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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 12, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. sky high fearsrs a country on edge, fighter jets scrambled after suspicions about passenger behavior on two separate flights. 300 people interrogated by the feds. latest on the terror alert. jacqueline kennedy, like you have never heard her before. the abc news exclusive in her own words. personal, historic conversations
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reported just after jfk's death. the tapes seal for almost 50 years. now revealed for the first time. diane sawyer is here with the first look. foiled at the pharmacy. why did walgreen's fire the pharmacist? the pharmacist shoots back in self-defense. too sexy too young? why this young girl's mother says everyone's missing the point. this morning, she takes on the critics. good morning, everyone. you saw the police officers out there. i had to go through a security check to get here to times square. it was a moving weekend. >> so much so. >> all the tributes for 9/11. among the memorable imagag. these children doing rubbings of the etchings of their loved ones
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names at the 9/11 memorial at lower manhattan. this picture, the father seeing his son's name for the first time. it says it all. instantly famous as an iconic portrait of grief. >> here's the new york post right here. he said he didn't have to search for the name at all. he was drawn toward it. there wewe tributes across the country. at memorials and sporting events. the u.s. open there. queen latifah's soulful version of the national anthem. all across the country, /* people came together to honor those who died and remember that day. look at that flag unfurl. it was a day of high alert. still is with a threat of an attack on washington and new york hanging over the ceremonies. thankfully there were no serious incidents, but there were some scares. brian ross was on watch all weekend. brian, the alert has not lessened yet. >> that's true. good morning, george, robin. in the last 72 the hours, fbi
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agents have questioned and cleared 300 people. who appeared to fit the profile of the three men who supposedly flew into the u.s. to carry out a bomb plot. there is still no hard evidence to back up the cia tip that put new york an washington on such high alert. now, the question is, what do authorities do next? this morning, new york police put on the same show of force that began last week. they say this will continue at least through the morning rush hour. >> it remains fundmentally the same. we don't have additional information to add to it. there's no reason to lessen our alert status. >> reporter: in fact, winding down security, with no clear resolution of the threat will be tricky business for the police and fbi. >> they have to unwind the heavy security very slowly and in gradual steps. mike it appear the security has gone away while keeping a lot of surveillance that the public won't see. >> reporter: the alert produced hundreds of citizen reports
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about suspicious packages and individuals, and security jitters everywhere. f-16 fighter jets were scrambled to escort this plane from los angeles to new york on sunday after a disturbance on board led federal air marshals to intervene. >> a lot of people were getting up. they were very alarmed. we said listen, we need everyone to stay and remain seated. do not get up. >> reporter: in a second case, fighter jets scrambled to track a frontier airlines plane from denver to detroit. it was also a false alarm involving a couple that became romantic in one of the jet's bathrooms. >> they brought the sniffing dogs on board. guys came in with machine guns. keep your heads down. they hauled out three people in cuffs. >> the couple involved was questioned and released. probably not the best way to get romantic in the air. >> good word, brian.
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>> leaving that alone. abc's senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas, has more on the hunt from washington about the possible terrorist attack. >> reporter: concerns about a potential attack are just as real this morning as they were yesterday. police in major cities will be out in force, as brian said. the department of homeland security is extends ramped up security that began last week. the measures include additional air marshals on flights. as well as increasing the number of heavily armed teams at mass-transits locations. as for this week's specific but unconfirmed threat, the fbi continues to press informants for additional information and is following up on leads about men who traveled to the u.s. from south asia in august. the fbi is concerned about lone wolf terrorists and the threat of al qaeda in yemen. history suggested there's good reason to be concernrn about an attack on 9/11. al queda has tried to do it
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before since 9/11, in 2000. al qaeda announced a call for r this suspect to detonate on a date likely between september 11th and september 14th. the high alert continues. >> thank you, pierre. the public is urged, if you see something, say something. let's go back to the live shot of ground zero. as we said, it's open to the public today, after the families had their first chance to visit yesterday. president obama and president bush were there side by side. president obama, also one of the victims in the 9/11 attacks, at shanksville and pentatan before speaking at the pentagon. abc's jake tapper followed the president through these ceremonies. >> he was up from dusk until down or dawn until dusk, going to the different sites, in pennsylvania, at the pentagon, and here at the world trade center. then president obama gave a very moving speech, in which he talked about the need for the u.s. to go from a decade of war
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to a future of peace. ♪ >> reporter: the anniversary was on everyone's mimi. not only on the concert for hope at the kennedy center. ♪ where were you when the world stopped turning on that september day ♪ >> reporter: but at the cowboys/jets game, where the crowds cheered "usa! " president obama tried to put the anniversary in perspective. >> decades from now, americans are visit the memorials. they will know that nothing can break the will of a truly united states of america. it will be said that we kept the faith. took a painful blow. we emerged stronger. ♪ >> reporter: it may haveveelt that way, if only for a day. in a rare moment of unity, president obama and former president bush and their wives walked side by side at the new world trade center memorial.
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touching some of the 2,983 names carved into the sides of the fountain. but some wounds never heal. family members of victims etched their names on pain person paper, kissed the monument, leaving behind flower, flags, fire hats. they wept. and the nation did as well. hearing from the children whose parents were so unfairly taken from them that day. >> my father, sebastian gorki, who i never met because i was in my mom's belly. i love you, father. >> reporter: almost half of those killed that day had children under the age of 18. >> i loved you with all of my heart. and i couldn't have asked for a greater daddy than you. >> reporter: paul simon performed "the sound of silence. " ♪ within the sound of silence ♪ >> and after that powerful day of mourning, george, president
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obama will now turn back to job, calling on congress this morning from the rose guard ton pass his jobs bill. this evening, they'll send the legislation to congress. as you know, it's unusual for the white house to draft legislation. usually they have congress do that. >> especially what the president did on health care. but you really see the white house here going with a full court press on this becoming the template for the campaign as well. >> absolutely. you'll see him in the rose garden with a bunch of workers who would be helped by this. the democratic national committee is also running ads about this jobs bill, calling on congress to act. >> jake tapper, thanks very much. robin. we're going turn to the extraordinary interviews with jacqueline kennedy, recorded almost 50 years ago and kept locked away until now. they're being released in a new book out wednesday, "jacqueline kennedy, historic conversations on life with john f. kennedy. they are the basis of a fascinating abc news special airing tomorrow, hosted by our
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dear friend, diane. >> good to see you. >> always. >> first of all jacqueline. we called her jackikior jacqueli jacqueline. but her name was jacqueline. these are her tames. let's give her her name back. i think people will be stunned when they hear her. she is a brilliant, funny, and at times unsparing observer of human nature and human foible. >> how did the interviews come about? >> she decided to make them for histo history, for an oral history project. four months after his assassination. she still has his life and their marriage fresh in her heart. and you'll hear all of that in her voice, too. >> and it is. when you hear her voice, you get a glimpse of what life was like in the white house. >> we're used to seeing the glamorous jacqueline kennedy.
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this is like sitting on a so fa with her, and having her tell us, for instance, when advisers had to go in and use his bathroom. you can listen to the tape. >> okay. he would get up at quarter to 8:00, reading 50 morning papers. i always thought it was so funun for people who used his bathroom. the men could use after dinner. all along the tub were all the little floating animals, ducks, and pink pigs and things. you would hear this roar, full blast, of cartoons. this awful exercise man. >> jack lalanne. >> they would do what they would do. they would be lying on the floor. he loved those children tumbling around him in this sort of -- it's the only way i can think of it. he would always come in before he went over to the office.
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come into my room. and i would only be half asleep or having breakfast. >> and one of the things you hear on these tapes, in the course of our two hours tomorrow night, is s journey she takes from someone who is a witness to history to someone who will make history. and find her own voice. there's a moment in this portrait of the marriage that she gives. it's the cuban missile crisis, the closest the u.s. ever came to nuclear war with the soviet union. here is what she says to him. >> i could tell from his voice. he was talking through the door. i went up and listened and eves dropped. i could hear mcnamara say something. i thought, i mustn't listen. i went away. from then on, it seems there was no waking or sleeping. i don't know which day was which. that's the time i was the closest to him.
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i never left the houses or the children. when he came home, if it was for sleep or nap, i would sleep with him. i said, please don't send me away to camp david. me and the children. please don't send my anywhere. if anything happens, we'll stay right here with you. i said even if it's the bomb she shelter i i the white house, i said please, i want to be on lawn when it happens. i want to be with you and i want to die with you and the children do, too. than without you. we don't want to live without you. >> such a blend of historic events like that and their personal life. >> that's right. it's all tomorrow. i'll show everyone tomorrow a little bit of what happens when the children wander in. including when little john wanders in, and is asked, where is his dad. >> you'll be back tomorrow. the special is tomorrow night,
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9:00 p.m., two hours here on abc. thank you. good to have you here as always. let's go to josh elliot with other stories. >> that is a can't-miss special, to be sure. >> a a we begin a new week, thee are new worries on wall street this morning. markets overseas are in turmoil. anxiety high because of new doubts about the health of some major european banks and the increasing potential now of a default by greece, which would hammer the global economy. abc's john berman watching it all from the floor of the new york stock exchange this morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, josh. it's already been a tough morning down here. the dow drop more than 100 points right after the opening bell and this, because the overseas mar market were simply battered overnight. get ready for grim numbers. the french market down 5%. german market, 3%. japan, 2%.
7:15 am
this all has to do with greece and fears they may default on their massive, massive debt. and soon, the concern that italy and spain could be suck into that economic vortex. this all sounds far away. remember, there's so much european money in those country, so much of our mon initial our 401 (k)s in europe. that's why they are getting jitter, remember it was down 300 points friday. josh. >> authorities said an explosion in southern frank was called an industrial accident inside a furnace that burns waste. it is still unclear what caused the explosion. a dramatic story from the gulf of mexico. seven oil workers missing from thursday some 50 miles off the mexican coastline have been found alive. two are americans. the bodies two other workers were also found sunday and the search does continue now for a tenth man.
7:16 am
they vanished thursday after tropical storm nate e rced them to evacuate their disabled rig. and escape inside an enclosed raft. and the son of moammar gadhafi has become the highest profile man yet to flee libya. sadi gadhafi, a key moment, fled. but still no word of his father's whereabouts. libya is starting to produce oil again. and finally, could this be true? spongebob squarepants, a bad influence? on the children of america. >> what are you saying? >> researchers found, nine minutes of watching good old spongebob caused short-term attention problems in children than those who watched a slower-paced show. i cannot tell a lie. sererena has enjoyed spongebob occasion.
7:17 am
which makes me a horrible, horrible father. i'm sorry, honey. i'm sorry. >> i have more ammunition at home now. turn that off. >> you're not going to do that? yes, you are. >> a sad, sad day. that, by the way is where spongebob lives. let's get to the board, one or two things going on. 80 degrees in new york. 78 in boston. yeah, i watch, so what? 81 in philadelphia. i have always had short-term memory -- >> don't worry. it doesn't show. >> 100 in dallas, 94 in oklahoma city. check out these numbers. minneapolis, 90 degrees. chicagoland into the 80s. maybe even warmer than that 80-degree number. we have to talk this week because there are one or two cold fronts that will knock this cold air all the way to the northeast by the time we get to the weekend. that's a big change coming in the next couple of days.
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7:19 am
86 in atlanta today. all of america's weather coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you, sam. now to that temper tantrum by serena williams at the u.s. woman's final yesterday. behind samantha stosur, serena unloaded on the umpire. got the crowd riled up, but didn't turn the match around. we'll find out later today if she'll be fined for the outburst. sharyn alfonsi has more. >> reporter: she's known for her fierce play. but it was her sharp tongue that left center court stunned yesterday at the u.s. open finals. >> you're a hater. unattractive inside. >> reporter: serene in williams had already cracked a racket and lost 12 consecutive points. she was on the verge of winning a point when she lost her cool. screaming before the ball reached her opponent. a classic violation of usta rules. the equivalent of unsportsmanlike conduct.
7:20 am
>> that's bad form. >> reporter: the ump gives the point to sam stosur. setting williams off. >> aren't you the one who screwed me over last time? >> reporter: and then later. >> she's a professional athlete. she's 30 years old. she's a veteran. she's won many, many tournaments and she knows the rules. she has to do better. she has to be able to controrol her emotion. >> reporter: last time she played in the open in 2009, she lost in the semifinals after a controversial foot fault called on her. a call that led to this. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: after sunday's match, she was gracious in her defeat. >> i don't remember what i said. i was so intense out there. it's the finals for me. i was just -- i have to go -- i guess i'll see it on youtube, i don't know. >> reporter: the usta says it will review the call. but for now, the loss and the
7:21 am
meltdown were momentous ones. for "good morning america," sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> even at the end of the match, she admit thad that had no bearing on losing the match. she gave credit to her opponent. >> she was penalized in the moment. she paid the price. i tend to forgive, especially in thososmost intense moments. i forgive intense competitiveness. >> i think what happened afterwards is what is the problem. we have taken all our time. we'll be right back. problem. we have taken all our time. we'll be right back. there's another way to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. tidy cats premium line of litters now works harder to help neutralize odors in multiple-cat homes. and our improved formula also helps eliminate dust. so it's easier than ever to keep your house smelling just the way you want it. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home.
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hager group anonymous plans to hold another protest against bart this evening. they plan at powell station. they planned one every monday since bart shut down cellphone service last month to. >> bart says if necessary this it will close the stations to stop protestors from getting into the platform stations. >> no problems with bart but a hot spot in los gatos. highway 9 remains closed between 17 and university. police and fire are investigating. a vehicle versus a pedestrian there. follow plaza, now backed into the maze. an earlier accident cleared from there. we have reports of a stall on the san mateo bridge and we'll
7:26 am
get that in the next time. >> clouds out there but a little clearing in some places.
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welcome back. check out the warm temperatures. 50s and low to mid-60s around the bay shore and east bay valleys. temperatures will be warmer today, especially in inland valleys of the east bay and up to the north bay we'll hit to the low to mid-80s in the east bay valleys. few upper 80s. low to mid-70s around the bay
7:29 am
and low aod is on a with clouds around the coast.
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this is surveillance video of a walgreen's in michigan. it's been roged. the pharmacist pulls out a gun. scares the thieves away. instead of being hailed as a hero, the pharmacist got fired.
7:31 am
he's suing walgreen's. it's a complicated one. >> it is. and the 3-year-old dolled up as a pretty woman, a la julia roberts. her mother takes on the critics who say, her daughter looks too sexy, too soon. >> people will be weighing in on that. and then j. lo. she gave her fans a thrill of a lifetime. first to the attempted heist caught on tape. a pharmacist foiling a robbery. apparently saving the day. why did he lose his job? dan harris has more on the incident and why the man is now suing walgreengreenwalgreens. >> on the video tape, you'll see a night shift nightmare play out in real l me and you can decide whether an employee was reckless
7:32 am
or heroic. it all plays out on this harrowing surveillance video of a walgreens fapharmacy. it's 4:30 in the morning. the pharmacist is sorting medications behind the unter. two armed men wearing masks enter. immediately, they start pointing their guns at one of the workers. then they take a second worker, manager hostage. dragging him through the aisles at gunpoint. he tries to call 91 is. >> seconds later, saw another manager with a gunman. the gunman saw me. and i saw him. >> reporter: he turns, aims his gun at hoven. >> i feared forr my life. the gunman repeatedly attempted to fire upon me. >> reporter: thee times, says hoven. but for some reason, the gun wouldn't fire. >> in self-defense, i fired my
7:33 am
web. >> reporter: the robbers run out in a panic. while thoeb got hurt. some would see his actions as heroic, wall greens does not. five days later, despite the fact he had a permit to carry a gun, he was fired for violating company policy. >> at no time with my i employment was i advised of, given a copy of, or discussed with management a nonescalation policy. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, walgreens stands by hind their policies. they say they're designed for the safety of employees. hoven is fighting back with a wrongful termination suit. >> he's saying he was fired in
7:34 am
violation of michigan public policy. citizens of michigan have a right to defend themselves and that walgreens violated his right to self-defense by firing him. >> the reason he started carrying a gun in the first place was this same pharmacy was held up in 2007. since getting fired, he's been unemployed. >> you can see why a company would have a nonescalation policy. but if you don't know about it -- >> that is a key point. >> a lot of people waiting to see how this turns out. first, let's get the latest on robyn gardner. abc news has more exclusive video. matt gutman joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's through this new video. we have multiple angles on two days that we have pieced together the most accurate time
7:35 am
lynne yet of the days before and after robyn gardner went missing. we're getting a glimpse. in these exclusive surveillance videos. "gma" learned just a day before robyn gardner vanished, she and her companion had been to the same beach at the same time. look closely. that's the rented toyota caught by sur valance cameras passing the closed restaurant just after 3:00 p.m. a half hour later, here ambling along the beach behind the closed restaurant. you can tell it was robyn. she's wearing the same dress she wore the day she vanished. the next day, an employee recognized gardner from her tattoos and her blond hair extensions.
7:36 am
that's robyn in the sun dress. and giordano in the khaki shorts. he claimed he l lt gardner. >> i ii were interviewing him. i would push him on, here you are walking around like you don't raely care. you're not trying to find the people on the other side of t t doors. >> reporter: the restaurant is closed. he later tells investigators he was trying get help, rouse someone from the restaurant. he crisscrossed the bar area and the patio. leaving the restaurant and going around back. investigators say he seems to have appeared in fron of all the cameras as if to establish an l alibi. >> you would think he would be
7:37 am
knocking on doors. >> reporter: he says not acting excited enough does not mean you murdered someone. there's still no hard evidence linking giordano to any crime. he's not been charged with anything yet. >> let's get dan abrams to weigh in. being a bad actor shouldn't get you convicted. >> i think this will make the investigators that much more frustrated. they're going the say, gosh, we know this is the guy. we're so convinced of it. yet, they don't seem to have enough. i think at this point, they have enough evidence to convict him in the court of public opinion but probably not in the court of law. most people will look at this and say, i don't buy this guy's story. >> it did appear staged. >> oh, yeah. you have the possibility he may have been casing it the day before. so all of these pieces together are going to lead investigators
7:38 am
to become more convinced in their own minds that they have the e ght guy. >> they're going to have a real tough call at the end of this next 60-day period. >> they're going to want to hold him. after another 60 days, what will they be able to find? can they find a body? >> let's talk about the walgreens case. wrongful termination lawsuit from the pharmacist. it would seem common sense. you have a permit to carry the weapon. you shoot back. you shouldn't get fired. >> wall greens with have policy, saying you can't carry guns at work. if you violate it, you're fired. it's a horrible idea for them to then invoke it at this point. i mean, you look at what happened here. and it's the ultimate case of someone seemingly using a weapon in the right way. seemingly using it in
7:39 am
self-defense. saving his colleagues, et cetera. so for walgreens, put aside the legal side of it. for them to move forward and say, we're going the fire you nonetheless just seems like a bad move. >> if they can show he was told about the policy, is that enough to win? >> maybe. as long as they amy it consistently. they can tell him, let's sea he can show seven other pharmacists were bringing weapons, she coul say he was singled out. the nonescalation policy will be tougher to defend. >> thanks, dan. let's go to sam with the weather. we're going to start with the low in the southwest. not always do the thunderstorms give you the rains. there has been dry lightning and fires out there. bakersfield with the lightning
7:40 am
in the area. these are the kind of light think strikes. about 50 fires kicked off by this over the weekend in dry southern california. now the numbers will go into the 90s. san francisco, 68. l.a., 78. tucson warmer, 93. this is the story of the week. the succession of cold fronts from canada. minneapolis, 90 today, 56 those of you trying to get the numbers in texas, again, it may be a couple of days you're still above 10 on. coming up, a new chap nert still above 10 on. coming up, a new chap nert the♪
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living their lyes out on reality tv took a rocky turn for ryan and tatum o'neal. they've had a turbulent relationship for a long time. now a new chapter. >> oh, my god! >> all right! >> reporter: onenef hollywood's favorite father-daughter duos
7:45 am
try to reconnect. riveting stuff for reality tv. >> she needed me. >> we needed you, too. >> reporter: for the new oprah winfrey network, a home run. the happy ending was too good to be true. >> we only reconciled on the show, not if real life. we're further apart now than when we started the show. so thanks, oprah, for your help. >> it's the classic situation on someone unwilling to own and take responsibility for their own inappropriate actions. >> that would be different. >> i ain't your pa. >> reporter: they have had their share of problems since they stole people's hearts in "paper moon." >> what sit that pulled you apart? >> pride. in one word. i thought i had all the pride. it turned out.
7:46 am
no, someone has more than me. >> reporter: ryan o'neal's spokesman is now backpedalling on the tv guide quote. that is a very old statement that the flag zeen published. their working on strengthening their relationship. it's an ongoing process. they noted that tatum e neal joined her father in court a few weeks ago as her half brother faced a drug charge. life is more kochly kated than tv. perhaps there's room for a sequel. >> they were here in june. it was tense to say the least. >> you could see the distance on the couch. they were watching each other so warily. >> howard stern said something his show thatorning that set them off. we wish them the best. coming up, superstar jennifer lopez gives some of her
7:47 am
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>> i have a very special surprise to tell you about this morning. don't go anywhere. it's only on "good morning america." >> whoa, all right, that is. what happens when two of jennifer lopez's ultimate fans get to meet her? you don't want to miss it. take a look at the green room. look at some of the baby animals. they're going to be here. boy, they are something to see.
7:52 am
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seismic retrofit work begins on the eastern side of the golden gate bridge. western side reopened two weeks
7:57 am
ago after four months of work on that side. closure met cyclists and walkers had to share the sidewalk. east side is more traveled of the two and remains closed until the work is finished in january. >> partly cloudy everywhere around by noochblt 80s in the south bay, mid-70s in the valleys. low to mid-70s around the bayshore. warmer tomorrow and wednesday. around the bay, westbound 80 a tough drive through the bay bridge. accident el portal. >> news continues with "good morning america." [ man ] before allegra-d, congestion from allergies shut me down.
7:58 am
after allegra-d, i can breathe. [ female announcer ] for fast, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief from even congestion and pressure. [ man ] after allegra-d, i have it all.
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8:00 am
♪ if you go hard you have to get on the floor ♪ >> you heard jennifer lopez, get on the floor. and now, imagine how excited a couple of teens were when the superstar surprised them with a megastar makeover. i'm sure tears were flowing. we'll show you the dream day coming up with jennifer lopez.
8:01 am
>> a big surprise there. that is a great one. take a look at the footage. 3 years old, dressed up like pretty woman. julia roberts in "pretty woman." you know what she did for a living. her mom says it was all in fun. just for the pageant. what do you think? we'll have you take a look at >> i think i know how 40% of . them voted. >> why do we do this with them there? it happens every time. can we check out the little baby animals. they're in our green room. oh. >> running amok. >> they have their own camera. >> i think that's a lemur. they told me i would be hanging out with a baby tiger today. there's no baby about that tiger. it's like a teenage tiger. >> speaking of babies. or just babes. robin roberts on the cover of the october issue of "ladies home journal" and talking about
8:02 am
kicking cancer's butt in an interview with lee woodruff. >> lee woodruff. >> great shot. great cover quote. kick its butt. >> october is breast cancer awareness month. >> we do know. it's important. >> it was a pleasure to sit down with lee. she got some stuff out of me that i really don't -- >> you know her. >> she's such a friend. >> you look gorgeous. absolutely stunning. i can't wait to read. learn more about my girl. >> hits news stands tomorrow. and josh, some breaking news out of france. that's right. we're learning more about an explosion at a nuclear plant if southern france.e. one person is killed, four people are injured. we just heard from authorities there. that there is no evidence of a radioactive leak. the nuclear is in the guard region of frachbs.
8:03 am
france /* again. one person killed, four injured in an explosion of in a nuclear plant in france. meanwhile, investors have reason to be nervous. as wall street opens the week. markets overseas this morning were plummeting because the possibility of greece defaulting. and the possibility of major banks in france having their credit ratings downgraded. eitherercenario could plunge the global economy into further turmoil. meanwhile, the president is sending his $447 billion jobs bill to congress today. he's urging lawmakers to pass it quickly. he's been joined at the white house today by teachers and others who he says will benefit from this. he said tax cuts in the plan will save the typical family some $1500. meanwhile, police in every major city will be out in full force today in the wake of terror threats. the homeland security department is extending the ramped up security nationwide after a tip
8:04 am
that claimed three men had flown into the u.s. to carry out a bomb attack arouou the 9/11 anniversary. in the last 72 hours, the fbi acts questioned and released some 300 people who appeared to fit the profile. out suspicious packages and individuals have been reported. fighter jets were scrambled sunday to follow a flight from new york after a disturbance by passengers. and another flight to detroit, which turned out to be a couple expresses their mutual affections in the bathroom. meanwhile, more than 1500 homes in texas, 17 people unaccounted for. some people are being allowed to return home. though they don't know what awaits them there. the fire is only about two-thirds contained. and your daily peanut butter and jelly sandwich may be getting a lot more expensive. the drought down south fueling all of those fires that sam has a report on in moments, also decimated this year's peanut crop.
8:05 am
as a result, you can expect to pay 30% more for peanut butter in the coming weeks. bad news for the "gma" production office. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hey, good morning to you, josh. and the question is, do you really know your family history when it comes to breast cancer? we have new information that could protect you and the women in your family. it's tonight on "world news." >> thank you, diane. a new number one at the movies. "contagion" topped the box office. some $23 million in ticket sales. dethroning "the help." which fell to second place. if you have a bad case -- of course you do it's monday. you, of course, are not alone. we have proof just how bad this day is for all of us. according to a new survey, people spend an average of 34 minutes complaining every monday morning compared to just 22 minutes during the rest of the week. >> sounds low. >> exactly. i was thinking the same thing. >> who is monday of all of us?
8:06 am
>> i am. >> lara spencer. i don't like monday. i don't feel like doing this. >> you're on the clock. you have 34 minutes. >> i have so already blown through the 34 minutes. >> whoa. >> should we just t t to it? >> let's do it. >> thanks. it's time for the pop news heat index. we begin with beyonce. she's glowing, showing about four months pregnant. already having some unusual cravings. we'll have to ask dr. oz about these. the uk tabloid, the sun, says she's snacking on oreos and pickles. combining ice cream and hot chili sauce. why would you do that? she also loves dipping bananas in ketchup. gives new meaning to her song, your love's got me a aing so crazy right now. i was pickles. up next, george, this one is for you. there is a new way to carry your
8:07 am
canine. it's the must-have accessory. for small dog owners. it's called the pup-oose. the $50 dog carrier lets the dog out of the bag, literally. they're no longer -- they allow you to have your hands free so you can exercise, shop. >> that's just wrong. >> they are for dogs weighing up to 22 pounds. which i believe. >> daisy's easy. daisy's ten. >> about $50, as i said. >> christmas is coming. and, up next, when stacy kiebler was on "dancing with the stars," bruno called her a weapon of mass seduction. it looks like he may be right. she may have aimed, fired, and taken down the ultimate target, george clooney. there were reports the two were hanging out in the summer. but they were never photographed together until last night. they went public at the toronto film festival.
8:08 am
it's big for the confirmed bachelor. we were thinking the former wwe star may want to use a couple of her signature moves, to remind him, if he hurts her, she can hurt him. i was going to suggest the spine buster, followed by the elevator drop. finally, they say music soothes the savage -- i had to look them up. i didn't know them. music soothes the savage beast. and the not so savage. we showed you over the summer, the whales liking the mariachi music, french cows like louis armstrong. this group were getting ready for a gig in the french alps when they were inspired to play, "when the saints go marching in." to an all-bovine audience. the band leader told us that sunshine and could yous are more well adjusted than cows, and open to appreciating the finest things in life like new orleans jazz. that is your pop news heat index. hopefully, i made you smile. i know i'm done complaining. >> starting the week off with a bang.
8:09 am
where is sam, outside? >> we're standing outside. good morning, everybody. we have a lot of weather to get to. let's jump to it. a live shot out of texas. wfaa knows everything about dallas that we need to know, and you need to know, too. but here's the deal. the heat kind of wants to stay over the next couple of dace. that's been a real issue there. let's get to the five-day plan. we'll show you what is going on. for the next two days. i think 100 degrees ties the record today. 103 could be a record tomorrow. if you're looking for rain, it will be happening thursday into friday is the first opportunity. one of these powerful cold fronts moving through the country. la nina. the pocket of colder than normal water that develops in the pacific and affects the weather pattern. here's the long-term forecast for the winter. if you were looking for things to get better in texas with heavy rains or a wet season, we don't see that happening. it looks like even the northern line of the country will have a harsher winter than normal. here's a look at your day today. the east coast, widely scattered
8:10 am
showers. but i have to tell you it's gorgeous in new york city right now. to the west west where the temperatures nice and comfortable along the shorelinea >> and we are live from our street level studios in times square. lara spencer, we can see all. we can see everything that goes on in there. >> hi, sam. happy monday morning to you. and to you all. and to all of you outside. here's what's ahead on the "gma morning menu."
8:11 am
this 3-year-old dolled up in a costume inspired by "pretty woman." has "toddlers & tiaras" gone too far? and dr. oz is here. live with -- i just said live. i mean live with what everyone needs to know about how the prevent a heart attack. plus, jennifer lopez surprises two of her biggest fa. giving the girls a stylish makeovererhey'll never forget. neither will you. stay with us. get. neither with will you. the pain was so frustrating. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and less pain means i can feel better and do more of what i love. [ female announcer ] lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions
8:12 am
or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior, or any swelling or affected breathing or skin, or changes in eyesight, including blurry vision, or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. i found answers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today.
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8:14 am
talk with your doctor about your medicines, including those for migraine, or if you have high fever, confusion and stiff muscles, to address a possible life-threatening condition. tell your doctor about alcohol use, liver disease, and before you reduce or stop taking cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. side effects include nausea, dry mouth, and constipation. is today your day? talk to o ur doctor... and go to for a free 30-capsule trial offer. depression hurts. cymbalta can help.
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[ male announcer ] each of these photos was taken by someone on the first morning of their retirement. it's the first of more than 6,000 sunrises the average retiree will see. ♪ as we're living longer than ever before, prudential's challenge is to help everyone have the retirement income they'll need to enjoy every one of their days. ♪ prudential. bring your challenges. of the new subway yogurt parfait. low fat and freshly prepared with a whole serving of fruit, it's parfait our way. and a delicious treat you can enjoy any time of day. subway. eat fresh. we have covered the controversies on tlc's "toddlers
8:16 am
& tiarastiaras" before. this one came to compete dressed as julia roberts from "pretty woman." >> the mom blogs and phone lines were lit up after the show aired. the mom received death threats. the hit show, "toddlers & tee area ras" is known for the over the top costumes and revealing baby-sized bikini is. no outfit has generated as much as this one. >> here comes pretty woman, paisley. >> reporter: 3-year-old paisley dickey dressed as a prostitute. >> i assume cash is acceptable. >> cash works for me, ah.
8:17 am
>> reporter: with her miniskirt, boots, and blonde wig, she doe her best strut across the stage. even some of the thick-skinned pageant moms took offense. >> it's outfits like that that get us a bad rap. >> reporter: her mom says it's supposed to be funny. >> people were supposed to see the comedy behind it. in kids movies, there's adult humor that t t parents get that the children don't get. that's what it was about. >> reporter: wendy designed the outfit herself. she's outraged people think she's sexualizing her young daughter. >> i think pedophiles are everywhere. when you go to the beach, you put swim suits on, bikinis. i think there are pedophiles at the beach, at the park,
8:18 am
anywhere. >> reporter: this came just after 4-year-old maddie dressed voluptuous star, dolly >> it's an added extra bonus. >> reporter: the reality show has been a lightning rod for criticism. many are starting to question whether it should stay on the air. a facebook page has been created called take toddlers & tiaras off the air. >> your job is to protect your child. if you think pededhiles are not watching this chshow, i have a bridge i want to sell you. >> the premise of is show is to sex up the little girls. you have them portraying aprost.
8:19 am
you're taking away their childhood. >> reporter: eden wood has been competing since before she could walk. her mow says the costumes get the attention. you think the show girl outfit is appropriate for a 4-year-old. >> she's covered everywhere. when i think of a show girl, i think of a beautiful glamorous woman. it's a gorgeous, glamorous costume. to me, it's old hollywood. ththglam hour. not -- sexualizing my child. >> reporter: some might say that's a dangerous game of dressup. >> is that is all we preach to her, all we did, yes, i agree 100%. that's not our life. >> reporter: wendy dickey says if she had it to do all over again, she would not pick this
8:20 am
outfit. >> the public doesn't know us. i'm shocked. i'm very shocked. i think it's been blown out of p proportion. would i do it again? of course, no. i think people have overacted in the wrong way. >> i love dressing up. >> reporter: we reached out to tlc. the network had no comment. wendy says paisley doesn't know who julia roberts is and has no idea what the outfit meant. >> we want to hear from you all. >> i can hear the voting now. we have a question about your health. have you brushed your teeth yet this morning? if you're not brushing and flossing the right way, you probably have gum disease. if you have gum disease, you're much more likely to get coronary our dear friend, mehmet oz, is .
8:21 am
here to tell us how to keep our mouth and everythinghealthy. thank you, dr. oz. first of all, wapt to talk about your program. you have this wonderful new health initiative you're about to launch. >> a big day for us. new season starts. we're taking over oprah's time slot in most of the country. i want you the look like $1 million and feel like $1 million. we're going to give away $1 million on the doctor oz show. >> what? you're giving away? how do you win? i don't know about this. >> we wanted to make it big. i'm going get on everyone's radar screen. in order to be healthy, there are seven basic steps. you have to do the things we know you want to do any way. losing weight to being more thoughtful about how the deal with stress and knowing your family history. we walk you through the key things. a big competition, all year
8:22 am
long. millions of people signed up last year for shaller things. you can follow it on the "good morning america" website. at the end of the year, a big vote for everybody. we'll give away the million dollars. if you don't win, you're healthier for trying. >> let's talk about getting people healthy here. >> this is a big issue. people don't connect their mouths to their hearts. more than half of the folks who are hearing me, can see my face, have gingivitis. let me show it to you. a quick animation. why is it so important to your heart and brain. you have bacteria. they're growing to build up plaque. they damage the gum line. as the gum gets inflamed and raw,w, a jailbreak happens. bacteria escape. they're shielded from the body. that's major vesz until your
8:23 am
brain, it's been subject to an attack. the factors are there closing off. that's what a stroke looks like. same thing happens in your heart an other major organs as well. for the first time, we know if you have gum disease, you have a much, much higher chance of having a heart attack or stroke. that's why it's on my radar screen. >> we know we should brush our teeth. we don't know the right way. >> flossing is a good example. it gets 40% more of your teeth. i have a quiz for you. >> do i win $1 million if i get everything right. >> first question. i have a couple for you. i hope you studied hard for this. you should brush you mouth before prek fast or after? everyone is up right now. what time do you brush your teeth. >> i don't know the right answer.
8:24 am
i brush my as soon as i get up at 3:45. that's one of the first things i do. >> the right time is as soon as you get up. a lot of people say, i'll wait until after breakfast. overnight, your mouth the building up with bacteria. after breakfast, you brush your teeth after a meal, you're hurting your feet. you want to separate the meal from the brushing by at least a half hour. first thing you get up, you'll have better breath for breakfast. your family will love you for it. >> i didn't know you should wait 30 minutes. so we can't brush our teeth or go swimming for 30 minis after eating. >> how long should you keep your toothbrush? >> i have -- a fewmonths. somewhere around there. >> i hope folks at home are as
8:25 am
bright as you are. three months is the longest you should keep them. most of the toothbrushes in america are worn out by then. a lot of them have e. coli on them. they have fecal material on them. you flush the toilet,on't close the lid, the e. coli hits the air. if your toothbrush looks like this, you're pushing too hard. you want it to look like this. when it does, buy a new woun. if you're sick, throw it away. don't keep reinfecting yourself. >> this is great information. do i get another one. >> what is the best beverage for your teeth? water, green tea, coffee.
8:26 am
>> i would say water. that's what i would think. >> before the show, i would have said water too. brand new study hot off the presses show that the phenols help your teeth. once a day, green your teeth out with the green tea. >> using tea instead of water to kind of, what does it do? >> it breaks down the plaque. a bonus question. what amount of toothpaste do you put on the brush. >> oh, gosh. what amount? i would say half an inch. >> pea-sized. and it's important. we get too much flouride from your toothpaste. do it in the morning when you wake up. if not, have green tea. you're good to go. >> dr. oz, ladies and gentlemen.
8:27 am
bringing it to us. >> you mentioned that contagion is the number one movie at the box office. we have the whole group on our show on friday. >> a brand new season. don't forget abobo us. the style makeover for two jennifer lopez fans. giselle esteban was arraigned last friday. she is charged with murdering michelle le. she disappeared last may while working at kaiser hospital in
8:28 am
hayward. the body has still not been found despite several searches. let's see how the monday morning commute is going. >> not really too well if you are traveling 880 southbound. an accident blocking lanes two and flee, very slow through hayward. 80 westbound slow prosecute hercules toward berkeley. earlier accident cleared but slow traffic in pockets. take a quick look at drive times not a bad drive 242, 580 out of the seven valley and 101 in marin slow and go. >> starting to see sunshine. we'll get the forecacacacacacaca
8:29 am
8:30 am
most of us in the low to mid-50s right now. upper 50s for oakland, napa and santa rosa. that is soon so change as the skies are opening. we'll are partly cloudy this afternoon with mid to upper 70s to the south bay and north bay. upper 50s around san francisco and oakland. it will be warmer times square this morning. see if you can find out why they're here? up in the studio, we have all the baby animals. a tiger. a lemur. josh can have fun with him in a
8:31 am
little bit. they're endangered. >> we're getting a new couch. >> we have come to that at this point. >> and i think, up above us, jennifer lopez towering over times square. she blew away two of her biggest fans. we'll show you what happened when she took them shopping for a whole new style. can you imagine? >> never mind any of us. take a look. look, look, look who it is. it's pierce brosnan. he's here. >> the thing about the stars. pierce, and -- they are as nice as they are attractive. pierce, thank you for being here. and thank you, jennifer lopez, for what you did. can you imagine being out
8:32 am
shopping with your idol? what could be better than that? getting styled by her. take a look. ♪ dance the night away live your life and say i'm on the floor ♪ >> reporter: she's hollywood's biggest triple threat. a megastar who got us all on the floor with the single that has been on the billboard charts for 28 week. it's the latest hithis her dominance of pop music. ♪ i'm still i'm still jenny from the block ♪ ♪ if you had my love ♪ waiting for tonight >> reporter: earlier this year, she took the staged a "american idol's" newest judge. she was voted the most beautiful person by "people" and jenny from the block gives back. surprising two of her fans with an exclusive look at her fall collection. >> hello.
8:33 am
>> reporter: for these two fans. the surprise of a lifetime. >> row are you? ? hi. oh, no, don't cry. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> don't cry. >> this is crazy. oh, my god. >> reporter: request jennifer by their sides, 18-year-old zenia and 19-year-old emily were given style advice. >> show me what you like? maybe i can help style you a little bit. >> oh, my god, this dress. i'm obsessed. >> you could dress it up an wear it for nighttime. or with a pair of flip-flops and a sweater. >> or a hat. >> this is your favorite? i wear this with a pair of high boots. a supershort dress. if you're confident enough. you are. i can tell.
8:34 am
>> reporter: they had opinions on how to wear eachpiece. >> love it, gorgeous. simple, black goes with everything. >> i will probably feel like her if i put this on. i think everybody needs a furry guest this their closet. >> reporter: they know her pretty well. >> everybody needs a furry shrug in their life. they're going to get you dressed up op i'm going to come and check on you in a few minutes. have fun. >> reporter: when they returned all put togetherer, they were c walk ready. >> were you doing runway? what are you doing? were they cat-walking in here. let me see. oh, my god, you look gorgeous. do you -- look at them. do you feel gorgeous? >> we do. >> we love this. >> reporter: but jennifer had one more look for them to try.
8:35 am
finally, dressed to the nines, they were full of confidence and v savvy. >> how does it feel? you look great. >> the light tones, the sparkle, the faux fur. the boots. t the tons of jewelry. >> the more the better. >> yes. >> reporter: it was time for the girls to work the runway. >> work, work, work, work, get it, get it. >> reporter: an afternoon playing dressup with their style icon by their side. learning the tricks of glamour from one of the best in the business. >> thank you so much agagn. it is so great to see it on you. >> such a great girlfriend. they got her style and a little bit of her attitude. by the t te it ended, get it, get it. >> whose card did i had go on?
8:36 am
>> you know j. lo did. >> thank you. we're going to start with your twitter pictures outside. lake anna. we love josh and george, too, just to catch them on the air ii a little moment. there's our twitter pictures. let's get to the boards. we start with a lot of your tweets this morning are asking about maria and the possible paths. this one looks like it will steer away from the eastern seaboard. that's good news. all the spaghetti plots have it moving away. it will chop up the water on the eastern seaboard. once you get into the mountains and deserts, an area of low pressure that will fire up scattered thunderstorms and thunder showers.
8:37 am
some will be dry lightning that will spark up more >> that weather was brought to you by prudential. i just thought i would hangg ou in the planter. coming up next, the one and only dreamy pierce brosnan. >> how are you? good morning to you. >> good morning. >> start the morning here. cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
i'm sorry. i should vice president told you all that about my children. not professional. from now on, don't think of me as kate the working mom. think of me as bill.
8:41 am
your trusted financial analyst. >> studies show women make better investors. if you want, i'll forget you're a woman. >> thanks. i mean, not thanks. well. good night, jack. >> good night, bill. >> whoa. pierce brosnan leans in for a kiss. he's in the new voouf i have with sarah jessica parker. "i don't know how she does it." you're a dream boss up until that kiss. >> i play jack abelhammer. he doesn't have love in his life. then comes the lovely sarah
8:42 am
jessica parker. >> you have worked with her before. >> we ended up being taken away by the ail glens "mars attacks." >> this is a bit of a departure. we asked viewers if they had questions. they poured in. we had 100 in less than a minute. the first one came in from donna mcdonald. she wanted to know what role ve you played that feels most similar to your true personality? >> i think the one is a film that was called evelyn. it was with julianna margulies. it's's true story based on an irishman who fought for his children. there's a bit of myself in everything. >> once you called yourself an old peasant.
8:43 am
>> and getting older. a mature peasant. i don't know where it came from. being irish, growing up in the country side. i love the land. >> and i guess you didn't do a lot of bowling. back in ireland. you had to do it for this film. everybody said that was a moment of high anxiety for you. let's look at the clip. >> it's simple. you balance and then you aim right down the center. >> i'm going to throw it and hope for the best, okay. okay, i got it, i got it. >> they get a little slippery. >> nice shirt. yeah! they're going down!
8:44 am
i see what you mean. i do my own bowling. i do. i do. yeah. i have to keep the shoes. >> well, doug mcgrath said you were the fred astaire of bowling after that. >> that's high praise. it was just sarah and myself. i didn't get to work with anybody else. >> not a bad gig. >> i think every woman will identify with this film. >> no question about it. my wife, every scene, she's going, yes, that is what it's like. >> my wife, the lists. keely, the lists. >> one of my kids favorite movies is "mama mia." you're in town to sing live? >> live, now?
8:45 am
i'm here to talk to you, george. i'm up in halifax shooting a minisoar ris called "bag of bones." it's from a steven king book. i just flew in to talk to you, celebrate this movie, tonight. >> it's a terrific movie. "i don't know how she does it." it opens nationwide this weekend.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
you remember the world's cutest dog, boo, here friday. or third cutest because he's got nothing on max and sadie. we have more for you this morning. we want you the take a sneak peek of nat geo's animal babies. we're looking at the caring people trying to save them all. meet uwan uwan and her baby. jenna and rocky. this is big mama. their every coo, gurgle and unt are precious successes for the dedicated teams around the globe trying to keep rare and
8:49 am
endangereded species alive. these are the miracle babies. animals on the edge of extinction. they're the subjects of a new soarries on nat dprks eo wild. >> in australia, human encroachment has destroyed most of the habitat. >> we're talking five to ten years before they're gone. >> reporter: these were found by the side of the road when their mother was killed bay car. trainers were able to keep them alive. after a 16-month pregnancy and 50 hours of labor. this mamarhino had this little guy. >> yeah, she did it. >> reporter: and at the atlanta zoo, one trainer is pressured to find the exact moment of when
8:50 am
this panda will conceive. she's been living next door to a fellow. >> yang yang knows something is up. she can smell that lun lun is ready to conceive. >> reporter: will it be a love match? lun lun might pass on this. >> she waited until he was good and ready. on november 3rd, finally gavav birth to a son. >> reporter: another true miracle. and another step closer to keeping an entire cease sis alive. that's great stuff. we have the animal expert from nat geo wild, casey anderson, with us. i should address the couch. sam was joking earlier. we had these in here to get a new couch. the lemur took care of that on
8:51 am
the commercial. what can you tell us about that tiger? >> it's a 4-month-old bengal tiger. >> looim looking at the bite martian on your arm. >> it's part of the game. it's not that bad. they're an endangers animal. miracle babies is covering the people trying to save the animals. they're close to extinction. >> he seems comfortable. how long can you keep him domesticated? >> a well-trained cat could be with a person for his entire life. >> next up, a wallaby. a cousin of the kangaroo. >> this is a venice. the largest. they're literally born the side of your thumb. and they stay in the mother's
8:52 am
pouch until they're a year old. >> i think i found the sweet spot here. >> they can move around, the big long tail helps them balance. >> what happens if we let him roam? >> i think he would wreak havoc on the set. >> he or she is how old? >> four months old. they stay in the pouch for a year. this is where they develop. >> how big will they get. about th >> about this big. >> i know we have a lemur. behave yourself. >> this is a ring-tail lemur. >> can i hold this one? >> sure. >> do you not want to be held. >> they are threatened due to habitat loss.
8:53 am
>> look out for the suit, josh. >> oh, that's really good job. the dry-cleaning bill will be abc's. can we get the kestril? very quickly. we gotta go. it's nat geo wild's miracle babies. this is casey anderson. this is a magnificent bird. and, of course, there's a tiger. >> we have the whole zoo here. >> going after lara. >> the whole couch thing, we're in good shape. >> it's a wonderful show doing wonderful things. we'll be right back.memememememe
8:54 am
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8:56 am
thanks for joining us. be sure to follow up online. and watch diane tonight on "world news." >> boy, no monday blues in this crowd. have a great day.
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8:59 am
at bart protest is planned in san francisco today by the group anonymous. they are expected to be powell street and civic center stations and promised to protest every monday since bart shut down cellphone last month in a demonstration over the killing of can charls hill back in july. >> l


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