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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  October 7, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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those people who use the use act was only themselves in mind. >> the california compassionate use act was intended to help seriously ill people. but the law has been hijacked by profiteers who are motivated not by compassion, but money. >> steve is co-founder of oakland's harborside health center, one of the largest december pens riz. he says the rack down will hurt them none thes less, forcing them back on to streets. >> this is an attack on a mistake and a lie to characterize this as anything eels at the cow palace, they're shorting out -- sorting out how this will affect them. >> people who are quote, unquote boutique growers, the government isn't interested in them, they're not interested
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in people like myself growing their six plants in the backyard. >> i think everybody should remember this swings back and forth and i've been in the industry 30 years and back in 1976 we thought it was going to be legalized just around the corner. >> the northern district u.s. attorney says she'll focus on dispenseries near schools and parks and sent letters to land lords warning of possible prosecution, fines and for fit you're of assets. >> and if successful, hundreds of thousands would be driven back on to the streets in the hands of criminals, and hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue destroyed. >> the four u.s. attorneys have tailored enforcement to districts but include three main categories, those are suits and criminal cases.
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>> a man surviving wednesday's tragic cupertino shooting rampage is telling his story it was quick. it was bam, bam. >> he was one of six people wounded at the cement plant. and he was shot through the arm, he put it over his head and played dead as he fell to the floor. he says and he co-workers sat, stunned and just froze as shareef allman, a pello co-worker shot them he started from the end of the table and just started to shoot down. i was last on the table and watching everything he was doing. i don't know when i got shot. i had to be facing him. the bullet came in and came out of the back. >> plant employees gathered for the first time since the tragedy. the company organized a meeting to give workers a chance to share grief as well as update plant stutus.
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>> one thing about is this site in particular is that it's a strong relationship family. and this in particular was like a second, third, fourth generation workers it's a tight knit group. >> at this point, the facility remains shut down. there is no word on when it will reopen but workers are getting paid for time off. the company will be covering funeral expenses for the three employees who were killed. >> and a somber event happening san leeand dro. people have come together to honor the memory of three people shot and killed after a party. nick smith is live tonight with the story. nick? >> this afternoon's vigil drew out a dozen people. these are friends and loved ones as well as community leaders and investigator frtz police department. they gathered where two gunman opened fire on a group of
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people killing them. the friends say she was like a sister, deserving to have those responsible caught saying she was a sweet girl and two bonded because of the similarities of their name. >> i hope if anyone snow noes anything just come forward because whether it's something small or very big, anything to help get a lead and help get closer to find the person that did it she was a good girl. funny, spunky. crazy. and she was a good hearted lady. >> lenisha was killed at the scene. police say illegal early morning tattoo party ended before the parking lot erupted into gunfire, this afternoon i spoke with investigators that told me this is very much an active case but they have hit a road block and say witnesses have stopped coming forward with their information.
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they believe party goers and friends know who shooters are and are refusing to identify them. >> there are members in the community, friends of the victim, maybe family members have not come forward with information. >> and this is the man police are calling a person of interest. he's a light skinned black male, slim build with shoulder length dread locks with bleached tips. they say his teeth are gold and top and lower with gold crowns and diamonds in canine portion of the teeth. saying if you see the individual contact police, you can do that anonymously. nick smith abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. a controversy shaking up san francisco mayor's race and presenting a significant threat to the mayor's campaign. today, city attorney called on the u.s. and state attorneys
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general to open a criminal investigation into allegations mayor lee's campaign laundered money through business associates yits in order to exceed campaign limit associations. there is a civil investigation. >> the buck ultimately stop was those engaging in the activity. and at this point we don't know who was involved in the activity. we know whot contributors were but don't know if anyone was directing people, we don't know who was aware of it. >> at issue is an $8500 contribution the campaign received from a shuttle company receiving concessions at sfo. in a statement the campaign accuses herera after busing authority as city attorney calling for a politically motivated investigation into mayor lee's campaign over money that we returned as a result of the concern autos and with only two more days left to act on a pile of legislation, governor brown
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signed or vetoed scores of bills today, several have a major impact on the bay area. we report from sacramento. >> in light of last year's gas pipeline explosion in san bruno killing eight people and destroyed dozens of homes, the governor took steps to make california neighborhoods safer signing a number of bills to help prevent traj dpriz happening again, including requirement that all utility companies have a remote controlled shut off valve. >> at pg&e and others gone ahead and put those in this n.these high areas, san bruno fire probably fwhot have been as bad, destruction and lives lost. >> the governor also sided with public employee unions moving initiatives to november elections only. and he said it's consistent with the constitution, critics slammed the last minute bill, because an initiative limits
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use of union dus on political activity. now will go on the november ballot there. is a gritter chance to deveet witness a bigger turn out. the governor weighed in on the controversial shark fin ban sh probably one of the lobbied bills this year. celebrities like leo yardo dicaprio urging the governor to sign it. the head of virgin airlines felt felled to give him a ring. >> saying i want to talk about this one and that one. i got a call from richard branson on the phone. from australia. worried about shark fin autos in the end the governor wanted to protect the shark population, researchers say has declined by more than 90%. he signed a law banning possession and sale of shark fins, mostly used for shark fin soup. >> estimating about 85% of the trade is moving through california courts this, will stop that in its track autos some felt the ban picked on their culture.
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the governor signed a bill allowing existing stocks to be sold in california until july, 2013. >> and there is more still to come tonight on abc 7 news. a live report from an east bay reservoir undergoing a major expansion. >> heading into weekend we can look forward to a string of sunny skies. i'll have details in the accu-weather forecast. coming up. >> and your icy chair breaks but getting a new one isn't so easy. 7 on your side is coming up. >> also tonight what a local organization is doing to spark a love of science among children of an under served neighborhood. stay with us. the news at 6:00 continues.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. we got a look at a project to ensure the bay area has plenty of drinking water for the years still to come. the reservoir is expanding by more than 50% and crews are ahead of schedule. abc 7 is live at the reservoir in eastern contra costa county. katie? >> what you're seeing behind us here is the dry side of the reservoir and what they've done is cut down the top so they can reposition the angle to handle volume, then will build back up to the new height. it's a massive project. it takes oversized equipment to move this earth and increase volume of the reservoir by 60%. >> we're raising the dam, press the cop of the dam by 34 feet enabling us to increase
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the maximum water levels of the dam going from 100,000 acres to 160,000 acres. >> that means 500,000 contra costa water district customers will have a more reliable water supply. >> we'll have a larnler resource to blend with our delta water supplies to keep the quality high for customer autos the project involved moving the marina and expanding hiking trails and provide more fishing opportunities. but certain fish will be better protected. >> we'll able to take water from the delta, and when sensitive species are not present, we can depend on the reservoir when they're in the delta and we don't want want to use our stream during that time. >> the contractor is out of montana but work force is home grown. >> this contractor is hired about 105 local people out of the unions locally here, it's employing a considerable
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amount of people. is that doesn't include other people at the end of the he marina. >> and this could only be the beginning. the spike could be expanded again in the future. >> feesible with the district would do only if there are other partners would it be considered regional. considered looking at location that would be a wheel house in the bay area. >> and project is costing about $118 million but all bids were secured early and at a discount. back in 2004, that contra costa water district customers gave this the green light. abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. for many, mike is the only san francisco sheriff shave known, after three decades he's decided not to run again. the praise rais to replace him is on. we report from today's debate among the top three candidates. >> one is a sitting member of
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the board of superviseors, one is a captain in the sheriff's department and a third a retired under sheriff. they're trying to replace the longest-serving sheriff in san francisco's history, retiring after 31 years on the job. >> my believe is probably the most invo yaitive sheriff in the united states. and he's endorse immediate to succeed him. >> the only supervisor has his endorsement. other two quick to insist they're on his good side. >> he recruit immediate to be his under sheriff. >> chris county endorsed by san francisco chronicle and examiner. >> i think the best person to continue this legacy is someone part of the success. >> issue number one? what to do with the state sends hundreds of inmates back to the six county jails of the san francisco sheriff overseas. state calls it reassignment. >> we have toolz to be
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prepared to deal with this. >> he's optimistic. >> the state failed in aits ability to rehabilitate president nors so they're deflecting that back to local governments he wants to deflect it back to the state, by asking for money. >> we have to make sure the governor does mg long term on the ballot. fund reassignment. >> legalizing marijuana he says no. >> and i don't believe want want to send a message that smoking marijuana is a good thing. >> it will take a massive undertaking and money and resources in order to do that effectively. >> saying legalize and save. >> governments wasted billions of dollars on the war and drug autos throughout the hour long debate just about the only thing they agreed on is that sheriff hennessey's trademark cowboy boots will be big ones to fill. >> and anticipation is
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building for fleet week, it seems everyone in san francisco is getting in the mood. that is the navy band this afternoon. there is a unique perspective. blue angels flying over the bay this, video? yikes taken from inside. >> oh, man. and this is what it looks like and sounded like from below. the blue angels went through their practice run this afternoon. and remember, the parade of ships kicks off at 11 tomorrow morning show starts at 12:30 saturday and sunday. >> exciting. >> yes. >> and i feel queasy. >> yes. >> perfect sky autos how will weather be this weekend? >> will be fine. skies will be friendly to be a great weekend to get out and watch. and do anything else speaking
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of outside, how about this view? looking at golden gate bridge, and just blue skies ash th the -- around the bay area, a mild day today compared with earlier in the week. temperatures well below average most of the week, today, high temperatures as you can see here into low to mid-70s inland. and upper 60s to low 70s around the bay and 60s on the coast. right now 71 degrees in fairfield and there is temperatures gradually coming down a bit now. clear, cool overnight. a sunny weekend for the blue ainels and warm pattern settling in now will be with us throughout the week. overnight tonight into wee hours of the morning looking for lows into north bay to drop into mid to upper 40s and there are low 50s and we'll call it cool overnight. jet stream flowing north and there is a big ridge of high
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pressure bridging aus into next week, we'll start at 5:00 tomorrow morning, we may see patches of clouds at some points overnight and tomorrow. but it will be a sunny day, and by afternoon, we'll see high temperatures that are narrow range from mid-60s near the coast to upper 60s and low 70s around the bay. low to mid, mid to upper 70s inland locations. there is highs settling into mid-70s, 75 in san jose. and 77 in los gatos, low to mid-70s in san mateo. 74 in other locations. mid-60s on the coast. 64 pacifica. and maybe a patch or two of fog on the coast tomorrow. high downtown san francisco tomorrow, 69 degrees, 65 into the sunset district. north bay will be mild with highs from mid to upper 70s, 78 in calistoga. and 77 in santa rosa. 75, napa. highs will be into low to
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mid-70s, 72 oakland. and hayward, 71. and fremont, 74. the inland east bay will be milder with mid to upper 70s there. 78 in antioch. 77 fairfield. and near monterey bay, highs of 66 in monterey. 70 watsonville. mid to upper 70s inland in gilroy and morgan hill, here is the accu-weather forecast. seven lovely day as wait us, friendly skies for blue angels over the weekend. warming trend beginning will continue into next week by late -- mid to late week next week. boy that is a mouthful. it will be warm with inland highs into mid-70s and 70s on the coast. sometimes, mind doesn't work with the mouth. >> yes. yes. >> coming up here next, why a federal judge ordered taco bell to remode model hundreds of restaurants. >> rules for california drivers to remember for
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buckling your children into booster seats.
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breaking news in san francisco. this is a live look. protestors shut down a section of stockton street. >> mer than 100 people are staging a protest to mark the 10th anniversary of the war in afghanistan. but they've been joined by antiwall street protestors. this whole thing began at the
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federal building on 7th and mission streets. >> they've moved those to the grand hyatt hotel joining union workers there and plan to stage a die in where they'll lie in the street. this was organized by the group answer, short now for act now to stop war ask end racism. >> and moving on a federal judge in oakland found taco bell is not doing enough to accommodate people with disabilities and may force the company to remodel restaurants this, came out of a lawsuit originated in a taco bell in san pablo. and this judge ruled the company has not done enough in california for people who use wheelchairs. barriers at serving line just one complaint. >> there is no signage for parking. tables didn't have places where people in wheelchairs could sit. door dz not meet compliance
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requirements. >> a taco bell spokesperson did not want to comment about the case today. and the judge's order is on hold while the court considers requests to limit that injunction. >> and california is raising the age when children can be allowed to ride in the a car without a booster seat. governor brown signed a bill requiring children to be eight years old before stopping using a booster seat. it does make an exception for kids younger than eight who are four feet, nine inches tall. >> we know proper use of child safety seats and booster seats for older kids can increase their survivibility by up to 50%. >> under current law children can abandon booster seats once six years old or weigh 60 pounds. the new law takes affect january 1, fines start agent $469 for a first violation. >> tonight new at 6:30 the growing frus traigs over the
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lack of good jobs. a report keeps us out of a recession, but just barely. >> conflict of interest evidence in a government loan guarantee to solydra. >> either we're going to lead the world or bury our heads in the sand. >> george clooney runs for president in "the eyes of march". should you giviviviviviviviviviñ i've got nothing against these do-it-yourself steam-cleaning enthusiasts. git's good fothm@e customeroó@ get to know their own carpet. and spending the day moving furniture and
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>> the september unemployment numbers are out and seems the crisis isn't getting better. the nation added 103,000 new jobs to keep us out of another recession for now. and what this report did is ease fears of a new recession, one analyst says skies are not falling yet but tells us things aren't getting better.
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the problem is that it continues to affect consumer confidence and spending represents 70% of our economy. september numbers were better than in the previous months. main reason? nearly half of the jobs came from verizon. the company rehired 45,000 workers after going on strike. analysts say it counts as new jobs. >> i guess the best thing that can be said is that it wasn't a terrible report. it didn't give any credibility to the argument that we're sliding closer to a recession. >> former labor secretary said this slow job growth as an impact on consumer confidence. consumer spending representing 70% of the economy. >> americans can not buy because they're so economically stressed. and unless they buy, businesses are not going to create new job autos this uc berkeley professor says only
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saving grace is for the government to step in to wooft the economy. >> rebuilding roads and bridges and schools and ports and providing people the safety nets they need to turn around and in turn, fwhings so that businesses will create job autos now, congress is battling over the president's $447 billion jobs package. many are frustrated with lawmakers and their inability to agree on anything. >> and she came down to support occupy wall street movement. she's a graduate of emery university majoring in environmental health and can't get a job in her field. >> and i'm entry level with a very expensive college education not doing me any g $9 an hour just doesn't cut it. you can make $20 taking care of kids. >> some are optimistic because
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retailers will be hiring so we may see we may see better number autos the demonstrations are gaining traction with middle class americans, several people came to join protestors camping in front of the federal reserve building. and a majority of the demonstrators were older and some took time from jobs to be there. >> as a citizen i don't feel i have a choice. so i'm hoping that this will change that. >> and a call p calling itself occupy sab jose has been camping out accusing the government of being more concerned with bailouts then helping out middle class workers. let's take you live over this
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protest in san francisco. now, they've been joined by antiwar protestors on the 10th anniversary of the war in afghanistan making their way through the city. we believe they're near union square at this moment. and we've been told there is going to be a lie n they've joined force was the war in afghanistan protestors tonight combining their forces to create this display in downtown san francisco. and weep keep on eye on progress. >> a new batch of e mails reveals a potential confliblgt of interest in the solydra investigation. his wife is an attorney whose firms represented solydndra at
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that time. they wound up getting a pledge of $528 million and wound up bankrupt two years later. and they corresponded within weeks of signing a pledge not to get involved with anything his wife's firm had an interest in. the law firm got $2.5 million in legal fees paid for with stimulus money. >> on wall street a three-day rally faded today after unemployment numbers came out. dow jones fell 20 points in part because of concerns about the european debt crisis. and the s and p 500 lost nine. wholesalers began stockpiling cars and heavy equipment last month. thanks to sales that rose at the fastest clip in five months. it should mean factory orders will be going up, soon. and disney chief bob iger got a race, promotion and a retirement date today. going to stay on then take over as chairman of the board next year, then, he will groom
6:35 pm
a relace -- replacement for when he steps down in 2015. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> stay with us for early returns in george clooney's bid for president. >> stay with us for that and what do you do when a lifetime warranty on something that isn't made anymore is in effect or not? you turn to
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some companies offer a
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lifetime warranty, they mean it. >> one stofr went out of its way to help a customer. >> this was amazing. talking about lazy boy and its local dealer. and and this is how they're going to work. >> he had a la-z diboy chair, it finally stopped working. >> this is more about aura. it was a swivel and slide. making it more of. >> and he contacted a local dealer, here sit in south san francisco. the chair so nice, after 11 years he decided to have that repaired. >> i went to lazy boy and willing to pay to get it fixed. they said no. lifetime guarantee. >> it turns out the company no
6:39 pm
longer made the part. no parts means new chair. it was a lifetime guarantee, after all. now, jerry needed his original paper work. he knew he had it but where? no sweat. the local dealer actually keeps receipts. it had jerry's receipt from more than a decade back. they sent knit to headquarters for jerry. but then, things stalled. so jerry contacted 7 on your side. >> the next day i had a message to call someone, i called and found out someone higher up had authorized for me to get another chair. >> look. all of the mechanicals on the chair worked perfectly. jerry is happy, and... occupied. the store is happy, jerry is happy. and corporate headquarters is happy everyone else is happy selling -- telling on 7 on your side we're pleased we're
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able to work to get him a new chair. don't you just love happy endings? and if you have an issue let me know bit. >> nice to see a company step up. >> everybody. local guys. >> thank you. >> sure. >> and coming up next, an educational mission in the mission district. >> a local group is getting kids to fall in love with science. uúuúuúuúuúqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
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children living in the mission strict are often under served. one organization is offering a program to help get students who live there not just interested in science but excited about it. why this program is getting so much attention. >> it's 8:30 in the morning and the class at mckinley elementary is going exploring. they're one mile walk taking them to the mission science work shop located at mission high. >> what we're going to do first is go into the work shop
6:44 pm
and i'm going to give you exploration time. >> for several minutes they'll discover new sounds and experience new concepts and getting acquainted with things they've only read about. they move on, learning about five senses. >> taste, touch, sight. there are two more. >> and this helps reinforce what they're taught. in this case, the yellow, smelly rock is used in sulphur, they discover how sound travels by using a tuning fork. >> your ear can feel ear shaking around. >> more pieces of information they can get, i feel like my goal is getting them to be thinkers, close a circle on
6:45 pm
the way they look at the world. >> and dan is the director of the site. and this itda started in 1990 in his garage. he had a small work shop for local kids. >> they asked me interesting questions about why i was doing things. and i found it was interesting to try to explain it. >> and he moved into the vacant auto shop at mission high. today, students attending schools in the mission district get nearly two hours of science every time they visit. serving under served kids and learning by exploring. >> being aware most of their parents have little or no education and were put off by science. >> it's hard to single out a favorite. >> i like the all of the rocks. and fossil autos this is a group of 4th graders.
6:46 pm
today's lesson focuses on sources of power. >> did you read how many you're expected to find? >> one third of the funding comes from department of children youth and families. and there is private entities would like to see america regain it's competitive edge in science. >> our foundation believes to turn that tide, you start early with children to get them engaged and what boy call stem fields. >> there are more than 10 community based work shops in the state. and helping to inspire the next generation of california scientists. >> and tomorrow, work shop is open to all children from 10:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon located at mission high school.
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and that is looking terrific. >> this is a high resolution napa satellite image showing vivid snow pack in the sierra. something we don't normally see. that is something not what you like, tomorrow's forecast here in the bay area, sunny skies and high temperatures inland in mid to upper 70s, it's beginning to warm up and into a seasonal range. there is blue angels under friendly skies over the weekend. warming trend continuing. by mid week we'll have highs into mid-80s and low 70s on the coast. >> lovely. >> yes. >> opening today is the political thriller that stars george clooney. as don sanchez discovered it's not a thriller in the usual
6:48 pm
sense. here is the review on the aisle. >> this is the race, it's over. >> george clooney running for democratic nomination, ryan gosselin is immune to his failings. marisa tomei is a reporter. the director has a cynical look at the way politics does business. there is his campaign manager. >> there is one thing i value. it's loyalty. >> his competition is crafty paul giamati. and evan rachel wood is working the campaign. >> i'm just a lowly intern. >> they get involved but she's part of a deeper, sinister element turning this into a thriller. this makes you wonder how people can look themselves in the face.
6:49 pm
and this did he acception is a word that pops up. >> i'll do or say anything but very to believe in the cause. >> it's filled with intrigue and the first part of the film works well and then, starts to veer off course, still it works. the revelation is ryan gosling discovering politics can make strange bed fellows. it should be required viewing in civics classes. the result might be disillusion rather than votes but i will give it three quarters of a bucket. >> and put that on the list. >> yes. >> from a golf course tonight day two of the frye' open. >> tiger is getting back into the swing of things. highlights coming up. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash?
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>> the 49ers millions short by ready to build. tonight at 11:00 when construction will start on that new stadium. >> and tiger in town, day two. >> things looking up? >> a lot better than yesterday. after a rough start at the open, tiger woods got back in the hunt today shooting a three under par 68. there is tiger with his approach on 8 just yards from the pin and there is four birdies on the back nine. he finishes with a bogey and makes a cut at one under. seven strokes off the lead. his playing partner turned a few heads yesterday with a 69. today he ballooned to a 74 just making the cut. and there is gairic willis
6:54 pm
continues to play well, down two strokes behind paul crazy firing a 64. he has a lead after two rounds, sheer tiger on his day. >> i hit the ball as good as i did yesterday. but i putted good. and today, one bad putt and block that had one. i appear on every line. that was positive. >> and there was loser go home. this may be the final season with milwaukee. arizona broke a scoreless tie in the third. there is two out, opposite field shot. the brewers came back to tie, then in the 6th wealth a deep fly ball to center with a spectacular grab. wow. and three pitches later they
6:55 pm
get a hit they're looking for and a single with the diamond backs rallied in the 9th. willy bloomquist puts down a squeeze and the game is tied. in the 19th, san francisco native delivers the biggest hit, the throw home, not in time via carlos gomez. brewers win it in 10. break out bubbley. they're going to nnlcs. cards and phillies playing a game five, now things getting skirly -- squirrelly in philadelphia, how about that? there is this double into the corner, now into the 6th it's still 1.0. cardinals. the sharks opening their 21 season at home tomorrow night against phoenix, some saying this may be best team ever. the general manager made big moves during off season adding defenseman brett burns and forward, and there is a start
6:56 pm
at goalie and there is a preseason, the sharks are looking forward to the opener. >> it's been a long, off season. it hasn't been that long but feels like we want to get into the games. you know a week or two of practices now. it's just, we're ready for the season to start. >> and the nba season supposed to start november 1 but with talk at an impass it's almost certain first two weeks will be cancelled. >> what about that squirrel? is that same squirrel? >> maybe it caught a ride. >> find that thing a tree. >> apparently it's a new squirrel. >> that is bizarre. >> it's nuts. >> yes. >> as we sign off, let's give you a last look at the protest underway in san francisco. >> the demonstrators marched to union square and back again.
6:57 pm
without incident they're now on market street near the ferry building. >> these are live pictures. follow us on twitter on abc 7 news bay area for breaking developments. i'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and have a great evening, everyone.
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