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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 12, 2011 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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this morning on "world news now," airline anxiety. susp this morning on "world news now," suspicion in the skies on this anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. severaunusual incidents reported. it is monday, september 12.
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good morning, everybody. ts shut down an airport terminal. >> you could tell everyone was jittery on the anniversary. some scary, anxious moments in the skies. >> the day passed with no incident. >> thank god forhat. also ahead. from the recording industry to tv shows to hollywood, how 9/11 made its mark on pop culture. >> certainly a lot of thing changed on 9/11. in a lot of ways. we'll talk about that. later this half-hour, why is a favorite kids' cartoon character under attack? wait until you hear the startling news about sponge bob square pants. >> i'm sure our fans will appreciate it. a strange story. we begin with the national security system taking no chances with the suspicious
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behavior ding this 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >> after numerous warnings about terrorism during this sensitive time, federal agents and the military had to work fast to make sure sfoisuspicious acts w not acts of terrorism. >> reporter: police at detroit's metropolitan airport detained three passenger arriving on a frontier flight from denver. the airline says the crew contacted authorities after some passenger spent excessive amounts of time in the bathroom. >> it fbi saw us -- they told us to put our heads down, and they took three people, two guys and one girl. they handcuffed them. >> reporter: as a precaution, 16 fighghr jets escorted the plane to detroit. people were questioned, luggage inspected. earlier there was a similar incident involving an american airlines flight from los angeles to new york, again involving passengers spending unusual amounts ofof time in the bathrooms. >> it's unnerving. but i'm glass i didn't know at
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the time. yeah. i think we were nervous about traveling on september 11. >> reporter: f-16 military jets made sure the plane landed safely. agents questioned passengers upon arrival at kennedy airport. at the dulles-ft. wortrp at the dulles-ft. worth airport, it was a truck, not a plane, that put security to work on sunday. ow penske van. when the truck was parked, security guards shut down the terminal. investigators say the driver was working on the reality show called "sons of guns." >> i guess you could describe it as being unaware of your circumstances and unaware of the circumstances around the day. and unaware of the circumstances regarding security at the location you happen to be in. >> reporter: while the weapons and pyrotechnics stash in the van looked suspicious on this 9/11 anniversary, dallas investigators discovered the driver had proper permits, so he was allowed to leave the airport with no charges filed. larry jacobs, abc news, new
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york. >> of course the new york city police department remains on high alert throughout the day. apparently 342 suspicious packages or vehicles were reported over the weekend. this time last year, 92. >> the whole thing that's taken hold and across the country, if you see something, say something. people heeding that advice. it's good to see that. >> keep it up, everybody. >> please. former new york city police officer was detained in kansas city's main airport after security screeners detected suspicious items inside his carry-on luggage. those items tested negative for explosives. and the man was in the custody of airport security. disrupted flights resumed once bomb-sniffing dogs had gone over the airport. here in new york, a somber remembrance of the 9/11 anniversary. the two columns of light next to the world trade center, the lights are still on this morning, as you see in these live pictures. it's an annual arrangememe of two groups of 44 search lights that are used to remind us of
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this solemn day. earlier, a poignant sight as president obama and former president bush and their wives joined with families at the ground zero ceremonies. mr. obama, quoting saum 46, invoked the present of god as an inspiration to endure. former president bush quoted a letter from abraham lincoln to a mother who'd lost five sons in the civil war. in shanksvilil, the names of those on board flight 93 were read aloud as bells tolled. 40 died after a struggle with hijacker trying to crash the plane into washington, d.c. pennsylvania's governor said they had set a new standard for american bravery. flight 93's memorial was dedicated on this weekend. at the pentagon, a ceremony paid tribute to the 184 people who died there on 9/11. also to those who have died in the decade of war that has
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followed since. vice president joe biden said the 9/11 generation of warriors ranks among the greatest the nation has ever known. 6,200 servicice men and women he died fighting in iraq and afghanistan since 2001. >> what a toll. abc has a closer look at some of those young men and women who chose to fight for their country in the shadow of 9/11. >> reporter: hours after the pentagon was hit, with the building still smoldering, the horror still fresh, many of the 20,000 pentagon employees came back to work to prepare for war. ten years later, well over two million americans, all of them volunteers, have been deployed to iraq and afghanistan. among them, a generation of young soldiers we have met who were just children on 9/11. you were a litite boy. >> yeah, fifth grader. >> reporter: were you frightened? >> i was frightened at first. but i was reassured by
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parents that it would be all right. >> you saw it on tv. i can't imagine you ever thought, i'll probably be over there fighting someday. >> i kind of wanted to. >> reporter: in this decade of war, the nation has lost more than 6,000 troops and had more than 45,000 injured. military spending during that period reached an astonishing $6 trillion. but today, there is much that the military is proud of. the biggest achievement, the death of bin laden. and the decimation of al qaeda leadership. >> al qaeda is on the ropes and it continues to get pummeled. >> reporter: of course, this is a nation still at war. there are still 144,000 americans serving in iraq and afghanistan. but by the end of next year, that number should be cut in half. martha raddatz, abc news, the pentagon. >> a sobering statistic in all the 9/11 coverage yesterday, that the number of deaths in the wars in iraq and afghanistan are
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double the number of casualties in the 9/11 attacks. the death toll in all of this over the last decade has been >> such a sacrifice from the 9/11 generation, as vice president joe biden calls them. >> great generation. >> absolutely, absolutely. in japan, september 11th also marked the six-month anniversary of that devastating earthquake and tsunami. all along the country's battered northeast coast, people observed a moment of silence at the very moment that earthquake struck. some 20,000 people are dead or still missing and an estimated 400,000 people have lost their homes. on top of that, japan's economy itself is a long way from recovery. asian stocks plunged this morning becacause of fears of europe's debt crisis. japan's nikkei index tumbled to a six-month low at one point today following wall street's heavy losses on friday. hong kong's hang seng fell more than 3%. alysts say asia's economy is in good shape but it cannot avoid a global recession. some advice to spongebob,
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slow down. a new study finds just nine minutes of watching that cartoon show caused short-term attention and learning problems in 4-year-olds. the spongebob watchers measured worse on mental function tests than children who watch a slower showowr just drew pictures. their conclusion, it's not just how much tv kids watch that matters, it's what they watch as well. >> you can't even trust spongebob these days. messing with the kids' minds. >> it's tough figuring out what they can watch. i'll tell you, anyone who has young kids knows you use tv sometimes as a tool. >> it's hard to avoid. you have two young boyso you know. >> there are times i'll sit them in front of the tv. you want it to be something at least not damaging. it's probably not educational but at least you don't want it to damage them. >> good mom. >> we try, we try. all right, here's your monday forecast, everybody. rivers continue to recede along the east coast, thankfully.
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showers and thunderstorms from boston to the carolinas and into knoxville. some popup showers from orlando to miami. and thunderstorms from the sierra range into vegas and much of the rockies. >> 90 in boise. 80 in salt lake city. 76 in albuquerque. dallas gets up to 85. omaha 75. chicago 73. 65 in boston. 76 here in new york. and 90 in miami. there was another celebration of survival this weekend. this one in joplin, missouri, the town that was nearly wiped off the map by that huge tornado back in may. the high school football team hosted their first home game i i the stadium that was the only part of that high school that actually survived the twister. >> amazing. 10,000 fans were there to support them, cramming into the facility built for just 4,500. although the joplin eagles fell to the visiting team it was still a triumph to have started the season at all. >> absolutely. a moment of silence in honor of the victims but that town is coming bacac good to see. >> absolutely. >> we'll be back with more after this. >> we'll be back with more after this.
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welcome back, everybody. life is about back to normal across the southwest, an area plunged into darkness last thursday. >> questions remain over how one power employeeeenocked out power to millions. abc's david wright shines a light on the issue. >> reporter: if you ever wondered what difference one man can make, consider san diego. one guy's mistake meant lights out for 5 million people. one minor screw-up meant 2 million gallons of sewage pumped straight into the ocean. one guy's incompetence cost the economy as much as $118 million. >> doh! >> reporter: yep, we're in homer simpson territory here. >> rolling, lling, rolling. >> reporter: power may come back to san diego residents but they won't soon forget what plunged this whole reason into darkness.
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>> an unpleasant 24 hours. >> reporter: a single employee of an arizona power company whose repairs to his substation northeast of yuma went so badly wrong he managed to knock out the region's main high-voltage extension cords. there's not just one guy to blame. america's aging infrastructure has something to do with it too. not to mention the deregulation of power. so that comes want to sell you company but precious few want to shoulder the cost of maintaining means of delivery. is it even conceivable we've done everything to defend against osama bin laden, only to leave ourselves vulnerable to homer simpson? you be the judge. david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> one guy. >> i know, homer simpson look out, you've got some competition. >> luckily, apparently boil water orders have been lifted there, a nuclear station is back online. so crisis averted, everything is returning to normal. >> that 2 million gallons of sewage that got pumped into the beaches there, that's not going to be removed from people's
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minds for a long time to come. >> don't take a dip just yet. coming up, from music to movies the lasting impact the 9/11 attacks have had on pop culture. >> some insight from our music and media consultant right after the break. our music and media consultant when we come back after the break. and media consultant right after the break.
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as we prepare for the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks we've reported on a lot of things have changed since that tuesday morning. we have one final one to touch on this morning too. >> that's right. music, tv and movies all changed at least for a while after 9/11. here to talk about it is our media and music consultant bruno del granado. good morning, bruno. great to see you. >> thank you for being here. music as you say, first responders, we saw big changes right after the attack. >> the day after. bruce springsteen, alan jackson, the beastie boys. musicians managed to raise $500 million the first month after 9/11. >> what was the tone? >> very somber. "the rising" which to date is one of his best albums, filled with hope. won a lot of grammys. a year later we noticed these same musicians like bruce springsteen and neil young turning against what was the drumbeat for war. the guys who first rushed and
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were very patriotic about it -- >> they didn't get on board for the war effort. >> the tone went from patriotic, kind of got back to the political, everyone took stances on the war and so forth. jay-z had big songs, greenday had a big album. >> greenday had a huge album with an anti-bush, won five grammys, album of the year in 2004. all these guys were pro-patri pro patriot act and everything the following year they all changed their tune. >> where has music gone since then, where are we thousand? >> unfortunately with everything that's been happening the last couple of months, all the other things that are going on, music has kind of taken a back seat to social networking when it comes to promoting freedom of speech and everything else. we're seeing a return to pre-9/11, very frothy disposable music back on the charts. and that's a very sad thing. >> a little disappointing. what about tv? you say in some ways tv was the most appropriate medium to deal
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with 9/11. >> the reason tv was the most appropriate medium to deal with 9/11, 9/11 is a story that's still developing. didn't have a beginning, middle, certainly doesn't have an end to deal with yet. tv shows like "rescue me," "lost," "24," they not only took answer the question of why do they hate us, why do they want to destroy our way of life? they weave interesting stories every week. "mad men" is a classic show that debuted a couple of years ago. the same, you would have never imagined seeing an image of a falling man after 9/11 on tv and you did in the opening credits. >> shift gears to movies a little bit. how do you think movies changed in the last decade? >> the problem with movies was when you see two planes crashing into a tower, that's straight out of a james bond movie. there's no ycgi -- no cgi that can do that.
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movies tend to be a form of escapism for us. we didn't want to see movies of anyone machine. >> we want it tied up in a neat bow, and 9/11 doesn't -- >> exactly, hollywood loves a good script. a good beginning, a happy ending, war on terror is not that. far from that. >e've seen it in tv, music, movies, it's something that's going to be in our national psyche forever and art reflects that. >> absolutely. what we're seeing now, telelesion still leading the charge, we have two amazing series debuting this fall. "homeland" and "person of interest." they're so buzzed about. one ofofhem, "homeland" talks about an american who might be an al qaeda operative. we're reading that in the news >> thank you very much for being here. we're readadg that in the news now. >> we'll be right back.. welcome back, everybody.
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finally this h hf hour, "insomniac theater." you got a look at the box office results there. "contagion" came in number one. >> that's right.
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plenty of peopop saw it this weekend. among them our desk assistant amanda making her "world news now" debut this week. great to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> what did you think of the movie? >> i'm going to have to disagree with the critics on this one. i was very disappointed with "contagion." we had a star-studded cast. lawrence fishburne, jude law, of course matt damon, hubba hubba. and, mean, what haened there? we were supposed to be on the edge of our seats the whole time, it was supposed to be this thriller. we were supposed to figure out how the virus goes through millions and millions of people. and instead i was just kind of bored. >> that is kind of the plot right here. there's a massive outbreak. >> there's a massive outbreak, it kills millions of people. >> was it too technical? is that whwh made you bored? >> it was very sciency. there was a lot of things that i didn't understand that the average person didn't understand and we were kind of left with,
3:27 am
you know, nothing. >> like, huh? >> like, what? well, you don't have to take it from me. let's figure out what some of our moviegoers had to say. >> it makes you think the whole entire time what you would do, how you would react. a great movie. i totally recommend it. >> i like matt damon, so does my husband. it's too overall. >> did a great job. really enjoyed it. >> it's a little bit disappointing. >> i felt like it was -- i left there emotionless, i didn't care. >> i'd like to meet the 82% of critics that liked it. and see the other movies they liked. >> they were not feeling the movi a couple walked out of the movie. >> how many stars would you give it? >> i am going to give it 2 out of 5 stars. i did not like the plot. i felt the writing was poor. but i did love the cast. how can you not? >> good acting but bad plotting
3:28 am
and way too confusing. >> is it true e u left cold at the end? >> i was surprised that it ended. i was like, wait, what, this is it? >> it got really good reviews. i'm surprised so many fans are kind of slamming it. >> steven soderbergh and everyone rushes to see ev every movie he directs. >> he's great. >> he's amazing. >> not this time around. >> not this time. maybe next time.
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this morning on "world news now", airline interception. fighter jets are scrambl when this morning on "world ns this morning on "world news now", airline interception. fighter jets are scrambled when passengers and flight attendants note suspicious behavior on this american airlines jet. >> it was one of several strange incidents sunday putting national security to the test. it's monday, september 12th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now."
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>> good morninin i'm tanya rivero. >> i'm rob nelson. after so many warnings about terrorism prior to the 9/11 anniversary this weekend and with the public so vigilant, reports of suspicious behavior in the skies were taken extremely seriously over the last 48 hours. we'll explain what happened on a new york-bound flight and some others over the past 24 hours. >> and those past 24 hours have been especially poignant as the vehicle tips of the 9/11 attacks were remembered here in new york, washington, and shanksville, pennsylvania. we will bring you the commemorations and condolences. >> it really was an extraordinary day, kind of took everyone back to that time, what it was like the first few days as the gravity of what happened sunk in. >> it's hard to believe it's been a decade. >> pivotal years but fast-moving ones. also this half hour, all the attention serena williams is now getting after she exchanged a few choice remarks with an umpire at the u.s. open. my girl is not happy. >> no, in trouble again. this is a little deja vu.
3:32 am
>> she got a little tempered. whew, got a little heated. but first, new details about the security scare which started last week. fbi agents have questioned and cleared some 300 people in connection with the possible plot. >> and police across the country were on high alert as the nation marked this 9/11 anniversary. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross has the latest details. >> reporter: u.s. authorities tell abc news there is still no hard evidence that the vehicle bomb plot threat is real. the fbi has now interviewed and cleared some 300 people who were on flights that might have matched the description according to a cia informant of three men coming into the country. even so, security remains heavy and will remain heavy through monday in both new york and washington. with the security has come security jitters. on sunday, an americananirlines flight from los angeles into new york, american flight 34, had f-16 fighter jets escort it for the last 100 miles into the airport.
3:33 am
a federal air marshal on board became concerned about the activities of three men going back and forth to the bathroom. >> very alarming, saying listen, we need everyone to remain seated, do not get up. >> i was sitting near a window so i could look out on the ground and saw the police cars. >> reporter: in the e d the three men were questioned and released. everyone was sent on their way. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> fbi agents had to meet a frontier airlines flight because of weird reports about people in and out of the bathroom. the plane had to be taken away from the terminal. everyone was ordered off, had to be questioned, luggage was searched. another weird incident yesterday. >> at dallas ft. worth airport, a terminal was closed when a man rented a penske van and left it curbside. >> it was packed full of guns all for a reality show he was taping. luckily that checked out as well. >> the nypd remains on high alert throughout the day here in new york. >> it goes on past 9/11 itself.
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former new york city police officer was detained at kansas city's international airport of a security screeners detected a suspicious item inside his carry-on luggage. that man was detained by airport police after he refused to let them examine the item. investigators later determined the item was not explosive. >> thank goodness. for the thousands who lost loved ones in the terror attacks it was a day of remembrance and lemn reflection. >> they gathered here in new york, of course, also in shananville and the at pentagon as well as other memorial services around the country. abc's t.j. winick is joining us is morning from ground zero. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, rob and tanya. it was an incredibly poignant and solemn remembrance at ground zero taking place at this new memorial which will teach future gegerations about the horrific tragedy that unfolded here. sunday night at the kennedy center the president struggled to find meaning in that day that defied logic for so many. >> these past ten years have shown that america does not give in to fear.
3:35 am
nothing can break the will of a truly united states of america. >> reporter: across the country amererans paused to remember on sunday. at ground zero in new york, six separate moments of silence in memory of all those who lost ththr lives on september 1 1h ten years ago on sunday. >> i wish my dad had been there to teach me how to drive, ask a girl on a date, and see me graduate from high school. >> reporter: the children, spouse and friends of those killed got their first look at the 9/11 memorial. the names of the fallen preserved in bronze and of course read aloud. some made a keepsake to take home, others simply prayed. they were joined beside the enormous pools in the f ftprints of where the towers once stood by former president george w. bush and president obama. over 1,200 special requests were honored to have the name of a 9/11 victim placed next to the name of a loved one, friend or colleague on that memorial. rob and tanya?
3:36 am
>> it's really moving getting the first glimpses of the 9/11 memorial. i mean, it's massive. it's beautiful. they've done a really nice job. >> there's debate and controversy about what to do with that site. good to see it up from the ashes again. >> absolutely. also in japan, september 11th was a solemn day. the six-month anniversary of that devastating earthquake and tsunami. ceremonies marked the deaths of more than 15,000 people. nearly 5,000 people are still missing. the japanese red cross society estimates that 400,000 people were displaced and repairing the damage will take years. in texas, the state's worst wildfire near austin has now destroyed nearly 1,500 homes. near houston more than 300 evacuees of another fire wait to hear when they get to go home. but no one knows what they will find when they get there. that fire is still burning and conditions continue to change. president obama is making another pitch for his jobs bill before sending it to congress tonight. the president will speak from
3:37 am
the rose garden where he will be joined by teachers, police officers, veterans and others who stand to benefit from the nearly $450 billion american jobs act. he'll also try to drum up support for the machine this week at events in ohio and north carolina. and now to the u.s. open finals w wre serena williams let her temper get the best of her and lost her big comeback match. williams had already lost the first set to australian samantha stosur when she shouted "come on" during a shot. the chair umpire called serena's outburst "deliberate interference" and gave the point to her opponent. that's when williams unleashed her wrath. >> you're the one that screwed me over last time. that's not cool. >> oh, some choice words for the ump. after her opponent got the point the crowd booed over a full minute but that did not stop her from outplaying williams. the 27-year-old beat her pretty badly earning her first career
3:38 am
grand slam title. after the match williams was much calmer. >> i don't even remember -- i don't remember what i said. i'm sorry. i was just so intense out there. it's the finals for me. and i was just -- i have to go -- i guess i'll see it on youtube, i don't know. >> we will all see it on youtube forever and ever. williams said she was she was just in the zone but there was word she actually may face a ban from next year's tour. this is not the first time she's done this. >ennis is one of though games where politeness always counts. >> it is a game of manners. two years ago she kind of had that obscenity-laced rant against the ump. now it's kind of a pattern with her. >> you'd think she'd learn her lesson that time. >> we'll see. take a look at your weather on this monday morning now across the country. storms out west with hail and gusty winds at times for montana to new mexico. and las vegas to t t mountains
3:39 am
near l.a. showers and thunderstorms around boston, new york, d.c. and the carolinas. scattered showers across much of florida. >> miami hilts 90. atlanta 74. baltimore 81. mostly 70s from detroit to kansas city. 81 in fargo. and 85 in billings. seattle warms up to 82. sacramento 95. phoenix 107. china is celebrating the mid-autumn festival with its traditional display of amazing lighted lanterns. the holiday is something like our thanksgiving a little bit. a family get-together to celebrate the harvest. >> the festival takes place at the full moon which in china is a symbol for happiness and prosperity. we can always use a little bit of that right now. the lanterns are sometimes carried in parades or built into amazing scenes like this one in beijing which features dragons and signs of the zodiac, gorgeous. >> mid-autumn festival is associated with a legend in china and the goddess is immortality who lives s the moon. that's all coming from, you know -- there's a history to it. >> i knew there was something good about the moon.
3:40 am
you can live forever if you can make it to the moon. >> wouldn't it be nice. >> that's right. >> more "worldldews" coming up after the break. "world news" coming up after the break.
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welcome back, everybody. welcome back, everybody. you got glimpses of new yo 9/1 welcome back, everybody. you got glimpses of new york's 9/11 memorial in t.j. winick's report just a few moments ago. that memorial opens to the general public today. >> a huge waiting list already as you can imagine. it as sacred piece of ground where those twin towers once stood.
3:44 am
"good morning america" anchor robin roberts takes us inside. >> reporter: a decade in the making. it has been called the most complicated construction site in the world. harnessing together architectural design, a sense of loss, and rebirth for the country and the victims' families. what are you hoping that they are going to experience and feel, seeing the memorial? >> the purpose of the memorial is to give families a place to grieve, to tell a story so that we don't forget that our freedoms are fragile. >> reporter: housed inside 16 acres s land, skyscrapers with office space, a museum set to open next september, two memorial pools engraved with the lives of those lost. >> the truth of matter is ten years to do as much as we have done i think is very commendable. >> i cannot get over the change in a year. and here, the survivors' tree. tell us about it. >> this tree that survived on 9/11, 95% destroyed, and it's now flourishing amongst 225 other trees. >> reporter: and the two pools are now flowing.
3:45 am
>> now the pools are done. this memorial fountain marking the very footprint of where the north tower was, all the people that were in those buildings that day are around this pool. to have their names, and even in the rain it's almost like tears on the names themselves. and it's really, you know -- it feels like we've marked this very sacred spot. took a lot of work but it's for the families and the public, it's worth it. >> absolutely. i'm sure so many folks over this weekend had the discussion about where you were ten years ago. >> i actually was living in downtown manhattan at the time and happened to be jogging in battery park, which for those of you who are not from new york, it is very close to the world trade center. >> right. >> my two friends and myself were jogging down, 8:30 in the morning we started jogging, about 8:45 when the first plane hit the world trade center, that plane flew low over our heads and we actually said to each other, we kind of made a joke,
3:46 am
because we were jogging -- >> surreal. >> that plane almost hit us, it was flying so low, we almost got hit by the plane, and literally, five seconds later we heard the impact. the ground at battery park shook. >> i can't imagine that sound. >> what just happened? i've never heard anything like at sound. >> eerie. surreal day. >> eerie, horrible day. we looked up and saw the gaping hole in the world trade center, everyone around us saw it. what was it? pilot error? the rest of the day i spent watching all the events unfold from tribeca, which is just a stone's throw from the world trade center. it was incredibly moving. >> for everyone, everyone. i was a newspaper reporter at the newspaper in new orleans. i was up early, early that day for a meeting at city hall to work on a story that by comparison was awfully trivial and irrelevant. i turn on the radio, it's all news, no music. driving back over the bridge, to the office, hearing what was going on.
3:47 am
not until i got back to the office and turned on the tv did you see what was happening. oh my god, you know. it put life in perspective. >> it was devastating. the interesting thing was to see the amount of time that elapsed from when the plane hit to the time you actually heard a response. >> right. >> you didn't hear the sirens for like five minutes. there was this silence. >> it was -- > dastating. >> it really was. you'll always remember that. all of you will remember yours. just one of those moments. >> absolutely. >> ten years, unbelievable. more from abc when we come right back after the break. right back after the break.
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♪ let's get back to what we do best, a little "skinny" around here. >> transition. >> yes. we all remember the super bowl and christina aguilera's awful performance of "the star spangled banner." someone else screwed it up again. cyndi lauper. "girls just want to have fun." girls didn't remember the lyrics at the u.s. open saturday night.
3:50 am
instead of singing so gallantly streaming she blurted out as our flag was still streaming. take a listen. ♪ o'er the rampants we watched as our flag was still streaming ♪ >> you think people would rehearse a little bit before they're asked to sing the national anthem. >> she's been singing 30 years. maybe it's nerves or whatever. it wasn't worse than christina, that was super bowl, 111 million people watching that day. this was a smaller stage. never good to see a big star mess up the anthem. >> not a good idea. all right, here's a fun little item. the latest couple reportedly j. lo and bradley cooper. they were apparently reported spotted having a cozy little dinner at per se here in new york. this is according to tmz. of course cooper is the "american idol" judge -- sorry,
3:51 am
"the hangover" star, j. lo is the "american idol" judge. they could be a new hollywood couple if this works out. >> she doesn't waste time. she just got divorced two hours ago. if that's true jennifer does not waste time. >> cooper did split from actress renee zellweger in march. >> that's an upgrade, good for him. >> ouch. >> renee's a sweetheart. a little weird. >> it is j. lo. >> it is j. lo, mmm-mmm. this story about how abercrombie and fitch said, we'll pay you to stop wearing our clothes. now situation has lawyers firing back saying, wait a minute, you sold ought this stuff called gtl for gym tanning laundry, a population slogan from the show. don't come at us saying that he's inappropriate to be your spokesman, you've already made money off this guy. they want all the profits from the clothes sold with the gtl stuff.
3:52 am
>> oh, it's he said, he said. >> messy. >> who's the cool person here? ryan o'neal is firing back and saying that, you know -- apparently, you remember the own network ran the tv series "ryan and tatum, the o'neals" about all the problems they had and how they reconciled at the end. now they're saying, we reconciled on the show, not in real life, my daughter and i are further apart now than we were on the show, thanks, oprah, for all your help. not a good idea to make an enemy of oprah. with oprah.
3:53 am
[ male announcer ] indulge all you want. now there's no need to hold back. new revolutionary scope dualblast obliterates strong food odors leaving your breath minty fresh. hey. [ male announcer ] so there's no trace of evidence... new scope dualblast.
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♪ until the night ♪ until the night until the night ♪ finally this half hour, an animal story that i was going to say even rob can love but i don't think he loves this story. if you're on facebook maybe you're familiar with t ts little fella?
3:56 am
-- this furry little fella? >> yes, actually, show your wrist because this is at least your favorite story of the day. this little dude is boo. he's being called the world's cutest dog. dan harris caught up with boo to see what all this fuss is about. >> arf! >> reporter: a few years ago boo's owner started a facebook page. posting photos of boo taking care of urgent business like trotting, eating, rolling around adorably, licking his chops. pretty quickly the page took off. when one of the kardashians gave boo a shout-out he went viral. he has 1.6 million followers, a catch phrase, world's cutest dog, and a new book coming out. we decided to test how powerful boo's appeal really is. we're in a top-secret location, it's a hotel in manhattan. on the other side of this door, boo. hey, boo. let's go out and meet some
3:57 am
people. you want to do this? you guys like this dog? >> can i take a picture? >> wow, we're getting quite a reaction. this is like the first two minutes. >> oh my goodness. >> boo. >> how do you know boo? >> can i pet your doggie? >> yeah, you want to pet the dog? >> he's cute. >> you like him? >> i've never been so popular. >> okay. here's the thing. everybody's cropping me out of the picture. undisclosed location. >> oh my god! >> you know this dog? >> yes. i need to take a picture. my friend is obsessed. >> i'm a married man. been a long time since i was single. but if i was single and had this dog action forget about it, game over. >> he's too cute. >> oh, my god. >> i love my wife, i want to say that, too. >> oh my god, he's so soft. >> this is boo? >> this is boo. >> i've seen your website,
3:58 am
sweetie. >> people love this dog. wow. >> boo for hire. >> boo, man. boo's getting a lot of love. >> there you go. >> look at, that little boo. it is a very cute dog, have to say that. see, that's a great reason to have a dog. take that to central park, yes, indeed. >> i knew boo would win you over. >> for the right reason. yes, indeed. w boo would win you over. see what i'm saying? >> for the right reason
3:59 am


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