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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  September 5, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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terrorist activity involving small planes does nothing to change the way they have done things for most of the last decade. >> do we worry about things happening approaching 10th anniversary of september 11th? yes. but do we -- does it change he how we operate? not really. >> a retired lieutenant kolel says a lot did change after september 11th. the attack that day involved large commercial jets there was information that the hijackers trained on small planes. and there was a realization that even a cessna could be a weapon in the wrong hands. now, every pilot and perspective student is run through a series of checks. >> the tsa insuspects our roles and people we work with. and our students at flight school operations to make sure they're scened -- screening method autos and the physical security around bay area air fields has been heightened. tall yenss replacing low ones. security cameras are a common
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site. and gates are locked. there is an added measure of scrutiny from pilots. >> since september 11th all pilots actually lookout. there are funny people around. we're cautious now if people around -- walk around the airport. >> and this fleet includes ex-military aircraft. the owner says he's received questions over the years from people concerned that a plane like this could somehow be used as a vehicle for a terrorist attack. he told us these planes like this one here have no longer the capability to carry weapons, drop bombs or anything like that. not to mention these planes are difficult to fly given they don't have modern instrumentation that the rest of the planes do. >> live in livermore, abc 7 news. >> it seems like a plane can be a weapon. is there a consensus as to how
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much damage a small plane could do? >> yes. there is when you talk to these pilots and those who are in this business, they don't feel like these small planes pose much of a threat given that they -- the pay load is light. they can't carry much beyond passengers and their speed is quite slow. so they don't feel like there is a large threat. there has been talk about crop dusters, small planes that could phone shallly be used to drop chem kol cals on a population. those have been considered as a threat. but that they don't have any of those here. >> and has the owner of the flight school refused service to anyone since september 11th? >> no. he told me he has not. he said with this expensive screening that they do, and veting that the tsa does, he hasn't felt itness iry, so far to refuse training or training to anyone. one pilot told me in his course of events or as he
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spends time here, he's saw people out in the parking lot he didn't think should be here. they just shouldn't be here. >> thanks, laura. >> and even though it's a holiday, hacker group anonymous is planning to stage another bart protest in about an hour from now this, is the fourth protest in a row. democrat strailtors say they're upset about shooting death of a homeless man in july z bart's decision to shut down cell phone service to avoid a protest last month. bart declined to say whether there will be extra police officers on hand this evening. >> i don't think there is a police department that made preparations. and they're taking steps to make sure everyone is safe. >> what does that mean? >> well, you know don't get into specifics about what is going on. >> another group is planning a news conference in a half hour just before the planned protest at civic center
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station. >> labor day marks an unofficial end of summer and unofficial start of the 2012 campaign. the president spoke to union workers today and his g.o.p. rivals gathered in south carolina at a tea party rally. labor leaders are assessing their political power this holiday. and mark matthews has the very. mark? >> as you know, the president is scheduled to address congress and the nation thursday with a plan to create jobs, today in detroit sh he gave a preview to a receptive audience. the president told union worker morz jobs are coming. and his plan appears to include a major transportation project. >> we've got rope and bridge as cross this country. and they need rebuilt. we've got private companies with equipment and man power to do the building. we've got more than one million unemployed construction workers ready to get dirty, right now. >> for months, republican presidential hopefuls have been taking shots at the president, but today they went
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after each other. mitt romney taking a swipe at rick perry. >> of the people running for office i don't know there are emm that have less ears in politics than me. >> and rick perry responding. >> one created jobs all over the world. but while he was the governor of massachusetts he didn't create very many job autos sara palin got into it. >> now, we're seeing more and more folks realize the strength of this grass roots movement. i say right on. better late than never. >> at this tea party rally there was a lot of talks of jobs but little talk of organized labor. in the past it's been a day to celebrate and for political candidates to line up for a chance to court them. today, this labor day breakfast was the only event of the kind within 50 miles of san francisco. >> we had congressman george miller. we had congressman john
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garamendi. >> most of the action was on the streets in san francisco. as union members gathered to protest a lack of union contract at a couple hyatt hotel autos it is an opportunity to relax. this is labor's day bu. we think the best way to memorialize and celebrate history as well as what is going on presently sk out in the streets. >> coming up at 6:00 we'll take a look at state of organized labor and hear from union members tell me that their political clout has been greatly diminished. and we'll hear what they intend to do about it. >> all right, mark. democratic candidates have relied on organized labor but we're hearing reports that that support is waning. how are things shaping up at this point? >> well, you know, all politics is really a comparison. and i think it's going to depend on who gets the republican nomination. if you have somebody that labor sees as a particular threat, and a tea party
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candidate like michelle bachmann or rick perry, you might get a different reaction from labor than if it were someone that they didn't see as opposed to their cause. so... i think we'll wait to see what gets the republican nom daigs zmaigs will be able to better judge wait labor will respond. if you scare the heck out of them, you can bet they're going turn out at polls in bigger number autos all right, mark matthews is reporting for us. >> the president will appear before congress to deliver a jobs speech outlining how he plans to put americans back to work. we'll air that live for you thursday, at 4:00 in the afternoon. >> and a u.s. army specialist from livermore has died of rabies. several months after returning from afghanistan. he was stationed at york and died in a state hospital. the 24-year-old joined the army in february, 2009. he was deployed to afghanistan in may of last year and served
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as a cook. investigators still trying to determine how and where he contracted rabies. officials say they don't believe it happened in new york. >> and firefighters are battling a new brush fire now in southern california. and those flames are spreading. take a look at these pictures just in from los angeles county. 400 acres burning at hillsides and flames are inching closer to homes. two are threatened now. and firefighters working the blaze from the ground and air, tankers dumping water on flames. the kous kaus is still under investigation. of course we'll continue following this one. and right now, firefighters are getting help containing a fast-moving brush fire that burned seven square miles, breaking out sunday when a small plane crashed near the town of tehachapi, killing two people. 600 firefighters are being aided by slower winds and
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cooler temperatures but it's slow going out there. flames are burning over steep, rugged terrain. >> and there are serious brush fires burning across the country this after the noon. no question that the biggest one is in central texas. flames stretched for 16 miles and have destroyed nearly 500 homes, this is a live look at the flames there in texas. fire officials calling this fire a monster that is still raging out of control. miya shay reports right now. >> whipped by unrelenting winds, and seemingly unending drought, the wile fire cuts an uncontrolled path. veteran firefighters admit it's almost an impossible battle. >> is the fire under control now? >> negative. >> you're trying to save houses? >> that is correct that. is nothing we can do. >> mark says his crew has saved about a dozen homes and
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that is little comfort to hundred who's lost everything. houses burned to foundations and cars with only an outline left. >> i feel sorry for them. they have had it rough. it's -- rough. but they're going to survive. we always survive. >> perhaps it's no surprise a few summer texans are doing what they can, clamping down one hot spot and not going anywhere. >> we have a lot of brush cut way from the house z my brother-in-law's house. and so... we're safe. >> you can see this and drop off of the hill just east of town. you can see a drop and that storm of smoke and fire. then, you realize the devastation firsthand. >> besides people there is also an effort to save livestock. thousands of horses, cattle and goats roamed ranches of
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central texas. >> why aren't you evacuated?. >> we did and came back to help horse autos more than 5,000 people have already evacuated the county. and for texans who have vowed to stay, no amount of smoke, flames, or damage elsewhere can convince them to go. mark is going to try. >> they need to stay out z stay away. stay out. >> that is miya shay reporting. >> what was once hurricane lee is now a tropical depression but is causing deadly rains in the south. and in mississippi, 16,000 people are with out power in louisiana and mississippi. slee expected to move up the east coast, threatening to spin off tornadoes and cause flash floods and mudslide autos spencer christian is up next with the accu-weather forecast. >> there is a sunny day, you can expect low clouds to maybe
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move locally around the bay. and there is coastal fog, temperatures ranging from 54 in the coast. and there is lots of sunshine and just a little bit of fog. temperatures early morning hours will be into 50s and into afternoon, this will be sunny just about everywhere and there is some warm to hot. high temperatures from mid-60s on coast to mid-90s, and a heat wave is just a little one day warm up. i'll have more in the accu-weather forecast. it's coming up later. >> and you've got it, spencer. >> and next at 4:00 leaving golden gate park. a family-owned business is shutting down this labor day. >> i don't know if i need to get in psychiatric help. i don't know. >> and this man's 17-year-old son is accused of convincing everyone he was a physician's assistant in a hospital. just ahead what gave him away
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after treating some patients. >> and 7 on your side's michael finney is taking your consumer questions through facebook and twitter pages. we have links and taking a look at the san francisco skyway now this, is labor daylight. i don't think i've seen so few cars on this stretch of roadway heading in both directions. smooth sailing heading home for the holidays. we'll be right back.
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a bit of san francisco history is going away today. the long-time operators of the stow lake boat rental opened up for the last time this morning after 68 years of renting boats and selling snacks, the family is closing
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shop, being replaced by an out of state vendor. one woman drove from sonoma for a last ride. >> surprised goitsing away. i remember coming here as a kid with my family. i wanted to take my young kids. >> a lot of families come here, it's a lot of generations. people that were once children come out and bring their children's children. >> the new vendor will pay san francisco rec and park $160,000 a year to operate at stow lake and plans to build a new cafe and launch a fleet of paddle and row boats. >> and checking healthy living news, if you're a parent who smokes it could be affecting your kids performance at school. there is data showing secondhand smoke with increase chances of getting respiratory illnesses and ear infections and found families could
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reduce sick days by a quarter to a third. >> and the needles used in flu shots br to get smaller. the first flu shot working with a skin prick is hitting the market in the fall. so far, option is just for adults. and then, it's so new it will take some searching to find the correct dose of a vaccine. >> now a story is a match up of doogy howsermd and "catch me if you can". a florida teen is accused of fooling doctors and nurses and treating patients and performed cpr. matthew conducted medical exams, changed an iv and did cpr. >> matthew, did you treat patients? >> except like the charming schemer in the film "catch me if you can" he was an imposter, say police. the 17-year-old part time
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billing clerk he was doing a lot of hands on things with patients. >> these are the badges he fraudulently obtained by allegedly telling officials there he was a 23-year-old medical assistant. officials became suspicious when he badgered them for access to restricted areas of the hospital. you now faces five counts of impersonating a physician's assistant. >> as a juvenile he can be held in facility and supervised up until 21 however, as an adult he could do 25 years in prison. >> and abc news learned he didn't stop there. the senior told hospital officials he was a sheriff's deputy say police. which, he was not. he had been part of a office youth explorer's program, but was expelled for carrying mace and a badge and wearing a bulletproof vest. >> i don't know if i need to get him some psychiatric help. i don't know. >> the center where he worked
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for two weeks issued a statement saying patients treated in the e.r.during this time received medical care needed. we'll continue our review of practices to ensure that this will not sure again. and it has happened in the past. this cardiologist was revealed to have had no medical degree. >> and treated by a 17-year-old? >> yeah mai.zing he pulled it off for many day autos nice day out there. >> gorgeous day and there is a is a great day to go back to work. >> we'll be on vacation. >> and there is no traffic. >> and there is is a live view now from our sutro camera looking north-northwest. skies blue, sunny skies just about everywhere and there is broken low clouds beginning to push tolds golden gate there.
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and there is is a picture of lots of sunny skies and there is along stretches of the coastline a little bit of low clouds on the coast. and there is is a lot down in sanlta cruz, clouds lingering and beginning to push back and temperatures now 76 degrees in santa rosa. 60 here in san francisco. 87 antioch. 74 san jose. highlights, low clouds along coast and pushing across the bay tonight will be warmer tomorrow and wednesday, cooler weather develops by week's end. overnight tonight starting at 11:00 you'll see low clouds into parts of north bay there and this will be a coastal event. low temperatures tonight will be into low 50s into north
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bay. then mid-50s over most of the remainder of the area. and perhaps pushing into upper 50s in places. and there is thundershowers over southern california from l.a. to san diego, pushing inland. and a bit of subtropical moisture flowing into the region. we do have a big ridge building in bringing us warmer weather and wednesday, especially in the inland areas and on the coast will be mild. 5:00 in the morning there is a bit of low clouds here pushing back to the coast and away from the coast in spots. and we'll have a wide range of conditions tomorrow. clouds near the coastline. highs will be mainly moo low to midz 60s on coast to low to mid-90s warmest inland locations. highs mainly upper 80s to around 906789 highs into 80s, 60s again, on the coast. in and around san francisco, highs into upper 60s to about
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70 downtown. 75 in south san francisco there. is a look at the accu-weather forecast. it's going to be hot next couple days inland. and we'll see temperatures gradually moderating. and weekend will be cooler with high temperatures by sunday only into low to mid a80s inland. very pleasant weather. >> thanks spencer. >> take a look at this. what does this person's face convey to you? interesting new research on how different cultures perceive facial expressions coming up at 4:00 and later honda recalling about a million vehicles. we'll show which ones are having problems. >> and then at 5:00, the damage done to this prius when a bear gets behind the wheel. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues right after this,
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one tiny mouse caused big trouble on a nepal airlines plane today. the chai was on. the mouse dodged crew members to the back of the aircraft. and officials decided enough was enough. they cancelled a flight z passengers were evacuated and the plane towed. the airline says the plane won't fly until they find the mouse, they believe it boarded by way of a catering truck. >> oerks boy. >> a new study finds people from different cultures perceive some facial expressions differently. researchers in scotland asked chinese and caucasian volunteers to take a look and
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decide what emotion the person was feeling. they found differences which when it came to anger, disgust and surprise. experts say chinese participants rely on the eyes and caucasians on the eye brows and mouth. and they say the findings highlight the importance of understanding cultural differences when communicating. >> that is interesting. >> and good to keep in mind. >> exactly. >> still ahead in our 4:30 half hour, experts says this couldn't happen. south bay fire has pg&e replacing thousands of feet of gas pipeline. >> and it looks like nothing but fun but iranian police say gatherings like these are cultivating trouble. >> and from our mount tam camera, sunny skies and mainly at the coast. how wilt be tomorrow? details coming up in the accu-weather forecast. ababababaq
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state p.u.c. laumpbled an investigation into a natural gas explosion in cupertino. >> the type of plastic has a history of failure. and david louie joins us live to explain. >> and experts tell us all gas pipelines have a tendency to leak but the national transportation safety board issued a set up of inspections of the pipes after a series of explosions. the plastic pipe that cracked and set off this explosion was made from material in 70s and 80s and early 90s, it doesn't cored yoed the way metal pipes do. and had a life expectancy of 150 years, pg&e says it will replace all 6,000 feet feeding gas to the 400 units at
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northwest square. >> they've figured out there is material that is not very good. boy think they should be taking those precautions to make sure that that doesn't happen. >> the 40-year-old pipe will be replaced by a new generation of plastic. it will perform weekly safety checks. a chemist has studied projected life of the pipes. the pipe can be compromised in what he calls rock impingements where the pipe presses against rocks in the soil its possible to prop investigate throughout the wall of a pipe in say, five years. in other cases, i have seen failure that's occurred after 40 year autos residents near the explosion and fire are leery of pg&e safety records. they say they're uneasy now. >> pg&e has moved another
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degree of uncertainty for us. so i feel very, very concerned. they should be an inspection done in the whole area. and our neighborhood. >> pg&e says it has just over 1200 miles of old pipeline in its distribution system. the state p.u.c. is investigating and national transportation safety board will be watching closely n cupertino abc 7 nuts news. >> do we know when the gas pipelines were last checked?. >> yes. they were checked just three months ago in may. crews at that time detected minor leak buzz did not detect the crack that's led to last week's explosion. >> what do experts say can the standard pipe of testing detect? >> well, experts tell us they should in routine testing should able to detect cracks that could lead to an explosion but that is why the national transportation safety board and state p.u.c. is going to be looking at rodz
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to -- records to find out why this didn't happen. >> new video has surfaced taken on september 11th just after san francisco-bound united flight crashed into a field in shanksville, pennsylvania. the family of the man who took this video turned it over to several news organizations and it's believed to be earliest images of the crash of flight 93 taken from 15 mile as way. on tape he says the crash made his home shake. officials believe the terrorists plan to crash into the white house but a group of passengers stormed and prevented them from completing plans. that deadly assault nearly 10 years ago masterminded by al qaeda leader osama bin laden and gave birth to what we know as the war on terrorism. a part of it ended this year from n.a pakistani town. this reporter just made a return trip there. >> the town had secrets this, is where the man behind
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september 11th lived for years. his house raid bid u.s. savey saels. the world asking how did he live here so long? down this road is the only physical reminder of the life of the mastermind. the pakistani army keeping it out of sight perhaps out of embarrassment or maybe paranoia. it's eeriely quiet we catch a glimpse of the house, bushes growing thick around it. like they're trying to swallow the secret but we're stopped by a soldier. >> we have been stopped by police here after our passports and told to leave. we've been asked to stay a little white thchl is surprising given only months ago this place was teeming with journalists and was quite open. things have changed. >> nobody feels the anger at this loss of face more than
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bin laden's former neighbors. some are accused of being spying who helped the cia this, neighbor wasn't but wanted to stay anonymous. >> the people who live right next door were picked up because they shared electricity and gas connections to the house, no one knows who arrested them. >> this is the alleged vaccine spread across the town to try to get a sample of bin laden's dna. one of the two women who gave injections says she was hired by a doctor this, local was happy to be sampled. >> they probably needed our dna to hunt for osama. so that is okay. >> the most high-tech man nunt history, wounding pakistani army's pride and leaving a bitter taste in ordinary lives here. >> and abc 7 news will carry
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special coverage all weekend. we'll be reporting live from shampkzville, pennsylvania and new york city. sunday abc news begins our live coverage with a special edition of "good morning america" from 5:00 to 8:00 a.m. followed by abc 7 morning news from 8:00 until 5:00. >> and in cairo there was tension and tempers flared both inside and outside of the courtroom where egyptian president mubarak attended opening day of the corruption trial. he was carried into the courtroom on a stretcher and outside of the courtroom, protestors battled with police, some threw back the bottles and bricks lobbed at them. and inside of the courtroom, fist fights broke out between pro-and antimubarak lawyers and one attorney took off a shoe using to it beat another lawyer. iran's islamic police cracking down on water gun fights. since july, water fight flash
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mobs have broken out in public parks and streets but some have been arrested including one group over the weekend. a top judish yairy official warned counter revolution yairys were behind the gatherings. hard liners see them as immoral, breaking taboos against men and women mixing and worry they can break into protests against the ruling system. >> still to come, more competition for net flix. there is another new movie service. >> michael finney is taking your questions. still, on twitter and facebook and will answer them here, live later. we have links on abc 7 >> and this labor day means very light traffic. take a look at the view from 80 and emyearville moving smoothly now. spencer christian keeping an eye on the traffic forecast. >> air traffic is moving along nicely. and arriveals and departures
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on time. half hour delays in houston z mid atlantic, we've got strong winds around washington's dc and dulles airport causing delays up into the new york area, newark and jfk up to about 40 minutes because of high, gusty winds. we will have higher temperatures next couple days. i'll have more on the little heat wave in the bay area coming up in just a moment. abc 7 news at 4:00 contntntntntt
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this is a live look at a fire burning in los angeles county. 400 acres are on fire. there have been evacuations. we know at least two homes are threatened right now and in this economy, people who have to work say they're grateful but don't necessarily love it. here is bloomberg's deborah kostroun. >> happy labor day. wall street out for the holiday but investors will be back in swing tomorrow with jobs and the economy in focus and speaking of jobs, a survey shows 77% of the borkers say they believe their current position to become an independent entrepreneur. and what has most of them staying? their paycheck. 69% reported that is the main reason they work saying they love to spend more time with families and friends and avoid office politics. and in other news, competition getting tougher for net flix,
4:41 pm
timed to coincide with new price increases. they have not set a price for the new service. dish network acquired almost all of blockbuster's assets in april that. is business news at the new york stock exchange, i'm deborah kostroun with the bloomberg after the bell report. >> net flix is expanding and the movie rental company is launching its service in latin american. starting today is available in brazil and will launch across 43 countries. and they face challenges for streaming service and there is a small percentage of homes and speeds are slower. >> honday ree calling nearly a million cars saying 930,0002006 crv models and 2005 compact fits have power window problems, 26,000 crz
4:42 pm
hybrid models being recalled because of problems with computer equipment. honda says no serious injuries have been reported and the company will be beginning notifying customers later this month. >> and still ahead a live report from bart. checking in on how today's bart protest is affecting service. >> and so much severe weather across the country this weekend. spencer will be here with the bay area's next to perfect forecast.
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another bart protest scheduled to begin 15 minutes ago in san francisco. >> people plan to head to the civic center station to protest bart decision to cut service ahead of a protest at that station last month. >> and abc 7's jonathan bloom is there live now. jonathan? >> interest tl is a press conference going on here in the station right now. and there is a actually a large group gathered here in front of the gates. there is a press conference going on. protesters talking about their so called test to free speech policies by going inside and demonstrating where bart has told them they're not allowed to. there is media that seems to be listening to those pro testers intent on doing things bart told them they're not
4:46 pm
allowed to do. they're saying at certain events such as ball games and parades bart will allow people into stations for free z so that would make it a public space and ayou a.lou them to demonstrate. bart has previously told them the paid area inside of the fare gates is an area where they're not allowed to demonstrate. they're telling bus plans in the near tu tour to demonstrate which could lead to some disapproval and perhaps arrests by bart police. >> we take it there is no activity right now. we're just showing images from previous protests and is everything quiet? >> yes. there is more media than protesters. >> we'll check back that's is the time it's scheduled to begin. >> and still head, it's finally over. >> the help is providing a glass half full end to a rough summer movie season. we're live with a look at the
4:47 pm
problem. >> it is okay for a salesman to fib to get inside of your house? i'm michael finney. your questions answered, next. >> and later on abc 7 news at 5:00 do you use facebook to checkup on family and friends? why the answer may depend on your gender. g@ cpx
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back now to los angeles this, is a wildfire in mandeville canyon, close to brentwood. there is another one in los angeles county and now there is another one to be concerned
4:51 pm
with. you can see it's burning closer to homes nearby. >> and 7 on your side is here with us today answering your questions to facebook page. >> you think with how fast things move on the internet, getting a rebate would be easy? >> you would think. the question comes through facebook from lawrence cy does it sake so long to receive a rebate check after the information is submitted? there are two reasons, first, the fulfillment houses that mail out checks are paid for speed thachl means the companies don't pay them for speed so they take a long time. and the other thing is that studies show the longer between your purchase and when you receive a check, the less likely you are to actually cash that check. so, the company want to stretch that out as long as possible and that is another reason. we got legislation passed in
4:52 pm
2004, 2005. that gives them 60 days max. it's hard to prove and there is 60 days to get check out is 60 days after aapproving paper work. what does that mean? no idea. there is wiggle room. there two, two and a half months after that, contact me this, comes from david m this, is also from facebook. why are hearing aids so expensive? there is several reasons for this, first, it's not just amp plix. -- amplification. you're bring something sounds down, and others sounds up to so people can hear what is going on on tv that. is difficult to do and can be mostly -- costly. it's often like having a tiny computer in the ear. okay? that is a technical reasons. other reasons are that elderly
4:53 pm
people are often targeted and people don't shop around for medical devices so you put those three together and end up with hearing aids that are very, very expensive. question number three this, is from suzanne c. is it legal for a vacuum salesman to get into your house to make it look like he's a carpet cleaner? that is a great question. i had to retrack to first year law school to remember this one. it's called trespass by deception, you're not allowed to lie or trick someone into allowing you in if you have, it is trespassing. if you believe that happened to you, feel free to call the police. >> that is not cool! >> no. >> and got a vacuum cleaner. oh! >> tricky. >> thank you, michael. >> sure. >> impressive amateur video of a tornado in new york this weekend. take a look. the national weather service
4:54 pm
says it touched down, causing property damage, and there have been no reports of serious injuries from that. >> and no such problems here. >> no. >> spencer is back with an accu-weather forecast update. >> taking a look at tropical weather. i'm going to move on to where we showed you the remnants of what was tropical storm and then, hurricane lee there. is a powerful storm producing flooding rains over the area. the rains reaching up into new england. you may recall still sat rated from affects of hurricane irene just over the week ago. out to sea, still powerful hurricane katya, category three. good news is that this looks like the storm is going to miss areas over several days moving first northwest, then hook around bermuda. missing bermuda and lantic coast. so that is good news. it's not looking like it's
4:55 pm
going to affect populated areas. and there is remnants of lee moving up into mid atlantic and northeastern states. there is a very potentially flood-producing system. tomorrow, temperatures dropping a little bit. national heat wave seems to be coming to an end. 92 degrees in miami which is pretty warm. and 102 in phoenix. lower than temperatures phoenix had been looking at. this is highs tomorrow 99 in fresno. 101, palm springs and 94 in los angeles, here in the bay area, we'll take a look at a warm up starting tomorrow and lasting a couple days. and highs in 92 in clover dale. inland east bay, mid to upper 90s from concord to livermore z 96 down in morgan hill. 80s around the bay. so... couple warm days coming our way.
4:56 pm
and there is normally this weather in september. >> taking a look good. thank you. >> and most of us think of labor day as unofficial end of summer. and end of summer movie season as well. >> and for movie fans it's probably a relief. there just hasn't been much out there this summer. >> and there is more on a bright spot. >> yes. i have to tell you this is across street now that would be "help". the help is the number one box office for the third week in a row. it's a wonderful film. i gave it a full bucket and it's been timely. it came at the right time z friends are telling friends bit. it keep goesing and it's a standout z is been a mixed bag as the summer movie season winds down. it's pulled out in front of some summer dog that's bite the dust like conan the bash barin. it's a dud. i gave it a quarter buckist. fans aren't lining up to see
4:57 pm
this one. results are mixed axe tend yens is down from last year, revenues are up less than%, higher ticket prices with 3 d costs help the income increase, still on this labor day, they're showing up the grand lake as theater goers do confirm they're not going as often, here it's about experience and restored movie palace its more enjoyable to go to a film when someone says did you hear that? and too often i don't have, as i vrx a partner to go to a film with. >> there is less money for movies and pop corn and eating out. all that have. >> just than we see it at television wex have net flix. >> but you can see it sooner at theater autos yes. true. >> and not all gloom and doom. top movie was the final harry potter installment. it did about $375 million, summer usually accounts for
4:58 pm
40% of the annual ticket sales. there smu be some concern but a lot of films that didn't make it here do very well in the international market z you are surprise hits. next comes fall fare, serious film that's may be, you know ones that will be up for oscar or critic's choice awards, however, being nominated doesn't necessarily translate at the box office. we'll see at the end of the year. >> great time, thank autos thanks for joining us for abc 7 news labor day. >> an ash sli here with you in the news at 5:00. >> bart protesters back. only tonight commuters won't get tangled up. the postal service teeters on the brink of bankruptcy. how that could soon affect your service. and the extensive job of digging up a new gas line. an explosion unearthing eek yeahing pipe supposed to last 100 years.
4:59 pm
>> good evening, i'm dan ashley. cheryl jennings is off tonight. it's no holiday for bart protesters today. they apparently had no intention of backing down this, is a live picture from inside of the civic center station. a fourth protest by the hacker group call add nonmus is expected to get underway at any time now z abc 7 is live outside of the station with the latest. >> it's supposed to start at 5:00 this evening near civic center station. there are more police officers and media here than it appears there are protesters. and this is a group that clogged the evening commute for a number of weeks. at this point it remains to be seen if there is one, it will affect whatever commute there is. the twitter sphere is again buzzing can talk of another bart protest. may be labor day, but one person wrotehe


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