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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 2, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland where the homicide rate is up but police are unable to
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get their hands on those guns before they are being used and i'll tell you why coming up in a live report. >> also this morning, the san jose police officer accused of having sex with two teenage boys makes his first court appearance today and the search for more possible victims. >> looking down from vollmer peak, you can see the haze hanging around and i'll tell you where the poor air quality and how long this heat is going to hang around the holiday weekend. >> good morning. it is a spare-the-air day. you are urged to take public transit in just a few minutes. >> patients are caught in the middle of a contract dispute between anthem blue shield and stanford hospital. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> our top story, oakland police are warning the public a lot
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more guns are out there in the streets in the hands of criminals. direct result of city belt tightening. terry mcsweeney has more. >> reporter: in a nutshell the fewer cops on the street mean the fewer number of guns being taken off the streets and oakland pd saying this is a serious problem that is only getting worse. take a look at some of the weapons seized at crime scenes here in oakland recently. media partner oakland tribune saying over the past five years, oakland police have recovered an average of 1400 guns per year. not only at crime scenes but also through the gun buy-back program where money is offered for guns. this year, they say there are fewer specialized enforcement teams to target gun crimes, at the same time homicides are the rise. this year they are expecting to recover only about 1,000 weapons.
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they say 80 officers cut really hurt, 30 were re-hired this year. and jean kwan says a deal will help but the reorganization and the ability to be pro-active is reduced because of fewer officers available. fewer cops, more guns and a serious problem says oakland pd. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney "abc 7 news." >> we have developing news from alaska where a tsunami warning is in effect after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. it hit this morning and was in the southern tip of the aleutian islands. the areas are very remote. not heavily populated. the labor department will release august jobs report in the next half-hour and analysts
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expect it to show signs of modest growth. they are expected to say employers added 39,000 jobs, but that is not enough to change the unemployment rate. it's been above 9% in all but two months since may of 2009. president obama is expected to unveil a plan to create new jobs it's news like janet has been waiting to hear. >> no matter i try to better myself to support my family, i keep hitting my head up against a brick wall. >> weak growth, a downgrade of long term debt and sell-off on wall street has kept businesses from hiring. >> predictions of a weak jobs report is not good news for people going to a job fair. employers like apple computer and fidelity was on hand to
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accept resumes yesterday. president obama is giving his much anticipated jobs speech next week but the job seekers don't expect a magic solution. >> things haven't improved for quite a while. >> hopefully it will be something that will help. >> we want to mention the next abc job fair is scheduled for september 20th, a tuesday and it will be held at conference center in south san francisco. stanford hospital and clinics are no longer part of the anthem blue cross network. this have been negotiating for months but haven't reached a contract. members will not be kicked out but patients should expect changes to their coverage they
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should work with their primary customers but members should have access. >> we have an ongoing relationship with stanford. my wife comes for regular checkups. if they said, sorry, you can't have that anymore, i don't know where i would go. >> the sticking point appears to be over reimbursement rate. >> a police officer arrested for molesting underage boys is do you in court. they arrested him when he went to work on wednesday. he is now free on bail. prosecutors say he molested 15 and 17-year-old victims during parties at his home in gilroy when he served alcohol to the boys. gilroy police believe he may have molested other teens. he did work as a campus officer for eleven years. >> monterey police have
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identified human remains last month. the person was missing for three decades and now it's officially a murder case. jennifer lynn morris was found in the del monte shopping center. investigators used dental records to identify her. bart's citizen review board is due to make recommendations about the tactic of cutting off cellphone service to avert protests. a special meeting is scheduled at 4:00 this afternoon. they will make recommendations regarding the controversial tactic to prevent protestors from organizing last month over the fatal shooting of an homeless man by bart police. citizen review board was created in the fatal shooting of oscar immigrant by bart police. last month, bart's board of directors they had reached a consensus that cutting cellphone service should only be used in an extreme case where the public
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is i am meant interested inly at risk. >> contra costa health officials has more evidence that the west nile virus is on the move. nine birds have been collected in several areas. also a mosquito sample tested positive for the west nile virus. they will be entered into a database. insects carry the virus and can transmit them to humans and can cause serious illness especially among the elderly. >> if you are head to the beach this labor day weekend you being warned to stay out surf. officially a high surf advisory is only in place south of big sur but the strength of these breakers kept most everyone out of the water at beach in santa cruz yesterday. >> it's pretty crazy when we've
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been here. you can caught out in the sea. >> that is really impressive. it look nothing like that. they are closing the ramp. >> taking your boat out? >> taking your chances. >> watch what you eat there. mavericks would have been nice but still very dangerous out there. high surf advisory until 5:00. you can see right down south of big sur through santa barbara and from l.a. down to san diego, if you are heading that way for the holiday weekend it's even worse down there but it will start to subside tonight through tomorrow. talk about what is going on here at home. we have an offshore wind developing and because of that offshore wind is developing we have warm weather once again and sag in an event air. that is why it's going to be spare-the-air day.
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that is why we're going to see some of the air that vents into the central valley stay around. especially the east bay and south bay. 60s in fairfield. 65 in antioch. mountain view, 60. 40 in half moon bay. jump in the afternoon what is going to be hot in the east bay valleys. mid 90s for you. low to mid 80 in the bayshore. mid-80s to 90 in the north bay valleys. mid-70s around san francisco and richmond. if you are heading to our beaches, 66 in half moon bay. 59 in monterey with lingering clouds but more sunshine and mid to upper 70s. 87 in hollister. mid 90s in morgan hill and gilroy. temperatures will taper but remain above average through is sunday. monday is most average day warmer weather is awaiting early next week. good morning. it is spare-the-air day. and good reminder to take public transit and we checked all
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around, no problems. everybody is on time. let's take a look at some of the travel times around the bay area. out of central valley, up and over the altamont, not a bad drive. highway 4 remains pretty easy to get from antioch towards concord just a mere 12 minutes, 101 up to the peninsula, just under 20 minutes. we did have an earlier accident in san leandro to tell you about cleared to the shoulder at davis. very minor delay past that scene and bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights remain off. our time is 5:11. >> we're getting word from the tsunami warning center, that the tsunami warning from the 7.1 quake has been cancelled. more fallout from a bay area bankruptcy that left a thousand people jobless. >> bay area workers are being trained in new careers in a
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world where employment opportunities are in short supply. >> and oprah is coming to the bay area.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, more troubles on the way for big banks over mortgage practices. a lawsuit will be filed by the federal agency that oversees fannie mae and freddie mac.
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it will claim that the banks misrepresented the quality of mortgage securities. netflix is losing star content in march after they signed a new agreement. netflix offered star $300 million but they wanted netflix to charge extra. >> white house says unemployment is likely to stay above 89% through next year. administration says economic growth and job creation just have not been strong enough. state lottery sales, they are booming. most states had higher sales and 17 set all time records. it's not surprising when economy is tough and people feel out of control. it's now 5:15, more fallout from the solyndra bankruptcy. an east bay lawmaker is blasting the manufacturer for laying off 1100 workers. hayward assemblywoman says the company is breaking the law. >> the federal and state laws
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provide some protection, 60-day notice is required when you are laying off employees of hundred or more. they were let go on the spot. this is not the way we should than treating our workers. >> the lady off workers are getting some help. alameda county investment board are inviting them to two workshops next week. two other companies are considering hiring some of the employees. >> many people are switching careers. laura anthony shows how bay area workers are training for green careers as electricians. >> a former credit union manager is embarking an apprenticeship as electrical reiteration. >> i got tired of the desk job. >> he works at this school construction site during the day
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and takes classes at night at the electrical training center in san leandro. >> it's very technical. they have to have good math skills, good reading skills. electrical theory and they learn all the new electrical systems. >> just one year out of the program, matt smith is the foreman of the job. construction of the new fair view elementary in hayward. it has the latest in smart electrical systems. >> will there is a lot of different components that all talk to each other that control each other. it's based on some factors a as sunlight in the room, the lighting changes. >> three of the workers are apprentices, they know if they keep their skills cutting edge there will be plenty of work for them in future. >> being a electrician you need to know solar, how to install
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wind. >> that is what i like about the job, all the different things you can go in to. >> they will accept new applications, starting pay is $18 per hour. queen of talk will be the talk of the town in the bay area next week. oprah winfrey will be at facebook headquarters in palo alto next thursday. she will do a live online talk. she will answer questions posted on the facebook is live event page. no word on who will interview the most famous interviewers in the world. in case you are wondering how she stacks up, she has 6.3 million facebook fans. you got that easy? >> oh, yeah. i'm right behind. >> if you add it altogether. >> 6.5 million. >> no pressure interviewing
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oprah. >> no pressure if you are going to be outside unless you go to the coast this weekend where the dangerous surf will continue. the latest forecast is just updated to the south until 9:00 sunday evening. we'll probably have dangerous rip currents and high surf throughout the weekend, too. looking down southeast from our studio. it's clear outside. no need to worry about flight arrival clays into sfo. check out the temperatures, they haven't moved, 48 at half moon bay, 60 around mountain view. fairfield the warm spot. few clouds around the monterey bay to salinas valley, low to mid-50s. i don't think the clouds have made it into gilroy. sunny and warm today but a spare-the-air day so watch out for poor air quality in parts of the bay area. dangerous surf and mild to warm during the holiday weekend, mild at the beaches to warm even hot
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in our inland valleys. inland east bay, santa clara valley that will have the poorest air quality this afternoon. cloud cover, you can see along the coast this morning, that is where it stays. through 9:00 into the afternoon hours and well in to say evening hours. it will be patchy so you will see the sunset in some areas. let's start in the south bay. we have 90s around saratoga and los gatos. everybody else in the mid to upper 80s. peninsula, low to mid-80s. mid to upper 50s half moon bay and pacifica but near 70 in daly city. mid-50s at your north bay beaches, mid to upper 80s through most of the valleys. santa rosa, northward, from 90 at santa rosa to 98 in ukiah. -- 90 in ukiah. and mid 90s throughout the east
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bay shore and low to mid-80s and down around monterey bay, 68. mid to upper 70s for salinas and 90s gilroy and morgan hill. talk about the giants huge, big series with the diamondbacks. 7:15 first pitch, clear and mild 72 dropping down to 62. nothing to worry about cool breezes at the park. in fact, we don't have cool weather throughout the seven-day forecast. summer heat is here just about everywhere except the coast. so far, so good. getaway is beginning but things are light. southbound 680 you a f you are driving from walnut creek. from concord, no problems as you head to 24 and southbound 680 toward the 580 dublin interchange. san rafael, same thing, looking good, tail lighted direction
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toward the civic center and into central san rafael. 80 berkeley is getting bunched up but everything is at the limit. headed to the macarthur maze. metering lights is off at the toll plaza. take a look at some of the travel times. there you have it. 680 toward 24 and 580, 15 minutes. and is the place to go and click on drive times especially this afternoon before you get away for the three-day weekend. state lawmakers crackdown on red light cameras. you may soon see a lot of fewer of them. >> did you ever trouble sleeping last night? you could be paying a lot heavier price. >> and cellphones, a new phenomenon called sleep texting.
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at welcome back. a bill that puts restrictions on red light cameras is headed to governor brown's desk. legislature has given final approval to a bill by presidential lawmaker. it establishes standards for installation of cameras. most notably they can't be used to raise revenue. they must demonstrate a safety need before they can install one. nearly a quarter of a million americans battle insomnia, it does come with a price tag. a study surveyed more than 7400
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americans. 23% suffered from some type of insomnia. it turns out it cost employers more than 7.5 days a year for every worker that has trouble sleeping. some are so attached to their cellphones, it's new phenomenon, sleep texting. and then you put that in my head. [ laughter ] they are watching and oh oe currencies is becoming more common. >> i saw that. >> is to keep cellphones out of reach but many believe that sleep texting or flexing as i
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said is major sleep disorder and biggest issue, sleep texters will face the next morning if they have to answer for what they type. >> 5:26. government is minutes away from releasing the august jobs report. it will be a big indicator of the direction of the u.s. economy. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland where the number of shootings is way up. the number of guns being taken off the street is way down. pd is calls eight serious problem but a ray of hope here. i'll have it all for you coming up in a live report. >> and students beware, the sudden string of robberies and attacks at a bay area university. we'll regroup. >> we're going to go across the country with high temperatures, 102 in st. louis and 111 in phoenix and good news, if you
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are traveling across the country. there are no airport delays at our marriage airports. watch out for heavy rain in minneapolis, cans and new orleans. flight tracker at bottom of that page.
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>> reporter: i'm nick smith live in the newsroom. the nation's jobs reports is expected to be released and it's expected to show a modest decline. >> just days before president is going to make an announcement on economic growth. i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland where police say they have got a serious problem. less of an ability to get guns off the street before they are used to kill people. story is coming up in a live report. >> live look at the clear air over the bay area.
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but it won't be clear for long. high pressure that will bring us poor air quality. i'll tell you how long it will last through the weekend. >> spare-the-air day. i'm sue hall in the traffic center. mass transit ready for you, if you could take it today. and friday morning commute. labor day weekend. got myself back to following the. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. in the news this morning, oakland police warn that the manpower shortage is leaving more illegal guns on the street. officers seize or collect more than 1400 guns a year and this year they will fall well short. terry mcsweeney is live at the oakland police department. >> reporter: yeah, this year they are expecting to take 1,000 weapons off the street. that is drop of 30%. the problem is money. fewer cops on the street. more guns on the street. take a look at some of the art
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arsenal. seized at crime scenes in the recent past. our media partner is saying guns are mostly seized at crime scenes and buy-back program pay forces guns but the lack of money is also drying up. 80 officers were cut but 30 were brought back. that is a step in the right direction. the layoffs led to a department reorganization and elimination of crime reduction teams. they don't stop crime before it happens they go after it does. the mayor says there is an agreement with the federal bureau of tobacco and firearms that will help. to give you an idea, they have 3,000 weapons in their custody, much of it is going to be used
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as evidence in upcoming trials and now less an ability to get those guns before they are used to shoot someone. a san jose police officer arrested for molesting underage boys is due to face charges in court today. gilroy police arrested officer patrick durego when he arrived to work on wednesday. he free on bail. prosecutors say he molested 15-year-old and 17-year-old victims during parties a at his home in gilroy where he served alcohol to the boys. gilroy police believe that he might have molested other teens. he worked as campus counselor for eleven years. >> a dangerous start for students at u.c. berkeley, a string of crimes have been reported including two armed robberies and several sexual assaults. they say they often see a spike in crime around the start of the school year due to the sudden
5:34 am
ininflux of returning students. another pg&e blast is drawing the attention of federal investigators. national transportation safety board is looking into an explosion that destroyed a cupertino townhouse on wednesday. sky 7 captured video in what appear to be gas lines on fire. pg&e crews examined the pipe and found seven leaks. they blame the utility for the last year's explosion that killed 8 people and destroyed more than 30 homes. from wall street to main street, all eyes are focused on the government's report that just came out a minute ago on whether more americans found jobs last month. it could be a key find on whether things are turning around. nick smith is live in the newsroom. >> no change the jobs report was
5:35 am
just released and labor department says the jobless rate remained at 9.1% with no net job growth. economy needed to add 250,000 jobs per month to bring down the unemployment rate which has been above 9%. weak growth, a downgrade of long u.s. term debt and sell-off on wall street has likely kept some businesses from hiring. white house says the jobs plan will lay out on to cut the rate and before the 2012 presidential election. we expect economists not only what they expect what president obama to say but the unemployment rate right now at 9% over the next year has got to change. we expect the plan to be bold. there has been some good news, last month, americans kept shopping and manufacturing
5:36 am
expanded but not enough to reverse the housing slump. the white house insists the president's plan will be bold and it's on next thursday. today the bay area air quality management district has issued the third spare-the-air day of the year. warmer temperatures are contributing to unhealthy air quality in the bay area today. there is no wood burning ban in place and there are no free rides but people are encouraged to take public transit, bike or walk to work to reduce energy consumption. people are being asked to use gas powered lawn mowers, avoid aerosol spray cans and if you doing a barbecue skip the light are fluid. >> the area shaded in orange, will be the east bay valleys, that is where you'll find
5:37 am
unhealthy ground based ozone. here is the reason why, look how calm it is. still, they are not very fast. 3-6 miles an hour. san jose only 90 in fairfield. you see the sea breeze that brings us the clean air from the ocean and take our plougs pollution and puts night the central valley. it's going to build up to unhealthy levels today. 24-hour temperature change, slightly cooler in santa rosa, oakland, half moon bay and everybody the same to even 7-9 degrees in fremont and antioch than just 24 hours ago. here we are at 8:00 in the morning, few clouds lingering especially along the coast. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. total sunshine except for the coast as we head towards noon. temperatures are already in the 80s away from the bay where we'll be in the 70s and 60s at our beaches. by 4:00 we'll have sunshine and 90s in the east bay valleys.
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even spilling into the bayshore itself. 71 in san francisco at 4:00. accu-weather seven-day forecast, warmer than average just about every day of this forecast away from our beaches. good morning. we're getting first reports of an accident, fog is down on the golden gate bridge, south tower, possible lane blockages and i don't know if you can see it here, but some emergency lights right there. we'll follow it for you. few cars getting over. an accident blocking several lanes there. just before the follow plaza. bay bridge toll plaza, very light. metering lights remain off. it is a spare-the-air day. you are urged to take public transit and it is all on time. one guy is going to have to take transit, you won't believe what happened. imagine having to explain how
5:39 am
your car came within inches of flying out of a san francisco parking garage. >> and jay leno and alanis morissette share a stage but this was a lot more than just a concert. ♪ i'm a speck of dust alone in the wire jungle. some dust rags say i'm unreachable, [ grunting ] but that's how i like it. unattached, free, indep... i've changed my mind. ♪ i believe in miracles [ female announcer ] swiffer attracts dust. new and improved swiffer dusters with dust lock adhesive picks up two times more dust than a dry dust rag and locks it away. you're very adventurous! [ female announcer ] swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning everyone. a car owner we know of will probably be a lot more careful about who he asks for help in
5:42 am
the future. a mazda came flying out of a parking garage park go garage. it was dangling above third street. a parking garage worker was trying to help a customer move the vehicle after the battery died. somehow he lost control and went a little further than they expected. shattered glass fell to the street. >> there is large metal support that held the car back boy bie four bolts. these sheared three of the four off. >> there was glass everywhere. we had to get something to eat while they cleaned up the mess. >> the garage worker complained of sore knee but other than that nobody else was hurt. >> alanis morissette, jay leno and will i am was in san francisco last night but it was more than a just a concert.
5:43 am
don sanchez as celebrities teamed up to help raise money for a new children's hospital in san francisco. >> this is not an offer shock. it's another earthquake. [ laughter ] >> getting laughs from jay leno. ♪ >> and music from alanis morissette and raising $5 million for the new children's hospital. >> i think it's fun and people say, you go here and raise money. it's not hard work. it's a great cause. it's easy to see why the celebrities are so supportive but their general ross sit overwhelming. >> just like he has been. he donated $100 million to build the hospital. this is what they do. she may have had to wear a brace for ten years but a doctor had something innovate. >> i have they performed a staple surgery on the back. >> briats would have been a long
5:44 am
time. >> at least ten years and there is not a research that it even works. >> that was five weeks ago. look at her now. it opens in 2014, they tell us it will be most advanced children's hospital in the country. and jay leno might be back for that. mayor ed lee declared this jay leno day. >> it's amazing what they have done with two concerts. they have raised $8 million with a lot more to go for the new hospital. in san francisco, don sanchez, "abc 7 news." >> i want to see that car collection. 5:44. wall street reacts to the jobs report. >> another report card for muni, if you are waiting for a bus, give yourself something to pass the time. >> and now we apologize this a
5:45 am
story about ducks who have been injured by blowgun darts. we'll have the latest on that coming up. >> stick around.
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♪ why settle for a one-note cereal? get more with honey bunches of oats. four nutritious grains come together for more taste, more texture, more healthy satisfaction. have a bowl of happy.
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welcome back. a reminder of the high surf advisory, it's been extended until 9:00 sunday evening down around l.a. and down to san diego. let's talk about the forecast for california. it's hot through the central valleys, to near hundred, 72
5:48 am
with sunshine around big sur. if you are heading up to the sierra, we'll have sunshine and near 80 in tahoe with mid 90s around yosemite. heading down to the south, a lot of sunshine, low to mid-80s around l.a. and mid-80s in san diego. there are new concerns this morning about one type of full body scanner that is being used at san francisco airlift. it can't tell the difference between a bomb, get this, body sweat. full body scan machines are no longer being used in germany. a ten month trial at hamburg found many false alarms. body sweat tripped the devices 50% of them time. >> when they can't distinguish between boat swed and explosives it's not making anyone safer.
5:49 am
>> the company is not commenting. germany's zipgs comes after a 9/11 report card said the nation was very vulnerable to threats partially because detection is unreliable. >> and following up on this story. they are going to make another attempt to rescue an injured duck that was shot by a blow dart. several baby ducks have been shot with a blowgun at an townhouse complex. a young mallard was hit behind the right eye and another died. seeing the ducks in distress, they can't understand who would do something like this. a formal police investigation has been launched to find the shooter. >> who shoots baby ducks? who shoots darts at baby ducks? that is sick. >> as for the injured duck, there is good chance it can't
5:50 am
survive days or weeks with such an injury. >> big day for the giants. they will host the diamondbacks in a huge series that could determine if san francisco will make the playoffs. brandon belt has been nicknamed the baby jury of a. he spent -- give of a. and he got up close and to a baby giraffe. calf is generally jus over six feet tall. baby giraffe will be eventually grow to about 18 feet tall. >> it's good for reaching over the fences and taking those home runs away. >> usually you get a pie in the face but it's a giraffe. at that time park is going to be
5:51 am
gorgeous and we have a game over at coliseum, let's get you off this friday morning, wherever you are heading to work or school or up on mini vacation. it is clear as you look down from sutro and east bay hills. let's check out those temperatures, see if they have changed. we still have 60 in mountain view and 55 in antioch and with clear skies, half moon bay, only 48 this morning. rest of us in the 50s. we have more clouds around the monterey bay and inland, tenancy in the low to mid-50s here. talk about sunshine and some warmer weather today. we do have some poor air quality in the east bay valleys and also in the santa clara valleys but possibly tomorrow. it will continue along the surf and mild and warm, mild at the coast to even hot as you head to the bay to inland neighborhoods. temperatures are going up. san francisco three degrees warmer, 4 san jose, concord 6,
5:52 am
santa rosa, 7. fremont sees the biggest jump 9 degrees today. let's start in the east bay valleys, you may have to pay to to get some comfort, we hit the mid 509's. danville, 95 degrees. 76 in richmond, 76 in berkeley. 87 in fremont for the warm spot. we'll have mid to upper 80s through half of the south bay but look at campbell, los gatos, low to mid 90s for you. cool weather back on the peninsula, low to mid-80s with palo alto at 86 degrees. mid to upper 50s for half moon bay and pacifica but look at daly city in the sunset, low 70s for you to mid-70s no n downtown san francisco and 78 in sausalito. a lot of upper 80s to low 90s with mid-60s at your beaches. look for more cloud cover here.
5:53 am
more sunshine and 77 in santa cruz and 75 in watsonville. mid 90s for morgan hill and gilroy. let's head over to the coliseum, clear and comfortable, 66 down to 56. >> and 72 cropping down to 62 with that huge game with the diamondbacks. temperatures will be warmer, a lot more 50s but pretty comfortable when you step out the door tomorrow morning. seven-day forecast, while temperatures taper through the holiday weekend, those temperatures are actually back to average tuesday and wednesday and thursday next week. we've got an update. golden gate bridge, southbound earlier accident at the south tower, very heavy fog there. they pushed that off to the toll plaza parking lot. very light traffic as you come across from marin county.
5:54 am
heavy fog once again as you approach the toll plaza into san francisco. let's take a look now at an accident we've got, this is san rafael, southbound 101 here. no accidents there and moving really well as you move into central san rafael. we do have an accident on the peninsula. it's a solo spinout and you won't find any slowing as they get that out of the lanes. couple drive times. pretty easy drive time around the bay area, making your way for in of getaway. go to speculates to go to check all your drive times. click on bay area traffic. it's 5:43. >> they just released a kiss appointing jobs report. >> and here is the bloomberg business report. >> reporter: good morning. convenience stores lottery tickets lines are longer as more
5:55 am
people are hoping to hit the jackpot. they show 28 states had higher sales than year before and 17 states have set all time sales records. with money tight, fewer people are spending money at the pump. americans paid less in june and those hitting the road fewest miles this year since 2008. and hostess brand continues to struggle. sources say they are carrying $700 million in debt, higher costs for sugar and flour are hurting the company as well as fuel prices for delivery trucks. and restructuring by bankruptcy with creditors and to rework its finances. computer hacker group anonymous saying it took down the website of a federal appeals
5:56 am
court in san francisco. the site broke down for 45 minutes yesterday. 14 members pleaded not guilty in federal court in san jose to charges stemming from an online attack on pay pal. they say it was in retaliation to allow donations to wikileaks. face is a years in prison if convicted. >> it's been tough for muni riders to get to point "a" to point "b" on time. they were on schedule 73% of the year 2011, down from last year when the agency posted a 73.35% on time mark. this year was first time since 2008 that muni did not improve on its on time record from the prior year. gasoline prices are near an all time high. national average stands at $3.63
5:57 am
a gallon. that shire than any other year around labor day except for 2008 when it was 3.69. a new analysis confirms that gasoline prices tend to shoot up faster than they come down. we look for lower cost gasoline more intensely when prices are rising than when they are falling. it's just about 5:57. good news or a sign of the times? why oakland's city officials say the police department are recovering fewer guns this year. >> i'm nick smith in the newsroom, latest on those jobs numbers and what it means for the economy coming up in a live report.>úytytytytytytgxeeewcwcwc
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