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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 2, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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set free from an italian prison, or will she be sentenced to life for the murder of her british roommate? abc's elizabeth vargas and josh elliott are live in italy this morning. amanda knox's fate soon in the hands of six jurors and two judges, and we take you inside the jury room and the most important moment of her life, her final plea for freedom, now just hours away. we talk live to her father, who has put his life on hold for the past four years, waiting to bring his daughter home. heating up. in some of his toughest words yet, the president comes out swinging at his republican rivals calling them out for not standing up for gay troops when one of them was booed at a recent debate. >> you want to be commander in chief? you can start by standing up for the men and women who wear the uniform of the united states. and it is decision time for governor chris christie.
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he is set to announce within days whether he's in or whether he's out. plus, ultimate countdown. what's the catchiest song ever? is it this? ♪ don't stop believin' >> or this? ♪ you're my brown-eyed girl >> or how about this? ♪ it's the final countdown >> scientists have cracked the code, and we now have the answer. ♪ the final countdown these really are tense hours over in perugia, italy. by this time tomorrow morning, we may well know whether amanda knox will be set free or whether she'll be spending the rest of her life in prison. it is an incredibly high-stakes moment that's going to play out in a courthouse in perugia. potentially the culmination of four years of heartache for two families. >> and this is a very human drama at its heart.
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two daughters ripped apart from their families. we'll talk to amanda's father in perugia who expresses sympathy for the family of the victim, meredith kercher. but the lawyer for meredith's mother says she would like to see amanda remain behind bars. she will be in the courtroom tomorrow to make sure that her daughter is not forgotten. and as the verdict approaches, as amanda knox prepares to learn her fate, abc news is going to be covering it all very aggressively. "20/20" co-anchor elizabeth vargas and "gma's" josh elliott are both in perugia this morning, and we're going to start with elizabeth. good morning to you, elizabeth. >> reporter: good morning, dan. as you just said, in 24 hours, amanda knox may learn her fate. first thing tomorrow morning, her perugian lawyer will address the court and then amanda knox will make that much anticipated final statement that she's been working on for several months. and then it is up to the two judges and six jurors to decide her fate. the world and especially two particular families will be waiting anxiously.
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when amanda knox walks into this courtroom, she carries with her the hopes and fears of two families whose lives collided so tragically. it was the night after halloween when the 21-year-old british student meredith kercher was murdered in the cottage that she shared with amanda. within days, amanda and her boyfriend were arrested. but now, nearly four years later, amanda's family prays this is the end. >> you know, these people hold her life in their hands. it's hugely stressful. it has been for years now. but, you know, she'll get out of there and be okay. >> and for four years, the kercher family has mourned away from the public eye. their daughter's story has been eclipsed by the frenzy over amanda knox. >> meredith has been forgotten, and this is about her ultimately, and it's the truth that we need to find for her, and it's justice that we need to find for her. meredith was such a lively,
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intelligent, kind, caring person. >> meredith's mother will be in court for the upcoming verdict. the family's lawyer said that she will look the jury in the eye and ask them to confirm the sentence, keep amanda in jail for the murder of her daughter. this past week the family's lawyers shocked the courtroom showing gruesome pictures of meredith's naked body as if to convince the jury that her suffering somehow meant amanda was guilty. >> just for the kercher parents to have to listen to that had to be terrible for them. >> excruciating, i would imagine. >> what they've had to endure is ten times worse than what we have had to endure so far. >> reporter: both of their daughters had the same dream, to study italian in this picturesque town. tomorrow, only one of them will have the chance to go home. amanda knox has not been allowed to see her family this week in prison so she is there alone working on this all-important statement. tomorrow the jury can uphold her murder conviction and sentence
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her to life in prison as the prosecution as requested or they can uphold the conviction to let her out on time served or finally acquit her and set her free. bianna? >> all right, elizabeth, thank you. and as we've heard from elizabeth, amanda knox's parents have been living a nightmare, spending the last four years traveling back and forth from seattle to italy. and amanda's father, curt knox, joins us now live from perugia. good morning, curt. >> good morning. >> i want to begin by asking you, what can we expect to hear in amanda's speech tomorrow? >> well, it's going to be a very heartfelt, you know, spontaneous statement is what they referred to it as, and, you know, she she's going to touch upon, you know, what she has felt through these fours years, what it has meant and then also the fact that she is innocent and she's very hopeful that they see that with all of the evidence that has been presented in the appeals trial. >> and how is she holding up as the final judgement day nears? >> well, she's obviously very tense. i mean, she's 24 years old, and
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she's, you know, looking at a potential life sentence, so that's not a pleasant experience for anyone. and, you know, we're just very hopeful and she is that they see that she really had nothing to do with this horrific crime. >> we hear that the victim, meredith kercher's mother will be in court tomorrow. her lawyer said that she will be staring the jurors in the eye. she would like to see amanda remain behind bars, so my question to you is, are you planning on saying anything to her tomorrow? >> well, you know, we have two very different circumstances and, you know, we have, you know, 100% belief that amanda is innocent and the kercher family i think is still searching for closure to something that was so terrible in their life and, you know, i'm hopeful, that, you know, the truth really comes out, you know, as they present their findings and they see that amanda is innocent, and they can accept that. but, you know, only time will tell as we see.
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>> and there's a very good chance, the experts say, that your daughter may come home tomorrow, may be freed, but there's also a chance that she may be spending the rest of her life behind bars. have you mentally prepared yourself for that outcome? >> to be very frank, no, because one of the things is we'll do everything we can. if it happens to go bad tomorrow, we have another alternative in going to the supreme court in italy. and we won't stop until she comes home to us, so, you know, it's there, but we're really focusing and very hopeful on they'll find her innocent. >> you mentioned hope, curt. the last time we spoke, you said the first thing you want to do when amanda is set free is to celebrate the four birthdays. that i didn't get to celebrate that she missed there in italy. but when you do come home after you do celebrate the birthdays, what will life be like? how will you return to so-called normal? will that be in seattle, or does that mean you have to move somewhere else with amanda? >> no, you know, what may be
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considered normal may have changed for us. and, you know, we're going to try to go back to being just regular, regular people, and we're just very hopeful at some stage of the game, that people around us will allow that to happen. >> all right, curt. well, we appreciate your time this morning. this is going to be a very crucial next 24 hours for you. so we do appreciate it. thank you so much for joining us. >> all right. well, thank you for having me. and in our next half hour, abc's josh elliott is in perugia and will look at the role that the media has played in the case. tomorrow, be sure to watch the special edition of "gma," "amanda knox: judgment day" with complete coverage of the trial including live reports from the italian courtroom where amanda knox will plead for her freedom. dan? >> huge day tomorrow. now, though, politics and an unusually combative president obama last night. for the most part, mr. obama has tried to stay above the fray when it comes to the republican presidential candidates, but overnight, he took a hard shot at the republicans for
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failing to stand up for a gay soldier who was booed during a recent debate. abc's david kerley is at the white house this morning and, david, this was a fired-up mr. obama. >> reporter: it certainly was, dan. who said the election is more than a year away? a full-throated attack against all of the republican candidates who are trying to become president, and this all had to do with, as you said, that debate last week when a video appeared of an army soldier who said he was gay. there were boos from the audience. here's what president obama had to say about that last night. >> we don't believe in the kind of smallness that says it's okay for a stage full of political leaders, one of whom could end up being the president of the united states, being silent when an american soldier is booed. you want to be commander in chief? you can start by standing up for the men and women who wear the uniform of the united states, even when it's not politically convenient. >> reporter: that speech was at the annual dinner of the human
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rights campaign and it sounded like a campaign speech, the president going through a litany of things he's done as far as rights and civil rights. and at the end of it, as he talked about this soldier and other cases, it really did sound like a campaign. he still doesn't have a candidate to run against, and we may find out this week if there is another republican candidate. new jersey governor chris christie expected to decide sometime in the coming week, probably not today or tomorrow, we are told, but later in the week, whether or not he's going to throw his hat into the ring and join this race for the presidency. it's going to be an interesting political week, dan. >> indeed, it will be. abc's jon karl reports that governor christie's wife is now warming to the idea and that has been a big hurdle. so we'll keep an eye on that. david kerley at the white house, thank you. let's go straight over to abc's christiane amanpour, host of "this week." christiane, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. >> so what are you hearing? chris christie, is he likely to get in in the coming days, and if he does get in, given that there are fewer than 100 days left until the voting start,
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question win? >> well, look, i think there's a lot being said. and a lot of people saying different things. about what he's going to do. he himself is apparently going to let everybody know this week as david mentioned. but can he win is another big question. look, it's late, many people say, and we've seen what happens when candidates get in late, for instance, rick perry, they suddenly come under huge scrutiny, the likes of which they've not had before but it's true, many people are asking him to jump in and a lot of people think that he can do it. but, again, people like mitt romney who have been running and been preparing for years really, so the perils of jumping in late we've already seen with the rick perry campaign. >> right. romney's got the infrastructure that will be hard to compete about. let me ask you a political question about president obama, he's on a roll when it comes to fighting terrorism. first, he got osama bin laden. and then they were able to take down mr. al awlaki. what is your sense about whether this is going to help him politically? some people are saying that it won't.
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why is that? >> well, there are two things here, one is the actual reality of killing these people, which is obviously successful in terms of going after the leaders of terrorism. but, of course, killing them is not a major strategy because you've got, for instance, the taliban in afghanistan, which is still there and the u.s. is going to try to retreat and pull out of afghanistan, so that's a tricky issue right there. and in terms of politically helping him, well, he did get a bounce obviously after osama bin laden was killed, but it was quite a short bounce, so people are so worried about the economy, that's the main thing, issue number one for them. >> the dominant issue of this campaign, no question about it. christiane amanpour, always great to have you on the broadcast. be sure to join christiane later on "this week" when she'll be talking to republican presidential hopeful herman cain who has been making a lot of news of late. and now for a check of the other headlines developing this morning, ron claiborne out. we've got a special guest. her name is andrea canning. >> thank you so much for that introduction. good morning, dan and bianna. >> my pleasure.
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>> good morning, everyone. hundreds of people demonstrating against economic inequality were arrested in new york on saturday. more than 700 protesters were rounded up after they tried to cross the brooklyn bridge, shutting down traffic for hours. most were given citations and released. there were protests in other cities, as well, including boston and l.a. in solidarity with the occupy wall street movement. more than a thousand people packed the pews on saturday for executed convict troy davis. davis was celebrated as a martyr by family and activists for years who vowed he was innocent. they vowed to keep fighting until his name is cleared. davis was convicted of killing a georgia police officer in 1989. the atlanta pastor who reached a settlement over alleged sexual coercion is threatening to sue three of his accusers. bishop eddie long's attorneys want nearly a million dollars back because the three have been talking to the media in violation of the settlement. two plan to write a tell-all book. one of the longest manhunts
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in california in decades has finally ended. police shot and killed aaron basler after the month-long search in the rugged redwood forest. he was suspected of killing two men. finally, can't find your own prince william? well, why not make your own. sculpt your own boyfriend is a clay doll that can be sculpted into a handsome prince. mine would look like dan harris. >> really? >> just kidding. i'm actually married but if i wasn't married. >> that does look like dan harris. >> yeah. i carry flowers like that all the time. >> that's sweet of you. guess who's selling it? kate middleton's parents of all people. it's the gift of the year on their website. >> so if i come home and my wife is sculpting one of these, does that mean i'm in trouble? >> probably. >> i think you're doing something right. unless she's sticking pins in it or something. all right, time now for a check of the weather. unseasonably cool weather in the east. washington, d.c., at 55, the coolest temperature on the map outside of alaska.
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the west continues to be warm with dallas at 85. denver, 84 and rapid city at 92. rain in much of the northeast with showers in the northwest from seattle to portland. elsewhere, partly to mostly sunny skies. >> that's a look at the weat >> that's a look at the weather. we're in for kind of an icky day here in new york city. >> icky. >> you do the weather, the news, you interviewed charlie sheen, what can you not do? >> dan, nothing. >> you are capable of anything. great to have you. thank you. you have heard of vatican watchers, federal reserve
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watchers, kremlin watchers. you know, people who monitor important but secretive institutions and then try to read the tea leaves to understand what's really going. well, here's the latest version of that. the complex, confusing signals coming out of the marriage of ashton kutcher and demi moore. are they breaking up or what? here's abc's abbie boudreaux. >> reporter: ashton and demi spotted together for the first time in weeks. photos and videos shot by x17 show they're both still wearing their wedding ring. we learned of the couple at kabbalah services on friday together. ashton avoiding photographers' questions about his alleged infidelity. >> so is it true that you were cheating on demi? >> picking up demi from a side door in his black lexus. amid recent tabloid reports that the new "two and a half men" star cheated on his wife -- >> if loving you is wrong, then i am wrong. >> reporter: they both took to, well, where else, but twitter. on thursday afternoon, 33-year-old ashton warned his followers, "when you assume to know that which you know nothing
7:17 am
of, you make an [ bleep ] out of you and me." and the day before, he linked to the public enemy song "don't believe the hype." ♪ don't believe the hype >> by using social media, ashton's able to address this whole situation in an informal way. and he knows that people will be looking to see what he tweets about. >> reporter: but 48-year-old demi moore who tweets under the name mrs. kutcher wasn't so straightforward. two days after they spent their anniversary apart, she tweeted, "i see through you" along with this photo of her lying down with her eyes closed. and another mysterious tweet from her last week, a quote from one of the ancient greek stoics, "when we are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. then you will forget your anger." >> it's hard to know if she's really just musing and just putting these things out there. >> reporter: but for now fans will keep following this online realtime rumor mill even though it appeared that demi recently took a break following her husband on twitter, but now, she's back.
7:18 am
and maybe it's not a bad idea, keeping her eye on him. for "good morning america," abbie boudreaux, abc news, los angeles. >> so stay tuned to your twitter feed for more on that couple. meantime, ever wonder what makes a song a smash hit? well, some scientists have wondered too, and now they think they have discovered how a catchy song is made. which is the catchiest one ever? well, abc's t.j. winick has the story. >> a one, a two -- >> reporter: maybe you have done it on a road trip. ♪ she's got a smile that it seems to me ♪ >> reporter: like this family from the movie "step brothers." ♪ memories >> reporter: or how about that scene that made tom cruise famous? ♪ just take those old records off the shelf ♪ >> reporter: we all love to belt out a good tune every now and then but some british researchers wanted to know why certain songs inspired us to sing along more than others. ♪ don't stop believin' >> reporter: scholars at the university of london isolated four key elements or "x"
7:19 am
factors. number one, long and detailed musical phrases. ♪ entertain us >> reporter: number two, multi-pitch changes in a song's hook. number three, male vocalists. ♪ you're my brown eyed girl >> reporter: number four, higher male voices making a noticeable vocal effort. ♪ living on a prayer >> reporter: using this formula, a list was compiled of the top ten catchiest songs of all time. "final countdown" by europe made the cut. ♪ it's the final countdown >> reporter: so did the theme song to "baywatch," "i'm always here" by jimmy jamieson. ♪ i'll be there >> reporter: the number two catchiest song of all time is often acted out as much as it's belted out. ♪ y-m-c-a >> reporter: "ymca" by the village people.
7:20 am
and the number one most sick sing-alongable hit, a global sports anthem. ♪ we are the champions >> reporter: "we are the champions" by freddie mercury of the band queen. ♪ and we'll keep on fighting >> reporter: for "good morning america," t.j. winick, abc news, new york. >> so now you know why i always sing it's "the final countdown." >> now i understand it. coming up, who are the eight people who will decide amanda knox's fate tomorrow? abc's josh elliott will take us inside the jury room. it is very different over there than it is here in the u.s. plus, mom tested. thousands of you applied. but we could only pick three real moms to try out those as seen on tv products. will they be mom approved or leave them disappointed? disappointed?
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i want you to check out that boy to the right of your screen. if you had ever a little brother or a co-anchor who always wanted to outshine or outshadow you, outshine you, well, as you can see, he's stealing the thunder. it's caught on camera and now shown on national tv. trust me, this little guy is just getting started. she has no idea what's going on behind her. and it's one of our "fixations" of the week this morning. good morning, i'm bianna golodryga. >> bianna has sometimes referred to me as the little brother that she never wanted. i'm dan harris. it's october 2nd. we're going to get into that story coming up. also coming up, our army of mom testers at it again. we asked if any of the viewers wanted to join the ranks of our mom testers, and thousands of you applied. we chose a lucky three. and today they are going to be taking on infomercial products designed to make life easier in the kitchen. but do they? the moms will be setting us straight. >> i love these segments. but we do begin in perugia, italy, on the scene for amanda knox's appeal. tomorrow is judgment day for the 24-year-old american. and abc's josh elliott is on the
7:31 am
scene, and he has learned more about the people who hold amanda knox's fate in their hands. the six jury members and the two judges. good morning to you, josh. >> reporter: good morning to you, bianna. that's right, after nearly four years of ardent appeals by both prosecution and defense here in perugia, it has come to this, fewer than 24 hours now remain before a decision is made to overturn or uphold the murder conviction of amanda knox. the fate of amanda knox now rests in the hands of eight people. six jurors and two judges. we've seen the jury. five women and one man file in and out of court dozen of times over the last ten months. but to be a juror in perugia is something altogether different than in america. >> jurors can read newspapers, they can watch tv. there is no sequestering of jurors in italy. at all. so they are as vulnerable as any member of the public to a lot of the hyperbole that appears in
7:32 am
italian newspapers and italian tv to this day. >> reporter: and here the judges have much more influence. experts say that it's really the judges who need to believe as they hold considerable sway over the jury with whom the judges deliberate throughout the trial. the lead judge in the case, 68-year-old claudio pratillo hellman, is said to be respected and experienced. >> judge hellman who's really running this appeal is a very fair judge by and large. he's the one who allowed independent forensic specialists to look at the evidence. >> reporter: all agree it's chiefly hellman who knox must convince. but for the people of perugia, there is anything but certitude. what percentage of your friends would you say think amanda knox is guilty of murder? "roughly a little bit more than 50% think she's guilty," she says.
7:33 am
would it surprise you if she's set free? "no," she says, "because the italian justice system stinks." now, i want to return to those all-important points. first of all, the six jurors are being led in their deliberations by two judges, and perhaps just as important, these deliberations have been ongoing throughout the appellate process making it possible that, in effect, a decision here could have already been made. dan? >> that's so fascinating. they may have already made up their minds. josh elliott, thank you. i look forward to more of your reporting as this continues. let's take a look now at how things are likely to play out tomorrow with former prosecutor susan filan. good morning. thank you for coming. >> good morning. >> let's talk about amanda's statement, arguably the most important words she will utter in her entire life. what does she need to say? >> it's not so much what she needs to say as how she needs to say it. her demeanor will be incredibly important. she can't be attacking.
7:34 am
she can't say that she's falsely accused and wrongly imprisoned. she has to be humble and she has to be respectful and has to be persuasive and convincing that she's innocent and has nothing to do with this. >> why is it so important for her to be humble? >> because the italian justice system is under scrutiny now by the world. it's going to be very hard for them to say, oops, we were wrong, and we made a mistake. for them to do that is sort of like our dsk, you got egg on your face. >> but with dominique strauss-kahn, we let him go. >> yes, we did. and there was good reason to do that, but for italy to do that, i mean for them to sort of lose face publicly, to have amanda knox, the defendant attack them, is not going to motivate them, engender their goodwill to do that. so if she's respectful and she's humble and she's from the heart and deep and true with integrity and respect for that tribunal, she has a much better chance of motivating them in doing something in her favor than if she attacks them. >> you're a former prosecutor, this is, as we say, not your
7:35 am
first rodeo. what is your sense of how this is going to play out tomorrow? >> this one is so tough for me. this one, for me, it's 50/50. because the dna evidence having fallen apart doesn't mean the whole case has fallen part. >> how can that be? the dna evidence seems so compelling that it has fallen apart. >> well, it seems so compelling against her, and now it seems like it's contaminated and untrustworthy. but if you can't trust the dna, what about the rest of the case? i don't think it's clear to this court whether or not amanda was there, it's really who do you believe. and with you believe. she said she was at her boyfriend's raffaello sollecito's house. guede, who was already convicted say they were there and participated in this. it's really who you believe and what you believe. if you look at this, everything has a hole in it for both sides. one time the evidence looks good for the prosecution and then it looks good for the defense. each piece of evidence, each fact here can go either way. and some of the facts aren't even clearly established. >> 50/50, you say. so much suspense going into tomorrow. thank you very much, susan, we appreciate your insight on this sunday morning. and tomorrow be sure to watch the special edition of "gma," amanda knox: judgment day
7:36 am
where amanda's fate will be decided. and now over to andrea canning in for ron claiborne with another look at the day's headlines. andrea, good morning once again. >> good morning to you, dan, and good morning, everyone. in the news this morning -- nato could begin to wrap up its role in libya as early as this week. the top u.s. commander for africa says some u.s. assets will likely stay, but the air strikes would end. afghanistan's leader says that he's given up trying to talk to the taliban. president hamid karzai says that the way to make peace with the insurgents is there pakistan. the petit family foundation hosts its annual ride for justice today. william petit whose wife and daughters were killed in a connecticut home invasion four years ago started the event to raise awareness about those affected by violence and chronic illness. and it was a record breaking start to the 40th annual albuquerque balloon festival. the hot air balloons were launched in one year, topping the record set by the fiesta in 2000. time now for a quick check of the weather.
7:37 am
rain and even some mountain snow in the northeast. sunny from the southeast to the plains. scattered storms and showers in parts of the west. only 65 in new york. 81 in orlando. phoenix is the hot spot on the map at 97 degrees. >> all right, i did a little investigating. newton, massachusetts, cold and rainy today. about 67. houston, about 85 and sunny. >> wow. >> hometown forecasts from andrea canning. amazing. thank you very much. >> i'm very good at the weather, aren't i? >> you are. talented. coming up here on "good morning america," you know those infomercials with clever products that are sometimes hard to resist? well, we're going to put them to the ultimate test, moms. coming up, what did our mom testers think about some hot new kitchen products? >> and it's what we all fear,
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now to our widely popular mom tested series. 1,000 of you answered our call for new testers, and it was tough, but we had to whittle it down to just three. these are the magic gloves that we tested. you'll watch this piece. our mom tester becky worley tells us what the new crew puts to the test. >> hi. >> reporter: they've tested everything from gyro bowls to pocket chairs. and now we've got three new mom testers ready for more. ready? they have been selected to try out four new products. will these products be mom approved or mom disappointed? the moms are from franklin, massachusetts, jenna reddy. mom of a 6-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter. from sanford, north carolina, nonia brown-chesney, mom of three and grandmother of one. and from glendale, arizona, yvonne mcvay with a 4-year-old girl and 8-year-old boy. now the first product, you can't make these names up. the slice-o-matic.
7:42 am
>> it lets you slice, slice, slice your prep time in half. >> reporter: for nonia it took a little getting used to. but once she got the hang of it. >> it works. >> reporter: she was slicing in no time. >> we got some really nice sliced potatoes here. onions. >> reporter: the slicer worked for jenna, too, but she didn't like that her produce isn't exactly fit. >> i would have to get out my knife, cut the tomato to fit it in. and if i have get my knife and cutting board out, i'm just going to cut the tomato. >> reporter: and yvonne wasn't thrilled either. >> we had trouble with the apple and the carrot was okay. >> reporter: so no matter how you slice it, it was a split opinion for the slice-o-matic. one mom approved. two moms disappointed. now it's time to cook, and how better than with the revolutionary cooking system of the future. the new wave oven. >> you can now prepare nutritious gourmet meals in a fraction of the time. >> reporter: once the moms got
7:43 am
all the pieces out and watched the instructional dvd, they were ready to cook. >> i'm going to go ahead and put >> the dome on top. >> and then start. >> whoo. >> reporter: and as advertised in just minutes -- >> wow, this is really cooking. >> reporter: and what about that all-important taste test? >> oh, it smells good. >> all right, we have our dinner. >> reporter: it's unanimous. >> i love this product. >> reporter: all three moms give the new wave oven an enthusiastic mom approved. next a product that aims to make that post-meal cleanup a little more, well, magical. >> make room for magic hands. >> it is easier than holding a sponge in your hands. >> reporter: with her magic hands, yvonne washed dishes with ease. >> this, i like it. >> reporter: jenna found a number of uses inside the house and outside. >> really allows to us get into the nooks and crannies.
7:44 am
>> reporter: plus she found they have an extra bonus. >> i've got to find more stuff for you guys to clean. >> reporter: but while nonia got results using the magic hands, >> it's working. >> reporter: she said that the gloves weren't so comfortable on her hands. >> i didn't care for the product. >> reporter: making the final verdict on magic hands, one mom disappointed. two moms approved. finally after all of that cooking and cleaning, these moms could use a little relaxation. so time for the miyashi pillow. >> to give you twice the relief right where you need it. >> reporter: yvonne found the pillow comforting on her back, neck and feet. >> i am looking forward to this after a busy day. >> reporter: and nonia's whole family got into the mix. >> how is it feeling? >> it feels pretty good. >> reporter: jenna had her doubts at first. >> it's more of an annoyance than it is a massage. >> reporter: but after some time and sharing with her friends, the miyashi magic won her over. >> i did not get a good impression with my first time on
7:45 am
the massage pillow, but it grew on me. >> reporter: and she joined nonia and yvonne to give the miyashi pillow a mom approved. a fitting end for another successful set of mom testers. >> thumbs up "good morning america." thank you. now we contacted the makers of the slice-o-matic and they said they were pretty surprised by yvonne's comments. they said it's best to core the apple and then precut it so it fits into the device applying gentle downward pressure to get the best result. and they say when they did it in their offices, it worked fine. we also reached out to the makers of the magic hand, but they were unavailable for comment. so it's on to the next set of tests and the next set of testers. >> all right. core the apple. remember that, dan. >> those moms are great. they were really cool. >> yeah. those moms were great. and if you want to be a "gma" mom tester, go to our website, or our facebook page and tell us why we should choose you, and we may send products to try out and review
7:46 am
for our air. is that comfortable? >> pretty comfortable. coming up on "good morning america" bear knuckle boxing turning into a war of words. what are these little guys talking about? >> get off. aagh. >> quit it, quit it. tle guys talking about? >> quit it, quit it. ♪ vegetables picked at their peak ♪ ♪ so fresh my knees grow weak ♪ ♪ inspired by fine chefs in rome ♪ ♪ gourmet soups you make at home ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new bertolli frozen meal soup for two. like chicken minestrone with crisp vegetables, white meat chicken, al dente pasta. [ chef ] ♪ fresh tasting restaurant style ♪ [ both ] ♪ bertolli soup's in the freezer aisle ♪ [ male announcer ] new bertolli meal soup. [ both ] ♪ bertolli soup's ignite your youth gene now. introducing anew genics... 10 years in the making. avon's first to use youth gene science... helps undo upto 10 years from the look of skin. clarity...reborn. wrinkles? transformed. visit now.
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♪ ♪ all right, this morning we're back with "fixation." the stories that have been catching our attention that we can't stop talking about. >> i'll go first, taylor in texas wanting to make her big debut. she videotaped herself dancing.
7:50 am
well, she has a surprise visitor in the background. her little brother, he's trying to steal the show, and she has no idea what the little monster is doing behind her. >> that is great. that's hard to do. >> is he double jointed? i mean, that's hard to do. >> would you like to demonstrate? >> no, i would not like to demonstrate. i feel like i would throw my back out. >> that is some booty he's got. all right, this is worthy of a disney movie. a couple of bears that were shot by jeff munoz in yosemite national park. let's take a look at them. >> get off of me. get off. >> quit it. quit it. >> they're incredibly cute. >> they're adorable. >> they're tiny. >> the voiceover added afterwards. >> believe it or not, dan, those are not the bears talking. that was jeff's voice. he added an announcer. >> they're a lot less adorable when they get older. i can tell you that from experience. here's something that we picked up from the -- this is a great clip.
7:51 am
this is from the cbs affiliate from idaho falls. this is what happens when the graphics department in a news organization rebels. check it out. >> a loading ramp fell off the trailer headed northbound on -- >> oh, yeah. you get the picture. somebody in the weather department is rebelling against the news anchors and they don't quite know how to handle it. it's not cool to laugh at a car accident no matter what's going on. but i do have some sympathy for those people. that would never happen at abc. >> oh, no, it's happening again. >> see, that is deliberate revenge on -- i made some wise crack to someone in the technical department and they're getting me back. >> it's news and weather together. >> bay the way, we should say that if you have a video or a clip that you want to send us, hit us on twitter @gma on twitter. >> wait.
7:52 am
>> the graphics department is out of control. >> it can't get any worse. can it? >> we didn't do anything wrong, guys. >> oh, he's back. oh, there you go. >> trying to steal your show, dan. >> he's got a future. >> we'll be right back. >> he's got a picture. we'll be right back, everybody.
7:53 am
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thank you for watching abc news. thank you for watching abc news. andrea canning, thank you for joining us. you've got some moves.
7:56 am
i appreciate that. david muir is back with "world news." christian amanpour is back even earlier with "this week." thank you once again for watching.
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