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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  September 9, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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one year ago today a san
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bruno neighborhood went up in flames an explosion sparked by a detective gas pipeline. 38 homes burned and 8 people died. >> right now the agency that regulates pg&e is honoring two of the victims. jackie greg and her daughter died in the blast. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco. >> the irony that someone who worked on natural gas issues died in the explosion was not lost on her co-workers. they say her death is a reminder to them to ensure public safety. they dedicated to all of those that were impacted by the explosion. and weeping willow tree to her and her daughter similar to one that grew in their garden. they died in their home that night. her husband and another daughter
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were not home. colleagues and relatives and friends gathered in the courtyard to dedicate the memorial. they said it will help them in the healing process and encourage them in their work. the memorial will remind us how responsibility as the body of state regulators support safety of our number one priority. the work we do here will profoundly affect the lives of millions of people and can mean the incidents between life and death. >> reporter: jackie and her daughter was among 8 people that were killed by blast. utility was accused of installing a faulty pipeline and being negligent.
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hoe her co-workers adored her that it seems surreal that she gone but her cubicle is still empty a year later. it's very important for everyone to know that they rigs had money for this memorial, no tax dollars were spent on this tribute. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." the families and neighbors of the people killed in the explosion and fire will hold a memorial service tonight at skyline college in san bruno. we'll have live coverage and stream it live in the entirety on our website at from 6:00 to 6:30 p.m. >> the white house says a terror net against the nation's capital and new york remains credible but unconfirmed. president obama does not have any plans to change his travel plans for the tenth anniversary for the anniversary of the
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terror attacks. it was initiated by al-qaeda's new leader ayman al-zawahri. they say the plot involved three individuals including a u.s. citizen. they are investigating an al-qaeda car bomb plot aimed at bridges or tunnels in new york or washington, security has been stepped in both cities. government says people shouldn't be scared by the threat but they should be aware of their surroundings. >> part of the reason to go public with this particular threat information, keep your eyes open and let us know if you see anything suspicious. remember the times square bomber was stopped by a food vendor who saw something suspicious. >> joe biden says there is no confirmation that anyone carried into u.s. is going to carry out a plot. >> we wanted to find out what changed about security in ten
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years. we spent with the day with the san francisco police department and they showed us increase marine patrol checking the bay seven days a week above and below the water. we also learned about the expanded canine unit to check on mass transit systems and we saw new equipment to deal with explosives and contamination threats. >> san francisco better prepared than we were ten years ago? >> yes, definitely. we have the equipment we have the response and planning, but more than that we have the communication among the region. the police department formed homeland security unit after the september 11th attacks. i'll have a full report tomorrow night at 11:00. berkeley high school is taking new measures to improve security hoping to maintaining this school year safer than the last. the district has hired two more security guards and four new campus monitors and spent another $25,000 to train them. this was after several incidents
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in berkeley high last spring. students why expelled on for bringing guns to school. bart is still working to fix the damage done after advanced alleges attacked the bart station smashing card readers and spray-painting graffiti on the ground. they used hammers to smash the turnstiles and damage clipper readers and they also spray-painted charles hill on the ground. that was the homeless man bart shot and killed after he threatened them with a knife. a group of anear counterfeits are taking credit for the protest. >> i don't approve of it at all. they are inconveniencing a lot of people not just trying to make a point. i'm sure there are other ways they can make a point. >> riders have faced some
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declaration because of the damaged card readers and police have not made any arrests so far. >> president obama is urging voters to get behind the new jobs bill and pressure lawmakers to pass it. he took his newly unveiled jobs initiative to richmond, virginia. he laid out his plan in a speech. the proposal would cost $450 billion. it would provide a tax cuts to employers and tax cuts for workers. everything that america jobs bill is the kind of proposal that has been supported in the past by both democrats and republicans, nothing radical. everything in it will put more people back to work. >> the things that we don't like are the things that probably we should set aside and try to works out here. but again, there is plenty of room for agreement. >> president obama says he
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optimistic that congress will do the right thing if pressured by voters. >> there is encouraging news for the 1100 solyndra employees that were laid off last week. terry mcsweeney joins us at a special job fair. >> it is amazing that nobody inside here is even mentioning yesterday's f.b.i. raid on the former employer solyndra. these people know what they are going after, so they can get on with their lives and some of the stories will bribing your heart. >> about 90 people turned out for the event. all of them saw their full time jobs turn to no job in the solyndra plant declared bankruptcy with no notice. she worked as a document control specialist. she could hardly hold back the tears as she told her story. >> my husband is very sick. we have no benefits.
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he takes a lot of medication. >> she is afraid her unemployment check won't even cover her health insurance. mechanical technician is also on edge. >> i kind of no worries and then all of a sudden came crashing down. >> he is single but unemployment will be a short term fix for him. >> what would you take right now? >> anything. >> the investment board is holding this solyndra worker only event providing jobs and stress counseling information just as they did when the num might have shut down in fremont. in that case they placed 1500 of the 4,000 laid-off workers and retrained many more. they like what they see. >> we have several calls from different employers that are interested in looking at this group. they have job openings so they will be coming here to provide
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information about their companies. >> hopefully one of those calls will be for linda, because without a job soon her home may be next to go. >> the workers investment board did everything they could to get out job fair. hundred people, 10% of the work force. another one september 21st at the college and everybody is welcome especially the folks from solyndra and hopefully linda will have work by then. still ahead, a major privacy breach at a leading bay area hospital. medical records of tens of thousands of bay area patients were posted online for more than a year before anyone noticed. >> and she was just two years old when she lost her mother. the mother she hardly knew and the one moment she wishes she had with her....................
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♪call 1-800-steemer. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a hospital is blaming a subcontractor used by an outside vendor for a massive privacy breach. medical information for 20,000 people was posted on a public website for nearly a year. that data included names and codes and remained on a commercial website for nearly a year until it was discovered last month and taken down. it did not contain credit card
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or social security numbers. it was march and august 2009. stanford hospital released a statement. they notified patients quickly and arranged for free identity protection services. this morning the first of many weekends memorials for the terrorist attacks got underway in the nation's capital. former monterey congressman leon panetta held the ceremony honoring the heroes of that dark day. >> thousands fled the scene, first responders did not have that ability to flee. they this to go towards the black smoke to try to save lives. >> meanwhile, congressional leaders on the house floor pause forward a moment of silence at 9:11 eastern time and ten
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senators have issued a bill calling for a national moment of silence 10:00 a.m. on september 11th. >> former new york mayor joined officials and secretary of state hillary clinton in ringing the opening bell. before the bell rang. there was a moment of silence and former marine sang god bless america. >> one of the thousands of stories to coming out of 9/11 was a 2-year-old girl from new york who lost her mother. that child is now 12. patricia smith wore a bright dress when she walked across the stage to get the medal of honor for her mother. she also made the front page of the "new york times" on the fifth anniversary. she says her mom was hero even before 9/11. when she was asked what she had to do with her mom. >> i wish she would have been there for sports.
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that would make me happy. but actually just being able like a family dinner. we could both have. that would be greatest moment. >> we will have special coverage starting tonight. wayne freedman will reported from new york, lilian kim will be in shanksville, pennsylvania, >> and on sunday a special three hour edition of "good morning america" starts at 5:00 a.m. following the morning news and at 10:00, "beyond the headlines." is devoting a full half-hour including discrimination against muslims and counseling resources. >> mike nicco has the forecast for this weekend. >> today is getting hotter by the moment. flight delays are over at sfo.
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there could be a thunderstorms and higher fire danger, pretty close to the bay area or where you may be vacationing this week. >> and smart phones and surf the web, can it kiss you?
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thousands of people kicked off the coleman walk today. they are raising money for the fight against breast cancer. they are going to walk a total of 50 miles in three days. and more than 1400 walkers last year and raised $3.7 million for the cause. >> all right. good thing they got it done in the morning. it's going to get hotter as we on. >> develop inland. around san francisco but if they were going to the east bay valleys or ukiah it could hit triple-digits. we have a lot have to talk
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about. thanks for tuning in on this friday. we are looking southbound. you can see the haze hanging around as far as the cloud cover goes it is erasing quickly. we can see that on our satellite picture. there satellite showing also the winds that are starting to pull from the mountains and heads toward us. that sat slight going to tell us this is how the storms are going to develop over the mountains and roll towards us. its the lightning associated that could bring a higher fire danger this weekend. first, let's get through now. 55 with the clouds at half moon bay. rao9 50s through the north bay. 70s inland valleys and east bay down los gatos. mid-50s in monterey. upper 50s to low 60s in watsonville and salinas. sunshine warmer today but just a brief warming trend. tomorrow and into sunday more
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clouds and a cooling trend. the clouds, some of those could build up strong enough to bring us those isolated storms and the fire threat. for today's forecast we are looking at clouds mainly along the coast. mid-50s into san francisco. low to mid-70s oakland and san mateo. mid 80 alternates south bay. mid-80s to low 90s up in the north bay. we have mid to upper 90s in the east bay valleys. warm sestd ukiah 102 today. monterey bay, morgan hill and gilroy in the mid 90s. santa cruz, low to mid-70s. probably no sunshine around monterey and 65. heading to the giants game, we're still playing the dodgers, cool with a light breeze, 63 degrees dropping down to 58. all of us in the 50s in the overnight hours, other than antioch and san jose. most of the clouds will be confined to the coast. that is where you'll find the drizzle and few will leak into
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the bayshore. couple areas of low pressure especially this one over the great basin that is one that is going to kick off these storms. with the counterclockwise flow it going to push those storms off the sierra. look how they go through the central valley during the afternoon hours on saturday and ride their way towards us. it will be most likely in the central valley. will less likely around us but close enough especially higher elevations and they lack moisture. that is why we call it dry lightning. thunderstorm where the rain evaporates but the lightning doesn't. lightning gets up to 50,000 degrees. that is what going to spark the fire. you see all the areas in the red flag warning, the sierra up to the northern sections of the central valley as close as the eastern sections, of alameda and contra costa county and including lake county. you can see how close the red flag warning is that is why i'm concerned with the possibility of us having higher fire danger.
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and heading to san diego or l.a. upper 70s around l.a. and san diego, near 70-degree temperatures. let's take a look seven-day forecast, most of us don't need to worry about the storms. just want to let you know they are out there but big story will be the cooler conditions. we drop nearly four degrees at the coast and six degrees at the bay and ten degrees inland by sunday with even cooler weather on monday and more warmer weather for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> have a great weekend. >> you know how we rely on our phones foe for so much these days? you can have emotional support. check out the phone that simulates holding your hand and even kissing you. they say their phones hand holding is done with sensors and a strap that goes around your hand and that simulate a squeeze. as for kissing there is a
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today at 4:00 and 5:00, two san bruno families working to reclaim their lives one year after the devastating pipeline explosion and new research puts a little bit of thought into what we heard about the benefits eating fat at this acids from
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