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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 15, 2011 12:00am-1:05am PDT

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and we're always online at have a great weekend, everybody. >> dicky: tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> jimmy: nice when americans win the nobel prize, especially the same week snooki vomits into a ceiling fan. >> dicky: antonio banderas. >> that's right. >> dicky: science bob pflugfelder. and music from jane's addiction. >> three, two, one! >> jimmy: wow! your children will tell their children that their parents were killed by a pflugfelder.
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h@ >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- antonio banderas. "science bob" pflugfelder. and music from jane's addiction. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, hold everything! here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. how you are doing? welcome. that's very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show.
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thank you for watching. thank you for coming. getting all up in my face. well, you're here on a good night. i've been planning this show for years. antonio banderas is here with us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] jane's addiction is out in our back parking lot. [ cheers and applause ] and we have explosions planned for here in the studio. [ cheers and applause ] "science bob" pflugfelder is here. and he's planning to blow the place up. if you're not familiar with "science bob," here is a sampling of what he did the last time he was here. >> three, two, one, pull! >> jimmy: wow! >> never try this at home. you ready? >> jimmy: all right. >> tilt it up a little bit. there we go. >> jimmy: wow. >> you're on fire! >> jimmy: the hair on my arms just grew back in and he's back,
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so -- [ laughter ] stick around for science bob. your children will tell their children that their parents were killed by a pflugfelder. it will be fun. hey, speaking of science, the nobel prize winners are being announced this week. and three americans won the nobel prize for physics on tuesday. they discovered that contrary to what was believed, the expansion of the universe is accelerating, which means the universe will drift apart and all that will be left will be cold, black, empty space. they should have given them the nobel prize for bummers, because -- [ laughter ] i didn't -- thanks a lot. it's nice when americans win the nobel prize, especially the same week snooki vomits into a ceiling fan. [ laughter ] it helps balance things out. there was a lot of action on tonight's episode of "jersey shore." you know, i have mixed feelings about the show. on the one hand, i hate to see my fellow hue bman beings behav like that. but on the other hand, i'm not completely convinced they are my fellow human beings.
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tonight, the girls of "jersey shore," they're in italy, they went on a wine tour of tuscany. there was an embarrassing moment when snooki was mistaken for a grape. [ laughter ] snooki was a ball of fire tonight on "jersey shore." i won't bother to explain why this happened but well, just watch it. ♪ >> stopping getting in my business you [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. stop getting in my business you [ bleep ]. stop! stop! i'm not even kidding, mike, [ bleep ] you. [ bleep ] you. you [ bleep ]. [ bleep ] you. >> i didn't -- >> [ bleep ] you, mike. >> i didn't -- >> mike, i'm not kidding. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: got some arm. they should get her to pitch in the little league world series next year. you know, most people think "jersey shore" is a bunch of orange people binge drinking and exposing their genitals and for the most part, it is. but if you really watch the show
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and you really listen to what they're saying you will find something thought provoking in every episode. you just have to piece it together yourself. well, like this. >> every generation, there the course of history literally from jurassic time to today does a necessary evil so their people can feel sophisticated and classy. ew -- nicole. >> what? >> did you fart? yeah. >> jimmy: classy and gassy. we'll get "science bob" to explain that. this is kind of interesting. the fox network is once again at odds with the actors who do the voices on "the simpsons." fox says if the actors don't take significant pay cuts, they won't be able to continue to make new episodes of the show. right now, each of the actors makes $440,000 an episode. fox wants them to go down to $250,000. and if a deal isn't reached by noon tomorrow, they say the current season of "the simpsons" will be its last. and i hate to see that happen. i think everyone would.
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"the simpsons" has been on for 23 years and it's still one of the best shows on television. but i don't know. if they really won't be able to turn a profit, maybe they should hire new actors to do the voices. they could save a lot of money and i happen to -- i think i know just the actors they should call. >> can we talk about last night? so i know what to tell jionni. i want to know what happened with me and vinny. i don't exactly know. did we have sex and stuff? i have no idea. >> you can't remember what you did? >> did we smoosh? i just want to know what to tell him. >> you want to know every little detail? you climbed in my bed, you kept saying, like, "[ bleep ] me." >> oh, my god. i thought we were just cuddling. >> my [ bleep ] was cuddling with your [ bleep ]. >> i really thought we didn't have sex. like, i blacked out a little bit. what are you going to do? >> jimmy: what are you going to do? [ applause ] don't tell jionni or millhouse. there's important legislation in the works in florida right now. state representative rich
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workman submitted a bill to the florida house this week that would repeal the state ban on dwarf tossing, which -- [ laughter ] is this what republicans mean when they say they want smaller government? [ laughter ] dwarf tossing was outlawed in florida back in 1989 due to safety reasons. but workman says he wants to bring it back. he said this is an example of big brother government, all the ban does is prevent dwarfs from getting jobs they would be happy to get. that's a job they would be happy to get? even happy from the seven dwarfs would not be happy to get that job. i'm not sure why this is an issue. i fwesz i blame the dwarfs for making themselves so tossable. but and by the way, this is the state representative in the backwards hat. that's like the official dwarf-thrower's uniform. here's another one. this is -- this is why no one over the age of 30 should learn how to upload pictures to the
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internet. and while you think rich might be embarrassed that this is what he's working on, well, you'd be wrong. in fact, look at this ad for his re-election campaign. >> i'm rich workman. the dream i have for my family is much like yours. a good education, safe neighborhood for the kids and the freedom to toss a gor of. look at him go, slapping his little dwarfy arms. i love it. i'm rich workman, and i -- >> rich workman. he believes dwarves can fly. he believes they can touch the sky. paid for by little flying people. >> jimmy: well, that's -- [ applause ] in fairness, the dwarf had a helmet and a landing pad, it seemed pretty safe. republican presidential candidate rick perry has been doing damage control this week. a story came out over the weekend about a hunting ranch that his family used to lease. the ranch, for some reason, was named after the n-word and the word was painted on a rock that sat outside the gate. perry addressed the controversy in the warm and friendly waters
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of fox news last night, where he disputed the claim that the rock was not, as he claimed, painted over immediately. >> all of us agree that the word that was on that rock is a very offensive rock and very offensive word. at the moment we had to move to painting over that rock, we did. >> why are people coming out and saying, the ones who are saying, wait a second, we've seen it, we've seen that word, we saw that word over the last several years. >> i think there was some very much and strong inconsistencies and just infactual information. >> jimmy: i think the rock currently resides in his head, because -- [ laughter ] are we positive that isn't george bush in a mask? [ applause ] they are from the same area. george bush is probably at home laughing his ass off. [ laughter ] there was a royal wedding in spain this week. the duchess of alba married her third husband, a civil servant.
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his name is alphonso diaz. well, here's a photograph of the happy couple. um -- as you can see, he's a handsome guy and she is a character from "fraggle rock." there's a 25-year age difference between them. she's an 85-year-old billionaire. they had a very romantic first date. they met under a bridge. and -- she wouldn't let him cross until he answered her riddle. is she even human? [ laughter ] tim burton just bought the rights to her face. here they are -- [ applause ] she's dancing. i don't know if that's him dancing at the reception. i don't know. i think this alphonso is nothing but a rogue seeking to usurp the throne of alba, if you ask me. jessica offofoffalba is most
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displeased. this is an heroic tale. "the today show" did a story about a kid that set out to catch a giant bull shark and actually did catch it. >> the sight of a flesh-eating shark would scare off most, but for this high school junior and his mom -- >> yeah, that's my boy. >> it was the catch of a lifetime. >> so, he caught one of the two bull sharks. the other one, which he says was much bigger, got away. no one around here knows for sure if that shark is still around in these fresh waters. as for the shark he did catch? >> jimmy: i'm sorry. i hope that didn't startle you at home. [ applause ] one more thing. it's thursday night. time for our weekly tribute to the fcc, where we bleep and blur things whether they need it or not. it is "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> there is a role to play for us to make sure that these
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companies can at least have a [ bleep ] shot. >> by wednesday, widespread rain for just about everybody. look at that [ bleep ] over my shoulder. >> did [ bleep ] derek jeter. >> no, i did not. >> that was just a one-night thing. >> oh! >> here to tell us about blow [ bleep ] bars. good morning. >> good morning. okay, how cute is this t-shirt, guys? shut up and [ bleep ] me. >> dr. oz, niece are the gloves dr. oz wears when he feels your [ bleep ]. >> someone's getting [ bleep ] hard, right after this short break. >> turns out the secret to clear skin is [ bleep ] your face from the inside. >> i like manny. i like floyd. those two should [ bleep ] each other now. >> he's really busting his balls to make everybody laugh. man, it's awesome. i mean, literally busting his balls. >> right now, i want to give you the biggest [ bleep ] you ever got.
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>> jimmy: oh, batman. how could you? we have a good show for you tonight. we have a potentially dangerous science demonstration from "science bob" pflugfelder. music tonight from jane's addiction. and we'll be right back with antonio banderas. so stick around. get your cash back! oh, hi. which cash back booth looks better to you, chase freedom or the largest cashback card? oh, i'll try the largest. oh, that is too bad. apparently you don't know chase freedom guarantees you 1% cash back. 4 times more than the largest cash back card, which only gives you a quarter percent until you spend $3,000 every year. but have fun. bob and weave once you're in there. don't get short changed. get your cash back.
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>> jimmy: hi there, welcome back. you know, there are a lot of mad scientists but we have one here tonight who is actually quite pleasant to be around. he is a schoolteacher from newton, massachusetts, who, in the past on this show, created a giant cloud in the studio, he set off a few hundred mousetraps. he ran electricity through my body with a machine he bought on ebay, which was a bad idea.
12:22 am
tonight, among other things, he put a bunch of little bombs in pumpkins and we're going to blow them up, so -- [ applause ] just in time to vandalize your neighbors on halloween, kids. "science bob" pflugfelder is here with us tonight. and then, one of the great rock bands. this new album comes out okay 18th. it's called "the great escape artist." jane's addiction from the bud light outdoor stage. we've got a nice lineup for you next week, too. paula abdul will be here, rob lowe, john goodman, don rickles, john stamos, the latest castoff from "dancing with the stars." we'll have music from evanescence, two door cinema club, chris cornell and peter bjorn and john. all three of them. and more. so please join us next week. it is an exceptionally rare night when our own guillermo isn't the most attractive latin superstar in the room. you know our first guest from many great films.
12:23 am
his latest, under the eye of pedro almodovar is called "the skin i live in." it opens in select theaters next friday. please say hello to antonio banderas. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? nice to meet you. >> thank you. same here. >> jimmy: i know you've been all over the world promoting two movies? >> long, long way to go. i feel like "the skin i live in" is -- >> jimmy: for "the skin i live in" and for "puss in boots." a big animated film. >> that's right. >> jimmy: and you were in moscow, what, like -- >> last week, i did rome, spain, then i went to moscow, from there i went to warsaw, poland, paris, back here. i have to go to new york next sunday and then i go to miami,
12:24 am
chicago, dallas, arizona, san francisco, back here, from then i go to rio, mexico, back to europe, berlin, paris, madrid, rome, i think i have to go some place in greece. i go to australia, honolulu, back in here and -- >> jimmy: for real? you have an unbelievable memory. i don't know if can i get to work in the morning. >> well, when i think about it -- >> jimmy: that is astonishing that you remember -- you could have been a great travel agent, if things had gone a bit differently. wow, that's something else. so, when you're in a place like russia -- >> right. >> jimmy: and you are promoting an animated film. you do the voice for the movie, but do you do the voice in russian? >> no, but what happens, in certain countries, 20% of, 30% of the theaters, they just give the movie in the original version. what i do, actually, i dub the character in two versions for the spanish market, one for latin america, one for spain,
12:25 am
speaking spanish and then i do also the version in italian. >> jimmy: so you're going to russia to promote a movie in which they will not hear your voice at all. >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: wow. and are there -- >> but it's my cat. okay? >> jimmy: but your cat, so -- when you do the cat in spanish and in english, the cat has a spanish accent. but then there's no accent when you do the cat in spanish. >> i do. i actually -- i do an accent for him, for the spanish market. >> jimmy: i see. >> you know, the place that i am from in the south of spain, we actually speak with a lisp like this, so that's what i do. >> jimmy: you do that? >> yes. yes, sir, yes, sir. >> jimmy: it's "puss in boots." wow. and when you do an interview in russia, do you speak in english with them? >> oh, well, you know, i tried. >> jimmy: you tried? >> yeah, because i had an
12:26 am
interview there that was quite messy. >> jimmy: what happened? >> one of the most chaotic things i've done in my life. it was an interview with four guys who were speaking russian. we sat down at a table. they were supposed to be very funny. i didn't understand one word of what they were saying. and i had, you know, ear piece here and a woman, that was supposed to speak english was translating to me the questions but all she was saying was just hold on, hold on, and she was laughing at all the jokes they were making and -- so, i -- i don't know, probably of the 15 questions that they did, i probably answered two of them and the rest i had to say, you know, i don't know what you guys are talking about. >> jimmy: it's like being on "the view." wow. four guys intervug yiewing you once seems too many. >> at the same time. >> jimmy: you're lucky you didn't end up in a work camp. >> i'm glad i got out of there alive. >> jimmy: when did you first come to hollywood?
12:27 am
>> oh, the first time i came to hollywood was in 1989, i think. >> jimmy: 1989. and you were a kid? you were not -- had you done anything? >> well, i was almost 30 and i'm 51 already so -- but no, i came here, there was a possibility for a movie at the time over here but i didn't have any penny. so, i sold a motorcycle i had. >> jimmy: to come here? what did you get for it? >> i think $3,000. >> jimmy: what kind of motorcycle was it? a bike you cherished? >> it was a honda 900. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> i loved the bike. i shouldn't have sold it. >> jimmy: you can get one back now. >> it's true. >> jimmy: try to find that one, that's the one. did you speak english? >> not at all. >> jimmy: oh, not at all? >> no, nothing. when i did my first american movie, i didn't speak english. i did it we nphonetically. i couldn't understand the director. i had an interpreter that was directing me. but i couldn't understand anybody.
12:28 am
i remember being in new york, that's how i -- i was in a hotel, a very nice hotel but it was afraid to call room service. and i remember i saw, getting to the hotel, i saw a deli down there on the street, there was a guy that had a tag here that said rodriguez. that's where i ate. i went to rodriguez and ask for sandwiches. i took them and i went to my room and i ate them. >> jimmy: how was the rodriguez sandwich? >> it was good. it was good. >> jimmy: our security guard guillermo happens to be a rodriguez, himself. maybe you ate a little piece of him. >> you got sandwiches? >> maybe yes. >> maybe yes. >> maybe yes. >> jimmy: you mention you're 51, which seems to be too young -- you're on the cover of "aarp magazine." did you want to be or did they force you to be on it? [ applause ] >> they made me very young in that picture. >> jimmy: you're not retired. this doesn't make any sense to me. why would you be on this? >> because there is photoshop
12:29 am
and made me look like 50. >> jimmy: so, did you have a big 50th birthday party, a big bash? >> yes. >> jimmy: what did you do? >> we did a party, we celebrate with a '70s party. threw a party of the '70s. >> jimmy: like the american '70s or the spanish -- >> everything '70s. everything that was in the '70s. >> jimmy: so, you had '70s music and outfits? >> everything. wigs, big medallions, the big pants. i think i'll throw another one here in los angeles. >> jimmy: you should have one in each of the cities you go to around the world. >> made us feel very young when we were dancing at the party and made us feel very old when we woke up the next morning. >> jimmy: well, when we come back, we're going to talk about the new movie. >> okay. >> jimmy: and this -- i don't know how much can be said without ruining the movie, but -- >> difficult, difficult. >> jimmy: but it's pretty crazy. antonio banderas is with us.
12:30 am
"the skin i live in" opens in select thee terms this friday, "puss in boots" opens october 28th. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] removing facial hair can be irritating. challenge that. new olay smooth finish facial hair removal duo. first a gentle balm.
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>> jimmy: that's antonio banderas, "the skin i live in" is the movie. it opens in select theaters next friday. now, again, i -- i'm nervous about ruining any of the movie so -- what can you tell us about the movie? >> little. but i will say, i play plastic surgeon who is experimenting in new skin. it's a movie that reflects about power, about identity, about creation. and probably is, you know, it's a movie that -- the biggest u-turn in the history of motion pictures. >> jimmy: yeah. >> that i can tell. >> jimmy: i'm going to go along with you on that. >> very difficult to tell you about this movie without revealing the fundamental
12:36 am
premise of the movie. >> jimmy: how many movies have you done with pedro? >> this is my sixth. >> jimmy: and he did your first movie? >> that's correct. that was in 1980. >> jimmy: how did you guys meet? >> the first time, i was working national theater in spain. i was just having a coffee outside there was a terrace there outside of the theater. and this guy appears with a red briefcase and he was very sharp, very witty guy and made us laugh for awhile. he knew some of the people that were around the table. when he was leaving, he looked at me, at the time, i had long hair, mustache, a little beard. he said, you have a romantic face. you should do movies. and he left. and i said to my friends, who is this guy? they said, he did a movie, but you know, believe me, he's not going to make another one. he got two oscars. >> jimmy: i hope you got rid of that friend. >> that's how the prophets work. >> jimmy: and the early films you did together had some controversial -- you had the first man-on-man kiss in the history of spanish sinl ma.
12:37 am
>> yeah. >> jimmy: did your family react well to that? >> yeah, yeah, well, no, they reacted. not well. [ laughter ] my mother wanted to kill me for that. >> jimmy: she did? why did she want to kill you? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: very traditional. >> yeah, traditional, but you know, yeah, it was pretty much breaking the rules of the time and he continues doing it. he's done pretty well. >> jimmy: well, he certainly does it in this movie. congratulations. it's really -- i don't want to say anything to ruin it, but you should definitely see it. it's called "the skin i live in," it opens in theaters next friday. "puss in boots," which is an entirely different film, opens in theaters october 28th. antonio banderas, everybody. we'll be right back with "science bob." tonight we're setting the table with something new.
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>> jimmy: ah, we're back. jane's addiction is on the way. our next guest is an actual schoolteacher who, the last time he was here, set me on fire. he has more fun in store tonight. from the fessenden school in newton, massachusetts, please welcome "science bob" pflugfelder. hello, "science bob." [ cheers and applause ] >> great to be back. >> jimmy: how is the school year going? >> good, good. we're getting into the part where everyone is kind of back in the routine. >> jimmy: any troublemakers in the class? >> no, we're too busy mixing things up. >> jimmy: i never had teachers that were this much fun. my teachers would say learning is fun, but they were lying. >> yeah, yeah. kind of learn the vocabulary and do the things in the back. >> jimmy: memorizing things. history. nonsense all.
12:48 am
but you light things on fire. they never did any of that in my school. >> keeps it interesting. there's a lot of great teachers out there that do stuff like this, too. hopefully more and more can. >> jimmy: yeah, all right. let's see. what are you going to do? >> all right, well, you heard of ethanol? >> jimmy: of course. >> ethanol is this kind of colorless liquid, it's made from corn and sugar cane and other things. and it's flammable. but it also is very clean-burning. so the only by-product of it is really water. >> jimmy: okay. people have ethanol-powered vehicles. >> they do. yes. most gasoline has some ethanol in it and out in corn country they have more ethanol in it. >> jimmy: right, okay. >> so, i figured we'd kind of do an enlarged version of what happens inside the engine of an ethanol-powered car. >> jimmy: great. >> just throw that right in there. dump it all in there. there we go. perfect. >> jimmy: thank you. >> so we're going to vaporize this just by moving it around a
12:49 am
little bit. >> jimmy: i like vaporizing things. >> yeah. and this will kind of, you know, it will evaporate a little bit, get into the air. and then we're going to show kind of what happens by lighting a match, and in the car it would be a spark plug. we're going to light a match and you have drop it in there and see the reaction of how ethanol works. >> jimmy: great. >> get your goggles on. >> jimmy: i'm going to put these on. >> there's the matches. >> jimmy: okay, just light the match? >> light it and drop it right in. >> jimmy: okay, very good. should we stand back or jump away? >> turn the lights down a little bit. ah, no. >> jimmy: bring the lights down. whoa! wow. >> and, so the air heats up in there -- >> jimmy: what's happening? you have powers. wow. >> so, as it cools, it kind of compresses. >> jimmy: the arrowhead guy is going to be furious when he picks this up.
12:50 am
o oh. >> and then we release it -- >> jimmy: wow, look at that! that is something else. can we see that again in slow motion? everything is better in slow motion. there i am -- wow. that's pretty good. why don't more cars explode if that's what's happening inside? >> that's what moves the piston. multiple explosions. >> jimmy: that means no sense to me at all. i'll say that. all right. >> we're going to take this reaction and apply it to some newton's laws. >> jimmy: okay, wow, this thing is warm. >> you remember newton's laws? >> jimmy: fig newtons? yes, my mother always said, don't eat them before dinner. >> and newton, massachusetts, is apparently named after -- >> jimmy: well, there you go. >> we have a smaller bottle but what we're going to do is, we're going to allow this to move a bill b will bit. and if this goes well, when we light the end of this, it should go through this track. >> jimmy: oh, and we can shoot the band? >> well, there is potential for it going that far.
12:51 am
>> jimmy: that would be good. guys, don't dodge it if it comes. going to be like a shooting gallery. all right, these are regular soda bottles. >> we have more ethanol here. >> jimmy: okay. where do you get ethanol? >> i know a guy. actually -- [ laughter ] you can leave it on there. just go ahead, shake it up a little bit to vaporize it. >> jimmy: okay. and -- just shake it up? okay. >> that will do it. >> jimmy: i'm shaking. >> and then kind of give it a final swirl upside down there. >> all right. >> all right, now, to trigger this one, we're going to use these guys. so, back on the track. you're going to want to stand aside -- >> jimmy: i get an extra ten points if i hit toshi in the back. >> step to the side there. >> jimmy: okay. >> we're going to light these first and bring them down to the nozzle. >> jimmy: all right. >> and then if all this works well, we'll see some newton's laws in action. ready? >> jimmy: ready. you want me to light yours?
12:52 am
>> three, two, one -- >> jimmy: wow! i love that. let's see that again in slow motion. we didn't hit anybody but -- wow, that's great. >> come on back to the table. >> jimmy: like the mexican space program, guillermo. [ laughter ] all right. >> you have heard of non-newtonian fluids? >> jimmy: of course not. >> basically newton stated that, to be a liquid, you have to act the same in different situations, whether being poured or in a container. so, they don't behave the way normal liquids do. this is a container of corn starch and water. as you can see, it moves like a liquid. if you want to roll up your sleeve, it's fun to get in there. when you get into it, you can pick it up but then it will become a liquid. you can -- it acts both ways. >> jimmy: that is weird. kind of hard and stiff when you
12:53 am
put your hand in there -- [ laughter ] and then it softens up. >> yes. >> jimmy: your mind is in the gutter. >> oh, goodness. >> jimmy: for school children. wow, look at that. back into liquid. >> amazingly, when it's under pressure, it locks up. you can bounce a basketball on there. >> jimmy: really? >> it moves like a liquid here and normally it would splash -- >> jimmy: hard? >> yeah, sure. >> jimmy: wow! look at that. thank you. wow. and it will just sit -- >> it will start to sink. >> jimmy: maybe this is how jesus walked on the water. that's incredible. okay, great. >> so, now we can actually take this idea and apply it to something called thematics, which is kind of visualizing sound waves. >> jimmy: yeah, we all know. >> so -- yeah. so, we've got a speaker set up
12:54 am
here and we're going to be able, with the assistance of the multitalented jeff babco -- >> jimmy: our keyboard player jeff. yeah. [ applause ] >> we're going to send a tone through this speaker and if you can just get -- we'll show you what the speaker looks like when the sound goes through it. you can see that move. normally put water on there, it would splash off, a solid on there, it would jump around. reach in there, grab some of that and let some of it drip right to the edge there. >> jimmy: all right. there we go. a big glob. did you see that. >> jimmy: wow, that is amazing. wow! that's awesome. oh, my god. it's like they're coming to life. and they'll probably kill us, right? that is -- it's like flubber, huh? >> it is, yeah. >> jimmy: and it just -- wow, look at that. why is hell is that happening? >> because it acts kind of weird. >> jimmy: my god.
12:55 am
what have we created? what kind of a monster do we have here? that's cool. what happens when it stops? >> back to a liquid. >> jimmy: it turns back into a liquid. wow, that's pretty great. and if you don't have a speaker like this at home, you can just, like, put it on your stomach and burp, right? >> you could try it out, yeah. >> jimmy: okay. all right. what else? >> all right. >> jimmy: that was pretty good. >> so, it's kind of close to halloween -- >> and scien >> jimmy: yes, it is. >> and science teachers love halloween. thought it might be time for a halloween experiment. >> jimmy: all right, let's do it. yes. wow. okay. so these are pumpkins. >> these are pumpkins. >> jimmy: all right. >> i guess anything that involves a blast shield is always good. [ laughter ] all right, so what we've got here is, we got pumpkins and we've carved them but science teachers don't pull out the pieces the way most people do. >> jimmy: so they're scored in the front. >> exactly. >> jimmy: okay.
12:56 am
>> and then we're going to see if we can blow the pieces out. >> jimmy: i bet we can. >> i hope we can. so we've got a solid chemical inside of here. we're going to add a liquid chemical through the funnels that will create a flammable gas and then we're going to trigger them with our sparkers here. >> okay. >> but the difference is, we've put holes in the sides of each one of these. so, hopefully, one reaction will then trigger all of them in a row. >> jimmy: oh. great. >> all right. >> jimmy: what do i do? >> get the top row. so, behind each pumpkin is a little bit of water. >> jimmy: okay. >> just go down the line and pour the water slowly and carefully. >> jimmy: oh, you said slowly and carefully. i was doing it quickly and sloppily. >> just get it all in there. all right. as we pour these in there -- >> jimmy: what good does the water do? >> well, that triggers the reaction inside of there. >> jimmy: okay, all right. >> and so it's bubbling up in there and it's creating this little gas. >> jimmy: okay. >> and all the way at the end
12:57 am
there, you're going to see a hole in the pumpkin. that's where we put the sparker. >> jimmy: stick that in there? >> go ahead. mask on. >> jimmy: this is where you might want to cover your ears. i am not going to cover my ears because i'm what they call a man. >> all right. >> jimmy: thank you. >> don't light it yet. put it in the pumpkin and light it. >> jimmy: i can't hear anything you're saying. >> don't light it yet. >> jimmy: inject it in the pumpkin. arm's length. here we go. ready? >> jimmy: yeah. >> three, two, one -- >> jimmy: wow! >> i think it worked. >> jimmy: wow. that's fantastic. let's see that again, if we can. what have we here. wow! we got to do this to my neighbors! "science bob" pflugfelder, everyone. you can find ideas and more demonstrations on our website
12:58 am thank you, "science bob." and on "science bob's" website, too. we'll be right back with jane's addiction. c
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