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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  October 26, 2011 2:05am-2:40am PDT

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who got married over the weekend. he knew graphic designer susan snyder for years. his divorce was finalized last year. his ex-wife was in attendance and his 3kids and alisters and billie christial. and they were spotted in paris on their honeymoon. janet jackson is rescheduling three shows to be with her family. her number one tour was set to make three appearances in australia between wednesday and saturday. instead she will postpone them until next week. they will get in to deliberations as early as this week. and i believe we have one last check on the live feed. who should play steve jobs in the movie. on facebook, christian bale. kevin spacy and matt damon and charlie sheen. lol. >> and someone who can play an
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arrogant narsistic. jim carrey comes to fine. >> why jim? >> i don't know. send us a tweet or e-mail as well. that is kevin spacy. >> he's in town with richard the thir. >> i will have to think about potential actors. continue to reach out and we'll have more tomorrow. including the real housewives of new york and opinions and reactions today. have a great day. bye-bye.
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sky 7hd live over oakland near city hall right now where a political protest erupts into the violent clashes with police. it began as a peaceful march, but things got tense fast. escalating clashes with police, flash bangs and teargas. the skirmishes began around 6:00 this evening and continued through the night. now more than five hours later there is no sign of either side relenting. police stand in force behind barricades and occupy protesters refuse to comply or
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yield. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson is on assignment. this showdown was inevitable once they were forced out of their encampment in the middle of the night. this evening the tension turned into violence. demonstrators throwing paint, glass, anything they could find really at police. authority rez sponded with force. we will start our coverage with john olston live in oakland. >> right now teargas is hanging in the air throughout much of downtown oakland. earlier today police used loud speakers telling demonstrators to qleer the area around city hall. when that didn't happen, this is what happened next. police warned the crowd they would use teargas if if the protesters didn't leave, and they kept their promise. they were choking teargas near
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oakland city hall. this took place at 7:45 and scattered several blocks away. this was not the first time demonstrators tangled with police today. around 6:00 police used flash bang grenades after demonstrators swarmed around a handful of officers trying to make an arrest on washington and a street. demonstrators flung paint and other objects at the officers until reinforcement moved in and pushed the crowd back. a few moments earlier around 5:30, the several hundred marchers hit a wall of marcherswho prevented the demonstrators from reaching police headquarters. there was pushing and shoving with officers arresting a man and woman. the march was loud, but
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peaceful when it kicked off from the oakland library around 4:00 this afternoon. they were upset that the occupy oakland encampment had been torn down early this morning. >> i think people have a sense to reoccupy. there will be another camp somewhere else. hopefully this goes down peacefully and no one gets hurt and people get the point. >> a short time later police fired the first teargas after demonstrators ignored orders to disperse. tonight police are saying two officers were hurt. protesters are saying several of them were also hurt. the oakland police chief says officers fired about four beanbag rounds at protesters. police also say the demonstrators threw m80 explosives back at the police. live in oaknd la, john alston, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. >> and by no means is it over yet. as you were reporting, john,
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this was happening on broadway near city hall. police fired new canisters of teargas to further dissipate the crowd. just moments ago there was a good deal of teargas in the air. you can still see the residue there as the camera zooms in. this just literally moments ago, more teargas fired in oakland. it will be a long night there. in the middle of all of this, a damaged police car at 16th and broadway. someone smashed the rear window of this police vehicle. the protest is affecting bart too. the 12th street station is closed and has been closed for a couple hours now. no word on when it will re-open, but certainly in time for the morning commute. there is only an hour left in terms of the schedule. but that station is closed for the moment. but a news conference tonight, oakland police took questions about the use of force and the y tactics they employed on the streets. some protesters claimed they
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were using flash bang grenades and rubber bullets against them. the chief denied that, but they are still assessing to see what any outside agencies might have used. he also says some of the explosions heard came from things the protestors were throwing at police, not the other way around. >> tonight it was the canisters of gas being deployed. they were fired from the 37 millimeter firearms and it makes that sound. there were no flash bang grenades used. >> the chief says mayor quan is rushing back from washington, d.c. where she was on a mission to find grant money. she should be back shortly from what we understand. police were not caught sh shorthanded. plenty of cops in riot gear. a thick cloud of surrounded and shrouded the plaza. just over an hour ago, authorities sent protesters
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scurrying for fresh air again. alan wang is live with his report on all of this. alan? >> reporter: we are here at the emergency operations center where the conference just finished up. we also saw a contra costa county sheriff caravan roll by here. it was obvious reinforcements for the long night. earlier today this was -- we could tell this was going to be a serious confrontation at the mood of the rally where this all started. the people were angry over this morning's forced eviction of the occupy camp. many felt compeled to join the movement after what they saw. the march started at the oakland public library where a crowd of 600 flooded into the street. >> you are the soldiers of tomorrow. revolution is about transformation. >> many are angry over the
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arrest of 97 protesters after the police swept through and removed the occupy oakland camp early in the morning. >> hopefully people are waking up to such a basic unfairness of the system. but we are willing to defend people to take a step forward. >> there is a lot of new people. >> this occupy yes, sir who avoided arrest during the morning sweep says most of the people arrested were still in jail. instead the labor unions who supported then camp encampment made a public show of support. they said they reluctantly cleaned up the camp after the morning raid. the oakland education association teacher's union and the california nursing association marched with signs in spanish and chinese. >> and we are out here because people have lost their homes and they don't have decent shelter and access to good food. really there has been attack on main street from wall street. >> as night fell a younger crowd took over the demonstration and riot police moved in.
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in the middle of the teargas incident and i can tell you it is not a pleasant experience. the city says, however, they are still committed to facilitating peaceful demonstrations here in oakland. alan wang reporting live at the emergency operations center, back to you, dan. >> thanks very much. it may be awhile before that demonstration is peaceful again. city crews spent the day cleaning up the hundreds of tents, pieces of furniture, personal items and tons of garbage, all left in the wake of the early-morning raid left by police. city officials say camping will no longer be tolerated in either location. that's near city hall or snow park near lake merritt. look at all of this that was left behind. however, as alan mentions, the city remains commited to respecting free speech and maintaining the city's responsibility to public health and safety at the same time. elsewhere, several people with the occupy san jose movement were arrested
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overnight. police took four people to jail charges them with illegal camping on city property. three others were cited fortress passing and then released. it brings to a dozen the number of protesters arrested since friday in san jose. sean kelly, the man who climbed to the top of the 36-foot wall, there he is outside city hall. he has been left alone. police say trying to get him down would be just too dangerous. and in san francisco, the chief of pleasant a letter to protesters. he warned them they would be arrested fw they continue to violate the law. justin herman p theng the embarcadero. they would not issue them the necessary permits and their request to meet with city leaders has yet to be granted. there is more to report as we continue here. the bay area adds to the president's campaign coffers. up next, president obama talks to san francisco supporters about the job he has done so far. and why some of those who voted for him were out
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protesting against him. also an amazing sight in an unexpected place. the northern lights head south. that's coming up and later on "nightline." >> thanks. coming up on "nightline" tensions escalate between police and the parents of an infant who went missing from her crib. the search for baby lisa. and in for a go in for a
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two stories from concord tonight. concord is investigating their sixth homicide of the year. they are not releasing too much information, but they confirmed a murder took place in or around a home. officers roped off the scene with crime tape this afternoon. concord has two more homicides than it did last year. and an innocent driver was killed in concord. it startsed when police tried to pull over a stolen white pick up truck that took off on solano way. the driver ended up crashingk it involved in the pursuit in anyway killing that driver. police recovered a gun from the stolen vehicle. president obama raised more than a million dollars during a fundraising luncheon today in san francisco. air force one landed shortly before 1:00 on sfo. the president received a warm reception from mayor ed leigh and took a -- ed lee and
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comforted a baby before going to the w hotel. mark matthews with the president's message to his supporters. >> i am here to tell you whether you are an old veteran or new to the scene, i need your help. >> reporter: the president told supporter a hard fight, and he admitted backing him is not as cool as it used to be. >> the hope posters faded a little. but the vision is still there. the commitment is still there. >> he added that hope and change is positive siting the u.s. auto industry. >> we have now doubled fuel efficiency standards on cars and trucks which is going to take carbon out of our atmosphere and make us dependent on foreign oil. >> add to that the affordable healthcare act, the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," the end of the war in iraq.
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>> and so the question show committed are you going to be to continue this process? >> there is more to do, said the president. adding he accomplished about 60% with 40% to go. >> we have more work to do to reform our education system. we have more work to do to bring our deficit down in a balanced way. and i can only do it wouldyou. >> on the republican side, the chair of the state gop says it is really all about obama. >> i think the reality is the president doesn't have a plan. i think harry reid put his plans in what i call the cylindrical file. there and a plan to raise money and not fix the economy. >> professor bruce king. >> the president can't afford to be on a political trip. he has to be seen to be taking some steps to make the job situation better in this country, steps he can take by himself without the congress. >> yesterday the president
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announced changes to a government loan program intended to help homeowners who are under water with their mortar mortgages, and today he t said student loan repayments would be stretched out. our political analyst said this would be a pattern as the president continues to travel the country collecting campaign cash. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abr7 news. president obama did not receive a warm welcome from everyone in san francisco. people angry with mr. obama with a wide range of issues expressed their frustration. many of the protesters were once obama supporters. they say they voted for him in 2008, but three years later they feel he has abandoned them on issues like medical marijuana, social security, unemployment and alternate energy sources. well, we have new images of the northern lights over kansas of all places. they were visible hundreds of miles south of where they are usually seen. these are time lapse images of the northern lights that are caused by solar outbursts.
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this is only the second solar show in a decade that has been seen this far south. pretty spectacular. we wanted to share them with you. let's update the forecast. meteorologist sandhya patel iogy here, and notice noticeably cooler. >> dan, temperatures dropped a degree to 9° this afternoon. so it is running cooler than last night at this time. there are critical fire conditions we are facing and red flag warnings are up for the hilltops. the numbers right now are coming down quite a bit. we have mid40s in the north bay valleys, and they will drop even more. the red flag warning starts tonight. the gusty winds in the hills, and we are looking at clear and cool nights with mild days ahead. tonight we still have patchy fog in the north bay valley. it is getting dense. and we have patches of low clouds. this area of high pressure is setting up shop. offshore winds are already developing. in the north bay hills, right now we have reports of winds gusting out of the north, northeast t 34 miles an
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hour. with that relative humidity coming down, it is about 15%. you can tell just how dry it is above the layer of fog and low clouds that we still have. higher pressure will start to ao the south. it is near the nevada-california-oregon border. winds will peak with the down sloping wind. red flag warnings are in affect for the north bay mountains and the east bay hills and the diablo range. look out for gusts to 40 miles an hour. low humidity with those gusty winds. with that in mind i want to show you what the fire weather index looks like. this takes into account the wind and the humidity, and tomorrow morning you can see the blues and yellows in the north bay. also the diablo range, we are facing moderate to high fire danger. the fire danger starts to ease up a bit in the afternoon, but still running on the moderate side as indicated here in blue. by morning, definitely grab a sweater or jacket. it is going to be on the cool
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side in the valleys. 47 in livermore. morgan hill, look at this napa dropping to 45°. first thing in the morning santa rosa down to 43. really bordering on cold. 46 in san rafael. elsewhere we are seeing mainly 50s. it is a warmer afternoon with the offshore flow developing. do look for low 70s along the coast from san francisco and half moon bay. in the north bay mid70s. santa rosa and napa and toward livermore. san jose 73 degrees and sunshine around the monterey bay. 70 degrees in monterey. 76 for new gilroy. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. it is breezy and warmer. 70s across the entire area. this pattern really continues through the weekend with very little change. dry for halloween. and even beyond that. we could be going into november on a dry note as well. >> thanks, sandhya very much. move over generation x. generation i
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or hospital that accepts medicare. there are no networks and no referrals needed. help protect yourself from some of what medicare doesn't pay... and save up to thousands of dollars in potential... out-of-pocket expenses with an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. call this toll-free number on your screen now... for this free information kit, including this... medicare guide and customized rate quote. protests that got so violent today with clashes, with police that have continued for several hours now. teargas has been fired at protesters within just the past few minutes. two officers have been
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injured. some protesters were hurt as well. these clashes all started early this evening, building all day long after protesters were forcibly removed from the plaza where they were camped out for two weeks in the middle of the night. unceremoniously forced to leave the plaza and their stuff behind. all day long as a result tensions have been building leading to vie lentz clashes for police -- violent clashes with police. two officers hurt and protesters as well. for the moment it looks quiet, but still a lot of people on the street. well. it may seem to you that digital devices are taking over these days, and that might be true for children as well. look at this youtube video. it shows a child that can't tell the difference between an ipad and an old-fashioned magazine. new research out shows that more than half of children aged five to eight have ed devices like smartphone scpiz pads. some experts say the interactive tee could be helpful to a developing mind.
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>> at three years old, it is a time where the imagination is blossoming like never before. but by having tools to be able to draw and explore and to create things on the fly taps into that imagination. >> also among the findings, 10% of babies underage one have had some screen time. and they are all better texters than we are already. >> i was going to say is what is sad is the five-year-old can use the ipad more effectively than i can. >> larry beil is here with sports. in sports, jamarcus russell and terrell owens are talking raiders, oh my. and the sharks have turned
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the sharks started their boston. boston.p with wins in the stop was at nashville, another impressive victory. in music city, fans are everywhere. the sharks clear the puck two on two going the other way. the sharks' first shorty of the year.
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less than four minutes to play. this time they score. rookie craig smith with the equalizer. less than a minute later, the sharks answer with patrick marlow who poke itself 3 behind the net. 2-1 sharks. nashville empties their net late. joe thorton to marlow. thorton's 700th career assist. 3-1 shark and it is a third victory on the road trip. stanford is climbing up the bcs scandal, but it is a monster starting with usc this saturday night. a game we will have for on you abc7. they take their record to l.a. stanford faces oregon, cal and notre dame, and maybe the pac bell title game. if they can run the title they could be playing for the national championship. we know it is a cliche, but here is the philosophy of head coach david shaw one game at a time. >> i told the guys, if you want to be a god team, you
2:33 am
would have to play in big games. you would have to play in the hostile environment and handle all that goes on and do your job effectively. this is just one of the games. >> jamarcus russell is alive and well and he said the raiders used him as a scapegoat. russell was the ultimate bust. he says sleep apnea had a lot to do with his problems. and then head coach tom cable didn't help with bad play calling and then threw troubles.nder the bus for the the raiders paid russell $39 million before cutting him. russell says despite rumors he is not broke. and t.o. is not broke in. his knee has healed and he is ready to play. all he needs is his team. the former 49er, eagle, bengal working out, but no nfl teams were there. the camera was there to watch a chiseled 37-year-old run routes. he would like to suit up for the raiders.
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>> we shall see. thank you very much. as we leave you tonight, one last look from sky 7hd near city hall in downtown oakland where it will be a very long night for protesters and police alike. we will monitor it for you all evening. you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter at abc7 news bay area and on our website. sandhya patel, god will
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help. rescue crews kept digging. still in there, azra's father. and around 15 others.
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then, silence. a pause. as everyone strained to hear any signs of life. nearby, as dusk fell, family and friends of those still inside huddled around a fire. blank faces, eyes swollen from crying. a reminder that those three rescues were miracles in this place of so much heartbreak. alex maquardt. abc news, ercis, turkey. >> three generations rescued altogether, all survived. amazing story. so much death and devastation there. >> you love those rescue stories. you see the faces there, people who won't be as lucky getting their relatives out. also more good news overnight. an 18-year-old university student was also found alive in all the rubble. he actually survived for 61 hours, beneath all of that debris. so there are miracles happening in the midst of devastation in turkey.
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good news this morning. new worries about the debt crisis in europe sent asian stocks lower. a meeting of finance ministers was canceled yesterday. that helped to trigger a sell-off on wall street. the euro zone countries have not reached an agreement on how to reduce the mounting debt crisis in greece. well, when was the last time that you used a dollar coin instead of a dollar bill? probably not very often like most of us. but now the government wants to change all of that in an effort to save some cold hard cash. here is abc's correspondent. >> reporter: dollar bills. we all use them, of course. but the paper dollars are wasting our money. >> we could save a lot of money if we want to a coin dollar. >> reporter: the problem -- paper dollars wear out quickly. each and every bill needs to be replaced every 36 months or so. at seven cents per bill, it adds up. a recent government report says eliminating the dollar bill and replacing it with the more durable dollar coin could save $5.6 billion over the next 30 years. in fact, government is already
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making 2 million dollar coins every day as we found on a trip to the mint in philadelphia. right now nobody seems to use them. here at the federal reserve in baltimore, you see the coins packed in plastic bags, stacked on top of each other. aisle after aisle. millions and millions of dollars and dollar coins. just sitting there. we consumers are the problem. as long as the dollar bill is around, most people will not use the dollar coin. >> you have to eliminate the dollar bill. shocking, but yes. >> reporter: there's an army of special interests fighting it out. ink and paper lobbyists want to keep the paper dollar. so does mt. vernon lady's association. they like george on all the bills. on the other side, lobbyists from mining and vending machine companies, they want coins. if the government can save a few billion by sending george to retirement it may be time to start using those coins. jonathan carl, abc news, washington.
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>> i know it saves money. but i like the bills better. there is something about paying with bills. and it doesn't feel like real money. feels like it is not worth as much. >> if we can save $6 billion, country hurting for cash, go ahead and do it. i am shocked there are lobbyists on either side. is there, is there lobbying behind anything? everything has a lobby. amazing to me. >> money, money, money. >> that's our democracy. well, if you have a fear of germs, get ready to squirm. a study reveals the dirtiest surfaces in public. the personal hygiene giant kimberly clark, swabbed the surfaces nationwide and the results are frankly gross. 71% of gas pumps handles tested, that had disgusting levels of microorganisms. 68% of mailbox handles considered downright filthy. along with 40% of escalator rails, atm buttons testing for germs. makes sense. all stuff that none of us ever clean. who is cleaning -- >>


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