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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 8, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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these last possession. the first one took 11 seconds off the clock that resulted in incompletions. they have not managed the clock very well. you can say that to harris, but if he can't find anybody open, he can't find anybody open. >> craig: tell you what, this crowd makes a pass for jacory harris that much more difficult. at this point now, they cannot let the ball die inbounds. >> mike: look at this. this is just spectacular. these people are losing their minds. this is beautiful.
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virginia tech has one defender waiting back at the 15 yard line. harris throws it underneath, caught my miller. trying to stay alive. the clock hits 0 and miller is down, it's over! alonzo tweedy made the tackle and virginia tech wins!
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i tell you what, if you like college football and you've got this home game, what else could you conceivably ask for? one of the greatest games i ever saw. just your typical saturday afternoon. >> well, i tell you what, miami is awfully good. and i'm so proud of our football team. we just hung in there. every time they answered, we answered. our offense i thought really answered the call tonight. and really proud of them. >> craig: coach, how about the performance of logan thomas? 23 of 25, 310 yards and three
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touchdowns. you needed the trilogy trigger man to step up. >> yeah, i thought he made some great decisions and really came back. i thought he would. he's a poised guy, a smart guy. and you want him as a leader of your football team, i tell you that right now. >> frank, it was such a huge ball game for you and miami. no team has ever started 0-2 in the conference and gone on to win the acc. you're still alive. i thought you proved a lot today. >> we've got a couple of defensive guys hurt. i agree with you. i thought our football team showed something here. >> still alive in the race. you told your team to hold their composure, to not panic. i don't think you did, did you? >> yeah, we hung in there till the very end. >> mike: i know you've always been a defensive coach. 1,001 yards in total offense. some day, huh? >> yeah, they were matching us a little bit at the end. but the important thing is to get a win, learn from it and get better.
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that's what we plan to do. >> thank you. we'll see you down the road. congratulations. once again, the final score, virginia tech 38, miami 35. tune in tonight for "saturday night football" presented by southwest airlines on abc. ohio state number 14, nebraska at 8:00 eastern. for craig james and our entire crew, this is mike patrick. hope you enjoyed it. so long from blacksburg, virginia.
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a true legend of the game guiding the oakland radars look at ups and downs. sometimes crass, always controversial but he had a true love of the game. tonight we remember the owner of the oakland raiders. al davis. >> good evening, i'm animal wong. the bay sear and the nfl across the country lost a football icon today. long time raiders owner al davis died at home this morning. for more than four decades he was the heart and soul of the raiders franchise. mike schumer interviewed his countless times. he was up there with george halas, the steelers, art rooney.
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>> he's the last of a breed and we're going to miss him. al davis was the godfather of the modern nfl and did things his way from the logo to the silver and black colors. he passed away this morning at 82 at home i in piedmont. >> commitment to excellence was the phrase al davis lived by. willing to take chances on coaches and players no one wanted and groomed them to perform. george atkinson was stunned when he got the call. >> i got a call from mark around 5:00. and he let me know his father passed and i thought, wait a minute, it hit me. mr. davis, it was a shock. >> just win, baby, was the slowing began and al accepted nothing less.
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>> he loved football. just loved it. he would be out at practice during the week and they would have temper displays and al would be shaking his head and i would go by him and he'd go, young man, he just wants to win more than i do. >> jim is still trying to process the fact al davis is no longer with us. >> mr. davis has been so loyal to so many people and so helpful to so many people, that, you notion one does not think that that's ever going to end. and yes, indeed it has. >> all three former players said there will never be another al davis. >> everybody will remember him. there's only one like him. >> coming off the field, going to the locker room seeing mr. davis with a smile and giving you a handshake. that handshake was valuable.
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>> he was a great football mind. i'm pretty sure that was with him until he died. >> we will hear from jason campbell and the former quarterback on al davis later on sports. we visited with three of mr. davis' former players. here's larry beil. >> don't forget the flames in the off-season burns brightest is the will to win, commitment to excellence, pride and poise and just win, baby. >> from john madden to jon gruden to he hew jackson, al das believed in the greatness of the raiders to the end. >> we'll get this thing straighteddenned out. >> no team was nor of a reflection of its owner than al davis. he altered every aspect of pro
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football. with a vertical passing game, and socially giving minorities a chance at the nfl. he was the raiders and his favorite phrase will be remembered. >> just win, baby. >> al davis was born july 4th, 1929, raised in brooklyn, graduated from syracuse in 1950 and cut from the varsity team. his pro career began with the los angeles chargers in 1960. in i '63 he became head coach. in '66 davis was named the afl commissioner and forced the merger with the nfl. when peteroselle was commissioner he went back to the raiders. they won 13 division
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championships and three super bowls from 1967 to 1985, the glory years featuring kenny stabler. dave can sa pass per and markus. >> davis was an innovator, hired the first hispanic head coach in florez and the first african-american head coach in art shell. >> it became a proving ground for great players of minorities. evolution of fairness. >> in '69 davis took a chance on a little known linebacker coach, john madden, youngest in the nfl. davis took a chance on an older player, george blanda to played into his late 40s. bo jackson, the first to ex compel in two pro sports --
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excel in football and baseball. he moved the team to los angeles in 1982 after a two-year legal battle. in 1995 he moved the team to oakland, bringing multiple losses involving los angeles, oakland and the nfl. davis was involved with suits against the city over the sale of raider tickets. the team got control of nix 2005. after years of switching coaches, al took a back to the future approach, rehiring art shell, the same coach he fired 12 years earlier. >> from now on, the raiders of the most trusted name in sports. >> rather than trusted the raiders would be the most dysfunctional name in pro sports. shell lasted one season in his second sideline stint. january 23rd, 2007, davis shocked the critics again when he named 31-year-old blaine
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tiffon as the 15th head coach. >> the youngest in profession football but you don't have to be old to be great. >> i will bring an explosive, powerful, offense to this franchise. we will utilize our skilled players. >> that never happened. randy moss was dealt to new england, high price free agents failed to deliver. after posting five wins in 20 games, davis fired kiffin. what followed was a war of words. >> the lying that had been going on for weeks and month and a year and time. >> a number of lies. it was hurtful and tough to stomach. >> al davis ruled the raiders from literally the best of times and the worst of times. love him or hate him, davis was one of a kind.
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>> there will never be another one like him. who will replace the irreplaceable? more than that coming up. >> he had a bad boy per son ina but players loved the guy. >> he was one of the most loyal owners to his players. the raiders say davis was the only person in profession football history to be a scout, assistant coach, head coach, general manager e commissioners and owner. an innovator a pioneer with love and passion for the game of football. his contributions are inpneumonia able. the commissioner says he defined the raiders and contributed to every level. goodell says he's a true legend whose impact and legacy will forever be part of the nfl.
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al davis leaves behind the raider nation, who embodied his per son ina and davis embraced him. leslie brinkley has fan reaction live at raider headquarters. >> the flag here is half staff, a lot of fans filing out, decked in silver and black today, taking pictures and bringing flowers and notes. the raider nation came in a steady stream to pay tribute to the man who changed the game. >> i went to raiders headquarters and took some snow. he was a legend. >> michelle murphy toasted davis with a beer at a hangout for fans where a booth was reserved for al davis, complete with a lifetime of photos, magazine covers and even this license plate. >> just win, baby.
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that's what he wanted to do. he led his life like that. so i admire him. i also know he was a tough guy but a compassionate person and if you were in his inner circle or needed something, he's the guy to call. >> he's a football man. the nfl would not be what it is today without him. ettes al davis. >> the past few years people second guessed his decisions but there's no denying he was a titan as far as his role in the nfl and combining the afl and nfl. >> whether you loved him or vilified him, he was the voice of the raiders. >> today is the day to take in the news. tomorrow could be overwhelming here and at bars around the east bay as the raiders take on houston.
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they expect a crowd as more come to pay tribute to al davis. >> people standing in silence. thank you. we'll have more on the legacy of al davis through the newscast and tonight at 11:00, coming up, you can tell it's that time of year. the sounded of fast-moving thunder and glances toward the sky. it's fleet week in san francisco. >> what a day to be an angel. hi, blue sky cross the bay area. warmer temperatures. get ready for more of the same coming in my look at the
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a lot of people in france looking up today. up at the blue angels performing during fleet week. the blue angels one of the highlights. the parade of ships performed this morning and the snowbirds before the angels. ship tours and another performance by the blue angels and lee is here. >> you can see it but just to hear them roar is amazing. >> if you heard it here, that meant they were there. >> a terrific day and folks will do it tomorrow. a nice look here from our east bay cam over the bay. a few wispy clouds are it. fog another the coast but what a delightful day today. especially out of that string of
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rainy days we had to contend with last week. antioch, 76. 77 in livermore, 56 in oakland, san francisco, blue skies and 62. 74 in napa and san ohai, 72 degrees. we will bring a little bit of patchy fog in overnight. sunny and mild for the blue angels again tomorrow. then we do set up to a warm, even hot temperatures into the middle to latter part of next week. you can see the fog at the coast, moving a little bit towards the golden gate bridge so we'll keep that in the forecast there. otherwise, 40s tonight with clear skies and the extreme north bay, 48 for san santa rosd antioch, 66 degrees. high pressure building and keeping this storm system north
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of us. it will position itself over the bay area the next several days. north bay on monday, clouds may venture in, otherwise, sunshine for all of us. wednesday and thursday, the hottest days of the workweek, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. there they went. fleet week. tomorrow, get ready for sunshine. maybe a little bit of cloudiness here and there. 68 for the city tomorrow afternoon in time for the angels to fly. of course the temperature overnight tonight, 54 degrees. a look at the highs for tomorrow. 77 for san jose and campbell. at the coast, very mild with 65 for half moon bay, 74 palo alto and san francisco, 68 degrees. sunset addicting, 65. the north bay, mid and upper 77. 77 for santa rosa and sonoma.
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oakland tomorrow, 73. 72 forecast row valley. east bay, 80 for brentwood. 78 for concord and gill roy, 79. the seven-day forecast, a few clouds will develop in the north bay on monday. otherwise, a warmup wednesday and thursday, near 90 inland, 80's around the bay. >> back to al davis. >> the day in sports has beeny set by the passing of al davis. we'll hear about what mr. davis
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raiders owner al davis, just win, baby, passed away this morning at home at the age of 82. cause of death was not known. davis did more for the nfl than anyone involved in the game. he was assistant, head coach, owner, american football league commissioner. a maverick doing things his way, the raider way, and won three super bowls. he was loyal to players, coaches and fans and the only color he saw was silver and black. he hired the first african-american head coach and officers latino and first female c.e.o. we caught up with former players and current who were saddened by mr. davis' passing. >> to wake up and hear we lost our owner, the guy who led this team many years, active it was o take in and to understand what he meant to the organization. he was -- he loved his players.
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doesn't matter if it's now or 30 years ago. >> a shock to hear this morning of -- i was saddened by it. walking around in the morning, getting ready to go to walk through and one of the players saw it on the news and told me. i tried to reach out to guys to see how things were going. it was tough. >> a statement, i'm deeply saddened to learn of the passing of davis. we shared a dinner and he presented my father with a special opportunity to purchase the san francisco 49ers, our con coacondolences to family and friends. i had a pleasure to honor him and work for him. he's the greatest, the autumn wind will always be a raider. some of his accomplishments. commissioner of the afl in '66, won three super bowls, also won
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a court case that allowed the raiders to move from oakland to los angeles. >> with his passing the question has been who will take over as the leader of this franchise? c.e.o. amy traffic will run the day-to-day operations until someone's in place. his son mark has been groomed to step? n. the raiders have doing things their way so someone inside will make the most sense. they have to move forward, facing the texans sunday in houston. his son and wife were in houston and returned to the bay area today. let's switch gears, tiger woods is looking for his first victory in two years. south of san jose, he was lost in the first two rounds but had a great start today with a 32-foot birdie on the second hole.
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he started on the back 9, five birdies including this short one. two bogeys and finishes 4 under. ernie els with a second shot on a par 5 9th. he's in a f a five way tie at 11 under. a red river blowout. texas dominated as boast had 22 first downs. fleming strips and returns for the touchdown and the sooners role 55-17. more on al davis' passing later in the newscast. coming up, something fishy happens again. a second act of vandalism leads to disappointment for a group of high school students in the north bay. hi honey, what are you doing?
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recapping our top story, the passing of one of the most influential figures in nfl history, al davis died today, this is video of davis at the
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final raiders game last weekend. he was hired at coach and general manager of the raiders in 1963. he was just 33 years old. appointed american football league commissioner 1966, a majority owner in 1972, from 67 to 85 his teams won three super bowls and 13 division championships. al davis is remembered as a true legend. he died at home if piedmont at 82 years old. a wild pursuit in oakland ended with a suspect in the hospital. officers responded a honda accord reported stolen, driving eastbound on the westbound side of i-80. police rammed the honda to a stop. prosecutors yesterday dropped kidnapping and torture
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charges against yusuf bey iv. he had been sentenced to three consecutive terms for life without parole for killing chauncey bailey but another man pleaded no contest to bey iv heads to prison sooner. bailey was working on a story about the bakery's financial troubles. in san jose -- a police officer injured during a struggle over a gun has been released from the hospital. it happened yesterday morning as officer william mcmullan investigated suspicious activity. jason evans attacked him and got his gun. shots were feared bu fired but s hit. he drove after the suspect and ran into him, knock the gun from his hand. the suspect is in the hospital
4:36 pm
with broken bones and booked for attempted murder. in san jose, police searching for a killer after a double shooting this morning. one person died and a second person was wounded by gunfire on south third street. police are releasing few details saying only a man and woman were shot in the apartment. >> a family of a man accused of a shooting rampage is apologizing. sha'reffalman's family says there's no words to express their sorrow. we're shocked and struggle with the events because the sha'reff we knew was a loving father and a good man who lived his life helping others. volunteering and advocating for positive change. he opened fire during a work meeting at the lehigh cement plant killing three coworkers. he's also accused of trying to car jack a woman he shot later in sunnyvale.
4:37 pm
a day later, deputies shot and killed almonte. >> the 65-year-old man flying from monterey to hawaii made an emergency landing in the ocean yesterday. it happened in the pacific off the hawaiian islands where he ran out of fuel. the coast guard took these pictures. the pilot of the twin engine cessna radioed the faa saying he was low on fuel. they were standing by to watch the landing. >> he did it picture perfect. textbook landing if there's such a thing in the water for a plane like that. but he came in, wings level, and just brought in as slow as he could. >> we were able to see him come out moving, so we were overjoyed. he's good, airplane was intact. >> the pilot was rescued and taken to hilo medical center, coherent with no significant injuries. coming up, a new type of
4:38 pm
h.i.v. they were that cleared the virus without drugs. that story's ahead.
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the governor signed part two of the california dream act allowing immigrant students in the process of becoming legal citizens to qualify for public financial aid. january 1st they can apply for cal grants and other state aid. the law expands and early bill signed by the for allowing students access to privately funded scholarships. $14.5 million could go to those students. 1% of cal funds. president obama is asking americans to tell they're senators to support his
4:41 pm
$450 billion jobs bill. this morning the president said independent experts thing the plan will have a significant effect on the economy. >> if we don't act, the opposite will be true. fewer jobs, and weaker growth. any senator out there who is thinking about voting against this bill needs to explain why they oppose something that would improve our economic situation. if republicans in congress have a better plan for creating jobs, they should prove it? >> the senate votes tuesday on moving to debate that measure. >> researchers are stunned at the effectiveness of gene therapy to treat h.i.v. cities scientists strengthened the immune system and cleared the virus without drugs in one study. the therapy involved removing a gene that enables the virus to attach to t cells.
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it needs the cells to survive. they caution they're early findings on a small group but the results are encouraging. someone released all the baby salmon from a hashry that releases the fish into the wild. this is the second time this weekend. operators of the tiburon salmon institute say someone broke in monday and cut the nets of the holding pens releasing 40,000 salmon into the bay. the operators say someone released the rest of the salmon. the fish were raised by high school students who were going to hold a ceremony and rerelease them at the end of the month. >> you probably heard about car sharing. what about parking spot sharing? how some people are paying for reserving street parking spots? san francisco.
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the movement occupy sf trying to rally support for anticorporate greed. >> occupy sf. >> the occupy movement began last month in new york and spread nationwide. san francisco protest is in front of the federal reserve at market and main. people are expressing frustration with the economy by focusing on wall street playing 99% of the population has nothing and 1% controls everything. >> the city of berkeley will give the boot to vehicles with five or more parking tickets. the program starts october 18 and replaces the current practice of towing the vehicles. under the new program owners can pay the citation by phone and release the boot from the car. a $500 deposit is required and
4:46 pm
will be refunded when the boot is returned. if not paid within 48 hours, the booted vehicles will be towed. parking in san francisco got tougher in one neighborhood. jonathan bloom shows you why. >> this next to this and it unlocks the door. >> it's the first shared car to live in what was a public parking spot. local nonprofit city car share pays 165 bucks a month to make this a tow away zone. >> there are times you need a car and speaking of someone who has no car, and is married and has kids, it's doable in san francisco because car sharing fills that gap. >> with the one at pacific and taylor, shared cars will show up at other areas as part of a six month pilot program. the shared cars are typically
4:47 pm
parked in private garages. in russian hill they're doing this instead. >> they're willing to offer their own spaces they compete for every night to be able to use car sharing as a frost. >> when transportation planners announced they would take away a street parking space, some neighbors were not pleased but one tells us he's changed his mind, even though it's one less spot for him. >> when i park my car, i usually park for some time. for certain trips i take the zip car. >> because you don't want to lose your parking space. >> pretty much. >> frances may switch from zip car. >> a car share right outside my house is amazing. >> jimmy olson worries he could have to pay farther on jobs. >> do you think one space makes a difference for someone? >> it could in this neighborhood. >> in san francisco, johnathan bloom, abc7 news.
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>> we're under great skies today. >> especially after the wet week last week. nice to see that and the angels out there today. everyone had a great view from san francisco of those guys soaring around the bay. we have blue sky right now. you can see from the camera, fog is moving in near the coast overnight tonight. otherwise, clear skies. beautiful evening shaping up with antioch at 76. 77 livermore, 60, 65 oakland. 62 in san francisco, santa rosa 74. shan owe say. 72 degrees. get ready for a warm weather pattern wednesday and thursday next week. you can see the low clouds and fog near the coast. much of it pulled to the south. some of this moves inland overnight tonight but it will be confined to the coast right inside the bay.
4:49 pm
the north bay, temperatures will be the coolest thanks to the clear skies. so look for 48 santa rosa, 49 knappa, oakland 53. 56 overnight tonight for antioch. here's the setup. high pressure building in, fair weather maker going to push the jet stream north. this front stays to the north. monday some of these clouds on the back end could move in to extreme north bay communities. the rest of us, sunshine for the next few days and mild temperatures. wednesday and thursday, the two warmest days, get ready for temperatures inland into the mid to upper 80s. there they go. fleet week activities tomorrow. the blue angels, terrific forecast again with temperatures per 60s to near 70 degrees. we look for overnight temperatures tonight about 54. sun and puffs of fog but
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otherwise a terrific day. san jose, 77. our beaches, mid 60s, half monday bay 65. the clouds and fog back to the coast tomorrow. redwood city 74, san francisco 68 in the north bay, mid to upper 70s. the forecast for sunday, petaluma. 75, napa 75. oakland, 73. hercules 73. 77 for pittsburgh. concord 78. livermore 78. mild temperatures there. blue sky expected coast side santa cruz 72 tomorrow. the next seven days a few clouds in the north bay on monday. otherwise, the heat will be on. especially wednesday and thursday. inland temperatures near 90. 80s around the bay, 70s at the beaches. we cool down next weekend.
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>> back to the loss of an nfl icon. >> raider owner and legend al davis passed away. we'll hear from players, coaches and owners. all that coming up in sports.
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raiders owner al davis, passed away this morning at age 82. davis did more for the nfl than anyone involved in the game, an assistant coach, a head coach, owner and american football league commissioner. the hall of famer was a maverick doing things his way. he was loyal to players, coaches and fans and the only color he saw was silver and black. he hired the first
4:54 pm
african-american head coach in art shell, the first latino in tom florez and first female c.e.o. in amy trask. >> so wake up and hear we lost our owner, the guy who led this team many years, it was tough to take in as a team and to understand what he meant to the organization. he was -- he loved his players and it don't matter if it was now or 30 years ago, he still loved all his players. >> a shock to hear this morning. i feel saddened by it. just walking around in the morning getting ready to go to walk through and one of the players saw it on the news and told me. i tried to reach out to some guys and see how things were going but it was tough. >> 49er owner put out the statement, i'm saddened to learn of the passing of al davis. we shared a dinner many years ago where he presented my father
4:55 pm
with a special opportunity to purchase the san francisco 49ers. jim harbaugh, mr. davis is titan and pillar of the game. he's the greatest. the autumn wind will always be a raider. here's some of his accomplishments. commissioner in 1966, won three super bowls and a court case to allow them to move from oakland to los angeles. who will take over at leader? amy trask will run the day-to-day operations until one is in place and his son, mark, groomed to step in. the raiders have done things their way so someone from the inside will make sense as the raiders mourn the loss of their leader and move forward to face the texans in houston.
4:56 pm
his son and wife returned to the bay area today. tiger woods looking for his first victory in two years. he was lost the first two rounds but he had a great start today. 32' birdie putt on the second hole. tiger started on the back nine with five birdies on the day. two bogeys, finishing four under. a shootout for first, ernie els, second shot on the par 5 ninth. he eagles the hole. he's currently in a five way tie at 11 under. highlights after the game. the red river rivalry in favor of the sooners. texas dominated, 22 first downs and five turnovers. fleming returns this one 5 yards and the sooner roll 55-17.
4:57 pm
ohio state and nebraska is coming up. after the game, more on mr. davis. >> the funeral for al davis will be the who's who in the nfl. >> like when bill walsh passed away a couple years ago. he'll be dearly missed. >> the last of a dying breed. >> no question. nobody's accomplished what he's accomplished and i'm still trying to get over it myself. >> always on the cutting edge as old as he was and as long as he was there. >> always. >> that's it for abc7 news at 4:00. i'm alan wang, saturday night football is next.
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