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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 3, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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innocence. >> in a passionate statement to the court, she says she's paying with her life for things she did not do. declaring that she is not, quote, a promiscuous vamp, telling the court, i did not kill, i did not steal. two judge judges deciding her fate right now. will they send amanda back home to america or back to prison for the rest of her life. her parents anxiously awaiting. >> i just want her to come home. >> a frenzy outside of the courtroom. >> elizabeth vargas and josh elliott leading the live coverage from perugia to amanda knox's hometown of seattle. covering every angle of this dramatic story as the world waits for the verdict.
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and good morning, everyone, there are such high stakes this morning in italy. where amanda knox and her family wait for a injury to decide her fate. high stakes and high drama. there's amanda right there in the courtroom. she was so emotional when she gave that statement, her voice shaking so much at the start. but she did gain strength and force over the ten minutes when she spoke to the court. >> and thinking of both families. you have to keep in mind, this appeal took just over ten months. amanda's parents were there, front and center, arriving earlier. pushing their way through the frenzied press outside the courtroom. and meredith kercher's mother, vowing to be there when the verdict was read, just landed at the airport. and in seattle, amanda's friends and family have gathered as well. stayed up through the night to watch this all on television. the verdict could come within hours. josh elliott and elizabeth vargas are on the scene in perugia. let's get to elizabeth. who has covered this case from
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the start. good morning, elizabeth. reporter: good morning, george. four years after the murder of british roommate, meredith kercher, two years after amanda knox was convicted of that brutal crime, it has all come down to this. the judge and jurors are deliberating in that 15th century courtroom. they started about two hours ago. they did so after hearing one dramatic and emotional final plea from amanda knox herself. early this morning, a police van carried amanda knox from the prison on the outskirts of perugia that has been her home for the last 47 months to the mobbed medieval courthouse. her family made its way inside. her father and sisters first, then her mother and stepfather. the whole world watching, amanda was led in looking tense and nervous. she sat with the two italian lawyers who defended her from the start, who insisted this morning in a final closing argument, that because the crucial dna evidence whas been
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discredited, she must be freed. then amanda and her former boyfriend rose to speak. first, raffaele sollecito said he is living an endless nightmare. and that he has never hurt anyone in his life. he showed the court a bracelet he's worn that says, free amanda and raffaele. i have worn this for four years, he said, today, it is finally time to take it off. amanda then stood to speak. her voice shaking so much the judge told her she could sit if necessary. in halting italian. and taking deep breaths, she admitted, i'm a bit nervous. i'm paying for my life for something i haven't done. i'm not what they say i am. i'm not perverted and violent. when we found out meredith had been killed, i couldn't believe it. i couldn't believe it was possible. then i felt fear. if i had been there that night, i would be dead also. she said, i shared my life with meredith. we were friends. she was concerned for me. she was always kind to me. she cared about me. she was murdered.
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i always wanted justice for her. i have not murdered. i have not raped. after four desperate year, i insist, i am innocent. i want to go home, i want to go back to my life. i don't want to be punished. we deserve freedom. amanda spoke for ten minutes, pausing often to calm herself. the packed courtroom absolutely silent. her family sat just feet away. her mother and sister were crying. then amanda was hustled back to the prison for the agonizing wait for the verdict. hoping for the best but telling her grandmother by phone this weekend, she's ready for the worst. what did she say? >> um -- she -- um -- she was telling her grandmother if it goes bad, she's ready for it. >> reporter: she's ready for it?
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>> she's experienced it already. >> reporter: do you think she's really ready for it? >> no. >> reporter: this jury is not sequestered. they've been discussing the case all along for that reason. we've also gotten a signal from the judge that the deliberations could last just a few hours, the verdict could come out today. the kercher family from london arrived a short time ago. they're expected to make a statement as well. we have three families from three countries. two lives at stake. >> so much at stake. elizabeth, thanks very much. now let's get more on this from our experts. here with us all morning. "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. amanda knox's u.s. attorney, theodore simon. thank you both. so emotional. what kind of impact will that statement have? >> she did what she needed to do. whether you like it or not, it won't have much impact. as elizabeth pointed out, these
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are jurors and a judge who have been deliberating throughout the process. they've indicated it's going to be a relatively quick deliberation process, so it's very hard to believe that suddenly, amanda's statement is going to change everything for them. i think it is a situation where if she said the wrong thing, it could have hurt her. she did not. and as a result, the case moves forward. >> what do you make of her statement? >> yes, this was expected. i think she delivered a heart-felt, impassioned plea. it's not only what she said, but how she said it. i think it moved the entire courtroom. it was perfect. it was right on target and expressed her condolence any way she could to the meredith kercher and her family, with how they were friends. as well as was very, very clear that she was not responsible for this. >> let's get more on what could happen. what the judges and jury are deciding. what are the options? >> the most severe is to increase the sentence to life. as the prosecutors asked. most people believe that to be the least likely scenario. then the judges and the jurors could uphold the current
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sentence, simply say, all right, we're going to keep it at 26 years, we're going to uphold the verdict. they could uphold certain crimes. they could say, we're going to acquit her of murder and sexual assault, but uphold some of the lesser crimes. they could acquit her all together. >> and a big turns from here in the united states this, is a majority vote, not unanimous. >> it's two judges and six jurors. you have experts in there. they're going to have more sway than ordinary jurors. everyone has equal say. those two judges will be more important in this deliberation process than the other six jurors, even though they all have a vote. >> 20 hearings over a ten-month period. ted, let me ask you this. a lot of people were asking me this over the weekend. you, of course, and amanda's family, very confident that she will walk free.
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what key evidence or lack of evidence makes you so confident? >> let me be clear. we remain cautiously optimistic and very hopeful. that's grounded in what has happened on appeal. appellate cases like this in italy are much more different than in the united states. there's an opportunity to review errors of law and errors of fact. but the court decided, based on requests that we made, to reopen the case on certain facts. as to each and every fact reopened, it was clearly decided and i believe determined in her favor. from the dna evidence, that the independent experts have eliminated completely. as well as other witnesses have been wholly discredited. every aspect on appeal has worked for her. that's why there's good reason for hope. >> and if -- if she does go free, are preparations in place to bring her quickly to seattle? >> obviously, every aspect of this case has been carefully analyzed and considered. we remain squarely focused on the verdict. and that's what we're waiting for.
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>> okay. thank you both, very much. >> we'll have more from you throughout the morning. this sensational case thrust perugia in the spotlight. much of the world looking at the small town. which has been overtaken by the international media. our josh elliott has been talking to people who live there about the trial and how all the attention has transformed that little town. josh? >> so many, robin, of those media remain here. assembled outside the exterior of the courthouse. where earlier today, amanda knox and raffaele sollecito pleaded for their freedom one final time. it was another frenzied and surreal scene this morning in what was once a somewhat sleepy central italian college town. home to some 160,000 people, one quarter of whom are in fact college students. fur years ago, their ranked included a newly arrived 20-year-old from washington named amanda knox.
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whose stay here has altered the course of this ancient city's history. outside the courthouse, the world awaits. frenzied journalists from around the globe, all counting down the moments. until amanda knox's fate is revealed. a mob scene. in this picturesque city. ♪ this was perugia 24 hours ago. thousands making their way to mass or market. final moments before amanda knox would plead for her release a final time and learn her fate. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: all have assembled here. in anticipation to the chaos that followed her 2009 conviction. a medieval city. beautiful, and by all accounts, quintessential little town in italy's valley. you can see, truly a picture of calm. a calm that was shattered by the events of november 1st, 2007, in what happened in an apartment
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right there. enzo beretta is a reporter for perugian newspaper. beretta, who spoke to us through a translator, said the ski had become sadly famous and he thought the effects were still to be seen afterwards. perugians are annoyed at the media circus that the case has become. >> it's when somebody is telling a story, and the story is getting too long. >> reporter: it's a story whose end could be hours away. amanda knox's day of judgment has arrived. one she hopes will end with her release. the weary residents hope to reclaim their town. >> after all this, we hope that things go back to as they were. >> reporter: now, we can tell you, in speaking to so many experts who have covered this case for nearly four years and hundreds of perugians agree on two things. we may never know the true innocence of amanda knox.
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and some from perugia can't wait for this to come to an end. robin, george. okay, josh, thanks very much. we'll turn now to politic, your voice, your vote and all of the buzz about chris christie, will he or will he not run? abc's jonathan karl joins us on the latest on where things stand. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning. the world is eagerly awaiting the word from christie. because if he jumps in, he'll turn the race for the republican nomination upside down. top political fund raisers and operatives have heard nothing yet. they're waiting by the phone for word. his closest advisers say he's in fact reconsidering those earlier adamant refusals to run. and all weekend, he's been quietly consulting with family and his closest advisers. one major consideration is whether or not it's too late to mount a campaign. he would have to build a national campaign within weeks. he and his advisers know he'll
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have to start with a sprint. i'm told to expect the decision within days. >> it could come very, very quickly. you talk about some of the hurdles out there. especially, since, over the weekend, we've learned the whole calendar is moving up to early january. in the end, this is just -- he's got to check his gut and heart and decide what to do. >> reporter: that's exactly right. they say it's not so much right now whether or not he thinks he can win, but whether he wants to go through with this. there is even this prospect, we heard on friday, that the new hampshire primary could be in december. he would have to drop everything and become full-time candidate seven days a week starting immediately after he makes the decision. >> thanks, jon. and one more political note. this afternoon, i'll interview president obama live. and this is no ordinary interview. we really want to get questions from all of you. go to or yahoo!.com and tell us what you want to ask the president. you can also tweet your president at hash tag ask obama
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on twitter. it will be streamed live on abc and yahoo!.com. >> there's so much to talk about, especially today. one thing the president will talk about is the economy. >> good morning, everybody. there are renew fears this morning about a global recession, this, after greece admitted it will not reach its deficit reduction targets. world markets are tumbling in early trading. that does not bode well for wall street. tumbling 2% on the renewed fears. the arrest of more than 700 people in a weekend march across the brooklyn bridge has reinvigorated the wall street protesters. they now say their message into going national is in. and they're digging in for the long haul. to a bumpy ride for hundreds of passengers landing in boston. as many as 18 people were hurt as they hit turbulence. the jet was going from charlotte to munich, when turbulence forced the pilot to land at logan airport. meantime, san juan to boston jetblue flight also ran into the same problem. it's the end of an era at cbs news. andy rooney delivered his final
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regular commentary on "60 minutes." even after 33 years of the show, rooney insists that he's not comfortable with all of the attention. >> i walk down the street now, or go to a football game, and people shout, hey, andy. and i hate that. >> rooney had one last request, if you see him at a restaurant, "please just let me eat my dinner." >> it's the way he did it, too. >> he said he also doesn't respond to fan mail either. ease just too inundated. got to love him. >> gotta love the crankiness, i guess. sam, what do you have? >> we've got big, cold air, the kind of air you walk out the door in new england and say, oh, yeah, it's fall. and this low is beginning to move its way out. it's been on the board two weeks now. the 40s in the heart of times square. we'll get to 59 degrees. we'll get to 59. boston, 67. philadelphia 56. there is warm air on the board
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right in america's heartland. 81 in denver. texas in the 80s. this warm air is moving east. but it doesn't get to all eastern locations. wednesday is about the warmest day from philly to new york city and d.c. then another shot of cold air behind that. a quick look at the big board. that's the weather around the nation.
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>> good morning, new orleans. if you're waking up there to orlando, yes, it is less humid this morning. you can believe how it feels. won't stay that way this week. but it's less humid now. robin? george. >> all right, sam. thank you. now to the trial of michael jackson's doctor resuming this morning. the jury expected to hear critical testimony from the emergency room doctors. that tried to revive the pop star. jim avila joins us from los angeles. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, robin. by nearly all accounts, the prosecution has delivered a strong case, often depicting conrad murray as panicked, desperate and incompetent. today, they're back at it, pounding home the concept of
7:18 am
consciousness of guilt, saying the doctor tried to hide evidence and critical information. >> people will call dr. cooper to the stand. >> reporter: this morning, prosecutors hope to pick up where they left off with damaging witnesses like doctor rachel cooper. >> he was clinically dead, he did not have a pulse. >> reporter: she's the first physician to see him in the ucla trauma room, where he was pronounced dead. >> i asked what other medical problems mr. jackson had, if he had a cardiac history. a history of blood clot. of drug use. >> and in response to that question? >> no to all of them. >> reporter: she testified friday that jackson's doctor never revealed the superstar had been treated with propofol. >> i was told he had been working long hours. dr. murray thought he had been dehydrated. >> reporter: her colleague was set to testify today as well.
7:19 am
at a preliminary hearing, he remembered how devastated conrad murray looked in the e.r., urging her to not give up easily and try her best to save the patient. also on today's witness schedule, cell phone company representatives to present phone records documenting murray's calls, the day jackson died, including one to his friend in houston. she's expected to testify this week. >> he sounded like something was wrong. he didn't sound like himself to me at all. >> reporter: earlier in the year, she told "gma" about the phone call. >> i heard coughing and mumbling of voices. he never got back on the phone. i hung up. >> reporter: prosecutors say they have about a week's worth left of witnesses. rumors that they'll call michael jackson's son, prince, are be denied by both the family and court sources. the defense is keeping their options open. they still could call prince. although that's very, very controversial. >> it really is. thank you so much.
7:20 am
>> one case getting under way. another one coming to a close. more breaking news. on judgment day for amanda knox. we're waiting for the verdict. her family is holding on to hope that she'll be set free today. they've packed up her belongings and sent them home. also bank feed fee backlash. why so many are fighting back. what you need to know to beat the rising fees. and get ready to celebrate the totally awesome '80s. everything from the biggest hits to the biggest hair. we're going back to the future. ♪ and a big announcement that will change the way you look at "gma." we cannot wait to share that with you and we will. later this morning. all this after local news and weather. come on back. ♪
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san leandro police asking for tip find the killers of three young people gunned down early yesterday morning in an in park as an internet advertised tattoo party was breaking up. there may have been hundreds of witnesses that left three others hospitalized with gunshot wound . good morning. not too bad in morning, slow traffic empty pleasant hill area southbound 60 towards 24 who mo major problems just a lot of folks sharing the road.
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san rafael, same bumper-to-bumper toward central san rafael earlier accident in marinwood cleared. drive times for this hour this morning 880 highway 4 and 580 from central valley. your afternoon commute may be wet, we'll talk to mike about the rainy
7:26 am
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>> welcome back. clouds causing more than two
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hour flight rifle delays into sfo. a few sprinkles in the north bay measurable rain by noon. the rest of us -- the rest of us will get our rain into the afternoon and evening hours. 50s as we head into the afternoon hours, 60s and 70s. stronger storm wednesday.
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those are live pictures from perugia italy, where amanda knox is waiting to find out if she'll
7:30 am
go free or spend more time behind bars. just hours ago, she delivered the most important speech of her life. she said, i did not rape, i did not kill, i'm paying with my life for something i have not done. >> it's been such an intense journey for her. for her family. we'll take a closer look at the family and their fight to set their daughter free. >> they had an all-night vigil in seattle. a lot more to get to this morning, including the outrageous bank fees. bank of america charging $5 a month to spend your own money. >> it's getting ridiculous. get ready to go back in time. we're celebrating the totally awesome '80s, man. >> we have a lot of moments we would rather forget, as well. >> like the hair, for one thing.
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we're going to begin with more on amanda knox. her family by her side for four long years. "20/20" coanchor elizabeth vargas has been covering the story for years. elizabeth? >> good morning, robin. as you point out, since amanda knox's arrest four years ago, a member of the knox family has been in perugia every single day. the entire family is now hear from seattle, awaiting the verdict today. they sent their daughter here to pursue a dream. to study italian. within weeks of her arrival, the droem under t dream turned into a nightmare. i have been following the story for four years. >> i'm very hopeful. >> reporter: mobbed by international media, amanda knox's family came to hear her plead for her freedom. i don't want my future to be
7:32 am
taken away if from me for smnomg i didn't do. when i first sat down with aman amanda's parents just after her arre arrest, they were just setting out on the journey. and the weekly visits to amanda in prison. >> cold. >> we have to go in with a strong front for her. >> she's written in one of her letters, i can see it in your eyes. you're sad. >> reporter: and how is she surviving there? >> she just doesn't understand why am i here? when i didn't do anything. >> reporter: through two trials and nearly 1,000 hours in court, they've watched their older daughter lose her smile, but not her hope. even after her crushing conviction two years ago -- >> how a judicial system could come up with a verdict like this is beyond me. >> reporter: how will you continue to do this, curt?
7:33 am
this has cost you a fortune. >> she will not be left here. >> reporter: she has not been. the family has made 100 trips or more. for four year, someone's been here. >> we're not leaving her here, period. >> reporter: last week, her mother carried the suitcase they hope to bring home with amanda. >> we got up every dand doing what he had to do. we knew we were not going to stop until amanda came home. we continue to do that. >> reporter: her three younger sisters shot this video. >> any words for amanda? >> can't wait to see you. >> reporter: deanna first traveled here with her sister when she was an unknown 20-year-old following her dream, before their long journey began. >> are you excited to visit where you're going live? >> yeah, and looking forward to get police station to live.
7:34 am
>> i thing about that trip a lot. how purely happy she was. she loves it here. that's the sad part. i doubt she'll ever be able to come back. >> reporter: is that young woman in those movies, is she gone forever? >> she's still there. i don't think anything in the world could make that person go away. >> reporter: amanda knox's entire family, her parents, step-parents, aunts and sisters have gathered to wait in the apartment they've been living in here for the last four years. they're hoping to bring her home. they packed up most of her belongings and shipped them on. the last few, they're hoping to put in the suitcase and take home with them and her. >> one of those supporting them, steve moore, at the side of amanda knox's mother as the family walked into the cro courtroom. he is a former fbi agent. he's devoted himself to this
7:35 am
case. live now. can you give us, steve, a sense of the state of mind of the family? you were there, right by their side, when they walked into court this morning. steve? >> robin, they're being brave. being strong. there's really nothing else they can do. they are -- they are hopeful. but they've had to rug pulled out from under them once before. there's a -- it's a cautious hope. >> you were in the courtroom when amanda made the statement. the judge told her she could sit. she was quite nervous. seemed to get stronger as she continued to read the all-important statement. how did that play in the courtroom hearing her today? >> i think it played extremely well. it was a different amanda than we have seen. not the timid amanda. it was amanda saying that she
7:36 am
was not guilty. it was not her saying anything else but, i am not guilty. it was a strong statement. the family was emotional. the jurors were emotional. i thought the judge was fighting emotion for a while. it was a really hard thing to listen to. >> you have been, as we said, with the family for a long time now. are they prepared for all the options for all the possible scenarios that could play out today? >> this is a strong family. this is a family that will never give up trying to get this girl home who is innocent. they're prepared for everything. i don't think they're going to have to worry about a guilty verdict this time. think the court has figured out she's never had anything to do with the crime. >> you have devoted so much of your time. a former fbi agent. what is it about this case?
7:37 am
i'm sure you must have seen hundreds of cases in your life? >> i'm not sure. i realized she was innocent. i couldn't get it out of my mind. i felt compelled to be involved in this. and that's why i'm here. >> where is the family right now, steve, as they're awaiting the verdict? the deliberations continue as we speak. where are they? >> i believe they're at their home where they're staying, where they've stayed for months. they're together, probably trying to relax before the verdict. >> steve moore, thank you for your insight and perspective and time. >> thank you. >> let's get to sam and the weather. this half hour, a blast of winter for the west coast. two powerful storm systems, strong wind, heavy rain, up to 10 inches of snow in the se a a
7:38 am
sierras. the second one is a powerful cold blast. we'll git it down into san diego and l.a. county. snow in higher elevations of l.a. county in the next 48 hours. there's a $ho 0 million grape harvest in jeopardy. they're getting a late start there. ri >> and all of that weather was brought to you by las vegas. >> fall is definitely here, sam. coming up, fighting back against rising bank fees. how to avoid paying extra for
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7:43 am
lead? >> oh, yes, george. the law on unintended consequences when congress and the federal reserve passed new laws that robbed the banks of their fees. they came up with new ones. americans use debit cards more than credit cards. some banks are looking at the debit card for revenue. >> it's irritating. >> it's our money. we work hard. >> reporter: bank of america is about to charge a $5 a month fee. you'll owe fit you use your card once. the economic of offering a debit card have changed with recent regulations. wells fargo and chase have experimented with similar fees. >> quite literally, using money with cost you more money. >> reporter: the work around?
7:44 am
use a credit card that you pay off every month. gotcha number two, no more free checking. less than half of banks still offer it. nearly all banks will give you free checking if you sign up for other services. minimum balances. several banks charge if your balance slips below $1500. >> it feels like they're turned into the airline industry. >> reporter: the workaround, keep your accounts at a single bank. number four, ever higher atm fees. a total of $3.81 for using anout of network machine. consider an online bank. many of them reimburse you for fees. final gotcha, soaring bounced
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7:49 am
♪ i'll be back in time >> you know what that's about. all week, we're celebrating the
7:50 am
totally awesome '8 ons. i can't believe i said that. i didn't say it back then. that is an iconic car. the delorean. we remember it from "back to the future" back in 1985. >> the coolest car we had seen. doc brown. marty mcfly. don't get sam started. >> i won't quit. >> you know who knows even more? lara? she's outside. >> where are you? trapped in the car. there we go. >> well, well, well. ooh. a little smoke. i almost had a problem there. we are back to the future. "gma's" totally awesome '80s week has officially begun. this was the vehicle used in the film. this was the car to have back in
7:51 am
the '8 ons. first one came off the line in 1981. we're going to have it here. it's a sample of the treats as we're totally awesome here on "gma." back to you, robin and george. more surprises in store. >> sam would give anything to drive that car. we'll be back. >> i cannot wait. [ female announcer ] the humana walmart-preferred rx plan gives you the lowest plan premium in the country... so you can focus on what really matters.
7:52 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
7:56 am
the san mateo city council will consider another garbage rate increase. rates went up 23% last april when the city switched contractors. residents could face another 10% hike, because people are recycling more and tossing out less trash. mike has a look at forecast. still expecting rain by noon. you can see it bisecting the bay area, east bay and south bay will get rain in the evening. 70s today. everybody else mid to upper 60s. >> accident in san jose northbound 85 still blocking a lane so traffic. 880 southbound jammed 238 past 84 in newark. >> the news continues with "good morning americicicicicici$
7:57 am
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7:59 am
from abc news, live in times square and perugia, italy, this is a special edition of "good morning america," amanda knox,
8:00 am
judgment day, with robin roberts and george stephanopoulos. >> you're looking at live pictures from perugia, italy. right now, amanda knox, just hours ago, gave that final statement to the jury. now, the jury, the judges, locked in deliberation to determine if she'll go free after four years in prison. "20/20" co-anchor elizabeth vargas and josh elliott are covering all the dramatic developments from perugia this morning. >> i can only imagine what the families are going through, sitting there. ten month for the whole appeals process. this time around, 20 hearings. also, trying to find way to make the turn here. there's no way to do it. we're going to kick off a week-long celebration of the totally awesome '80s. a look at everything from your favorite styles to your favorite stars. to get things started, you pick the '80s hit you want to hear. we're going to do this every day. we'll pick three songs. you get to select. this is one of them.
8:01 am
>> joan jett. >> i love rock and roll. ♪ like a virgin >> and madonna. >> and the third one for today? ♪ oh, oh, living on a prayer >> that's a war. that's a war. >> so weigh in. weigh in. >> unbelievable. >> use your "gma" app or your smart phone. let us know. of those three hits, which one is your favorite? >> there are so many more to choose from. as we made our play lists, we had so much fun. reminiscing. and of course, the hair. we'll talk about it all. it is a manic monday here. we've got three very funny stars and one big movie. we'll talk live to steve martin, owen wilson, and jack black. and the lovely and talented dana delany is with us live. what a day. >> all that is coming up. and some breaking news about abc news and "gma." this is going to change the way you look at us, the way you get
8:02 am
your news. it's big news, and we can't wait to share all of that. first, let's go back to elizabeth vargas. she has the latest on amanda knox. hello, elizabeth. >> reporter: good morning, george. the judge and jury are deliberating behind me in that courtroom. the knox family is in a house all the sister, parents, and aunts, waiting for the verdict. in addition, the mother and the family of the murder victim in this case, meredith kercher. they've arrived this morning. three families from three countries, awaiting the fates of these two young people. amanda knox got up in court today and made her final statement, her final plea for life. she was shaky. needed to stop to catch her breath. the judge, at one point, said, do you need to sit down? because she was so apparently nervous. she remained standing. she said, i'm a bit nervous. i'm paying for my life for something i have not done. i'm not what they say i am. i'm not perverted. i'm not violent. i've not murdered.
8:03 am
i have not raped. after four desperate years, i'm innocent. i insist. i want to go home. i want to go back to my life. i don't want to be punished. she spoke for about ten minutes. the courtroom was absolutely silent during that time. then very quickly, she and her then-boyfriend, raffaele sollecito, were whisked away in vans to the prison where they, too, await word from this jury on when they will decide her fate. george, back you to. >> you can sense the tension. >> such emotion in the courtroom this morning. we'll turn to josh elliott. he's been speaking to residents of perugia. where so many are waiting to see if amanda knox will finally go free, or she'll stay there in prison. josh. >> reporter: and, robin, it does remain tense outside the courtroom as well. you just heard another frenzied and surreal scene played out this morning. as amanda knox and her italian co-defendant, raffaele sollecito entered the doors to plead for their freedom one final time.
8:04 am
this case has polarized the city of perugia for four years now. thrusting what was once a sleepy college town a global spotlight which was exceedingly harsh. the city painted as a seedy place of drug use and vice. of the hundreds of perugians we spoke to, they say in the weeks on the months after the crime, they thought amanda knox was guilty. but after that investigation was blasted and ridiculed by independent analysts during the apell aa appellate process, the numbers of the certainty has fallen considerably. now the majority says they agree on one thing, we'll never know what happened on the night of november 1, 2007. they agree on one other thing -- they all cannot wait for this madness to come to a close. robin. >> all right, josh, and back here in the u.s. to knox's home town of seattle. where family, friends and other supporters have been keeping vigil all night watching the
8:05 am
proceedings, and amanda's tearful statement with the hope she could be home very soon. neal karlinsky is in seattle. right now with more on that part of it. neal? >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's been a long morning already for people here in seattle. friends of amanda gathered in a hotel. they have been watching live since 1:00 this morning. think of how surreal this is for these people. for much of the world, she's more like a character in a real-life drama. for people here, she's a friend, a neighbor. they've set up a website, friends of amanda, in many languages, to get donations. legal help. former investigators working on the case, and, of course, to show their support for the knox family. they've been making trip after trip from here in seattle to perugia, italy, for the last four years. people here, waiting, watching, hoping this is the last trip and she'll be home soon. robin? >> all right, neal, thank you. and the verdict could come at any point right now. let's get over to bianna golodryga for the other top stories. >> good morning. good morning everyone at home. the other major story we're
8:06 am
watching, renewed fears of a global recession. this, as greece now says it won't be able to pay all of its bill this month. and that's taking a big toll on investors. wall street opened lower this morning, following a stock slide around the globe. overseas markets fell by as much as 2%. one bright spot, chrysler announced its sailed numbered 27%. there was a huge demand for suvs and pickups. and chris christie is expected to decide in days if he'll run for the race for president. two top fund raisers say donors are ready. there's still no word from christie. if he decides he'll run, he has to raise tens of millions of dollars in a matter of weeks. and more gripping testimony expected this morning at the trial of michael jackson's doctor. returning to the stand, the emergency room doctor said jackson had no pulse when he got to the hospital. representatives from sprint and at&t will also testify. they'll present cell phone records detailing calls made by doctor murray on the day jackson
8:07 am
died. and imagine this. a tax on pizza? over the week end, denmark introduced a fat tax. which is charged for the saturated fat in food. the danish officials say a burger will cost 15 cents more. a small package of butter will cost you 40 cents more. >> wow. >> makes you think before you order your food, right? well, the company that makes four loko is coming clean. the sweet alcoholic drink that has been linked to several deaths of teenager, this morning the company announced it will change its labeling. they'll show that the supersized can contains as much alcohol as five cans of beer. maybe you saw this over the weekend. proof that real men do indeed, george, wear pink. especially for a good cause. nfl players, referees, coaches are showing off their pink. pink towels, glove, cleats and caps at football field as cross the country. it's part of the effort to raise awareness for breast cancer all month. finally, just in time for
8:08 am
'80s week at "gma." the 25th anniversary of "ferris bueller's day off." ferris and his pals took in a cubs game in their infamous day off from school. they hosted a screening under the stars. say it with me, guys, bueller, bueller? >> i should have put that on my list. i forgot about it. >> that's the news. >> it's time. >> what you got? what you got? >> this is big. a "gma" exclusive to start off pop news. just in time for totally awesome '80s week, we're thrilled to announce a brand new michael jackson album coming out in november. "immortal" includes mashups and redesigned versions of michael's biggest hits. the album will also provide the
8:09 am
sound track to sirb dcircumsta* circumstance du cirque du soleil's new show, "michael jackson, the immortal world tour." a massive spectacle. totally fitting the king of pop. and, anybody with a crush on pippa, scotty. stage manager, cover your eyes. this could be painful. pictures of kate's little sister planting a kiss on her reported boyfriend on sunday at 4:00 a.m. as the couple waited for their car after a charity event in london. as is everything concerning pippa, the pictures have gone viral. pippa, as always, looking ravishing in a red, low-cut gown. raising so many questions. why not scotty? and is this guy, alex, the one? scotty just walked off the job. he'll be okay. he's now in a fetal position. this just in. and more royal new force you, just released, adorable video from the royal archives. causing a sensation on youtube this morning. it shows the prince and his big brother, prince william. that's harry and william, at the piano.
8:10 am
tickling the ivories as kensington palace. princess diana and prince charles can be seen as well. encouraging then 3-year-old william to give harry a kiss. a rare glimpse into the private world of britain's royal family. and finally, switching gears in a big way. more '80s memories for everybody. remember the band kiss? front man gene simmons said he would never get married. sorry dude, you did it. he proved himself wrong. he did it on saturday. in beverly hills. he tied the knot with former "playboy" playmate shannon tweed. in front of 400 of their friends and family. he said at 62 years old, it was "time to grow up" and that he will "do his best to be faithful." >> how is that for a vow? >> do his best? >> that wouldn't go over at my wedding. >> talking to alli, you wouldn't be sitting here right now. >> running down the aisle. >> that is pop news. let's get some weather from sam. >> a huge crowd outside.
8:11 am
>> i don't know, lara, i'm still beside the car. this car, the delorean, my dream car in the '80s. these doors don't take more room. you could park 11 inches beside this car and still be able to talk about it. the stainless steel panels. the first time it was used on the outside of a car. it made it difficult to renovate. usually, when you're fixing up the car, you put the bondo in, and repaint it. with that car, you had to replace it. good morning. nice to see you. wait, where are you from? >> north carolina. >> tell me your name. >> tess. >> tess. you're on tv. you really, truly are. let's get to the boards. our twitter pictures this morning from canaan valley. the highest valley east of the mississippi. we have snow there. we thank you, bob and pam.
8:12 am
milder and dryer air moving in to the east. doesn't last long. new york city, a 70-degree day on wednesday. and then another reinforcing shot of cold air after that. enjoy the warmup when it gets here. cold, wet, damp, and then stormy into in northwest. so get ready for that. >> and we're live t >> and we're live in times square this morning. lara, it did not have rich corinthian leather. that would be cordoba.
8:13 am
>> you've been talking about that delorean for a week. so happy. he's giddy. here's a look at what else we have coming up. we're celebrating "totally awesome '80s" week. i love saying that. a look at everything from the biggest movies and the biggest hair styles. yes, denise, in the control room, we're talking about you. and one of tv's newest hits, "body of proof" is back. dana delany is here with a preview. and steve martin, jack black, and owen wilson are also here. stirring up trouble. on "gma." coming up. re also here. stirring up trouble. ♪ i think i'll grab me a bowl and spoon now ♪ ♪ crispy flakes calling my name ♪ ♪ i'm hungry now. ♪ ♪ who can resist those honey kissed bunches. ♪ ♪ gotta get a bowl, get me some of that yaaaaay! ♪ ♪ everybody's... ♪
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8:18 am
doesn't seem to be anyone around ♪ >> we're going back in time this week to the totally awesome 1980s here at "gma." you saw the delorean. sam is still smiling ear to ear. we want to share it with you. this was a decade that brought us everything from -- what is that word? >> the flux capacitor. >> what is that? another delorean reference. i'm supposed to be outside. hold hands. we're going back in time. take a look. ♪ >> we're in trouble. >> max headroom.
8:19 am
>> hulkamania. >> reporter: grab your bff and get amped. back to the decade. >> where's the beef? >> reporter: where fashions like these were wicked cool. >> leg warmers for year-round fashionable style. >> reporter: and like you never left home wut a massive can of this. ♪ oh mickey you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind hey mickey ♪ >> reporter: it's a small window of time where anything seems possible. ♪ because this is thriller >> reporter: maybe because we all wanted the same thing. just to have fun. >> they gave her a 10. >> do you believe in miracles? yes! >> not now, michael. i have a headache. >> experts say, with proper training and exercising, it
8:20 am
should be no more dangerous than gymnastics. >> what you talking about, willis? ♪ private eyes, they're watching you, they see your every move ♪ ♪ private eyes, they're watching you ♪ >> this is what the '80s make you do, man. do you feel it? ♪ night and day night and day >> baby! baby! >> i spent way too much time in the 1980s playing this stupid game. i'm getting back into it. i'm not as good as i was. z >> i would peel off all the stickers and make it that i did it. >> three weeks ago, the judge required to her chambers. >> this is what i wanted to look like. this is what alooked like. >> oh, my gosh.
8:21 am
oh, my -- >> see that. can we talk about the doily. >> you have blossomed into a beautiful butterfly. ♪ karma chameleon >> reporter: we all had our interesting looks in the '80s. >> my mom was cutting my hair until the mid '80s. >> drying, drying, drying. it has to feather. you take the front, lift it, spray, spray, spray, spray, spray, let it dry. what that does is there's a swoop to the fleterring. >> reporter: i know all too well, sam, champion. i, too, had that hair cut. i wore number 3 the 3 on my high school basketball team. the same as a certain legend. >> my nickname since then is still lara bird. it's funny now. it wasn't then. ♪ jitterbug
8:22 am
>> reporter: but even the biggest stars were not immune to the fashion curse of the '80s. remember "the karate kid "? you were working it. >> i had the big, big hair. >> like a hedge. >> it was. >> reporter: one of the world's most notable looks of the '80s created by punky brewster. what the punky garb? >> fantastic shoes. i feel like punky was innovative and ground breaking. ♪ i gotta cut loose foot loose kick off the sunday shoes please, louise, pull me up from my knees ♪ >> reporter: the fashion influenced by the music. ♪ let's get physical i want to
8:23 am
get physical ♪ ♪ let's get into physical >> of course, bruce springsteen. ♪ i was born in the usa >> jay geila band, "centerfold." ♪ i can't go for that know >> still not sure what they were asking eileen to come on to. >> time to make the doughnuts. ? i've fallen. and i can't get up! >> reporter: so this week, get ready as we go back to the future. >> are you tell megaowe built a time machine? >> reporter: catch up with the cast of the princess bride. and rock out with the bangles right here in times square. ♪
8:24 am
>> i feel the need. the need for speed. >> reporter: break out the shoulder pads. >> you [ bleep ]! >> reporter: and get ready to celebrate. because as bill and ted would say -- >> excellent! >> reporter: it's "gma's" "totally awesome '80s" week. who is in the mood? can we take one more look at photos? let's start with sam. one more time. >> you were work something young. >> reporter: he's so handsome. >> you've not aged a bit. we also have pictures of bianna. >> i'll take that back. >> oh, wow. >> whoa! >> is that bianna? wow. >> the first one was something.
8:25 am
now george, one more look. a lot of -- chia. >> not so much there. not so bad. >> you're adorable. >> and then robin. >> that's all right. that's all right. too much? >> yeah! >> oh, wow. we want to see your -- don't we want to see how viewers? >> i had a little 'fro and then a tail in the back. what about you? >> we're running out of time. this is a wrap. >> that's really cool. >> that's basketball. >> lara bird. >> we have to tell everybody. we had a parade of anchors and correspondents run through here. we have a big announcement coming up. >> this is how big it is. diane, christiane, david, barbara walters. chris. it just goes on and on. >> coming right up.
8:26 am
this could be your family's dream come true. introducing a new resort and spa by disney in hawaii. so inspired by a family. how could this be you? go to enter for a chance to win. the sweepstakes. discover family paradise with a touch of magic. you are looking live near
8:27 am
balboa street in the richmond district where police are investigation gating a shooting involving one of their officers. few details so far. no word on who has been shot and whether the shooting is fatal. we will continue to follow the story and bring more on abc7 news we get it. let's check in on your morning commute. good morning. that area sunset balboa closed. 80 westbound a grind from highway 4 to the bay bridge. an hour commute. here are drive times for this morning's commute. >> let's check in with
8:28 am
8:29 am
--j welcome back. impressive but still no proof it is making to the ground yet. we will see rain in the north bay by noon throughout the bay by 4:00. we'll get a 10th of a quarter of an inch out of this rain. watch out for the system ♪ halfway there >> you picked it, we're playing
8:30 am
it. bon jovi's "living on a prayer." this is how the vote broke down. living on a prayer, 53%. >> i was one of them. >> you were, weren't you, george? you choose what you want to hear in the morning this week. be sure to weigh in. also this morning, she's not a doctor, she plays one on tv. very well, too. dana delany here. and three of the funniest men in hollywood. a big movie coming out. steve martin, owen wilson and jack black. you have to see the collection. >> the galley we have here. all of abc news in force. we have a big announcement coming rite now. barbara, katie, diane.
8:31 am
boys and girls split up today. we're here from ifor the announ. >> they're all on their best behavior. >> here is what is announcement is. abc news is joining forces with yahoo!. a brand new partnership. the number one news source online. reaching 100 million people. it's the future of news. how everyone will get the information that matters. here's a first look at what abc news and yahoo! news will do together. so much information coming at us it's almost dizzying. what if you matched the number one news site on the web with the country's most premier news brand with a roster of extraordinary journalists that already reach more people. it's here now. the new number one digital news source brought to you by yahoo!
8:32 am
news and abc news. with an instant reach of 100 million americans. that's over 25 million more than the closest competitor and the network news competition combined. now, imagine teaming yahoo! news with the people of abc news on every story. with original reporting produced first for the web. ground breaking. exclusive, digital reporting. >> what's not the be excited about? to engage and interact with 100 million americans. it's more than just exciting. it's a game-changer. >> and, americans will now be able to stay connected with "gma" as never before, with imagine the original programming these people, these journalists can deliver. programming exclusive content
8:33 am
for the web. not just a bhits of headlines and information. digging deeper with breaking story telling that helps americans better make sense of the world we share. yahoo! news, the world's number one news website. together, now, with abc news. it's time to see the whole picture. [ applause ] >> and you can see, we're not the only ones excited about this partnership. our crowd is into it as well. is already on the yahoo! network. it's got everything you love from "gma." you have to check out george, you're heading to washington to speak with the president. >> talking to the president this afternoon live on yahoo! and we have put out a request for questions. do it at
8:34 am
or yahoo!.com. it's a great way to kick off the series. >> it's a perfect way. the colleagues are excited. christiane, you're going to have a weekly series, right? bill? bill weir will kick off one very soon as well. they didn't trust you. they didn't give you a microphone, bill. but diane, katie, barbara. it goes on and on and on. the reach that we're now going to have. that is something that our president, ben sherwood has talked about. >> we want to thank you for that. ross from yahoo!. as well. this will be terrific. we cannot wait. everybody at home wants weather. we're going to sam. wow. when they say the global resources of abc news, this is pretty much the global resources of abc news news right there. everybody.
8:35 am
let's get to the boards. we're going the talk about the southeast. how beautiful it is. it's been a stormy last really week as the front got there and slid away. new orleans, 78, less humid. tall has tallahassee. this is 2, 2 1/2 days of big, bad storms pounding into the coastline. we think it could be ten inches from just below 10,000 feet. this is going to be a big snowmaker. the pleasant weather in the deep south. a little bit cool into the northeast today. that will take care of itself in
8:36 am
>> on a big, powerful announcement day. all that weather was brought to you by i can't believe it's not butter. >> a little chaos hehehehehehehe
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
oh, what a great show. "china beach." the show that put dana delany on the map. she won an emmy in the acclaimed series. now she's back at it playing megan hunt on the abc series "body of proof." it's back for the second season. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> did you see the parade of stars? >> it's a fun day. you got diane up early? >> we did. we digress. congratulations on the success. when last we met, we were on the set of "desperate housewives."
8:40 am
>> welcome back to new york. >> thank you. let's talk about something i don't know if anybody would realize. you wrote a "new york times" cross word puzzle. the sunday one. how did that come about? >> i've been doing the puzzle for a listening time. i did a blog about the experience doing the puzzle. i got an invitation to create one. >> how hard is that? >> it's a lot of work. i'm glad i did it. but i would rather just shovel t -- solve the puzzle, i think. >> really? >> matt ginsburg did that. >> i want to talk about "body of proof." i'm hearing your character might loosen up a little bit. >> she's edgier. a little more humor this season.
8:41 am
>> such a fun show. >> it's a good mystery every week. we all get along. >> what does a mother have to do to have din we are her daughter? >> you cannot come in here. >> this is a little bit of b-roll. we saw a corpse in the shot. behind the scenes, you were telling me, that's not an easy roll. don't begrudge. >> i suggest that everybody playing a corpse do yoga. you have to do shallow breathing. i'm touching you all over your body. if you're not comfortable being touched, don't be a corpse. men have the hardest time with that. >> do you find yourselves cracking up? >> one of the corpses fell asleep just last week. i'm trying to nudge him. >> here's a clip from the new season, body of proof.
8:42 am
>> the material from the finger nails. >> we think it's a fungus. it has spored. >> spoers transfer. jason has scratches on his hands. >> do you think she got the spores from him? >> all i see are dirty fingers with plinters. ? did either of you smell the fungus? >> it's like rotten oysters. >> perfect. turn off the lights. >> that is cool. >> looks like our kidnapper glows in the dark. >> do you like the medical ensemble or wisteria lane? >> they're both a little dangerous. >> fun and so different. >> i've been lucky to do different roles in my career. ridiculous stuff to serious stuff. i'm looking at the clip and it's making me laugh because there is something the doctors do when they smell things, they go like this. i'm constantly having to go like
8:43 am
this. and i'm thinking, i don't smell anything. what does this do? this is what you do. >> if you're going to be in the scene, be thin the scene, siste. they're asking me to show a clip from the '80s. >> that was a decade. >> the last leg of the tunnel was filled with cockroaches. it was out of "indiana jones." you take a deep breath and go. i jumped out of the tunnel at the end, i'm brushing the cockroaches off me, screaming, going oh, my god, oh, my god. i say to the guy behind me, i'm sorry my butt was in your face the whole time. he said, are you kidding me, that got me through. >> do you remember? >> i do. >> you had cute hair. >> i had my bob. my signature bob. >> so good to see you. everybody, please check out "body of proof."
8:44 am
tuesdays, 10:00, 9:00 central on abc. coming up next, steve martin, owen wilson, jack black. all live here ononononononononon
8:45 am
8:46 am
so tired of people saying these nose jokes that were not funny to me. hey, because after, like, the 90th one, it's like, not anymore. i walked into this bar to use the bathroom. there was a couple of guys there, having a beer, sitting there. and, one guy looked at me and goes, hey, i go, here it comes. and he goes, why the long face? went right into the movie. >> steve martin, on "good morning america," back in the '80s. he's back with us. that was something. here with owen wilson, jack black. the new movie.
8:47 am
you made me a hero at home. my 9-year-old daughter, played hooky on friday, we went and saw it. the star of school of rock, marly and me, and father of the bride in one movie. >> unfair to show a shot of me from 25 years ago and cut to me now. >> happening to all of us all week. the premise of the movie was, i have to confess, i was not sure i would be able to get into a movie about competitive bird watching. >> well, you know, i say in my stage show, i say, i just finished a movie with jack black and owen wilson. they go, yea. and then two very fine gentlemen. and i say, i'm talking about me and jack black. i say it's about competitive bird watching. and they would laugh. thinking it's not true. it does make you want to see it, doesn't it? >> it does.
8:48 am
let's look inside that world. >> kenny, this is my friend, brad harris. who is also not doing a big year. >> big-footed goose. big-footed goose other end of the boardwalk. >> be careful. >> excuse me. >> hey, put her down! >> hey, hey, please let the explorers through. >> of course. >> let's go, ladies. >> after you kids. get those badges. >> chop, chop. step it lively. step it lively. move it along. move it along. thank you. >> you play the world champ. the world champ. did cow know anything about it before you began? >> i didn't know a great deal about it. i thought i would have to practice my maybe pointing and staring very hard. but -- we actually had some advisers that kind of walked us
8:49 am
through it. not a great deal to it, other than that. >> but you get to go to beautiful locations. >> there's a lot of knowledge. >> a lot of knowledge, yeah. >> these guys can be competitive about anything, even bird watching. it should not be competitive. >> no money, no fame. >> it turned into blood sport. >> who was the best. >> everybody on facebook wanted to know, who is the funniest? >> i would have to say -- >> yourself? >> that's not for us to judge. the referees and the judges must judge. >> each of us has our own area of funniness. >> let's get specific about it. sabrina wanted to know what tid jack learn from a comedic genius like steve martin? >> i'm the funniest.
8:50 am
>> what did you learn from steve martin? >> the thing i learned from steve -- >> it's good to pull your costars early. you told us about the awards early on. >> they had to memorize my awards. that's what they learned. >> it's all about preparation. steve is a meticulous preparer. comedy is serious business. you don't know it from the outside. you have to get in there and work at it. >> i think i taught you that lunch is very important to really -- >> you didn't teach that to me. >> the per diem. . >> you have been given some advice to eddie murphy. he's hosting the oscars this year. i love what you wrote online. >> some ironic comic advice. >> you say remember to relax and have a good time while 12,000 live bloggers rip you to shreds. what do you think he's in for?
8:51 am
>> getting ripped to shreds. >> he's in for great time. he's a great standup comedian. that's all it takes. >> did you have a good time doing it? >> i did. i had a great time with alec. you have a partner, not like neez g these guys. >> did you and jack get to play together on if set? you're both musicians. >> i'm a comedy musing guy. he's real musician. i was a little intimidated. when he busts out the banjo, you don't want to mess with it. >> another award? >> we got bluegrass entertainers of the year. we were honored. >> last question for owen. when did you first realize you
8:52 am
could make people laugh? >> think probably back in school, when i wasn't prepared with an assignment, you would have to stand and kind of jive your way through it. you would touch off laughter among your classmates. probably early on. i like to keep it fresh by not reading the script. >> thank you all very much. we can't hear a thing out here with all the trucks going by. the movie is great. it opens october 14th. thank you very much.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
they're so popular. they have to sign autographs. we're so excited about combines forces with yahoo! news. you're going to get it kicked off, heading to washington. >> heading to washington. a live interview with president obama. a way to kick off the new news makers series. take care. look who is raising their hands to help 1 million moms. go to and
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(announcer) gold bond ultimate softening lotion. with shea butter for soft healthy skin. gold bond ultimate softening. this stuff really works. . san francisco police investigating a shooting involving one of their own officers.
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it happened not too long ago near balboa street in the richmond district. police found an elderly couple with stab wounds and a suspect armed with knifes in each hand. officers shot the suspect. we'll have a complete report at 11 -- at 11. still having a hard time reaching the ground, by noon it will be. as we head into the afternoon moving across the bay, evening hours in the east bay and south bay. >> police activity -- live look 80 grind into the maze. drive time hot spots around the bay. our next announcer: it's "live with regis & kelly." today, country superstar tim mcgraw. and from "body of proof," dana mcgraw. and from "body of proof," dana delany.


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