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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 9, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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win, baby. >> with the flag at half staff, the memorial is still being filled by the rater faithful. fans watched the first game after davis' passing at ricky's sports bar in oakland and saw the team win. it was an emotional win for the entire team, with coach hue jackson dropping to his knees, holding his head and crying. and dennis reedy came through raidershawks, sporting a jersey will kenny stableers number and signature. >> i was scared they were going to loose the -- loose the game. my heart was with al davis, and i said, win, baby, win, and we won the game. >> i think he's a great business man. he passionately loved the team and cared about the players.
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>> the shirt reminds him of the super bowl the team went to in 1976. fans are anxiously await theme after the 25-20 win over the texans. they say the team proceed they can just win, baby. now raiders are supposed to be here between 7:00 and 8:00 and they're expected to get a huge welcome. there should be a beg celebration. we'll have that at 11:00. reporting live. abc 7 news. >> alan: the pentagon announced the death of a soldier from salinas, ricardo cerros, jr. died when insurgents attacked his unit in afghanistan. he served with the 75th rayner regiment from washington. >> it's been ten years since the start of the war in afghanistan, and nearly 1700 u.s. troops have died there. in fremont, one of the largest afghan populations in the u.s.,
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gathered today to mark the tenth anniversary of the war. we're live in fremont where opinions are mixed. >> reporter: and the loss of those troops that you mentioned is just part of the precious price the united states paid to make some very hard-fought gains. military leaders now say that al qaeda is essentially disrupted in afghanistan, and earlier this year, osama bin laden was killed. but for people in fremont who have family in afghanistan, some of them called for peaces, though they say that's a complicated goal. they're triped in sky-blue scarfs and calling for peace in afghanistan. fremont has one of the donary's largest afghan populations so on the anniversary of the war, organizes hope to brick peace. >> the bay area has one of the largest migrant community in the united states and fremont is the
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hub, called little kabul. >> says the u.s. has been in afghanistan too long. >> the only solution we see is a nonviolent peaceful approach. >> demonstrators chanted and walkedly to heart of little kabul, where muhammad has run his market for nearly 20 years. on this busy sunday customers seem more concerned about getting bread than the dem moan station down the street. >> do you think it's time for the united states to leave? >> no, not -- this time is not for leaving. >> he family in afghanistan and worries what would happen to them if the u.s. exits too soon. there are clearly plenty of perspectives. >> if america does stay, we're glad to have them. we just want them to team up with the right people. we want them to not just drop bombs with their drone planes. >> demonstrators went to the
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community center and joined a larger group to continue the discussion on the war and the continuing united states role. >> right now that's where a large part of that group still is, inside this community center. according to president barack obama's orders, 10,000 troops are scheduled to depart afghanistan by the end of this year, another 23,000 scheduled to exit by the end of september of next year. reporting live, abc-7 news. >> alan: governor jerry brown signed several laws -- bills into law today, including one that will make it easier for children as young as 12 to get vaccinated against sexually transmitted des. 8499 well alou minors to get vks nateed against a virus known as human papilloma. hpv is one of the leading causes of cervical can center women. opponents claim it underhineses a parent's right to be involved in their children's medical
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decision. another law requires insurance plans to cover us autism and otr disorders. currently insurance companies can deny claims because it's classified as an educational service. >> california will be the first state to ban anyone under the age of 18 from using panning beds, regardless of parent permission. >> san jose police have released more information about friday's officer-involved shooting. jason evans is now in jail on suspicion of attempted murder and assault after struggling with an officer. police say evans grabbed the officer's gun during a struggle, which went off but didn't hit anyone. police say evans ran from the scene but with -- with the weapon but the officer tracked him down and hit him with his car. the officer was hospitalized and released. evans had several broken bones. >> analysis san jose, the search
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continues for a gun nan a shooting that left a womanle in the hospital. one witness saw the shooter. the victims were in an alley on south third street when they were hit. happened saturday morning. investigators say it does not appear the shooting was gang-related. >> there's a $1,000 reward for the return of a huge statue in novato. a huge statue of a pelican was stolen. it was commissioned in 2007 and police believe someone must have seen something. >> the growing "occupy wall street" movement. the bay area occupation grows. plus, do you suffer from text neck? why so many are suffering from the condition. and why more doctors than ever are recommending -- what they're recommending for new moms and they're babies. >> leigh: hi there.
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i'm leigh glaser. i have a great shot for you right now, a beautiful setting sun shot over san france. it's been a terrific weekend, but big weather changes tomorrow. showers return. i'll take a look at the cx@x
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: the "occupy wall street" movement will move into its fourth week after starting in lower manhattan and spreading to cities in america and across the world. a man was arrested outside the white house after agents say he threw a shoe. his arrest comes one day after antiwar protesters marched through the streets of washington, dc. from the east coast to the south bay, community activists, union leaders and business owners are among the hundreds of people protesting outside san hoe say
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city hall. today is one week since "occupy san jose" demonstrations began on sunday and the number of protesterses have doubled. they're angry over poor economy caused by wall street financial institutions. >> political leaders are starting to sound off on both sides of the aisle about the movement and its message. nancy pelosi claimed that the protests aren't about class warfare. >> no, it's not. it's the most enduring american value, fairness. everyone is paying their fair share. we all have a responsibility to grow our economy, reduce the deficit, keep us number one. >> believe it or not, some in this town have actually condoned the pitting of american against american. >> alan: jesse jackson says the protesters demand for, quote,
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economic reconstruction are legitimate but says they need to transform their energy into voting power to be a potent movement. >> gas prices take another dive, and why texting and driving isn't the only health hazard surrounding smartphones. >> a beautiful day in the bay, but what's ahead? leigh glaser coming up to tell you about it. >> mike: the 49ers acting like the pirates of the caribbean against the buccaneers, and hue jackson with an emotional win on the road in houston. highlilililililililililililili hi honey, what are you doing?
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>> alan: gas prices are dropping again. the average price dropped 13 cents over the past two weeks. the national average is 3.42 a gallon. the highest price in the nation is here in the bay area, 3.81. the lowest? albuquerque, new mexico, 3.07 a gallon. >> new concerns about texting and your health. and we're not talking about texting and driving. doctors are seeing more of a condition called text neck. it's due to the amount of time people are spending hunched over their mobile phone and computer screens. text neckle symptoms are neck
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strain, headaches, and pains in your shoulders. breast feeding is best when it comes to your baby. that's what leading health experts are saying at a conference in london. reach researcherred say it can boost your child's iq and health and reduce the chances of behavioral and weight problems. the blue angels roared through san francisco this afternoon, but only for a few minutes. >> alan: the crowd got just a glimpse of the maneuvers before the fog rolled in and proved too dangerous for the planes to go on. the san francisco waterfront was packed with spectators as thousands of people turned out to catch the last day of the air show. fleet week wraps up tonight with a band challenge and ship tours. >> leigh: the fog moved in right at the exact moment they were out there, and now the fog retreated back off the coast.
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>> alan: but they can't take any chances. >> leigh: they're so close together. here's a look over the ocean there, ocean beach, and the fog definitely has reed off -- re treated off the coast, but we have high and mid-level clouds offshore and that's going to move back inland overnight. mild with 70s inland. 60 in san francisco. 69 in mountain view. san jose, 68 degrees. we'll continue with cloudy conditions. all of that moving back inland overnight, bringing some drizzle tonight and early tomorrow morning, and then as we head through monday afternoon, a chance of some showers developing, mainly in the north bay. and then beyond that get ready for a nice big warmup on wednesday and thursday. inland temperatures near
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90 degrees. high pressure brought us a nice fall dry weekend. it's starting to push south and you can see clouds here. this cold front, most of the energy will stay to the north. it's going to be crackly here and it's going to nip the bay so as the tail end of that's goes over the bay area, might wring out a few showers tomorrow afternoon. it's just going to be a one-day event as we work into monday night and tuesday morning. the shim should move out and then start to warm things up. the forecast animation starts at 7:00 tonight. we're seeing clear skies now but a strong west wind is going to push the low cloud and fog inland. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, denoting a little mist and drizzle on the coast and the bay. but check this out. by 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, the rain band moves
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into the santa rosa area. 5:00 commute time tomorrow, you can see it just sitting right here near the golden gate bridge. south barracks east bay, dry, and then this front moves through, kind of falls apart so a chance of showers east and south for monday night. beyond that i high pressure will move back inland and warmer temperatures. clouds on the increase. temperatures tonight, mid-to-upper 50s, so a warmer evening. drizzle at the coast. and here's a look at the highs for monday. low 70s in the south bay, 157 -- 70 palo alto. san francisco, 64. north bay, the best chance of getting wet. santa rosa, 68. on the east bay, oakland, 68. 72 for fremont. interior east bay, you may see a little sunshine before the clouds move in. so temperatures in the 70s. and look for 68 for santa cruz. the seven-day forecast, once we
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get through this little bump in the road, by wednesday and thursday, warmer, nicer weather, 90s inland, 80s around the bay, and 7 series at0s at the beaches. >> alan: a vic that great sports stories are made of. >> mike: came down 0 toe some divine intervention from former owner al davis. emotional day for his son mark, texasans strike first. second quarter, jason campbell finds dhb. goes 34 yards and missed the two point conversion. somewhere mr. davis is loving it. court farther. cam campbell off the scramble. raiders up 22-17. can they just win for mr. davis? this helps. the fake punt to cartwright. big day for the raiders special teams, and no one bigger than janikowski.
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4-4 on field goals, including three from 50-plus, this 42 yarder puts the raiders up eight. texans, driving for the win, inside the five with seven seconds left. matt schaub, scrambles. looks like he's going to throw. throws. awkward pass across this body, and it's picked off by michael huff in the end zone. divine intervention, raiders hang on. an emotional road win for hue jackson and coach davis. >> i know coach is saying, dang it, what's going on. he would be getting after me right now about the way we played, but he red be happen because we won the game. i thank my players, we truly honestly believe that coach was with us today. i believe that wholeheartedly. >> mike: what a win. tampa bay's head coach raheem morris said they were west-coast killers. today they were turned into road kill with the 48-3 road victory.
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first quarter, alex smith, play action, a dart to walker. 7-0 niners. 73-third quarter, the flood gates open. the pick six, and check it out. a little dougie action. almost as good as my rendition. it's 14-3. let the massacre begin. frank gore from two yards out. 24-3 at the half. second half, the vernon davis show. over the middle from alex. breaks four tackles, in for six. 31-3. in the fourth, smith to vernon in the corner, two catches, two touchdowns. niners are now 4-1. >> probably been the first time since i've been here -- feels good. >> we always been clicking. we just making plays, giving
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alex enough time throw the ball, and guys that can make plays down the field and that's what we're doing. >> mike: game one of the nlcs with milwaukee hosting st. louis. the cardinals on fire. down 2-1 in the fourth. opposite field. three-run bomb. 4-2 cardinal inside the fourth. the brew grew in the fifth. prince fielder, crushz one to right. they're not done. two batters later, bettencourt, see ya. a six-run fifth. brewers win. >> all kind of hards for the find round of the a share of the lead. shoots a 7-under 64. now briny baird looking for his first tour win. comes up short. playoff. third playoff hole. moulder for eagle and the win.
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baird couldn't watch. misses. and on 18 baird had a chance for the win. just misses. we'll have your winner tonight at 11:00. >> jimmie johnson wins the stopover in kansas, first win since april. and our plays of the day tonight at 11:00. >> alan: coming up, a battle at the box office between a rob about and a movie with a
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so that's it for us. thanks for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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