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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  September 13, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> reporter: and some worry watson could end up being like hal in "2001." >> i'm sorry, dave. i'm afrara i can't do that. well point insists that won't happen, when the computer clocks in next year. >> dr. watson will serve as consultant to physicians. not replacing physicians. >> reporter: he may be the smartest doctor in the but compassio but compassion and bedside manner may be a struggle, even far "jeopardy!" champion. david wright, abc news, los angeles. and that is what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning amerer in the news this tuesday morning, iran's president tells an american tv network that two u.c. berkeley graduates will be freed in a couple of days. >> california senator feinstein says her campaign are among
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those that may be wiped out by a democratic campaign treasurer arrested on federal fraud charges. >> good morning. sun koms coming up at 6:50. partly cloudy skies, numbers in the 50s and 60s this morning. sue hall live at the traffic center. live shot of the golden gate bridge. fog free and rest of your tuesday commute. >> 4:30 starting out on great note. i'm chris. >> i'm eric thomas. >> there is light at the end of tunnel for two u.c. berkeley graduates that have been imprisoned in iran for two years. they made a surprise announcement. nick smith mass more. >> reporter: good news, iranian indeed. they told an american news outlet that the two americans have been given eight year prison sentences for spying will be released on two days on
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humanitarian grounds. iranian lawyer representing the americans said the bail amount of $500,000 had been set and after payment they will be released. they insist they were hiking in northern iraq they inadvertently strayed over the border. two men were with a third american, sarah shourd she was released in september of last year. the trial for the two americans took place behind closed doors and no evidence against them has been made public. under iranian law it can carry the death penalty. they are awaiting statements from the families. following developing news in the eastern contra costa county, residents in discovery bay are being told to stay inside their homes with the doors and windows locked until at least 5:00 this
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morning. sheriff's deputies search for four juvenile test cape ees, four people escaped from the boy's ranch and one is considered dangerous. they say he weighs 300 pounds and is considered mentally challenged and anyone with information about the boys' whereabouts is urged to call the sheriff's office. >> senator feinstein says the campaign may have been wiped out by a democratic campaign treasurer who faces fraud charges. she says the woman from burbank managed the finances of her election campaigns. durkee is accused of taking thousands of dollars of the campaigns of several elected officials in southern california. feinstein's reelection campaign had about $5 million in the bank as of june 30th. they are still looking into how much was missing. she was arrested earlier this month and released on bail last
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friday. >> san jose city council takes up the issue of medical marijuana when it meets today. they will pick up where they left off in april. they will consider how many pot collecting i haves there should be in the city and where they should be located. last april they proposed to allow ten collectives, officials say no more than two collectives should be located in each of the ten districts and the marijuana should be grown locally. >> a group of anti-bart protestors will continue to march in stations in downtown san francisco every monday until bart disbands the police force and makes policy changes. >> a smaller group of about two dozen protestors marched yesterday between the civic center and powell street bart stations during last night's commute. it was the fifth straight week of protests. police made no arrests and no service was disrupted. they are protesting the position
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to discan you please tell cellphone service last august after a fatal shooting by bart police officers. >> they have not made a firm statement. they are working on their policy. in my opinion. >> policy could have been hammered out by now. >> so far the cost is $300,000 and that doesn't include last thursday's protest. >> they didn't disrupt service but they did slow down traffic on market street and marched on city hall where police blocked the entrance. >> lawyers for injured fan bryan stow says his medical care is expected to cost more than $50 million. he is suing the los angeles dodgers and team owner for failing to provide adequate security the night he was beaten into a coma. he suffered a serious brain injury in the march 31 attack. two men have pleaded not guilty in the case. he is hospitalized at san francisco general where his family says he is responding to simple commands now. doctors say it's unclear how
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long his recovery will take. violent crime has been can you tell in vallejo even though they cut deeply in into emergency services. the police chief is expected tonight to examine show the crime figures. they have seen the lowest crime rates in more than 15 years. city leaders are crediting the hard work of police officers. they maintain an overall response time at about 90,000 9/11 calls each year and they are targeting prostitutes and johns and drug dealers. >> ray lahood and the head of the tsa is expected to tour the new control tower today. this are urging extending funding by friday's deadline. the partial shut down agency in
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july stopped $130 million of construction projects. they included the control tower affecting 60 construction workers. temporary funding runs out on friday at midnight. >> there has been a string of lightning caused fires in central fire. the fires forced the mandatory evacuations of several hundred homes and the closure of one school district yesterday. planes dropped fire retardant to slow the flames. no homes have been damaged or destroyed so far. the fires have burned a total of 95 square miles. crews doubled the containment up to 60% and another fire was 87% contained. >> let's hope the lightning is over and done with. >> good morning. we do have some lightning down to the south of us around san diego and santa barbara but back home, the fog, marine layer is compressed.
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we're talking about fair skies, partly cloudy conditions, 58 in redwood city. it's 60 in concord as well as hayward. 61 in san jose. so the clouds hanging along the coast this morning. they may make a little bit across the bay but quickly we will turn sunny in this afternoon and temperatures will be fairly similar to yesterday and tomorrow will be fairly similar, as well. it's by the end of the week we will be much cooler weather pattern. so this storm system here still providing the showers and thunderstorms and employed a bit of a muggy feel to the area yesterday. as it heads out later today most of the clouds in the south, we'll are left and fog right at the coast. i don't think we'll clear today. 67 in san francisco, 77 in fremont and we're talking about steady throughout the next couple of days and cooler into the early part of the weekend. good morning, lisa.
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we've got a couple early morning accidents we're going to tell you about. right by sfo southbound 101 before millbrae avenue an accident blocking the two right lanes. road sensors are not picking up much slowing but the accident is out in lanes and emergency crews are headed toward the scene. to the east bay, eastbound 24 at pleasant hill road, an earlier accident that has been cleared to the shoulder. the toll plaza, very light, just a couple headlights going through your screen. >> our time is approaching 4:39. >> a berkeley man goes for a swim in the bay. what happened next is almost a scene out of jaws. a close encounter. and motherhood may be the ticket to freedom author thousands of women locked up in state prison.3q it's something new from air wick to brighten your home. something with 100% fragrance oil. and two scent levels to choose from. the new flip and fresh from air wick a lasting fresh fragrance that
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you have hard water stains and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. you need lime-a-way. it's 4 times more effective at removing limescale than the leading bathroom cleaner. lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. for lime, calcium and rust... lime-a-way is a must. good morning, it's a tuesday 4:41, live picture of the bay and the bay bridge.
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we're looking west. a few cloud out there but not much to speak of so we don't expect any major sfo delays but near sfo on 101 is where the traffic problem is at the moment. sue hall is keeping an eye on that. california moms serving time in prison for non-serious crimes may soon be released under a new plan to help overcrowding. it could start as early next week. female prisoners will be eligible to serve the rest of their sentences at home. they would wear ankle bracelets and report to parole officers. nearly 4,000 could be released. they must have less than two years left on their sentences to qualify. california's is under federal court order to reduce the prison population by roughly 46,000 enemies. >> a swimmer from berkeley is recovering from a serious leg bite after he was attacked in
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san francisco by by a harbor seal. alan wang has the unusual story. >> a sea lion or a small shark. >> but when he came face to face with it. john richmond says it was clearly a harbor seal during an open water swim in san francisco bay. >> i had my hands on it and punched it. it was kind of melee. then it took off. >> reporter: but not before biting this gaping wound before his left ankle. he punched four holes in his upper leg. >> it was really clamped on at that point. i was wondering, i was thinking about briefly whether it was going to try take me under. richmond says is he was actually received to know it was a harbor sea lion.
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>> they are huge. they are like 400 pounds, they look like bears. >> i would be very surprised if a harbor seal went after somebody. >> ken corn has been an open water at the boating club since 1980. he works the marine mammal center and they say harbor seals are gentle and curious. >> it happens every few years somebody does get bit. >> they hope it doesn't harass the 700 swimmers that will be competing in the alcatraz invitational. alan wang, "abc 7 news". >> explosions rocked the center of the capital of afghanistan and we'll tell you more. >> a one time symbol of america's power at sea wants a new berth in the bay area. san francisco's booming skyline is becoming a high-rise hazard for birds.
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it's the new flip and fresh from air wick. the lasting fresh fragrance that brightens your world with a flip. something in the air wick. good tuesday morning, showers and thunderstorms from san diego and santa barbara this morning but across the lower 48, quiet conditions. cold front moving through the great lakes today ushering the chilly air mass of the season. much of the nation is cooling down. if you need to check on your weather delays, if you are flying or other information, check out our website. it tells you all. that is at thank you very much. the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack today on the u.s. embassy and nato headquarters in
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afghanistan. gunmen and suicide bombers stormed a office building near the embassy compound and rained machine-gun fire from the roof. nato has turned over security to afghan police in the area. pentagon is planning to cut assistance in half over the next three years. white house says the current $13 billion a year is unsustainable and officials want that number cut to $6 billion by 2014. planners say that would result in a no frills security force that would be good enough to fight the taliban insurgency. >> republicans who want to be the next president, they had a tea party debate in tampa, florida. rick perry took the brunt of the attack. the texas governor came under fire for previous statements he made on social security and the vaccine for middle school girls.
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scott goldberg has more. >> former massachusetts governor mitt romney! >> almost like prize fighters entering the ring, 8 republicans took the stage in front of a thousand tea party supporters and the candidate took the most punches, rick perry. >> the term ponzi scheme is what scared seniors. i think social security is an essential program. >> people did it in the private sector it would be called criminal. that is in your book. >> the main opponent the former massachusetts governor that suggested the texas governor doesn't deserve credit for creating jobs. >> you got stopped in poker. >> perry also took a hit from iowa straw poll winner on michele bachmann, requiring young girls to get a vaccination against cervical cancer. >> to have innocent little
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12-year-old girls be forced to have an injection through an executive order is just flat out wrong. >> former utah governor jon huntsman tried to get in the game and jabbed mom any. >> but the reference to the song all apologize didn't hit it smart. >> there are many more rounds to come. next debate is nine days away and there are five more debates scheduled before the end of the year. foundation from texas is awarding a $100,000 matching grant to the u.s.s. hornet museum to help the aircraft carrier possibly move to san francisco. it's docked at the old alameda air naval station. it later served as a recovery ship for apollo 11 and 12 space missions. officials admit it will be
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difficult to find a pier large enough to house. it's about 900 foot long vessel. >> san francisco is pushing an idea some are calling birdbrained. it's a measure to require developers to build bird friendly structures. they say birds are dying every year because they can't see those glass panes. it would require the bottom 60 feet of any building to have design elements that prevent or minimize bird collisions. one city official the plan is absurd and he has never seen a casualty. >> you would think it was a serious problem, would you see a few them on the ground once in a while. >> the federal building has screens to cover the glass facade. other solutions could be panes or netting. the exploratorium has made last minute changes to protect birds.
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time to ache a look at the weather forecast. looking pretty good. not much in the way of fog. that is not it's going change in next couple of days. enjoy it but we are looking at fog hanging along the shoreline and marine layer is compressed. we will look for it to move a little bit over into the bay this morning and then quickly retreat. not a whole lot of change for the next couple of days. as we get closer to the weekend unfortunately if you like it warm you have to wait a little bit before our next weather system pushes through saturday. 56 in oakland. it's 60 in hayward. good morning, mountain view, 59. temperatures in and around the bay, about a degree or two cooler so not much change. we are looking at the coastal clouds hanging right here this morning but they are going to make a push across the bay in
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the next couple of hours. then retreating quickly back to provide sunshine and cooler pattern is on tap for later in the week. early at about 7:00, 8:00, i think we're going to get a finger of fog that moves on over into hayward and fremont and perhaps right throughout the north bay. by the afternoon, this quickly pulls back, some of it having to do with our low pressure moving out, as well. it will continue to disrupt the marine layer around the bay. to the south of us, they have had pretty good showers and thunderstorms. as it heads on out, we are looking at our next system on cue to the north and west that will provide the cooler air. back home, showers and storms, possible northern, southern sierra. 80 in yosemite and back home, 80 in campbell. sunny skies in sunnyvale, 70 there. machine low park mid-80s. san francisco will see partly
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sunny conditions throughout the afternoon but a lot of fog lingering here from richmond district, 67 is the high in the north bay. 81 in petaluma. a very comfortable afternoon as you head further north. near east bay, few upper 60s in berkeley but mid-70s for hayward today and union city. you may see the low clouds early this morning and then by the afternoon, mid-80s. 85 in pleasanton and down by the monterey bay, fog sits for much of morning. 70 in salinas. not much in the way of change in the next couple of days but friday and saturday, we're talking much cooler weather highs in the 70s had warmer days into next week. good morning. we've got a live shot of the san mateo bridge. taillights are headed in the westbound direction. no problems, no delays. i thought we would do a bridge scan. golden gate, no fog, smooth ride. they are reconfiguring your
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lanes. northbound road work on the golden gate bridge, that should be picked up momentarily. bay bridge toll plaza, very light, no problems. metering lights are off and earlier accident by sfo has been cleared. so that is good news. is the latest, to get the latest including drive times click on bay area traffic. california fish and game commission will consider emergency action this week to possibly close the abalone fishery along the northern california coastguard. it's response concern about the number of dead red abalones. it begin august 27 as a result of red tide or lack of oxygen. they will decide whether they will close abalone season on all or part of the sonoma coast. >> people in berkeley, emeryville and oakland may smell natural gas today as pg&e crews
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vent gas for ongoing pipeline tests. affected residents will be notified by phone today that depending on the wind direction they could smell the gas. once the gas is safely released the pipeline gets filled with water and pressurized to check for leaks or cracks. state regulations ordered the test tinge after last september's massive pipeline explosion in san bruno. >> mount diablo school board could kurn a high school into a charter school. it could mean a longer school year and possibly school uniforms but the immediate reason is to ease the financial burden on the cash strapped district. charter schools answer to the state. 80% of clayton's temperatures have approved the change. they may vote to release the high school in order to have more money for the other schools. >> 50 jobs will open up in solano county. they are ready to open a new
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assembly plant by the end of the year. >> it's so consistent with california's environmental ethics and more consistent with bay area environmental ethics. the sedan travels 150 miles on a charge. it will cost about $35,000 after state and federal credits. it's set for delivery in california by the end of the year. >> 4:56. >> freedom may be neither for two graduates detained in iran. the very latest on behind the scenes maneuvering for the release of both of them. four teenagers have escaped from a juvenile detention center and one is considered dangerous. i'm amy hollyfield. i'll have a full report coming up. >> and another protest against bart but the protestors' anger with bart losing steam?
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