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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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republicans smell a rat and they say it begin in solyndra. investigation into the half billion loan guarantee. top company executives are saying they won't testify. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in
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san jose where police are still documenting evidence they have taken out of one home. they've been here for about 16 hours and they even can't believe what they found. good morning. weather-wise, check out the low clouds, can't see the top of the bay bridge, that means cooler weather is on the way for your forecast. we'll talk about how it's going hang around. i'm sue hall in the traffic center. speaking of low clouds, live shot of the golden gate bridge, very thick fog as you come out of the waldo tunnel and even in the tunnel. good morning. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> we're following a new development in the case of two u.c. berkeley graduates jailed in iran on spy charges. they say no decision has been made about releasing them. the statement is potential embarrassment for iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad.
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yesterday he said that they could be freed in a few days. a lawyer representing the americans said he was told the bail would be set half a million each. iran's courts is controlled by the ruling at clerics who have been add odds with mahmoud ahmadinejad. the two americans were detained after hiking near the border. >> san jose police of investigating how a man acquired a cache of explosives that forced the evacuation of an entire block for most of the day before officers set them off in dramatic fashion. amy hollyfield is live japantown hiabd. >> they say it takes a lot of time document evidence and they found a lot of it inside the house. one officer said he never have seen so much ammunition and they also found guns and explosives.
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>> that is the sound residents heard several times yesterday. they detonated the explosives they found inside the home near japantown. it dug a hole in the front yard and that is when they blew up the explosives. that is for safety sake. police also found more than 40 guns inside, some of them were loaded. they found all of this in the home of a felon. he is not allowed to have guns much less explosives. neighbors were not surprised because he had bragged about it before. >> i heard shots last night but it was in the middle of the night. >> had you ever seen any firearms? >> definitely. >> what did you see? >> a poise it will in his waist and he was waving it around. >> they arrested 63-year-old man. they made several charges
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against him including suspect him making criminal threats, possession of firearms and possession of explosives. they did have to evacuate a section of this street yesterday just in case while they were dealing with all these explosives. that was at noon yesterday when they first arrived here. the police tell me that even right now at 5:00. they still they may have a couple hours to go here at the scene. live in san jose, amy hollyfield "abc 7 news." san leandro police are investigating two separated arson attempts at nearby homes. a resident called police saying that someone threw a gasoline filled bottle through their window yesterday morning. it happened in the block of west myrtle court. hours later they found another bomb and had been tossed through the front window. >> novato police are trying to
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determine how a teenage boy ended up with a rocket grenade launch they are his suv. they found the weapon in the back seat after stopping the 15-year-old for a loud music violation. they blocked off part of novato boulevard and evacuated nearby businesses. they called in the bomb squad to determine if the weapon was loaded. it turned out not to be but the launcher was in working condition. the boy's brother a happens to be in the military. solyndra takes center stage on capitol hill today. congress will hold hearings on the half billion dollar loan the company got from the obama administration shortly before it collapsed. terry mcsweeney is live in the newsroom with more. the people who were in charge when solyndra went under will not be in washington for the house hearing. they say they need more time to prepare but there is speculation when they do show up to testify they will take the fifth and
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refuse to talk. today's hearing we know they won't be there. conservative critics say this proves president obama's original stimulus plan and the administration support for clean technology are failed policies. e-mails obtained by abc news show that white house budget officials had concerns from the beginning and some financial analysts say the business plan never did make any sense. >> they were selling at about $3 but when you looked at the numbers it just didn't work. >> that was from the get-go? >> from the get-go, from the first time i saw it. >> reporter: f.b.i. agents and other investigators raided the solyndra plant last week but they wouldn't say exactly what they were after. one of principal investors was a major obama fund-raiser and he visited the white house at least four times before solyndra secured the loan. republicans and democrats are
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especially upset at the same time brian harrison was saying revenues would wo would double. >> this happening overnight mount diablo school board voted along to go with parents to turn clayton valley high school to turn it into a charter school but they have to meet major conditions first. clayton valley high students, teachers and parents packed a meeting last night. they want the school to be converted into a charter school because of a declining state of the district. it has already eliminated funding for all sports, laid off hundreds of teachers and staff and increased class sizes. as a charter school, clayton valley high would receive more state funding. >> we have lost a lot of good citizens because they don't want to live in clayton valley school district. >> they say the petitions don't address things like remedial education and those were special
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needs or english learner students. they would have to come up with a plan for that. in marin county, prosecutors say no charges will be filed against a novato woman whose husband's body was found buried in the backyard. they say there is insufficient evidence. an autopsy of 74-year-old dale smith's body did not find evidence of violent injury. the body was so decomposed the coroner could not find a cause of death. he was reported missing by a neighbor and body was discovered in february. >> richmond city council has voted to wait until december whether to cancel the contract with the city's sewage plant operator. they report last night residents urged the city council to cancel the contract with the company. they are tired of smelling foul odors and having health issues
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that are being caused by the richmond treatment plant. >> and they are reporting a scam. they send unsolicited e-mails that offer to sell or ship pets from foreign countries to american pet lovers. after signing up they get an e-mail from the pet care or pet department saying the pet is dealing detained at airport until the new owner pays vaccinations but the pet never existed. airport officials say they don't have a pet care or debt p etd department so it should alert you. if you receive such contracts, call your local police. >> don't be scammed. >> this morning, flights at sfo it's possible look at the clouds. >> low ceiling says the trouble. >> they let us know in the next 40 minutes if they are going to have flight arrival delays. here is a look what is going on. one weathermaker brought the
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warm weather here but wet weather down south is moving away and turning our attention up to the north and west and a cold front is moving it's a way towards us. fall flavor to the to the forecast. here we are looking at fog around santa rosa and temperature in the mid to upper 50s in the north bay and throughout the toi bayshore. mountain view southward. antioch, fairfield in the low to mid 50s. by the afternoon hours, temperatures running well below average from upper 50s at the coast, mid to upper 50s in have san francisco, richmond, san mateo, rest of the bayshore into the south bay, low to mid-70s. mid to upper 70s in the north bay and then the east bay valleys, low to mid 80s. low to mid-80s gilroy and hollister. as you get clear closer to the monterey bay, upper 50s. monterey cloudy and 62. here is a look at accu-weather seven-day forecast. during the coolest day on friday temperatures will drop 2-6
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degrees compared to today. then we warm significantly early next week with some 90s possible inland by tuesday. pretty nice commute. live look at southbound 680 through walnut creek as you head towards the 24 junction. traffic is flowing well. you see a little bit of bunching this is san rafael, southbound, bunch past the civic center and drive toward central san rafael. drive times now, this is walnut creek, i'm sorry. a little bunching as you head 24 southbound 680. drive times as you are headed around. 580 out of central valley, not a bad ride toward the dublin interchange and 92 in the peninsula looking 35-minute drive for you. thank you very much. it's 5:11. >> five bay area rivers and
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creek have a new distinction. why an environmental group is calling them trashy. >> and what needs to be done to some beaches to protect it. >> plus, you know the faces, familiar ones, mr. potato head in the toy hall of fame. >> and fashion frenzy, a targeted. designer bargain that crashed the company's website. ñ!tttt
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> good morning, topping america's money, warfare. airlines are full and your flight is cancelled it will be hard to get another one and you better book for the holidays. >> today walmart launches a campaign that will help women. l it will spend more on foreign businesses run by women and the skills for women here and overseas. >> and forbes magazine says tyler perry is the highest paid man. thanks to his acting but writing and producing and directing. he made more money in a year, $130 million than steven spielberg. >> they are out with the list of the hot spots in the bay area. save the bay, guadalupe river in
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san jose littered with garbage from homeless encampments. one in san carlos and damon solution slough and baxter creek in richmond. they are urging people to reduce trash and turn up for the coastal cleanup day. >> a new study shows that rising sea levels could have an effect on the coastal infrastructure, homes and businesses. researchers say if something isn't done it could cause hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. two winters ago, 40 feet of bluff disappeared during a storm. a sea rise will take the southern end of the beach by the end of 2100. >> the northern part of ocean beach will have fewer impacts but southern parts, we're talking about erosion going back to the great highway so there is no great highway. >> there is master plan in the works to address increasing
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erosion at ocean beach. possible solutions include moving infrastructure called managed retreat. building a seawall. >> apple's giant pile of money continues to grow. analysts are suggesting that the company will be sitting on nearly $100 billion in cash by the end of the year. it was already at $76 billion at the end of june. more cash than the federal government had. >> newly released documents google screened motorola mobility by $3 billion. they offered $30 a share for the company. it raised it's offer by 33% to seal the deal. it underscores how much the deal means to google and quest for motorola's quest portfolio. >> some of the kids toys pay go to iconic status. they will be selected new toys,
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among the 12 finalists. rubik's cube. and star war action figures, and twisters and simon and hot wheels. rounding out the list. radio controlled cars and dollhouse dolls and pogo stick. >> and they are trying to get their hands on remarkable offer. too many people got on the site. high end italian designer made a low cost designs for target. it includes $30 for dresses and it's only available for october 22 and hence the mad dash. >> shame on you. can you believe it.
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>> you are going on today. >> absolutely. >> sweaters. we're needing that, first taste of fall. >> people get to wear something different. >>. [ laughter ] >> 5:18 this morning, a lot of clouds around the bay, especially around the bayshore line and out to the coast. they are going to move into our valleys over the next couple of hours so watch out. that is the sign that changes, they are coming and cooler weather. let's talk about the temperatures. we're still holding on to 50s around fairfield, antioch, livermore, mountain view and los gatos. fog, visibility is still above a mile in santa rosa. everybody else, in the mid to upper 50s. same thing around monterey bay and thicker clouds in your neighborhood. first highlight, cooler breeze today and the more clouds it brings. it also drops our temperatures this afternoon. mostly cloudy and patchy drizzle and warmer afternoon,000 weekend
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and in to next week. for today, compared to average, two in livermore, san jose, 6 degrees. san francisco, 8. redwood city, 9 degrees. here is a look at the cloud cover. notice through 9:00, it oozes into the valleys and then slowly retreat out of the valleys and hang around the better part of the bay through noon and then by 1:00, 2:00 it's back to the coast where it's going hang and still have clouds shooting through the golden gate and heading over to parts of the east bay, oakland, berkeley and up towards maybe richmond. 50s at the coast. 60s, 70s and 80s in the rest of our neighborhoods. south bay, low to mid-80s in most neighborhoods. could hit upper 70s los gatos and saratoga. considerably cooler on the peninsula. mid to upper 50s around san
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mateo. low 70 es as you look toward the redwood city and menlo park area. upper 50s along the coast today with mid-50s around downtown south san francisco and sausalito. mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys. mid to upper 80s around cloverdale and clearlake. 64 at richmond, 67 in san leandro. heading to the east bay valleys, low to mid-80s in your neighborhood. clouds will be stubborn around the monterey bay in the 50s. both teams are playing day games. 62 warming up to 66 at coliseum. it will be followed 12:45 first pitch, 60 up to 63 degrees at at&t park. >> temperatures will drop about 2-4 degrees tomorrow and again friday. friday is the coolest day in the forecast. you can see the slow warming trend over the weekend with the warmest weather and most
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sunshine early next week. >> so far so good. wednesday morning commute. we take a look at mass transit times, everybody is on schedule. check in with bart. no delays there, train out of stockton everything is on time. let's take a look at some of the popular commute drive times, 80 westbound from carquinez to the maze, under 20 minutes. 101 on the peninsula heading up to san francisco, less than 20 minutes and drive from 24 towards the caldecott tunnel, less than 10 minutes. let's take a live shot at 24, few headlights headed westbound towards the caldecott through orinda. is the website and find all the current drive times and any other accidents or sfauls stalls, click on bay area traffic. they say music cool for the soul but help protect one of your vital senses.
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>> a drug used to treat diabetes may treat a devastating disease. >> laugh at pain. a chuckle with friends may do a lot more than just chase the blues away. if you've got pain?
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you need the patch. (announcer) icy hot patches. targeted no-mess relief. icy to dull pain. hot to relax it away. pain's no match for the icy hot patch.
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good morning, a promising new study in the fight against alzheimer's disease. a study in the journal of archives of neurology shows that it could help patients with dementia. insulin found positive effects on mental functioning. this was a small study but a lot
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more study to determine the optimal dose should be. >> there is evidence that musical instrument can help your hearing strong. lifelong musicians and people who have never played an instrument. hearing of a 70-year-old musician is as good or that of a 50-year-old non-musician. they think playing an instrument may mitigate age-related changes in the brain and in hearing. objection forward university researchers says laughter can make us more than happy. a good belly laugh makes those good endorphines that help with pain. laughter is 30 times more likely to happen if are with other people. laughing with others can increase a person's pain threshold by 10%. >> that was one of my best jokes. did you hear the laughter? for one 10th of a second.
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>> new cause for concern, what iran's ruling clerics are saying to offer bail to two u.c. graduates still in prison in iran. >> san jose police spent nearly 17 hours at one crime scene and even they were surprised by what they found. i'm amy hollyfield and i'll show you a little bit of what they discovered up next. >> a routine traffic stop leads to a neighborhood evacuation. the dangerous military device that a north bay teen had stashed in the back seat of his suv. >> let's check out temperatures. you think fall is coming? fargo and minneapolis, mid to upper 50s. seattle and great falls and chicago, st. louis in the 60s. everybody else summer like in the 80s and 90s. good news if you are traveling all of the major airports running on time. any time you do travel, flight tracker is at the bottom of the tracker is at the bottom of the page at
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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in san jose where the sounds of going. that was going off in the front yard. but what was found inside a home. >> also a pot set back in the hopes of releasing two u.c. berkeley graduates jailed in iran. they haven't decided to accept bail for the two. >> and in just an hour, congress opens a hearing on the obama administration half billion dollar loan to solyndra. >> weather-wise, we have clouds this morning and the winds are going to bring a touch of fall into your forecast. i'll tell you if it will last through the weekend. pretty light morning compute so far. sue hall in the traffic center.
5:31 am
we've got a live shot at bay bridge toll plaza. it is moving well. we've got details in a few minutes. good morning. 5:30 a.m. on this wednesday. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> topping the news, things that go boom in the night. people are unsettled after the bomb squad a cache of explosives found in one home. amy you have the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: one of the officers said he has never seen this much ammunition. he has been in the business for ten years. they found it inside this home near washington in san jose's japantown. they also found more than 40 guns inside this house and several explosives. startling sounds, bomb squad detonated the explosives right here in the front yard.
5:32 am
it got the neighbors' attention. they evacuated a section of the street. >> material that was potentially explosive. the officers rendered it safe by placing inside a hole they had dug in front of the residence front yard and placed sandbags around it. >> we heard the first explosion. then i'm thinking -- oh, that was awfully loud. it was right around seventh street. >> police arrested the man. he does have a criminal history. neighbors weren't surprised. he has bragged before about his arsenal and threatened residents. police say they didn't find any evidence inside the home on explain why they had the explosives or what he planned to do with them. some of the guns they found were loaded. some were old russian guns. they are trying to figure out what they found. it takes a long time to document the evidence and they have lot
5:33 am
to go through. they just left the scene. crime tape is gone but are big holes in the front yard as reminder what happened here. massive explosions right in the front yard last night. neighbors living in an apartment complex in palo alto are back home this morning after a chlorine leak. firefighters say fumes spread after a five gallon bucket of chlorine exploded in a storage area of the complex on midtown court last night. nobody was hurt but seven residents and a palo alto firefighter were treated for exposure to the fumes. red cross provided snacks and water while 20 families waited to return to their homes. novato police are trying to determine how a teenage boy wound up with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. they found the weapon in the back seat after stopping the 15-year-old for a traffic violation late yesterday morning.
5:34 am
police quickly roped off part of the boulevard and evacuated nearby businesses. a bomb squad from u.c. berkeley was called in to examine grenade launcher. the device was in our opinion, based on expert opinion still operational however it did not have a charge in it but capable of being fired. police say the teen was driving without a license. he remains in custody. police turned the been over to the military. the boy's brother happens to be in military but police don't yet know if that is how the teen got his hands on the weapon. >> there is developing news in iran involving the two u.c. graduates jailed on spy charges. they are still reviewing details of a plan to offer the two bail. the statement is potential rejection of president mahmoud ahmadinejad's prediction that they could be freed in few days. the courts are controlled by the ruling clerics. a lawyer said yesterday bail
5:35 am
would be set at half million dollars each for his clients. they were detained in 2009 while hiking along the border. a third american sarah shourd was released on bail. >> in washington, d.c. about an hour from now, a congressional hearing gets underway what went wrong at solyndra and half billion dollar loan it received. former executives will skip this morning's hearing. they are expected to testify next week. they declared bankruptcy last month despite getting the stimulus loan. f.b.i. is also investigating the company to determine if the company misled the government to obtain the funding. >> parents that want clare ton valley high school to secede, a majority says they want to
5:36 am
convert to a charter high school because of the declining state of the district. they have eliminated funding for all sports, laid off hundreds of temperatures and staff and increased class sizes. the charter school, they would receive more state funding but the board president says it would hurt other schools in the district. >> we receive, school district funding that is less than high school district funding. we would have to give them high school district funding. we would have to make up the difference, about $1.7 million district wide. >> strips off a layer of the bureaucracy. >> they voted to approve the petition but they have to address other issues before district officials take a final vote in february. san jose is a step closer to restrictions on the medical marijuana clubs. they have given approval for the number of pot clubs down to ten.
5:37 am
the rest of the existing clubs would be forced to close. it would require club operators to hire a licensed doctor or medical nurse. clubs will be limited to certain neighborhood in the city. they will take a final vote in two weeks. >> it's 5:36. got fog out there. as you have been saying that is affecting flights in and out of sfo. >> it will be cooler. >> winds are bringing in clouds and cooler air mass. good morning to you. on this wednesday we started decline in temperatures. a little fall flavor to the forecast. a little offshore flow, it's moving away and wind is starting to come in from the ocean where the temperatures is in the 50s and so is the air. check out sfo, 15 where you have good sea breeze in the morning to 20 in fairfield while most valleys are calm, wind right above you is moving in from the
5:38 am
west. that is what is going to come down to the ground and keep it's cool this afternoon. temperatures just about cooler than yesterday, mountain view, half moon bay, livermore and napa few degrees warmer. either way, 50s and 60s with mostly cloudy conditions at 8:00 this morning. by noon, we'll have clouds out of the bay except for one finger of fog moving over to oakland. 56 at half moon bay. have been else in the upper 50s to low 70s. low to mid-70s fremont and south bay, north bay valleys but still only 50s around san francisco and oakland. 59 in half moon bay. again today, coolest day will be friday. then we'll see a warming trend through the weekend and then through early next week than today and next couple of days. happy birthday, mike. >> thank you. >> and macarthur maze, everything is looking good as you transition 580 and on in to
5:39 am
the toll plaza. no delays at the tolls. metering lights are off. smooth drive and thought we would take a look at popular commute drive times. as you head from antioch towards pittsburg and concord, a little over 15 minutes. 87 in south bay, nice little breeze, less than 10 minutes. san mateo drive, san mateo bridge drive from 880 in hayward over to foster city, less than 15 minutes. it's 5:39. >> some people say it's too close to comfort. a new study finding in-law housing may save you money. >> europe's war on google gets more privacy for all of us. >> and levee breach marks a milestone along san francisco bay.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. it's 5:42. if you have a home wireless network, google has important privacy news for you, they are going to let people connected opt out of a system that help pinpoint locations with cellphones. it keeps it out of a huge database. change comes because kevps in europe that they might be
5:43 am
violating european privacy laws. a new berkeley study there is a possible solution to the bay area's affordable housing crisis. institute of urban and regional development, secondary units or in-law housing could help accommodate a growing population but certain regulations are needed to allow homeowners in single family homes to build secondary units like a one bedroom or studio unit. study looked how this would help five east bay cities located near bart stations. bay area population is expected to grow by 2 million people in the next 25 years. >> a major effort to increase wildlife and restore wednesday lands has begun. they conducted a controlled levee breach at eden landing reserve in hayward yesterday. this is the first of eight for the reserve. they will allow bay water back into 638 acres of former wetlands and a salt pond.
5:44 am
the area will be returned to a home for endangered species of birds, fish and mice. >> we will bring in the sea, start growing those plants, bring the wildlife as the plants grow. >> it's important for the health of the bay. over the past decade, san francisco bay has lost 80-90% of the marshes. >> it will take a few days to fill the pond with water and few years before it becomes a thriving wildlife habitat. i just love this, new need to go and can't find a bathroom? there is a new app that may help. bloomberg business report is coming up. >> and republicans are cheering across the country. also a new study with some surprising results of how well tough new rules on teenage drivers are working. >> and gumbie surrenders,
5:45 am
san diego police unmask a robber with a bizarre disguise. it's
5:46 am
5:47 am
welcome back. live look at 7 doppler hd. storms around vegas and those are pulling away. they could return as we head into the afternoon hours. watch out in the sierra, some of the higher elevations into
5:48 am
deserts where we had funnel clouds around palm springs. 74 in tahoe. 95 in palm springs. low to mid-70s around los angeles. much quieter in the central valley. new study finds new tougher driving restrictions on teenage drivers are not necessarily saving lives. fatal crashes among 16 and 17-year-old drivers have fallen but deadly crashes among 18 and 19-year-olds have increased by the same amount. so kind of a wash there. it restricts driving from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and having passengers under age 25 after the first 12 months after getting a license. >> president obama is selling his jobs bill but faces new questions about his effectiveness after a republican won a criminal seat that has
5:49 am
been held by a democrat for generations. >> reporter: retired cable tv executive bob turner spoke to his supporters queens and republicans perked up across the country. >> we have been asked by the people of this district to send a message to washington. i hope they hear it loud and clear. >> political newcomer pulled up o of an up beating his opponent in democratically controlled district once represented by anthony weiner. he stepped down in june after he admitted sending scandalous text messages but it turned into a referendum on president obama. >> i wish there was somebody stronger. >> turner who is catholic pulled heavy support from the district's large population of orthodox jews. social conservatives that are not happy that new state lawmaker voted in favor of same-sex marriage. they are not impressed with president obama's handle of the
5:50 am
middle east peace process. but nationally republicans already are calling this a rebuke of president's plan to create jobs. >> in even blue parts of this country, president obama is a liability. they don't feel very good about what is happening in washington. >> democrats will say this district is too unique to be a bellwether but pete sessions who is in charge of elect other republicans to congress says president obama is now a liability for other democrats running in 2012. the fog might be a liability for your flight in time. >> in flight arrival delays about 59 minutes. and you may be able to wear a sweatshirt the next couple of days. as we look back to the bay bridge, definitely see a haze hacking in the air. clouds are much thick they are morning.
5:51 am
good morning to you. welcome to wednesday. it's coming up on 5:51 and check out the latest temperatures. still in the 50s around concord, antioch, mountain view, san jose los gatos, everybody else in the mid 50s. visibility around santa rosa greater an mile. inland with a nice thick cloud deck over your heads this morning. cooler breeze that will really dominate the forecast today, tomorrow and friday. bring in more clouds and cooler weather than the negligence couple of nights. also, some patchy drizzle during the overnight hours. warmer weather, it will hit the weekend. 24-hour temperature change, everybody is down, san francisco 4, san jose, 5. oakland, 6, concord, 7. santa rosa, 9. >> area of low pressure brought
5:52 am
all that severe weather down in southern california all the way up to the sierra into oregon. higher elevations around oregon. that is moving away. for us, brought us an offshore wind and warmer weather. now, we have to look up toward the gulf of alaska. longer nights, cooler air pulling up there and jetstream driving it our way. today is the sea breeze, next few days is the brings in the keel cooler weather. lingering clouds around richmond and berkeley, upper 50s. upper 50s to low 70s everyplace else. low to mid-70s in the south bay. upper 70s in los gatos and saratoga. 66 in millbrae. everybody else in on the peninsula, upper 60s to low 70s. upper 50s along the coast to mid-50s in downtown south san francisco with a partially sunny sky. lingering clouds around the north bay but mid to upper 70s around the valleys.
5:53 am
monterey bay, temperatures success in the 60s sand salinas valley and low to mid-80s as you head inland. >> 12:35, sunny coliseum, warming up to 66. at&t park, 12:45 first pitch, cool breeze warming up to 63. accu-weather seven-day forecast. 2-6 degrees cooler by friday. which is our coolest day. a lot of clouds and sunshine come out and warming trend that follows. 90 inland by tuesday. 80 around the bay and near 70 at the coast. >> good commute, so far so good. no major stalls and some areas of slowing. drive times the if are heading southbound through mw county, not a bad drive. 580 westbound, castro valley, typical slowing but not too bad, ten minute drive into castro valley.
5:54 am
some slow traffic, highway 4 out of antioch, past lone tree way and on through your drive through pittsburg and concord, 20 minute drive. let's take a live look at san rafael southbound 101. taillights past the civic center terra linda but once you get to the waldo are you will hit thick fog as you come across the golden gate bridge. is the place to go before you leave the house. get all the latest details including your drive times. click on bay area traffic. thank you. it's 5:54. >> did they go too far? good morning, ebay under investigation by federal prosecutors looking at whether ebay sold confidential information from craigslist. this say they stole the information to start a competing site. walmart unveiling, retail will
5:55 am
spend $20 billion over five years on business services from u.s. businesses owned by women. it will teach life skills and financial literacy to hundreds of thousands of women. most of the people that shop are female and they control 20 trillion in annual spending. here is a way to make extra change. rent out your bathroom. the app is called clue. it plans to hook up people with the need with people with bathrooms. they are gearing up for a launch next year. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> and they charge for submit we'll find out more. santa cruz county has one of stiffest plastic and paper bag laws in the state. they voted in favor 'that bans the plastic in stores. they would not tv to pay the fee for paper bags and restaurant customer woz be allowed one bag
5:56 am
to go at no charge. the new law stakes effect next year. >> smokers that live in apartments and condos will have to light up outside in sonoma county. they have given an approval that prohibits smoking in have inside multiunit residences. it will cover first nau units and cover all apartments and condos in 16 months. board is expected to take a final vote on the measure in october. >> police have captured three of the four teenagers that escaped from a east bay detention center. one boy is still missing. all four walked out of the detention center monday night. authorities issued phone alert. three were arrested near the antioch wall nart at -- walmart at noon. they are actively searching to the fourth a 15-year-old boy. >> a gumbie in trouble with the law has turned in.
5:57 am
he went to police and admitted that he wore a gumbie suit and tried to rob a seven-eleven. they tried to capture clerk thought was a joke and didn't take him seriously. the dpetdaway driver kept honking the horn and couldn't get the gun out of his costume. he stumbled away and lost a few of his own coins in the process. just ahead, she was once arrested for abducting four children. now she is running running for a local school board. what the woman is saying about her past and her future. >> a san jose police officer says he has never seen this much ammunition and it all came out of one house. i'm amy hollyfield live in san jose. i'll have details on this story
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up next.
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