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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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but they say is threatened their safety and free speech rights. >> good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney. the three day music festival is off to a solid start. yesterday's opening showcased great music with great food and wine. no significant problems. that is until a number of fans returned to where they had parked and discovered their cars were gone. abc7's john alston reports from golden gate park. >> the rock band fish jammed into the evening at golden gate park. one of the highlights on the first night of the outside land and musical arts festival. >> the musician didn't matter as much as hanging out and having fun with all these people. it's fun. >> while the jam-packed crowds were dancing to the beat, there was another well orchestrated event happening outside the venue.
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tickets were being slapped on windshields, toe trucks were hauling away cars from snow stopping zones. in just a few minutes almost a dozen cars were nailed near 39th avenue and fulton. a few had out-of-state license plates. >> it's going to be a mess. >> the parking control officer ticketed this suv from nevada that was blocking jillian nathan's driveway. it was on 30th avenue. >> i have been stranded before i don't like it, but if i have my kid and can't come home and can't get home and get in my garage, what am i going to do? >> minutes later the tow truck arrived. the price of the ticket? eighty-eight dollars. the price of the tow is about $400 more. back at the park there were no worries as hundreds enjoyed hours of live music. >> it was awesome. i loved it. it was great fun. it's something my son and i
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share, a love of music. >> for others the evening will not end so well. it may be a few days before we know exactly how many vehicles were towed. 180,000 people are expected over the course of the three-day event. organizers say there are still a few tickets left. in san francisco, john allston, abc7 news. >> wane to avoid all of that, one convenient way is to take bart and hop on a shuttle. the bus line and the street cars can get you there, as well. the fbi and police across california are searching for a two-year-old sacramento girl apparently kidnapped by her father. an amber alert was issued yesterday and freeway signs were lit up state wide as they tried to get the word out to as mean people as possible. officials are look for 49-year-old mourad samaan. he was born in egypt and speaks fluid spanish.
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they believe the daughter could be in danger because the court just awarded the mother sole custody before he was last seen. he was driving a green toyota 4-runner, california plates 3xrm111. bart police are underfire for cutting off cellphone use so protesters couldn't communicate with each other. some say it was not only dangerous, but unconstitutional. bart police are making no apologies. >> the bart officers were prepared for a violent protest that was thwarted by an unusual move. >> i believe it's a matter of turning the power off to perhaps the antenna or tower there. >> they said they turned off the cellphone antennas from balboa station to embarcadero. it was a tactic to prevent protesters from using cell
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>> but turning it off violated first amendment rights of protesters and threatened the safety of passengers, according to the electronic frontier organization and the association of public safety officials. >> public safety is certainly a compelling government interest. however, to impact, to block the speech of thousands based solely on the possibility of a protest that might impact public safety, does not meet the rigorous tests under our first amendment. >> what if there had been a fire, what if there had been some other critical incident inside the tunnels? what if somebody was having a heart attack. they need to call 911 immediately. >> the reaction from bart passengers is mixed. >> a little bit of an infringement of our free speech and opportunity to communicate how we want to and when we want to. >> i side with bart. i do. >> the chief said there were enough police officers and bart personnel on duty at the time to respond to any emergency quickly.
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he adds that he traded a small amount of the protesters' free speech for passenger safety. >> if somebody had gotten hurt or killed over it, i don't think that price is a price we will pay for free speech. >> he said the decision wasn't made lightly and it came from top administration officials. this man said it was a shameful act and one that should be investigated. >> it's shocking to see these kind of tactics being deployed in the united states. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. oakland police are investigating two fatal shootings overnight. at about midnight officers responded it a report of shots fired at 9th avenue and maddux drive. they found a shooting victim dead inside a vehicle. it rolled to a stop in someone's front yard. police aren't saying any more about that. then about an hour later, about 1:00 this morning, a second fatal shooting incident occurred in a residential area near harrington avenue and golindo street. they found a man dead of a gunshot wound to the head.
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about a half a block away they found a second shooting victim. that person is hospitalized in stable condition this morning. >> police are also investigating a police shooting in oakland but aren't saying much about it. it happened about 7:30, fruitvale avenue near foothill. police shot the man and don't believe his wounds are life-threatening but they aren't saying what happened or why they opened fire in the first place. friends and family accused of killing a three-year-old oakland boy is saying he's innocent. the 26-year-old is accused of firing the shot that killed the boy on monday. yesterday denard faced the judge but did not enter a plea. oakland police say the drive-by shooting was gang related. investigators believe he was targeting two other men who were also shot, but his family said he's been set up. >> if it was two grown folks it wouldn't be there, it would have still been an investigation. but it was a kid, they have to blame somebody. i don't feel that's right. >> i feel sorry for the baby and
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baby family. i have three kids and i know what he's going through, but he's innocent until proven guilty. >> he has prior arrests for grand theft and gun possess. he's expected to enter a plea on august 29th. the los angeles dodgers are asking a judge to throw out key parts of a lawsuit filed by brian stow's family. it accuses the dodgers of being partially responsible for the attack that left the santa cruz paramedic in a coma. they blame it on inadequate supervision of alcohol consumption and inadequate security. the dodgers say it's inadequate and improper and doesn't conform with state laws. the two men charged with attacking him entered not guilty please on wednesday. coming up next, will she or won't she? >> i still think it's early. i think it's too early. >> sarah palin steals the show in iowa before today's first big republican contest. and the mural with a message.
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now you can have brownies again. new fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle. [ male announcer ] find them on sale this week at your local safeway store. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> in iowa today there is an important test looming for the eight candidates seeking the republican nomination for president. there's a first glimpse of the candidates performing in the state that will kick off the 2012 presidential race. the would-bes were joined by a could-bes. >> on the eve of one of the most important tests for the republican presidential candidates, one person not in the race stole the show. >> i still think it's early. i think it's too early. >> former alaska governor sarah palin told reporters
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she will have to make up her mind whether she's running by next month. >> the fact she's speaking, that has to be a drop dead. >> so what kind of campaign would she run? >> very grass roots. very grass roots. >> for some of those who already know they are in the race, time is running out. congresswoman michele bachman and former governor tim pawlenty hope to do well in the straw poll. the two candidates mixed things up at thursday's gop debate. >> in congress her record of accomplishments and results is nonexistent. >> you said the era of small government was over. that sounds a lot more like barack obama, if you ask me. >> ahead in iowa policy, bachman must meet expectation that she will do well. pawlenty, who hasn't generated much enthusiasm, needs to prove he can turn things around. the stakes could not be higher for both of them, even though the noncandidate sucked up all the oxygen.
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>> the front runner in the race is skipping the straw poll. he's about to face a big challenge from texas governor rick perry, who threw his hat in the race. abc news, washington. and mural is going up and it's being painted by high school students that want to send the president a message. the art work will depict the hardships undocumented families face in the united states. it wants to draw attention to the controversial aspect, the federal dream act. they say the proposal would not grant citizenship to 67% of the young people brought to this country illegally. >> there are only two paths, you go to the military or you go to a college but a lot of undocumented youths, their parents don't have money to support them and they don't have papers so they can get financial aid. >> the 67 dreams project hopes to pressure congress to amend the proposal. they want it to include a path to citizenship for students who can't afford college and don't see the military as an option.
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>> in san hose last night there was a big surprise for jazz fans when singer michael boulay took the stage and belted out a couple of tunes. >> he is in town to perform at hp pavilion this weekend but graced the stage last night at the park. more than 100,000 people expected to attend the 22nd annual jazz festival this weekend. featured performers include david san born, dmc, george duke and arturo sandoval. >> and can you answer the questions folks outside will have this weekend? >> no surprises. if you are following the pattern with the low fog and clouds, we have also higher clouds out there. numbers have dropped into the upper 40s in some of our protected north bay valleys. elsewhere it's in the 60s. i'll put it all together for your weekend and your workweek
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forecast. that's all coming up. >> also coming up, the 49ers open the preseason and the jim harbaugh season in new orleans. it didn't go so well in the bayou. the highlights coming up in sports. dry mouth is uncomfortable.
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we look out toward mount tam. you watch the fog and you see it's moving, oh, so slowly. it looks like lava. it's a beautiful shot, whatever it looks like. here's lisa. she will be along shortly. scientists say the jewell of the sierra is not as clear as it used to be. a report out of uc davis finds lake tahoe has reached its second lowest level of clarity in almost 50 years. back in 1968 you could see down to a depth of 102 feet. last year it was 65 feet. climate change may be a factor, according to experts. the report will be discussed at the 50th annual tahoe summitt next tuesday. we were up there at tahoe at different times recently, and the 65 feet, i don't know, i
6:18 am
didn't measure it, but it's still gorgeous, spectacular, and you can see a long way down. >> when you figure it's only used a couple months out of the year and much of it is frozen or cold or snow packed. yeah, it looks gorgeous out there. upper 70s to low 80ths there. and looking at this mount you can see the higher scattered clouds. not much in the way of low clouds. take a look at golden gate. the fog and visibility reduced at the coast at about 4 miles. 6:23 sunrise, 8:05 is the sunset. and here's the roof where you see the scattering of clouds. changes today comes in the depth of the marine layer, strength of onshore push. less of both of that today. slightly warmer afternoon and slightly cooler tomorrow. 63 in antioch. it's 48navato. 56 redwood city and 58 fremont. we have clouds in the south bay, but not much. we will see a slightly earlier
6:19 am
burn off. low clouds and fog this morning and a steady pattern through the weekend with the next trough bringing in a slightly cooler day tomorrow. then looks like we will warm up, a minor warmup by next week. yesterday you noticed the high clouds streaming up from the south. as they push off to the east, we got a little bit of a break today. we will see the typical, the on-shore flow. and home the trough to the north and west wants to cool us down a couple more degrees. for today look for the 90s to return to sacramento, san joaquin valley. 99 in vegas today. cool along the shoreline here with the fog once again. but if it pulls back we will see sunshine sooner and that will warm temperatures up a little bit today and then down tomorrow. 60s today around the day. and 50s with the fog. for the time being today and tomorrow i think we will see a little bit of clearing at the
6:20 am
coast. that has been the pattern. 70s in the santa clara valley. you notice a few more 80s up to the north and also to the east. if we look at our high temperatures today, those are looking fairly typical. 75 in santa clara, 76 in san jose. low to mid-70s on the peninsula with the afternoon sun. in fact, early afternoon sun here. late morning we begin to break out in san mateo, 71. it will take until the afternoon until we see the sun in the city. the richmond district, we call it late day sun. partly cloudy san francisco, 64 today. you will need the jacket. but should be a nice afternoon. 78 sonoma. and near east bay look for the upper 60s again as we clear later on this morning. 70 hayward with 74 in fremont. once again, if you have been liking this weather, giving the ac a break throughout most of our inland east bay, today another comfortable afternoon. 80 dublin. and monterey bay dense fog but
6:21 am
then sunny and 70 in so salina. i think we will see more in the way of fog tomorrow. by monday and tuesday you notice things look awfully similar with numbers trying to bump up a bit by the middle of next week. yeah, we are getting into the thick of august and things are still pretty steady. >> all right. lisa, thanks a lot. and we are joined from new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on good morning america. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, terry. coming up, the race is on. the gop converges in iowa for the first big test in the twelve presidential test. former texas governor rick perry is expected to throw his hat in the ring. whose stars will rise and whose chance of winning the nomination could fall by the way side? we are live in iowa this morning. and the search for an american woman missing in aruba. the man who was traveling with her is being held in aruba. and abc news exclusive, why did
6:22 am
two other women get restraining orders against him? also coming up, could you really be addicted to panic? well a new study finds it is a real addiction just like drugs or alcohol. how do you know if you are hooked? we will tell you the signs to watch for. and talk about a lucky break. we will introduce you to a group of office workers laid off and then just hours later hit the jackpot. they won a $7 million lottery just hours after they were laid off. it's an incredible story, terry. >> are you going to be sharing with us how to pick winning lottery numbers? >> i would not be here this early in the morning if i knew how to do that. >> you would have your own network. >> that's true. >> thanks. >> have a great day. >> you, too. in sports, jim harbaugh is officially here. yesterday the nooners returned to action with their first preseason game in new orleans. larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. >> there's a lot of excitement about what jim harbaugh is going to do as the new 49er head
6:23 am
coach, but the new alex smith looked like the old one. the offense couldn't do anything in their preseason opener in new orleans. alex with the third head coach in seven seasons. now in his defense he had almost no protection in this game. the saints came out blitzing from the get-go. hammered from behind, the recovery. smith played. five series. 2 of 7 passing, 10 yards. the hookup to braylon edwards. early second quarter. and joseph morgan returned, bounces off a defender here, spins away, hits the sideline. lee is going to try to tackle him with an arm. not going to happen. 78 yards for the touchdown. new orleans up 10-zip. drew brees played three possessions and gave way to chase daniel, handing off to former heisman winner mark engram. , the spin, the scoot, 17-0, saints. rookie collin gab rick and he threw too picks, made his , best plays with his legs. 26 yards on the scramble, setting up a 59-yard field goal attempt by the new kicker, david akres. got it.
6:24 am
there was the lone niner highlight in a 24-3 loss. >> obviously we like better outcomes. wished we could have performed better. the first game, with harbaugh and the staff, we have to go back to camp and continue to work. reeling and trying to get back on track, the giants opened the ten-game road trip in florida last night, still without carlos beltran, who received a cortisone shot for his injured wrist. he might have to go on the disabled list. beltran a spectator again. good start in the game. here it comes and there it goes. pablo sandoval, his 14th of the year, but 20 straight solo homers for the giants. 1-0. matt cain could not hold the slim lead. bottom of one. the triple to right center and alfredo scores from first and ties it at one. later mike stanton would drive in morrison. 2-1. the giants threat nen the ninth,
6:25 am
could not core. they fall 2-1 and fall two back of the d-backs because the a's won. a's and rangers. and boos for c.j. wilson. ripped the coliseum, ripped their fans this week andwell son gets revenge. strikes out scott sizemore there. this game was essentially over in the second inning. the rangers erupt for six runs. andy chavez, three hits in the game. drives one in to make it 4-3 after the six spot in the third, and the rangers add three this the fourth. michael young here at david dejesus bobbles and two more score. the a's fall and fall big, 9-1. bay area favorites, chris mullen and brenda vandevere, inducted into the basketball hall of fame in springfield, mass last night. vandevere one of the top women's coaches in history. she went 25 years at the helm at stanford and mullen had a 16 year nba career most with the warriors. he overcame alcoholism to become a hall of famer. >> i truly want to thank the
6:26 am
golden state organization and the fans for supporting me during a very difficult time in my life. i am forever grateful to the bay area and today i call it home. >> i coach incredibly talented and hardworking players. the players are who inspire and motivate me every day. >> mike shumann will be here are the rest of the highlights at five, six and eleven. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> yesterday long time legendary trainer jerry hollendorpher was inducted into the national thoroughbred racing hall of fame. he has just end 6,000 victories, the most winningest trainer ever all-time. and up necks the high-speed computer trading wherefore tunes can be made or lost in a matter
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of microseconds. also a random act of kindness puts a bay area woman on the road to hollywood. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' school get extra stuff. they're the only cereals with box tops for education. you can raise money for your kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box counts. and safeway's 10% back to schools program, now there are two ways to earn cash for your kids school.
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[ female announcer ] sweet honey taste. 80 calories per serving. 40daily value of fiber. i'm here in the downtown area where the crowd is growing. [ female announcer ] watching calories at breakfast never tasted this sweet... i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] ...or this huge. new fiber one 80 calories. yes, you can actually love breakfast. >> president obama says he will be announcing new proposals in the coming weeks to help american companies hire workers and create jobs. in this morning's weekly address, mr. obama says he wants voters to tell congress they are
6:30 am
sick of the partisanship that hurts efforts to fix the economy. >> the idea that making it through the next election is more important than making it right. that's what's holding it back. the fact that some in congress would rather see their opponents lose than see america win. so you have a right to be frustrated. i know i am. because you deserve better. and i don't think it's too much for you to expect that the people you send to this town start delivering for you. >> the president listed several initiatives he wants congress to pass, including free trade and , many provements in the patent system and extending the tax that extend the benefits workers receive. wall street ended yesterday with a second consecutive day of gains. for the first time in its history the dow jones industrial average had four 400 point swings in one week and finished yesterday up to 125 points. it was down almost 176 for the week. the market boost came from the better than expected news in retail sales and a rally in
6:31 am
european stocks. thursday it was void by fewer jobless claims than expected. they said maybe investors are looking at the economic glass as half full instead of half empty. and there's a new generation of software, high-speed, high volume trading that turbo speeds up the mark. we explain how it affects the market. >> it wasn't that many years ago stock transactions were done by people using hand gestures standing in trading pits. then computers took over. the latest development is software that monitors trading data and company news and executes trades in microsessions. it's called speed trading or high frequency trading, and it's put the stock market on steroids. the founder and chairman of speed trader provides this to individual investors. he spoke to us via skype. >> i would guess that 70% of
6:32 am
this week was hypertrading. >> he believes sharp drops and spikes can be caused not just by emotion and panic, but also by the faster speed of trading. computer experts tell us it's takes 3 microseconds to execute a speed trade and one microsecond to receive data about a block. to put it in perspective, the blink of an eye takes 350,000 microseconds and the camera flash takes 1,000 microseconds. >> the increase in speed comes from two things. they are locating their servers right at the exchange and plugging right into the source. they are using software with algorithms that see trends. much like google predicts your search while you are typing it in. they are monitoring if others are buying or selling. >> people can't slow their orders out of the market. they see strength, they will jump onboard. >> big trading firms and hedge
6:33 am
funds are the primary users of speed straying. -- trading. investment advisers see why it's spreading. >> i think it's an opportunity to exploit what they may have. >> although some investors may not have the tolerance. >> just as americans are hoping for something to help strengthen the economy, there is word gas prices are heading down. a whopping 50 cents per gallon over the next month. that's what they are saying, following a big drop in oil prices. a leading analyst said this means the average family will save more than 70 bucks a month at the pump and that will pump $45 billion into the economy just when we need it the most.
6:34 am
>> a pit bull was standing over the badly mauled body of a bomb when her husband came home thursday. the dog was shot by police. they hope an exam will provide clues what evoked the attack. >> this is abnormal behavior if it indeed happened. it had to be triggered by something. >> there was a autopsy performed yesterday tore bite marks that could be matched to the pit bull and for the exact cause of death. in so many tragedies like this, pit bulls are responsible. in so many tragedies like this one, pit bulls are responsible. many will tell you it's a tough breed to train. but pit bulls do seem to be involved in a disproportional number of attacks. we spoke with some experts. what normal other dogs can do like jump on somebody or behave like a dog, a pit bull can do that and be dangerous. >> beverly kingsbury has trained
6:35 am
dogs in pacifica for 15 years. come! yes, that's a good boy. >> she says any dog, not just a pit bull, can react to tiny changes in the owner's body chemistry. that's why some detect a seizure before it happens and they may behave differently when an owner becomes pregnant. >> they are aware of changes in our chemistry. what they do with those changes, though, could be on an individual basis. they can do nothing or they can alert us or get upset or frightened. >> for a smaller dog the frightened behavior might be a new sense. but for a pit bull it could be deadly. when it it comes to laws restricting the ownership of pit bulls or noterring, she worries a lot of it has to do with their bad reputation. >> it's not the strongest jaw, and it's not the only one. >> administrators say they have seen a 25% drop in the number of pit bulls that wind up in the kennel since they started requiring that breed to be spade -- spayed or neutered.
6:36 am
and they have seen a 40% drop in the number of this breed they have to euthanize. animal care and control director said most serious dog attacks in san francisco have involved unneuterred males. females and males fixed don't pose as much of a problem. but there is a problem getting people to comply. >> we regularly get calls and complaints about pit bulls people have seen in different parts ever the city. >> abc7 news. a woman whose random act of kindness sparked a fund-raising effort for the hungry is heading to hollywood. she's in the running for a bh1 do-something award. here's her story and how you can be part of the club. >> shirley is packing her bags for hollywood. it's a journey that began two years ago at a grocery store. the woman in line in front of her couldn't find her reaction. >> it was a knee jerk reaction. i tapped on the shoulder and say
6:37 am
if i pay for your groceries will you send me a check? >> the grocery bill was $207. a thank you note and a check for an even $300 arrived the next day, urging her to get a massage. instead she went online. >> i was new on facebook and said what would you guys do with the money? and people said how about giving it to charity. >> a food bank serving the counties quickly became the charity of choice. suddenly friends and even strangers started matching that $93. >> and another one did it and another one and another one, and it rolled. and within four hours there was $600 pledged. by the next morning it was over 1,000. >> the $93 club has raised nearly $125,000 for second harvest, which and why it's nominated for the vh1 do-something awards.
6:38 am
not everyone participating pledges that amount, but the unusual number did spark a given. ranging from 93 cents to $9,300. second harvest needs ongoing support because they are now serving nearly half a million people every month. >> the wonderful thing about what carroll lee did is it started two years ago, and like a freight train, it just never stopped. and that's really helped us. >> she's excited about the awards show but it most impressed with the people who joined her in paying it forward. >> it's amazing. i honestly, what i feel best about is that i had a chance to be a part of this incredible experience. >> and that's how carroll lee hazard went from trader joe's to hollywood in two years. in manilow park, abc7 news. >> we he will keep you posted how it all turns out. and lisa is here to tell us how the weather turns out all morning long. i see some breaking through there. >> yeah, there's a little bit. we also have the low clouds and high clouds. a full moon. and this camera is looking east this morning. >> the coast. >> isn't that gorgeous?
6:39 am
we will be allowing for more sunshine today and we will talk about that coming up. >> also ahead, a rescue hospital unique in the bay area. this morning we salute the volunteers who are keeping nature as musicians alive. [ male announcer ] 2...4...6...8. who do we appreciate? why, you, of course. the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's.
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bçbç the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents.
6:41 am
experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. >> welcome back. as you see, we have the low-lying clouds. part of the transbuilding as disappeared behind the fog. the bank ever america building too. it's not going to last forever. nothing ever does. lisa is here to talk about just how long it's going to last. >> thank god for that. >> what, that it doesn't last forever? >> yeah, i think. >> we have some shots this morning. >> that's better. >> mount tam, you notice once again it looks like a steady marine layer, and it is. 1500 to 1800 feet.
6:42 am
we will also take you from the peak, this is the view, you see sutra tower. we are starting out pretty much the same. yesterday you notice the high clouds. we have the low clouds this morning. less in the way of high clouds this afternoon. we will see a little bump-up in temperatures, are you going to notice it? you might if you are at san francisco at the festival because we will see sunshine sooner today. feeling a little mild out there and tomorrow cooler. talking about cooler, 50 in santa rosa. starting to see some cool air head into the north bay. our east bay valleys, mild temperatures, upper 50s. 55 half moon bay and with fog here we've got about four miles visibility. so the fog can be dense along the shoreline. so be careful if you are headed there this morning. low clouds and fog are at the morning hours. it will lift. it will peel back. we will see some sunshine.
6:43 am
the same pattern tomorrow. the temperatures i think will be a couple degrees cooler tomorrow. then we will bring them up just a couple of degrees. minor changes day-to-day. you may not even notice it. you probably noticed the higher clouds yesterday. today we will see less of the high clouds because they are going to be shunted more to the east. so that is why we are going to see the clouds peel back, the fog and low clouds. we will still have that sea breeze, but numbers will remain quite warm in our central valley. the sacramento valley, the san joaquin valley, we aren't getting the delta breeze all the way to the east. so we will see the 90s and 70s along the coast. you notice the fog is patchy. up to 80 in los angeles. back home today, here it is by about 1:00, once again getting hung up, the san mateo coast. but it will push back. i think 3:00 we will see sunshine at the beaches. still cool, though. 50s and 60s there while 70s return to the south bay. you notice a little bit of orange trying to come into the santa clara valley and more
6:44 am
80s into the north. that's the minor change in terms of a little bit of warming today in parts of the north and south bay. on the peninsula, widespread low clouds and fog along the coast. 76 south of san francisco. partly cloudy, 64. south city getting into some sun later at 65. 76 in petaluma, with 74 vallejo. a nice afternoon here. the breeze early and the fog pulls back for 70 in san leandro. 82 danville. matchy, low clouds this morning around concord. you will see a high of 83 down by the monterey bay. we have dense fog but then it clears for 71 at the boardwalk. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. in terms of temperatures, the change not discernible only in terms of the low cloud deck when it clears this afternoon at our coast. tomorrow a little slower clearing. then in the days ahead very little change except for we will try to warm it upen land by the middle of next week.
6:45 am
still running a little bit below average. >> but the pattern, such as it is, is here for a while? and it's summertime. right. >> thanks a lot. around the bay area there are a lot of places you can take wound wild animals. most, however, are not equipped to deal with tiny song birds that may need urgent care but there's a songbird hospital in the north bay. as you see in this morning's abc7's salute, dan ashley shows us it's run entirely by volunteers. [birds singing] >> these orphan birds were born into the sonoma county songbird hospital, abandoned and hungry. they would have likely died in the wild if they were not cared for here. veronica bauers runs this avian hospital. she leads a team of volunteers that spends hours caring for the wounded and abandoned birds that arrive here.
6:46 am
it's the only abandoned bird hospital in northern california. >> i found what i thought was a nest of baby cliff swallows: they weren't. i brought them to a local rehabilitation center and they were desperate for volunteers. >> fifteen years later. >> so we are 58 on the property. she has converted much of her two acre home into a hospital for injured birds. >> no water birds, no foul, just the song birds. >> they have big appetites too. they need to eat every 20 minutes. in fact, they will go through 200,000 meal worms a week. >> we have to pry their mouth open and put the food in. >> song birds come here from a variety of places. some have fallen from trees or lost habitat. others hit by cars or maybe run into windows. some of prey for other animals. >> over 50% of the 500 plus birds i take care of in a year are caughtpy a cat. >> she relies on a local vet for the more extreme cases. the rest of cared for by hand at her home. funding for the hospital comes from the sonoma county wildlife
6:47 am
rescue, a nonprofit rehabilitation group for wild animals. >> all the song birds, the little birds, they go to veronica. the rescue relies on the hospital to take care of birds that they can't. >> a lot of animals eat them. to be around the ma'am malls that would normally eat them would be highly stressful for them so they need a quiet place they can go. >> the songbird hospital is about to become its own nonprofit. separating from the rescue will allow them do do their own fund-raising and to develop programs to save songbirds. >> if i can help to undo some of the damage that us humans are doing out there in the natural world, then i feel really, really good about that. so we salute veronica bauers and the volunteers at the songbird hospital for keeping nature as musicians alive. to make a contribution or to suggest someone we should
6:48 am
salute, go to our website under "more topics "for abc7 salutes. 7 on your side is next. >> go get your credit cards. you will want to lock at them during my upcoming report. i'm michael finney.
6:49 am
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your father is suffering. [ male announc ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. [ male announcer ] act for kids, with maximum fluoride for up to 40% fewer cavities act. stronger teeth and better checkups in every bottle. >> we are looking live at the golden gate bridge, of course. you can see there's not much traffic going on right now. a lot more later. outside lanes kicking off again today. that also shows you how low the fog is. you can't see much of the tower. fog on its way out. when is it going to leave? lisa will be telling us in a few minutes. >> new government rules protect you from some of the worst credit card practices, but there's a loophole that can still cost you. here's what you need to know with 7 on your side michael finney. >> when your credit card is swiped, a whole slew of relatively new rules go into effect.
6:51 am
fees are limited, rate increases restricted unless your credit card has this word on it, "business." if the word "business" is there, then the new rules often no longer apply. >> it's important for people to realize not all credit is created equal. >> this is mr. fox from the consumer group. he said credit card companies are sending out more applications for business cards than ever before. >> this is a dangerous thing for of most consumers since the liability is the same. but the protections of the 2009 card act don't apply to the business credit cards. >> so do those with the cards know what they are carrying? did you know there's a huge difference between a business credit card and a consumer credit card? >> no, i did not know that, and i feel like the perfect dupe. >> he's an artist and said the paperwork that goes along with a credit card, any credit card, is overwhelming. >> i don't look at the small
6:52 am
print anymore. and they count on that. i know i'm the perfect victim to this. i was genetically built to be that guy. [laughter] >> now the business cards do serve a real purpose, but if you are charging for your family, stick with a consumer card and leave the business card to, well, business people. now if you want to keep all your consumer rights, stick with a consumer credit card. those that say "business" generally don't carry all the rights and protections that you are used to. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, the cast of "the help." a movie that reopens a troubling chapter in our history books. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
6:53 am
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>> here are the winning numbers from last neat's 16 mega millions dollars drawing. >> nobody got them all. tuesday night's jackpot is estimated at $24 million. the best selling novel "the help" is now a feature film in theaters this weekend. it's often challenging to turn a well-known work of fiction into a first rate movie, but arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez says this film has oscar written all over it. >> no maid is ever going to tell you the truth, and they have a risk.
6:56 am
>> mississippi in the early '60s. emma stone plays a naive girl that wants to write a book. and it's at a time when the word equality didn't exist. based on the number one best selling book. the film director has known the author since she was five years old. she wouldn't show him what show had written. >> finally, after she had gotten her 60th rejection letter, she said, all right, just tell me what you think. >> unbelievable, he said, and he wanted to make the film. emma stone called it a challenge. >> you feel a responsibility, a weight in filming in mississippi about troubling times in history. >> maybe slightly embarrassing to future generations, the history. you can feel it. she's the hottest actress in film today and will be in next year's spiderman epic, but she's
6:57 am
a realist. >> unreal, and i don't expect this to last forever so i'm trying to make it as fun as possible. >> spencer plays mini and steals the film. >> have you lost your mind? >> no, ma'am, but you are about to. >> she met the author when she was about 100 pounds heavier and on a diet. >> i was starving and very, very grumpy. >> she had a gripe. >> they found the perfect mini. "the help" is a timeless story. it's about change. >> as women, they came together with all their supposed differences and realized they didn't really have any and helped each other. >> it is a film that will create oscar buzz. donnelly sanchez, abc7 news. >> he's gone done it now. lisa with one last check of the forecast. >> low clouds and a few high clouds this morning but all amount to go another pleasant afternoon. low to mid-80s inland valleys. 64 san francisco. 68 across the bay, and 74 palo alto. a look ahead.
6:58 am
a little sun sooner today. but temperatures remain the same over the weekend. today you notice sunshine downtown golden gate park, as well as tomorrow, but a minor warm up into the middle of next week. much of the same with temperatures running a little cool. >> all right, lisa, thanks for joining us on this abc7 saturday morning news. stick with us 24-7 as and have a great weekend! aeaaaaaúú#ú#ú#ú#ú#ú#
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