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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 20, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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ow take their case to the voters. scene of the crime? aruban authorities enlist real actors to re-create the final moments before robyn gardner disappeared. did the dramatic reconstruction finally solve the mystery? dead but alive. charlie sheen, killed off on his sitcom last night. ruthlessly mocked at his roast. now, hollywood's troublemaker finally seems to be bouncing back. and big drama on the dance floor. carson kressley stuns with his jagger swagger. nancy grace dazzles in her debut. lots of support on the sidelines for david arquette. and the moment many were waiting to see. how did chaz bono do on the dance floor? good tuesday morning, everybody. what a night last night on "dancing with the stars." chaz bono was the final one to take the dance floor.
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it was worth the wait. he had to be so nervous. but he really brought it. >> a lot lighter on his feet than i expected. don't forget the leaders, though. chynna phillips, j.r. martinez. they got the judges' votes last night. this is a really bunched pack. it will be a big season. >> and a lot of family support. the kardashians were there. courteney was there for david. new information about that huge satellite, about to crash-land later this week. it's the size of a school bus. it could drop anywhere from shanghai to seattle. this is huge. it could be dangerous. we'll have all the latest. we hope we can bring you all this. a little chaos in the control room today. >> in the control room. >> let's take a look. who is in charge back there? is it grover? is it elmo? >> no no. it's the other button. the other button. >> that's right.
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this morning, 41st street is being turned into "sesame street." a lot of little girls out front are happy about that. >> look at them. >> pressing on the glass. who are those three? we want elmo. >> josh, we're going to give you the duty of following this. >> of following that? it's impossible. i do want to say today. i'm the coolest dad in the world i am today. sarina, daddy loves you. so does elmo. we begin with a couple of developing stories overnight. the first near oklahoma city, where an explosion near a natural gas drilling site shot flames hundreds of feet into the air. residents in a two-mile radius have been evacuated. the good news? no one was hurt in the explosion. workers escaped just in time. there's no word yet what caused the explosion. an parent bombing outside a secondary school in the heart of turkey's capital. three people killed, more than a dozen injured. three seriously.
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meanwhile, the two hikers jailed in iran for more than two years were hoping to go free today. but this morning, their release has been delayed again. it appears the judges who had signed off on the release are playing politics and don't want to give their rival, iran's president, a p.r. victory, as he visits the u.n. in new york later today. turning to the economy, now. italy has become the latest country in europe to have its credit rating downgraded. five others have faced the same fate. but greece is still the primary concern for global investors, as officials there work frantically to avoid defaulting on its debt. there are questions this morning about who made big money after the u.s. credit rating was downgraded last month. "the wall street journal" says regulators are looking into possible insider trading at several firms, which bet ahead of time the stock market would, in fact, drop. there's new developments surrounding the serial killings on long island, new york. today, police are releasing jewelry and clothing from the
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victims, in hopes that family will recognize them. five of the ten sets of remains have not been identified. sources say the victims appear to have been killed elsewhere, before being dumped on the beach. finally, the greatest closer in baseball history has the number to prove it. mariano rivera finished over the twins, for a 602nd save. in a career that began in 1996 and will end in cooperstown. again, the man is -- a metronome of greatness. we saw him there with two of his three sons. he goes out there time and time again. >> we get to see him. he's in our era. and we get to see him play. >> 602. what a number. we're going to turn to politics now. a tough, new pivot on taxes and spending. the president promised to veto any budget bill that cuts taxes on the wealthiest americans. democrats cheered. the republicans called it class warfare. jake tapper is with us this morning.
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the president is here for u.n. meetings. he continued that tough talk last night. >> that's right. he said the democratic party was in a battle for the hearts and minds of the american people. president obama's laying out the case that taxes need to be raised on wealthier americans and corporations. house speaker john boehner says that doing that, raising taxes, is like giving a cocaine addict more cocaine. >> good morning, everybody. please, have a seat. >> reporter: a combative president obama presented his plan to reduce the deficit. $1.5 trillion of which is tax increases on wealthier americans. the president threw down the gauntlet. >> they should have to defend that unfairness. >> reporter: challenging republicans to explain why, for instance, hedge fund millionaires should be taxed at a lower rate than the middle class. >> i reject the idea that asking a hedge fund manager as a teacher is class warfare. >> reporter: polls indicate that the public strongly supports
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raising taxes on wealthier americans. but given opposition to any tax increase, the president's plan seems more statement of principle and politics, more than a plan he thinks can pass congress. republicans called the president's plan d.o.a., and they have assailed it every which way. calling it bait and switch. ineffective leadership. saying president obama has no clue has to bring our economy back. >> the american people have good judgment. they know how to do this the right way. if we just get government out of the way and let the american people be all that they want to be. >> reporter: but the president is counting on the public rallying behind his cause. >> this is not class warfare. it's math. the money's going to have to come from some place. >> reporter: even if he's forced to contend with distractions, such as that book describing infighting at the white house. or unease on the left, with consumer advocate ralph nader and professor cornell west uniting to field a primary
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challenger against the president. >> he's got martin luther king jr.'s bust in the oval office. martin luther king jr. weeps when he sees people suffering and no fundamental focus. >> reporter: and george as you said, president obama has pledged topledge ed to veto any measure that cuts medicare benefits without raising taxes on the wealthy. >> we have seen those trets to veto before. he's not going to back off this time. >> reporter: that's what he says. let's bring in democratic strategist, "gma" contributor, james carville, for more on all this. james, the president's speech was the kind of hard line you and other democrats were calling for. but are you worried that that class warfare charge might stick and scare off the moderate voters that obama's going to need next year. >> well, moderate voters know this. president clinton raised taxes on the wealthy and created 22 million jobs. president bush lowered the taxes on the wealthy and created 1 million jobs.
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i think the people can figure that out. furthermore, raising the taxes are popular across, not just democratic voters. they're popular among everybody. 80% thought it should be a combination of tax cuts and spending cuts. our own democracy corps poll showed that raising taxes on the wealthier is one of the most popular ways to cut the deficit. i'm not concerned at all. i think moderate voters will be behind it. >> you irritated the white house last week by calling on the president to fire his economic and political team. now that he's take an new stance, are you still standing by that? >> look, i think he filed his old negotiating philosophy, which was a pretty good start. i think he is going to need some new people. and from everything i hear, there are going to be new people coming in. it will be a good thing. i think the combination of the disastrous debt ceiling deal and the elections in new york and nevada were a clear signal. this shows that the white house is responding to this. and this was a good start yesterday. i think he's got to go through and make other good starts. i was particularly -- >> what do you want to do exactly? >> i want to make changes. yesterday was a change. how do i know? they come in and say they have a communications problem. then fire the communications people. you have to identify something.
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you can't have the kind of year they had and say, we're just going to keep doing things the way we did them. you have to do things differently. that happens in every organization. yesterday, it happened in this organization. and i suspect it's going to continue to happen. we can't afford -- go ahead. sorry, george. >> no. while this is all happening, you have "confidence man" from ron suskind, painting a picture of a team wracked by division. some in the white house, saying the president is not fully in control. how does that strike you? does it square with what you've seen? and how would you advise the white house to handle this book? >> first of all, the president has nominated two women to the supreme court. i don't know what happened in certain meetings in the white house. but that charge against the president is pretty shallow. making economic policy is hard. in the clinton administration
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there was a lot of back and forth. there always is. to what extent, i don't know. and they can't do anything about what's in that book. what they can do is between now and the election -- i think yesterday was a start toward that. if he shows that kind of aggressiveness and makes some changes in personnel and gets different people in there, i think he can do quite a bit better. but it was pretty bad. this is the buffett vision, as opposed to the limbaugh vision. that's as simple as you can make this thing. >> we only have a few seconds left. what about the idea of a primary challenge? is it good for the democrats? and will it happen? >> no. don't you think ralph nader has done enough damage to the country? he was single handedly responsible for electing george bush. nader might ought to consider retiring. >> that's the last word this morning. james carville, thank you very much. now, to the massive satellite barreling towards the earth. chunks as big as 300 pounds will crash down. but no one knows where. abc's neal karlinsky has been
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tracking. he's got the latest from seattle. good morning, neal. >> reporter: robin, good morning. the countdown is on. it's coming fast. this is a live track of the u.r. satellite. it just came overhead where i am on the west coast. it's over the tip of south america right now. here's the strange part. we have the technology to see where it is at every second, the officials at nasa say they have no idea exactly where it's going to strike when it finally comes burning in, in just a couple of days. it sounds like some kind of bizarre weather forecast. nasa, calling for a sprinkling of metal debris to fall from the sky friday morning. they just don't know where. >> even as we get to the final orbits, we don't know where on that path it's going to come in. and that covers a tremendous amount of land. >> reporter: the upper atmosphere research satellite, known as uars, is hurtling towards earth at 1,800 miles per hour. its current track has it about
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130 miles up and dropping. where it will land, that's the drop. it orbits the earth every 89 minutes. now that it's tumbling, it follows a new path every time around. passing over not just a whole lot of ocean, but cities, from seattle to shanghai. >> once it hits a critical point, it will drop out of the sky. and we really won't know that until a few hours before it hits. >> reporter: most of the 6 1/2-ton satellite is expected to burn up in the atmosphere. but 26 chunks, ranging from just a pound to 350 pounds, will make it through. and come crashing down over a stretch of 400 to 500 miles, somewhere between the tip-top of canada and the very bottom of south america. the crash zone is hard to pinpoint. but the odds of a single person anywhere being hit are about 1 in 3,200. more likely than a hole in one or a shark attack. in 2003, pieces of the space shuttle "columbia" rained down
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from texas all the way to louisiana, sending smoldering debris crashing through roof tops and even landing on trailers. officials at nasa think they'll only be able to put a bull's eye on where this thing's going to strike just about two hours before it hits. likely friday morning. that is not a lot of notice. but they say even if you're not directly in the path, it's probably worth looking up because the satellite should put on quite a nice show, as it comes flaming over the sky, again, likely friday morning. >> come on, neal. like you're really going to be looking up and there might be some 100-pound thing falling on your head. but look up there any way? that's what they're saying? we'll give it a shot. thanks, neal. i think i'll keep looking down. now, we're going to turn to the medical debate stirred up by nfl superstar, peyton manning. the indianapolis colts quarterback has been sidelined this season by a neck injury.
7:14 am
surgery after surgery has failed. he recently flew to europe for stem cell therapy that's not approved in the u.s. as abc's john berman reports, that has some doctors here crying foul. >> reporter: all-pro quarterback peyton manning has thrown thousands of perfect passes in nfl games. it's his latest medical hail mary that is causing controversy. manning, out for months with a bulging disc in his neck, reportedly traveled all the way to europe for experimental, and some think dangerous, adult stem cell therapy. >> when you leave a well-regulated environment, all bets are off. >> reporter: in treatment not approved by the fda, stem cells are removed from a healthy part of your body and injected into the problem area. the hope is they can repair damaged cells. the problem, some doctors say, is there is not enough proof it works for this type of injury. >> experimenting on humans, or promising things to humans that can't really be delivered is not ethical. >> reporter: manning is one of
7:15 am
the game's megastars. clearly desperate to get back on the field. before the season, he said, to say i'm disappointed in not being able to play is an understatement. i am doing everything i can to get my health back. the worry is -- >> if hundreds or thousands of people go out and say, it was good enough for mr. manning, what about me? >> reporter: it doesn't appear that manning's stem cell treatment was successful. he just had his third surgery in 19 months and could be lost for the season. for "good morning america," john berman, abc news. >> wow. tough time for peyton manning. >> four-time mvp. and his team lost the first two games without him. wish him the best. >> that's too bad. okay, sam? >> you're our mvp. >> i won't be when you see the showers on the eastern seaboard. that changes quickly. from maine down to new orleans today, this is where the cold front activates the showers. in northern areas, it's just a light shower and scattered clouds. in southern areas, it's needed rainfall. from new orleans to jacksonville, to the georgia coastline, to raleigh, there
7:16 am
will be rain. that can be an inch to two inches of rain in those locations. we see a brand-new storm system in the northern dakotas here. this will be a big player later this week, with cold wind and real -- it's a strong cold front. we'll talk about that more the next half hour.
7:17 am
g, big, big warmup on the west coast. >> when you see 90 on the board in dallas, viewers outside say, we're so hot in texas, we're on fire. >> they have been. >> yes. they're having a good time. you know who is also hot? that is charlie sheen. he was roasted last night. you know who was invited? our andrea canning was there. she tells us all about it. >> i didn't go to the roast. i was a part of the roast. they took the opportunity to replay part of the interview, make fun of it once again. charlie getting pinged with one
7:18 am
insult after the next. but the biggest sheen joke was on the premiere of "two and a half men." charlie's funeral was held after he was hit and killed by a train. >> please welcome the rock star from mars, charlie sheen. >> reporter: at his roast on comedy central, charlie sheen arrived like a rock star. and took it like a man. >> tell us, charlie. how do you go from being tv's highest-paid actor ever, to being the highest actor ever to be on tv? >> prostitutes cost a lot of money, charlie. hasn't anyone told you that actresses will sleep with you for free? >> reporter: before this, there were moments of self-deprecating, late night humor. and his humble appearance on sunday's emmys. >> i wish you nothing but the best for this upcoming season. >> reporter: evidence that sheen appears to be strangely normal, since our infamous interview.
7:19 am
>> i'm a high priest, warlock. come on, man. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> i don't know. >> reporter: where do these words come from? >> they're words that sound cool together. it comes from my grand wizard master. >> we're seeing a new charlie sheen. and he's acting with a great deal of class and dignity, which is certainly not the charlie sheen we've been used to this year. >> reporter: today, sheen has never seemed so alive, despite being killed off in the "two and a half men" season premier. >> i know this is a sad day for all of us. >> speak for yourself. >> reporter: on monday, jon cryer thanked his former co-star, and the producers who eventually fired sheen. >> when they saw somebody who was clearly in distress, took every possible means to try and help their friend. and did something that i -- in my belief, saved my friend, charlie sheen's, life. >> and all is well again. we have a photo we want to show
7:20 am
everybody of charlie watching "two and a half men." last night, the season premiere. he has a lot to smile about. he's about to reportedly get millions out of that lawsuit. >> the show must go on. andrea canning, thank you. coming up here, the dramatic re-enactment by aruban authorities of robyn gardner's final moments before she vanished. and we'll talk to gary giordano's new attorney, jose baez. and a "gma" exclusive. the stunning request of the mill nair at the middle of this mansion murder mystery. and getting ready for their close-up. it's muppet mayhem in times square. we have the little ones outside to prove it, too. o. accept it. you can't change the way banking works. just accept it, man. free ? doesn't close at five ? try nature. it's a bank. what do you want, a hug ? just accept it. hidden fees, fine print, or they'll stick it to you some other way. stay with the herd, son. accept it. just accept it. accept it. just accept it. accept it. if we miss this movie, you're dead. if you're stuck accepting banking nonsense
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the city of san bruno will mark another milestone. city leaders will hold a ceremony as they begin to fill the huge crater created by the last. killed eight and destroyed 38 homes over a years ago. the process is expected to take three weeks. >> see how the tuesday morning traffic going. >> some areas of slow traffic out of antioch towards concord and points beyond slow westbound highway 4. slow out of the central valley into livermore. spare the air day. all mass transit checking in on time.
7:25 am
no delays there. >> when we come back mike will
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check out the beautiful picture this morning. haze developing already. it is a spare the air day. east bay valleys will have the poorest air quality. in the valley south, north east no matter where in the 90s.
7:28 am
80 in san francisco. good news, 50s and 60s comfortable again tonight. warm weather through friday.
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aruban authorities, re-creating the final moments before robyn gardner disappears. why they're using real actors on that beach. and we're going to talk to gary
7:30 am
giordano's new attorney, jose baez, coming up. we have the mansion murder mystery out of san diego. brand-new development on "gma." the boyfriend you see of the woman who died, has written a letter to investigators, asking them to re-examine all of the evidence in this case. we're going to bring that to you in just a few minutes. >> so bizarre. and on a much lighter note "dancing with the stars." a lot of people buzzing about that. and the muppets from "sesame street," taking over. grover does do windows. >> a lot of fun with grover and the gang in a few minutes. we begin with the latest on robyn gardner. she disappeared in aruba more than six weeks ago. only one suspect, her travel companion, gary giordano, is being investigated. and investigators spent the afternoon, re-enacting their last moments ago.
7:31 am
we're going to talk to giordano's attorney, jose baez, in a moment. first, we go to matt gutman in aruba. >> reporter: good morning, george. investigators spent about an hour at this rocky beach, trying to figure out what happened. at some point, know that he they went snorkeling. robyn went towards the beach. she cut her foot on this rock. and she went out anyway. that's when the trail goes cold. the arrival, gardner and giordano would snorkel here. using actors to play the roles of gardner and giordano investigators tried to piece together what happened that day. and whether giordano committed a crime. now, he claims he's innocent that the current pulled gardner out to sea. >> this isn't going to be the make-or-break issue in the case.
7:32 am
but it's a nice argument to have. according to our re-enactment there's no way his story makes sense. >> reporter: and the actors playing gashed never and giordano convincing stunt doubles. that dress, so close to the one in this picture. the hair. and giordano. similar build, height. and the same type of shorts and shoes. for two hours, investigators and attorneys ran through various scenarios. parking the white rav 4, next to the rum reef restaurant, where the last pictures of gardner were taken. the two of them getting out. there, they walk towards the beach. in these exclusive images, you see the actors putting on snorkel and fins and splashing into the water. then, they re-create giordano's dash for help. except in this surveillance video, giordano isn't running. he's walking. something that caused investigators to suspect him from the start. though he insists he caused
7:33 am
gardner no harm giordano was arrested three days after gardner disappeared. now, there is a good chance that giordano may never face a trial here in aruba, george. but we are learning that tomorrow, a federal grand jury is convening in maryland. and giordano could see charges and indictment in the u.s. george? >> matt, thanks. let's hear from giordano's team thinks about this from his new attorney jose baez. many of you may remember he successfully defended casey anthony. what are you hearing from police about their findings? >> well we're against the reconstruction of the event, as they call it. i don't think there's any way of jumping into a time machine and going back and replicating exactly what occurred on that day. so especially since the solicitor general has come out and stated that they're doing this in order to shoot holes into his story. so, we have been against that
7:34 am
from the start. >> you've been against it. and you chose not to participate. why did you choose to take this case in the first place? are you convinced gary giordano's innocent? >> absolutely. this case -- what's very unfortunate about this case the political pressures due to the natalee holloway case that gary giordano is now paying for. he had nothing to do with miss holloway's disappearance. but he's feeling the after-effects that the aruban police and the investigators office botched that case. >> what evidence has the aruban police shared with you in this case? >> there's been statements by witnesses. gary has given a total of 16 different statements to law enforcement. i don't know how many different ways he can be asked certain questions. but they've asked him in many various ways.
7:35 am
he's answered them giving the same answer each time. >> after so many of us that were watching this case is the fact that gary giordano took out a life insurance policy on robyn gardner and tried to cash it in just after she disappeared. that raised a whole lot of questions, as you know. you said this the first time yesterday, i had not heard this before. that robyn gardner also took out a life insurance policy on giordano. is that true? >> what these are, they're not life insurance policies. they're labeled as life insurance policies. what they are are travel insurance. every time mr. giordano has traveled this year, whether it's been with robyn gardner or other individuals. he had another companion he traveled with and got the same travel insurance on. so, what this covers is medical, dental, car rental and a whole slew of other things including accidental death. >> you're saying on this trip
7:36 am
she also took out a life insurance policy or travel insurance policy on him? >> yes. the two had travel policies on each other. since gary was paying for the trip, gary was the beneficiary of robyn's policy. >> oh. that explains. he was going to get -- >> correct. so, let's say something happened with his rental car. he would have -- since he was paying for the trip, he would have to get the payout for the claim. so, that's why both of them got -- had the insurance on each other. >> okay. the next hearing is set for the end of october. are you confident the aruban authorities are going to have to set gary giordano free? >> at this point, we're not certain about anything. unfortunately, very little is coming out of the prosecution camp. all we know is that there is no evidence. and everything that keeps getting turned over to the defense is quite -- it's all smoke, no fire. >> okay. jose baez thanks for your time this morning.
7:37 am
>> thank you for having me. it's time now, for weather and sam champion. >> good morning, everybody. let's deal with rain in the texas area. it was an unusual sight when it was rolling through. they picked up about an inch of rain in the houston area. when you need rain this desperately, and it's so dry, and it comes in one inch in a quick short period of time a lot of it runs off and floods and doesn't soak into the ground. there were big wind and storms with that, as well. dallas at 90 today. houston at 89 degrees. quick look at the big board. we'll show you what it looks like on the west coast. gorgeous weather in the southwest. and one of the "gma" team is going to l.a. tomorrow. hmm. who could that be?
7:38 am
>> and all that weather was brought to you by lens crafters. george? robin? >> look at that smile on the man heading west. >> l.a. and beyond. >> thank you sam. coming up a "gma" exclusive. the startling request from the millionaire boyfriend of the woman who died in that san diego mansion murder mystery. . [ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ laughs ] that's awesome. ♪ ♪ you can read that? [ female announcer ] the accufit digital system, exclusively at lenscrafters... is about 5 times more precise than manual measurement techniques. so you get vision that makes the world as clear as it can be. lenscrafters.
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7:42 am
and now, to the latest on the mansion murder mystery we have been covering. the boyfriend of the woman who died under strange circumstances, making a surprising request. "20/20" co-anchor, elizabeth vargas, is back with an exclusive. you were hear yesterday. and your report opened a lot of eyes. >> it did, robin. within hours of our interview with rebecca zahau's family jonah shacknai joined them. he is asking the attorney general to look into the tragic death of his 6-year-old son and
7:43 am
the bizarre death two days later of his long-time girlfriend. citing the unrelenting squirrel of questions raised by family members and media since his girlfriend's death was ruled a suicide, jonah shacknai is taking his own tern. submitting a letter to the california attorney general, questioning that he found to be sound, scientific. now, he's asking for a further review, saying justice may not have been served. it is my hope, that your review of rebecca's death will serve the interest of justice, by bringing confidence, comfort and resolution. police ruled rebecca zahau's death a suicide, her hands bound behind her back her feet tied her mouth gagged. police had a woman re-enact how rebecca might have tied her hanlds herself. roy black wrote a column about it for "the daily beast."
7:44 am
>> they did a forensic investigation. they searched for dna all through that room on the rope. it all came back to rebecca. the only real answer is suicide, not homicide. >> reporter: but shacknai's letter states the circumstances of rebecca's suicide were so unusual and upsetting, that it was difficult to accept the hard facts presented. investigators say the alleged suicide was prompted by max's death. two days earlier while rebecca was baby sitting, the 6-year-old boy fell down the stairs. he later died from his injuries. >> you can just imagine this woman, who is tortured by this about this young child dying. you can see why she may have committed suicide. >> reporter: but family members remain adamant that suicide is not an option. >> you mean to tell me somebody who is doing really well all 32 years of her life in a matter of two hours, is going to decide to do all this elaborate plans. >> reporter: shacknai's letter
7:45 am
addresses rebecca's family. and says he can understand the pain they are experiencing. jonah shacknai was at the hospital sitting by his dying son's bed. jonah shacknai's friends and family say this has been a twin tragedy. two deaths within two days of two people close to him. >> there's so many questions we need to be answered still. >> we haven't heard from the california attorney general. but we will shortly. >> good to have you here. and coming up dancing's hottest cast ever. waltzes in the ballroom. who sizzled? who, not so much? and the stars who were cheering on the sidelines.o the simply o ur. this is our plant. these are our workers... and this, is upper management. but what you won't find around here is any freezing flavoring or concentrating. which brings us to our end product.
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7:50 am
a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a all right. saddle up. we are in the middle of a very special live event. you'll notice who we have on the coach today. actually, behind it. we are celebrating the 42nd season of "sesame street." while robin and elmo talk to each other, we have your favorite characters in the studio this morning. take a look. >> cookie. >> i like this. >> i thought you had gone to carrots and apples. 14 travel tips true or false? booking a hotel room.
7:51 am
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ni bay area employers are
7:56 am
getting ready to reyouth in a job fair today. held from noon to 4:00 at the south san francisco conference center on south airport boulevard. some of the includes aflak federal express and the u.s. mint. mike is here with the forecast. >> good morning. poor air quality possible in the east bay that's why we have the spare the air day. bay shore mid to upper 80s to near 70 at the coast. warm through friday. >> good morning. slow traffic behind the toll plaza remains to the west areas of slow traffic accident in the south bay 238 slow northbound 101 past cochran and slow on 880 southbound through hayward.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ summer's here and the time is right ♪ [ cheers and applause ] dancing outside of our studio right now too. but a big night on "dancing with the stars" last night.
8:00 am
chaz was the last one to take the stage. you know he was nervous. but he didn't show it at all. so worth the wait. we'll have a complete recap. everybody's debut dance. and "sesame street" has taken over the studio. george is on assignment. grover, you look scholarly right now. >> thank you. you wouldn't think that george's suits would fit me. hello, everybody. and good morning, america. >> the big "g" in the house. >> grover, how do you feel about dancing? >> i love to dance. >> do you -- >> yes. do firemen love baloney sandwiches? >> you want to talk to donny osmond about dancing? >> sure. donny is here? >> donny is in utah. he will be joining us live. >> oh. hello, donny. >> grover, i would love to see you on "dancing with the stars." i would love to see you dance
8:01 am
because it would be so much better than what i saw last night. >> oh. goodness. >> the sooner they can get ron off that show, the better it's going to be. >> okay. all right. >> it was just like -- >> calm down. calm down. not yet. save it, donny. >> my ears. my ears. i was just interviewing a monster. we'll introduce you to the man who changed fortunes when he finds treasure in locked deposit boxes. >> i love it when i find money in my piggy bank. >> you do? >> what's going on under that desk? >> what's happening? what's happening down there. >> elmo was finding coins. >> i had some water. >> there must be a hole in george's suit. and celine dion is coming up in this half hour.
8:02 am
she has a great show we'll tell you about. and josh. >> how do you go to news? >> we go. we go because we must. we're going to be with some breaking news coming out of libya. moammar gadhafi who remains on the run, has just released an audio statement to a tv station in syria, claiming his regime is still alive. and he calls the gains made by rebels who now control libya, and i do quote, a charade. the military's don't ask, don't tell policy is a think of the past. it expired at midnight. gays and lesbians can serve openly without losing their job. and "out serve" is publishing photos of more than 100 gay and lesbian troops that served in silence until now. in oklahoma, crews are letting this massive fire at a natural gas drilling site burn itself out. homes in a two-mile radius had to be evacuated. no one was hurt.
8:03 am
it's unclear what caused the explosion. the remains of a california nursing student missing since may have been identified. the body of 26-year-old michelle le was found in a canyon near san francisco. the cause of death remains a mystery. a former high school death, who reportedly blamed le for her relationship problems, is charged in the murder. and the trial of bob ward resumes, after a girlfriend came through with a possible motive for the killing of ward's wife. ashleigh banfield has the story. >> reporter: chilling words from a millionaire, accused of shooting his wife in the case. >> she's dead. she's done. i'm sorry. >> reporter: a killing he says was an accident, hn he tried to stop her from killing herself. but forensics may tell another story. bob ward and his wife diane, were tested for gunshot residue. and an expert testified it didn't look normal.
8:04 am
>> a trace amount was found on diane ward. however, the amount may not be forensically significant. >> reporter: ward dropped his head when gruesome pictures were shown in court. and an ex-girlfriend told the court he complained about his wife just before she died. >> he complained she spent too much money. and he was supposed to meet her at the international airport. and she was late because she was having a manicure and a pedicure. and he was livid. >> reporter: bob ward's fate is at least a month and a mountain of evidence away. for "good morning america," ashleigh banfield, abc news. >> thank you ashleigh. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning to you, josh. our "made in america" team is back. and going to college because college kids have the power to create 500,000 american jobs.
8:05 am
we're going to show you how. and how we decided to take action. that is tonight on "world news." see you then. >> we will be watching diane. by we i do mean myself and a cast of thousands. >> elmo. >> i did not realize how boring news was. oh. >> josh that's all right. >> yeah yeah. never boring is lara spencer over there, with "the pop news heat index." lara? >> come on, join me everybody. it's time for a little "pop news heat index." here's what's happening in the world of pop. the new move for the internet may be the great beyond. a company is creating a cyber cemetery called for $50 a month, you can reserve an online plot for your loved one. with a click of a mouse, people can visit the virtual gravesite. add digital flowers, messages or
8:06 am
photos. think of it as facebook for the great beyond. and up next john travolta has one less car in his vintage auto collection after thieves stole hi 1970s mercedes-benz in broad daylight. the "grease" star doing a little shopping at a jaguar dealership when robbers decided to do shopping of their own. police are searching for the vehicle, which could be worth as much as $100,000. >> oh, my. becoming an endangered species. now, the telephone could be the next victim of the tech age. people referred to be reached by text. and more than half prefer to type their messages than pick up
8:07 am
the phone. 18-year-olds to 24-year-olds send a reported 100 text messages a day. any comments? >> yeah. i don't have a cell phone yet. >> i love the reference. >> i love it. i love it. listen up, you guys. this is the big finale. some dogs can fetch. some can roll over. this golden retriever has a unique gift that over 600,000 people have enjoyed online. carson is the jenga champion. he is able to balance biscuits on his snout, carefully. then, he starts tossing them off and devouring the treats. his owner says he is only allowed to enjoy three. >> man. >> come on. >> we need a jenga team. wow. >> i have a question. >> yes? >> do you think i can go shopping with john travolta? >> absolutely. i think he would love that.
8:08 am
>> for a car. >> pop news is over and out. i'm coming back over. >> okay. let's go outside with sam. he has some of your friends out there. cookie monster. >> that did it. i think. >> oh. hi. >> cookie monster. we needed a monster. what's up, man? >> me looking for satellite. >> that's all on friday. >> me got time. we got time to take cover. >> we do. cookie? >> yeah. >> we're going to do america's weather right now. >> go ahead, sir. me here if you need me. >> then we'll share a cookie. >> me love cookies. >> i was wondering why i was covered with blue fur and cookie crumbs. >> sorry about that. >> let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. here's the chilly air that makes a break to the middle of the country. this is another cold front. it drops to 50s in chicago.
8:09 am
drops to 60s in kansas city. on the big board, we're looking for the best weather in the country. it looks good on the west coast. something's going on right now. wait, wait. the best weather in the country, cookie is actually on "sesame street." >> really? >> i'm not kidding. >> we guess it's a sunny day. sweeping clouds away. on me way to where air is sweet. whoa. wait a minute. it's raining cookies. why me here? why me not on sesame street? >> it's an amazing weather phenomenon. it's like cookie-sized hail. something like that. so, that's -- >> what's oscar doing here? >> you know what i think? i wish it would rain. sam, did you hear that? >> oscar, really good. good job. >> my wish comes true. >> i knew i should have brought an umbrella. >> me prepared. me got umb a
8:10 am
>> when monsters go wild. that's the weather around the nation. thanks, cookie. >> let's do it. cookie. >> back to you, lara. >> sam, thank you. when monsters go wild. another day at "gma." here's a look at what's ahead on our "morning menu." donny osmond live on who sizzled, who didn't. on the dance floor last night. plus our candid
8:11 am
conversation, with superstar celine dion. and part-detective/part-santa claus. the man you have to meet who is showing you the money. coming up on "gma." believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you, one-to-one. together, for your future. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ my walgreens pharmacist recommends bubble gum flavor... and patience.
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mine recommends antacid tablets -- and only one taco. [ female announcer ] walgreens pharmacists also recommend you try walgreens brand health & wellness products. they have the same active ingredients as other brands and cost less. and now save big on walgreens brand and w brand health and wellness products. buy one, get one 50% off. mix and match thousands of items throughout the store. walgreens. there's an everyday way to well. ♪ season 13 of "dancing with the stars" is under way. the premiere last night. you're not looking at clips of that. "sesame street," the gang has caught dance fever. >> yeah. >> some think they're worthy of the mirror ball trophy. we're not sure hat the judges would say. yeah, work it. all right. let's look at last night's dancing drama. hit it. >> this is the premiere of
8:16 am
"dancing with the stars." >> reporter: season 13 kicked off with a star-studded bang. >> woo. >> you have the body to ballroom dance, girlfriend. >> there were elements of jagger. >> yes. >> swagger and stagger. >> you did look the part. the romantic leading man. and the goddess. >> i think you might be the happiest contestant i've ever seen when you're out there dancing. >> reporter: they impressed. with energy. with passion. ♪ how my heart ♪ >> reporter: with plenty of fans in the audience. and save the most anticipated for last. ♪ are you ready for a brand new beat ♪ >> i think people have been waiting all night to see you, chaz. and you do not disappoint. >> reporter: but it was fashion guru, carson kressley, who stole the spotlight, with his moves like jagger. >> you're redefining camp as an
8:17 am
art form. >> i try. >> it was full-out, outrageous fun. >> reporter: war hero and actor, j.r. martinez, and singer, chynna phillips, tied for the lead with 22 points. the lowest score, at 14, went to lakers star, ron artest. >> your footwork was atrocious. >> reporter: tonight, the first star goes home. ♪ like it's dynamite ♪ >> the judges not mincing words. former "dancing with the stars" champ, donny osmond, also not afraid to call it like he sees it. he joins us live, with a little tuesday morning quarterbacking. good morning, donny. >> good morning, my friend, lara, i miss you. >> i miss you, too. you let us know early on, that you're not impressed. >> oh i think it was a fantastic show last night. what i wasn't impressed with was ron artest. the sooner they get him off the show, the better it will be. it wasn't even a dance. i can't call it a dance. what really ticked me is he thought he was robbed last night with points. he probably shouldn't have gotten any points. >> you've seen him on the basketball court. he's all swagger.
8:18 am
that shouldn't surprise you with him, right? i mean, he's a guy that's going to sort of fake it until he makes it, i think. but he may not make it. >> say that one more time, lara. >> don't you feel like he's going to -- he's going to have a lot of swagger. look at him on the basketball court. >> he doesn't -- it's a dancing contest, lara. and he wasn't dancing out there. one of the guys that really surprised me last night was rob kardashian. i didn't want to like rob kardashian. but he came out. yes, he was stiff and everything like that. but rob, in my opinion, has a lot to prove. and he's got a curve that, if he does it right, can win a lot of fans, because i think he has a lot of support out there. >> he's a handsome guy. his goal is to do better than his sister, kim, did. do you think he can achieve that goal? >> kim went out the third week, i think. i think rob can last longer than the third week. >> all right, you know who i
8:19 am
really liked? nancy. i thought nancy was a real pleasant surprise. she had great charisma. but you seem to think she may be in trouble. >> oh. okay. i liked her attitude, lara. she came out with a great attitude. can she sustain it? i don't think so. there wasn't any grace about her dancing. i think her attitude was there. i didn't care for nancy grace's dance at all. >> i loved her. the fire in her. i loved -- i think she can provide great entertainment. you're right. it's anybody's game. so, she's not in your top -- the top few. who do you think will make the finals? i know it's early, donny. i know what you're going to say. but just -- >> how can you call it on the first week? but if i were to call it, i would say you have to watch chynna. chynna phillips is great. you gotta watch j.r. martinez. i think he's going to end up in the finals. ricki lake. she has the determination. she has the -- that's what i'm looking at. who has the heart and soul in this thing, right from the get-go, that wants that mirrorball trophy?
8:20 am
ricki lake has got it. >> let me ask you, ricki lake said she was really nervous. there was a lot of famous people in the audience. courteney cox was there to support david arquette. and all of the kardashian girls. a little heckling from khloe. i think she told one of the judges to clean between his ears. does that make the contestants even more nervous? >> big-time. it's great to have the support. but to have courteney and coco there was really great. but it does pull your focus. that happened to me. when i was dancing, i saw marie in the audience, blew my focus and the dance. it's great to have support. it's going to be a fun season, lara. i can hardly wait to see what happens. >> we want you back. we gotta hear everything. "dancing with the stars," the results show tonight at 8:00 p.m., 7:00 central. we'll have the first couple will get the boot tomorrow. and we want to know what you think. which celebrity danced the best last night? let us know using your "gma" app on your smartphone. we go now to robin roberts. >> all right, lara. celine dion is a legendary performer. a music superstar. but she's also a wife and a mom of three.
8:21 am
including her twin boys. they're going to turn 1 next month. now, if you have ever wondered what her life is like behind the scenes, you can find out. you can see the 90-minute special, named "celine and three boys." she stopped by here and gave us a sneak peek. she is one of the best-selling female artists of all-time. ♪ if you want it the most there's no easy way out ♪ >> reporter: behind that unmistakable voice lives a force to be reckoned with. after a five-year run at the coliseum at caesar's palace, celine dion returned to the las vegas strip last spring, earning rave reviews for a new show. a show so successful, its run was extended. and now, another new kind of show. this time, an intimate documentary. the special, "celine, 3 boys and a new show," takes a personal look into the life of celine dion.
8:22 am
♪ so now i turn to you with open arms ♪ >> reporter: showcasing her unparalleled vocal talent. her humor. >> we're going to say welcome to the world in a few minutes. >> reporter: and a rare look into her private life. last october, celine gave birth to twin boys. >> hello, everyone. >> reporter: after six rounds of in vitro fertilization. ♪ lying beside you ♪ >> reporter: and perhaps most candidly, the show shows the pressure she faced preparing to put on a show for millions. >> yes, i'm going to give so much kisses. i will. >> reporter: just five months after giving birth. we're so excited to have celine here in our studio with us. you look fantastic. >> thank you so much. feeling great. >> you are. you look great. you feel great. the special, "3 boys and a new show." is that all? >> that's not all.
8:23 am
a dog. we can add to it, you know? >> you have so much going on in your life right now. >> happiness. a lot of wonderful things to be excited about. like you say, just a new show that we're very proud of. a grand and chic show. coming home and leaving home filled with love. and my twins, in a month, they'll be what? they'll be a year. i don't know where it went. >> you don't, do you? and rene charles. when i saw his hair. >> he has beautiful hair. now, he's going to be 10 years old. he's now going to be a big brother. >> he likes that role, too? >> very much so. he's very proud of what he does. he's a good kid. i'm proud of him. >> your husband who is here. who is your champion. he is also a critic. he'll tell you, which is what you really want in life and what you need. the role he has played. >> sometimes, most of the time it helps tremendously. because you need, in life if you're fortunate enough you need the support.
8:24 am
>> watching the special. you do not hold back. we see you boo-hooing. you're crying. you're hormonal. it was months after you had your twins. you're back out there. you only have a few months to get the show right where you want it. and talk about the emotions that you were feeling. >> it's hard because, what i do, when i'm with my kids. and when i'm having this loving family moment, i do not allow anything to disturb that. >> you say about the three boys, you kind of allude a little bit that you may want to add to the family. you give us a little hint. i know you said, what happens in vegas, stays in vegas. >> oh, well you know it's a famous line. once in awhile, i got that say that, you know. >> but do you want more children? >> you know, for -- when you have children, it gives you a
8:25 am
sense of your life. i would never say -- the biggest gift that you can offer yourself. you know? so, we'd love to. when is it going to be possible? is it going to happen? i don't know. but do i wish for? oh, yeah. >> we say that phrase, you're comfortable in your own skin. you, my friend, are comfortable in your own skin. >> and you know what? does it come because it's motherhood? does it come because it's the 40s? does it come because you have decided that you're going to feel the inner strength and you're going to balance yourself? i don't know. but i feel awesome. >> how do you know that you want to do the things that you're doing? you're so happy with your family. we love it when you are on because you give so much of yourself. and your fans can't get enough of it. but how do you know what is right for you to choose? >> i selfishly say, i give it to rene. for him to decide what's going to be good and when and how.
8:26 am
i appreciate him so much. you know, when i was in my 20s, i thought he was awesome. when i was in my 30s, i thought i was very lucky. now, i'm in my 40s. and i think i'm blessed with my family and my husband. i'm very privileged to have them. it's what i'm the most proud of. my family and my kids. i think the best is yet to come. for us, too. elmo, next. ti the coroner says human remains found over the weekend are those of nursing student michelle le. she disappeared from kaiser hospital last may. her family has been searching
8:27 am
for her ever since. a volunteer found her remains saturday. 27-year-old giselle esteban is charged with le's mur. confirmation of how le died is still pending. >> let's see how your morning commute is going. >> slow traffic in san jose. accident northbound to 2 -- pardon me southbound 280 past 101 slow traffic all the way debris in lanes there too. hot spot drive times 101 580 out of the central valley. 880 slow to fremont. >> different kind of hot spot, the weather in the bay area soarinininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininin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8:28 am
8:29 am
spare the air is what we have today especially in the east bay valleys. summer in september 90s everywhere except for the bay shore mid to upper 80s. 80 in san francisco. 70 half monday. temperatures fall back into the 50s and 60s ♪ ♪ elmo's got the moves we all got the moves ♪ ♪ anytime anyway with our friends at "gma" ♪ ♪ we all got the moves
8:30 am
cookie you've got ♪ ♪ or a cookie you've not we all got the moves ♪ ♪ we've got the moves we all got the moves ♪ ♪ we all got the moves elmo got what you got ♪ ♪ everybody's got the moves we all got the moves ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ wow. >> welcome back to "gma." robin and george are both on assignment. thankfully, we have a cast of thousands. >> yes. >> pitching in and helping out. thank you. thank you. thank you. >> big "g" in the house." >> we have a whole lot of muppets. as "sesame street" heads into its 42nd season. and now, lara's just being shameless. >> i know.
8:31 am
slimy's here. the whole bang is here. big day. also, going to have our latest installment of "show me the money." we're going to call this guy the robin hood of safety deposit boxes. also, of course it's "the chew," a new abc show debuting september 26th. clinton kelly, one of the hosts dropping by here. he is getting ready as they get ready. the executive producer of "sesame street," come on in. it's an extreme pleasure to have the gang here today. the 42nd season. that is an institution to end all others. first of all, you're focusing this year on teaching kids some subjects where american kids are falling behind. how did you come about that? >> well you know we're teaching s.t.e.m. this year. science, technology, engineering and math. weighty subjects for
8:32 am
preschoolers. but when you boil it down, it's about observation, asking questions. creating hypotheses and testing them out. >> and getting them started early. >> getting them started. that's what we're about. >> it helps when you have a celebrity drop by in the neighborhood. and this season is no different. who do you have? >> we've broken our own record. we have 40 celebrities, ranging from supreme court justices to nba basketball stars. drew brees nfl player. and musical artists. and elvis costello bruno mars. >> going to have emmy winners from abc. "modern family". >> oh, my goodness. sofia vergara and jesse ferguson stopped by. >> we have something of a
8:33 am
premiere here. >> you do. >> it's the "sesame street" video. and i swear this sounds a whole lot like justin bieber. take a listen. ♪ i never thought that i could ever find out ♪ ♪ just how big a jumbo shrimp could be ♪ ♪ but no, sir and i don't have a doubt ♪ ♪ if you want to know the size i hold the key ♪ ♪ elmo or justin we can tell you it all ♪ ♪ he's got the right tune to help you ♪ >> how did that come about? >> well, we always use on the show. we want to draw the adult viewer in. we know the educational impact is better for the kids when the parents are so viewing. we do parodies like that to draw
8:34 am
the parents in. >> i want to ask quickly, what does it say about me if my favorite character is snuffleupagus? >> wow. you can tell a lot about people with the character they like. you have to worry about the oscar the grouch fans. >> it will be the 42nd season of "sesame street." carol-lynn, thank you for being here. sam, i dare you to follow that. >> look lower. come on. these folks at "sesame street" have something. these kids are transfixed. they're just like, zoomed in. oscar, what's going on man? i don't think you're so bad. >> oh, yeah? >> i think you're kind of friendly. i feel you're not as grouchy as you act like. >> i have a few pointers you might do to be a better weatherman. >> okay. >> i brought a little list. >> okay. i take that back. you're definitely grouchy.
8:35 am
you're a grouch. >> yeah. >> let's get to the boards. i'm really only like four feet tall. as you look outside our doors, your twitter pictures are alive with us this morning. from oklahoma also in texas. the thing about texas is when you get a chance to see a cloud this summer you get very excited. the ones that dropped the rain are all gone. now, we dry out for several days. waco, back to 90 degrees. the rain squeezes into the southeast. there's an odd-looking weather pattern between north florida and georgia. atlantic city, 74 degrees. all up and down the east coast, a chance of scattered showers. it's nice and warm on th
8:36 am
all that weather was brought to you by walgreens. i think we have learned something today. that oscar is indeed a grouch. you may notice a lot of purple behind me and really wonderful people. they're a few of those who support and careful and are trying to raise awareness for the 35 million people who are affected with alzheimer's disease around the world. why are we talking about this? september is world alzheimer's month. tomorrow is the big day. it's alzheimer's action day. with me is angela geiger who is part of the group that's going to raise awareness. it's really epidemic. >> absolutely. alzheimer's disease is a soaring epidemic worldwide. it's the only cause of death with no known way to cure prevent or slow its progression. >> if you're down here in times square get on a purple carpet and take a picture. tell me about that. >> if you're near new york city come on down.
8:37 am
get your picture taken. hold the end of alzheimer's starts with me signs. get your picture on the jumbotron and show your support for a disease that isn't recognized enough for the crisis that it is. >> i'm sure everyone watching has a family member. it's important we get together to end this. tomorrow is a big day. everyone needs to wear purple for alzheimer's action day. >> the alzheimer's association asking everyone to wear purple and shine a bright purple light on this epidemic that not enough are doing about yet. >> everybody wear your purple. come on down to times square. it is a very important cause. coming up next on "good morning america," we're going to show you the money. the robin hood of unclaimed money. he@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b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8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
time for our ever-popular "show me the money" series. and people don't usually expect good news when the department of revenue calls. the next time it may be worth your while to pick up the phone. you may be set for a surprise windfall. abc's neal karlinsky has more. >> reporter: everybody misplaces stuff. your car keys. maybe your cell phone. but how about an original picasso sketch book. what's the value of that? >> i got on e-mail $300,000 and upwards if it's authenticated. >> reporter: he has undoubtedly the coolest job at the washington state department of revenue. he's called what's called a locater in the unclaimed property section. meaning, he's part sherlock holmes and part santa claus. what have we got here? >> got a little bit of
8:42 am
everything. he's are silver mint coins. some specialty sets here. over here, we have war medals. >> reporter: this is a purple heart. >> purple heart. >> reporter: this pirates' booty is unclaimed property now stored in a secret vault. abandoned safety deposit boxes, often because of a death in the family. whaerts the weirdest thing you've come across? you've crocked open a safety deposit box and there is? >> one story that exists, there was a ski mask and a handgun in there. >> reporter: from safety deposit boxes to unclaimed cash of old bank accounts washington state collected $90 million last year alone. riches that frank is assigned to give back. >> since 2002, i've returned over $58 million to rightful owners. and there's no charge for anything we do. it's absolutely free. >> reporter: all-told the state has $830 million in unclaimed
8:43 am
assets. items which are auction off every few years in if no one claims them. frank spends a lot of time on the phone. >> this is frank marshal, unclaimed property. how are you this morning? >> reporter: here's the strange part. when caller i.d. shows he's with the department of revenue, a lot of people frequently dodge his calls. >> excuse me, we're trying to give you money. they're very confused by that. department of revenue wants to give money away? >> reporter: on this day he made a two-hour drive to hand-deliver his findings to a woman who lives in taiwan. she happened to be back in the united states on vacation, just as frank was tracking her down. >> frank marshal. i have proceeds for $6,441 for an old bank account. >> thank you very much.
8:44 am
>> reporter: it was her uncle who took the call. and like so many others, he didn't believe it at first. >> i thought it was a telemarketer running a scam. >> reporter: no surprise to frank, washington state's cyber santa. fair warning, you might want to answer if he calls. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, olympia, washington. >> thank you neal. it could be waiting for you. go to our complete guide, and get yours. of course, in advance of the 42nd season of "sesame street" premiering september 26th, the gang is all with us. today, it's elmo. and, elmo if you could do me a favor. little sarina is watching at home. you will make me the coolest dad of all-time if you say hello to her. >> hello, sarina. hello loves you. elmo has so much fun on "gma."
8:45 am
>> are you, elmo? >> we're having a great time. >> do you have a future in news? what do you think? >> i love being with you guys. >> oh. that's terrific. all right. they'll be right back, and so will we. clinton kelly of "the chew" is next.
8:46 am
8:47 am
the premiere of "the chew." and clinton kelly is here with desserts that are good and easy to make. as a stylist, you make food look beautiful. but you do love to cook. >> my job is to make people over. but when i'm not working, i'm cooking all the time. at night or on the weekends. i'm super excited about the new fall fruits that are coming into
8:48 am
season. >> me, too. >> i'll show you how to make three easy, fall desserts. >> emphasis on easy. apple crumble. >> you can make this crumble this weekend. i have ten apples that have been peeled and cored. >> i can handle it. >> and cut into chunks. i'm going to add some dried cranberries cranberries. you can stir this together. dried cranberries. a little orange juice. a little cinnamon. the recipe is on the website. a little nutmeg. a little orange zest. >> oh, boy. what are you cooking? >> cookie monster. >> cookie monster, you -- i thought i saw you perking up over there. >> yeah. >> we have two recipes that have cookies involved. >> cookies. me love cookies. where cookies? >> listen. >> do not see cookies. >> you have to behave. those are the second and third's
8:49 am
recipes. the first is an apple crumble. >> a little flour and a pinch of salt. >> pour that in. >> pour it into a baking dish. we could mix it up better in real life. but that's all right. now, we make the crumble. that is butter. two sticks of butter. >> he said crumble. not cookie. >> we not care at this point. me hungry. >> cookies. don't bite my finger. here's a cookie. >> oatmeal. flour. sugar. a little bit of salt. a little orange zest as well. turn on your mixer here. or just do it by hand. what this turns into is this the crumble. >> that's the crumble. >> and we crumble -- >> spread over on top? by hand? >> why not? >> why not? use hands for cooking. >> and we pop that in the oven for 45 minutes. >> 45 minutes? oh, no. >> it's a long time. >> it's a long time to wait.
8:50 am
>> the next recipe cookie is pretty quick. >> oh, yeah. this crumble turns into this. it's delicious. you can serve it with ice cream. >> we need to try this out. we want to know. delicious. >> good. easy. >> it's okay. >> he only wants cookies. >> me holding off on cookie. >> the next dessert, which is glamorous but also real easy to do. >> it does look fancy. >> it's roasted figs. i created a little of a glaze with honey and orange juice. and figs put the glaze on top. put them under the broiler. they come out so sweet and delicious and gooey. and top ice cream on top. >> chic. >> makes you look chic and fancy, even if you're not, like me. >> cookies. >> amoretto cookies just crushed up on top. and there's that. >> let me ask the question.
8:51 am
broiler for the figs? >> broiler for the figs. just a few minutes. until they get bubbly. >> i have tried that for an advertiser and it didn't go well. >> you have to keep your eye on the broiler when you're broiling anything. you have to watch it the whole time. >> you know who else you have to watch, is over here. we get to the third recipe an icebox cake. this has cookies in it. >> ginger snaps. >> they're not chocolate chip. but they'll do. >> you take your ginger snaps and layer them with a layer of yogurt and mascarpone cheese. just layers of the yogurt mascarpone. put it in the refrigerator for about six hours and you're good to go. >> six hours. is it time for us to eat? cookie, it's time to go nuts with the cookies. cheers. everybody, the recipes are on
8:52 am "the chew," congratulations. >> yeah. monday. our big day. >> september 26th. and we will be right back. cookies.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
we do want to thank all of you. we also want to thank all of them for being with us today. in advance of the 42nd season of "sesame street." cookie monster. you got milk and cookies. don't worry about it. >> listen. we asked everybody for which celebrity dancer you thought did the best job last night. and here's how you responded. j.r. martinez chynna phillips and hope solo. i liked her, too. chynna in the middle there. we have so enjoyed having everybody here. >> today has been absolutely phenomenal. thanks to all of you for being here. coming up tomorrow, the booted couple from "dancing with the stars." "modern family's "sofia vergara.
8:56 am
have a great day. gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogo,ñ
8:57 am
8:58 am
the city of san bruno will hold a ceremony this morning to mark the closure of that huge crater created by last september's pipeline blast. they will fill in the crater
8:59 am
this afternoon is it is expected to take three weeks. >> another hot one. >> poor air quality in the east bay valley watch out for that this afternoon. back-to-back spare the air day first time this summer. 70s at the coast 90s inland valleys. 10 to 15° above average temperatures continue through friday. >> 280 northbound and southbound school bus accident. this is the southbound direction. that accident has cleared no children on the bus. slow traffic from the expressway to the scene southbound 280 to 880. >> next newscast is coming up announcer: it's "live with regis & kelly." today, emmy winning star of "the good wife," julianna margulies. and from the "the x-factor," judge paula abdul. and tennis star and "biggest loser" trainer anna kournikova. and the mighty


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