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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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for some. i'll have the details coming up. >> here's a live look at downtown san francisco where dry for now. we have 24 to 48 hours of thunderstorms with hail that i'm concerned about. then we'll have warmer, drier weather for the weekend. wild wednesday morning commute flooding and high wind advisories for all bridges. more on all this in a moment. 5:00 on this wednesday morning, wet, windy wednesday morning thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. i'm kristen sze. breaking news out of cupertino. police on the scene of a shooting four confirmed victims. >> happening at stevens creek quarry located on stevens canyon road. police have a description of the suspect. we are working on getting more information. >> he's believed to be driving around in the area. authorities want folks to be careful. terry mcsweeney is headed to the scene.
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right now p back to what we were talking about before, wet, windy, weather. -- the rain seems to be tapering, mike. >> absolutely. here's live doppler, good morning. a few sprinkles lingering around the bay area, ponding on roads. this is all moving away from us. the monterey bay, southern sections of santa clara valley to be wet for the next hour or hour and a half. once we get past that, a break for the rest of the morning into the early afternoon. april couple of waves of energy sliding down this -- a couple of waves of energy sliding down, generating lightning, thunder even small hail. this will bring brief heavy rain which won't cause much in the way of flooding but will cause more slick streets for the afternoon commute. let's turn it over to sue. good morning. around the bay area mostly
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flooding and high winds in effect. santa cruz mountains "sig alert" in effect 17 southbound at redwood estates. also "sig alert" in cupertino, tree down blocking all lanes highway 9 redwood gulf road to highway 35. flooding all lanes around the bay. accident san mateo spin out, because of the slick roads we are going to see more of that unfortunately, with the high speeds and pooling water. this one is at 3rd just past 3rd 101 right shoulder in san mateo. northbound 101 flooding typical with heavy rains, noncommute direction. flooding in lucky drive. watch out for those slick roads, it is what the rain has left behind. also scattered flooding. most of that due to clogged storm drains and the backed up water damaged homes. amy hollyfield is live at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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is it still gusty out there amy? >> reporter: it is. it is windy. they say expect gusts as you cross the bridge you might get hit by the 35 mile per hour gust, that's where you need to be careful. some of the problems overnight, trees came down for sure this down in sunnyvale 3:00 in the morning at homestead and blue jay. no one was hurt, no cars are getting through on homestead. wind problem overnight, still a little issue out here but the rain was more of a factor. it caused flooding. caused problems at an apartment building in sausalito. two storm drains were clogged, no one cleaned them out so the water had nowhere to go. it found a home inside this apartment building at 2:00 in the morning about seven inches of standing water for those residents to deal with this morning. marin county got more than an
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inch of rain. i was space walk talking to the national weather service the forcaster was not surprised. also caused problems on lucky drive. a little flooding on the san rafael bridge in morning. no major problems. these are all just issues, hassles, a little flooding, tree down. it was a good reminder that the rainy season is here, time to get ready for it. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. some crime-fighting proposals that drew hundreds to oakland's city council meeting last night are heading to a public safety committee. two councilmembers are pushing the proposals if give police more crime fighting tools. measures would expand the gang injunction to east and west oakland, anti-loitering ordinance and curfew for juveniles. opponents are worried about racial profiling. they asked the city to invest in youth activities and jobs
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instead. residents went to the city council last night demanding safety improvements at crosswalks particular where a 6-year-old girl was struck and killed on her way to school last week. one woman has gathered 400 signatures, demanding changes. >> i was hit in of my house when i was 5-years-old coming home from school. it touched my heart to know this little girl will never see her adulthood. >> we it is going to be enhancing some of the traffic designs and increase enforcement and definitely increase education. >> residents say they want bolder changes, flashing lies more stop signs and crossing guards. the federal government is going after medical marijuana dispensaries that are too close to schools. the northern california dispensaries like this one empty mission district have been getting letters from the u.s. attorney's office.
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a spokesman said they are targeting dispensaries operating within 1,000 feet of schools. letters are going out to operators and landlords saying operations could lead to fines and criminal prosecution. medical marijuana is legal in california but against federal law. in brown has taken action on converse -- governor brown mass taken action on controversial measures. the governor vetoed a bill that would have allowed state subs decided child care providers to unionized. -- the governor approve a bill that allows the state to suspend professional licenses and driver's licenses if they are on the franchise tax board's list of top 500 tax cheats. the governor signed a measure aimed at protecting children from the chemical known as bpa found in plastic and can leech into milk or food.
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if the weather allows students will be celebrating international walk to school did. here's video from the event in the past. districts are encouraging students to walk and bike to school. many are offering snacks and prizes. the event is a chance to remind students of safe routes to school and how to cross streets safely. maybe not a total wash-out by the time kids are walking to school i think it going to be better. >> let's check in with mike. >> that's right. they will find the same thing we are finding as we commute, just a lot of wetness hanging around and dampness in the air. organized wet weather is moving out. that will set us up for this curl here and this one before it that will be the one-two punch that cop through and brings scattered showers and -- that comes through and briggs scattered showers and thunderstorms. -- and brings scattered showers and thunderstorm. novato 32 miles per hour, 12
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in hayward, sfo, 21 in fairfield. not only are the streets wet but way white knuckler. destination by the afternoon hours low 60s cloverdale, san francisco, half moon bay, 58 clear lake, mid to upper 60s for the rest of us. today and to a lesser extent tomorrow showers and thunderstorms. sun returns friday and 2!rmth follows through the weekend into next week. hello everyone. if you are traveling towards tahoe this morning, chain requirement in effect that is supposed to be a live shot of kingvale and trucke it is snowing over the item net and you will need chains today. san mateo bridge high wind advisory. wind advisory for all the bridges, taillight in the
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westbound direction. high winds, all bridges, flooding santa cruz mountains. redwood estates. "sig alert" in cupertino, saratoga area highway 9 between redwood gulf road highway 35 downed tree and spin out in san mateo, busy morning. 5:09. >> still ahead, the serious threat california's first big storm is posing to a multi-million dollar crop. gm comes up with an interesting plan that could put thousands more cars for rent on the nation's roads. as homer simpson says. >> doh! >>.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. gloom but also hope from the nation's top banker, bernanke says the economic recovery is close to faultering bus poor growth is depressing consumer confidence. he also told congress the fed is ready to step in. >> recent college s who managed to find a job were paid 6% more than last year's class. jobs in commuter-related fields paid 10% more. engineering up more than 7%.
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don't have a cow, a salary dispute could end the simpsons. the actors are making too much up to eight merchandises a year each. and wants them to take a big pay cut, reportedly almost half. i'm rob nelson. farmers in the central valley are scrambling to protect millions worth of grapes from the rain. the grapes on the ground drying into raisins. the rain could create mold which would destroy the crop. >> these are still grapes, they are not raisins but they are close enough at this point, we don't want rain to come in and splash dirt on the tray and cause an issue with sand. >> one farmer told us the valley heat usually has them dry by this time this year's crop is late, just a little rain can cause mold and could mean raisins will not pass the department of agriculture inspection. from grapes to apple. apple taking orders friday for latest version of the iphone.
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it is not iphone 5. instead it is an iphone 4s. the phone is faster, better camera and futuristic voice-activated service called siri. i'm in the mood for sushi. >> i found a number of sushi restaurants, 22 are fairly close to you. >> it reads text messages and will transcribe and send dictated e-mail. the iphone 4s goes on sale in 10 days. general motors launching a service that could change the way cars are rented. teaming up with a small san francisco company to offer private party rentals using the automakers onstar communications system. the system could be combined with a mobile phone application to match owners with recenters. -- with renters. relay rights takes a 35% cut
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and supplies a one million dollar insurance policy. here's a surprising result of the downed economy. dramatic decrease in the number of drunk driving incidents. researchers from the cdc say there's a 30% drop in driving arrests over the past five years. one researcher says, people may be drinking just as heavily as ever, but off the road because they are drinking at home instead -- and spend -- instead of spending money in bars. the numbers still mean 1 in 50 admit to driving drunk in public at least once a month. more now on that tv shocker rob was talking about. the longest running sitcom may be running out of money and steam. the producer of the simpsons says the show can't continue under its current financial model. 20th century fox is trying to negotiate a pay cut for the act force who provide the voices for the -- actors who provide the voices for the
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characterers. producers want a 45% pay cut, the actors are offering 30%. >> 30% of eight million dollars a year. >> that's a lot of money. a lot of rain fell last night. it was fun at times, challenging, different, haven't had something like this in months. be prepared. we'll talk to sue in a minute. looking from downtown san francisco the port of oakland, a lot of low clouds damp even with the rain leaving us that dampness will translate into more showers and thunderstorms the next couple of days. rain tolds half an inch around santa rosa, san francisco, oakland, hayward, quarter of an inch redwood city, san jose, livermore concord, nearly an inch half moon bay, napa to nearly two inches in ben loma.
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there are a lot of numbers there. don't want to overwhelm you this early in the morning. i've looped the last three hours, definite. a lot of leftover moisture. mid to upper 50s elsewhere around the monterey bay inland 61 monterey mid to upper 50s for everyone else. three things the showers, storms, lightning, hail that is possible today to a lesser extent tomorrow. the snow storm in the sierra ends tonight. until i does, chains probably required snow levels are verycpç -- until it does, changes probably required.y2xu temperatures running 10 to
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almost 15° below average. he tonight, 40s in the forecast, north bay valleys half moon bay, fremont to livermore, morgan hill low to mid 50s for the rest of us. gives you an idea how strong this system is. 180 mile per hour jet stream pushed this storm through. now that it is through, you see a curl in the atmosphere, another curl up around seattle these will ride that jet stream and bring energy and lift needed to create those scattered showers and thunderstorms. from 7:00 this morning through noon, quiet, but then noon into the afternoon hours that's when we see storms develop. they could be heaviest and most widespread during the early parts of the evening commute. overnight quiet. next system is not as strong, you can see the scattered showers and storms thursday
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morning into the afternoon hours aren't nearly as intense or widespread. by thursday evening, they are pretty much gone. winter storm warning continuing into 11:00 this evening. the snow accumulated snow could be down to 5,000 feet. mild, slightly warmer because the rain won't be around as long. real warming trend, 10 to 15° warmer for the back half of the weekend early part of next week. have a great day. here is sue. good morning. what you need to worry about this morning, flooding, pooling water and high winds. still have a high wind advisory, live shot of the golden gate bridge, flooding at toll plaza, light traffic roads are slick, san rafael, richmond san rafael bay bridge high wind advisory 80 berkeley towards the act arthur maze getting to be a little crowded wet, pooling of water at the
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toll plaza h has been reporting major big upon of water -- are forewarned hopefully that will start draining out. "sig alert" in effect in cupertino saratoga area, blocking highway 9 closed between redwood gulf road and highway 35 "sig alert" in effect there. flooding typical when we get a lot of rain northbound 101, noncommute direction at lucky drive all lanes flooded with a couple of inches of water there. 5:20. next, the tiger arriving in the bay area today. preparing for a prince. the training that will bring a british royal to california this week. d she notices when my skin's rough.
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(announcer) gold bond ultimate softening lotion. with shea butter for soft healthy skin. gold bond ultimate softening. this stuff really works. good morning. live picture of the traffic 680 walnut creek looks to be fine don't notice slowing due to slick roads from the heavy overnight rain. good news for your morning commute, supposed to be out of here mike says don't put away that umbrella. you have to watch out for the whole day, maybe even tomorrow. somewhere in the central sierra this morning a 65 foot fir tree is about to meet its fate. it will be the official christmas tree of the u.s. capital. location national security secret they don't want vandals to find it. it is in the national forest it will be cut down next month. from there it will be taken on
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a 4500 mile tour of the country before the lighting ceremony in washington december 6th. tiger woods will be practicing today south of san jose before tomorrow's start of the golf tournament. woods was chosen to play in the president's cup in australia next month. the event will be one a tune-up tournament. woods missed the last major in august. he fell out of the top 50 as well for the first time. tens of thousands2g.v of fans ae expected to watch him tee off. royal watchers standby, britain's prince harry is heading to california this week. the prince captain in the british army will take part in military helicopter training. he will complete a two month long apache attack helicopter course at the naval air facility.
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and in arizona. harry is third in line for the crown. also known as captain wales in his unit. next, the latest on breaking news in cupertino, police on the scene of a workplace shooting. there are multiple victims. the gunman is still out there. next, two san jose police officers caught on the wrong sigh of the law. the felony charges they -- side of the law. the felony charges they are now facing. most of the nation in the 70s and 80s, 60s around boston, salt lake, mid to upper 50s seattle and portland. warm spot far goal weather upside down today 91. phoenix 85. all major airports are on time. once delays develop at sfo i'll let you know. flight tracker at
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in the news this wednesday morning the bay area is waking up to the first big rainstorm of the season. it has caused accidents and flooded roads at least one home damaged. >> good news, tracking the storm, it is moving out right now. i'll show that you. there's more thunderstorms in the forecast today and tomorrow. good morning. busy, high winds and cooling and flooding on the roads. live look at the san mateo bridge now moving well. more coming up. 5:28 on this wednesday morning thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. in cupertino police on the scene of a shooting there are four to seven victims, some reportedly dead. at stephens creek quarry located on stephens canyon road. police have a description of the suspect. we are working to get that information. he's believed to be driving in
5:29 am
the area. authorities would want folks nearby to be very careful. terry mcsweeney is heed to the scene we'll go to him live as soon as he get there is. heavy rain has caused drains to back up in marin county and it flooded an apartment unit. firefighters got to the scene short lafave 2:00 in the morning to pump out seven inches of water from a lower unit. firefighters thought the flood was caused by a clogged storm drain. another clogged drain in front of the no word on the amount of damage caused by the overflowing water. let's find out from mike what the situation is now. >> it is improving. especially when you look at rain totals from last night quarter of an inch around concord, livermore, half an inch around san francisco, oakland, hayward. nearly an inch in fairfield, napa, half moon bay to nearly an inch and 2/3 and two inches
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around ben lomond. steady rain is over. over the next hour or so you will see a drying trend. break up to the north more showers developing even a bolt of lightning that's what we have in store for the afternoon. not only today, also he tomorrow, waves of showers and even thunderstorms. heavy rain, lightning and hail. we'll talk about a timeframe for that in a few minutes. good morning. live shot of the toll plaza. chains required in tahoe from kingvale to truckee both directions of 80. big rig has an accident at -- if you are headed 80 eastbound, please be aware it is kind of
5:31 am
a nightmare through tahoe. bay bridge not bad, pooling, flooding between the toll plaza and metering lights. drive times at this hour some of the popular commutes, highway 4, good ride so far out of the antioch. 92 the san mateo bridge eastbound less than 15 minutes. high wind advisory there. 101 interest santa rosa into novato less than half an hour now. 5:31. san leandro police searching for the promoters of a tattoo party where three people were shot to death. two teenagers and a young adult were kill, three others injured the shootings happen early sunday morning. police talked with the promoter oscar edwards right after the shootings. since then edwards has turned off his phone. investigators want to ask him about people who were at the party which was promoted on facebook.
5:32 am
san jose police officer and former officer in custody charged with embezzling tens of thousands from a charity fund. investigators say the officers stole more than $120,000 over four years from the latino peace officers association. one was the chapter president and the other the treasurer. the theft was discovered after an audit uncovered large cash withdrawals. investigators say the two men deposited checks made out to the association into their personal accounts. money from the charity is supposed to be awarded to kids going to college. crime fighting proposals that drew hundreds to oakland's city council meeting last night now headed to a public safety committee. two councilmembers are pushing the proposals to give police more crime fighting tools, the measures would expand gang injunction to east and west oakland, institute an ordinance and create a curfew for juveniles.
5:33 am
opponents fear an increase in racial profiling. >> there's a history of discriminatory law enforcement. when you tell the young people we are going to have one more law there is that concern. >> if we don't try, how do we know it won't work? >> opponents asked the city to invest in activities in job opportunities instead. no word on when those measures will be taken up. assembly hill introducing legislation that could force utilities to stop using a a potentially dangerous type of gas pipe. a fire in august destroyed a condo in coup toon know caused by a leaking pipe -- pg&e says it will replace the pipes at the 400 unit site next month. safety officials recommended that utilities phase out or replace the potentially brittle pipe after several fires. hill says pg&e and state
5:34 am
regulators never acted on that. his measure will require them to do it. thundering roar and fast moving blur will announce the arrival of the blue angel aerobatic team today. weather-permitting they are scheduled bring the fighter jets into sfo around 11:00 this morning. they will begin practicing tomorrow former form mans saturday and sunday as part of -- fleet week. as practice begins tomorrow any more showers? >> that's the big question. >> it is less likely than today. they will be mainly in the morning to early afternoon. the later they can wait into the afternoon the better chance they have of showing off for us as they practice. good morning. good news for the morning commute. we see the steady rain moving to the south. a lot of residual moisture. here's our break and then you can see better here the swirls in the atmosphere. those are coming down and
5:35 am
bringing us the one-two punch of afternoon scattered showers and thunderstorms. it is breezy this morning, watch out for that. oakland gusting up to 32, same with novato 21 in fairfield, 13 in napa. temperatures the same if not a few degrees cooler than yesterday. the exception oakland 1° warmer that puts us in the 50s throughout the 8:00 hour. just a light shower here or there. by noon, things are quiet, beginning to percolate a little. you will start to see the towering cumulus clouds develop as the sun and moisture mix. near 60°, thunderstorms by 4:00. they could be heavy at times. 59 in san francisco, 58 half moon bay, everybody else in the low to mid 60s. 7-day forecast, lesser extent of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow and then smooth sailing friday all the way through the early parts of
5:36 am
next week. a lot of the sunshine and much warmer temperatures. good morning sue. >> good morning mike. if you are headed out you need to worry about high winds on the bridges and pooling and flooding in certain areas. right now san jose, reports of an accident at guadalupe parkway south 78 curtner on ramp all lanes blocked with an accident. 680 walnut creek southbound towards the 21 junction, company towards 24, no slowing and no major problems. the toll plaza at the bay bridge, big pool of water between the plaza and metering lights more towards the right, so be aware of that. these are cash paying drivers, metering lights off, so far no delays. 5:37. up next, the great fish caper. the suspicious release of more than 40,000 tiny salmon from a farm. authorities want to know, why? incredible scene in the
5:37 am
sierra, giant kay -- sequoia
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. 5:40. most of the rain has come and gone there are slick roads out
5:40 am
there. this shot of i-80 in berkeley near the university off-ramp. mike will tell us when more rain is due. coming up in a few minutes. this morning, federal investigators will begin inspecting a helicopter involved in a deadly crash in new york. the chopper was carrying four members of a family on a sightseeing tour of the city. the chopper plunged in the water moments after take . the victim was trapped in the backseat. she was celebrating her 40th birthday. rescuers pulled three other member of her family and pilot from the water. no initial indications of a possible cause of the crash. norths in mar -- authorities in marin county trying to figure out why someone would vandalize a local hatchery. operators say somebody broke into their installation monday and cut the nets on two holding spends. the vandals released 40,000 salmon into the bay.
5:41 am
the fish were being raised by students at a high school in petaluma. >> to have somebody come in and did this is a spoiler. kids are going to be heart broken. >> fish were going to be released earlier this month by a ceremony. a popular trail in the sierra remains closed. take a look at the reason why. you are looking at a giant sequoia that came down in the national forest friday. one of two trees that toppled near the popular trail of 100 giants within hours of each other. it is not clear why they he fell but the trail has been closed until further notice this video was captured by a german tourist. some trees are as high as 245 feet high. when they fall, they really fall. >> luckily, they were not very close when it fell it could
5:42 am
have been worse. big banks accused of taking advantage of veterans. ralph nader delivers a controversial message why he says cal and other colleges should dump sports. >> we love to eat, right? the company we keep can make some of us eat less. what a new study reveals about men, women and food, coming up. cj c c c c c c c c c c c c cc [ female announcer ] once you taste
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welcome back. very active, even some thunderstorms rolling around tahoe this morning maybe getting thunder snow up there. more storms up around crescent city sliding to the southeast. just about anywhere you travel today across the state you are going to run into wet weather and cool conditions from 56 in eureka, 52 in yosemite, 43 in tahoe. palm springs 74. if you are heading to the sierra sue says chain controls, they have them already up to a of snow possible at some of the passes. -- up to a foot of snow possible at some of the passes. 5:46. an israeli scientist has won the nobel prize in chemistry. daniel shechtman is being honored for his discovery of
5:46 am
quasi-crystals that researchers thought was impossible. he says his discovery in 1982 changed the way chemists looked at solid matter. a professor -- a professor in haifa. a third of veterans believe the wars in iraq and afghanistan were not worth fighting. the survey was conned by the pew research center. -- 59% say after 10 years of combat america should be focusing less on foreign affairs and more on domestic issue. 61% of the veterans consider themselves more patriotic than other people in the country. amanda knox is waking up this morning in her seattle bed after spending four years in an italian prison. the 24-year-old american was whisked home after appeals court threw out her con in the if i tall stabbing of her roommate amid doubts over
5:47 am
the evidence. overwhelmed and emotional knox thanked everyone who helped win her freedom. >> just thank you to everyone who believed in me. me. who supported my family. -- my family is the most important thing to me now. i want to go be with them. >> prosecutors insist knox was among three people who kill 21-year-old meredith kercher. they plan to appeal to the italian supreme court. in arizona one person dead following a highway pile-up police are blaming on a blinding dust storm. dozens of vehicles collided on a freeway that runs between tucson and phoenix yesterday. 15 people were hurt. the dust storm reduced visibility to near zero. the interstate was closed in
5:48 am
both directions for several hours while emergency crews treated the injured and remove the vehicles. looks like snow the visibility problem for us in the sierra. >> absolutely. seen that bolt of lightning come down things picking up in intensity there that will also subsigh during the afternoon and evening like our rain is doing now. good morning, 5:48. forecast falls in line with what you believed. heaviest of the rain out of the bay area by 5:00. as we come up on 6:00, cloudy, damp this morning. over the past three hours, healthy rain moved through. now just exiting the monterey bay and heing into the southern sections of the -- and heading into the southern sections of the central valley. moist morning mid to upper 50s, 60 one around mountain view, 61 monterey, find showers,
5:49 am
storms today and tomorrow -- the bulk will fall today. smaller ones tomorrow. sierra snow storm, ends tonight not before dumping all that snow, more than a foot in some areas. calmer, brighter and warmer this weekend, also up in the high country. today 58 clear lake, 59 ukiah, 61 he cloverdale 62 vallejo, everybody else mid to upper 60s highs 10 to 15° cooler than average. monterey bay same inland low to mid 60s scattered storms cool tonight look at midto upper 40s morgan hill, livermore, fremont, half moon bay, north bay valleys low to me 50s for the rest of us patchy fog develop especially in the valleys overnight. while were you sleeping the cold front brought us that rain now we are on the back sigh of the storm.
5:50 am
with the sun this time of the -- of the year heating the ground will energize the atmosphere areas of low pressure tend to lift and wring out the moisture they will did that in the form of scattered showers and thunderstorms which means thunder and lightning even small hail, clear through most of the morning. by noon storms getting heavy during the afternoon into the early evening hours as they sly southeast across the bay. overnight a few re wail showers. tomorrow not as nearly by spread or as intense as today's. by 7:00 tomorrow night, it is obvious that's it. gone. -- it is over, that's it, gone. winter storm warning in the sierra until 110. gone for five days, check out the warm, mild conditions. it is going to be gorgeous to be outside greener because of the rain and hopefully keep
5:51 am
the pollen down for a while. 10 to 15° warmer throughout the weekend. busy day, hey winds, flooding, accidents -- high winds, flooding, accidents guadalupe parkway southbound 87 curtner on ramp accident blocking there. in coup teen though stephens creek north foothill -- in cupertino, stephens creek north foothill. highway 9 tree down, highway 9 closed between redwood gulf road and highway 35. san francisco an accident 280 northbound that is blocking the off-ramp there as well. for all the latest, a lot of stuff going on traffic for your updates. 5:50 to. another day another mortgage-related problem.
5:52 am
>> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. accused of charging veterans illegal fees to refinance home loans. bank of america, jpmorgan chase, wells fargo and other bank accused in a whistle-blower lawsuit of billing for attorney's fees and settlement closing coast costs even though those fees are barred under a veteran program. no comment from the three banks. >> the group occupying wall street planning to march along side labor outside the new york stock exchange. now listed as planned in more than 45 states. [ unintelligible ] inside stocks marching higher in the last hour of traying on speculation the up leader might move to recap banks. appear spell shares, -- at the
5:53 am
new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 5:53. breaking news out of cupertino, police on the scene of a shooting that has wounded as many as six people. terry mcsweeney is live at the scene with the story. terry, was anyone kill? >> reporter: yes, we have confirmation that two people are . total of six shot. -- are dead. total of six shot, survivors in country condition this happen at the quarry i'm at foothill and stevens creek beautiful it happened at the quarry. we are getting word there was skin of meeting this among. at that meeting someone showed up with automatic weapon and handgun and opened fire at this meeting. again, killing two. wonning four others. most if not all of the survivors are in critical condition.
5:54 am
foothill beautiful, no point on getting on it -- foothill boulevard, no point on getting on it is backed up with trucks. the quarry obviously closed stephens creek boulevard is closed at foothill. foote boulevard is a parking lot backed up. getting worse every time a truck or car pulls up. stay away from this area. what we have now according to the sheriffs, two people dead, four people wounded. most in critical condition. the result of a patiently an angry employee who came to this meeting today, don't know what the meeting was about. he an automatic weapon and a handgun. and opened fire. again, two dead, four wounded. we'll get more as soon as we can get an whole of more information from the santa clara county sheriff's office. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. terry, thank you.
5:55 am
5:55 right now. granny will live to see another day. >> that's the old observing tree near menlo park. the project is part of an upgrade to thebk aqueduct. a plan to removecú3hs the tree sparked proceed tests. the tree is 150-years-old. the san francisco public utilities commission will pay $200,000 to dig beneath the roots. ralph nader says universities that are serious about education should think about dropping big time sports. the former presidential candidate took that controversial position in a speech to 100 students and staff at uc berkeley nader says academics have become secondary at many schools. regular students suffer from a lack of resources while athletes are pampered and committed. he says dropping athletic scholarships would deflate a lot of problem. new ordinance requiring
5:56 am
cell phone companies to disclose radiation levels emitted by the devices they sell is on hold. a judge has granted a temporary injunction sought by lawyers vending the wireless industry. they claim the first amendment protects makers from having to include information they don't agree with the world health organization said cell phone radiation possibly poses a cancer risk but admitted there is no hard evidence. city officials say the industry is trying to keep people in the dark about vital health insurance -- vital health information. researchers at indiana university say women 10 to eat less when this company of men. they analyzed eating habits of 127 college students alone within with company. when women ate with men they ordered 100 calories less than when they ate with other women. men ate more with women than other men. keep in mind, those are college women so their
5:57 am
mentality may be a little different. 5:57. just ahead, the very latest in our breaking news out of cupertino. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in foothill. an employee came to work this morning, armed with an automatic rifle and handgun and opened fire, two are dead, four badly wounded. the latest in a live report.d
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