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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  October 10, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc governor brown takes aim at california's on controversial open carry law. he signs a bill that bans gun owners from openly carrying a gun in public. >> police begin citing occupy san jose protesters at city hall. the crowd of hundreds dwindle to a handful. >> with >> good morning. dry now, watching the clouds get thicker from the north. going to bring light rain today and tonight. then record highs possible back half of the forecast. >> good morning. holiday-like at the bay bridge toll plaza. full details on your morning commute, coming up. raider fans camp out at team headquarters to welcome back the silver and black in honor of the great al davis. the 82-year-old owner passed
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away over the weekend. good money day morning just about 4:30 one. thank you for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> police in san jose ticking action to end the week long protest in of city hall. activists showing solidarity with the occupy wall street movement. on twit they are morning they say police have swept away their encampment under a no camping ordinance. three 3 -- about 300 had been taking part since last sunday. they say they represent the vast majority of americans who have been overrun by the nation's wealthiest 1%. >> we are the 99%. we are middle classical callians. because of our outdated tax policy we are not able to have good jobs, good schools and lead a good life. >> the protesters are mixed of social classes, students, community activists, union leaders and even some business
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owners. more on the police an tells in a live report at 5:00. today oakland join the cities around the globe where protester are showing solidarity with occupy wall street. occupy oakland begins at 3:00 this afternoon in front of oakland city hall. the mayor is showing her support for the movement which calls attention to high unemployment and economic gaps. the movement blames the disparity on big banks, big business and a culture of corporate greed. >> there are dozens of new lasts on the tooks. one is guaranteed to upset gun rights supporters. katie good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are just learning that governor brown has signed a bill making it illegal to openly carry an unload ed handgun in public. -- unloaded handgun in public. earlier this year several
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people intentionally displayed their unloaded guns in coffee shops and restaurant. they argue they have the right under the second amendment. the governor sided with law enforcement, list chiefs and sheriffs, namely -- police chiefs and sheriffs, mainly in los angeles said it was not safe and it could spark violence and waste time responding to false calls. the law takes effect january 1st. anyone caught violating the law faces one year in jail and fines of up to $1,000. at 5:00 some of the other bills signed by the governor. they could affect the health of your children. opponents of the california dream act signed by governor brown over the weekend plan to launch a ballot initiative to get it repealed. the dream act allows undocumented immigrants to apply for financial aid at state universities. governor brown says it benefits everyone by investing
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in students and giving them a chance to improve their lives. critics say it undermines immigration laws and gives illegal immigrants the same status as legal residents of the state. the dream act sty fews that illegal immigrants would only qualify after all other legal residents have applied. it is an emotional for the raiders and many of their fans with the palgs -- with the passing of the owner al davis. the raiders were on the road when davis passed away saturday. they returned home to a hero's welcome last night after winning one for al. [ cheering ] >> reporter: it was a raucous welcome for the raiders. more than 200 fans lined the driveway in the building. the team came out of their buses and engined in the celebration. the raiders had a tight win as a result of an interception against texas.
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coach jackson says he think he got help from davis. >> even though huff got the interception, al davis made sure we had that ball. >> reporter: after the game coach jackson hugged the fellow coach and cried into his hands. >> he was emotional. everybody was fighting -- it was emotional. everybody was fighting for coach this is his team. it is a great day. nothing like winning, after you lose somebody as important as he is to this organization. >> reporter: raider fans told us they believe al davis helped create the colorful dark and sometimes grotesque costume fans that have been supporting the team for decades. >> he started something that he believed in. he stuck with it. and he created a phenom. and we are the result, we are the genetic feeding of his phenom. >> reporter: in group waited for hours for the team. . -- >> to show respect for al.
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i grew up a raider fan. >> reporter: fans who stuck it out were treated to autographs and photos with the players. the offensive lineman told us he still felt davis' presence on the sidelines. >> i felt like he was in spirit. >> reporter: davis' presence will be felt for a long time. >> we have an angel watching over us. we thank him for that ii >> 4:36. >> -- >> san jose police expected to release the names of two killed in a weekend shooting. investigators say a man and woman were in an alley in the 800 block of south 3rd street when they were shot. the man died at the scene the woman died yesterday. police won't reveal if they are looking for a particular suspect. no indication of a possible motive. the deaths are san jose's 35th and 36th homicides of the
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year. a bay area college instructor expected in court wednesday after being accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a student. the 46 year an instructor at the california maritime academy he was arrested saturday. the student is in his 20s was given an intoxicating vapor while attending a party at the instructor's home then sexually assaulted. today is world homeless action day. advocates plan to rally, march and occupy vacant buildings in san francisco. organizers with homes, not jails say supporters will take to the streets and occupy 10 vacant buildings that contain more than 700 available housing units. 5:00 this evening they will rally to call attention to the 10,000 homeless living in the city that has 30,000 empty housing units. san francisco's muni will be installing cameras to make sure operators of rail cars comply with a new order by the
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california public utilities commission. regulators adopted a policy last week that prohibits operators in california from talking or texting while on-the-job on cell phones. this video taken of an accident on muni in 2008 is part of the reason for the new ban. 16 people were hurt near at&t park when two light rail cars collide. the chronicle reports that operators will not be prevented from having cell phones but they must be turned off and stowed while on duty. kind of cloudy out there, couldn't see the moon well. does that mean the rain is moving in? >> does that mean the rain is moving in on us? is there an echo in here? the north bay first then slide through the bay into the monseray bay tonight too tomorrow morning. you can see the brighter green. to our north now, it will work down towards us. right now everything is .
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increase in clouds, keeping temperatures up in the mid 50s to mid 60s. by the afternoon, cooler than yesterday because of the lack of sun. mid to upper 60s in the north bay along the coast. fremont south bay east bay and valleys low to mid 70s because you are the last areas to receive the rain. same with hahn ray bay. you may have a few -- with the monterey bay. you may have a few -- tomorrow warming trend once the sun starts to breakthrough and the rain ends. wednesday, thursday, friday some areas may threaten high temperatures warmer than average those three days. traffic now with jacqueline dunn. >> things looking great in walnut creek. live look at 68 north main. taillights headed in the
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commute direction. traffic is light. drive times: westbound 580 from 205 towards the dublin 18 minute ride. good out of the antioch highway 4 towards 24212 minutes. from the carquinez bridge to the maze 18 minute ride. toll plaza things are light, no metering lights, just a smooth ride into san francisco. 4:40. novato police try to solve the case of the -- >> vandals strike a hatchery a second time. >> out of control car slams into a building.
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good morning. 4:42 on this monday, also columbus day. live on the embarcadero in san francisco, clouds otherwise dry. that rain will be moving in,
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in a few hours. mike is going to tell you when where you are. and we'll check with jacqueline to see if there is a traffic impact for this holiday. investigators looking into a second burglary over the weekend someone broke in and released 20,000 young salmon on top of an identical break-in monday when another 40,000 were released. the fish being raised by volunteers and students who were planning to release the fish into the wild with a ceremony. no one has claimed responsibility. animal rights activists have criticized the spends used as filthy and over-crowded. a berkeley boy recovered from injuries he suffered in an accident. out of control car nearly killed him after it smashed his store on euclid avenue. his mother took the photos
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after it happened. her son was sitting on the bench by the store's window waiting to get a hair a piece of plate glass fell on the boy's head and opened up a four inch gash that needed several stitches. the driver accidentally hit the accelerator. novato police offering a $1,000 reward for information that will help them catch a thief. look at the suspect or -- somebody stole a 700 pound statue of a pell quinn from the park in novato. the stat -- a pelican from the park in novato. police say why someone would want to steal the statue is still a mystery. investigators say one possibility it was stolen for the value of the metal. the pelican statue was installed on 2007. >> quite an engineering feat.
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economist with ties to the bay area honored with a nobel prize. members of the afghan community mark the 10th anniversary of the war against the taliban. why some are concerned about plans to leave k >> mormonism becomes a big topic on the gop presidential trail. more on that coming up. prince harry is in the u.s. for military training. that doesn't stop him from having a night on the t
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welcome back. mid to upper 50s in seattle and portland. ail the cool weather is here. -- all the warm weather 80s boston, new york, d.c., new orleans even 90 around phoenix. all major airports are on time right now. check out our flight tracker any time you travel,
4:48 am at the bottom. 4:48. two americans have won this year's nobel prize in economics. one has ties to the bay area. the for their work in macro economics they looked at how economic growth and inflation are -- one his bachelor's from uc berkeley in 1964 and ph.d from harvard. is currently professor of economics and business at new york university. simms is a professor at princeton. republicans and religion. preacher with ties to another candidate calls mitt romney's mormon faith a cult. john hendron is in washington with more. >> reporter: the "m" word is out in the open in the republican presidential campaign.
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>> in my estimation mormonism is a cult. >> reporter: mega church pastor endorsed perry. describing mitt romney and huntsman, both mormons as members of a cult. perry accept the endorsement, not the cult comment. >> pastor, thank you for a rousing introduction. he knocked it out of the park as we like to same >> reporter: romney sought to rise kennedy-like above religion. >> poisonous language doesn't advance our cause. let no agenda narrow our vision or drive us apart. >> reporter: with the conflict highlighted a deep seated problem. is mormonism a cult? don't ask herman cain he won't say. >> he's a mormon, that much i know. i am not going to do an analysis of mormonism versus christianity for the sake of answering that.
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>> reporter: don't ask michelle bachmann. >> this is so inconsequential as far as this campaign is concerned. >> reporter: don't ask rick santorum. >> i'm not an expert. >> reporter: also not a deficienter. perry has been explicit saying more -- mormonism is not a cult. many of his supporters are not sure that leaves come knee with the same problem that john f. kennedy had when he ran to become the first catholic president. john hendron, abc news. one million flooded san francisco this weekend forefleet week. the blue angels roared over the bay area saturday and sunday. yesterday's show was cut short by incoming fog. the waterfront was packed as thousands turned out for the last day of the air show. several ships berthed in san francisco open for tourists. we have times and locations on
4:51 am look under see it on tv. right now, prince harry is in california for helicopter training but found time for fun. he went bar-hopping in san diego. among the hot spots, a coronado bar owned by a former navy seal located across the street where history buffs go -- ed prince of wales met wallace simpson. prince harry will be training out of el centro for the next two months. harry-hunters watch out. wanted to talk about the fog and cancellation of the blue angels show. >> they didn't cancel it but they cut it short. >> there were a lot of people wondering what was going on. most of the bay looked clear. >> what did the blue angels say? >> don't know.
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>> this is a very precise show because there are so many obstacles and wires and things. >> even what you don't see when they fly away they are going somewhere he will and turning around and coming back. if there is fog out there -- [ talking over each other ] >> it went out to the ocean then northwesterly wind developed and it blue it back later in the day. so there was a window. >> was disappointing. >> i imagine so. saturday was awesome. right now 4:5. some of the fog returning to the bay this morning. mid -- mid and upper level cloudy they say that is the next system rolling in. it is bringing healthy rain up to the north of us. this is going to spread south. going to take a while as you can see the storms are heading more east than they are south.
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let's talk about how this is going to affect our day. going to hit north bay first. then slide south and get to the south bay during the evening and overnight hours into the monseray bay. getting out the door this morning, it is dry, and it is fairly comfortable with temperatures from 56 in oakland up to 66 in antioch. monterey bay inland we have low 50s from gilroy to upper 50s, 57 in monterey and 58 salinas. increasing clouds cooler today, light rain in the north bay to south bay that starts today and spills into tonight. 5át it passes, sunshine and some of the warmest weather will be wednesday, thursdayiñ and friday. let's start in the south bay, upper 60s in sunnyvale, milpedis, cloudy through the better part of the day. sprinkles along the peninsula, upper 60s, throw mid 60s along the coast with drizzle.
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mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco rain moving in around the afternoon hours into the evening commute. rain through the north bay around noon into the afternoon hours, 60s, mid to upper 60su2%, sprinkles along the east bay shore. east bay valleys rain after the sun sets. monterey bay mid 60s, monterey 70 low to mid 70s inland. you will get your rain after midnight. moving out tuesday afternoon, increasing sun, a little warmer. wednesday, thursday, friday before another cooling trend for saturday and sunday. hope you have a great day. here's jacqueline with your traffic. here's a live look in san jose. 101 at 880 traffic moving well in both directions. san mateo bridge things are moving well. westbound 92 taillights headed in the westbound direction
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from hayward to foster city, 14 minute trip. mass transit, ace train number 1, running five minutes behind schedule. cal train, bart and muni problem-free. for the latest traffic go to and click on the bay area traffic link. our time is 4:55. the pentagon says a soldier from salinas has been killed in afghanistan. 24-year-old ricardo cerros, jr. died saturday. he served with the second battalion, 75th recently men. he end listed july of last year -- sent to afghanistan in march. fleemont's afghan community is parking the 10thieé anniversary of the start of war in their homeland with a call for peace. members of the community marched through the
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centreville neighborhood because of the number of afghan-americans living there. the neighborhood is popularly known as little kabul. some community leaders want to see the united states withdraw from afghanistan. others worry about what will happen to their families if the americans leave. >> the only solution that we see is a nonviolent peaceful approach. >> do you think it is time for the united states to leave yet? >> not this time, not for leaving. >> president obama has ordered the withdrawal of 16,000 service members by the end of the year. 23,000 more will come home in september of next year. in libya revolutionary forces may be coming closer to calling the country liberated. the former rebels have ceased a convention center in gadhafi's hometown. heavy fighting has been focused in the center of sirte. the transitional leadership will declare liberation once it captures sirte.
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fighting continues elsewhere. anti-gadhafi fighters have been frying to route loyalist -- been trying to route loyalists to -- [ unintelligible ] the family of the man who went on a cupertino shooting rampage speaks out for the first time. evicting ah?32h(rotest. san jose police move in overnight to begin clearing out those trying to occupy san jose. a lot of people were happy to see tiger woods back. but not all. one spectator was arrested. ♪
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