francisco to stand trial for attempted murder. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the attorney representing david clark of albany says his
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client will plead not guilty by reason of insanity. clark is accused of attempting to run over four people with his suv in the mission district. in the potrero hill in six-minute rampage. all six survived but were badly injured. protesters are set to deliver 40,000 signatures to u.s. airways at san francisco international airport today demanding an apology over the arrest of a man wearing saggy pants. supports of 20-year-old marvin claim that the air line engaged in racial profiling when he was ordered off the airline in june. they allowed a cross dresser to fly. u.s. airways say he was arrested for not following orders after employee told him to pull up his pants. the district attorney's office dropped all charges against him. it was a record-breaking national night out in oakland. the city held 100 more block parties this year than last. last night's event brings
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together neighbors to try to prevent drugs and crime. there were hundreds of gatherings all over the bay area, including in east palo alto, which has seen a spike in gang violence this year. abc7's karina rusk has more. >> reporter: there were five block parties throughout east palo alto, people mingling with the neighbors and enjoying a traditional and growing pot luck. >> i made 200 devil eggs. >> i'm the spaghetti lady. every year i'm here i bring in the spaghetti. >> the social gathering is a way to counter the spike in violence. there has been six murders in east palo alto this year including the shooting death of a 3-month-old baby in june. it seemed to galvanize a community fed up with violence. >> when baby isaac was killed the tips started flowing on the tip line. they haven't stopped. >> the police chief launched community outreach efforts that many say have an
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impact. >> we have a wonderful chief of police. he is doing a good job. the police is doing a good job. >> the success of national night out in east palo alto is just one sign that the community is working with police to achieve a lasting peace. >> let's come together. this is our problem as a community. not one person problem, not that person. it's a community problem. >> given the last couple of months this month the police chief took the unusual step of canceling some of the officer's days off to put them on patrol. in east palo alto, karina rusk, abc7 news. >> palo alto city council members might soon use ipad in meetings. the media partner "san jose mercury news" reports the council voted on monday to use apple tablet in an effort to cut down on the amount of paper packets they receive each week. they could save $12,000 by switching to electronic packets, assuming councilmembers buy their own devices.
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however, council also passed a resolution to give them the option of asking the city to pay for those ipads. it may be easier to catch a cab in san francisco, but rates are going up. the "san francisco examiner" reports in 30 days just getting in a cab will go up from .$3.10 to $3.50. it will increase 10 cents for every minute stuck in traffic. they approved the rate last night. the first increase since 2003. 35 full-time cabs will be added to the complete. 50 more cabs will be added in the peak commute hours. important to note that the gas prices have come up as well. since 2003 when it last went up. >> mike is not talking about cabs. he is talking about roller coasters as in the weather. up and down. >> aren't they babyish roller coasters. >> exactly. not a big roller coaster, not a 70-mile-per-hour dip. it seems forever, but five seconds if that. no. a small roller coaster ride. that's what the temperatures
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will do. up and down. depending where the trough goes. it's digging down closer to us, which means that eventually cooler weather on the way. but until that happens, step outside this morning. it's warmer in the north bay. mid-50s there. mid-to-upper 50s for the rest of us. 61 in mountain view. 60 in antioch. off to a mild start. look for clouds back to coast by 1:00. slower today than yesterday. low to mid-70s around most of the bay shoreline. mid-to-upper 60s along half moon bay and san francisco and richmond. 80-degree temperatures in the south bay. and low to mid-80s around napa, santa rosa. mid-t mid-to-upper 80 in valley. may not shape clouds around monterey. 66. low 70s elsewhere in salinas. low to mid-80s inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- tomorrow, the coolest day. thicker clouds and more drizzle tomorrow morning. the temperatures will warm friday, saturday and sunday. especially monday and tuesday next week when morning clouds aren't as
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prevalent in the forecast. >> good morning, sue. good morning, mike and everyone. we have accident in north bay. cloverdale, 128 closed both directions. sig-alert in effect. due to the accident between 101 and oat valley road. detours are in place. most of the morning to get that cleaned up and out of there. sorry for the dizzying ride but we take you to san francisco where we have a stall, 101, cesar chavez off-ramp. blocking a lane there. oakland, southbound 880, embarcadero road off-ramp there, stall blocking the right lane there. the traffic is getting by okay and early enough it's not of coursing or slowing things in -- not affecting or slowing things in the area at all. >> thank you. 9 minutes after 5:00. >> still ahead, the big changes you will see in the neighborhood safeway store. >> summer vacation for congress threatens hundreds of bay area jobs. >> call it is lightning zone. where 40,000 bolts of lightning strike almost every day of the year.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. markets are down world wilde after president obama signed a law raising the debt limit. moody's said they will keep the top bond rating but added negative outlook saying it could be downgraded in the future. oil prices dropped for a fourth straight day down to
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$93 a barrel. it's a sign investors expect the u.s. economy to slow down. u.s. auto makers had a good july thanks to strong demand for cars and light trucks. chrysler's sales were up 20% compared to july of last year. general motors were up 7.6%. who do you think makes best coffee? consumer report did a taste test. gloria gene and newman's own tied for first with very good rating. that's america's money. safeway is planning its most ambitious effort in years to replace or reconstruct many of the small or aging stores. the "contra costa times" report the pleasanton based company says the series of projects includes 13 new or revamped safeway stores in the bay area. retailer has 158 stores in our region. safeway's push comes with
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competition for shopper's dollars in an area that safeway long dominated. . the federal government faces loss of $1 billion of taxes because congress has gone on summer recess without moving to reauthorize the federal aviation administration. funding ran out two weeks ago. the partisan dispute halted the bay area airport construction projects, including work on oakland's brand new air traffic control tower. hundreds of workers are out of a job until congress gets its act together. >> more and more it seems that some of our elected officials are falling out of touch with reality. put people before politics and let's get america back to work now. >> the government has already lost $200 million in taxes on airline ticket sales since the faa's operating authority expired. the san francisco board of supervisors unanimously passed an ordinance to strengthen the city's living wage law. coalition of city group held a rally in support of the ordinance before yesterday's vote that gives the city more power to investigate
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complaints that workers are not paid the minimum wage or are not paid the full hour's work. it stiffens the penalties against employers who don't comply with the law. >> it also requires that more notice be given to workers, as well as more notice given to the public so the public knows when they go to a business, what the business compliance with the labor law is. >> ordinance allows city inspectors to make unscheduled visits to businesses and immediately find those violating the wage laws. >> nasa is confirming debris found in a texas lake is from the doomed space shuttle "columbia." the large chunk of metal part of a tank that provided water and power to the shuttle. it was found last week after the lake water level dropped because of the drought currently gripping the state. nasa had run test on the debris to confirm it was from the shuttle. "columbia" came apart eight years ago returning to earth. seven astronauts died in the tragedy.
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the drought conditions in texas are expected to continue. much of the nation is looking for relief from the heat. heat advisories and warnings are in effect in 14 states from iowa all the way down to florida. texas has been baking in triple-digit temperatures for 32 days in a row. brutal heat wave expected to last well in to this month. the heat is blamed for nine deaths in dallas county. >> we're very concerned, and we need everyone to assist us in reaching out to our neighbors. >> in the northeast, the problem is not the east. it's the rain. fast-moving storms swept across several states yesterday including minnesota. meteorologists say there is more to come. >> in northwest venezuela, it's called the river in the sky. this is why. [ lightning strikes ] you are looking at what people in the region call the rebaba. continuous bolt of lightning that erupt 300 nights a
5:17 am
year. nasa shows intensity of the electrical storm that is about to kick off. not just powerful but punctual. it begins at midnight. >> that is incredible. >> my own opinion is there is a very intense low pressure in the basin. as night falls, you can get six or seven lightning storms around you at the same time. >> scientists call that region of venezuela the lightning capital of the world. you have to believe the predictability great for scientists. right? >> here is one right now. ask him. >> i'd like to be there right now. too late. 5:00. bummer. that is the lightning you see through the midwest. it's gorgeous. gorgeous. take a look outside, too. look at what is going on. if you're poor college student, honey, let's chase lightning storms. anytime around the globe there are 30 lightning strikes per second and there is 3 million lightning
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strikes per day on the earth. how about that? if we could harness that electricity. coming up on 5:18. here we are, looking from downtown san francisco. back to the port of oakland. low clouds. they will be thicker tomorrow. they will have more drizzle in them tomorrow also. so cooling trend on the way after today. enjoy the mid-to-upper 50s as you step outside. 50 in antioch. 61 mountain view. cloudy conditions around the monterey bay and inland. mid-to-upper 50s. the highlights, lower sunshine. still mild temperatures today. thicker clouds. that drizzle tonight. that will lead to even slower sunshine tomorrow and cooler than average temperatures that will linger through the weekend. any warming trend will be next week. for today, we see slightly warmer weather around san francisco, fremont, san jose, one to two degrees. santa rosa would be the biggest winner today. six degrees. oakland should be the same. concord two degrees cooler than yesterday. 14 hours and 1-1/2 minutes of sunshine before it sets at about 8:15, 8:16.
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you can see the cloud cover, widespread this morning. in the next hour or two, make a push in east bay valley. by noon, lingering around the bay. definitely at the coast. by 1:00, it should be back to the coast. by 2:00, we start to see clouds dissipate along the coast and bring you sunshine. we'll have 60s, 70s, to 80s inland today. you'll have 70s and 80s in the south bay with the san jose at 80 in the middle. 68 at millbrae. low to mid-70s on the peninsula. palo alto, warm spot at 75. low to mid-60s along the coast. daly city, 62. downtown, south san francisco. saucelito, mid-to-upper 60s. low 60s, cooler at your beaches. low to mid-80s through the north bay valleys. santa rosa and sonoma, 84 and 85 degrees. oakland all the way down to fremont. 71 to 77 degrees. upper 60s richmond at berkeley. the cool spot. mid-to-upper 80s east bay valley. low to mid-80s for hollister, morgan hill. mid-60s to low 70s from monterey to santa cruz where
5:20 am
you will see sunshine this afternoon. all right. got a game in town. 12:45. got to win the game. we're tied with the diamondbacks. 61 and 49. they beat us 6-1 last night. breezy, 63. warming up to 66. look for increasing sunshine during the game. all right. a look at your accuweather seven-day forecast. for the extra clouds and drizzle, locking in cooler temperatures tomorrow. we drop four to six degrees. four degrees warmer friday. we'll hold through saturday and sunday. couple more degrees warmer on monday and tuesday when you won't see quite as many morning clouds. hope you have a great day. sue? >> good morning, everyone. we have a stall in san francisco to warn you about. northbound 101 on the way in. if you are coming in from the peninsula at cesar chavez. it's blocking the off-ramp. let's go to oakland where we have stall southbound 880ment still blocking the right lane at embarcadero. sensor is not showing much slowing in the area so be forewarned about that. later today in mountain view, we have a big concert,
5:21 am
kincert, yes, kansas sticks, it will be fun. traffic in the area is always slow when there is a concert in mountain view. be forewarned. the show kicks off at 5:30. you will find slowing at 101 and surface streets in the mountain view area. for all of your information. click on the bay area traffic. terry, kristen? >> all right, sue. thanks a lot. 5:21. >> next the new special honor oprah will soon be adding to her mantle. >> also, the move in another european nation to ban traditional islamic dress among women. >> the new gps upgrade that will have the force guiding drivers to their next destination. c@bbúmtmtmtmtmtmtmtt
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i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitami, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works. an italian parliamentary
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commission approved a draft of a law that bans women from wearing burqas or veils that cover their face. women that violate the ban would face a year in jail or a fine of 30,000 euros. it would expand a decade-old law to prohibit people wearing face-covering items such as masks in public places. the oscar goes to -- oprah. oprah winfrey. james earl jones and make-up artist are getting honorary oscars. the academy of motion picture arts and science board is giving oprah humanitarian award for is her philanthropic work. she was nominated for supporting actress in 1958 for "color purple "and james earl jones is getting statuette for his acting career. he has one of the most recognizable voices in the industry. >> he does. explorer users are sending hate mail to company
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in british columbia, that claim they have lower i.q.s. actiqwon arranged findings on which internet browsers participants used. internet explorer fared the worse, followed by fire fox, chrome or safari. internet explorer user group is threatening a lawsuit. the company says heading to court would give them more credibility. domino were the smartest. >> all right. lost driving around? may the force be with you. garmin, the maker of personal navigation devices added darth vadar and yoda to the voice line-up. they can download the jedi master to tell you where to go or turn. voices -- >> tell you where to go. >> yoda has unique style. he may say right you should turn. then sharp left. control. control. [ laughter ]
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yeah. >> all right. >> who wants a soothing lady's voice, right? >> when darth says turn right, just turn right. bart board has the short list of general manager candidates, just one name. next at 5:30. the transportation experience that the person they are considering to bring to the job. convicted kidnapper phillip and nancy garrido visited local park in antioch and videoed small children but a new report shows phillip garrido should not have even been out of prison when he was doing this. i'm amy hollyfield. a live report coming up. >> efforts to inspect an old abandon abandoned pipeline in san bruno take a step forward. temperatures across the country. mildest temperature is seattle. dallas is 109. near 100 in atlanta. right now, we have switched airports. newark running on time. chicago's midway is having the flight departure delays. flight tracker, anytime you travel. travel. the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition.
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i'm amy hollyfield. live in antioch, where children playing in parks may have been videoed through the years by phillip and nancy garrido and not even have known it. they released a new report about the couple. we have the story coming up. >> also this morning, antioch police arrest a teenager abducted during a barbershop robbery, or so they thought. police say he was in on the crime. >> a live look from downtown san francisco. looking to the southeast. seeing the clouds that are hanging around. expecting flight arrival delays in sfo. and more clouds and cooler weather on the way to the forecast. >> good morning. i'm sue hall in the abc7 news traffic center. we have sig-alert in effect for north day. we have details in the next ten minutes. >> oakland neighbors take back the streets for one
5:30 am
night. the city held a record 559 block parties for national night out. hope they got a good night's sleep. thank you for joining us at 5:30. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. the prosecutor who put jaycee dugard's kidnappers away want to take on the patrol system that failed her. armed with a just-released video of the kidnappers in action. abc7's amy hollyfield joins us live from antioch where the garrido held jaycee dugard for years hidden away from parol agents. amy? >> reporter: according to the report, garridos would come to parks like this one and video children without them knowing it. they would use a hidden camera. the report released yesterday says system failures started back in 1988. saying phillip garrido should never have been freed from prison. he was serving time for a previous kidnapping and rape. the system showed that they
5:31 am
missed numerous warning signs. the garridos were so unsupervised they would be out in parks, filming girls to help feed phillip garrido's attraction to children. listen as nancy garrido coaxes a young girl to demonstrate gymnastics. >> can you go all the way down? >> yes. >> let me see. i bet you can go down really easy, huh? >> essentially, what we are seeing is nancy bringing in, and cajoling a young girl to perform on video with a hidden camera for phillip garrido's sexual perverted satisfaction. >> this is a quote from a 1988 evaluation of phillip garrido. garrido is an above-average inmate who is likely to benefit society with things like raising a family and not return to criminal life. this new report is critical of the mental health professionals who were tricked by garrido.
5:32 am
so the el dorado county district attorney is calling for a hearing today. he will use the report to call for changes, maybe a new law so it can never happen again. live in antioch, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. 5:32. new twist this morning in what was initially reported as a kidnapping of a 16-year-old antioch boy during a barbershop robbery two days ago. they say in questioning he admitted to helping rob the barbershop where he worked and he made up the kidnapping story. at one point, the c.h.p. posted a statewide amber alert to try to find the teen. now he is in police custody. police also arrested a 23-year-old antioch man who investigators say helped in the robbery. the search continues this morning for a man who police say led them on a high-speed wrong-way chase in the east bay. sky7 was over the scene on broadmoor boulevard in san leandro when the suspect finally ditched the car and ran off. it began on oakland city streets.
5:33 am
police tried to stop the suspected car thief, the driver got on interstate 580 heading west in the eastbound lanes. highway patrol picked up the pursuit, but lost it when he used the grand avenue onramp to get off the freeway at san leandro. police say they know this guy is and say he has a violent past. national night out events took place all over the country and throughout the bay area last night. an evening when neighbors came together in a drug and crime-prevention effort. the event broke a record in oakland. 559 block parties took place across that city. that is 100 more than last year. the event kicked off at frank ogawa plaza. police, firefighters and city officials fanned out to parties across the city. mayor jean quan called at it vital part of raising awareness in oakland. >> it's an important night for community safety. the most important thing is people get to know each other. >> we have had a lot of shootings and killing around. this will unite us in the neighborhood. not just this block, but all
5:34 am
over the area. >> neighbors say they want to continue the block party tradition beyond national night out. in fact, they are already thinking about planning parties for this halloween. bart directors have tentatively settled on their choice for a new general manager. grace crunican could be confirmed as early as next thursday. crunican would replace dorothy duggar who was pressured to resign in april with a nearly $1 million severance package. the "san francisco chronicle" says bart wants them to hire someone to help get federal funding to replace the ageing cars. crunican was the number two person at the transit administration when bill clinton was president and recently the transportation director in seattle for eight years. pg&e has now identified the odor that has been holding up the inspection of an old decommissioned pipeline in san bruno. work was stopped saturday after crews and neighbors smelled the gas but tonight the utility says it was
5:35 am
harmless gases called hydrocarbons. once that was established robotic crawler with high-definition camera was sent to the pipe to inspect the wells. >> the analysis did confirm we found trace amount of natural gas in the pipeline, that exists in the pipeline. we want to get that further understanding before we began the work. now that we have that analysis, results back, we are going to continue work tonight to do the camera inspection. pg&e now says it may not be able to meet the year-end deadline for completing hydrotesting of the miles of pipeline similar to last year. the san jose city council has decided against asking voters to approve five sales tax measures on the november ballot. two were general tax increases. three were special sales taxes for public safety services. the decision not to place any such measures on the ballot came after a poll showed all five measures were likely to fail. the vote was 9-2 against placing tax measure on the ballot. time to check in on the
5:36 am
forecast one more time. it's up and down, as you said, a little bit for the next week or so. >> that's right. check in with mike to see where the temperatures are today. >> the kiddie roller coaster. minor changes day-to-day until tomorrow when we see bigger changes in the forecast. you watch the area of the cloud cover, the coolest of the air working toward us today. it will be here tomorrow. today is a lot like yesterday. we are waking up with the mild conditions. a lot of cloud cover. winds that are fairly calm at the lower level. look at santa rosa, novato, sfo, hayward, mountain view, concord, then you see the southwest wind gusting to 28 in fairfield. that is when you know the marine layer is pushing through most of the bay area. and in to the central valley. in fact, clouds are more numerous up in north bay. and in the east bay valleys. that is why the temperatures are warmer than yesterday. while bay shore, all the way to the south bay, the same to three degrees cooler. thanks to the cooling wind. all right, look at the cloud cover through 8:00 this morning. pretty much everywhere. still making that late push in the east bay valley.
5:37 am
temperatures won't budge much through 8:00. still in the 50s to near 60 degrees. by noon, the clouds are back to the coast with lingering clouds around the bay shore. that is why we are in the 60s. inland in the 70s. coast in the 50s for the lunch hour to san francisco. low to mid-60s during the 4:00 hour. pockets of sunshine develop along the coast. 67 at oakland. low to mid-70s for most of the bay shore. upper 70s to low 80s inland by 4:00. accuweather seven-day forecast -- drizzle for the afternoon commute. temperatures will warm a little bit and be below average sunday. warmer and closer than average monday and tuesday. good morning, sue. do you have an update? >> i do. back to north bay to the cloverdale area where we have highway 128 closed both directions between 101 and cloverdale boulevard. a big accident there. a sig-alert, c.h.p. is on scene. your alternate route is citrus fare drive to cloverdale boulevard. it won't be picked up until noon today. farther south, go to san
5:38 am
rafael where the overnight roadwork has lucas valley and marinwood on and off ramp closed. fog from the waldo tunnel and roadwork to the golden gate bridge. no problems paying the toll and heading to san francisco. kristen, eric? pardon me. terry. >> eric, terry, open to anything. we look so much the same, no one can tell us apart. 5:38 on wednesday morning. >> a group of north bay neighbors lay out plans to put brakes on the plan smart train system. >> still ahead, why they say the taxpayer aren't getting their money's worth. >> forget being stuck in traffic. next, nasa's vision ♪ [ female announcer ] we all want cleaner laundry. we all want a world with fewer chemicals. we all want the best of both worlds. introducing all free clear oxi-active. a powerful new detergent without dyes or perfumes that helps get out your toughest dirt and stains. its added natural cleaning boosters help get your whole family's wash incredibly clean.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the proposed passengers train between may be thrown off parm nantly -- permanently. they will start petition to repeal the sales tax measure that was approved in 2008. they say the rail between cloverdale and larkspur no longer resembles what voters originally approved. plus, the estimated cost jumped 30% to $700 million and sales tax revenues are not meeting expectations. spokeswoman says she doubts the petition will get required number of signatures. nasa working on new transportation in mountain view. gliding pods that could some day pick you up where you live, drop you off at work
5:42 am
and back. the story from abc7's jonathan bloom. >> sky tran in the nutshell is the "jetsons" come to real life. >> at ames research center, bullet shaped vehicle creeps down 50-feet metal test track. >> you are whisked away at a high speed with silence, because sky tran is a passive magnetic levation vehicle; meaning, there is no pitter patter of wheels. you're gliding on air. >> suspended from poles, sky tran is the first in the category called the personal rapid transit, the computer-controlled pods pull off the track and in to a station. the riders hop in, swipe a card and select a stop like pressing a button on an elevator and combines the flexibility of the car with the experience of riding a train. sky tran v.p. of engineering shows us how it works. >> the motor is right here. that propels the vehicle forward. once the vehicle accelerates it will lift and float
5:43 am
centimeter off the track. >> they say what is revolutionary is how much it will cost cities or how much it won't cost them. >> anyone can build a train system that costs $500 million. very few people can build a train system that costs $5 million. >> scan try ceo says the system would pay for itself, charging 30 cents a mile. >> it can be built chiefly, safely, effectively and efficiently. >> at nasa ames research center, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. wal-mart gets in the summer concert ticket bloomberg business repomichael have a report coming up hosni mubarak goes on trial and the crime he's accused of committing. >> now that debt ceiling lifted, economists see storm clouds gathering. that story is coming up. >> is cyber space becoming a front in conflicts around the world. why pentagon is putting out
5:44 am
the call for a few good social networkers.
5:45 am
5:46 am
welcome back. 5:46 on this hump day. it's dry across the state. live doppler7 h.d. showing the drier trend south, too. palm springs, sunny and 112. 102, fresno, the other hot spot.
5:47 am
yosemite and chico. and head to southern california. sunshine and 84 in l.a. 78 in san diego. terry? >> thank you, mike. former egyptian leader hosni mubarak appeared at the opening of his historic trial in cairo lying on hospital bed inside a cage. the spectacle broadcast on state television was the biggest humiliation for the 83-year-old mubarak. he faces charges of corruption and killing protesters in uprising that knocked him from power in february. mube denied the charge -- mubarak denied the charges. his two sons were with him in the metal cage, they're dressed in white prison uniforms. moody's investor service says the u.s. will keep the triple-a bond rating for now following passage of the legislation to boost debt ceiling but moody's put negative outlook on the rating indicating a downgrade could be possible in the future. congressional lawmakers are back to focussing on again on jobs. abc's scott goldberg has the latest from washington. >> reporter: with the debt
5:48 am
ceiling lifted and the economy still in a rut, president obama wants to talk about jobs, something he considers a real problem. >> our economy didn't need washington to come along with a manufacturered crisis to make things worse. >> as soon as he signed the deal behind closed doors in the oval office, the stock market tanked. the dow lost 265 points and is in the middle of the longest losing streak since the height of the financial crisis in 2008. the problems consumer spending and economic growth. both slipping. and investors are worried a jobs report coming out friday won't help. >> enough talk about the debt. we have to talk about jobs. >> leaders of the political parties are worried, too. >> the biggest concern is jobs and the economy. >> but they differ sharply on the next step. now they're required to focus on way osto reform deficit, republicans say any outcome to raise taxes will kill jobs and democrats say
5:49 am
you can't create jobs if you just keep cutting spending so it seems the same fight is about to be played out all over again. it all has taken a toll on the president's popularity. a new poll in pennsylvania shows him trailing republican presidential frontrunner mitt romney by two points. within the margin of error, president obama won that important swing state by ten points in 2008. scott goldberg, abc news, washington. golden gate bridge officials hope striping will ease congestion and confusion. the painted tripes were completed yesterday. the lanes are intended to guide pedestrian and bicyclists as they cross the bridge. sidewalk has been congested since the western sidewalk reserved for bicyclists was closed in my for earthquake retrofiting work. it's estimated of the 4600 bicyclists use the western sidewalk on the busiest day. >> on that particular day, we have the folks with umbrellas on the bridge. >> a while ago. >> yeah.
5:50 am
>> this morning, you probably won't need that. >> no. maybe tomorrow, though, definitely, as more drizzle on the way tonight. look outside to show what is going on now. the drizzle tonight will lead to cooler conditions tomorrow. good morning to you. 5:50. beautiful picture from mount tamalpais as we look to the deck of clouds that keep temperatures uniform because the clouds are fairly widespread this morning. places like north bay that didn't have them, have them. east bay valley, they are coming in right now. we have 52 at san rafael in the low end, to 61. mountain view on a high end. around monterey bay, inland, we have the cloudy conditions and the mid-to-upper 50s. all right, highlights, slower sunshine. an hour later. but mild temperatures. thicker clouds, drizzle will roll in tonight. that will set the stage for the cooler weather tomorrow. and cooler than average temperatures that will linger through the afternoon hours this weekend. as far as the highs today, compared to average, livermore the same at 88. one degree cooler in napa.
5:51 am
oakland, two. redwood city, biggest drop, eight degrees cooler than average. the sunrise at 6:15, will set at 8:16. in the east bay valley, this is where the warmest weather ends and the most dominant amount of sunshine will be today. we have 86 in danville and concord, to 89 in brentwood. on the east bay shore, oakland, all the way down to fremont. low to mid-70s. fremont is warmer at 77. with hercules, but the upper 60s hang on in rich monday and berkeley. mid-70s where we start in the south bay with sunnyvale and milpitas at 76. campbell, 81. los gatos, warm spot, 83 as usual. 63 in millbrae. low to mid-70s on the peninsula. 73 in menlo park. check out low to mid-60s along the coast today. mid-to-upper 60s in downtown south san francisco and saucelito. san rafael, vallejo, upper 70s. the rest of the north bay valley in the low to mid-80s with 85 in sonoma today. low 60s at your beaches. we'll have mid-60s, monterey and carmel. more cloud cover than yesterday. low 70s in santa cruz, watsonville, salinas. low to mid-80s, hollister,
5:52 am
gilroy and morgan hill. 12:15 day game today. wrapping up a three of game set. took it on the chin again last night, now we're tied with the diamondbacks for the lead in the west. 12:45, first pitch. breezy and increasing sunshine. 63, warming up to 66 today at at&t. all right, tonight, you can see the cloud cover hanging around. drizzle possible in north bay hills and to the coast and the peninsula. the temperatures will remain in the 50s in the overnight hours. the trough of low pressure digging closer to us, pushing the dry air, the orange away from us. opening the door for cooler weather. that will settle in the forecast. especially tomorrow. in fact, we will drop four to six degrees tomorrow afternoon. we'll make some of that up on friday. it will level off saturday and sunday. then morning clouds become less numerous, marine layer is not as strong monday and tuesday. look for slightly warmer weather the two days. hope you have a great day. sue has an update. >> new accident in south bay.
5:53 am
westbound 237. approaching the lawrence expressway. two left lanes, a car hit a metal table that had fallen off the back of a truck and to the center divide. we have a problem there. that is once again westbound 237. we have a delay. and ace train delay, number one out of the central valley. 10 to 15 minutes behind schedule. ace train number three is running on time. we have no other delays reported. muni, bart, caltrain. everybody else is on schedule this morning. let's go to san jose and take a look at the live shot. we don't have the live shot anymore. it was 280. there it is! 280, northbound. very light this morning as you drive out of san jose up to the cupertino area. no problems reported there. to the bay bridge, take a check of your toll plaza, very light. streaming on in. no problems heading westbound. metering lights are off at this hour. is the website. click on the bay area traffic before you leave the house for the latest information. terry, kristen? >> thank you very much. 5:53 now. >> new blackberry handsets are on the way.
5:54 am
also, select wal-marts have something for summer concert fans. here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. music fans, listen up. wal-mart stores in select states, including california, selling concert tickets in the electronics department, part of a pact with live nation that owns ticket master. tea, coffee may have higher prices. reporting second quarter profit from a year ago. looking ahead, pete's plans to expand distribution. research in motion, the name behind blackberry wants to show it's still in the game. starting next week, expect three versions of the blackberry smart phones, including the bold and torch as it tries to gain ground against the iphone. this is the first big overhaul of the hand set in a year. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. federal government is scrambling to find the source of a salmonella outbreak linked to ground turkey that killed a person in california. the death is one of two case of the illness in sacramento
5:55 am
county. four other cases were found in california including one in san francisco. 77 people in 26 states have become sick. the illness date back to march. california department of public health says all involve an unusual strain of salmonella. >> what we found in common with the cases here in sacramento county is they share the same strain of salmonella which is called salmonella heidelberg. there are many strains and this one is dangerous because it's reanalyssistant to anti-by yottics. the pentagon is looking at social media as a new battlefield. they want scientists to figure out how to detect and if necessary counter propaganda on twitter and facebook. the defensed vance research project agency is spending $42 million on the project. they want to identify credible threats in cyber space and they want to spot trends like the arab
5:56 am
revolution as they develop. this isn't the government first foray to use social media for intelligence gathering. the f.b.i. combed through facebook and twitter for clues of the whereabouts of boston gangster whitey bulger. pentagon officials say they want to do something similar but on a broad and systemic scale. one of california's most popular specialty license plates is getting a redesign. whale tail specialty place produced in 1997. the california coastal commission decided to seek out a new design after royalty battle with the original artist. commission unveiled the new plate at the san francisco crissy field yesterday. you see it there. the new design is a collaboration of two artists. as you can see, it retains the popular whale tail theme. there is the artist. >> try to get a closer look but that would be tailgating. i know. 5:56. seriously, though, folks, just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 -- started as a kidnapping victim and now he is a robbery suspect. the bizarre twist in this
5:57 am
week's amber alert in antioch. >> what is your browser brightness? the new study that claims to predict your intellect based on what you use to surf the web. >> a new report says phillip garrido should not have even been out of prison when he kidnapped jaycee dugard. i'm amy hollyfield. new details about mistakes made in his case comomomomomomom sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from
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