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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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noncredible threat aimed at alhambra high is prompting a police response. i'm live at the school. with we'll let you know what kind of security students can expect this morning. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield in los gatos. people in for the new iphone. guess who is at the front of the line? he doesn't have to wait in line. but it is co-founder steve wozniak. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. with one more day in the 80s before with we cool down this weekend. i'm sue hall. live look of the bay bridge it is very light. we'll continue to follow your commute this morning. good friday morning. 5 a.m..
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thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off today. >> more cops on campus at a high school. school officials are not sure the threat is the real deal but taking no chances. katie marzullo is live at alhambra high with more. >> reporter: obviously, it is quiet now h this is shaping up to be a very nontypical day for alhambra high students. police are going to be on campus today. according to the con that costa times a blood drive has been postponed -- scheduled for today. while there are no games here on campus today the teams are going to board buses for the away games under police guard many wednesday an e-mail was sent to a district employee. they believe that employee just to be a random resip kwrebt -- recipient.
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it said something bad could happen. police are stressing at this point, there is nothing to lend any credibility to this threat. they are focusing on searching for the source of that e-mail, trying to find out where it originated. the district and the school have decided to keep the school open. parents have been notified it will be up to them whether or not they want to send their students to school today. the principal told the contra costa times said if it were his kids he would them to school. if attendance is low, so be it. katie marzullo, abc7 news. in oakland, students and parents plan to speak out this morning against a plan to close some schools. the plan by oakland school superintendent smith would close five elementary schools and merge grids and shuffle classes -- grades and shuffle
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classes. the district would save two million dollars a year. the plan appears to be losing support. three board members emphasized the closures are not set in stone. one member says it with would be a mistake. a is expected october 26th. he was there the at the beginning now a driving force behind the creation of apple is the first in line at an apple store where the new iphone 4s goes on sale in a few hours. amy hollyfield is live at the store in los gatos. he doesn't have to be there, but he is. >> reporter: he is. he got here at noon he's at the front of the line. someone treated he was here and the crowds descended on this apple store. with we met a man not planning on buying a phone just here see steve wozniak. the line grew and everyone started asking for autographs. wozniak says most excited about the iphone's voice activated feature.
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he just wants to say it. he says it will get you to the answer quicker than before. wozniak says he gets in line because he says it is like experiencing history, like a shuttle launch or a roll stones concert. he says the -- rolling stones concert. he says the waiting in line is tough on him. >> i was bombarded every 10 seconds by somebody for a photograph, autograph. and you are talking, your voice gets sore. i was a tough day. i only took one 15 minutes off. i got a couple bauers to say he's taking a 15 minute break. it is kind of tough for me to go through that. i want to be anonymous and get my phone. >> reporter: of course this is the first launch since the passing of steve jobs who is being remembered today. some have declared it steve jobs day encouraging people to wear the black turtleneck and jeans. bloomberg is estimating apple
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is going to sell four million over the weekend it sold one million in presales that would be incredible numbers. it goes on sale at 8:00 this morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. it is 5:05. this morning the santa clara county district attorney's office with will announce results into an investigation into accusations that baseball players raped a teenaged girl. the priest d.a. declined to press -- the previous d.a. declined to press charges. d.a. rosen promised when he ran for office he would take another look at the case. he bill release the results 10:00 this morning. san jose continuing to recognize october as domestic violence awareness month. as in years past the city will host its annual walk. estimated 500 people are expected to take part in today's 14th annual walk. which will include a victim's tribute. the two mile walk begins at 11
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a.m. and winds through downtown at the state university campus. 5:05. domestic violence was the focus of a luncheon yesterday, including an incident at the hair design salon in martinez in 2008, which ended in the death of a police sergeant and a worker there and the suspect going after his estranged wife. the keynote speaker at the fundraiser was actress erin grey, a domestic violence survivor. >> get help, get out. find your voice, take a stand. it is frightening. it can be the most dangerous time in your life when you take that stand, because the chances are you are being physically hurt or killed at that time is very high. just understand that there is help for you. there are people out there who know how to help you cross that threshold. you have to be the one to say i need help. >> erin grey starred in
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several tv series playing strong powerful women yet she struggled to get out of her abusive relationship. find a link to stan on our website for more information. federal investigators continue to gather information about the amtrak train collision in oakland. crews are trying to repair damage to one of the tracks in jack london square. the head-on collision took a chunk of concrete off the platform. a southbound train loading passengers was hit head-on by a northbound train. investigators trying to determine why that happen. the collision injured 17 people the most serious injury was a broken arm. >> the family of injured giants fan brian stow says he's making progress. in a statement the family says we are very determined and excited to start the next chapter and help brian in any way we can. family members say stow could answer some questions he's
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asked correctly. but he encounters moments of confusion. he's being weaned off drugs used to treat the severe brain injury he suffered after being beaten outside dodger stadium opening day. in less than three hours, tactical teams from around the world will begin gathering in the east by for one of america's biggest homeland security exercises. the teams will register for urban shield this morning in dublin. the exercise gets underway tomorrow morning. teams will face 32 scenarios from serving a search warrant to handling a mass casualty incident. for the first time, the kingdom of jordan is sending an all-woman tactical unit to take part in the exercise. let's see what those officers are facing this weekend, weather-wise. >> at least today more in the 70s and 80s. then we start to cool off saturday, sunday. we've had a lot of clear sky overnight tonight definitely starting to see subtle changes
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as we work through this map, you can see high clouds starting to move northridge of high pressure is starting to weaken a little that will allow more onshore cooler winds to prevail as we head into the weekend. 66 san francisco, mild out there, 62 in novato. 4 oakland. 62 antioch. the rest of us in the -- in the mid to upper 50s. highs today, 85 san rafael, 80 san francisco. half moon bay 80°. 87 antioch as well as concord. gilroy today 90, 84 santa cruz, 78 high clouds over monterey later today. cooling will begin saturday, sunday, low clouds and fog return to the coast. that's the forecast. here's traffic with sue. pretty light this morning. good morning. earlier accident surface streets in oakland that has been cheered. park at mcarthur.
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also a game in san jose tonight starts at 6:00. expect delays around spartan stadium. golden gate bridge this morning heading out of marin county southbound 101 through the waldo tunnel is very light, just a few headlights crossing the span, clear no issues with any traffic problems to the toll plaza on to doyle drive into san francisco or wherever else you are headed. 5:10. >> still ahead, how some bay area credit unions are trying to lure bank customers who are angry about new fees. netflix cuts a deal with another network to expand its digital tv offerings. >> rare visit to the islands with where tiny mice are posing a big danger to the entire ecosystem. these sweehoney clustery things have fiber?
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fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one!
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i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyo recognition. fibeone. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. changes at the gap. retailer planses to shut a fifth of its stores 189 locations by 2013. americans are not buying as much as they did. gap plans to add stores in asia, especially china. >> google's earnings soared 26% past what analysts expected. the company hired 2600 workers last quarter for a total of 7,000 this year. automakers using a trick to slash prices. eliminating standard features
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and making them extra cost options. latest is nissan just cut almost $2,000 from its convert able. the navigation system is now an option not includedthat's america's money. i'm rob nelson. 5:14. >> credit unions in the south bay are hoping to cash in on anger over debit card fees. several bay area credit unions have launched marketing campaigns to highlight their free checking and free debit card services. hoping to lure business from large retail banks like bank of america which is now charging $5 a month for debit card purchases. fans of the cw network will be able to catch their favorite shows on netflix. the two companies have agreed to a four year deal. the vampire diaries and gossip sip girl will be available starting tomorrow the -- the rest in january the deal at a
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low point for netflix it lost hundreds of thousands of subscribers and saw its stock price fall following moves, including a 60% price hike. >> 13 national marine sanctuaries in the u.s.. one is the islands 27 miles outside the golden gate. remarkable place. wayne freedman a rare chance to see the little mouse threatening to upset the entire eco system. >> reporter: these are forbidden islands so close, yet so far. the united states fish and wildlife service made an exception for a select group of reporters who say a place so rough and raw that to land we boarded a small boat, plucked if the water by a crane, carried through open air and placed on a dock. they've done it this way for more than a century. up close you can see how the fair lawns consist of crumbling granite, the 70
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acres manned year round by five from the bird observatory. they live in this old house. >> no cars, no traffic. no ambient noise from people. >> reporter: just old research logs and what is left of a zodiac boat. the four first landed in 1810, teaming with wildlife, pelts of the sea lions then the eggs of the shore birds. by 1900 the area was decimated. now, life is beginning to come back. not exactly as planned. you see those holes? the fair lawns have become overrun with common house mice 500 to an acre. the independent journal shot this portrait. the mice are problematic they attract o wls we remain to feast on tiny birds that have been in decline. this is a life one, all of
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these a collection of dead ones. the best shrugs, to eradicate all of those mice -- the best solution, to eradicate all of the mice. >> there will be a reduced number of owls. >> reporter: they hope some day the fair lawns will be similar to those our forefathers ruined. >> whether or not it will be back exactly to what it was is a good question. >> reporter: whatever this work in progress becomes it with will not be for a lack of effort from the fair lawn island, with friedman, abc7 news. >> it is a gorgeous place. 5:17. cooler weekend ahead? >> the past couple of days, the heat thanks tsrc offshore winds, we are going to get into a wind shift tonight and tomorrow that going to mean the fog is going to return. no fog now. clear sky for the bay area right now. we will start to see high clouds by this afternoon. it is mild out there too.
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66° right now in san francisco, oakland 64. 62 in novato. napa 56. 62 antioch. 63 in mountain view. 60s near the coast. 61 in half moon bay. we'll go with another day with warm temperatures, high clouds will move from south to north throughout the course of the afternoon. patchy fog will return to the coast overnight it looks like we'll start to see that fog return to our neighborhoods saturday, sunday. definitely going to mean cooler temperatures. here's the set-up, high pressure bringing the warm temperatures offshore winds starting to break down a little high clouds here will move in to the bay area by this afternoon. once those clouds move in that with will set the stage for the return of onshore winds, cooler air mass, fog returns and temperatures are definitely going to come down saturday, sunday. today, still a delightful afternoon. high clouds starting to move
5:19 am
into the south bay. lunchtime, san jose will warm to 86, 87 campbell. cupertino 866°, -- 86. upper 70s to near 80 at the coast, one more day. you can see the forecast that they are going to bring a little fog and high cloudiness near the coast by in afternoon. 85 redwood city, 86 palo alto, san francisco 80 this afternoon. if you are going to be spending the afternoon injsm[6 e santa rosa 88. 87 sonoma. san rafael 85. oakland 82. 84 hercules interior east bay high clouds move in later in the day 80s mid to upper 80s there concord 87. brentwood 88. santa cruz today 84°. seven day forecast, low clouds and fog return onshore winds
5:20 am
saturday, sunday. inland temperatures cooling to near 80. 70s around the bay. mid to low 60s at the coast. that's your forecast. here's traffic with sue. good morning. drive times now traveling 80 westbound carquinez bridge to the maze not bad drive un20 minutes. 580 out of the central valley easy drive at the limit heading up and over dublin interchange highway 4 westbound looks good towards concord and 242. check in with all your transportation agencies everyone is on time. live look at san rafael, the taillights headed in the southbound direction, a little bunching up, not bad. live look at toll plaza remains light at this hour. for the latest. 5:20.
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be prepared or be ready to walk. popular destination that is warning drivers to look at the gas gauge before they get to the guy. >> the subway surfer that has nenenenenetststststststststststs
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[ mom ] hey guys. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. in 15 minutes, [ female announcer ] you call that bread? you can serve some warmth with your bread. and some flavor with your bread. and some layers with your bread. if you're serving bread honey, then serve it. grands! dinner ideas made easy. good morning. a live picture of the golden gate bridge. clear skies out there right now. over the weekend, we'll see the return of the fog and lower temperatures. leigh glaser our meteorologist will explain much better than
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i just did coming up. if you your travel plans include diving to yosemite soon you better fill up near the park to avoid being stranded. that's because the gas station is now closed and the nearest place on highway 140 to get gas is nearly 30 miles away. signs have gone up warning of the closure. not everyone has seen them. >> this is the only one we've seen on the map. we thought stop there and carry on to san francisco. stuck now. >> the gas station is undergoing recent nations to meet environmental standards. it may not -- rope until the end of the year. a virginia truck driver arrested for trying to avoid paying a $65 bridge toll in new york. police say he used a cable to flip his license plate up and out of view while going through the toll lanes so he could avoid a fine for not paying the toll. investigators tracked him down. instead of saving a few bucks the trucker has to pay $5,000
5:25 am
to post bail. he got his truck impounded and faces a big fine. subway riders in new york city couldn't believe their eyes as a train sped beneath manhattan's lower eastside. a college student posted -- posted this youtube video of a man clinging to the side of a j train. the train stopped after a pains alerted the conductor. the -- a passenger alerted the conductor. the surfer then disappeared that the tunnel. >> i was saying i hope this guy doesn't fall it is 2:00 in the morning and i'm trying to get home if he falls, who knows what would happen. >> he got off the train before it crossed the williamsburg bridge. 135 feet above the east river. the new york police department is investigating. a heck of a deal for drivers. next, the new amnesty program that could help you get rid of old speeding tickets.
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>> reporter: attendance could below at alhambra high today. i'm katie marzullo. it will be up to parents whether they want to send their kids here today following what is being called a noncredible e-mail threat. new questions about an old loan. congress prepares for a new hearing in an hour to scrutinize the solyndra deal. you are taking to the skies today look for 50s northern tier states, dallas up to 84. flight delays not out west but back east. delays up to 45 minutes. >> that's a look at the flight forecast for updates go to flight tracker at
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>> reporter: alhambra high students will see police on campus today as authorities try to track down the source of an e-mail threat. also a dramatic rescue in concord, firefighters pull an elderly couple from their burning home. occupy wall street protesters score a big victory. new york city leaders postpone a deadline for protesters to leave a park. more temperatures today in the 80s. then we cool down this weekend. >> sue hall following your friday morning commute. it is friday light. first report of a new accident in san francisco that and more coming up. 5:29. thanks for join us i am eric thomas.
5:30 am
kristen is off today. police take nothing chances after a nonspecific e-mail threat school officials have beefed up security. >> reporter: i think we can safely call this an abundance of caution. of course this day and age you can't be too careful. here at alhambra high there are going to be police on campus because of an e-mail threat. we know that a blood drive that was scheduled for today has been postponed. the vv and varsity teams will board their buses under police garr. wednesday an e-mail was sent to a random employee at the district office. the e-mail contained an unspecified threat against alhambra high. basically something to the effect of something bad could happen. police are saying nothing has
5:31 am
given any credibility to this threat. again, they cannot be too careful. they are very much focused, police and school officials on finding the source of that e-mail. what we do know is that school will be open today. it is going to be up to parents whether or not they feel comfortable sending their kids here. they've been notified. the principal told the contra costa times he would send his own kids today if he didn't feel that way he would have closed the school. but he understands if there is going to below attendance today. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:31 now. firefighters rescued two elderly people from a burning house in concord this morning. the fire erupted at 1:30. police who arrived heard two victims inside. heavy smoke kept them from entering until fires got to the scene.
5:32 am
they pulled the couple out. the victims in their serviceties are both expected to survive. firefighters -- in their serviceties are both expected to survive. the fire began in the attic. in new york, occupy wall street protesters clashed with police during a march through downtown. there had been a half dozen arrests. the march came after the deputy mayor postponed cleaning the park. the clean-up of the park was supposed to have begun 90 minutes ago. the occupy wall street protesters say it was merely a pretext to evict them. 1500 gathered overnight. demonstrators were cleaning up themselves last night. supporters streamed in anticipating an eviction this morning before city officials postponed the cleanup. rupert murdoch is in san francisco this morning to give the keynote at an education conference. more than 100 protested outside the palace hotel yesterday as the conference opened. demonstrators included
5:33 am
teachers and some members of the occupy wall street movement. the conference is hosted by the foundation for excellence in education. chaired by former governor jeb bush. it advocates vouchers, charter schools and performance pay instead of tenure for teachers. disturbing act of animal cruelty could kill two art projects in san francisco. last night the commission voted unanimously to send a letter to the arts commission and of supervisors demanding the city rescind its contract with a world renowned artist. the arts commission just found out that he filmed himself killing a dog' ed from an animal shelter as part of a film project more than 30 years ago. he has repeatedly apologized. members of the commission are not convinced he's sorry. >> michael vick has done a lot of things with education and put money in words behind things whether it is
5:34 am
self-serving or not is another question. this individual hasn't done that it raises the question whether he's contrite about what he did. >> arts commission says it didn't know about the artist's past when awarding the two cars last year worth a million and a half dollars. the commission has scheduled a meeting next week. oakland has a new interim police chief this morning. assistant chief jordan taking over immediately for anthony batts who resigned tuesday jordan will take charge of a police force facing a budget crunch and rising murder ray. the mayor says he's the right man for the job. >> -- when i came to the city i saw howard take on every tough job the city had. whether it was drugs, the tax squad. >> batts said he resigned because his authority was undermined. jordan was interim chief prior to batts taking over. city officials say there's
5:35 am
likely to be a national search for a new chief. in about an hour, a house of representatives panel is scheduled to resume hearings on free phofpbt-based solyndra. investigating the obama administration's decision to restructure the 535 million dollar loan given to solyndra. leaders of the house energy and commerce subcommittee say the hearing will focus on whether the energy department broke the law in february when agreed to restructure the struggling solar panel maker's debt. new e-mails show the treasury department was concerned the loan restructuring could violate federal law because it restructured so private investors would move ahead of taxpayers for repayment if solyndra defaulted. solyndra closed august 31st, laid off more than 1,000 employees. in 2 1/2 hours the new iphone 4s hits shelves. hundreds camped out in front of apple stores across the country overnight including
5:36 am
co-founder steve wozniak. the first person in line at the los gatos apple store even though he doesn't have to, he has camped out for every new iphone release joining the fans who want to be among the first to get it. >> i have a lot of these young feelings in myself when there's an exciting important event in the world maybe it is and credible concert that hasn't happened in 10 years, some big performer coming back, gotta have a ticket it is one of those things. >> today they are asking people to wear black shirts to honor steve jobs and wear a name tag with his name on it. time for a check on the weekend forecast. meteorologist leigh glaser is here. the weekend will have cooling and the fog will return a little more heat today. san francisco clear sky, mild morning, 66. oakland in the mid 60s. antioch 62. the rest of us in the mid to
5:37 am
upper 50s. mountain view 63° with clear sky. by 8 a.m. we should start to warm back up into the upper 60s to near 70. lunchtime upper 70s to low 80s especially towards the east bay even at the coast temperatures by noontime mid to upper 70s. by 4:00 we should break out into 80° weather. half moon bay expected high there 80° today. 79 san francisco. in it, the cool down will take place. saturday, sunday onshore winds, cooler wind direction, low clouds and fog return. here traffic with sue. good morning. issue in san francisco northbound 101 at vanness accident blocking the left lane major artery in san francisco hopefully they will get that out of lanes.
5:38 am
we'll follow that four. capital corridor train has problems again this morning delays 20 minutes in the martinez area due to train congestion in that vicinity. san mateo bridge looking good east and westbound. a little company as you head from hayward towards foster city. it is 5:38. still ahead, the state offering an unbelievable deal to people who haven't paid their traffic tickets. we'll tell you what you need to know. the new high-tech way to share a cab. [ female announcer ] these are the grands! biscuits you love with dinner.
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♪ a brand new morning >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. 5:41 live traffic in the east bay. i 680 taillights heading southbound near north main traffic moving okay now. some gaps showing it is not heavy out there sue hall is keeping track of the traffic across the bay area for us. she will have an update coming up. if you've got a bunch of unpaid traffic tickets the state has a deal for you. amnesty program for divers who have fines dating back -- for divers who have fines dating back to january first 2009. if you a up the first six months of next year you will get a 50% discount. the amnesty does not apply to parking tickets or fines for
5:42 am
wreckless driving or dui. your smartphone might be able to save you money on taxies. here's jonathan bloom on the app that helps you share a ride and split the cost. >> i touch this window like this. >> reporter: dan wanted to solve a problem that is older than smartphones. the problem of finding a taxi. >> no open cabs to be found. cab after cab going by me with one person in it going downtown. >> reporter: the days he was lucky enough to get a cab he decided to try something. i would pull over for people who were waiting or trying to hail a cab asked if they wanted to share my cab downtown, i was never turned down. >> reporter: dan had found a need and set about creating an app for that >> you see another rider, you can tap their icon and chat with them. >> reporter: taxi share is social met working. live in chicago you tap where
5:43 am
you are headed and finds people who want to share a ride. with help from a few willing conferencegoers dan showed us how it works. >> you can tell by the color coded dot it is going to your destination plus the balloon which shows the destination. >> reporter: as you ride, the app lets you use paypal to split the fare. >> that four dollars is going in ryan's account. >> reporter: everyone wins except maybe the driver. >> they may not be totally opposed. >> reporter: cabbie and blogger says chicago cab drivers can cost extra for a shared ride, san francisco drivers can. he says maybe the city should change that >> probably not if you add that financial incentive. >> reporter: if the financial incentive isn't enough to make you want to share a cab what about true love? >> my neighbors did meet a cab out of laguardia. and they are married. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news.
5:44 am
5:43 now. uns had of gap employees may be in the un-- hundreds of tkwap employees may soon be on the unemployment line. rick perry's wife takes on herman cain. more on that coming up. white supremacists in san francisco? the growing problem prompting a warning from the d.a.'s office. first, the giants now the 9ers. what one fan is challenging 49ers to do to make it better for gay, lesbian and transgender kids. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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if you are travelinging to southern california they are going to cool didn't a little today. los angeles low clouds and fog near the coast 88. san diego 72. yosemite 85. tahoe 75°. it is 5:47 now. a group of republican in congress have unveiled a plan they say would spur hiring and revive the sagging economy. the lawmakers behind it include arizona senator mccain. the bill includes a repeal of the new health care law a balanced budget amendment and an expansion of offshore drilling. the move is in response to president obama's jobs bill. today presidential candidate rick perry will try to take back some of the momentum he has lost to cain. he lays out his first major
5:48 am
policy address since ending the presidential race. a topic we've heard him delve into often on the campaign trail, energy. john hendron has more. >> reporter: the improbable rise of cain and his nine, nine, nine plan nothing short of stunning. >> six weeks ago pundits were saying i should dropout. they don't know herman cain. >> reporter: cain has leapfrogged perry. he slid 22 points in a month in one poll. then the attacks this one from perry's wife. >> when i hear nine, nine, nine i want to call 911. because it will raise taxes. >> reporter: cain is leading in polls. spirit airline has launched its known nine, nine, fine advertising cap pain. cain has a long way to go. he has little -- organize -- organization. he hasn't been to iowa since august. >> we are trying to get mr. cain here in october.
5:49 am
hopefully we'll be able to achieve that >> reporter: unpredictable year. voters are angry and restless. this occupy seattle protest tried to get the attention of the man many call mr. inevitable. mitt romney. >> we don't need new legislation, we need a new president. >> reporter: he plans to -- perry plans to layout a plan he says will create 1.2 million dollars. a plan he hopes will land him a job as commander in chief. as his republican rivals campaign for his job, president obama is taking the south korean president to detroit to highlight a trade deal that will help the auto industry. the president will make another visit to the bay area at the end of the month. beginning october 24th, then san francisco the next day he's expected to appear at a $7500 a head fundraiser. he was just in the bay area last month for a fundraiser and a digital town hall.
5:50 am
5:49 now. a friday morning. >> you have to love that >> you have to love that the weekend cooler. >> yes. a little more comfortable readings into saturday and sunday. the reason why is the fog is going to return to the coast and move on in through the bay as well. at least for this morning, mild, clear skies this is a live look from our sutro tower down towards the bay bridge. here's current readings unclear sky we are seeing temperatures already this -- under clear sky we are seeing temperatures already changing. high clouds starting to move up from southern california. it will bring hazy sun later today. in the clear sky now. things going to change by this afternoon. san francisco 66. 64 oakland. 56 in los gatos.
5:51 am
santa rosa 54°. here's some of our highlights through the next few days. high clouds return by this afternoon, still a warm day, enjoy that. patchy fog will return to the coast overnight. onshore winds cooler wind direction will cool us down as we head into saturday and sunday. you can see why. high pressure strong yesterday already starting to erode, we have the high clouds here and as i mentioned the high clouds will start to move up towards the bay area by this afternoon. as we head into tonight early tomorrow morning, the winds will shift more onshore as the area of low pressure gets closer to us. the fog returns and temperatures will cool saturday and sunday. terrific afternoon. get out and enjoy with 80s once again in the forecast. 86 san jose, milpedis 84. 80 half moon bay. although, we will look for high clouds to move in so that
5:52 am
may cap that temperature off into the mid 70s. we'll watch that for you. 85 redwood city. san francisco warm to 80°. daily city up to 75 north bay 70s and 80s -- 87 sonoma, sausalito this afternoon 80°. simpson beach sun 75. oakland today low 80s. san leandro low 80, 82. warm day concord 87, danville 87 as well. 89 livermore. santa cruz today 84°. the wind will shift tonight the fog returns to the coast and cooler for all of us saturday and sunday inland temperatures near 80, 70s around the baybj9i, low 60s atr beaches through much of next week. that's your forecast for today. here's traffic with sue. good morning. happy friday. incidence in san francisco south van ness northbound 101,
5:53 am
that accident is still blocking the left lane coming into san francisco. capital corridor experiencing 20 minute delays in the martinez area this morning, telling me it is because too many trains in the area. train congestion. the reason for that. highway 4 still good, 580 also not a bad drive headed towards the almond pass to livermore. -- 280 southbound direction towards the airport just about a little over 10 minutes. we have the big half moon bay pumpkin festival this weekend. 92 both directions headed to half moon bay also highway 1 in the area can be very crowded starting early tomorrow morning. live look at walnut creek no problems southbound 680. 5:53. the gap has the bell bottom blues. retailer moving to closer intoly 200 stores. here's jane king.
5:54 am
google trying to start a music store to compete with apple's itunes trying to land deals with record companies by the end of the month. google's stock today -- struggling retailer gap is going down a size planning on closing nearly 200 stores in north america by 2013. gap planning on shrinking the size of old navy stores as it struggles with a disappointing 2011 performance. investors today keeping an eye on europe and occupied protests near the new york stock exchange and elsewhere. jpmorgan reporting by some measures 33% decline in quarterly profits. at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 5:54. >> a teenager in custody for the shooting of a 5-year-old girl in san francisco. the girl was hit in the leg last month while walking with her father and sister in the
5:55 am
bay view. police viewsed surveillance video to identify the suspect. the 16-year-old faces felony charges, including inflicting bodily harm on a child. police caught him with a group of other suspects taken into custody on weapons charges. warning from san francisco's district attorney the city is not immune to hate. the d.a. may the statement after a verdict in an assault case that happened outside a bar. two men arrested for beating two mexican nationals with were found guilty of assault and battery.p%p8> the d.a. says both are tied to white supremacist groups in the city. >> we are not immune in san francisco to hey. we know now we have established evidence that we have active white supremacist groups operating with within our city and county and we have to work together to make sure that type of activity is not tolerated. >> he says specifically, there are three white supremacist groups if the city of san francisco with almost 200 sympathizers.
5:56 am
a weekend bay area music festival could be in jeopardy. a union is picketing on treasure island. they prevented trucks carrying equipment for this weekend's festival from getting on the grounds. the stage hands have been working on the festival the past four years this year they did not get a contract. the festival is set to begin tomorrow at noon. the giants fan who made an online petition asking the team to make a video for gay, lesbian and transgender young people is asking the 49ers to be the first nfl team to make one. >> i'm reaching out to you the san francisco 49ers in the hopes that you will join the project to make a video to make a big difference in the lives of kids everywhere. >> the campaign is aimed at stopping youth bullying, especially against lgbt kids, launched after several bay area teens committed suicide last year.
5:57 am
5:56. just ahead, some call it stunning, others call it stupid. the story behind so-called subway surfer. noncredible threat aimed at alhambra high is prompting a police response. i'm katie marzullo live at the school. we'll let you know what kind of security students can peck this morning.
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