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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  October 26, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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terry mcsweeney live near oakland city hall protesters still on the scene nothing compared to what we saw last night. police shooting tear gas. protesters throwing paint at the cops. details coming up. seven bay area schools could learn their fate tonight. school board members are expected to decide on closures, tonight. live look from sutro tower, a little fog. we'll talk about where thickest and update you on our fire danger. good morning sue hall. light at the bay bridge toll plaza overnight roadwork. we'll help you get around that good morning 4:30 on this wednesday morning i'm eric thomas. organizers of the occupy oakland protest are hoping to retake ground they lost to police yesterday. they are tweeting volunteers asking them to come back and reoccupy frank ogawa plaza
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despite three clashes they had with tear gas firing cops. terry mcsweeney is live at frank ogawa plaza. >> reporter: right now there are still protesters out here this is the flashpoint for all the violence that happened yesterday. you can see now people milling around the signs are still up, no police violence, open community. stop police brutality. despite the signs and a few people, it is calm now. a far cry from the confrontation last night. the smoke from the tear gas hung in the air after this confrontation 7:45. 90 minutes before that several police found themselves surrounded as they made an arrest at washington and 8th street. police were hit with paintballs and other objects, reinforcements arrived and helped the officers. a group of demonstrators tried
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to get to police headquarters. there were hundreds of officers out here yesterday, pushed them back. the main objective of the protesters is to take back frank ogawa plaza right in front of city hall. last night protesters talked about it. >> people have to reoccupy. there will be another camp somewhere else. hopefully this goes down peacefully and no one is hurt and people get the point. >> reporter: there were some injuries. a woman was hit in the forehead with a bean bag fired by police. more than 100 arrested. at least 16 law enforcement agencies have been tapped to help out with the protests. protesters say they are going to be back today for sure and tonight at 6:00 they are going to gather again for another rally and perhaps this will all begin again. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news.
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>> occupy oakland protesters are planning another protest tonight at 6:00 at frank ogawa plaza. [ power to the people ] >> about 600 demonstrators marched yesterday from the oakland library to try to reoccupy frank ogawa plaza. many were angry over arrests of nearly 100, as you heard terry say, after police swept through and removed the camps early yesterday morning labor unions who supported the encampment behind the scenes made a public show of support. >> we are here because people have lost their homes, they don't have access to good food and really there's been -- there's been attack on main street by wall street. >> service workers say they cleaned up after the raid. oakland education teachers union and california nurse's association marched with signs
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in spanish and chinese. in san jose police are monitoring the protesters at city hall. they made no arrests overnight. officers did arrest seven people yesterday four were taken to jail and charged with illegal camping on city property three were cited for trespassing and released. a dozen protesters have been arrested since friday. sean kelly the man who chimed atop a 36 foot tall wall outside city has has left -- was left alone police say trying to get him down would be too dangerous. we'll continue to follow the latest all morning. you can get updates at and on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. students and parents and two financially strapped school districts could find out today if their schools arev going into the history books.
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seven schools are on the chopping block. katie is live with the story. west contra costa and oakland. >> exactly. it is decision day for parents and children across two districts after much controversy and debate today saturday they with will learn whether or not their schools are closing. in oakland five schools are in danger of being closed over the last few months we've seen several contentious meetings where parents make the case for their school to stay open. district officials say enrollment is down and so is funding. there are 100 schools in oakland, twice as many as other districts of similar size. lake view near lake merritt, lazear in fruitvale, marshal in east oakland hills maxwell park and sante fe in north oakland. in west contra costa county shannon and lake elementary
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schools. families there had their ups and downs last month the board voted to payoff a loan and keep the campuses open. then the state intervened and said that plan would not work and ruled the schools would close. tonight west contra costa is having a meeting which will include a vote to determine if funds are dedicated to shannon and lake schools. that meeting starts at 6:00 this evening. in oakland the meeting is at 6:00 at oakland technical school. katie marzullo, abc7 news. today president obama will announce a new plan to help college students pay back loans. the president wants to fast track a measure bassed by congress that cuts the maximum loan repayment from 15% to 10% of income. the white house wants to push the date up to 2012.
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the administration wants any debt forgiven after 20 years instead of the current 25 that could help a billion and a half borrowers. concord police investigating the pursuit of a stolen truck that ended with a crash and the death of an innocent driver. the truck driver took off when officers tried to pull the vehicle over the pick up crashed into a bm work killing the driver. the suspect in the -- truck suffered major injuries. a transit driver charged with murder accused of running over and killing a hells angels motorcyclist last weekend in a case of road rage. investigators say eddie hall deliberately hit george lopez saturday anding dragged the victim's motorcycle -- more than a mile under the van. investigators say lopez was with six to eight bikers they believe he had some sort of
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con ton on the freeway with hall. -- former san ramon police officer charged with stealing drugs, cash and jewelry during raids will plead guilty and testify against other cops. that comes if the attorney for 39-year-old louis lombard arraigned yesterday. he hopes to get a prison sentence that is less than the maximum 60 years he's facing now by cooperating. the contra costa times reports that he could be called to testify against his former boss on the narcotics team norman welsh who has pleaded not guilty. 4:38. let's check in with mike. good morning. still have the threat of fire outside. under that red flag warning for north bay mountains east bay hills. winds haven't picked up yet.
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they are starting to, northeast wind at six at oakland, three hayward everybody else fairly calm that's why we have fog forming this morning, especially in the north bay valleys around novato less than a quarter mile visibility. oakland and hayward 8 to 10 miles. looking at tower cam there is is fog forming along the east bay shoreline also watch out for that through 8:00. still in the 40s and 50s, much cooler this morning. we talked about 40s, they are here fanning going to hang around. by noon -- low to mid 60s. 4:00 that offshore wind and that will help temperatures reach upper 60s to low 70s in most neighborhoods. here's your accuweather 7-day, quiet. once breezes leave and fire threatens tomorrow morning we have sun and temperatures
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close to average through november 1st. that's tuesday. it is already here. time is flying. we go to san rafael southbound 101 roadwork blocking the on and off-ramps of lucas valley road take the surface street redwood highway getting on and off the freeway itself is not affects. westbound 80 off of the bay bridge skyway stall blocking a lane there. i just checked with bart no delays and no closed stations everything so far is on time and open. we will follow that for you. 4:40 now. the bay area adds to the president's campaign cuffers. the president talks about the -- coffers. the president talks about the job he has done so@@
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good morning. 4:43. live at our sutro cam view downtown san francisco sue is checking traffic and we'll let you know if there are any trouble spots. mike will tell us about when that high fire danger will end. all of that in a couple of minutes. right now more news. president obama left the bay area yesterday with one million dollars in new campaign donations. raised during a san francisco luncheon. stepping off air force one, he received a warm reception from mayor ed lee. the president took a know to comfort a crying baby and high-five a boy sitting on a man's shoulders. at the "w" hotel he humbly asked supporters for help on getting reelected. >> the president: i'm here to
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tell you whether you are an old veteran or new to the scene, i need your help. >> the president says he has a tough political fight ahead. even admitted that backing him isn't as cool as it used to be on the republican side. the chair of the state gop agrees if the election is all about president obama, and his to fix the economy. the san francisco mayor's race getting nastier. leland yee accusing lee workers -- yee claims a bay view man told him he was promised a job at city hall if he helped lee get elected. >> to see an individual running for mayor and perverting a process trying to steal elections to fake an election, is something that is abhorrent. >> a spokesman for the lee
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campaign denies the allegations. he says yee is trying to cause mistrust between the mayor and the african-american community. >> we have people working on our campaign. [ inaudible ] >> this weekend seven mayoral candidates asked the justice department and secretary of state to investigate claims of tampering by supporters of mayor lee. coming up, san jose's pothole problems. [ inaudible ] the new challenge to a law giving undocumented students a financial boost to college it >> the bay area library becomes one of 10 in the country to receive a national medal of honor3q
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head through the rockies. as you spill into the plains even chicago o'hare delays. check out temperatures around 80 in denver monday. 6 to 12 inches of snow today and 34. while they don't have delays now keep an eye on that area. 51 in chicago, 70 d.c.. when you travel use our flight tracker at, it is at the bottom. 4:48 now. san jose officials say digging out of a budget hole has left the city without funds to philpot holes. they are considering asking voters to approve a parcel tax measure to get the funds. the city has a backlog of 277 million dollars in defered street repairs. karina rusk reports. >> reporter: driving on san jose street be like navigating a land mine of
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potholes ask >> it blew the tire and caused $1200. >> reporter: money is an issue on both sides of the problem. director of transportation warning city leaders that the numbers don't add up. >> we need to invest 100 million dollars a year to keep san jose's roads in good condition. unfortunately, we only have 15 million dollars a year. >> reporter: this is a city where nearly 2400 miles of paved streets. without regular maintenance, conditions are getting worse. transportation director tells us 900 miles are considered in good condition. look at the rest of the list. close to 1,000 miles are rated in fair condition. another 300 miles are classified as poor. more than 100 miles fall into very poor category. the mayor blames dire budget realitys. >> i'm not proud of the fact the roads are in terrible condition i'm also not proud of the fact we had to lay-off
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cops. >> reporter: road repair takes a 2/3 super majority to pass. >> if it is a small amount, it would be okay, maybe. >> maybe. >> reporter: if funding remains as is by 2020 more than half the streets here will be in poor condition that's a bumpy ride, no matter where you turn. 4:50. hurricane rina heading for mexico and gaining strength as a cat 2 storm. stein from the international space station is approaching mexico's yucatan peninsula winds topping 110 miles an hour. evacuations of the coastal towns began yesterday. the storm is predicted to hit outer islands tonight and continue to pick up strength as she crosses the gulf of mexico. rina, did i get that right? >> yes. >> want to make sure, don't want if get that look from mike nicco.
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he gives you that look. >> there's a reason why when you travel to the caribbean this time of year it is cheap. >> your windows are boarded up, hope you don't mind. >> help with sandbags. 4:51. you can see fog, emeryville in the foreground, san francisco in the background. if you had the windows open last night you may have felt the chill, 40s. mid 40s around north bay valleys, mid to upper 40s half moon bay redwood city fremont, concord, livermore, los gatos. clouds around mountain view and san jose 53. 62 and 61 that's the winds that are picking up it has kept the atmosphere overturned warm air down in fairfield and antioch we still have a high fire danger in the north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range.
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here's what i'm thinking is going to happen today. it is going to be sunny, really dry and warm this afternoon, much warmer than yesterday. breezes continue in the hills high fire threat will linger. past today and tomorrow clear and cool at night but sunny and mild. even warm in our afternoons. today's temperature change everybody going up from one degree in concord, two san jose, san francisco seven, santa rosa 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. here's what is happening low pressure sure to our south high pressure to our north when you get that close it causes a tight pressure gradient the tighter, the faster the windows move that's why we have the -- winds picking up now. the winds are going to peak this morning and taper this afternoon. highest fire threat over the next couple of hours. because of gusts up to 40 low
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humidity and all the dry vegetation. today low to mid 70s everywhere from 71 san francisco, richmond and half moon bay to 75 in santa rosa, napa, antioch and livermore. inland 76 in gilroy. around the state 48 tahoe rain is over mid 70s through central valley more sunshine around l.a. and 70 tonight more 40s tomorrow afternoon sunshine temperatures warm about 30° it is smooth sailing all the way through the beginning of november which is tuesday. hello everyone. stall coming off the bay bridge. it is blocking a lane there as you approach northbound 101 the ramp to northbound 101. no significant slowing early enough it is not a problem. downtown oakland 14th between broadway and clay remains closed. opd has that closed off for
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protester control as they are calling it. we don't have any other problems. no bart delays. no issues in and out of 12th street bart station. roadwork walnut creek north and southbound 680, this is southbound 680 moving smoothly towards the 24 junction. for the latest. 4:54 know. sonoma county board of supervisors stepping close to limit the number of permitted medical marijuana dispensaries. there are currently five with permits four more have applied. the zoning ordinance would cap the number at nine. that was approved by the board yesterday. it still needs to be approved by the planning commission before return the board of supervisors for a final vote. campaign underway to overturn new law that benefits
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undocumented students. thousands of new petitions circulated in a statewide effort to repeal the california dream act that allows undocumented college students to apply for publicly funded financial aid. supporters must get a half million signatures by january 6th, to put the issue before voters. >> how can you give a certain group a certain break and expect another group to pay for it, when the basics is illegal? >> we think the voters of california will be supportive of providing an education and helping to finance the education of these kids. >> supporters of the dream act are expected to begin petitions of their own to show the support the measure has in california. the use of the clipper card on bart has nearly tripled over the past year. last month more than 141,000 riders used the card to pay, that's 38% of bart's
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passengers. last year only 45,000 used the clipper card. tomorrow bart's board of directors is scheduled to vote on amend the contract with the manufacturer. if approved the new contract would cost $400,000 over the next two years. budget cutbacks haven't taken the shine off san jose's libraries. the library system has received a national medal, the highest honor a library can receive. san jose was selected for use of technology and services in several languages. officials say they've seen a big judgment in attendance. >> last -- a big jump in attendance. >> last year more visited than attended the hope games of every professional team in the bay area. >> san jose's public library is the first in california to receive in honor it 34: .
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injuries on both sides -- 4:56. next, live team coverage of the occupy oakland protests. big change san francisco muni makes today aimed at putting more buses on the streets.
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