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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  October 20, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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tj closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc in the headlines: developing news in richmond. a shooting between has left one man injured and has police on a manhunt. also, san francisco police an free to support to the occupy san francisco protesters at justin herman plaza. that includes bringing in port potties and hand sanitizing stations. lawmakers will ask the you's commission to reject a plan. good morning, partly cloudy over the bay some areas dealing with a lot of fog. i'll show you that and how warm it is going to get.
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bay bridge toll plaza, no problems. hot spot now baskerville, westbound 80. 4:30 with one this thursday morning. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. breaking news. overseas, according to reuters, longtime libyan leader muammar gadhafi has been captured by revolutionary forces on the day rebel forces say they have taken control of sirte the leader's hometown. gadhafi and his family had been on the run since nato and opposition forces started closing in on tripoli in mid august. another report says gadhafi has been wounded in both legs. again, breaking news from overseas. gadhafi has been captured by revolutionary forces. back in the bay area. very messy problem could bring the morning commute on i-80 to
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a grinding halt in solano county. >> things are fouled up now. >> yes, it is a jackknife big rig carrying chickens that has gotten in this accident in vacaville i just got off the phone with chp two left lanes are reopened. they are ahead of schedule in getting this out of the road. two left lanes will still cause a back-up. there is a detour in place. take a frontage road and back on at west texas. it is now 4:32. san francisco's chief has reached a truce with the occupy demonstrators after a contentious meeting last night in which commissioners walked out for a time. police promised to be more accommodating. leslie brinkley reports.
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>> if you don't follow the rules, -- >> reporter: the public comment session dissolved into argumentative chaos. the police commission walked out. the outrage follows the arrest of five occupy san francisco department destroy sunday night as police tried to take down tents at herman plaza. after a break the session resumed in a more orderly fashion. the chief promised to back off and even offered support. >> we realize this movement could go on indefinitely. and as such, i'm working with the mayor's office to put the port-a-pottys and the hand washing stations down there. -- ache sure you our efforts are to keep it safe and facilitate the first amendment demonstration. >> reporter: prominent political economist robert reich addressed occupy san francisco in person and
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fueled the fire. >> the 400 richest people in america own more of america in terms of wealth, than the bottom 150 million put together. i think this movement is really shining a spotlight on something that has for too long not been discussed. >> reporter: as for the port-a-pottys no word on how much that will cost. there does appear to be consensus, occupy sf is here to stay. in oakland, officials are telling occupiers in frank ogawa plaza to cleanup their being act or they are gone. with complaints of fighting, alcohol abuse and sexual harassments, officials added vandalism and public urination to the list of problems. city leaders say the protesters can stay for now. >> city staff is meeting with people here everyday the
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police are monitoring. if it turns then i believe the city will come in and say no you can't be here. >> that day could come soon. an organizer tells abc7 news a science festival for kids had to be moved indoors because there was too much marijuana smoke coming from the plaza. this morning san mateo assembly man hill will ask the commission to pre -- reporters say the utility was negligent in the maintenance of natural gas system following last september's san bruno pipeline explosion and fire eight people were killed more than 30 moments destroy. now pg&e says it is working to modernize its lines but the utility wants customers to pay 90% of the cost of the project that could cost more than three billion dollars. >> a billion dollars a year in
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profit they make that money i think, should be used or portions of that, should be used to cover the cost of their negligence. >> yesterday the public utility's commission said it covered evidence that pg&e installed salvaged or junked lines in the 40s and 50s, causing fears that another probe -- another problem could be lurking under teched. this morning a judge will hold a hearing on whether the city can implement an ordinance that would require cell phone retailers to provide information on possible health impact of cell phone useage. trade group represents wireless carriers is seeking an injunction to keep the ordinance from taking effect. the ordinance would require cell phone stores to display posters telling users how to limit possible exposure to radiation. bart board of directors set to vote next week on new
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policy or interrupting cell phone service. bart came under fire for cutting off the signal it provides underground to foil a protest over a fatal shooting involving its officers. the move triggered more protests. under new guidelines bart would interrupt service only when there's strong evidence of imminent unlawful activity that threatens public safety to prevent destruction of property or avoid substantial disruption of service. hostage situations or use of a cell phone bomb detonators as example. the final decision would be made by bart's general manager. rededication ceremony of the firestorm memorial garden health marking the 20th anniversary of the oakland hills fire. the urban fire storm destroyed more than 3800 homes and killed 25 people. october 20th, 1991, high winds reignited smoldering remnants
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of a grass fire from the day before. 65 mile per hour winds fanned the flames through the east bay hills. the wildfire jumped two freeways before the winds changed direction helping firefighters get control. it scorched more than 1500 acres, making it one of the country's most destructive urban wildfires. first hour more than 700 hopes burned. developing news, another bloody workplace shooting in the bay area. richmond police say a security guard opened fire on fellow guards, injuring one. now he's on the loose. terry mcsweeney joins us live by phone from the richmond police department. >> reporter: police telling me they are looking to take the gunman off streets. he's a suspect in the shooting in richmond as with well as shooting up a neighbor's house in concord. i was talking to the lieutenant she says he may be more heavily armed than thought.
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this is the crescent park housing complex. police telling me that's where the security guard opened fire last night 10:30. police say he had an argument with three fellow security guards earlier in the evening. went home to concord, opened fire on a neighbor's house there. then returned to the housing complex and shot a security guard, his supervisor, that supervisor is in critical, expected to survive but the security guard is still on the loose. >> we know that he was in position of at least one rifle at least one shotgun and a firearm that he wore with his uniform. >> reporter: i'm told he may have had more than one rifle and more than one handgun. they are looking at that now. this is the suspect, considered heavily armed and dangerous. the latest we have is that he is believed now to be headed towards eldorado county, lake
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tahoe area. they wouldn't disclose why. he is diving his red toyota pick -- he is driving his red toyota pick-up truck if you see him or the truck please call police. considered armed and very dangerous. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. again, manhunt going on for this security guard who got into a shootout before one was wounded. now the weather. earlier with we were talking about a 20th anniversary of the oakland hills fire. looks like we will be faced with higher fire danger soon. >> it that time of the year. we haven't had winds it is very dry. that could change next week. something we are going to keep an eye on. until then, good morning. we are watching the lows move
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farther north that means high pressure coming in and warmer weather on the way during the afternoon. this morning, check out the wide range of temperatures, clouds mountain view, oakland in the 60s everybody else in the 50s. clear sky in novato and santa rosa 40s because it is clear fog developing. 101 is going to be tough through santa rosa into novato visibility quarter of a mile now. clouds along the coast this afternoon. 63 half moon bay 65 san francisco 67 richmond 69 oakland mid to upper 70s in most other neighborhoods cloverdale and ukiah could touch 80. near 70 for the rest of the monterey bay mid to upper 70s inland. right now warmest afternoons will be saturday and sunday. good morning sue. back to vacaville.
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another "sig alert" this time jacknifed big rig carrying chickens. two left lanes are getting by. as your commute ramps up detour in place. then go along the frontage texas. drive times, so far early and traffic is light. another report of an accident in woodside 280 northbound accident blocking right lane. 4:42. the courageous driver who risked her life to save a driver yesterday. dangerous animals on the loose. all but one accounted q
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clouds throughout this morning. definitely cooler. will we warm up this afternoon? how much? let's talk about changes. mike has that coming up. sue is tracking several traffic hot spots. bay area mother diving her daughter to school is being called a hero for saving the life of the big rig driver involved in a fiery accident on highway 101. -- we showed you the dramatic video yesterday morning. big rig carrying concrete burst into flames north of hospital curve. 22-year-old kenya williams saw the burning truck pulled over and rushed to help the driver. >> i seen the guy i'm like oh my gosh, stop my car. hop out, i run and i see the guy sitting there it is like the truck he's on top but he's standing between the fire. he passes out. my first instinct is run over there. i put my arms under his arm and i dragged him to my car.
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>> the driver spent a few hours at the hospital and checked out. he's expected to meet with williams, soon. this morning the hunt is over. all the wild animals from a farm in ohio have been accounted for. including 48 shot and kill after they had escaped. animal rights activists, and the community are left asking whether all this could have been prevented. john hendron has the latest. >> reporter: when ohio's game hunt was over all but a handful of the animals were dead. the last a monkey that might have had her peace -- had herpes was the last. >> only 1400 left in the wild. this is beyond tragedy many >> reporter: they were deliberately released in a final act of spite by terry thompson just released from prison. his wife hiding from cameras left him a few months ago. thompson kill himself leaving i had lions, tigers and bears
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to ter -- leaving lions and tigers and bears to terrorize the community. deputies say they had no choice but to gun them down in a brutal suburban safari. one said it is like noah's arc wrecked in ohio. recall on this morning for produce that may be sitting in your tpwreupbl now. -- in your fridge right now. >> now the state is stepping [ female announcer ] from the very first moment we arrive...
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59 ad at. east coast mid to upper 60s heading south 93 phoenix, 57 in seattle. any time you travel flight tracker is there for you at at the bottom. salmon institute offering reward to catch vandals who relosed stock of salmon this month. vandals cut nets releasing the fish raised as part of a school project. the fbi is now investigating the case. the 60,000 salmon were said to be officially released at the end of the month. that celebration will still be held now that fish and game is donating 1,000 steel head trout as a replacement. search continues in golden gate park for a hawk that appears to have been shot with a nail gun. a group has tried to catch the red-tail hawk for two days. it was spotted tuesday. you can see it in this photo.
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wildlife rescuers say the hawk has been seen eating. red-tail hawks are protected under federal law. >> 4:51. did you notice the clouds coming in? >> i did, yeah. >> not as much drizzle as there was yesterday, if any. the breaking of the clouds are not as widespread as yesterday. it is cooler in many areas. we are looking from downtown san francisco towards the port of oakland, a few clouds. interesting to see if we have flight arrival delays. the clouds are moving in right now. temperatures, where it was in the 40s a few minutes ago, look at how much cooler than yesterday, 11° in santa rosa, novato 13. everybody else two to nine degrees cooler than yesterday morning. novato and santa rosa 46 and
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48. everybody else mid to upper 50s until you get to oakland and mountain view, low to mid 60s there. fog around gilroy, most of the temperatures in those neighborhoods in the low to mid 50s. here's what i'm thinking, mostly sunny today not as cool as it was yesterday. partly cloudy, even cooler tonight. warm afternoons are still slated for the weekend. right now, there's some hint that next week could be hot, with one of those hot spells we have in fall. if the breezes pick up you have the high fire danger that's what we are watching next week. right now temperatures are going up. concord hayward and san jose, four, five and seven degrees warmer than yesterday. sunset 6:27 this evening give or take a minute. high pressure starting to move into our neighborhood. kicking low out that brought the cooler weather yesterday. still clouds in some areas
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mainly sunshine will dominate again in afternoon. mid to upper 70s in the east bay valley. low to mid 70s most of the east bay shore. oakland, berkeley, richmond upper 60s. in the south bay a lot of sun mid to upper 70s. trio of 76's saratoga, campbell and san jose. peninsula, san mateo south low to mid 70s. millbrae 68. clouds along the coast low to mid 60s. clouds around downtown and south san francisco mid 60s. more sun in sausalito and 66. could hit 80 in ukiah and cloverdale today. clouds stubborn around monterey and carmelo to mid 60s there. inland mid to upper 70s. near 80 for fresno warmer spots around the state. 93 palm springs the warmest. fog this morning, 65 san diego,
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70 l.a.. 69 tahoe. tonight more 40s around fairfield and cloverdale the rest of us low to mid 50s partly cloudy sky. temperatures warm tomorrow. right now the warmest afternoons are saturday and sunday. we will hold above average in most neighborhoods even early next week have a great day. update, westbound 80 in the vacaville area, two left lanes are open, as your commute ramps up you will want to get around this. we'll be following this for you. closer to home, bart delay 20 minutes san francisco east bay direction also downtown oakland sfo direction. police activity outside of the west oakland station. 20 minute delays for bart now inbound and outbound out of oakland due to police activity. toll plaza light.
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there's the good news. no metering lights on. you are cruising right into san francisco upper deck. for the latest. you want to check your fridge you might have a bagged sal could be contaminated with salmonella.[c,ap call recalling more than 3200 cases of salads, best buy dates if october 18th, to october first. they were shipped across california and marketed unfresh selections, atb, marketside and taylor farms. we have more information on our website unsee it on tv. 4:55. the state attorney general's office has subpoenaed officials with bank of america as part of an investigation into mortgage fraud. the state is trying figure out whether the bank and its countrywide financial subsidiary sold investments
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backed by risk timor tkwaeupbls under false pretenses. countrywide helped fuel the housing boom and bust with subprime loans. bank of america is declining to comment. >> >> state and federal officials trying to figure out how to millions part of a settlement from the 2007 oil spill in san francisco bay. the department of fish and game holding meetings to get input from the public and local agencies on restoration projects. the 44 million dollar settlement including money for bird and fish habitat restoration. 19 million earmarked for recreation activities affected by the spill. we are looking for proposals that can benefit fishing opportunities and fishing enjoyment, boating opportunities and enjoyment and shoreline use. >> officials estimate the public lost more than a million days worth of fishing,
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boating and other coastal activities due to the spill. the flooding in thailand could affect computer users around the world. floods forced many factories that make hard drives to close. thailand makes a quarter of the world's hard drives second only to china. pc makers are bracing for shortages. apple warning the situation will affect its mac products. companies haven't said if they will pass on increased costs to consumers. next, security guards are involved in a shootout in richmond. their targets, each other. we'll have the latest, including an armed suspect on the loose, in a live report. >> reporter: protesters with occupy san francisco asked police for support. and the police chief himself had an answer for them. you hear what he had to say, next. michelle bachmann pays a visit to the bay area this morning. what the republican presidential candidate has on her agenda,
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