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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 9, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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should we order panda blossom, panda moon... how about chinese at home with wanchai ferry? you can make it in just 14 minutes. mmmh, orange chicken. great. i didn't feel like going out anyway. [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry. restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer. >> alan: good evening. i'm alan wang. it's america's longest war, the ten, year anniversary of the war in afghanistan on friday came and went quiet limit today in fremont, one of the largest afghan populations in the u.s. took to the streets to mark the anniversary in their homeland. >> reporter: in the last ten years the united states has successfully basically dismantled al qaeda in afghanistan and this year successfully assassinated bin oa
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bin laden. but in talking to people here they say they have plenty of family still in afghanistan so they're monitoring violence, and they say they're calling for peace but acknowledge there's no easy exit from the situation. they're draped in scarfs and calling for peace in afghanistan. fremont has one of the country's largest afghan populations, so on the tenth anniversary of the war. >> the bare area -- the bay area has the largest afghan population, and fremont is the hub. >> says the u.s. has been in afghanistan too long and the military operations need to end. >> the only solution that we see is a nonviolent peaceful approach to the problems in afghanistan. >> demonstrators chanted and walked through the heart of little kabul in fremont, which muhammad has run his market for nearly 20 years, on this sunday
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customers seemed more concerned bet getting bread than a demonstration down the street. >> do you think it's time for the united states to leave? >> this time is not for leaving. >> he has family in kabul and worries what would happen to them if the u.s. exited too soon. there are clearly presentee of privilege inside the afghan community in fremont, and even within this demonstration. >> if america leaves, we're glad to have them. we want them to not just drop bombs with their drone planes. >> now, following the demonstration, just about an hour ago, the group actually made their way here to the community center, there's actually a larger gathering going on right now. as far as the progress of the war, president obama ordered a troop reduction in afghanistan by 10,000 troops by the end of this year, and then another 23,000 by september 2012. reporting live in fremont, abc-7
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news. >> alan: in san jose, the search continues for the gunman in a deadly weekend shooting that left one man dead and a woman on life support. the san jose mercury news reports one witness saw the shooter. the victims were in an alley on south third street when they were shot saturday morning. investigators say it does not appear the shooting was gang-related. the man's death is san jose's 35th homicide of the year. a dramatic increase considering there were a total of 20 murders there last year. >> in san mateo, detectives are following leads on an armed robbery where a clerk was shot at a pet smart last night on south el camino real. the robber demanded cash and then fired several shots at the clerk, who was wounded but is expected to survive. police say 15 customer were in the store when the robber got away win an unknown amount of money.
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>> the raiders pulled off an emotional win today in houston. >> it's over! michael huff, after the passing of al davis yesterday, just win, baby, lives, to the raiders. >> alan: raiders coach hugh jackson dropped to his knees and broke down on the sideline after a dramatic come from behind victory over houston. raiders owner al davis passed away yesterday and stadiums around the league had a moment of silence to honor him. meanwhile, members of the raider nation packed sports bars around the bay area to watch the first game without their long-time owner. [cheering] >> alan: and there was a full house at ricky's bar in san leandro, the hub for raider fans who want to watch the away games. we'll have the game's highlights and reactions and fan tribute at
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today reside game. >> the governor worked his way through a flurry of bills this week yeap, ahead of a fast provenning midnight deadline. some bills include making it illegal for children under 18 to use tanning beds regardless of parental permission. california is the first state to enact the law that goes into effect january 1st. another new law requires health insurance plans to offer coverage for chirp with autism. currently insurance providers can deny coverage for development disorders because they're classified as an education service. yesterday the governor vetoed senate bill 185 that would allow university admission officers to consider students race and ethnicity to be used at part of the criteria for administration to public university. >> tomorrow, parents and students at wind rush school
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will learn if they raised enough money to stay open. they needed to come up with $900,000, and they raised all but $73,000 by friday. the announcement about the fate of the school is scheduled for tomorrow night. school officials say if the all the money is raised, wind rush will stay open for the remainder of the year. >> up next, a sight to behold. the hot air balloon festival in new mexico almost didn't make it off the ground. >> and why a crowd in san francisco may have been a bit disappoint after the blue angels show. >> leigh: what a terrific weekend it has been but you can see high clouds moving overhead, sign that we're going to see some weather changes tomorrow. we're talking showers in the forecast. we'll look at the seven-d-d-d-dd
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...ya' know those jeans look nice. they do? yup. so you were checking me out? yup. [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. >> alan: after a weather delay the hot air balloons were launched in new mexico today. more than 1,000 pilots from all over the world filled the skies with their unique balloons. the event attracts more than one million spectators, and about a million spectators are in san francisco this weekend for fleet week. >> alan: the blue angels roared over the bay today, but only for a few minutes. that incoming fog cut the final air show short. they got just a glimpse of today's maneuvers before the fog rolled in and proved too dangerous for them to go on.
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the waterfront was packed with spectators as thousands of people turned out. the five day event ends tomorrow. >> no car no problem in downtown l.a., at least for a day. today streets in and around downtown los angeles were closed to cars for the city's celebration. the festival in its third years an attempt to get people to ditch their cars and bike, walk, or skate instead. >> in a city that's addicted to the single passenger automobile, we need to have a respite from the traffic and from the car, and this is a great opportunity to celebrate the many communities here in l.a. >> alan: ten miles of streets were closed to traffic in downtown l.a. today. organizers call it l.a.'s biggest block party. up ahead, the health problem caused by all that texting we do. one doctor even calls at it global epidemic.
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also -- >> we'll not be divided. >> alan: americans angry over corporate greed continue protesting across the nation, including here in san jose, how politicians are now taking sides. >> and changes ahead in the forecast, including showers. leigh glaser has your forecast coming up.
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>> alan: in the south bay today marks one week since "occupy san
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jose" demonstrations began on sunday and the number of protesters has doubled. community activists, union leaders and business owners are among the hundreds of people protest outside san jose city hall. they're standing in solidarity with "occupy wall street" which began three weeks ago in new york city. the movement is spreading to san francisco and sacramento. demonstrators are angry over the poor economy they've believe was case by wall street financial institutions. >> the movement in new york city is now in its 23rd dade and the protests are beginning to reach political leaders who are beginning to be pressured to comment. >> reporter: from chicago to charlotte to indianapolis, iowa city, cleveland, and buffalo, the list goes on. and in every city the protesters are using the catch phrase they
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say explains who they are. >> we are the 99%. >> they call themselves the 99%. everyone who is not superrich. the republican house majority leader called them something else. >> i, for one, am increasingly concerned about the growing mob occupying wall treat and the other cities across the country. >> today on this week, house minority leader nancy pelosi shot back. >> i heard him -- didn't hear him say anything when the tea party was spitting on men's of congress. >> over the weekend protesters are shaping their message across the country. >> fight corporate greed and not look at it with anger. >> i'm mad as hell. >> 'stay involved in people's health. >> all 1600 of us are barely over the poverty line.
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>> my union hall was shut down. >> is this the left-wing response to the tea party? the politicians are taking sides. >> in this town actually condone the pitting of american against americans. >> to the house minority leader says it's not about class warfare. >> the most den -- enduring american values. >> alan: there's an increase of injuries caused by texting. people are developing neck strain, headaches and pain in their shoulders for hunching over their mobile gage gage gents. it's not a new condition but the number of case are skyrocketing. doctors suggest that to avoid it, take regular breaks away from your screen and look straight ahead while tucking your chin in towards your neck. >> leigh: like that? >> alan: hi, leigh.
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nice weather we're having. >> leigh: yeah, well, for most of the day it was. you can continue to do that. >> alan: all right. >> leigh: our high definition sutro cam looking towards ocean beach. the fog just -- it just played touch and go with the coast all day long. unfortunately it came in right when the blue angels good -- going to do their stunts. we have been watching the forecast models the past couple of days. they're now saying that may see showers from the system as we head into monday. we'll get to that in just a moment. a nice evening it is. late afternoon, early evening hours. livermore, 75. 63, san francisco, los gatos, # 5. and 71 and high clouds in the san jose area.
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so we'll go with cloudy conditions, coastal drills overnight. clouds thicken tomorrow morning and light showers tomorrow afternoon, mainly in the north bay, and then after that get ready for warmer temperatures on wednesday and thursday. you can see how we started with this morning with very dense overcast over the bay. then it's going to back off. we saw a little bit of the air shore, and then as the blue angels moved in, this moved back inland. you can see the high clouds in the distance, and that will move inland tonight. the cloud cover and drizzle developinger in the coast, and overnight temperatures in the mid-to up 50ers -- upper 50s, and this is the setup. high pressure brought us a delightful weekend. you can already see the leading edge of the clouds moving towards the bay area, and right in this area -- this front is going to stay to the north budget right in this area we have a little bit of what we like to call warm convection
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moisture, and that's going to start to spread towards the bay area by tomorrow afternoon, leading to showers, and mainly north of the golden gate bridge. we take you through this evening. 7:00 tonight. you can clear hill see that we'll see the crow clouds and fog start to move inland by tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m. we'll see a little drizzle. but check out tomorrow afternoon. 12:00, 1:00, santa rosa getting wet, and then the moisture moves down. 5:00, commute time tomorrow night, near the golden gate bridge, and then as it spreads south tomorrow, starts to fall apart a little bit. mainly north bay rain event. could just be some light shower scenario for us by tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night. temperature, 73 for san jose, 74 for campbell. low 60s at the beaches. san francisco, increasing clouds, 64 degrees will be your high. north bay, best chance of seeing the showers. 68 for santa rosa, 70 for
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sonoma. oakland, 68. interior east bay, a little bit of afternoon sun so pop you into the mid-70s there. once this little hiccup moves through, get ready for a nice warmup. wednesday, thursday, inland temperatures near 90. 80s around the bay, 70s at the coast and cooler temperatures next weekend. >> alan: if you love great sports stories the raiders wrote a good one today. i. >> mike: they won one for al davis. in houston they snatch a victory from texas with no time left in the game. what a finish for you
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>> mike: the raiders win a thriller against the texans, a very emotional day for al's team. the texans strike first. third and goal. chavez all day. finds walters. 7-0 texas. in the second, texas up 14-6. campbell fines hey werdbay. 14, 12 houston. mr. davis loving it. fourth quarter, campbell, off the scramble, 18 yards, raiders up 22-7. can they just win, baby, for mr. davis? the 35-yard pickup. 4-4 on field goals including this one. 42 yarder.
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texas will make it 25-20 and now they're driving for the win. 30 seconds left. matt schaub, another heart breaking loss? schaub scrambled. throws an awkward pass. picked off in the end zone. divine intervention. raiders hang on. an emotional road win for hugh jackson. >> coach is saying, dang it, what's going on? heed be getting after me about the way we played but he would be happy because we won the game, and i got to thank my players. we truly honestly believe that coach was with us today. i believe that wholeheartedly. >> mike: coach being al davis. tampa bay's head coach raheem morris said they were west coast killers. tonight, they were turned into road kill with the 48-3 niner victory. first quarter, alex smith off the play action, a dart to
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walker. big day for alex, career high three t.d. passes. the flood gates open. rogers, pegged off josh freeman. 31 yards for the touchdown, and afterwards check it out. a little dougie action. almost as good as my rendition. let the massacre begin. frank gore. 125 yards and the score. 24-3 at the half. second half, the vernon davis show over the middle. breaks four tackles, tumbles in for six. it's 31-3 in the third. niners embarrass the bucs 48-3, they're now 4-1. >> game one of national league championship series with my team of destiny, milwaukee, hosting st. louis. the monsters loving their postseason but the cardinals came out on fire. down two in the fourth. friese gets all of it. opposite field and gone. three-run bomb, 4-2 cardinals in the fourth. the brewers explode in the
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fifth. fielder crushes one to right. two-run laser. then bettencourt, see yaw. a six-run fifth. brewers win game one 9-6. >> all kinds of hazard for the final round of the fry' open. bryce moulder for the birdie and a share of the lead. he's 17-under. briny baird, like moulder, looking for his first tour victory. a birdie on 18? going to playoff. we'll have your winner at six, and we'll hear from the ninerscu
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>> alan: coming up at 6:00, a big reward for the return of a 700-pound statue in the north bay. and more doctors are recommending for new moms and they're babies. join us at 6:00. finally, sir paul mccartney and his new wife are celebrating. the former beatle married today in lon deat the same place where he married his first wife in 1969. this was his third marriage. guests included ringo starr, also barbara walters, she propertiedly introduced mccartney to his new wife. that's it for us at 5:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc.


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