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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 22, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, coming home. in a dramatic move, the president announces that all u.s. troops will be out of iraq and home for the holidays. military families rejoice after nearly nine, long years of war. but there are many questions this morning. did we win? and are we safer? abc's christiane amanpour joins us live. shark attack. an american diver killed by a great white off the coast of australia. this is the second fatal shark attack in the same area in two weeks. is there a man-eater stalking the australian coast? stunning twist. new revelations in the search for baby lisa. a cadaver dog picks up the scent
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of a dead body inside her parents' bedroom. we have the police report officials did not want the public to see. and what is the shocking statement her mother made to police the night lisa went missing? and the cupcake controversy. lindsay lohan finally makes it to her community service gig, working inside of a morgue. but why did her sweet gesture to the morgue staff get her in so much trouble? and good morning, everyone. there's a lot of news to get to this morning. also, new details about the strange life of the man accused of releasing all those wild animals from his farm. we're now learning that he kept a big, black leopard in his basement and had a tiger running freely around his house. this is an amazing story. >> and now, his widow wants some of these animals back, the ones that survived. the michael jackson doctor
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trial is in a new phase. the prosecution has been hammering home the case on dr. conrad murray for three weeks now. on monday, the defense gets to make its show. laying out its version of what happened the day jackson died. we have the latest from jim avila this morning. plus, one of hollywood's sweethearts. i talk to reese witherspoon, about her marriage, her favorite cause and for the first time, what happened when she was hit by a car jogging last month. you can see the bandage on her forehead. she's okay. >> really interested to hear about that. we're going to start this morning with historic news. after almost nine, long, deadly, expensive years, president obama says the war in iraq is nearly over now. by the end of this year, he says all american troops will be home, in time for the holidays. right now, there are more than 39,000 american troops in iraq. since the war began, 1 million americans have served there. many of them on multiple tours. >> more than 4,000 americans lost their lives there. more than 32,000 have come home wounded. their lives and their families'
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lives, permanently altered by this conflict. there are a lot of questions this morning about what this means for the u.s. and the war on terror. abc's christiane amanpour will join us in just a moment. but first, abc's david kerley has the latest from the white house. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. as you guys both mentioned, the president says the troops will be home in time for the holidays. the war in iraq will be over then. but there are still a lot of questions remaining, about the future of that country, and u.s. involvement there. it started with "shock and awe" nearly nine years ago. then, mission accomplished. followed by a troop buildup of almost 170,000. candidate obama called it a dumb war and said he would end it. on friday, he did. >> the rest of our troops in iraq will come home by the end of the year. after nearly nine years, america's war in iraq will be over. >> reporter: the end of the year was already set as a deadline. but the u.s. was willing to keep 5,000 troops in the country
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beyond then. however, iraq's prime minister wanted to change the deal and take away immunity for american troops. not acceptable. and the deal fell apart during a video conference call just hours before the president's announcement. >> the last american soldier will cross the border out of iraq, with their heads held high, proud of their success. >> reporter: 4,482 americans killed. $700 billion spent. and many questions still. can iraq defend itself? will iran wield too much influence over iraq? and if terrorists take root there, will the u.s. be able to send troops back in? >> there will be some difficult days ahead for iraq. and the united states will continue to have an interest in an iraq that's stable, secure and self-reliant. >> reporter: as soon as u.s. forces are out, the defense secretary says, talks will start to send some back in as trainers. leon panetta told reporters, quote, we're prepared to meet their training needs. we're prepared to engage in
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exercises with them. there will be about 4,000 or 5,000 american contractors who remain. 200 marines at the u.s. embassy. that's standard. but there were a lot of politics in the president's announcement. talked about campaign promises and keeping those promises. even mentioned jobs for the veterans who will be returning at the end of the year. dan and bianna? >> a lot of politics, as you say. and the american footprint will remain. david kerley, thanks for joining us this morning. we're joined now by the host of abc's "this week," christiane amanpour, who covered extensively the war in iraq. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> great to have you. your sources in the military community and the diplomatic community, what do they tell you after all these years, after trillions of dollar, after more than 4,000 americans lost, after tens of thousands of iraqis lost? was it worth it? did we win? >> winning is a very controversial term. and the question will remain, look. saddam hussein is gone. he wouldn't have gone had it not been for an invasion, despite all of the pain and suffering that followed. the country is vaguely on a path to a representative government.
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although it still remains, many difficulties. the violence has not ended. it is still not stable. so, many of the people i talk to say, look. we have paid such a heavy price. we want to make sure that these gains, the progress we've made, can be consolidated and don't just evaporate. >> and as we heard from david's piece, the president has left open the option for military trainers. does that mean, if things turn south, for example will we not see u.s. boots on the ground there? >> once they take everybody out, they renegotiate with the government. but the fact of the matter is, the u.s. wanted to keep troops in. maliki wanted to keep troops in. the pro-iran faction of the iraqi parliament prevented that from happening. now, they're having to regroup. >> talking about the iraqi parliament. the iraqi government is somewhat stable. but emphasis on somewhat. there's a lot of fissures and fault lines that remain in the country. once we leave, what are the odds of civil war? >> that was always a threat at
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the beginning. if you talk to them, they're not sure that's going to happen again. but the instability, you're right, is still a problem. this announcement comes just as turkey invades northern iraq to go after kurdish separatists. and turkey is calling for a buffer zone in northern iraq. so, the whole country is still in play, including from iran. a lot of people say don't estimate iran's ability to run iraq. but it is a significant partner for the shiites in iraq. >> internal problems and a very bad neighborhood. christiane amanpour, thank you very much. she's going to have much more on this story tomorrow on "this week with christiane amanpour." thanks again. this morning, there's for fallout from the animal escape in ohio. the state's governor is taking new steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. and there's new details about just how the owner lived with these dangerous animals. t.j. winick is here.
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and, t.j., it appears that law enforcement officials were very familiar with the farm. >> reporter: they had been to the farm countless times because of complaints. animal experts went to the thompson farm three years ago during a cruelty to animals investigation. they found many of the cages weren't padlocked and labeled the conditions, a public safety hazard. we're getting a closer look inside the troubled life of terry thompson. seen in these 2-year-old home videos, kissing a bear. >> you silly thing, you. >> reporter: and the many exotic and dangerous animals he kept on his zanesville, ohio, farm. according to documents released friday, thompson kept a black leopard in the basement, had a lion running loose. and according to this report, several animals could get out of the cages. this past week, after thompson freed his animals just before killing himself, authorities were forced to shoot 50 of the creatures, including 17 lions and 18 bengal tigers, which are endangered. >> we lost 1% of the bengal population. these are god's creatures.
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and it's difficult. >> reporter: ohio has more incidents with exotic animals than any other. its laws, among the most lenient in the company. friday, the government promised to enforce existing laws while drafting tough, new legislation. >> we'll look at whether anybody out there is qualified. whether they have the ability to even hold these animals. and frankly, we have to think about what animals they ought to have. >> reporter: the only surviving animals from the farm, three leopards, a grizzly and two macaques, were transported to the columbus zoo. terry thompson's estranged wife, who has refused to talk to reporters, wants her animals back. abc's david kerley talked with tom stalf, a columbus zoo official. >> this is a person who is very bonded to the animals. and so, she wanted to see them. make sure they were doing okay. and she says the female primate sleeps with her in bed. >> reporter: she calls them her children. court records show that the
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thompsons owed about $68,000 in unpaid taxes to the irs and the county. a burden his wife could now inherit. terry's sister thinks he was overwhelmed by it now and didn't see a way out. dan, it is clear that his desperation had been building up for at least the last six years( >> such an intriguing story. t.j. winick, thank you for your reporting. now, to the michael jackson trial, where we're seeing a very aggressive defense team putting the prosecution's star medical witness under a very harsh and rather theatrical scrutiny. this is just the beginning, by the way. the defense is about to take center stage in this trial. here's abc's jim avila. >> reporter: for three court days, dr. steven shafer sat and accused dr. conrad murray of overdosing michael jackson with propofol and lorazepam. killing him with 17 extreme deviations from the standard of care. and how he believes dr. murray jerry-rigged a dangerous home i.v., to constantly drip anesthetic into jackson's body. and in the end, left jurors with
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this devastating opinion. >> if michael jackson had reached up and seen the roller clamp and opened it himself, it doesn't change things at all. >> reporter: while dr. murray looked perplexed during dr. shafer's testimony, caught out to dinner thursday night, he seemed relaxed. and the next afternoon, friday, the defense got its first shot at the prosecutor's star witness. >> everything you said in the last two days was your opinion. >> it might be the opinion that i have as a physician. if that's -- if you want to stretch the term opinion to that length, then i will agree that my statement that one should not lie at ucla medical center is my opinion. >> reporter: a backdoor slam at conrad murray, who when michael jackson was dying, according to witnesses, refused to reveal the use of propofol to paramedics or doctors. but it's dr. shafer that says how dr. murray set up the propofol drip that was at the heart of the defense cross-examination.
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questioning why the doctor would not just hang the bottle of anesthetic on the i.v. as designed. but instead, cut a hole in the saline bag and insert the bottle. and in an attempt to make the prosecution witness look overzealous, perhaps even silly, the defense pointed out to the jury, that dr. shafer did some experimenting with propofol on his own. >> you literally swallowed propofol. >> before the study, yes. i knew it was inert. >> reporter: the defense is expected to start its case on monday with a week's worth of witnesses. jim avila, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks to jim. now, to ron claiborne with the other headlines. good morning, ron. >> good morning to you. dan, welcome back to the second happiest place in the world. that will be explained later. good morning, everyone. we begin with the second deadly shark attack in australia in less than two weeks. a 32-year-old american scuba diver was killed today off the western coast of australia by what was described as a
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ten-foot-long great white shark. a shark roughly the same size that killed a swimmer 11 miles away last week. police could not say if it is the same shark that killed the american diver. and libya's transitional government will declare liberation tomorrow, after months of war, that ended in the death of moammar gadhafi, the dictator of libya. the declaration will allow the country to transform into a democracy, hopefully. the victory is still overshadowed by questions how gadhafi was killed after he was captured alive. and republican presidential hopeful herman cain is amending his 9-9-9 proposal that helped him surge to the top of many polls. cain is abandoning his pledge to allow for no exemptions for the plan. which calls for 9% sales, income and corporate tax. he's now proposing no income tax for americans living at or below the poverty line. his plan is criticized by republicans and some democrats. and cain rival michele bachmann appears to be losing support in new hampshire.
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that is, some of her own staff supporters. as many of her five campaign officials reportedly quit this week. they are said to be disappointed that bachmann has largely ignored that state which holds the nation's first primary. finally, it's still officially saturday. and we're still here, alive, allegedly. a california preacher's predictions, the apocalypse did not begin on friday. of course, he's gotten it wrong before. he predicted that judgment day would come back in may. obviously, it didn't. he said he miscalculated. said it would be yesterday. there's no word when it's coming. >> at some point, some of his followers -- >> it will be down to his dog and his cat. >> but they are ardent followers. >> ron claiborne, thank you for the news and analysis. we appreciate that. let's get over to brian monahan from our orlando affiliate, wftv. brian, we're glad that the world has survived and that you're here to give us the forecast. >> i think r.e.m. was more on
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the mark with i feel fine. it's a chilly start. good saturday morning. we have 30s out there. our coldest start about six months for chicago and nashville. 30s all the way down into the sunshine state. we'll warm into the 60ed this afternoon. but frost/freeze warnings in effect tonight for a chunk of the eastern part of the country. across the pacific northwest, it's wet. our story in the southwest, though, it's nice and warm. 81 in san jose. san francisco, 80 degrees this afternoon. lots of sunshine for you today around the phoenix area and also into los angeles. elsewhere across the country, pretty quiet. but we'll be on the lookout for some stronger storms from dallas and oklahoma city. but should be just fine for game three of the world series just after 8:00.
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>> and coming up in our next half hour, we're talking about the tropics. i know it's the end of the season. but some areas to watch. dan? >> thank you, brian. great to have you here on this saturday morning. and this morning, a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at steve jobs. a very private man behind the company that impacted so many of our lives. there's a new book coming out soon that talks about a blunt meeting that jobs had with president obama. and reveals some of jobs' tough words for everybody from google to the rock star, john mayer. ron has more on that. >> dan, that book is coming out next week. and jobs sat down for 40 interviews with his authorized biographer. and really opened up, reflecting on his life and legacy. and offered some harsh opinions and assessments. not just about the president but
7:17 am
just about everyone who crossed his path or ever crossed him. for the first time, we're getting a glimpse into the private world of the man behind the mock turtleneck. the new book, simply titled "steve jobs" recounts vivid details about jobs' life, his feelings about success, politics and his fiercest competitors. >> today, apple is going to reinvent the phone. >> reporter: the tech giant was livid over google's efforts to copy the iphone with its android software. and jobs remained committing to spending his last dying breath to right this wrong. adding that he was going to destroy android because it's a stolen product. and a meeting two years ago between jobs and president obama almost didn't happen. at first, apple's visionary leader balked at sitting down with the president unless the president personally invited him. obama did not. and jobs ended up meeting the president at a san francisco hotel in the fall of 2010.
7:18 am
it was there that the blunt-speaking jobs told obama, you're headed for a one-term presidency. why? because, according to the highly-anticipated biography, jobs said the obama administration was not sufficiently business-friendly. and that big business was handcuffed by too many regulations and unnecessary costs. ♪ your body is a wonderland >> reporter: jobs also complained about rock star, john mayer. praising the guitar virtuoso. but bemoaned that mayer was out of control and, in his words, blowing it big-time. the book reportedly does not say why jobs felt that way. jobs also meditated on his legacy, saying, i've done a lot of things i'm not proud of. but i don't have any skeletons in my closet that can't be allowed out. and the book also reveals that jobs dec that might have helped him in his battle against pancreatic cancer because he thought the operation would be too invasive. nine months later when he was dying, he did have the operation. but it was too late. and he told isaacson that he always had a sense that he would not live a long life.
7:19 am
so, he was always in a hurry to accomplish as much as he could as fast as he could. and he did. >> ron claiborne, thanks again. we're going to have much more on monday on "gma," when george stephanopoulos sits down with the author of that new book, walter isaacson. for his first live interview. >> i just downloaded that book to my kindle yesterday. looking forward to it. turn to another story. after so much family turmoil, sadness and grief, a day of celebration for cate edwards, the oldest daughter of john and elizabeth edwards. she's getting married this afternoon in north carolina. and we're now learning just how significant a role her mother played in planning the wedding. it's the dream wedding that her mother had helped her plan. the theme, reportedly rustic romantic. the guest list, small for such a prominent family. only about 150 are invited. she and her fiance, trevor upham, will marry at a small, methodist church. but the reception will be here, at the edwards' isolated north carolina estate.
7:20 am
her younger sibling so prominent on the campaign trail years ago, will be in the wedding. her sister, emma, will be her maid of honor. and her brother, jack, a groomsman. elizabeth edwards died this past december. but before her passing, she helped cate plan out the special day. >> all i care about her being is happy. it gives me great confidence as i go through this to know that standing behind john and behind cate with respect to emma, claire and jack, is this grounded woman. >> reporter: and walking down the aisle, her father, john. the two have a close but complicated relationship. his marriage to elizabeth ended after he admitted to having an affair with a campaign staffer, rielle hunter. >> i made a very serious mistake. a mistake that i am responsible for. and no one else. >> reporter: they had a child together, which he eventually admitted was his. abc has learned that neither rielle nor his daughter will be at the wedding. for his part, john is currently fighting charges he violated campaign finance laws. the trial has been delayed, in
7:21 am
part, so it would not interfere with this wedding. but this is very much cate's day. and her mother will be very much a part of it, as she was the planning. in this month's issue of "glamour" magazine, cate wrote, i feel so lucky to have shared that joy with her. in her last weeks, she told me she was comforted to know i set forth on my own life path, with someone she loved and respected, and with whom she truly believed i would be happy. >> success, young couple. she's a lawyer. he's a medical resident. he proposed to her at her childhood home. we wish them the best. a good day for them. >> indeed, we do. coming up, big, new developments in the baffling case of the missing baby, lisa irwin. what the cadaver dogs found in the parents' bedroom. and what the mother told police the night her baby vanished. plus, first day. lindsay lohan shows up for her court-mandated community service, at all places, the morgue. but what happened when she tried to order cup cakes for the staff? >> lindsay lohan in trouble again. and walking the walk.
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♪ and that is lindsay lohan, in trouble again. there she is at the l.a. morgue. finally showing up for the court-ordered community service that she's been mostly blowing off for the past six months. it seems, however, that she cannot stay out of trouble. even her attempt to make good with the morgue staff got her in hot water. coming up, we're going to tell you about cupcake gate. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> i'm bianna golodryga. it's saturday, october 22nd. also this morning, my interview with hollywood heavyweight, global activist and newlywed, reese witherspoon. we talked about everything from her new husband to that accident where she got hit by a car last month. >> incredible story. she seems to be doing well. >> still has a bandage on her
7:31 am
forehead. but she said she's feeling fine. >> looking forward to that story. also coming up, "your week in three words." find out how one young girl is helping other children. >> one of our favorite segments. but we do begin in this half hour with the stunning developments in the search for baby lisa. abc obtained court documents that say fbi cadaver dogs got a positive hit in her parents' bedroom. abc's meg oliver is here. good morning, meg. >> reporter: because of that positive hit, police executed the first search of the irwin kansas city home without their consent on wednesday. they spent 17 hours inside. removing everything, from documents to a carpet. as authorities scoured the irwin home this week, fbi dogs reacted to the scent of a dead body next to the parents' bed. a report the police did not want released, fearing people would stop searching for baby lisa. >> in studies done of cadaver dogs, where the dog has direct access to the scent and it's
7:32 am
reasonably fresh, it's above 90%. >> reporter: but one of the family's lawyers, in an exclusive interview with "gma," said those dogs could be picking up the scent of something else. >> i understand there are cold cases where dogs have hit on scents of decomposition that had been in the home for as long as 28 years. this is an old home. 63 years old. there could be a lot of other explanations for that. >> reporter: it has then almost three weeks since the baby girl vanished from her bedroom. the parents say someone kidnapped her and are pleading for lisa's safe return. three people have come forward supporting that theory. and they're now speaking to "gma." a family three houses down from the irwins saw a man carrying a baby shortly after midnight on october 4th. >> it was shocking. i couldn't imagine anybody walking outside with a baby in the cold like that, with no clothes on. >> reporter: then, a few hours
7:33 am
later, and three miles away, mike thompson was driving home from work, when he saw the same thing at this intersection. >> 4:00 in the morning, 45 degrees. the baby don't have a blanket, a coat or nothing. >> reporter: the new affidavit also revealed a strange comment from the baby's mother. who said she didn't want to look behind the house because, quote, she was afraid of what she might find. >> she was deathly afraid. and i think in that fear, not knowing what had happened to that child, she didn't want to find something in the backyard that might have been terrible. >> reporter: the lawyer added the parents have cooperated with police this entire time. consenting to searches, hair samples and have even allowed their young sons to be interviewed without them. the parents say they have nothing to do with the disappearance and just want to find that baby. >> inside of that home, the parents let us inside. it looked like a home where the children were taken care of with a lot of love. that remains to be seen how this will turn out. fascinating and baffling case.
7:34 am
thank you, meg oliver. appreciate that. let's check the headlines once again, with mr. ron claiborne. >> good morning. dan, bianna, meg. good morning, everyone. in the news, all the of the remaining american troops living in iraq will be home for the holidays. president obama has announced that the roughly 39,000 service members still in iraq will be out by the end of this year. and an american diver was killed by a shark in australia this morning. it was the second deadly attack in western australia in the last 12 days. witnesses say the 32-year-old was killed by a ten-foot-long great white shark. and funeral services are being held in florida today for race car driver, dan wheldon. wheldon was killed in a crash on sunday. a public memorial service will be held by indy car in indiana tomorrow. and finally, a young deer in california is lucky to be alive after getting its antlers caught in a rope swing. a game warden helped to cut the deer free after it struggled for five hours. as our animal expert, dan harris, can tell you, it is deer mating season. right, dan? >> officially call that the
7:35 am
rutting. >> there you go. he may not have been thinking clearly, therefore, dan tells us. >> that happens across the species. >> more animal news from dan coming up after the weather. the weather, now, with brian monahan from orlando, florida, affiliate, wftv. brian? >> we have our own animal correspondent here at "good morning america." good morning, guys. good morning to all of you. welcome to your saturday morning. tracking some tropical troubles over the next couple of days across the western caribbean. it's been two weeks since we've seen a named storm in the atlantic. that area of thunderstorms from central america back towards the cayman islands, for the next 24, 48 hours for some development. if it becomes a storm it could be a threat for florida later in the week. elsewhere, much of the country, quiet. that means beautiful weather, as fall foliage is at its peak from the midwest through new england.
7:36 am
>> and this weather report has been brought to you by hunter douglas. dan? bianna? >> thank you, sir. coming up here on "good morning america," lindsay lohan finds out the hard way that community service at the morgue is not going to be a cakewalk. plus, reese witherspoon opens up about what she told her kids when she decided to remarry. what's on your mind this week? coming up, "your week in three words." wonder what's on his mind. to staying warm or keeping your cool, our custom window fashions not only look beautiful, they're beautiful to live with. more than simply covering your windows, it's the art of window dressing. learn more at
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and now, to lindsay lohan, who apparently cannot even order dessert without provoking an uproar. on day two of her somewhat disastrous tour of duty doing community service at the l.a. county coroner's office, part of her penance for shoplifting, it happened. cupcakegate. abc's barbara pinto is on the story. >> reporter: in a black hood that evoked the grim reaper and under a glare of flashbulbs, tmz cameras caught lindsay lohan showing up for community service at the l.a. county morgue.
7:40 am
no star treatment here. >> she will be doing janitorial work. cleaning floors. vacuuming. cleaning the restrooms. emptying trash. >> reporter: the troubled access, serving 120 hours as part of a shoplifting sentence, reportedly cringed at her first assignment, washing sheets stained with body fluids and blood. it was a rough start with reports she was scolded for sending three dozen cupcakes. the coroner turned the delivery away. the star's p.r. rep said, it's unfortunate that lindsay's well-intentioned actions were not taken in the spirit in which she intended, to say she was sorry for yesterday's misunderstanding. that misunderstanding, lindsay's disastrous first day on the job. this video shows her arriving at the morgue 40 minutes late. so, the coroner sent her home. on wednesday, the judge revoked lindsay's probation and forced her to post $100,000 bail for skipping nine days of court-ordered community service.
7:41 am
and attending fashion shows in new york, milan, and paris instead. >> judge sautner is one of the toughest judges we have. so, if lindsay lohan continues to take a cavalier attitude, the judge is just going to continue to clobber her. >> reporter: next month, that judge will decide whether lindsay is sufficiently carrying out her community service, or if she faces even more time in county jail. for "good morning america," barbara pinto, abc news. >> going to the fashion shows, probably not a good idea. >> well, she just can't seem to learn her lesson. coming up here on "good morning america," reese witherspoon tells us what inspires her to make tons of comedy. and why this little boy has something big to smile about. it's "your week in three words."
7:42 am
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well, as we know october is breast cancer awareness month. and there are few people doing more to raise awareness and money than reese witherspoon. last sunday, she joined more than 3,000 people for the avon walk for breast cancer here in new york. and i had the chance to catch up with her. this is her first interview since a frightening accident when she was hit by a car last month while running. >> woo. >> reporter: they come from all walks of life. supporters and survivors. >> they did it. >> woo. >> reporter: men and women, committed to finding a cure for breast cancer. >> hi. so happy. >> reporter: and among them, a famous face. oscar-winning actress, reese witherspoon.
7:46 am
still sporting a bandage from a september accident where she was hit by a car while jogging. we did not stage this, by the way. people are supporting reese as they walk. how are you feeling after your accident? >> i feel great. thank you for asking, yeah. i've been getting a lot of support from people. i'm great. >> reporter: witherspoon has dedicated herself to improving the lives of women worldwide. and in 2007, she joined the avon foundation as an honorary chairperson. >> avon walk, new york. you have raised more than $8.4 million. >> reporter: so touched by the story about the 36-year-old breast cancer survivor. she's been cancer-free for ten years. only 26 when she was diagnosed. she actually met you in d.c. in 2008. and she said you really inspired her because the day she was
7:47 am
diagnosed, she thought her life was over. left work, cried at home. spent hours and days crying. finally went to a movie and saw your movie "legally blonde." >> i go here. >> you go where? >> harvard. law school. >> you got into harvard law? >> what? like it's hard? >> reporter: and that made her laugh all day long. and she realized that life was worth living. i don't know if you heard this story before. >> i cried when she said it. >> reporter: how do you feel when a comedy inspired somebody to go on with life? >> the idea that even, i can provide a moment of reprieve from her sorrow or her stress just filled my heart with joy. it's stories like that that made me think, i'm going to make tons of comedies. to get together and have a nice opportunity to laugh. but it's also great, you know, that people see these movies. and then, want to watch me talk about breast cancer charities, and domestic violence initiatives. >> reporter: let's talk about the breast cancer scholars program you announced. >> starting in november, they're
7:48 am
going to accept applications for a new scholars program. that's going to invite 50 breast cancer researchers and doctors from around the world, to have an 8-week intensive internship at 1 of 12 breast cancer centers and learn about all the new technologies. it's really about sharing information. >> reporter: but global activist isn't reese's only role. she's a mother of two and a newlywed. in march, she tied the knot with entertainment agent, jim toth. what kind of emotions did you go through, before you said, yes? i'm going to get married? i'm going to bring a stepfather into my kids' life? >> oh, gosh. a lot of different things, you know? but i think the more people who love your children, the better. i tell my kids, it's not just your mom and dad that love you. it's a great opportunity to have as many people in your life nurturing you and caring for you and guiding you in this life. >> reporter: i get a sense that
7:49 am
you can handle it all. can you tell us about reese that we don't know that reminds us that you are human, too? >> i'm not sure there's not a lot that people don't know about me. and honestly, i can't imagine that people aren't really tired about hearing about me. everybody has watched every up and down of my life. for better or worse, that's the story of my life. that's what it is. and i'm really privileged that i have the -- a great opportunity to meet people and give back. you know, that so much of my life is met with such a positive feeling. and i'm really lucky in that way. i'm hoping to parlay that into something really positive in that world. >> remember that movie, "walk the line," she was singing in that movie. is she going to do that again? >> june carter cash. it was the first time she sang in a movie. and she may do that. that inspired her to take on other roles. specifically that of peggy lee. we may see a movie come out with reese singing again. >> will it be a comedy? >> i don't know. probably not. a life story.
7:50 am
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we can't leave, of course, before we check in with you for the week.
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here is "your three words." the song is deirdre's "don't blame me now." and as always, the words are yours. ♪ i never thought it could happen this way ♪ ♪ and how it did oh, no i couldn't say ♪ ♪ i watched you every single day ♪ ♪ baby, don't blame me now ♪ ♪ so, if you really want to know ♪ ♪ i've got it bad darling, i won't let you go ♪ ♪ but what am i supposed to do ♪ ♪ can you blame me
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for hanging on to you ♪ ♪ so, if you really want to know ♪ ♪ i've got it bad darling, i won't let you go ♪ ♪ but what am i supposed to do ♪ ♪ can you blame me for hanging on to you ♪ ♪ so, if you really want to know ♪ ♪ i've got it bad darling, i won't let you go ♪ ♪ but what am i supposed to do ♪ ♪ can you blame me for hanging on to you ♪ >> aw. >> i love my brother.
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i'm going to put him in a headlock. if you want to share your three words, you can visit our website, you can upload your video there. >> thanks for watching abc news. we're always online at at yahoo! have a wonderful saturday. we're glad to have dan back. >> see ya. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. here is lisa. >> you noticed the winds blowing haze in the atmosphere. we have an idea what to expect. offshore flow and very warm couple of days. view from mount tam shows a
7:57 am
little more wind blowing and chilly in north bay valleys. 45 in napa. 51 in oakland. 55 in mountain view. we'll be looking at numbers to be warmer than yesterday. in fact, takes us to above normal readings, 60s at the coast. sea breeze will be with us in the afternoon. about 10-15 miles an hour. it will be a light breeze and lots of 70s bay side. inland valleys, we're talking 80s due to high pressure building in at the surface. upper levels of the atmosphere, you notice the storm track well up into washington and we'll keep it that way for the short term. this high centered over the bay area allowing for that downsloping winds, lighted north wind. it's going to compress what little marine layer we do see early this morning. by tomorrow as it shifts on to the east, low clouds and fog, a little bit more pervasive but 71
7:58 am
downtown. 81 palo alto. 84 in concord and look ahead shows the dry weather continuing windy conditions next week. a stronger offshore flow, high fire danger by then but for now, beautiful weekend ahead. >> president obama is ending the war in iraq. his surprise announcement when the troops will leave. one tough dog, shot dozens of times and now in
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