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tv   ABC 7 News Sunday  ABC  October 9, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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...with its sweet honey taste, 40% daily value of fiber... ...and 80 calories per serving... may want to tell a few friends. ♪ or all of them. ♪ i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] new fiber one 80 cories. yes, you can actually love breakfast. ♪ >> in this news sunday morning, october 9ing. the raiders play in houston as they and their fans mourn the death of al davis. and governor brown signs the dream act, providing financial aid to undocumented immigrants in california. >> good morning. low clouds. fog along the coast. clearing later today and maybe
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fog lingering for the blue angels this afternoon. >> thank you, lisa. good more than, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm caroline tyler. the oakland raiders play in houston today without their maverick leader. owner al davis died yesterday at his piedmont home at the age of 82. the raiders have released a statement on their website saying he was a innovator, a pioneer with a deep love and passion for the game of football. his contributions to the game are enumerable. his legacy will endure forever. it's drawn fans young and old to the raider headquarters to pay tribute to al davis. we have more. >> reporter: balloons, flowers and a raiders jersey. these are the silver and black bits and pees of a memorial members of the raiders organization continue to build. >> i feel like an orphan right now. i feel like the father of our football team just passed away. >> the death of al davis has stricken a usually rowdy group
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silent. and here at headquarters, devoted fans take a knee, bring flowers, and add their signatures to a poster in honor of a man who turned the rough and tumble raiders into more than just a football team. for those devoted fans, it's a way of life. >> how long have you been a raider fan? >> all my life, my 33 years. >> this chance to pay their respect is well worth the 50-mile drive that this family made. some decisions by davis did bring pain to long time fans. >> i was young when they first moved to los angeles, but i was brought up in a raider household. my elders taught me well. when they first moved i cried. >> jones heads up the 66 mob, a group that runs of the longest-running tailgating parties at oakland coliseum. he said all was forgiven when davis return the raiders to oakland. >> it was like the greatest miracle ever. no one expected it.
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it was like heaven on earth. >> it is interesting to watch the respect fans have been paying to davis. a little earlier i watched a fan pull up in a cab, unfold his walker and personally deliver his memento. in alameda, abc7 news. >> al davis is survived by his wife, carroll, and son, mark. oakland mayor gene quan said, the raiders brought so much good will to oakland, he will be sorely missed. mike shumann will have players' reaction and much more coming up in this morning's sports. there's been an outpouring of condolences from athletes and celebrities on twitter. for example, rapper snoop dogg wrote, "rest and power to the al davis. win, baby, win. you will be missed." from nba great magic johnson, a leader, an innovator and a friend. al davis marred to his own drum
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and will be missed." and the c.c. sabathia, now a yankees pitcher, said, rest in peace, al davis." for more on al davis, you can go to we have a gallery of photos featuring him over the years. >> in other news this morning, a controversial bill is now law in california. governor jerry brown signed the dream act this weekend. now undocumented immigrant students can apply to state universities and receive state financial aid. abc7 reports. >> we are so happy. >> reporter: supporters of the dream act is being celebrated from san francisco to los angeles. >> this is absolutely to the credit of the thousands of students, especially the undocumented students, who were so courageous and fought relentlessly year after year. >> los angeles assemblyman, gil, authored the bill. he said now these students can help improve the state. >> what it means to the students
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is there is going to be an opportunity for them to be treated equally, to contribute to the future of this state. >> but there are many who believe the state's citizens students can barely afford tuition in state colleges and universities. now these undocumented students can get a free education on the taxpayer and get public education grants like pell grants. bob said he had to work for his, why shouldn't these students? >> i come here and try to abide by the laws, and you give away free money, and that's why we are so much in debt in the united states. howard is the past chairman of the san francisco republican party. >> their parents brought them and it's not their fault. their parents did t but their parents should be responsible, not the taxpayers of california. >> the design and architecture of this bill is that these students would not take one cent or one scholarship from any other student. >> he said it's not just money that's the issue.
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>> it encourages people to come here illegally. >> he thinks the dream act is a great idea. >> they are here to stay and they aren't going anywhere so if they are going to grow up here i want them to be smart, not stupid. >> and they tell us a state finance formula limits dream act payments to one percent of the annual cal grants. current funding to cap payments at undocumented students at $14.5 million. relatives of the man who shot and killed three co-workers in cupertino last week say they are as shocked by his rampage as anyone else. shareef allman's family said there are no words to express their sorrow. in a statement they say we are completely shocked and struggle with the events because the shareef we knew was a loving father and good man who lived his life helping as volunteering and advocating for positive change. police say allman opened fire wednesday killing workers and
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injuring six. he was killed by sheriff's deputies who confronted him thursday morning. >> san jose police are searching for a killer after a double shooting this weekend. one person is dead, another seriously injured. police are releasing few details at this point, saying only a man and a woman were found shot inside an apartment on south third street yesterday morning. in san mateo police are investigating the shooting of a clerk inside a pet store. the victim was taken to a nearby hospital. the shooting happened at pet smart on south el camino re'al last night. investigators believe it was probably part of a robbery attempt. the shooter is still at large. >> a parolee driving a stolen car is hospitalized and facing charges after leading police on a child chase through the city yesterday. -- a wild chase through the city yesterday. police say he even drove the red honda in the wrong direction on westbound side 80.
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police finally caught up with him near lake mareet and ended the chase by ramming the car. the blue angels will perform their flying stunts over san francisco bay again today. next, details on today's fleet week airshow and why san francisco is likely to be even more crowded than it was yesterday. plus, we are learning more about the pilot who left monterey on a solo flight to hawaii this weekend. but miscalculated how far his plane could fly before it ran out of fuel. ask me how i've never slept better. why not talk to one of the six million people who've switched to the most highly recommended bed in america. it's not a sealy, a simmons or a serta. ask me about my tempur-pedic, do you know there's a tempur-pedic for everybody? tempur-pedic beds now come in soft, firm and everything in between. ask me how i can finally sleep all night.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> the blue angels will be back today for another fleet week
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airshow. the angels precision performance is the highlight of the annual fleet week festivities. there are plenty of navy ships, parades and special events, but watching navy fire jets fly wing tip to wing tip at hundreds of miles of hour is what draws an estimated one million spectators every year. >> they make a lot of noise and they like fly overhead in the air. >> if you are thinking of coming out today, city officials urge you to take public transit. the fleet week airshow is from 12:30 to 4:00. the blue angels will perform at 3:00. you can also tour the ships from 8:00 to 4:00 p.m.. the navy band performs at pier 39 from noon to two and from four to seven. there also a niners game, plus it's italian heritage day in north beach, so traffic could be challenging.
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>> police have identified the pilot that was rescued after ditching his plane off of hawaii. the pilot of spain was headed to monterey to hilo, hawaii friday when he realized he did not have enough fuel to make it. the coast guard took some dramatics video. he landed the twin-engine cessna on the water. the 65-year-old pilot was not seriously injured. the helicopter crew pulled him to safety just minutes before his plane sank. >> pretty dramatic there. a close call. lisa is here with a preview ever the accuweather forecast. >> we definitely have some changes today. we have a lot of fog along the coast that's making its way across the bay. visibility has been reduced. roof camera looking pretty good, though. everyone is in the 50s. we will enjoy a sunny afternoon. we will look for lingering fog at our coast and maybe some rain tomorrow. details next. >> also next in sports, mike shumann has player reaction to the death of oakland raiders
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owner, al davis.
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[ male announcer ] act for kids, with maximum fluoride for up to 40% fewer cavities act. stronger teeth and better checkups in every bottle. now an up-close look at a project that will ensure the bay area has plenty of drinking water and enough to protect delta fisheries, too. the reservoir in couldn't cost county is expanding by more than
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50%. story from abc7's laura anthony. >> as heavy equipment moves thousands of tons of earth and rock into place the expansion of the reservoir is beginning to take shape. >> we are raising the top of the dam by 34 feet, which enables us to increase the maximum water levels of the dam, going to 150,000-acre capacity. >> the added capacity will help take pressure off the frag jill delta ecosystem, requiring less water to be pumped from the central valley. the project will provide long-term stability for the contra costa water district 500,000 customers, an insurance of sorts during drought years. it's all being done under budget and at least six months ahead of schedule. >> this contractor wanted to do it much more aggressive and accelerated so he's actually done an approach where he's
6:17 am
working six ten-hour days and ten-hour shifts every day. >> once it's finished next spring it will include renovation and expansion of a marine for those who visit the reservoir for recreation. >> it will provide for more fishing opportunities and we will be modifying the trail system to accommodate the larger reservoir. >> one reason it's so under budget is the economy. it was put out to bid at a time when contractors were offering their services at very low prices. it's also providing a lot of badly-needed jobs, more than 100 local workers out here on the project. near brentwood, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> lisa is here now to talk about the accuweather forecast. from what you said earlier today, looks pretty good for the week? >> yes, it does look pretty good if you don't mind maybe some
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sprinkles tomorrow morning if you live in the north bay. that's the best bet. the clouds will sink as far south as the south bay. starting out you see the tower in the distance. the sun coming up in a little less than an hour. we are looking at cloudy skies this morning. a switch from yesterday. in fact, low clouds and fog have made their way all the way into the live more valley. concord, you will probably see some before the morning is out. and with that stronger on shore push, numbers a couple degrees cooler. san francisco, the coastline, 56 half moon bay with about 4 miles visibility. a quarter mile visibility in santa rosa, and 44-minute delays at sfo. so keep that in mind if you are headed out. upper 50s mountain view, and we will notice the low clouds and fog clear back by about 11:00 today. and then full sunshine throughout the bay, although that fog is going to be flirting with the san mateo coast and also around the golden gate bridge. we are looking at a chance of showers mostly north of the golden gate for monday
6:19 am
afternoon. then a warm weather pattern still on tap for wednesday and thursday with an offshore flow, and we will return to some numbers above average. here's our fog. you notice by 11:00 it's peeling back out of oakland and emeryville. but it's still along the coast. but by 1:00 it should be very pleasant outside and we will look for the sun to allow the numbers to warm back into the mid-and upper 70s inland, east bay and also down around the south bay. but look at the coast right here. we will see the fog back and forth. it sort of will move about throughout the afternoon. but it will be a pleasant day today, all due to high pressure deflecting this weather system to the north. it's the next one behind it that is going to bring us some overriding moisture mainly north of the golden gate monday afternoon. it will bring the clouds all across the bay, and then we could still see some sprinkles as far south as monterey. but quickly behind this, the ridge rebuilds and that's our warmer weather. so we will take you through the
6:20 am
next day or so. here we are, 6:00. monday morning commute and we have the usual low clouds and fog, mist and drizzle along the coast, but throughout the day the clouds increase. here come the line of rain. it's still very far to the north. but by the evening commute, some north bay sprinkles. overnight we could see some showers. but by tuesday morning it's really out of here, 9:00, 10:00 and we will be back into a sunny afternoon and numbers coming up to where they should be. enjoy that. and today upper 60s. so a beautiful afternoon out there. in terms of the south bay, numbers will be fairly similar. 75 in sunyvale, and on the peninsula you notice the cloud, the cooler on shore flow. 64 there. 74 redwood city. san francisco upper 60s. the sunset district it should be a little gray from time to time. in the north bay you will see the clouds at stinson beach, bodega bay and sunny in sonoma,
6:21 am
76. and low 70s continuing for hayward. and mid-and upper 70s. beautiful day in dublin at 75. monterey, you have to dense fog right now. in fact, south san louis, a dense fog advisory all the way down to los angeles. the onshore winds doing their thing this morning but it should be very pleasant in the afternoon and then our weak weather system bringing a chance of showers tomorrow, mainly north, and then there's our warm weather. then we cool off again for the weekend. >> i'm not complaining, but isn't it a little early for these showers happening? >> it is. it is. in fact, we are like three, four, five hundred percent above normal for our rainfall for early october. we see some rain in october but not the magnitude we saw last week. >> and they got some snow in the sierra, correct? >> yeah, and this system more typical of what we should see in october. >> thank you, lisa. coming up at 7:00 right after this newscast is good morning america. joining us live to tell us what
6:22 am
is going on there today is our friend, dan harris. good morning, dan. how are you? >> i'm doing great, carolyn. good morning to you. coming up we have the latest on the search for the messing baby lisa. it's been six days since she vanished. hard to believe. the police say they have received more than 250 leads. however, nothing has panned out so far. now the little girls parents are putting together a reward and they are meeting with police in what has been a tense on again and off again relationship. and the crime scene investigators are back at the home this morning. a whole lot happening there. we will get a full report live from kansas city in a few minutes on the broadcast. also the occupy wall street protests, they are heating up. the movement now spreading across the country. it's in its 23rd day. no signs of a slow down. we will be live with the protesters on wall street this morning. new revelationings about amanda knox and her time in prison. a letter claims she was sexually harassed by her jailer while behind bars. and also this morning one of the
6:23 am
six jurors is talking about why he chose to acquit her. he has some interesting reasoning. we are going to tell you about one woman who said she's going to look at her thanksgiving meal a little differently this year after this. this is a wild turkey on the rampage going after a news producer from sacramento, not far from where you are. we will be speaking to that producer about what was a rather ridiculous but somewhat harrowing experience, i understand. and one other thing i want to tell you about. you know, as a long time news professional, the harrows of being in front of an open microphone like we wear or an open camera. this morning i got truly busted, and they took full advantage of it. you will see it toward the end of the broadcast. i don't want to give it away, but it's very embarrassing. >> well why are you showing it then? >> i had no choice. let's just say the producers got a hold of a piece of videotape i didn't know existed, and that was it. >> is it from recent memory or --
6:24 am
>> it's from early this morning as we were getting ready to go on the air. and i was doing a little dance and they recorded it. >> oh, okay. well, that's probably cute. it's not going to lead to you losing your job, right? >> well, no, no. i don't know, we will see. when my bosses see it, we will find out. >> i'll look forward to that. that's quite a tees there, dan. >> that's my job. >> all right. we will see you at seven. >> see you later. >> all right. we are going to turn to sports now and the death of raiders owner al davis, which is big news throughout the nfl where he was a true pioneer. mike shumann has reaction from players in sports. >> good morning. well, al davis, the man who coined the phrase "just win, baby," passed away yesterday at his home in piedmont age of 82. cause of death is not known. he did more for the nfl than probably anyone involved in the game. a coach, assistant coach, owner, and american league commissioner, he was a maverick, doing things his way, and that
6:25 am
was the raider way. he won three super bowls in the process. he was loyal to his players, coaches and his fans. and the only color he saw was silver and black. he hired the first african-american coach, the first latino coach, and the first female ceo. we caught up with some of his former and current players who are saddened by al's passing. >> i feel saddened by it. i was walking around in the morning getting ready to go through walk through and one of the players saw it on the news and told me and i tried to reach out to some guys and see how everything is going. but it's tough. definitely shocking news for us. you know, we get here last night and then wake up this morning and hear that we've lost our owner, the guy that led this team for many, many years. it was tough. it was tough to take in as a team. i understand what he meant to this organization. >> he will be missed.
6:26 am
all right. the seventh-ranked stanford cardinals improve to 5-0 as they crush the buffalos. rideth longest win streak at 12 games. colorado looking to get on the board first. will oliver with the 30-yard field goal, but max berg said huh-uh. gone. 82 yards. stanford returns a special teams turnover into a special teams touchdown, 7-0. third quarter, luck had the defense guessing all game. the fake hand-off and ron is wide open. second touchdown of the game. 34-7, stanford. go to the fourth quarter, luck, quick drop. finds griff whalen on the post. makes one man miss, shrugged off another and scores 40 card. luck, 370 yards passing in the game, three touchdowns. stanford wins big, 48-7. >> i obviously love to score a touchdown on every drive. no turnovers. i think we had a couple punts this game, which will just, you know, kill you. so we know we will have to improve if we want to win consistently. >> san jose state and provo
6:27 am
without brandon rutley, and they miss him dearly. falkner is picked off. he takes it in and the cougars waist no time. nelson right on the mark to jacobson. 40 yards for the score. the san jose two-game win streak is over as the cougars roll, 29-16. the san jose sharks hoping the third time will be a charm. they made it to the western conference finals the past two years and hopefully with off-season changes this will be their year. sharks unavailabled fair fourth consecutive division banner last night. a new lineman, joe pavelski. he knocked in first of two goals on the evening. look at the pass by marleau, root between the legs of derek morris. the sharks go up 1-0. second period sharks on the power play again. logan hits clow a little behind the back pad. clow puts it in. only the first game of the season but the passing looked in midseason form. sharks get scoring from all four lines and they win the opener, 6-3.
6:28 am
game one of the alcs with the rangers hosting the tigers. nolan ryan looking to get his rangers back to the world series. tiger's ace, justin verlander on the hill. nelson not intimidated. crushes it to deep left and gone. solo shot makes it 3-0. verlander is human, after all. it started pouring in the fifth. the first of two rain delays. break out the tarp. when they resumed, tigers finally got to c.j. wilson. austin jackson sends one into the gap. ramon santiago comes in to score. jackson scores on a wild pitch, but the rangers hold on to win game one. 3-2, the final. 49ers hosting the buccaneers and raiders in houston to take on the texans. we have all the highlights tonight at five. i'm mike shumann, have a great day. >> next at 6:30, it happened again. someone broke into a timeron salmon fishery and released all the fish. the question is why?ededcucucucu
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>> welcome back. yesterday morning someone broke into the timeron salmon institute and cut nets, releasing about 20,000 salmon. last week thousands more were set free and this morning an investigation is underway. >> reporter: 40,000 sammons used to swim in these pens. 27-year-old gillis said they were his babies. he and his classmates at the high school in petaluma were responsible for every stage of their lives. >> yeah, we took care of them, we spawned them from mother and father fish and raised them from before they were even fish. >> reporter: it was a collaborative effort with the foundation and the timeron salmon institute, whose motto is
6:32 am
empowering today's youth to save tomorrow's salmon. the students raised the fish for several months in a hatchery at school and transferred them to prepare for a release into the bay. someone deliberately cut the ties that held the fish in the nets. >> it's a sad state where you can't raise fish to give back to the wild without somebody vandalizing the project. >> reporter: the fish were going to be released this month, but not this way. every year the students have a ceremony to say good-bye to their babies. now they have been deprived of any event that celebrates their hard work. >> everyone can say we need to do something, but we are the kids who are out there doing it. we are restoring the creek, restoring the salmon populations, and just helping the environment that surrounds us. >> the institute said it may have been mistaken for a fish farm where fish are kept in a much smaller place to be raised for food. the marin county sheriff's department said it's investigating the crime as vandalism and grand theft.
6:33 am
the rally against corporate greed, known as the occupy movement, is moving into the 11th day in san francisco. [chanting] "occupy wall street, occupy wall street." demonstrators have been camping out in front of the federal reserve bank at market and main streets. it began in new york and has spread nationwide. protesters in new york city have grown to several thousands. the demonstrators made a peaceful march to washington square park yesterday. the computer hacking group known as anonymous is pledging to take down computers at the new york stock exchange tomorrow as an extension of the protest. the nation's capital has caught occupied fever. a large, mostly peaceful crowd, rallied in mcpherson square this weekend. many form the number 99, representing what they feel is the number of people in the country without influence.
6:34 am
and anti-war demonstrators closed down the national air and space museum for the day. they tried to enter the museum to protest a drone exhibit. and the government's effort to crack down on pot farms in california is not stopping an expo. the three day expo is going on at the cal palace. but some venders did back out at the last minute. an expo spokesperson said some people are scared after federal prosecutors announced they would crackdown on medical spot dispensaries. the dispensaries are legal under state law, still illegal under federal law. a new controversy is shaking up the san francisco's mayor's race and presenting a thread to mayor ed lee's campaign. on friday dennis called on the u.s. and state attorneys general to open a criminal investigation into allegations mayor lee's campaign laundered money through business associates.
6:35 am
that accusation says it was done in order to exceed campaign limit donations. the california fair political practices commission has already opened its own civil investigation. >> the buck ultimately stops with those who are engaging in the activity. and at this point we don't know who was involved in the activity. we obviously know who the contributors were but we don't know if anybody was directing people, we don't know who was aware of it. >> at issue, an 8,500-dollar contribution mayor lee's campaign received from an airport shuttle company that received certain concessions at sfo. in a statement sent to abc7, lee's campaign accuses herrera of abouncing his position at city attorney for a, quote, politically motivated investigation over money we returned over a result of our own concerns." >> mettologist lisa argen is
6:36 am
here and the weather today is nice. >> it will be nice but the winds have shifted overnight and the onshore push has pushed the clouds across the bay. the view from mount tam, a pretty picture. the sun coming up after 7:00. mostly sunny skies, fog at the coast. slightly cooler. rain tomorrow is a possibility. we will talk about it next. >> all right. we will also update the environmental disaster down under as oil continues to leak from a tanker off knee zeal land.
6:37 am
6:38 am
6:39 am
international crews are scrambling trying to prevent an environmental disaster off the coast of new zealand. a container ship is ground on a reef, leak being oil into the pristine bay of plenty. new zealand's prime minister has taken a helicopter tour of the damage. he said he wants to know why the liberian-flagged ship hit the well-mapped reef in calm waters on wednesday. crews have been rescuing and you saw them cleaning wildlife. they are hoping to unload tons of fuel in case the ship breaks up. >> lisa is here now and lots of activities going on, not just in san francisco but all over the bay area today. >> it should be a beautiful day. the clouds will clear temporarily the coast, hopefully just enough time for the airshow later on today. but tomorrow we are looking at more cloud cover and a weak system that's going to head our way, maybe bring some showers. mount tam this morning looking
6:40 am
good above the deck of low clouds at 1500 feet. the sun up at 6:12 and setting at 6:41. we are looking for changes to our warm weather pattern as soon as tomorrow. right now it's 57 hayward. good morning. 59 mountain view. this morning we are much warmer due to the cloud cover. the low clouds have encompassed the bay area, except for concord. you are clear right now. elsewhere clouds in livermore and some dense fog from santa rosa to napa. four-mile visibility along the coast, half moon bay. sfo, days of 44 minutes and about a quarter mile to a tenth of a mile around napa. so definitely the fog is out there this morning. we will see another weather system head to the south tomorrow. but it's only going to make to the north bay. that's why we are looking at a chance of showers, mainly in the north bay. clouds elsewhere, and then the warm weather pattern still underway for the middle of the week.
6:41 am
here we are until ten, eleven o'clock. you will notice the fog just lingering around the bay. by 1:00 it does clear and we will see a sunny afternoon. a westerly wind that will allow still for some very pleasant temperatures, 60s and 70s. but the san mateo coast and the marin coast, it will be a couple of hours of clearing. then the fog moves back quickly. we will enjoy almost as nice a day today as we had yesterday. high pressure is in command. it keeps this weather system to the north for the most part. but there's a little piece of energy that's going to allow the cloud cover, some moisture to head our way tomorrow. mainly in the north bay. we are going to take you hour by how shall, starting out at 6:00 for your monday morning commute and we will see the mist and the drizzle from the marin coast, the sonoma coast and to the east bay. cold front hung up in the north bay throughout the entire day. by 5:00 the evening commute may again to see light rain in the north bay.
6:42 am
it's the overnight hours on monday and into tuesday morning, then we clear on out. it's sunny, mild, and the offshore flow takes hold by wednesday. 75 in sunyvale today with cupertino coming in at 76. san mateo, 72 for you. looking at 64 in pacifica. a sunny afternoon downtown. but the sunset, the richmond district holding on to the clouds through about noontime. 75 in pet loom ma. 73 today in oakland. 74 in fremont. by about 3:00 we will see 78 in concord. a beautiful day. some dense fog early, but then it will lift and we will look for numbers to come up into the upper 60s in monterey. so tomorrow with the increasing clouds, the rain should favor the north bay in the afternoon. elsewhere, just clouds, warmer, dryer, sunnier all week long and then friday into saturday we cool down. >> of course. it's the weekend. thanks, lisa.
6:43 am
>> children living in the fran mission district is often underserved but one program is helping give students who live in the mission not just get interested in science, but excited about it. our education reporter, leeann, shows why this program is attracting so much attention. >> it's 8:30:00 in the morning and the kindergarten class at mckinney elementary is going exploring. their one mile walk will take them to the mission science workshop located at mission high. >> what we are going to do first is go in the workshop and take a little feet, and i will give you some exploration time. >> for the next several minutes of free time they will discover new sounds and experience new concepts, while getting acquainted with things they have only read about. they move on, learning about the five senses. >> taste, touch, and sight.
6:44 am
there's two more. >> smell. >> smell, very good. >> and the props reinforce what they are taught. in this case the yellow, smelly rock is made of sulfur, which they learn is used in matches. they discover how sound travels by using a tuning fork. >> your ear can feel the air shaking around and that's how we hear sounds. >> the more little pieces of information they can get, i feel like my ultimate goal would be to get them to be system thinkers, like close the circle on the way they look at the world. >> dan is the director of the mission science workshop. the idea to create the program started in 1990 in his garage where he had a small workshop for the local kids in the mission. >> they asked me really interesting questions about why i was doing certain things. and i thought it was interesting to try to explain it. >> he eventually moved into the vacant auto shop at mission high. today's students attending
6:45 am
schools in the mission district get nearly two hours of science every time they visit. he wants underserved kids to learn by exploring. >> being aware that most of their parents had little or no education. so we are, of course, very put off by science or just afraid of it. >> with so many interesting objects, it's hard to think about a favorite. >> the fishys over there, all the rocks or the fossils, yeah, or that giant mammoth thing over there. >> this is a group of fourth graders from santos elementary. today's lesson focuses on sources of power. >> did you read how many vultures you are expected to find? >> 1.5. >> one-third of their funding comes from the department of children, youth and families. but private entities, like foundations, also support the workshop. they would like see america regain its competitive edge in science. >> our foundation truly believes
6:46 am
that, you know, to turn that tide you start early with children to get them engaged, and what i would call the science, technology and math. >> today there are more than ten community-based workshops in the state modeled after this one, helping to inspire the next generation of california scientists. in san francisco, leeann, abc7 news. >> don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> a woman applies for a passport, but it never arrives. i'm michael finney. ahead on 7 on your side, how an important document can just disappear.
6:47 am
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passports are sent through the mail, but the government does not require anyone it sign for them when they arrive. that policy led to a nightmare for a fran woman, whose passport never arrived. 7 on your side's michael finney
6:49 am
has been looking into what happened. >> it was an exciting moment for this woman. >> i pledge the allegiance to the flag. >> in a group ceremony in oakland. the orthodontist from india took her oath as a naturalized u.s. citizen. >> so many people from all different nations, it was touching and moving. >> right after that she applied for her u.s. passport so she could fly to india for a conference. >> they said two weeks. >> she received her naturalized certificate in the mail, but not the passport. she waited three more weeks and then began to worry. >> i looked up the tracking number online and it said it was delivered on june 17th. >> this tracking report said her passport was delivered in june. it also says a waiver of signature was exercised on delivery, but she said that's impossible. >> i'm not sure who waived at the time of delivery because i was not home. >> she called the postal service, which repeated the tracking report. the package was delivered, signature waived.
6:50 am
yet it wasn't here. she and her roommate, heidi lee, began to worry a thief might use her lost passport to travel under her name. >> just wondering who is in possession of my passport. and it's like identity theft. just from a safety standpoint if someone is using someone else's identification to travel, what does that mean? >> i was sitting, watching the news and then i saw michael on the news. >> she called 7 on your side and we contacted the state department. the agency would not discuss her case, citing privacy rules. however, it said lost passports are automatically cancelled and can't be used for international travel. the agency also said, generally the office of passport services does not require signatures for the delivery of passports, and millions of passports are delivered every year without incident. this woman said the government should make sure passports get into secure hands. >> it's a secure document that needs to be sent in a secure fashion.
6:51 am
>> the postal service still said the package was delivered here, but she said where is it? she shows us her mail slot in this door leading it her garage, which requires an electronic pass code to enter. no one has tried to break in. now the new citizen said she's living with worry. >> the whole excitement of getting neutralized kind of died down. >> however, the government sent her a duplicate passport in time for the trip to india. after our inquiries the postal service is still investigating her lost passport. >> thank you for doing that. really. i appreciate it very much. >> the postal service says if you suspect someone took an item from your mail, you should file a criminal report immediately with the postal inspector's office. i posted all the information you need at i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> up next, george clooney and this weekend's political thriller at the box office.
6:52 am
he not only stars in ides of march, he directs it, too. next don sanchez gives us
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> check out the winning numbers from last night's $14 million super lotto plus. 27, 32, 35, 45, 46. the meg number 21. no one got all six numbers so the jackpot will grow to at least $10 million on wednesday.
6:55 am
>> a recent study found that one in thirteen children in the u.s. has some type of food allergy and nearly half of those children suffer severe reactions. later this morning on "beyond the headlines" cheryl jennings talks about the big 8 list of foods that can cause reactions. you will hear a mother who blogs about her and her daughter's battle with food allergies and hear from a specialist about the dageners. >> sometimes when small children have a food allergy like this, even a small gram of peanut can create a severe reaction and even death. that is why this is not a funny thing, it's a serious thing that we all as citizens have to take seriously. >> please join cheryl this morning at 10:00 for "beyond the headlines" to learn about food allergies and the resources available to help. >> the political i thriller, the ides of march, opened this weekend. it stars george clooney, who
6:56 am
also directed. as don sanchez discovered, it is not a thriller in the usual sense. here isymç mcdonald's review "n the i'll." >> the race is over. >> george clooney running for the democratic presidential nomination. ryan gosling is the press agent. faithful to his candidate and immune to his failings. then the reporter. >> if your boy wins you get a job in the white house. if he loses, you are back at a consulting firm. >> director clooney has a cynical look at the way politics does business. the veteran campaign manager, philip seymour hoffman. >> there's only one thing i value, loyalty, and without it you are nothing. >> his competitionis crafty geomatti. >> have a couple minutes? sit down. >> rachel woods is working the campaign. >> here on campus i'm just a lowly intern.
6:57 am
>> they get involved, but she's part of a deeper, sinister element that twists it in a political semi-thriller. it makes you wonder how people steering a race than look themselves in the face. >> dignity matters. >> but deception is also a word that pops up. >> don't do this! >> i'll do anything if i believe in it. but i have to believe in the cause. >> it's filled with political intrigue, back room deals and manipulation. the first part of the film is fascinating and then it starts to veer off course the last quarter. still overall it works. the real revelation is ryan gosling discovering that politics can make strange bedfellows. this should be required viewing in civics classes. of course, the result might be disillusion rather than votes. but i give the ides of march three quarters of a bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc7 news. see you on the isle. >> all right. three quarters of a bucket for the weather this week? >> yes, because we do have a chance of rain tomorrow. and today a wind shift out there. so it will be a little bit cooler, some fog at the coast
6:58 am
until about noon. 68 san francisco, 74 palo alto, still mild but increasing clouds overnight. the best chance of rain monday night into tuesday morning and then sunny and warmer the rest of the week. >> sounds good. thank you, lisa, and thank you for joining us. our next newscast starts at 9:00 this morning. i'm carolyn tyler. along with lisa argen, keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter, abc7 news bay area, and you can talk about it area, and you can talk about it on
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