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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 27, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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michael jackson's doctor on trial. abc news has learned whether jackson's children will take the stand, with live cameras rolling in the courtroom. the biggest trial since casey anthony starts today. shark 911. the emergency call from florida waters. >> we're on the boat right now. our friend just got bit by a shark. >> we hear from the heroes that jumped into danger to rescue their best friend from the nine-foot shark tearing his leg apart. and drama on the dance floor. the tears. the tension. the breakdowns at rehearsal. ricki and derek rule the night. and nancy and tristan dance their way to a wardrobe malfunction. and, boy, do we have a lot to talk about this morning. >> we do. >> including the revealing video of what an earthquake looks like when you're hundreds of feet in
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the air. these are scary images from the earthquake that hit the d.c. area last month. this is the washington monument. you see a whole lot of shaking going on. >> you do. the monument will be closed indefinitely. the damage much worse than people thought. also, new rumblings at new jersey governor chris christie. they just won't top stop. now "the new york post" is reporting that barbara bush has called christie's wife to convince her that her family will be just fine in the white house. can he be persuaded to run? bill o'reilly of "the o'reilly factor" will weigh in on all of that. >> waiting there for the shot to be taken. looking forward to your discussion with him. and a health scare for ellen degeneres. why she will be discussing this on her show today as only she can do. >> she lays it all out. >> yes, she does. first, right to the abc news exclusive. a huge number of missiles have
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disappeared in libya. officials fear they may be used to target american passenger planes. and abc's brian ross is here with the latest. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, robin. u.s. officials have thought there was little chance that terrorists could get their hands on many of the portable missiles that could bring down a commercial jet liner. now, that calculation is out the window, with officials in a secret white house meeting startled to learn just how many have gone missing in libya. they're accurate and deadly. as seen in this u.s. army test of an american-made missile locking in on the heat of an aircraft. >> matching up the terrorists with a shoulder-fired missile, that's our worst nightmare. >> reporter: an estimated 20,000 portable heat-seeking missiles have gone missing from unguarded military weapons warehouses. peter bouchard warned of the problem after a trip to libya six months ago. >> it will be a great challenge now to try to get these weapons back, once they've disappeared
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from the facility. it is one of the greatest stockpiles of the weapons that has ever gone on the loose. >> reporter: he took pictures of pickup truckloads of the missiles being carted off just a few weeks ago, raising alarms that they could end up in the hands of al qaeda, which is active in the region. >> i think the probability of al qaeda being able to smuggle all of the stinger-like missiles out of the area is probably pretty high. >> reporter: adding to the urgency is the fact that america's and most passenger jets with sitting ducks despite years of warnings about the missile threats. 2003, iraqi insurgents hit this dhl cargo plane with a heat-seeking missile. it was able to land successfully. now there are calls in congress to give all jets that fly overseas the same protection that military aircraft have. >> we should ensure that the wide-body planes have this protection. >> reporter: it could cost about $1 million a plane, for a system that has been successfully tested over the last few years.
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it directs a laser beam into the incoming missile. >> the system jams the missile and drives it away from the aircraft. >> reporter: today, senator boxer will call on the defense department to equip some 500 wide-body passenger jets with the new technology. focusing primarily on those planes that fly overseas. the total cost would be about $6 billion, money the senator says would be well spent, given what's happening right now in libya. >> it would seem the case. a lot of people surprised by your reporting, was the white house aware of this? >> the first reports came into the u.s. six months ago. the white house really now just gets its hands around the problem, with the state department and the cia blaming each other for letting this go on so long without taking action. now they're trying to offer payments to buy them back and trying to close up the borders, which is difficult. >> absolutely. brian, thanks for the investigation. >> that is a real scramble. now, to the politics and the
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behind-the-scenes drama over the white house. rick perry retooling after a rough week. mitt romney snuck into trump tower for a meeting with the would-be kingmaker. and other republicans are trying to convince chris christie to jump in. bill o'reilly is standing by to weigh in on all of this and president obama's tough talk. first, here's abc's john berman. >> reporter: while the president tried to link with voters at the social media site, linkedin -- >> how do we put people back to work right now? >> reporter: -- he tried to link with big money donors last night, telling them this election will be a test of character. meanwhile, republicans are linking with a different character. there's the iowa caucuses, the new hampshire primary. and now, the tour de trump. with mitt romney the latest republican candidate to pay homage to the donald. trump and romney went to great lengths not to be seen together by this mob of reporters. but trump told cnn -- >> we hit it off very well. i will say. i think, even better than i had anticipated. >> reporter: that's an upgrade from trump, who earlier said romney did not resonate with voters. of course, the no-picture treatment was different than the full-photo, full-pizza party
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that trump threw for sarah palin. or the trip to jean georges for rick perry. >> he knows his restaurants. >> reporter: michele bachmann is due to visit trump a second time. and herman cain is scheduled for next week. why the trump love? >> he struck a chord with some republican voters. donald trump now has an audience in the republican party. >> reporter: in the latest poll, rick perry leads romney. perry is down two points and romney up three, since perry's rocky debate showing. >> with all due respect, it was not up to primetime. >> reporter: as for new jersey governor chris christie's possible entry into the race, a key ally, former new jersey governor tom cain said, it's real. >> now, christie stayed mum on that subject. he made a loud statement about "jersey shore," repealing a tax credit for the show, saying it does nothing more than perpetuate misconceptions of the state and its citizens. his bludgeoning of "jersey shore" aside, christie gives a big high-profile speech at the
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reagan library tonight. that's where people will be watching for signs about whether he might run. george? >> john, thanks very much. let's welcome back bill o'reilly, anchor of "the o'reilly factor." on fox. author of a new book, "killing lincoln." i've got it right here. we're going to talk about it later on in the show. let's get to the politics. what do you make of christie? is he going to get in? >> no. very hard to raise money. hard to put a national organization together, in the period of time he'd have to do so. and i think for the governor himself, it would be wiser to really establish himself in new jersey because he hasn't been there very long. >> he told diane sawyer he's not ready. >> what? >> he told diane sawyer he doesn't think he's ready to be president yet. >> i don't know the governor. but from tactical things, it would be wiser to sit back. he has some time. but, look. it's chaotic in there. there's a lot of people. it's tempting. you can be president. that's big. >> how do you explain why so many republicans won't give up this dream of somebody else getting in? we saw even former first lady,
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barbara bush, according to "the new york post," trying to convince mary pat christie, get in. >> it's always greener over there on the other side. oh, he's better. and he's better. and this one and that. when they get in, just like rick perry, oh, he's not so good. pretty soon, you're going to be getting a call, george. >> not from the republican side. i don't think so. your fox colleagues have been so tough on rick perry. bill kristol said of the debate last week, a disqualifying two hours. >> hume said he thought he barfed on himself. i was eating popcorn. hume said that? it's the build 'em up, tear 'em down game. not to say that kristol and hume are wrong. he didn't have a good debate. but so what? that happens a lot. >> you think he can come back? >> sure. he has a good record in texas. he has a conservative base that likes him. he didn't do that well. but there's a bunch of other debates.
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maybe he'll do better. >> meanwhile, president obama really going after this. you saw him on the west coast at the fund-raisers. has anybody been watching the debates lately? you have a governor whose state is on fire denying climate change. you have republicans booing a service member in iraq because they're gay. that's not reflective of who we are. and it's clear that the president's team -- there's a strategy here. they think the republican base is way outside of the mainstream right now. >> you're telling me, this is shocking to me. the president doesn't like republicans? he's criticizing the republicans? >> but he thinks it can work for him. >> do i think it can work for him? no. i think that the economy is so bad that if the republicans run a candidate with credibility, the president will lose unless something happens. rhetoric walks right now. people are angry. americans are angry. when they're angry, they take it out on who is in power. if the republicans can put forth someone, to convince americans they have a better handle on the economy, republicans will win. >> is that person in the field right now?
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>> is what? >> is that person in the field right now? >> i don't know yet. you have to give them time, these guys. it's not the easiest thing in the world. you have to see how they handle themselves over a period of time. and americans are watching closely. but most americans aren't even engaged yet. we are here. this is our business. >> and most americans are incredibly fed up with everyone right now. >> and they should be. they should be. look at the state of the country. we're in chaos. they should be fed up with all of them. if i had to wipe the whole place out and bring in regular folks. regular folks couldn't do worse. could they do worse? bring in regular folks to run the country. >> who are the regular folks? >> people that don't do politics for a living. these guys are putting their finger up to the wind. which way is it blowing? that's the way i'll go. why not do something right in the country once in awhile, instead of thinking about your career? >> do you think that's likely to happen? that everybody gets wiped out? the president loses and the republicans are wiped out? >> i think the republican party is poised, if they don't blow
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it, and they could, to really win big because the democratic party has run up more than $5 trillion in debt in just four years. and that's just outrageous. >> we have a lot more to talk about. we're going to come back in the last hour and talk about "killing lincoln," your new book. >> all right, george, thanks. >> thanks a lot, bill. >> and you read it? >> i did read it. shocking. you don't think i read? >> i'm very excited. >> he fulfills his promises. thanks. let's turn to italy now, and amanda knox. today is the first day of the defense's closing arguments. a more promising day for her. "20/20" co-anchor, elizabeth vargas, has the latest from perugia. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: good morning, robin. defense lawyers have been arguing passionately that the police interrogation of amanda knox was illegal, done without a lawyer and without a proper interpreter. but everybody in court is really still talking about what happened late yesterday in court. when the lawyer for the murder victim, suddenly, and without warning, showed the public and the journalists from around the world gruesome photos of the
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victim's naked body. a tense and drawn amanda knox came into court this morning, when defense lawyers get a chance to answer a barrage of attacks by the prosecution. the most incendiary moment came yesterday, when the lawyer for victim meredith kercher stunned the courtroom, by repeatedly showing grisly photos of kercher's naked body and closeups of her stab wounds. there were gasps in the courtroom. and amanda lowered her head. we've heard this morning, all sorts of terms. demonic, satanic. one lawyer called your daughter a she-devil who loved sex. >> this morning was extraordinarily hard to listen to. you know, it was even tougher for amanda to listen to. >> reporter: amanda's entire family is here to support her, including her three sisters. the youngest just 13 years old. they all see signs of the increasing stress on amanda. i know you've tried to urge her
7:13 am
to eat, as any mother would do, worried about her daughter. she's just too stressed? >> she's gotten a little defensive. it's not that i'm choosing not to eat. i physically cannot eat. she broke out in hives. it's just physically the stress is definitely hitting her. >> reporter: amanda is busy working on perhaps the most important words she will ever put to paper. it is a statement she's been drafting for more than three months. and will deliver in italian to the jury and the judges, just before they determine her fate. >> it's her chance to try to say you know, meredith was my friend. hopefully, get a chance to look each juror and the judges in the eyes and really show that she had nothing to do with this. >> reporter: that statement from amanda knox will be the very last thing the judge and jury hears before it decides her fate. robin, just to get back to those photos one more time, they were really, really upsetting. in all my years of covering murder trials, i've never seen anything like this shown in open court.
7:14 am
several people had to get up and leave, they were so upset by it. it's so hard to believe that meredith kercher's family gave permission for those photos to be displayed in such a public way. back to you. >> it is hard to believe. elizabeth, thank you very much. let's turn to josh elliott for the other top stories developing right now. >> good morning to all of you. we begin with some grisly news out of china. 200 people have been injured this morning in a subway crash in shanghai. one train rear-ended the other. we have images and cell phone video from inside the train, that shows a chaotic scene. however, it's important to note. no reports of fatalities. early indications do point to a faulty signal. it's the same problem that caused a similar crash back in july, which killed 40 people. meanwhile in washington, it looks like a last-minute deal will keep the government running until at least mid november. the senate reaching a compromise last night, beating friday's deadline. the deal also guarantees the victims of recent floods and tornadoes will keep receiving federal disaster aid.
7:15 am
and engineers will be rappelling down the washington monument today to inspect cracks that opened up during last month's earthquake. it comes as we see for the very first time, just what it was like inside the monument when the quake struck. this is how an earthquake looks 500 feet above the earth. surveillance cameras throughout the washington monument, captured august's 5.8 magnitude quake. as the obelisk begins to tremble and shake, confusion and then frenzy, as tourists run for cover. watch, at this woman falls during the commotion. others look up, as chunks rain down. a father looking for his son, before running to safety. and throughout, park ranger nikolette williams. trying to maintain calm. >> i'm terrified. i'm going, run. i realize i need to take care of these 20 people that are at the top with me. i need to get them to the bottom as fast as i can. as i'm going down the stairs in the video, it shakes me so hard it knocks me into the railing.
7:16 am
i probably would have fallen if i had not been near the railing. >> a snapshot of heroism. that ranger went back up to make sure everyone was out. the monument remains closed indefinitely, as damage inspections get under way today. just days after receiving the nation's highest military honor, the man who saved 36 of his comrades in afghanistan, says he doesn't want special treatment while looking for his next job. dakota myer was awarded the medal of honor this month. but he wants to be a new york firefighter. he missed the application deadline because of the medal ceremony. and the judge granted him an extension. but he won't be applying. he doesn't want to be an exception to the rule. i have to say, considering what he did in afghanistan, he's a little late for that. >> my goodness. that is something. >> he'll have to wait four more years. what character. what character that is. >> really is something. well, looky who is back home. >> how is it going? i tried all the excuses and none of them worked.
7:17 am
i am going with i got lost. that's what i'm going to go with. >> glad to have you back. >> good morning, everybody. let's talk about the low. separated from anything that will move it around the country. west of chicago, about five inches of rain yesterday. and this thing continues to sit and spin. look at the moisture pushing to the eastern seaboard. here's what we deliver in the way of rainfall. in the areas shaded in red, in western pennsylvania, moving into south jersey. an inch to two inches of rain. that's in a zone in pennsylvania that doesn't need that kind of rain. we're looking over that in the next couple of days as it is slow to move. a quick look at the big board. show you how everything is calm in the middle. a little drier in the northwest today. we'll look at the pictures from those storms in the next half hour.
7:18 am
>> more on the heat in the middle of the country in the next half hour. it's 85 in denver today. >> there's some sunscreen. you have it over -- >> you're not going to let up on it. give the guy a break.
7:19 am
>> i say well done, well done, sam. >> no, i'm not. >> i guess not. time, now, for a fishing trip one 5-year-old will never forget. on her first time out, this little texas girl went toe to toe with a piranha and won. abc's ryan owens has her story. >> reporter: lindsay schutte is 5 years old. and already has a better fish story than any angler ten times her age. on her very first fishing trip to this lake south of houston, little lindsay reeled in a man eater. >> a fish i had never seen before. and took the hook out. and it was -- it was just weird because it had big teeth. >> reporter: this piranha sank its razor-sharp teeth into the piece of hot dog she used as bait. and then, into her brother jack's finger. >> right here. we called it naughty. >> we called it naughty. we did. >> reporter: state wildlife
7:20 am
officials confirm it's the real deal. >> they said, no. that's not the normal type of fish that's here. >> reporter: the first piranha found in texas in 30 years. the meat-eaters are rare in the united states. they can't survive in water cooler than 50 degrees. authorities suspect this one was probably in someone's aquarium, got dumped into the lake, giving this 5-year-old the catch of a lifetime. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> the story of a lifetime. >> what a smile. the king of pop's doctor goes on trial. will michael jackson's children take the stand? and laughing it off. why ellen says she's dancing off her health scare. why ellen says she's dancing off her health scare. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities
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sausalito city council men mike kelly learns if he will face an assault charge for trying the habd of another count -- the hand of another councilmember. she put her hand out and he responded by striking her on the hand. she filed an assault complain after he didn't apologize. the d.a. is reviewing the evident. the council meets again tonight. >> let's see how the traffic is going. accident just cleared out of lane, we thought we would like at your drive times through marin county. southbound 101 from 37 central
7:25 am
san rafael, un-- ace train running five minutes behind train number 3. >> when w w w w w w w w w w w wi
7:26 am
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welcome back. morning haze hanging around but no clouds sunny everywhere, even at the coast. 50s if you are stepping out now. afternoon mid to upper 70s,
7:28 am
san francisco, richmond, objection land, san mateo. 80s north bay and south bay -- it is warmer tomorrow. news continues now with "good morning america."
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last night, i was having chest pains. so, this morning, paramedics came to look at me. and first of all, i'm fine. let me just say, i'm fine. i'm very happy.
7:30 am
[ applause ] the paramedics were strippers that i had called. so, that's how the rumors got started. >> a bit of a scare. but ellen has not lost her sense of humor. she says she's just fine. right now. but why did she have to call the paramedics? we'll have the latest on that health scare coming up. >> in her own words, that are always oh, so funny. and the man who got more than a little help from his friends. a nine-foot shark attacked him. biting into his leg. his friends did not hesitate. dove in to save him. >> did not hesitate for one second. also, a night of big nerves in the ballroom. "dancing with the stars" last night. nancy grace broke down in rehearsal. but, boy, ricki lake and derek had a dazzling night on the dance floor last night. we're going to break it all down this morning with our favorite, ralph macchio. >> i like j.r. >> he was good, too. you're right. let's get right to, george, the trial of michael jackson's former doctor, opening today with cameras rolling in what is expected to be a packed courtroom. dr. conrad murray facing charges of involuntary manslaughter in the superstar's death. abc's jim avila is in los
7:31 am
angeles with the latest on all this. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, robin. officially, it's the state of california, the people of california, versus dr. conrad murray. but everyone knows, in reality, it's actually michael jackson's life that is on trial. conrad murray's defense team desperately wants the jury to see this press conference, held four months before michael jackson's death, when he announced his final tour called, "this is it." >> these will be my final show performances, in london. >> reporter: the defense argued that the video showed a michael jackson under a lot of pressure and hungover. passing out just before he took the stage. distraught when he learned it would be not just 10 concerts, but plans for 50. >> this is it. this is it. >> reporter: the judge ruled the jury will not see it. but if the defense has its way, the focus of this trial will still be on michael jackson's
7:32 am
actions, not his doctor's. the defense will contend it was the singer, while his personal physician was out of the bedroom, who self-administered the last dose of the anesthesia known as milk among addicts and propofol in the operating room, killing himself. the former medical prosecutor for the l.a. county d.a. says the evidence shows that's possible. >> it is not at all implausible, in my opinion, that he could have pushed an injection into that port and inadvertently killed himself. >> reporter: as for the prosecution's strategy, we know two witnesses they will not be calling, his children, paris and prince. abc news has learned prosecutors have agreed not to have them testify. >> if they were able to talk about their own experiences at the hands of conrad murray, that would have probative value. >> and i just want to say i love him. >> but since they have not been
7:33 am
touched, treated, or part of any of the decisionmaking, there is little benefit they could actually add. >> reporter: after opening statements this morning, the first witness will be choreographer kenny ortega. robin? >> we're going to talk more about that, jim. thank you. we're going to bring in legal analyst dan abrams in the studio with me. and former counsel for michael jackson, is mark geragos, joining us from los angeles. good morning to you both. we heard in jim's report that the children are not expected to take the stand. are you surprised by that? and do you expect to see any of the jacksons on the stand? >> i actually disagree with the report. i think if the prosecution doesn't call one of the kids that the defense probably will. they're listed on the list -- the witness list. i don't think it's -- would be a surprise to me, at least, to see one or more of those kids testify because i think there's going to be a recalculation based on some of these rulings that the judge is making that
7:34 am
the defense is going to have to scramble and some way get in the information that they're trying to get in through the back door. they may have to go in through the front door with one of the kids. >> it's always a risk, calling the kids. first of all, you don't know exactly what they're going to say. they're kids. and second of all, whoever calls them is the one who is forcing them, in a way, to recount very difficult moments. difficult days, et cetera. it doesn't mean it couldn't happen. but it means that you better have something really important for them to say, i think, to call these kids to the witness stand. >> we know, dan, going to the witness stand first, kenny ortega, who helped co-create the tour that michael jackson was going to go on. why put him on first? >> the teams are going to go chronologically. they're going to start with ortega, who claims he warned dr. murray weeks beforehand, that he thought michael jackson wasn't well. and that conrad murray blew it off.
7:35 am
that ortega is not a doctor. prosecutors want to show that this was reckless conduct. that he behaved in a way an ordinary person, an ordinary doctor can't, shouldn't have. and ortega is the beginning of that account. >> going in chronological order like that. mark, you are a noted defense attorney. what would your strategy be? how would you approach this? >> i think if they were going to handle this in a way that makes the most sense, they're not going to try to vilify michael. i think they have to talk about the fact that he has an issue. and they have to cast this as dr. murray being somebody who wanted to wean him off, who wanted to try to do what he could to minister to him, literally, the problems he has. if that means -- trying to say i'm the last man standing. i was trying to reduce the dosages and things of that nature. i think a lot of this stuff is going to come out in cross-examination.
7:36 am
when they put ortega on, they're going to start to talk, i think, about what kind of condition was michael in? what did he look like? when you say he wasn't well, why were you pressing him? why were you putting him in for rehearsals for the many hours and things of that nature? i think the defense story is going to come out through the prosecution witnesses. they may not have to call anybody ultimately at the end of the day if they're successful in the prosecution case itself. >> i would be surprised if, in the end, dr. murray doesn't testify. i rarely say that. as mark said, if things don't go well for prosecutors, then he wouldn't testify. but this is a squishy legal standard here. no one's questioning that dr. murray administered certain drugs that are extremely controversial, to say the least. so, it's not a sort of whodunit. it's a question of this technical legal standard of recklessness. do they think he, in effect, misbehaved?
7:37 am
i think that to prove that or to disprove that, in effect, even though they don't have any burden of proof, the defense might have to call dr. murray in the end. >> final word from you, mark? >> the one thing that may cut against, actually, calling him as a witness is, if the prosecution, they have hours and hours of interviews with dr. murray. if they get into that in the prosecution case, that may actually help the defense in not having to call him, number one. as dan said, it is a squishy, legal standard. and he's gotten the benefit of the doubt by them not charging second-degree murder in this case. the maximum he's exposed to here is four years in state prison, which is a long way from a life sentence with a murder charge. >> certainly is. mark, always great to have you with us and your perspective. dan, same goes for you. >> thanks. let's get over to sam with the weather. >> good morning, everyone. one of the biggest problems in the country this is cutoff low.
7:38 am
separated from any system that can kick it out, has been bringing 20 of the last 26 days around the chicagoland area has been cooler than normal. a lot of rain. warm air and rain up against the west coast. and finally, a pattern that is strong enough to push it out by wednesday night into thursday. this cold air that comes in behind it. and that's a system that's shooting off in the west coast. the big system that took the trees down in the western area of the washington coastline. well, that system is moving inland. it will kick everything out of the way. and behind it comes warmer air. spokane, washington, getting to 80 degrees on thursday. sacramento getting into the 90s. today, wednesday into thursday. and even the southwest will get >> all of that weather was brought to you by crest complete.
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so that "man, this must be my lucky day feeling" can go on and ooooonnnnn! no, you look good, you look good. get your cash back. chase freedom. now, to the spear-fishing trip that could have been a tragedy for seven friends. but when one of them was viciously attacked by a shark, his friends didn't wait. as abc's matt gutman reports,
7:43 am
they jumped right in. >> reporter: in moments like these -- >> manatee county 911. what's the address of the emergency? >> we're on a boat right now. our friend got bit by a shark. >> reporter: heroes don't think. they act. >> all of a sudden, he started screaming. and you knew it wasn't good. and within seconds, there was just a blood pool around him. >> reporter: c.j. wickersham and six of his friends were spear fishing in the gulf of mexico, near st. petersburg. they even caught a few as they had on previous trips. when suddenly, a nine-foot bull shark ripped a football-sized chunk of flesh from their diving buddy c.j.'s leg. >> i jumped in the water. swam over to him. right when i hit the water, i could see the extent of the injury. it was very, very bad. >> reporter: and the danger wasn't nearly over. a crimson pool started forming around c.j., which can attract even more sharks. together, the three divers fought to get c.j. back on the boat.
7:44 am
his friend, connor bystrom, threw the boat into full throttle, gunning it back to shore. even so, c.j. almost didn't make it. >> is he breathing? >> he is breathing. he's awake and breathing. from his leg up, we tied a rope around the top of his thigh. hello? >> i'm here. i'm here. >> okay. >> is there any serious bleeding? >> yes. he is severely bleeding. >> he never passed out. he kept conscious the whole time. but it was a bloody, bloody mess. >> reporter: finally, the friends got him back to shore. a helicopter air-lifted him to a tampa hospital, where he's doing well enough to pose for this picture with the friends who saved his life. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> so glad he's going to be okay. coming up, ellen sets the
7:45 am
story straight about what really happened with her heart. >> i was having chest pains. >> i was having chest pains. bib big, big, big. big, big. big, big. big. ♪ big big-big -big. -big! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ big-big-big -big, big. -big! -big! -♪ big -big. big, big, big. big, big, big. small. big, big, big, big. small. [ male announcer ] the space-saving, eco-friendly, totally unique smart. unbig. uncar. ♪ ♪ ♪ vegetables picked at their peak ♪ ♪ so fresh my knees grow weak ♪ ♪ inspired by fine chefs in rome ♪ ♪ gourmet soups you make at home ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new bertolli frozen meal soup for two. like chicken minestrone with crisp vegetables, white meat chicken, al dente pasta. [ chef ] ♪ fresh tasting restaurant style ♪ [ both ] ♪ bertolli soup's in the freezer aisle ♪
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walgreens. there's an everyday way to well.
7:49 am
so, ellen degeneres took on a tmz report that the 53-year-old talk show host suffered chest pains talking to her studio audience monday for a segment that will air today. take a look. >> last night, i was having chest pains. and so, this morning, paramedics came to look at me. and first of all, i'm fine. let me just say, i'm fine. [ applause ] the paramedics were strippers that i had called. so, that's how the rumors got started. i woke up in the middle of the night. and i was feeling like a tightness of my chest and all the scary things. like something was heavy on my chest. and it was a cat. so i moved it. and then, i still felt the tightness and heaviness. it was a cat under that cat. there were two cats on my chest. and then, i got to work.
7:50 am
and it was still happening. i was still feeling the pains. you know, i better check this out. better to be safe than sorry. and who doesn't want to see a fireman occasionally? i called the paramedics here on the warner brothers lot. about 50 fire trucks and ambulances, like 1 marching band short of a parade, showed up outside of my office. and they come in with an ax, break the door down, which it was open. i don't know why they did that. everything's fine. it's all -- i don't know what it is. it's just a -- you know, whatever. it's fine. i have a baboon heart that i had put in earlier. that's not true. i want to say thank you to the paramedics and to the nurses who showed up. >> serious health problems have never been quite so funny. >> glad she's okay. coming up, sizzling, sizzling ballroom dancing. and goldie hawn. live in times square. what's the best time to buy a house?
7:51 am
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7:56 am
a cop verse al bake sale is set to -- a controversial bake sale is begin at 10 on the uc berkeley campus. college republicans protesting legislation that would allow the university to consider a student's race in the admissions process. other campus groups say the tactic is offensive. warm one, temperatures jump another 5 to 10°. mid to upper 80s south bay and north bay upper 70s to low 80s and the bay shore. sunny low 70s at the coast, warmer tomorrow. >> cal train running with delays a train out of service northbound 215 out of service traffic there slow. accident in san rafael out of lanes. >> the news continues
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] two weeks in. already a controversy on "dancing with the stars." j.r. martinez.
8:00 am
>> you go, j.r., you go! >> incredible night. but should he have been penalized a point for pulling off this amazing move. we just missed it. it was incredible. >> we'll see it. >> that's ralph macchio. he did an amazing job, as well. he'll be here live this morning. already out there to sign autographs. we'll get him to weigh in on what happened last night. and goldie hawn, here lighting up times square. she is talking about her latest passion. has a wonderful, wonderful book. and why she's going overboard for her friends. >> my favorite movie. >> i love "overboard." i love that. it always comes back to that. i'm sorry, goldie. i know you have done great things. you've won oscars. >> how about "private benjamin"? >> a great movie. also coming up, rocco
8:01 am
dispirito is here to show us how to shave some calories from great dishes without sacrificing taste. cannot wait to try some french fries, the mac and cheese minus the calories. love it. well, not all of them. just some of them. >> how does that work? josh, start us off with some news. >> okay. because you asked so nicely. we're going to begin with an abc news exclusive. it's being called a worst nightmare scenario. thousands of portable missiles, as you can see, just like these, that can bring down commercial jet liners are now missing. they've been stored in an unguarded warehouse in libya, where anyone with a pickup truck could drive off with them. there's concerns that some of the almost 20,000 missiles in stock could now be in al qaeda's hands. in shanghai, 260 people were injured when a subway train slammed into another train. signal failure is being blamed.
8:02 am
it's the same cause of a crash over the summer that killed 40 people there. back in this country, meanwhile, speculation is mounting that new jersey governor, chris christie, could enter the republican race for president. he's expected to discuss foreign policy during his speech at the ronald reagan library tonight. to this point, christie has insisted he feels he's not ready to run. meanwhile, a new poll shows rick perry's lead over mitt romney has narrowed to seven points since last week's debate. and it could be an enjournlging sign for the economy. an indication that more people are driving to work. new figures show that traffic congestion levels rose 10% last year. the average commuter wasted some 34 hours sitting in traffic last year, compared to just 14 hours in the '80s. the washington, d.c. metro area has the worst traffic. could be good news. actress leisha hailey, the
8:03 am
star of the cable series "the l 'l' word." she's calling for people to boycott southwest airlines. the airline insists that hailey was removed for excessive behavior and not other decisions made. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning to you, josh. coming up on "world news," is the secret to happiness finding a second act? reinventing yourself. how do you start? we're going to introduce everyone at "gma" to some boomers who taught us big lessons on how to change everything. and you can change, too. tonight on "world news." before we show you the next story, we need to tell you that the girl in this video is okay. she was not injured. okay. here we go. girl's family at a ball game here. her father, way too eager to catch a foul ball. the girl tumbles one row in front of dad. this game being played in taiwan. the fall is not why we're showing it. watch mom.
8:04 am
>> oh. >> giving him the business. >> that is the death stare. >> i sure hope they weren't west wasting too many hours -- >> they're trying to explain it. >> it was the ball. see? >> you just don't want to know. >> i was wrong. i was wrong. terribly wrong. >> well done. >> and will remain so forever. >> top that, lara. >> thanks, josh. let's get to some pop news. here's the heat index. justin bieber has taken dinner and a movie to a whole, new level. the biebs took his girlfriend, selena gomez, to the staples center for a romantic dinner. he reportedly got the keys to the entire place as a thank you for selling it out. the 20,000-seat arena was set up with a candle lit table for two. where the couple dined and watched "titanic," during which
8:05 am
we think bieber was thinking, who is the king of the world now, dicaprio? >> i'm wondering what they're doing. looking up the whole time. >> not romantic? no? >> i'm on old man. >> ali would love it. and the warlock has thrown in the white flag, it seems. we saw a calmer charlie sheen at the emmys. now, we know why. warner brothers, the studio that fired the "two and a half men," star, reached a settlement. his attorney said all parties are, quote, satisfied. the terms were not released. how satisfied is charlie? "the l.a. times" is reporting that he got up to $25 million. but other reports say $100 million. say it with me now. winning. and will facebook start charging its 800 million users? that's been a rampant worry on the minds. so many people worried that fees are on the way. facebook is battling back.
8:06 am
saying the charges in the statement are "false" and that the site is free and always will be. now, users can only hope that some of the other changes turn out to be hoaxes as well. some people not happy. and is gaga going postal? she could be. the u.s. mail is reviving its rules. now, living legends can be honored on stamps. the postal service is hoping these changes might pump up sales. they are expected to lose $10 million this year alone. partially thanks to all of us using e-mail. and ironically, they're asking people to weigh in with their suggestions for who they want to see on stamps by using facebook and twitter. >> oh. >> no. write a letter. >> yeah. >> i voted for alf. i don't know if you say he's living. he's a living puppet. i went for george clooney. and i am also going for sam champion. >> yeah! >> and that is your "pop news
8:07 am
heat index." 44 cents worth, sam. >> i'm going with alf. i'm going with alf. good morning, everybody. boy, we're a humid bunch here at times square. let's get to the boards. we'll show you what's going on this morning that we want you to know about. as the cold front drops down to the deep south, could dallas get rain and storms today? yes. houston could, as well. still 90, 93 in those areas. this front doesn't bring you the cooling relief in those zones because it's already starting to kick back with warmer temperatures. it's coming from the southwest. look at l.a. at 84 today. l.a., here's good news for you. finally, the fog will burn off a little earlier than it has. 75 in san diego. phoenix at 99. and those temperatures even in the l.a. area inland, they'll go into the 90s be i the time we're done with this week. drier on the west coast. that's a good thing for the northwest. denver's at 85 today. atla
8:08 am
>> live in times square. and as our fog burns away, it's very humid out here. get ready, lara. >> all right. i know what you're saying about the hair day. here's a look at what's coming up on "gma" this morning. ricki lake, rocking the dance floor. we will break down the big night with ralph macchio. he is right here. and so is the glamorous, the great, the gifted goldie hawn, in the house. how she wants to create happy childhoods for all of our kids. and chef rocco dispirito working his magic on some of our favorite comfort foods.
8:09 am
how he's cutting the calories. all that and more coming up on "gma." capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50 percent annual bonus. so you earn 50 percent more cash. if you're not satisfied with 50% more cash, send it back! i'll be right here, waiting for it. who wouldn't want more cash? [ insects chirping ] i'll take it. i'll make it rain up in here. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? sorry i'll clean this up. shouldn't have made it rain.
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8:13 am
♪ hush, little baby ♪ don't you cry ♪ soon the sun ♪ is going to shine ♪ [ male announcer ] toyota presents the prius family. ♪ walk if i want, talk if i want ♪ [ male announcer ] there's the original one... the bigger one... the smaller one... and the one that plugs in. they're all a little different, just like us. ralph macchio here. he's going to weigh in on "dancing with the stars" in a minute. but, boy, the joint was jumping last night. the new couples brought out the jive and the quick-step, which made for a show full of energy and a few surprises. take a look. ♪ week two of "dancing with the stars" kicked the competition into high gear. ♪ as the 11 remaining couples jive. ♪
8:14 am
and quick-step. ♪ >> reporter: bringing energy to the ballroom. ♪ and some famous faces to cheer them on. tensions ran high in rehearsals. from fights -- >> you are treating me like [ bleep ]. >> reporter: and insecurities. >> i don't feel great about myself at all. >> reporter: to injuries. >> my knees hate you. >> reporter: even usually steely nancy grace broke down. >> i tried to say i'm sorry. for screwing up the cha-cha. >> reporter: but she rallied on the dance floor, despite a reported wardrobe malfunction. >> it's good to be top-heavy at times, my darling. >> reporter: and for rob kardashian. ♪ >> it's official. rob kardashian is a better dancer than kim kardashian. >> reporter: last week's
8:15 am
leaders, j.r. martinez and chynna phillips, dazzled. ricki lake and derek hough's jive ruled the night. >> 23 out of 30. >> you are the first person tonight that did the kicks and flips correctly. >> reporter: and chaz bono's knee put him at the bottom of the board. >> the bottom line is the quick-step. and i move faster through the car wash. >> reporter: tonight, we'll see who will be the second star to go home. who does ralph macchio think it will be? he's right with us now. he was a semifinal last season. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> your jive last year was amazing. >> thank you for the compliment. >> who do you think hit it last night? >> i think karina and j.r. hit it out of the park. and derek and ricki were outstanding. oh, yeah.
8:16 am
there i am. we had a lot of fun last year. this is the second week. and it's the second week jive. you're just getting there, figuring out how to get on the train. there's derek hough, who is just insane. >> who surprised you last night? who was better than expected? >> i thought much improved. i thought kristin was much improved with mark ballas. that's the first one that comes to mind. >> you said j.r. had a nice night. but he got docked that point. >> they clearly knocked it out of the park. that was one of the most entertaining numbers of the night. i'm partial to karina, my expartner and very good friend. i want them to succeed. i thought the judges, sometimes, make -- i dealt with this last year. you're pushed up. >> and they were really strong from the beginning. then, they got very tough. >> you come out of the gate. maybe you get -- you're somewhat too good for your own good. but i was putting in what i
8:17 am
could. to me, it was about focusing on performance and presenting the story each week. >> you talk about how tough it is to get into this. nancy grace had so much trouble behind the scenes. she looked like she would give up. she cried tears of joy, when she won. even though she did lose a bit of her costume. >> i like the package, her relationship with her partner. and the difficulty she was having. and i thought -- >> tristan has a lot of charm. >> she sold it. and really did well. i think that, you know, it's tough. the show is you have different ages, sizes, you know, genders. and the playing field is tough to judge as level. >> you lead into my next question. chaz bono. >> chaz bono? >> he has some knee problems. you had kneecap problems. >> it's very difficult. i really sympathize with that. to be able to not have the leg
8:18 am
to push off of and not be able to use your foot properly or have the stamina, it buts you at a great disadvantage. you have to do all you can. and that's all you can do. >> so much training. so much work. everyone says it's so much more work. and in the second week, you're not used to it yet. >> that's right. and in the second week, you have three weeks to learn the first dance. we were trying to piggyback the second week, while learning the first week. then, the train really starts going. you have four days to turn these around. sometimes the dances, the only thing they have in common is that they're to music. so, they're so different. >> so, who is getting thrown out tonight? >> that's a tough one. i think that -- i would have to say, if i was a betting man, i
8:19 am
would say chaz is going to have difficulty tonight, just from the physical aspect and the fact that he wasn't able to, you know, bring the quick-step up to the place it needed to be. i'd like to see that not happen, though. >> and he was at the bottom of the leaderboard. ralph macchio, thanks very much. it's your turn to weigh in. tell us which celebrities danced the best last night. go to you can see tonight's elimination show tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. robin? >> i don't know, ralph. we think chaz is going to make it through. i mean, that's the consensus. >> i'm looking at the video from 1:00 in the morning. >> okay. appreciate it. you were easy to break. you know, goldie hawn has been making people smile for decades on the big and small screen. what you may not know about this beautiful oscar winner is that she is on a mission to help children live better lives. she has written a beautiful, new book. it's called "10 mindful
8:20 am
minutes," giving our children and ourselves the social skills to reduce stress for an emotionally happier and healthier life. a talk with goldie about the book. but let's look back. she's the woman with the golden laugh. and the golden sense of humor. >> look at this place. the army couldn't afford drapes? >> reporter: goldie hawn first captured the nation's attention on the tv show, "laugh-in." >> goldie? >> what? >> how does your new car go? >> vroom, vroom, vroom. >> reporter: and earned hollywood's famous statue, an oscar, early in her career, for her role in "cactus flower." >> i wrote julian telling him what i was going to do. >> why? >> well, what sense for killing myself if he didn't know about it? >> reporter: in 1987, she starred with long-time love, kurt russell, in the hit comedy "overboard." but hollywood's golden girl is so much more. >> can you dance?
8:21 am
go, baby, go. >> reporter: author and children's advocate. >> have you grades gone up? >> yeah. >> that's what i hear. >> reporter: she set up the hawn foundation in 2003. now, she is back with a new book, designed to help children understand their emotions and build self-confidence. we're just talking -- goldie and i are just talking away. >> diane's show on happiness. i started a documentary, i guess, 14 years ago. i was going to do a documentary on happiness. people looked at me. it sounds good. but what is it? and looking at the amount of books on happiness and joy, and how we're going to find ourselves, which brought me to create the hawn foundation to create mind-up. we have mind-up in thousands of schools and hundreds of thousands of children.
8:22 am
it's exciting. scholastic has published it. but it's about promoting well-being for children. if a child doesn't feel well, happy, together, they're not going to learn. >> and there's so much, once you are happy. some people are like, oh, come on. that's so -- no. >> yeah. >> it's scientific. and what i read -- first of all, it's good to have you here. >> thank you. >> we were having our conversation earlier. >> i know. blah, blah, blah. >> but your status here. but when you said that here in the u.s., children are the second-least happy in the world. >> yeah. >> second-least happy, u.s. children. u.k. is number one. if that doesn't get your attention, i don't know what will. >> it's heartbreaking. it's one of those things, this isn't possible. the united states of america. children should feel joy. they should be happy. and they're incredibly stressed. and they're very pressured. and they're overscheduled. they're not living the childhood of dreaming, creating and innovating. i think about my childhood. i used to sit on the steps and
8:23 am
say to my girlfriend, what do you want to do now? i don't know. what do you want to do? you want to crack rocks open or something? sure. so, we'd go find rocks and crack rocks open. and look what's inside. where's the wonder? where's the moments they have? the parents are the ones who got me to write this book. >> really? >> the "10 mindful minutes" came from parents of the mind-up program, saying, can you write something for us? we need to learn how to reduce stress. we need to be in the moment with our children. et cetera, et cetera. and that's how it came about. >> you go through it, step-by-step, with people. and you don't shy away from the bad emotions that we have, too. anger and resentment. and you deal with that. we talked to people about mindful breathing and just taking that break. >> yeah. >> that all of us need to do. >> yeah. it's a fascinating thing because it isn't just a breath. it really does have a neurological effect.
8:24 am
so, when you take your breath and you do relax, it isn't some sort of an ohming, right? it has a correlate to the brain. and so, when you do take the breath, what happens is, the center brain or that part of the brain, which is really active, emotional brain, which can really hijack our higher thinking, right? >> uh-huh. >> so, when you do find those moments to sit quietly, whether it's two minutes or five minutes or ten minutes, your amygdala, which is this wonderful little almond-shaped thing, actually starts to calm down. we tell it to the kids, like when the dog comes out of the doghouse. when that happens, you can't analyze, you can't calm down. but when you calm down, breath changes the way the brain works. that quiets down. and what opens up is the prefrontal cortex. that's the part that we learn. and i better not say that. >> no, no. people think it's very out there. it's legit.
8:25 am
and you really take a step-by-step through it. and we see the end result. >> yeah. >> i know that you're very passionate about this cause. we have not seen you on the big screen, the little screen in a while. >> i know. >> are you going to go back at any point? >> i know. i am. >> you are making us happy when you are. >> you know, this has been ten years of my life. and i must tell you, it's been probably the most satisfying and exciting because my world has changed quite a bit. with scientists and speaking to educators and traveling the world with this and seeing children, really flourish. it's amazing. i guess it's time. i'm working right now with hbo. we're looking at trying something wonderful. that's happening. and there's a few movies out there i'm looking at. and i'm thinking it's time to get back in? i don't know. >> sure. >> but it is. i've had a great -- i keep having fun. you know? that's the main thing. >> well, you share that wherever
8:26 am
you go. and i know how passionate you are about this. you can do both. >> this is all set up now. you know what i mean? ten years in the making. and we're in the u.k. we're in canada. and we're in the u.s. >> you see how i've got this. i've been reading it. >> you are? that's awesome. >> thank you, goldie hawn. give kurt and everybody a big hug. >> for the fourth time. >> we'll keep talking. more with goldie hawn tonight on "nightline." coming up here on "gma," rocco is going to be here. come on back. a big turnout expected at tonight's board meeting. the meeting site has been changed to the auditorium of
8:27 am
oakland high. superintendent tony smith says his plan to close five schools and eliminate eight by merging them with existing schools will save the district up to to a year. >> sue how dough the traffic look? >> jam up southbound cal train delays taking a train out of service northbound. southbound 101 at 580 central san rafael slow. >> how warm will your neighborhood get? we c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c
8:28 am
8:29 am
here's a live look at downtown san francisco. sunny start today and warm one. temperatures lows in the 50s even 60s on our way to 70s along the coast. san freak oakland. mid to upper 80s in the north bay. tomorrow even warmer by the weekend it could befall-like with drizzle ♪ we can lay outside in the beach all night ♪ ♪ we can swim baby girl ♪ ♪ you can be my wife
8:30 am
when you find me ♪ oh, my. it's like a block party in times square. live music, from allstar weekend. great food by rocco dispirito. they love you, rocco. >> for you guys, rocco is making every comfort food you can imagine. one thing that's missing, and that's half the calories. thank you. >> cutting 200 calories from mashed potatoes. i'll believe it when i taste it. >> back inside to george. george? >> i'm here with bill o'reilly to talk about his brand-new book in stores today, "killing lincoln." i have to say, this book surprised me. it's a lot different from your other books. it's a terrific read. >> thank you. >> and you're going back to your roots as a history teacher? >> i am. i taught history for a couple of
8:31 am
years in a rough neighborhood in miami, florida. i was fascinated by abraham lincoln. he is the gold standard. >> why now? >> we're a divided country now. as we were when lincoln took office. not as intensely as back then. but we're divided. and we need tremendous leadership to get us back on court right now. who is the guy, if i was running for president, that i would want to emulate? and it would be abhraham lincol. you talk the story of his last two weeks. i learned how broad this conspiracy was and how many different plans they had. they had a plan to kidnap lincoln. they had a plan to infect his shirts with yellow fever? >> right. they don't know how close booth came to getting in the way. he almost -- >> it's so shocking. >> it is. they chased him down. they had this crazy detective,
8:32 am
lafayette baker, down from new york city, who found him. he almost got away with it. the overriding arch in "killing lincoln" is lincoln himself. what a good, decent, compassionate man he was. >> that's the thing. there were all kinds of conspiracies out there. he knew people were out to get him. yet, he had a very fatalistic attitude about it. >> he did. he didn't even up his security, after he had that dream that he related to his wife and other people in the white house. and he saw that he was going to be killed. he saw himself. that's another historical fact he said that. and he still didn't up his security. at that time, you could go to the white house, anybody, and walk around. >> didn't he get -- one thing i learned here. he had one bodyguard who wasn't at his post. >> he was drinking. this guy was drinking in a bar. he left his post because he
8:33 am
thought lincoln would never know because lincoln was watching the play in the ford theater. i try to put some of that stuff in and make it a thriller because most people don't read history. it's too boring. this book will keep you up at night. >> it does. and it moves quickly. you address some of the broader conspiracies, even the one that a lot of historians looked at, like maybe the secretary of war was in on all this. >> sam was the second-most powerful man in government. but i told martin dugard, my co-author, only research where the evidence takes us. we don't get into speculation. and we know that stanton did some shady things. and there is a coincidence with john wilkes booth and lafayette baker here in new york city. all of the stuff in this book happened. there's no speculation. was stanton in on this? >> before we go, you're coming up on an anniversary. >> 15 years. >> 15 years on fox. take a look at your first show. "the o'reilly report," 15 years
8:34 am
ago, october 7th. >> hi. i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching on our very first day. how did it happen? how did television news become so predictable, and in some cases so boring. >> i have to get rid of that. look at the hair on that guy? that was a wig back then. this is my real hair. >> okay, bill. thanks a lot. >> all right, george. thanks for reading the book. i appreciate it. >> absolutely. sam? >> george, good morning. we're live, gang, in times square. okay. go ahead, robin. what is it? what's going on? >> these wonderful people back here, be bold, be bald. october 21st. >> october 21st. exactly. >> cancer patients. >> why are you holding that? >> don't you think sam should do that to show solidarity? >> all right. but do this quickly. go ahead. just embarrass me quickly. we can get -- there's so much
8:35 am
product in there, i'm not sure you're going to get it on. >> didn't you swim? >> there you go. >> oh, yeah. there you go. i'd like to think that this happens in some way. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to talk about. can we get to the maps? here's what's going on. our twitter picture and facebook pictures of the northern lights, the aurora borealis. we thought they were the coolest shots that we've seen in the great low there. look at that humidity. and that's a problem for the hair. 79, 80 degrees is where we're going in new york. and it's a full-on sweat here in times square. as far as things around the country, spokane is at 69 degrees. you're warming up today in l.a. today, the f
8:36 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by toyota. coming up next, rocco dispirito here, in tim,,,,,,,,,'
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
[ cheers and applause ] rocco dispirito, on a campaign to help us slim down without sacrificing taste. we've come with four foods he's doing it for. he has a new book "now eat this, 100 quick calorie cut tips." >> put it in your back pocket. take it with you. >> we are competing. there is nothing i like more than to beat robin roberts. >> we would have as we would eat it. and you with less calories. >> traditional. ribs, fries, mac and cheese. i use baby back ribs, whole wheat and sweet potato fries. i want you to tell me how many
8:40 am
calories i cut. baby back ribs, whole wheat mac and cheese and sweet potato fries. what do you say? >> a big bet here. 450. >> i think it will be more. >> robin says 650 to 1,050. let's see what the answer is. oh. by simply using babyback ribs, instead of spare ribs, you're cutting almost out a whole portion. a couple of small changes makes a big difference. >> but you don't sacrifice taste. >> it's really good. this is zero calorie barbecue cause. >> zero calories? wow. >> our next item. fried chicken, mashed potatoes, ice cream. and my version is a baked chicken, garlic mashed potatoes and frozen yogurt.
8:41 am
what do you think the savings is? >> can we use the same cards? >> low-fat butter milk. garlic mashed potatoes. >> i'm going this. >> you're going in more than me. >> 750 to 950. >> robin says 600 to 750. and the answer is, 649 calories, by sifrly baking the chicken. for my mashed potatoes, i use half-cauliflower. you would never know it's there. a little frozen yogurt. >> this is great. >> and are you ready to do -- >> what kind of spaghetti is this? >> the next meal is a pasta meal. traditional pasta meal. spaghetti, marinara sauce, and chocolate cake. there's a lot of hidden dangers in the sweets.
8:42 am
i use the zero calorie japanese noodles. caesar salad, with light dressing. and angel food cake instead of chocolate cake. what do you think the calorie savings is here? he's going big. >> i'm going to go smaller. >> wow. let's see what the answer is. 500-600 calories. it is a blowout. >> i thought were sure. i was trying to give you one. >> the book is full of tips like that. if you ate an orange, versus drinking a glass of orange juice, that's 100 calories a day. every bit of calorie savings adds up to a lot. >> you're doing something to feed schoolchildren. >> i am. >> it ice a truly great thing. >> i've been looking to teach kids about healthy eating. to provide them with school
8:43 am
lunches. i started a food truck. it's going to be a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating kids about healthy eating and to actually bringing them healthy food once a week. >> okay. >> if you buy a lunch from me, you're buying a kid a healthy meal. >> 100 quick calorie cuts. obviously robin snuck a copy last night. >> or she's really smart. >> i don't know what it is. coming up next, allstar weekend, performing live. don't go anywhere.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
[ cheers and applause ] and welcome back to "good morning america." great crowd outside. and also inside our studio. with us, boy band sensation, allstar weekend is back. they have a new cd out today. and with us, for this special day, everybody, i want you to meet the band members. boy, you've come a long way in a short time. let's start with zach porter, lead singer. >> hey, america. >> childhood friend, and now cool bandmate, cameron quiseng. of course. and michael martinez, on the drums. just to give you a back story, these guys were, two years ago,
8:47 am
passing out flyers at jonas brothers concerts, saying we're pretty good, too. and what do you know? today, you have your second album out. and you're performing not in little venues in san diego. you're in times square on national tv. >> how crazy is that? >> pretty awesome. >> biggest change in your life in this short period of time? >> it's one of those things where we went from playing in a garage to really making a career. we're on the road every day. we've been to europe. i think just the fact that, you know, our job is this. this is the biggest change. it's a lifestyle. it's everything. it's cool. >> and you're doing what you love. >> exactly. >> which almost always ensures success, when you're following your passion. speaking of passion, pretty passionate fans in the studio. one of the singles from your new album, "blame it on september," which i hear is based on a bad breakup of a summer romance.
8:48 am
>> nothing too special. >> nothing too special? you say she broke your heart? >> it happens to everybody, i guess. we hung out. at the end of summer, we went to different schools and had to break up. it sucked. >> was it hard to set your heartbreak to music? >> no. it feels pretty good. i like music. and i always like when music can do stuff for me. so, it's cool that i get to do it for people. >> what do you think, michael? is he getting over it? has he gotten over the girl? >> still crying. >> all right. here they are, performing "blame it on september," allstar weekend, everybody. cd on sale today. ♪ i can still see you standing there ♪ ♪ summer tangled in your hair ♪ ♪ first week of july first day of my life ♪ ♪ my voice shook
8:49 am
when i said hello ♪ ♪ and from that word we couldn't take it slow ♪ ♪ i still can't believe the way you looked at me ♪ ♪ now, the nights turn colder your head's on my shoulder ♪ ♪ we do our best to pretend waves get louder ♪ ♪ i'm lost without her as summer starts to end ♪ ♪ let's blame it on september 'cause it hurts to remember ♪ ♪ we can fight to hold on but august is gone ♪ ♪ and even if the sun falls i hope we don't lose it all ♪ ♪ 'cause no summer lasts forever let's blame it on september ♪
8:50 am
♪ we drew hearts there, in the sand ♪ ♪ laughed when waves erased our plans ♪ ♪ no, we never knew they told the truth ♪ ♪ i can still hear our laughing friends ♪ ♪ as we'd sneak off again and again ♪ ♪ no, we never cared too young to be scared ♪ ♪ the nights turn colder your head's on my shoulder ♪ ♪ as summer starts to end ♪ let's blame it on september 'cause it hurts to remember ♪ ♪ we can fight to hold on but august is gone ♪ ♪ and even if the sun falls i hope we don't lose it all ♪ ♪ 'cause no summer lasts forever no ♪ ♪ on the beach
8:51 am
in the heat ♪ ♪ you know i needed that sweet ocean air ♪ ♪ we're gonna go where i know we can be alone ♪ ♪ i'll wait for you wait for you there ♪ ♪ blame it on september we can try to hold on ♪ ♪ but august is gone let's blame it on september ♪ ♪ 'cause it hurts to remember we can fight to hold on ♪ ♪ but august is gone when the sun falls ♪ ♪ i hope we don't lose it all 'cause no summer lasts forever ♪ ♪ let's blame it on september blame it on september ♪ ♪ i can still see you standing there ♪
8:52 am
♪ summer tangled in your hair ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
robin roberts, you know philly loves you. >> your best friend, big papi. >> big papi. >> also, thank you very much. what a great job. >> the little girl you have here? >> just adorable. she needed to be on tv. >> this is mom. it's okay. >> earlier, we asked who you thought danced the best last night on "dancing with the stars" and 34% of you said, and i agree, j.r. martinez. then ricki lake, and nancy grace. >> sam's back. a full belly yesterday. let's take a look. >> what? oh. eating the doritos. >> it goes fast. >> i want to take a trip again. >> i'm not going to feed you
8:56 am
live. >> oh, no. ca$
8:57 am
8:58 am
families, friends of nursing student michelle le will hold a candlelight nil tonight. le disappeared four months
8:59 am
ago. a former friend giselle esteban is being held without bail in le's murder. 5 to 10° warmer today with low to mid 70s along the coast in san francisco's richmond. mid 80s north bay, south bay. low 90s inland. warmer tomorrow before 10 two 20° cool they are weekend. 80 westbound accident at central back-up accident at magazine. marin slow southbound 101 accident at 580 slow. >> our next announcer: it's "live with regis & kelly." today, star of the new film "dolphin tale," morgan freeman. and from the series "private practice," taye diggs. and performing her latest hit


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