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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> reporter: arrests, vandalism and accusations of police brutality. we have the latest on occupy sf. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in pittsburg. 9-year-old girl in the hospital suffering from a gunshot wound. the men who shot her and three others may have tried to trick police. that story coming up. good morning. the fog has reduced visibility at our coasts up in the north bay quarter mile santa rosa. otherwise clear skies and warming trend. happy monday look at this live shot on the golden gate bridge this is fog. we'll follow this and the rest of your monday morning commute. hope you had a great weekend now 5:00. did you hear warming ?
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i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. topping our news, pittsburg police are looking for two shooters and a dark sedan linked to a shooting that wounded a 9-year-old girl and three teenagers outside a home where a family birthday party was going on over the weekend. amy hollyfield is live at police headquarters. >> reporter: the 9-year-old was attending a child's birthday party. she was shot in the shoulder when two men showed up at the party and started shooting. there were 30 people at this birthday party. police say they've never had trouble at this house before. neighbors say the victims don't live there. a total of four people were shot, three teenaged boys. witnesses say it had the appearances of a targeted hit ii >> it is not normal. they are saying -- somebody came by the people were sitting on a little thing right there when i don't know
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how many, just shot. >> reporter: the gunmen were wearing hooded sweatshirts one had a bandana covering his face. the family had a jumpy house in the backyard set up for the kids. the shooting happened in the front of the house no arrests have been made. minutes after the shooting police received a call that another shooting had happened in pittsburg. they went to check it out, didn't find anything. they are wondering if that was done to distract them. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. a new epicenter for confrontations between police and occupy san francisco protesters. herman plaza is the sight of arrests overnight. katie marzullo is there live. >> reporter: let me get out of the way and show what the demonstration looks like at this hour. some of the protesters still
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sleeping probably just as many awake and getting ready to plan their day. what happened in the wee hours of this morning, some discrepancies. police and protesters tell the same story as far as what led up to it. the occupy sf demonstrators moved their protest to justin herman plaza and started to set-up camp. police say you can stay but you cannot camp, you need to take down the tarps and tents, protesters agreed by consensus they were not going to do that. police brought in public works trucks to haul away the tends and they protesters decided to block those trucks by laying in the street. at one point besides police moving the protesters out of the way, at some point, somebody slashed the tire on one of those public works trucks. >> we had to physically remove them so we could get the trucks out. doing so, this was a slow movement for the department of public works trucks.
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the trucks got tires slashed. >> reporter: we did talk with some demonstrators and let them speak. in the next half hour. to paraphrase, they believe people are infiltrating their group and doing that vandalism. he says when that happened everyone else backed away and their plan the main people who are doing occupy sf plan to be nonaggressive and nonviolent and do everything by consensus. they have not decided how they will proceed today. they are going to meet, regroup and come to that consensus together. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:04. san jose police investigating another fatal officer-involved shooting overnight. a police officer shot and killed a man at the back of an apartment complex won worcester avenue. three fulltime officers and one reserve officer responding to a report of a suspicious
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man. he was trying if get away in his car when he was cornered by police this is the sixth shooting involving a police officer in san jose this year. last year there were four, the year before three. san jose police officer stationed outside of the hells angels clubhouse this morning. concern about retaliation following the shooting death of one of its member. this photograph caught several men surrounding someone seconds after shoots rang out at saturday's funeral for hells angels leader jeffrey pettigrew. he was shot last month. friends identify the victim in this weekend's shooting at 52-year-old steve townsend. police were stationed outside the cemetery in case trouble broke out. by the time officers arrived key evidence had been removed. police are still searching for the killer. in oakland homicides has sin to 94 following three
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over the weekend. -- two men were gunned down late saturday night. one died at the scene, the other died later at the hospital. another man died saturday morning in a carjacking. police have not identified us is expects in any of those shootings. oakland mayor kwan has announced her plan to reduce violent crime by focusing on 100 of oakland's most notorious city blocks. police will target areas that account for nearly all of the shootings and homicides in the city. the department is promising more foot patrols, youth employment and job training and better relationships with neighbors to prevent and solve crimes. >> we are taking existing resources. committing them to this overlap, saturation in these neighbors, concentration in these neighborhoods. because we are making that commitment, it will be sustainable.
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interim police chief is counting on a state grant to accomplish the mission. at least the second time in a machine vandals have again on a tire-slashing spree. -- neighbors estimate 50 to 100 vehicles were hit over the weekend. police have no suspect information. the damage was contained to a 24 square block area. ground will be broken today on a major reservoir project to improve. >> 's emergency water supply system. of the 2 -- to improve palo alto's emergency water system. the project includes major renovations to the park which has been closed since september in preparation for construction. new reservoir expected to begin operating late next year.
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the park is set to reopen in the summer of 2013. just about 5:08. lisa has the forecast >> and she wrought us the heat. >> just for one day. -- temperatures warming as much as 5 to 10° today. we cooled off overnight due to clearing skies. 50 napa, fog santa rosa, 57 half moon bay with a mile and a quarter visibility. 57 hayward and 60 mountain view. overall that brings the numbers from 3 to 10° cooler this morning. grab the jacket as you head you. by the afternoon you won't need it. we are talking warmth today 70s at our coast, upper 80s inland valleys, a mini one-day warm up. midweek cooling because of this system spinning offshore since last week. it is going to get closer to the coast by the overnight hours.
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it is going to push that stratus back towards the shoreline that could bring mist and keuz drizzle and cooler tomorrow. -- palo alto -- 77 san francisco, cooler days, no rain tuesday, wednesday, warm up by the end of the week. hello everyone. over to hayward first reports after accident cleared to the shoulder out of lanes westbound 92 right at hisperia no significant slowing. drive times this monday morning not bad around the bay marin county southbound less than 10 minutes to get to 580 from novato. 580, 205 out of the central valley to 680 under 20 minutes. highway 4 looking good not a problem towards concord out of antioch. live look, this is walnut creek southbound from pleasant hill towards the 24, there's the toll plaza, very light. metering lights remain off.
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time 5:10. still ahead, the incredible amount facebook has spent on office equipment. >> also, creating the next apple. one-top shopping for tech ideas. why san francisco is a driving force. footloose remake, can it dance to the top company in weekend's box office numbers, next.
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welcome back. passengers in san bruno will be catching their ride at a different spot starting tomorrow. temporary station set up to the current station on huntington avenue. construction to elevate the tracks and build a new station is set to begin by the end of the year. the 147 million dollar project is scheduled for completion by fall of next year. cal train says service won't be affected. think you spend a lot on your desk top? a rare peek into social network facebook shows the company isn't supply about recent spending. facebook spent 516 million dollars buying business equipment last year. that includes laptops, furniture and servers, three times more than the company spent on similar items last year. no word on why the social media giant went on the buying spree.
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numbers represent a 143% jump in personal property value tech experts say that is unprecedented. staying with tech, san francisco's south of market district enjoying a growing influx of technology firms. many modeling their companies after apple where the design to consumer hands controlled by the company. >> reporter: say you come up with a new idea, you hire someone to visualize it that person uses someone to create a prototype someone tests the idea, another gets regulatory approval and another markets the invention. >> user experience, experts, useability experts, anthropologists in some cases. there's a lot of skills that can be necessary to pull some of these things off. >> reporter: even a slick ecosystem is not fast enough. today's product cycle is growing shorter and shorter. >> we went from yearly updates
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to quarterly updates to monthly updates to daily updates and hourly updates. >> reporter: the firm espouses agile technology and why it acquired south of market design shop method. >> one of the things we struggled with is the ability to be -- clients want to invest in the next thing but get stuck. >> reporter: in what pore -- in what portends a trend, one does the engineering, one does the design. clients include google, yahoo, ibm, oracle. >> we get to connect the dots on how medical and wireless and social are all converging itch >> reporter: what do the idea experts see in our future? -- that the more things change. >> television becomes important interface over the course of the next decade and several decades to come and the car is going to be an
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internet device. 5:16. metallic robots versus flesh and blood dancer at the weekend box office. moviegoers made it a title battle between real steel and remake of footloose. real steel took in 16.3 million dollars for top spot second week in a row footloose close earning 16.1 million dollars. once the final figures are tallied footloose could dance to the top. the prequel to the thing opened in third place followed by the ides of march and dolphin tale. >> between the 49ers, raiders and national league championship there was no need to spend money. >> national league championship, who won? >> who was that?
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>> oh yeah, the cardinals. >> we were all over that at 4:00 this morning. the first inning was crazy. >> yeah. today warm-up enjoy the weather, numbers from 5 to 10° warmer than yesterday. that brings us up above average. sutro camera, you can't see much from this shot the sun coming up 20 minutes after 7:00. numbers chill questioner, 49° in morning in napa. skies are almost clear. patchy fog, 56 in concord as well as hayward with livermore at 53. 61 in mountain view, visibility reduced to quarter of a mile in santa rosa, 3/4 of a mile half moon bay. napa six miles livermore fog towards your area it is not going to last long lots of sun today and warmer wind direction out of the north that with will bring temperatures up 5 to 10° in
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some spots especially san francisco. we are talking about cooler conditions as soon as tomorrow. we've been watching an area of low pressure sit offshore and spin for the past several days will be our weather-maker tuesday and wednesday. as it gets closer the winds are going to schiff. today come minutes of high pressure, -- northerly winds and those winds will push the fog off the coast. as a result, lots of mid 80s in the south bay, 86 in los gatos, 84 saratoga, 81 milpedis and sun -- and sunnyvale. beautiful day. 72 half moon bay that's a big warm up for our coast. 68 daly city. in and around san francisco sun all day long, richmond, mild 70 san francisco 11° warmer today than yesterday,
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77° you need the jacket to start out with those numbers in the 40s and 50s by the afternoon, look at this, some of the warmest numbers in the north bay downsloping winds, 86 cloverdale, 85 novato, 77 berkeley. 80s as you head towards union city and fremont today. over-the-hills mid 80s, upper 80s walnut creek 84. monterey bay not much fog now you start out with clear start and temperatures warming into the mid 80s morgan hill. today should be a warm afternoon, enjoy it, cooler tomorrow and wednesday with morning coastal fog. the numbers rebound slightly late in the where workweek over the weekend. good morning. hayward now we still have an accident westbound 92 at his peerian out of lanes, -- at his pairian out of lanes. drive times around the day at
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this hour, santa rosa towards novato under 30 minutes, breeze of a drive from 880 to 580, san mateo bridge from foster towards hayward less than 15 minutes, no problem. live look at san mateo bridge opposite direction headed westbound from hayward towards foster city. fog at the golden gate bridge as you hit the toll plaza traffic flowing through nicely. for the latest. >> -- now 5:20. the new challenge the postal service is facing to cut service and workers. honoring a legend, new tribute to one of the most important men in america's struggle for civil rights either i can't get to sleep, or i can't stay asleep.
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[ male announcer ] unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. so i wake up rested. [ male announcer ] unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer. good morning. hope you had a great weekend. if you like it hot, today is going to be your day in the bay area. can't tell from this shot at the embarcadero in san francisco. the clouds have left us. lisa will talk more about that and we'll check your traffic with sue, coming up. some do like it hot. some like it hot. 5:23. >> the u.s. postal service is daysing a challenge for plans to cut service and close postal offices. hiring consultants to study the future of the postal service the union representing
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letter carriers. the agency lost 8 billion dollars last year. they protested -- for the first time, a man who was not a u.s. president is being honored with a monument on the national mall. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> president obama ginned thousands in attending the ceremony yesterday to dedicated a -- dedicate a memorial for dr. martin luther king, jr.. the president left a copy of his speech in a time capsule at the monument. >> the president: as tough as times may be, i know we will overcome. i know there are better days ahead. i know this because of the man towering over us. i know this because all he and his generation endured, we are here today in a country that dedicated a monument to that legacy. >> king's granite statue
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stands 30 feet, 14 of his quotations are calfed into the rock. >> the people at the -- dedication was seenior pastor at san francisco's third baptist church. he became a friend of king's and first heard him speak in 1956. he spoke to us from the white house. >> when he said i have a dream that this day will come when all of god's children from -- [ unintelligible ] >> brown says among the most memorable moments of the dedication was seeing aretha franklin sing king's favorite hymn "precious lord take my hand." a gunman wounded a 9-year-old and three teens in pittsburg. what police are revealing about the suspects this morning. >> reporter: occupy sf now
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occupying a new location in downtown san francisco. i'm katie marzullo. we'll tell you about the conflict with police that happened here early this morning. a just released study reveals the government's test for cell phone radiation levels are flawed. some scientists say the danger is being dramatically under reported. not waking to travel delays yet. locally, just patchy fog across the nation showers and storms, a few from the midwest. bulk of the activity is with a tropical system in southern florida, up to four inches of rain today. watching it for them down there. elsewhere looks like a nice day especially home where we see lots of sun, above normal temperatures. more weather across the country, check out our flight tracker at we'll be right back. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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conflict between police and protesters i'm katie marzullo with the latest on occupy sf. a 9-year-old and three teens shot outside a family birthday party. the vehicle police are looking for. san jose police say an officer was forced to shot and kill a man after a foot chase. the sixth officer involved shooting in the city this year. patchy fog along the coast. warm-up coming our way today. so far no major hot spots live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza, light. we'll follow this in a few minutes. 5:29 this monday morning.
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go red birds, i'm sorry that just slipped out. thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. i'm kristen sze. ugly confrontations between san francisco police and protesters. officers making arrests with both sides claiming the other is being overly aggressive. katie marzullo is live at this new location for the occupy sf protests. >> reporter: good morning. we know there have been at least seven arrests that happened overnight. five for blocking streets and two for battery against a police officer. the conflict basically is over camping. the department of public works was trying to move away some of the tenting and camping equipment he that was out here, police said you can stay but you cannot camp. the conflict that ensued included cans and dumpsters even debris to block the streets. one tire on one department of
5:31 am
public works truck was slashed. the people were also trying to the streets sitting together and not let the trucks leave the scene that is where most of the conflict occurred. >> when i was on the ground the second time after he just thrown me down and thrown me down again he kicked me in the chest. i was going on everywhere. everywhere -- it was going on everywhere, everywhere around me. >> it is -- freedom of speech is not an issue, the issue is you can't violate the laws we have on the books. >> reporter: things are quiet at the plaza this morning. you can see the protesters are still -- some still sleeping the protest is starting to come back to life this morning. i have not seen one police officer out here yet. what is going to happen for the rest of the day is yet to be seen. police told us they would let
5:32 am
the demonstrators stay they would continue to monster the situation. demonstrators told us they have not yet formulated a plan for today many they with will wait to get consensus before they decide now move forward. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:32 now. in the east bay, a child's birthday party was shattered by gunfire last night, leaving four hospitalized, including a 9-year-old. all four victims were in front of a pittsburg home hosting the party. bliss are -- police are looking for a black sedan that rolled up last night around 9:00. the 9-year-old is being treated, the other victims are teenagers. neighbors say waits a normal birthday party and it wasn't too noisey. police investigating another fatal officer involved shooting overnight police officer shot and killed a man at the back of an apartment complex. three officers and one reserve
5:33 am
officer were responding to a report of a suspicious man with a firearm. witnesses say the suspect was trying to get away in his car when he was cornered by police in is the sixth officer involved shooting this year. >> we can't speculate what is driving the numbers to go up. we can say nationwide it seems there's a trend where individuals are more confrontational towards officers. last year there were four officer-involved shootings the year before three. san jose police say their investigation into the shooting death of a hells angels member at a weekend funeral is being blocked. 53-year-old steve townsend was gunned down at a gravesite service for jeffrey pettigrew. police were nearby by the time the officers responded key evidence was missing. this picture captured the melee seconds after the shooting. with so many in attendance
5:34 am
investigators believe someone saw something. >> one of the main concerns we have is that with the crime scene being tampered with, we are fearing that there may be individuals who have information but are reluctant to come forward whether a lack of cooperation with law enforcement or fear. >> police are concerned about retaliation for townsend's death. officers have been stationed outside the hells angels clubhouse in san jose. townsend told our media partner that he received death threats following pettigrew's murder. apple workers preparing for a company memorial service this week for the late steve jobs. security very tight as stanford university's memorial church last night with some of the silicon valley's top tech leaders gathered. vice president gore and rupert murdoch, i should say former vice president al gore were among those in attendance. governor brown declared yesterday steve jobs day in
5:35 am
california. wednesday a memorial service will be held at apple headquarters in cupertino to honor jobs. no public memorial is planned. today marks the 22nd anniversary of the loma earthquake the 1989 quake struck at 5:04 p.m., during the world series. it measured magnitude 6.9, centered along the san andreas fault. the quick killed 62, injured more than 2700. 42 deaths happened when a long stretch of 880 then a double decker freeway, collapsed. 50 foot section of the bay bridge collapsed killing one. today a symposium on recovering from national disasters will be health at city hall to mark the anniversary. pg&e use venting natural gas in menlo park this morning starting at 10:00. residents may smell natural gas in preparation for state ordered pressure tests on a pipeline there. that work will be done around
5:36 am
sand hill road. gas service to the area will not be disrupted while the work is being done. anyone with questions or concerns about smelling natural gas should contact pg&e so they can determine the source of the odor. 5:36 on this monday morning. temperatures on the rise for us. lisa is in. >> any 80s? >> yeah, absolutely. mid and upper 80s out towards the delta, south bay warming up to the 80s. this morning cooler due to the clear conditions. 49 napa, little fog, most of the fog from santa rosa to half moon bay. 61 mountain view, mainly clear over the area. light , anywhere from 4 to 11° cooler this morning than yesterday morning. yesterday morning we woke to all those clouds, weak weather system moved through kept us warmer and brought trace amounts of rain this morning a quarter of an inch visibility,
5:37 am
kwaut are of a mile i should cezanne that rosa, 3/4 half moon bay, no delays at our airport -- warmer weather 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. move normal today midweek cooling going to start as soon as tomorrow. a little in the way of fog numbers respond to that early morning sun with 70s and 80s. 70s at our coast. this area of low pressure pushes fog back tomorrow for our changes. highs today 82. palo alto 83. san jose 86 concord 77 san francisco. what about our monday morning commute? >> it is quiet now. so far, so good, drive times around the bay area, light now 580 from tracy into livermore not a bad drive. westbound 4 drive good antioch
5:38 am
towards concord over 15 minutes. 880 up to 580 three minute drive there. live look at san rafael taillights headed in the southbound direction no problems, golden gate bridge fog. time is 5:38. senator dianne feinstein reveals how much money may have been stolen by one of her most trusted aides. why california may be on track for a record number of s. bay area neighborhood that may be saying go away to tour
5:39 am
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. california may have a flurry of executions in the next few months if the state resolves legal challenge to its lethal injection method. the supreme court rejected appeals from 12 death row inmates. all 12 could be executed early next year assuming a federal judge signs off on the state's new execution protocol. in 2006, a u.s. district judge argued the injection method was flawed and could lead to an inhumane death that lead to a de facto moratorium. tour buses could be banned from some areas. residents have complained for years about the noise, traffic and smell of bus fumes. san francisco municipal
5:42 am
transportation agency proposing banning commercial vehicles that carry more than nine people down certain streets. the board of directs -- directors will vote tomorrow. senator feinstein's campaign missing nearly 4.7 million dollars. new finance report blames unauthorized expenses made by feinstein's former treasurer for the loss. the senator is suing kinde durkee of burbank, her firm and first california bank. feinstein claim the bank knew she was stealing but did nothing to stop it. feinstein says durkee managed the financing since 1990, durkee was arrested last month. so far she has not entered a plea. mcdonald's get ready to launch mctelevision. business report ahead. new report just released sure to add fuel to the controversy over sell phone radiation. some researchers claim the
5:43 am
devices are more hazardous than we might think. >> reporter: more on the 15 car pile-up that killed indy driver dan wheldon, coming up. the raider nation pays a silver and black tribute to the late al davis.
5:44 am
5:45 am
good monday morning. patchy fog along our coast.
5:46 am
otherwise, a warmer day in store across the entire state. mid 80s sacramento, chico, upper 60s in tahoe starting out around 30 this morning, 80 yosemite warm in the desert 102 palm springs. will the warming trend last? i'll let you know. if you own a cell phone you want to hear this. new study claims the government used the wrong testing method when it determined that cell phone radiation levels are safe. the study says the government tested levels using plastic mannequin heads, the group made up of doctors and researchers said the mannequin heads correspond to 6'2, 220 pound men. 97% of the population is smaller. and would absorb more radiation especially for children. there will be more on the study coming up at 7:00 this morning on "good morning america." racing fans are mourning
5:47 am
death of two-tim indy winner dan wheldon killed in a crash during the last race of the season in las vegas. there were safety concerns about the track before the race. john hendron has the story. >> reporter: drivers and indy fans call it the worst crash they had seen. >> cars in flames, wreckage, carnage, terrible. >> they just crumpled and caught on fire. everybody gasped. >> it is the most horrific race i've ever seen in my life. >> reporter: then came the tragic announcement. >> indy car is sad to announce that dan wheldon has passed away from unsurvivable injures. >> reporter: dan wheldon was trying to win his share of a five million dollar bonus. when his car crashed if into a wall in a 15 car pile-up in the final race of the season at the las vegas speedway. >> one minute you are joking around and the next dan is
5:48 am
gone. [ bagpipes ] >> reporter: fellow drivers and fans mourned the loss of the two-time indianapolis 500 winner. >> think i'm getting old i've been to too many of these. ask anybody in this field if we could choose way to go, that's the way. >> we are all going to miss him a little bit of everybody in indy car racing died today. >> reporter: wheldon was 3. -- was 33. >> that was john hendron reporting. silver and black was out this weekend to honor al davis. raiders took on the browns yesterday. it first home game for the raiders since davis' death. fans came equipped with signs showing their respect for davis. former players reminisced about the man who meant so much. >> the shirts they have out remembering him, even though they had their odds with him
5:49 am
lately, they still support him. >> won two super bowls, came close to getting into a couple others while i was here. it was certainly the funnest time in my career, being in the silver and black. >> a moment of silence was held for davis before the game. former raiders ahead coach madden lit an eternal flame for his one time boss. davis was part of the raiders' organization for four decades as coach and owner. al would have been happy because the raiders did win that game yesterday. looks like ice cube was there when we saw the new owner in the white top, mark davis, davis' son. great game for the 49ers yesterday. the sun came out later we'll get more of that today. >> that's right, 5 to 10° warmer than yesterday. a little rain yesterday heading out now coastal fog where you do have the fog situated it is dense in some
5:50 am
spots. live look outside you can see of it sun not coming up until 7:20. more sun than anything else throughout the morning hours. 49 in napa, 57 in oakland. 50 novato. if you think it feels cooler this morning it is. as much as 10° cooler in some of our valleys of the north bay. 11° cooler novato 6 of cooling from yesterday morning in concord and hayward. we had the low clouds, mid level clouds and a little rain. that insulated us sunday morning. this morning the patchy fog is back elsewhere clear. we will look for a quick warm-up today due to a wind shift northerly winds slight offshore push. tomorrow the onshore flow comes back. stratus pushed along the shoreline bringing a cool down. here's what is going on, spin in the atmosphere, a weak know not going to bring rain but
5:51 am
will bring the cooling trend tuesday and wednesday. higher pressure today bills in will allow for the fog -- today builds in will allow for the fog. numbers above normal should be a beautiful afternoon don't get used to it. when the system does pass we will warm up a little not as much as we warm up today. highs from the low mid 80s in the south bay, 86 in los gatos, 83 cupertino, sunnyvale 81° on the peninsula lots of sun, low 70s half moon bay 80 in menlo park 81 redwood city average high 70 this time of year san francisco 77 today, yesterday upper upper 60s lots of sun for beaches, richmond, sunset district north bay 84 santa rosa while you need the jacket this morning midday getting mild warm bay the afternoon 80 vallejo, 77 berkeley, 80 union city, 82
5:52 am
fremont mid and upper 80s inland east bay walnut creek 84, 87 livermore. starting out clear a little patchy fog mild 76 santa cruz, 87 gilroy. today the warmest day of the week stratus comes back for cooling tomorrow and wednesday. bump back in the temperatures by the end of the workweek staying dry right on through next weekend. how is that monday morning commute? >> it is okay. we have a "sig alert" fairfield area westbound 12, accident at red top road. the accident is out of lanes, emergency crews are still there blocking lanes. "sig alert" in effect for westbound 12 at red top. public transit everything is good. bart no problems. no ace train delays, no muni problems everything schedule. golden gate bridge fog on the southern portion of the span
5:53 am
not hampering visibility too much. traffic slowing trying to reconfigure your lanes for the morning commute. this is live toll plaza, no problems here. 5:53. developing business news. san francisco-based wells fargo says its third quarter profit jumped 21% to 4.06 billion dollars. wells is crediting the increase to a drop in write-offs from bad loans and increase in deposits. preparations for apple's next launch may be underway. here's jane king. good morning. pad 3 may be here sooner than you think. -- the ipad 3 may be here sooner than you think. all this as we wait for weekend sales numbers on the iphone 4 launch.
5:54 am
soon you will be able to have mctelevision to go with your fries, the mcdonald's challenge will include local news, entertainment features and designed to"÷nec$q'hance the sit and eat experience as a pleasant alternative to the drive-thru. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 1.4 million dollars that's how much rome's mayor says it will cost the city to recover from a weekend of violent occupy italy protests. heavy smoke billowed in downtown rome yesterday after a group took over a peaceful
5:55 am
demonstration against corporate greed. the mayor call the rioters animals. italy's interior minister is scheduled to brief the italian senate tomorrow. israel has released the list of names of palestinian prisoners to be freed in exchange for captured israeli soldier shalit. including hundreds serving life sentences for attacks. israel will let the public file objections to specific releases in exchange for shalit but won't reject any of the pardons. hamas captured shalit in 2006 during a raid more than 1,000 prisoners will be swapped for shalit. the first exchange happens this week with the second scheduled for later this year. bay area training exercise involving emergency response teams and military units from around the world wraps up this morning. the exercise known as urban
5:56 am
shield was in action yesterday at cal-state east bay. the scenario involved terrorists taking over a building with hostages inside. urban shield is designed to have medical and military teams work together. >> i think what is important for the law enforcement realm to realize it is not just a threat elimination that is their job. they need to get the medical people in quicker. all bleeding stops eventually it would be nice to get it stopped while the patient is salvageable. make believe hostages smoothered with fake blood helped make the scene more life like. it is an annual event. 5:56. just ahead at 6 a.m., what would big bird say? the hack attack that had people running to get away from sesame street. deadly shooting at a weekend hells angels funeral has police posted outside their san jose clubhouse. >> reporter: 9-year-old girl in the hospital suffer from a gunshot wound.
5:57 am
and the men who shot her and three others may have tried to trick police. you will hear the story, next. dd ♪ that aroma's coming through
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