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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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as a parent you dot want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something th they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free. >> in the news, hurricane irene has made landfall over north carolina as the center comes to shore. metrologists say it is weakening and downgraded the storm overnight to a category 1 with maximum winds ever 90 miles an hour. irene has caused thousand of flights to be cancelled at sfo international airport and throughout the country. >> we are going to have a little heatup over the weekend. we have dense fog along the shoreline, some mist and drizzle, mid-50s in san francisco, 60 in san jose. >> lisa, thank you very much. hurricane irene is weakening
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this morning. >> hoe is down graded to a hurricane 1. heading northeast from north carolina with new york still in her path. you see boston, atlantic city. still a big threat to the east coast. abc's john is live from lower manhattan right now where flooding is expected. >> irene's path of urban destruction makes this storm historic. >> this hurricane is real. >> this hurricane is real. it's headed our way. we are ready. we are prepared for the worse and we continue to pray for the best. >> after the carolinas she barrels straight toward new york city, hitting baltimore, new york, d.c. and baltimore on its way. then boston later. president obama, cutting his own vacation short, warned americans to take it seriously. >> i cannot stress this highly enough. if you are in the projected path of this hurricane, you have to take precautions now. don't wait.
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don't delay. >> new york is bracing for a direct hit. the city that never sleeps will have to walk. for the first time mayor michael bloomberg is shutting down mass transit. in manhattan a quarter million people have been told to move. >> we wouldn't do it now if we didn't think it had the potential to be very serious. >> it be of it could be the worse sense 1938. >> that the the sign for me it's time to go. on the new jersey shore, forget about it. >> get the hell off the beach and get out. you're done. >> with winds up to 100 miles an hour, flying debris can become deadly. >> it can launch projectiles that are large enough, heavy enough and traveling fast enough to kill a person. >> flights are cancelled up and down the coast. more than 400 at newark alone. amtrak has cancelled travel south of washington and expects to cancel more.
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irene has weakened slightly but she's still expected to pack a punch on major urban areas. by the time it reaches new york they are spoke expected rise up over this and flood lower manhattan. >> 2.3 million people are under mandatory evacuation orders, including all of lower manhattan. we just saw reference there. for the first time the new york subway system will be shut down. broadway shows and atlantic city casinos will go dark. the president has cut his vacation short and returned to washington. two mets games were postponed and the jets and giants preseason football games have been moved to monday. lisa joins us now with the latest on the storm. >> hi, terry. about 7:30 this morning the hurricane made landfall around cape lookout, north carolina. we are you looking at it weakening. we are talking very heavy rain. right now the winds are at
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85 miles an hour and we continue to see the storm surge and this coast being lashed with some heavy rain, strong winds, and it continues to move up to the north. so we are talking flooding rain all the way up the coast, from washington d.c., philadelphia, new york, through boston and this will continue right on through tomorrow. not until monday will we see a little bit of a break. we are talking about some very heavy rain. in fact, these are very low-lying areas here with chesapeake bay. look at the expanse of the rain. so this will continue to lash much of the eastern seaboard. we will watch it closely for you. terry. >> thanks very much. the mayor of washington d.c. and the governor of ten states have declared states of emergencies. u.s. airlines says they will be cancelling at least 6,000 flights over the next three days. three major new york area airports closed now . law guard yeah, jfk and newark. flights are being disrupt this
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had weekend. we report from san francisco international. >> we picked it. we really picked it. >> vacationing steven and dominique came up from sidney last week. they arrived to get shaken up by the east bay quake wednesday night. now they are stranded at sfo. their flight to new york was cancelled. >> it said through a computer royce it was cancelled. we went john and it said cancelled. we couldn't get in touch with american airlines. spent an hour and a half on the phone. >> they have been in line for 2 1/2 hours. hurricane irene is responsible for more than 6,000 flight cancellations so far. east coast airports from washington to boston are experiencing serious delays. irene is stranding hundreds of thousands of travelers. >> it will be very, very difficult, impossible to get to the northeast the next few days. >> anyone trying to get a seat on any airline this weekend will have a tough time. >> this is a very busy travel weekend just before labor day another week away and there are not a lot of extra seats on the planes right now.
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we will have to rebook three or four extra days of flight. not a lot of extra seats available to rebook people. >> people, like this woman, needs to get to her new york law school by monday. >> i'm trying to find out the earliest i can get out. flights will be shut down sunday so i'm hoping monday or tuesday to get a flight out. >> and these people may get to new york after all. >> we may be able to get a flight to new york monday morning via dallas if it doesn't get cancelled. >> all new york airports are expected to be closed by noon today. if you or yours are planning any airline travel the next few days, log on to for the latest flight information and the latest status on hurricane irene. at san francisco international airport, abc7 news. 36 firefighters from alameda and contra costa county stand ready to head to the new york area.
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they belong to an instant management team. they are on a team that coordinates responses. new york state needs to final eyes paperwork before they can depart. eight local red cross volunteers have departed to assist inq%ç coordinating any disaster relief efforts. >> we have some that are going out with disaster assessments, where they go to homes and figure out the damage. we have others their specialty is logistics and warehousing and distributing goods, trying to get the large pallets of goods that we have distributed amongst all the areas. >> the red cross also tells us dozens of other volunteers have signed up to head back east if needed. the agency sent 200 relief vehicles, two-thirds of their national fleet to that region. a magnitude 4.6 earthquake hit near hollister after midnight. it was centered in pinnacles. that's in san ben nita county. the usgs said a series of aftershocks were recorded, one
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at 3.6 at 12:20 this morning. 3.3 tumbler hit just before 1:30 a.m. a federal judge in san francisco has upheld barry bonds conviction on obstruction of justice charges after hearing oral arguments on thursday. late yesterday the judge refused to overturn the only unanimous decision reached by the jury in her courtroom last april. bonds is expected to appeal the decision to the ninth circuit court of appeals. the home run king was charged with lying to a grand jury when he denied using steroids. >> this evening the 49ers play at candlestick park. the first game since last weekends game against the raiders. yesterday the head of nfl security came to town to see what the niners are doing to prevent that kind of mayhem from erupting again. they are promising more parking lot security and less tailgating. for the rest of the season tailgating will be halted at kickoff. coming up next, the
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san bruno pipeline explosion, and pg&e outlines a comprehensive plan to make sure it doesn't happen again. the wildfire blocking the main road into yosemite, if you are headed there you may have to go the long way....................
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-dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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>> pg&e is proposing a multi-year modernization plan that will make it's pipeline system one of the safest in the country. it includes verifying and upgrading the entering right of all of it's 6,000 miles of gas pipelines. the california utility commission is in the course of setting new safety requirements in the weak of the deadly accident in san bruno. a sea lion found shot has been euthanized. king neptune was being cared for at the mammal center. the center says the sea lion developed an infection from the gunshot wound and then a serious case of pneumonia. it was shot by a large calendar -- caliber weapon. hopefully they will have better with a sea lion rescue thursday night. it was found stuck in the mud of east palo alto. he was described as lethargic and underweight but they don't know what's wrong with it.
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highway 140, the main road leading to yosemite, remains closed this morning as a fire is being bat he would. the fire broke out in a motor home thursday before spreading into the surrounding forest. it's charred about 3,000 acres. they believe it will take days to put out because it's burning in a rugged part of the forest. it's not inside yosemite's boundaries but it's making things hard on tourists. use 120 or highway 141 as alternate routes. a reminder that fire season is here. we haven't heard much about them in our area so far, but primarily because it hasn't been that hot. >> 99 today in yosemite. very hot there. >> baking there. >> yeah. back home the fog, the low clouds, somewhat shallow marine layer but we, too, will be heating up today. here's a live look at emeryville where numbers are cooler, you are may need your wipers. a mini warmup, and the forecast
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>> the busiest person next to me in the studio this morning. what's happening? >>. >> low clouds and fog, and looking at mount diablo. the sun officially up in a few minutes. 6:35 and setting 7:46. elsewhere we are still looking cloudy down below here, san francisco. the clouds extend all the way along the central coast. clouds around fairfield this morning. vacaville is clear and even a few clouds heading on into the sacramento valley. we are talking light rain around truckie this morning. a lot going on with numbers here. still quite comfortable, 66 in fremont, 59 mountain view. the warm spot, san jose at 60. a little breezy out by the
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delta. we have poor visibility as you head up toward santa rosa and throughout marine county. and over the golden gate bridge. pretty foggy, you will need your wipers, half moon bay. there's mist, drizzle and temperatures are anywhere from one to five degrees cooler than yesterday. eats a cooler start. we have the damp start. but low clouds and fog around 1200 feet. the deck of low clouds and fog and high pressure pressing down on the atmosphere, keeping the fog right along the shoreline. a bit of a problem, but then we have more sunshine on the way today with hot temperatures inland overthe weekend. we will warm up a little tomorrow. cooler patterns heads our way around the shoreline and around the bay as soon as monday and tuesday getting more pronounced throughout the middle of the week. then looks like we could warm up again by labor day. here's a look at the cloud cover. we have some mid-level clouds that were streaming up toward the north overnight and that's due to an area of high pressure
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off to the south and east of us. clockwise flow around that high, bringing up the mid-level clouds. the threat of rain, no, not really locally. we could see some shower activity into the desert. and also around las vegas today. but for the most part, just a few high clouds, san benito county, and around the diablo range. but overall the sunshine will rule today and that will bring very warm temperatures throughout the seara nevada. southern sierra, we are talking upper 90s today. you heard about the fire. very warm and poor air quality here. look at 114 in palm springs. 103 in fresno. just 76 in big sir and back home we are talking low 80s. santa clara, sunyvale, upper 80s saratoga, and peninsula 75. san mateo, and 78 redwood city. back home the low 60s for the sunset district. the clouds there while san francisco partly cloudy, 67.
6:20 am
83 sonoma. near east bay we are talking low 70s berkeley and richmond while we warm up 8 to union city. 91 pleasanton and down by the monterey bay, 73 watsonville. maybe higher clouds there. 60s coast, 80s around the bay. a little warmer tomorrow, especially inland and around the bay. then more fog come monday and more dramatic cooling throughout the middle of next week. once again, we go up we go down, we are warming up today. >> this one timed out, if you like hot weather it's good because it is timed out for the weekend. >> lisa, thanks a lot. and we are joined from new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." i guess this morning the news is coming to your doorstep. >> that's right, terry. cool and unusual punishment living in your forecast and the warm, sunny day you are experience being because we are experiencing anything but here on the east coast. hurricane irene made landfall earlier this morning in north carolina. that means the eye of the storm
6:21 am
has now hit the shore. it has slightly weakened but is still a dangerous category 1 storm. sam champion is tracking the storm for us here from new york city. some of the biggest cities in america are shutting down this morning. more than 60 million people are in the storm's path. more than 2 million people are being told to get out of irene's way. we have every angle of the storm covered at hurricane irene moves up the east coast. so many millions of us haven't experienced a hurricane here on the east coast. i guy newspaper texas so i have experienced a few in the past that many people here in new york have no idea what to expect so they will have to be paying attention to television and whatever advisories they get. >> do you live in the city back there? >> i do. i do. and parts of the town, up until just a few blocks away from my street has been evacuated. so everyone is trying to scramble and figure out where they are going. airports will be closing at noon, and public transportation, sub ways will be closed at noon. this is unprecedented here in
6:22 am
new york. 300,000 people being evacuated from lower manhattan. >> thanks very much and stay safe. >> you, too. >> and in sports, double-a left-hander eric will be sent to the mound against the houston astros. last night madison bumgarner pitched a gem but could the offense give him supports? here's the highlights. >> good morning. science tells us it takes thousands of years and immense pressure to create a diamond. similar to what the giants go through each night to try to score a run these days. giants and astros, they are running opposite. i'm dancing with a girl! shake it, don't break it, pops! madison bumgarner on the mound. six innings and strikes him out. one earned run. scoreless until the fifth. two on for jeff keppinger, the former astro drives in a wear. -- pair. giants up 2-0. that's all he would get all night. and to the 7th.
6:23 am
looks home. no play there. got the out at first but matt down scored. santiago casilla slams the door and gets the save. he strikes out clint barmas. giants win 2-1 to remain three back of the d-backs, who also won. a's and red sox in boston. the ageless tim wakefield going for win number 200. not going to get it. scott size says knuckle this. -1 bomb over the monster. 2-1, a's. and josh willingham muscles up. willingham's 23rd of the year. a's up 8-1. the a's pitchers having a hard time keeping the ball in the yard. dustin pedroia, this was crushed. that would be with authority. that would be with authority. the game was so out of hand, lookout. it was so out of hand they brought an outfielder to pitch. and wondering why he have never pitched before? that's why. josh willingham, the only hit. two run double off the monster as the a's clobber the sox,
6:24 am
15-5. torrell prior participated in his first practice with the raiders yesterday. call it immediate emersion training. he's a former ohio state star. he was picked in the supplement draft. arrived in napa and signed his contract and started cramming on the raiders playbook. he has to learn as much as he can the next two weeks because once the season begins he has to start serves a five game suspension. when he wasn't practicing he was pretty much glued to hugh jackson's side every minute. it's obvious the transition to the nfl is going to take a little while. >> not nervous, it's just so you are getting so much information and you are just trying to -- my mind wants to accomplish it, i want to accomplish it, but it's overwhelming. >> i would be attached to my hip, too, i'm the head coach and i'm the offensive play caller. that's good for him. he's a good young man. i want him to hear how to play sounds, want him to get a feel for how we go about doing it and learn our tempo. that's the first day to him.
6:25 am
kudos to him. i thought he did a good job. >> notice prior wearing number 6 with the raiders. he wore number 2 with ohio state. the raiders don't want him wearing number 2 here because of that man. call it the jinx. that was russell's number. >> coach won't let me wear number 2. [laughter] why, you tell me. he won't let me wear number 2 so i'm going off what the coach tells me. >> no number 2. >> danica patrick is heading to nascar next year. but this weekend her focus is on indy cars and sonoma. danica raced here in years past and won one during that stretch. the best finish at infinion and fifth in 2008. danica says she enjoys the track here, as well as the surroundings. >> on the track, you are know, i feel like this is a real rhythm track. if you get in a good rhythm here and get comfortable with the car and put it where you want it and get aggressive, it can be a good day for you, it can be a good weekend.
6:26 am
off the track i look forward to the wine. >> the sharks continue their busy off-season locking up one of their top scorers. logan agreed to a two-year $5.7 million extension. could have been a restricted free agent next summer but they lock hem up. instead he will be in san jose where he 32 goals his rookie season. >> that's a wrap on morning sports. a special early ed digs of the news at 3:30 in the afternoon and then back again at 11. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> next, hurricane irene makes landfall in north carolina as new york city prepares for the worst. we will have the latest on the category 1 storm. also 650-horsepower roars into the wine country. look at the excitement building for the big race at indy cars come cruising to northern california.
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>> hurricane irene is making landfall this morning in north carolina, but it is weakening. still winds maximum at 85 miles an hour and still a hurricane of category 1 magnitude. close to 200,000 people in north carolina are without power right now. and from north carolina up through new england there are mandatory evacuations and thousands of flights cancelled. we are at kill devil hills in north carolina. >> fierce hills and heavy rainfall started hitting the north carolina coastline early saturday and cities along the east coast are bracing for hurricane irene. >> for some people in the northeast this will be the strongest hurricane they experienced in perhaps 20 years. >> irene makes landfall this morning in north carolina. people have been ordered to evacuate many coastal cities. new york has ordered an unprecedented mandatory evacuation for low-lying areas of the city. >> the best thing that could happen to us would be the storm
6:31 am
turns due east and heads out to sea, but that's not likely to happen. there will be, unfortunately, a serious storm coming in and it's better to take precautions and get out of the way of the storm. mother nature is much stronger than all of us. >> people have been warned to prepare for power outages, flash flatting and storm surges. airlines, buss and trains have cancelled service. broadway is going dark, and each the new york subway system is scheduled to stop running this afternoon. the president says that the government is ready, but that people on the east coast need to stay alert. >> i cannot stress this enough. if you are in the projected path of the hurricane, you have to take precautions now. don't wait. don't delay. we all hope for the best, but we have to be prepared for the worst. >> as the hurricane comes here, it has the potential of creating a storm surge that potential for
6:32 am
destruction could be catastrophic. reporting from the outer banks in north carolina. >> lisa is watching the storm closely and has the latest ton right now. lisa. >> good morning, terry. at about 7:30 this morning we saw hurricane irene making landfall around the outer banks of north carolina. now they are feeling the effects of irene with some very heavy rain. still a category 1 with winds up to 85 miles an hour. that's the core. but we are getting winds of 70 and 80 miles an hour along the outerbanks. we are dealing with the heavy rain, storm surge. category 1 all the way up the eastern seaboard. it will continue to bring the gusty winds, 60, 70 mile-an-hour winds and flooding rains. chesapeake bay, all the low-lying areas, when the water goes over a distance has nowhere to go but in terms of an 8 or
6:33 am
9-foot storm surge. we are looking at a possibility of flooding all the way up from north carolina to boston the next 24, 36 hours. tornado warnings in effect. a very dangerous situation. a look at our own local weather coming up. >> thanks very much. days of thunder this weekend for the indy cars in sonoma. infineon raceway will roar over the next couple of days. wayne freedman has the story. >> to listen to the sound of music infineon raceway style. it has no beat, no tunes, no lyrics, and for those who come to hear it, no rival. >> it isn't we're than this. the beatles or this? >> this. >> drive by truckers or this? >> this? >> how about drive-by indy cars they have plenty of those this weekend. an acquired taste. >> well, got a 1400-pound car, got 750-horsepower, and you are
6:34 am
basically strapping yourself inside of a missile. >> no, danica patrick and other drivers are strapping themselves into missiles. the others of us are just watching. >> what would you give to get in one of the cars? >> i was told they would have to use the jaws of life to get me out. these cars under the indianapolis 500 but different right now. instead of going 230 miles an hour around an over value track, they push about 160 here with different gearing and suspension and tighter turns generating 5gs. >> it's a challenging track. a lot separates the weak from -- the wheat from the chaff. >> which one are you? >> i'm a kernel. >> also known as meek, a jack plan in the pits where every job is ultraspecialized. if you spend $20 million to race a car all season, you can probably afford a guy like him. >> can you get auto insurance
6:35 am
for something like this? >> there is a type of insurance but it's real costly. >> another reason why it's better to watch than to drive, even if you spend $800 for a mobile home, parking space and tickets this weekend. they say the grass is greener up here. >> explain this to me. you could be golfing, you could be wine tasting, you could be -- >> at the races. >> and we are back on the green and speaking of racing here is a little thing to impress your friends with. you know the wings on the front of the cars? at speeds they generate at many as 5,000 pounds of downdraft. in fact, if they ran one of those cars on a roof at that speed, the ceiling, upside down, it would stick. from infineon raceway, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> wayne wanted to run one hear on the rough but the management said absolutely not, sir. lisa is here to talk about the weekend. >> you can see behind us all the fog, the mist and drizzle.
6:36 am
the low fog and clouds extend to the east bay. you see here a pretty picture. a shallow deck. a little over a thousand feet. and nice weekend ahead in some spots. i will fill you in on a cool down happening next week. that's straight ahead. >> and next ahead, a san francisco building home to a secret operation before world war ii. one of the [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor, and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you dot want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something th they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free.
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♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're e only cereals with box tops for education. last year, schools earned over ten million dollars from big g cereals. you can raise money foyour kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. >> sunny, warm, hot in you want it. >> we are talking 60s at the coast, 930s inland. typical weather. 90s inland. sun coming up at 6:35, which is a couple minutes ago. here's the golden gate bridge. we have mist and drizzle. we are look at the lower deck of clouds here. the roof camera, you can see the bay bridge there.
6:40 am
everyone reporting cloudy skies all the way down to monterey. in fact out toward vacaville it's clear, but by travis, fairfield, we are look agent cloudy condition as well. 66 concord as well as fremont. 60 san jose with san francisco coming in at 56. so we are looking at numbers this morning cooler than we were yesterday. but that doesn't tell the story. we will be a little warmer than we were yesterday. in fact, the warmest day of the weekend will be tomorrow. so you can enjoy that if you like the warmer days. elsewhere very comfortable around the bay. we have the drizzle, the fog this morning, especially into the north bay along the coast. visibility less than two miles around half moon bay. hot temperatures inland. if you are taking a bike ride to mount diablo, the east bay inland, it will be warm. but a cooler pattern will return by next week, especially tuesday and wednesday. a couple things going on today. we have some mid-level moisture coming up from the south around
6:41 am
arizona and new mexico and mexico. this is an area of high pressure to the east of us. the flow around it regular up some of the mid-level clouds. will they amount to anything in the bay area? not really. just higher clouds. there was a slight chance of showers in parts of the south bay, but i now think that will be confined in southern monterey county. perhaps san san benito county. overall we are looking at an area of high pressure building on westward. that's not only bringing up the cloud cover but bringing the heat for palm springs. 114. 107 in vegas. we have the poor air quality all the way up to the southern sierra where the high today will be 99 degrees. 103 in fresno. the relief is here along the shoreline. even l. a., toasty at 93. but cop cupertino 84. half moon bay and pacifica just 60.
6:42 am
but head inland and you are looking at a nice sunny afternoon with 72 in milbrae. 63 in the sunset with the sun trying to peek out. it will be partly cloudy downtown, 67. bodega bay, cloudy and 60. low 70s here. upper 70s for san leandro. 82 fremont. out over the hills, a nice afternoon but getting kind of warm out toward pittsburgh and antioch. 89 dublin with 91 pleasanton. we have the fog here but that list and then 68 in monterey. nice day there. morgan hills, 92. haven't seen too many 90s this summer. today we have the 90s inland. that will stay with us tomorrow. a few degrees warmer bay and inland. even the coast coming up a bit. a few peaks of sun tomorrow. then we will bring back the fog come monday and tuesday. much cooler midweek. >> thanks very much. the national park in san francisco is making plans to honor more than 6,000ling wrists
6:43 am
from world war ii. they were mostly japanese americans serving their country while many of their families were ordered into detention centers. in this morning's assignment 7 report, heather ishimaru reveals the secrets of building 640. >> this warehouse across from chrissy fields today sits empty and neglected but it has a secret history that's about to be told. in 1941 before pearl harbor it housed the first class of the u.s. army secret military linguist schools. they were second generation or nisei japanese born here. >> the u.s. new japan's war was coming so they collected the few niseis they could find that were bilingual. >> among those niseis was 93-year-old tom sakamato.
6:44 am
he was a private then. born in san jose he had been drafted and found himself in tank maneuvers when he was approached by the head of the school. >> he said sakamato, i will make you a commissioned officer should you attend this secret school in san francisco. and that looked a hell of a lot better than being in the desert. >> the school was moved to minnesota after pearl harbor. and while sakamato graduated and went on to become mcer's interpretner the pacific, his family was ordered to leave their farm and sent to an arkansas interment camp. now building 640 will become a learning center, as imagined in this drawing, telling the stories of japanese like sakamato. his story of patriotism and the pain of prejudice. >> some of us wanted to prove ourselves in combat of our loyalty to our country.
6:45 am
and that i think is a big lesson for future generations to see. >> a model of the future, build be 640 is at the national japanese american historic society which has helped make the dream a reality. a trust also played a role. >> this incredible piece of property that you are looking at is actually a very important piece of history that's not only important to the national japanese american historical society but important to the country. >> sakamato ended up staying in the army with a long and distinguished career that included serving as president eisenhower's interpreter. the boy from san jose now relishes the memories and is hopeful that building 640 will help keep them alive for future generations. heather ishimaru, abc7 news. ground break fourth the learning center is scheduled for today. don't go away, 7 on your side is next. >> a woman wants her $25,000, but her bank won't give it to her. her. i'm mike finney, [ kimberly ] when i was 19, i found myself alone
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absolutely beautiful. clouds are here for now. not going to stand a chance as the day goes on. lisa will have more on all of that in just a few minutes. what would you do in your bank was sitting on $25,000 of your money? that's what happened to a bay area woman who couldn't get the bank to release her badly needed cash. 7 on your side's michael finney stepped in to help. >> before she died, betty lou gave her daughter susan the house they shared for 20 years. it's surrounded by gardens, filled with memories and now in need of a big repair job. >> my hardwood floors started buckling. >> contractors found a broken pipe underneath her kitchen and water seeping everywhere. >> i was shocked. i had no idea there would be that much damage. >> workers ripped out floors in the dining room, kitchen, living room and even cabinets had to go. state farm insurance agreed to pay just under $25,000 for the repairs. and sue figured everything would work out fine. but it didn't.
6:50 am
>> the check was made payable to sue bensinger and b.a.c. home loan services. >> that's where the trouble began. state farm had written the check to sue and her mortgage lender, bank of america. the bank cashed the checks. promising to dole out moneys as repairs were done. however here's the first check made out to sue's mother, betty lou. >> i told her she died. this is a check in my mother's name, not my name and i'm unable to cash it. >> the bank issued another check made out to sue and her mother's estate. however, her mother left no estate. therefore, sue still couldn't cash the check. >> they needed a copy of her death certificate, a copy of the property deed. >> sue provided all the paperwork and still bank of america said it could only issue a check to her mother since betty lou's name was on the loan. sue could not assume the loan, and, she says, the bank wouldn't take her loan payments anymore either. >> so i actually got nervous
6:51 am
that they might try to take the house away from me. >> finally sue simply paid off the mortgage entirely with just $17,000 left on the loan. however, even that didn't help. bank of america still said it had to put betty lou's name on the insurance check. >> i was losing sleep over this. i was getting very nervous that i was never going to see this money. >> months went by. the house repairs were left undone, floors ripped out and the nearly $25,000 still sitting at the bank. >> so i contacted 7 on your side just out of desperation. >> we contacted bank of america and the bank's executive offices agreed to look into her case. and within weeks, the logjam broke. bank of america found a way to issue the check in sue's name alone. the bank telling us, we truly apologize for her experience with the bank and trying to get the insurance proceeds. >> without 7 on your side i still wouldn't have that check. i am so grateful.
6:52 am
i am so grateful. >> bank of america says the situation was complicated by the fact that she owned the house but not the loan. however, the bank said it should have tried harder to resolve the matter quicker. we do thank the folks at bank of america for working with us to get it all settled. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. coming up next, latin flavor. ♪ >> a traveling exhibition celebrating the history and traditions ofçkçk
6:53 am
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nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. >> take a look at the winning numbers from last neat's $14 million meg millions drawing. 2, 3, 27, 47 and the meganumber is 36. nobody got them all. tuesday night's jackpot estimated at $21 million. the spanish word sabor means
6:56 am
flavor in english. this morning some of the flavor of an exhibit that opens today at arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez explains, it celebrates the influence of latinos in american popular music. >> the rhythm, the passion. the traditions of latin music have impacted american music forever. american sabor offers a historical perspective of that influence from after world war ii to today. >> latin sound is probably the greatest crossover of rhythm and sound of anything. it's just the heart and soul of the community. it was picked up in ways that are very profound. >> the smithsonian organized the show, which originated with a music project in seattle. >> the roots of the music runs deep, but most made the crossover into pop music. like our zone sandana. bigger than life. ♪
6:57 am
>> he is joined by many others in the bay area. one of five regions where the music integrated into the culture. texas has salena, there's the miami sound and new york with rodriguez fuente. los angeles shows up with groups like los lobos. >> i think what it does, it helps sort of promote the resources that we have through exhibits. >> a corporate sponsor is paying the bill. he hopes it will be significant to a new generation. >> if they see these stories they may say it might inspire one of them to say i can do this too. >> american aspor is a traveling exhibition here through november 13th. don sanchez, abc7 news. >> folks, i mean this just in. lisa slid over in the rolling chair. what's going on? >> i wanted to show you the
6:58 am
latest radar. hurricane warnings in effect from north carolina all the way up to boston. tea a look at the size of the hurricane. it made landfall 7:30 eastern time around north carolina. 89 miles an hour have been lashing the coast. we are looking at a significant storm surge and very heavy reasons throughout the next 20 to 24 hours, right on into tomorrow. back home feeling kind of guilty with the mid-70s. 90sen land. a little warmer through tomorrow. a cool down not until the middle of the week. >> guilty, but we will get over it. thanks for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. stay connected at great job, lisa. have a great weekend! [ girl ] bye mom! bye sweetie! you'll do great.
6:59 am
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