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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 28, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield. we are watching workers begin a huge mission that will be a giant milestone for the new bay bridge today. details coming up. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney at oakland city hall. tents are back up protesters are here. police are nowhere to be found. i'll tell you more about the controversial celebrity coming out to show his support today coming up in a live report. new warning for students and protesters aftershocking choking assault on a bay area college campus. -- >> good morning after a warm, sunny weekend, fall is back in the forecast.
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while tell you when the chilly rain is arriving. i'm saw hall following your commute. still light at the bay bridge toll plaza. one place you don't want to be in san francisco this afternoon. i'm update you on that >> she means it. you better avoid it. 6:01. all details coming up. thanks for joining us, i'm is. i'm eric thomas. you can drive on it yet. but the final piece to the new about will be lowered into place later today completes the largest structure of its kind on any bridge in the world. amy hollyfield is live at the bay bridge with more on the story. amy, it weighs in at a slim trim two million pounds. >> reporter: yeah, no big deal, right? they can handle that they are definitely going to be completing a huge milestone today. if you are driving across the bridge between 9:00 and 10:00 you might catch a glimpse of it lived up on the crane. we can see the gap where this piece is going to be put in
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place. that's where they will be filling in. this is when san francisco and oakland connect today when that gap is filled in. the new piece is not the biggest one they've dealt with but the heaviest. it weighs two million pounds. it is the 28th piece they've handled. since it the -- it is the last one it has to fit perfectly. caltrans officials say the mood at the office today is celebratory especially the iron workers they are feeling the most pride this is the pinnacle of what they've been working on. they are quite excited. the piece is too heavy for the local piers so it is floating on a barge. right now 6:00 was the goal to start moving toward that barge and start working on getting the big piece on the crane. if you are driving across the bridge they think between 9 and 10 you will see it dangling from the crane. something to look for. of course, keep your eyes on
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the road. if you catch a glimpse of it, that's what it is. this huge piece that will truly connect the bridge it will be one solid piece that we can drive across, but not yet. it is not going to be opening until 2013. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> one of those look but don't look. amy thank you. 6:03. oakland city hall under fire and overwhelmed. this morning occupy protesters are back in full force at frank ogawa plaza, three days after officers removed them by force. the drama has caught the attention of a famous documentary make they are morning. terry mcsweeney is live with the latest. >> reporter: controversial documentary maker michael moore according to his blog is going to be out to show his support for occupy oakland. when he gets here he will see dozens of tends are back up as -- dozens of tents are back up
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as they were. look at a tribute to a former marine scott olsen injured in a protest tuesday night. some say he was hit by a tear gas canister thrown by police he's in fair condition now. there are 30 tents up now in the place where occupy oakland held a meeting last night. mayor quan wanted to speak but her appearance caused such a ruckus, pro and con she never did speak. >> we need to show everybody that we are a little bit nicer than you think. a little bit cleaner, we'll clean it up, come back stronger, it up better, no more rats, nothing like that >> reporter: more than one -- 100 arrests tuesday night. protesters clashing with police tuesday night. mayor quan has apologized for the outcome of that demonstration. she says she is going to take
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things one day at a time going forward. dozens are sleeping out here peacefully not a police officer in sight. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. police in cupertino looking for a man who nearly choked the life out of a student at de anza college. this is a sketch. the woman describes him at 5'4, blonde hair and speaks with a russian accent. according to police the victim says the stranger approached her yesterday morning near a parking garage asking for help. he again to choke her until she passed out. when she regained consciousness the suspect was gone. police alerted the campus and added extra poll patrols. medical marijuana activists claim the obama administration is violating rights of states by attempting to close pot dispensaries in a lawsuit filed yesterday americans for safe access claims the justice department's actions are unconstitutional under the
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10th amendment which reserves powers not specifically granted to the federal government for states. this morning prosecutors announced plans to close dispensaries operating in locations close to where children gather. i'm going to make you fess up. you talked about turn being -- turning on the car seat warmer, did you do it this morning >> you are darn tooting i did. got to stay warm driving to work. mike, tell us more. >> you're darn tooting, you turned on your seat warmers to keep your -- a lot of innuendo i heard. >> how about that forecast? >> how about the water vapor imagery showing a storm to our out in, south we are in between we have that sunshine sandwich and mile temperatures this afternoon. 39 in fairfield, a lot of 40s inland except for antioch 52.
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low to mid 70s around the bay shore into los gatos. by the afternoon, wealth of low to mid 70s from 70 half moon bay, 71 san francisco. warm spot 77 in nap pavement -- in napa. the rest of the weekend like today, maybe warmer tomorrow, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday temperatures fluctuate minimally, depending on the wind. thursday is when everything changes. cool weather rolls in, pattern changes and wet weather comes with it. good morning sue. it is okay, so far, so good pesky san leandro area northbound 238 starting to cause a back up and problems on the ramp to southbound 880 blocking the right lane. we are -- where not to be this evening if you can help it justin herman plaza not only do they have occupy san francisco but it is the last friday of the month critical mass will be getting underway 6:15 this evening.
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expect major traffic in the justin herman plaza. current drive times highway 4 starting to grind up, 80 from the carquinez bridge not a bad ride. 580 still good out of the central valley. 6:08. >> they say nothing is free but we may have found an exception. restaurant chain offering a free halloween breakfast for your little ghouls and goblins today. fire accident that brought one commute to a complete stop this morning. we are awaiting the opening bell on wall street. will yesterday's good news translate to another positive day ofclclclclclclclclclclclclcl
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. you think your traffic troubles are bad? this is the san outside houston where a tanker truck exploded and forced officials to shutdown the southwest freeway. incredibly, fire crust say nobody got hurt. but they also say it could take half a day to clear up and repair the freeway. seismic study released this week shows two south bay dams are at risk of significant damage if a major quake occurs. the findings shows that the dams are the most vulnerable
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to earthquakes. the study says magnitude 6.7 or higher would cause major damage to those sites if it was centered within a mile of the dams on the fault zones or on the shannon fault. findings show impact of the quake would result in devastating floods in south san jose. not sure if main street is feeling it, but there's a new sense of optimism on wall street. dow closed above 12,000 mark yesterday. overnight asian markets within gangbusters. katie, signs that -- we could avoid a double dip recession? >> we could hope. experts are mixed on what it means. european nations agreed on a plan to rescue their economy. asian markets up. u.s. markets up. october could be the market's best month in 25 years. consumers are spending. businesses are earning and spending. too many people are still out
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of work. >> haven't turned the corner on unemployment yesterday we are treading water adding just enough jobs to keep pace with the number who come into the labor force. >> companies are making money they are profit profitable running businesses well. that's positive. interest rates remain low to low. >> another indicator people are buying cars again. ford posted its 9th straight profitable quarter. holidays are approaching, stores are stocking up for the rush. stocks futures show the dow will open slightly lower this morning. we'll know for sure soon enough. katie marzullo, news that . in this economy who doesn't love getting something for free, right? here's a deal, this morning ihop celebrating halloween early, offering kids 12 and under a free scary face pancake.
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guests can buy a one dollar pumpkin icon to help children's miracle network which supports health care for children worldwide. the pancake offer is valid interest this morning 7:00 to 10:00 at night. breakfast any time. >> pancakes should be scared. somebody is going to be coming at it with a knife and fork. hike is here with the forecast. cool look -- like this morning you may have noticed, i'll show you temperatures in just a second. i think our house was like 64 when i left this morning. still haven't turned the heater on yet. don't want to turn it on in the morning, would like to be home in case of carbon monoxide, you never know, got to be careful. 6:15. beautiful picture from the peak down. looking at the old and the new. all the way into san francisco the bay bridge. temperatures have dropped significantly in the north bay valleys mid to upper 30s throughout into fairfield still holding on to 50 antioch
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most of the east bay valleys mid to upper 40s, upper 40s around fremont and half moon bay bay shore into the south bay 50s around the monterey bay mid to upper 40s extremes 41 gilroy and inland to salinas 50. let's talk about how the weather is going to be quiet, mild this afternoon sunshine clear and kind of cool again tonight more moisture in the air fog may form in the north bay valleys if that's all you have to worry about this weekend, pretty good forecast. next week the pattern changes and it brings waves of rain, starting late next week and much cooler conditions. it will definitely feel like fall about seven days from now. today compared to average warmer livermore, san jose 75, san francisco 71, napa red wad city 77 and 75, four degrees warmer than average. oakland five degrees warmer than average. sunrise 7:31 it will set at
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6:16. total sunshine dominates from the coast where we are 70 at half moon bay a few upper 60s in places like daly city, to low to mid 70s inland the warm spot napa 77°. nice day to be up in the wine country not only in but out in livermore at 75°. head down to the monterey bay, had a light go out, 68 monterey, mid 70s around santa cruz, watsonville. upper 70s around morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. tonight in the 30s again napa, cloverdale, fairfield, low to mid 40s around the rest of the north bay valleys mid to upper 40s east bay valleys upper 40s to low 50s around the bay shore. three high pressures, three areas of high pressure tom nating the forecast again steering -- all the storms to the north may see a high cloud from time to time just a high
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and dry weekend into early next week. saturday right now looks to be warm. warmest in the for was before wednesday, may bump up temperatures wednesday before that next cold front comes in thursday looking at midto upper 60s and rain -- mid to upper 60s and rain in the forecast. one target area, san leandro area northbound 238 still have the stall blocking right lane as you merge on to 880 southbound. you will fan a little slowing until -- you will fan a little slowing until they get that stall out of the 238 there's your drive, not too bad highway 4 bunching up out of antioch through pittsburg still good out of tracy towards livermore up and over the altamont pass. southbound 80 towards pleasant hill and walnut creek a little slowing as you approach the 24 merge. san mateo bridge is moving well. no reports of delays.
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foster city taillights headed in the west bound direction. metering lights off, the car pool and fast track lanes are the best way to go. so far, so good. good resource before you leave the house for the latest. as well as you sue, good resource before you leave the house. in the san francisco mayoral race the campaign money keeps pouring in for interim mayor lee. mayor lee has raised and spent nearly what and 1/4 million dollars on his campaign double than anybody else in the raise. second is board of supervisorser's president david chew $637 -- this may be the most important question every child will ask. where can they get the best
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candy? two buy area cities top a new survey. more green to rent from red box. price cbcbcbcbcbcbcbcbcbcbcbcbcbb
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welcome back. first netflix now red box. the widely popular company is raising prices.
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starting monday the company is raising the price to run a dvd to $1.20 a day. a 20% increase. while that is nowhere near the 60% hike netflix instituted, analysts warning it would mean a big drop in customers. red box recents out of free-strange kiosks at thousands of stores -- free-standing kiosks at thousands of stores nation by. class action lawsuits have been filed in california and quebec seeking refunds that affected blackberries. record number of blackberry customers trading in their devices for the new iphone 4s. >> timely in the event that we have halloween coming up, monday, and we do, good news for the bay area when it comes to trick-or-treating.
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the region's two biggest cities at the top of the list of the best places to let youngsters walk the neighborhood to get their candy. zillow says san francisco is the best trick-or-treat city in the company. san jose is number six. you can see the cities in between there on your screen. the ratings are based on home values, population density, crime data and nearby amenities. >> i also go for the bang for your buck you don't have to walk a lot but get a lot of candy. >> you taste test it for the kids before they eat it? >> sure, of course. 6:20 five. blaming the victim. the -- [ unintelligible ] putting the cell phone decision on hold. why bart says it is not ready to approve a new policy about when it would cut cell phone service at its stations.
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>> reporter: protesters have set up shop yet again at oakland city hall. there are big differences this time around. i'll tell you about it in a live report. good morning. all quiet at major airports on the west coast through the midwest into the east. nashville, charlotte and @@@@ @ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñú
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hay the last bell you heard right there trading is underway on wall street, -- nasdaq on your left, on your right. we were spending more money in september, consumer spending three times the pace of the previous month. incomes barely budged. commerce department released new numbers showing american made gains by saving at the lowest level the start of the great recession. back live to the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. to the news, oakland police are trying to rework their strategy against reoccupy protesters. re, because they've come back and rebuilt their tent city after several showdowns with
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police that observers say the protesters won. terry mcsweeney is live at frank ogawa plaza with the latest. >> reporter: the protesters would agree with that assessment. they set up shop again at frank ogawa plaza in front of city hall. dozens of tents are back up where they were tuesday morning until police came through and took them down. one woman walking by a short time ago looked at me and said crazy this is just crazy. we look at something that is new. this is a tribute to scott olsen the former marine and iraq veterans against the war of he was hit in the head some say by a tear gas canister thrown by police tuesday during the confrontation. he's in fair condition. perhaps 30 tents right now in the place where occupy oakland held a meeting last night. mayor quan wanted to address the crowd. she showed up, witnesses say maybe half the people said let her speak, free speech. the other half said we don't want to hear from her.
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she ended up never speaking. one protester told me the police response to this process only fueled the fire. >> mayor quan only may it bigger. now more people want to come. more people are involved every time police action happens. i hope to see that it comes to where it was before. >> reporter: more than 100 people arrested tuesday night. two officers hurt. unknown number of protesters injure. mayor quan has apologized for the outcome of that demonstration she says they is going to take things one day at a time. right now dozens are sleeping peacefully i have not seen so much as a police cardiff by. documentary maker michael moore, according to his blog is going to be coming out to show his support. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> you mentioned scott olsen
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the iraq war vet who was badly injured. he's now reported to be in fair condition. he suffered a skull fracture when he was hit by a tear gas canister fired by police. last night occupy oakland demonstrators held a candlelight vigil in his honor. doctors hopeful he will make a recovery. >> that swelling pushes the nerves together and makes them not function as well. right now that portion of his brain is his ability to speak. other than that, he's fine. >> a hospital spokesperson says they are surprised at all the attention he's getting worldwide. olsen's parents flew in yesterday from wisconsin to be with their son. >> scott olsen is featured in a new ad blasting oakland's mayor. >> >> announcer: mayor quan is this your city? is this how we treat free speech in the united states of america? >> the ad produced and paid
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for by will begin running today on several bay area news stations. images of tear gas and injured olsen, nay for implores viewers to call the -- mayor and says this happened under your watch. stop the police brutal the mayor has not yet commented. this morning an attorney for los angeles dodger owner frank mccourt is hinting that brian stow the injured giant's fan may be partly to blame for attack. yesterday attorney jackson said it takes at least to to have a fight. his family is suing the dodgers for failing to take measures to prevent the attack. dodgers filing a counter suit arguing they the two men should be held not the team. stow was in a coma for months. he was just released from a
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hospital to a rehabilitation facility. concord police arrested two in connection with this week's murph a woman in concord. the body of 21-year-old shelby barnes was found inside a vacant home tuesday afternoon. she graduated from high school in 2008. detectives have arrested 23-year-old concord resident and 20-year-old richmond resident. the homicide was concord's sixth this year, two more than all of last year. police in cupertino are asking for the public's help in identifying a suspect who attacked a female student at de anza college. white male adult 5'4, blonde hair, speaks with a russian accent. >> according to police, the victim says the stranger approached her yesterday morning near a campus parking garage asking for help. he then began choking her until she passed out.
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when she regained conciousness the suspect was again. police have alerted the campus and added extra patrols. new state audit finds more than three dozen foster homes in california have -- the state auditor compared the addresses are sex offenders with the addresses of licenseds to kerr care facilities and homes -- and found more than 1,000 matches. officials found 39 instances where sex offenders were affiliated with the foster care homes. those included several in mountain view. auditors blame failures in the state department of social services for the oversight. officials say they are working to address the issue. please hold bart board of directors put off decision on new guidelines for blocking cell tone service. the board wants more time to refine wording on a policy that spells out when the agency can block service in
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the under ground sections of the system. board members agree bart should only shutdown service under extraordinary circumstances. >> it has to be clear it is a terrorist attack, potential life-threatening situation. it has to be something that we know could potential lose a life. >> bart came under fire for shutting down cell service in august before a planned protest over a fatal bart police shooting. bart officials say they were trying to ensure public safe. critics say it was an attempt to stop the protest. retailers in san francisco will not be forced to put up warnings about cell phone radiation. judge has struck down most of the city law that required warning labels and posters. the judge said warnings could be misleading and ordered city officials to change wording on a fact sheet distributed to customers. the judge said the law also unconstitutionally promotes the city's opinion on the cell phones. the board of supervisors
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passed the law last year. city plans to appeal. 6:37. eventful morning for mike nicco. first he has a chill in the air, kind decide whether to turn the heater on or not. then they put a satellite in orbit, just for him. >> with the best signs now you have the latest temperatures for us. >> can't wait to see what that satellite turns out and how we fit it into the computer models and you get you better forecast even long range ones out of that polar orbiting satellite. right now not much movement in our weather. calm everywhere, three to five mile per hour wind. no fog so far, visibility still running nearly unlimited this morning. that may change tomorrow morning may get more fog in the north bay valleys. otherwise a lot of sun at 8:00. still in the 30s in the north bay valleys, the rest of us in the 40s, 50s, oakland, san francisco, san jose.
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noon, sun, 62 san francisco. everybody else in the mid to upper 60s even 70 at santa rosa, napa and fairfield. by 4:00, still looking at sunshine everywhere over out to the coast into san francisco upper 60s there. 72 fremont, san rafael, concord, fairfield everybody else in the low to mid 70s at 4:00. since the weekend is upon us and tomorrow couple degrees warmer could be the warmest day in the forecast temperatures remain above average sun through wednesday big change comes thursday cool and wet. good morning sue. good morning. that accident -- pardon me stall in san leandro northbound 238, cleared. there is residual slow traffic past the scene that should be clearing out shortly northbound 101 past brokaw, san jose possible hit-and-run we are waiting for more
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information. so far not a significant amount of slowing there. we will follow this for you. san rafael southbound 101 past lucas valley road towards the parkway on to north san pedro past the civic center more company, but still moving at the limit northbound no problem. bay bridge toll plaza, lights, metering lights on traffic backing towards the west grand overcrossing fast track lanes are breezing right through. no problems on the upper deck once you that it span and head into san francisco. our time 6:40. bucking the trend. big bank that says it is not going to follow the crowd when it comes to raising customers' debit card fees. jane king will have more on that live from the new york stock exchange. right now the big board, the dow is flat up seven points so far. a change of heart about a change of name. east bay newspaper that won't be getting a new name after
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all. we'll show you that overnight satellite launch that mike has been talking about. we'll explain how it is going to affect everyone tuned into our tv station, right now. >> reporter: oakland and san francisco will be connected today. log dignataries say it is time ñ(ñ(ñ(ñ(ñ(ñ(ñ(ñ(ñ(ñ(ñ(ñ(ñ(ñ(ñ(ñj
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welcome back. 6:45. sprinkles around eureka 57, sun through the central valley into the coast mid to upper 70s there sierra sunshine temperatures hovering near 60 in tahoe to near 70 yosemite southern california warmer sunshine near 80 in l.a. low to mid 70s in san diego. here's eric with more news. the oakland tribune will not be changing its name. the president of the bay area news group which owns the paper says reader complaints are forcing the company to backtrack on plans to create a regional paper with a different name. he says the newspaper will invest more in -- in more local content. setting up a community media lab. >> the concept is around having a facility where the community is welcomed to come and participate.
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for instance, we will have workstations where our new network of bloggers could come and work. >> the restructuring of the bay area news group means no mormon kay papers for the pal that times scar star, fremont august and hayward -- daily review. 25 people will be laid off in the newsroom. jpmorgan chase hoping to cash in on customer anger at bank of america over debit card fees. >> what are the big banks afraid of? angering customers appear pursuantly. jp morgan chase depositing plans to charge cursing for using debit cards. big bank announced they won't impose those monthly fees after seeing how mad the bank of america customers got when they started charging similar fees.
6:47 am
wells fargo is charging a $3 a month fee in five states, including nevada, oregon and washington not throughout california. it reviews pricing as takes into it what competitors and customers are doing. we don't know what they are doing, we will see. i guess you can call it a hangover after the huge rally yesterday. dow only down 11 points. big celebration yesterday after the european lead areas growing on a debt plan for greece. bloomberg index a little higher still. how are investors responding to the news with hewlett-packard depositing plans to abandon the pc business? their shares up about a dollar. the move might be making some employees happy. one analyst says hp should get out of the pc business and move to cloud computing
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instead. i'm jane king. a lot of people in the valley continue to watch that. >> a lot of people more interested in weather continue to watch this. new tool to track climate change rocketed into space while were you sleeping. >> two main engine start, 1, 0 and liftoff of the delta 2. >> nasa's newest weather satellite blasted off from vandenberg air force base after 2:45 this morning. nasa officials say the 1 1/2 billion dollar satellite will not only monitor global warming but will help improve weather forecasts as well. equipped with sensors that probe everything from the ozone layer to atmospheric temperatures to ice flow. >> mike, how will that help you help our viewers? >> wow. it is going to remote sensing not own in the near term also the long term. it is a polar orbiter means it going to sense everything all over the earth not just in the
6:49 am
geostationary area. that's what we are going to use it -- remote sensing technology is incredibly advanced nowadays. that thing is about the size of a minivan just floating above us. actually falling down to earth -- never mine. i don't want to get into the physics of that -- 6:49 this morning. con scantily falling to the -- constantly falling to the earth but never makes. you can see from mount tamalpais that it is beautiful outside. still in the 30s, santa rosa, novato, napa, fairfield, 40s and 50s for rest of us. monterey bay mid to upper 40s inland our extremes 41 gilroy 50 in salinas. here's what i think is going to happen, sunny and mild this afternoon, cheer and cool tonight. a little more moisture means a slight chance of north bay fog. then a chance of rain, big shift in the weather pattern
6:50 am
late next week. until then, more of this. temperatures hovering just above average in the mid -- low to mid 70s. fremont 73° today, 74, three days warmer than yesterday. san francisco and san jose the same oakland and santa rosa, 75 and 6 -- one degree cooler than questioned. half moon bay about 70° around 76 today in palo alto 68 monterey sun mid 70s the rest of the bay into salinas. farther inland upper 70s morgan hill, gilroy hollister 30s confined to the north bay maybe not as many as this morning clover detail, napa, fairfield low to mid -- 40s, mid to upper 40s livermore, half moon bay if i didn't mention your neighborhoods in the low to mid 50s tomorrow
6:51 am
morning. area of high pressures two to our east, one to our southwest. steering currents the jet stream well to the north. high cloud passing from time to time due to this cold front. by and large it is going to be a high and dry weekend. high and dry forecast into the early parts of november, tuesday and wednesday after saturday being slightly warmer. let's focus in on thursday look at that 10° cooler a chance of rain and another chance next weekend when it will be cooler than that. big changes on the way. until then enjoy the weekend. good morning. happy friday. still an accident to report in san jose. southbound 101 at brokaw hit-and-run, no significant slowing but we'll keep following this. drive times as you head out highway 4 from antioch through pittsburg into concord 580 out of central valleys looking good. 680 from the bridge to highway
6:52 am
24, live shot in a couple of minutes. good drive. bay bridge we've been talking about that new portion of the span going in this morning sometime between 9:00 and 1, tempting to take a look but if we could offer you this suggestion, please don't we don't want to be reporting accidents on the balanced budget. now it is heavy but moving well into san francisco toll plaza, lights are on. still looks like the fast track lanes are the best way to go if you are headed to the bay bridge now. live look as i mentioned walnut creek southbound 680 blake lights about north main towards highway 24 you are in a bit of company there. for the latest. sue, are you aware this baseball contest going on? >> just a little. >> tonight the cardinals and rangers play game seven the deciding game of the world series after the most
6:53 am
exciting game in history last night. cardinals down to the last strike in the 9th before david frees hit two run triple6f to tie the game at seven. again lance berkman hit a single to tie the game again. that frees guy, walk off homerun. you think he was the hero of the game? you think? football he would have got the game ball. game 7 again tonight. >> looks like the fans got the game ball there. >> another achievement in our top stories. major milestone for the new bay bridge. in a few hours caltrans will be able to say the new span is complete. >> amy hollyfield joins us live from treasure island. >> reporter: work is underway. we can see it behind us. the crane is lit up and working on lifting this gigantic piece off a barge and slipping it into the gap
6:54 am
officially connecting oakland and san francisco from a construction standpoint. you will be able to cross the bay on the new bridge once this piece is in place. they will be putting it in today. not the biggest, it is the heaviest of the 28 pieces. it weighs two million pounds. because it is the last one it has to fit perfectly. there will be a more -- it will be a little more complicated than the others they handled. they hope to have it in place by 1:00 this afternoon. if you are driving across the bridge this morning between 9:00 and 10:00 you may be able to get a glance of it. by then they will have lived it high enough that you will see it. they tell me the mood at caltrans is celebratory the iron workers especially. there will be a celebration with dignataries today. san francisco lee will be there. they are wait to find out if the mayor of oakland will be there.
6:55 am
they invited her. the big celebration will be when the br our other top story in oakland. terry mcsweeney joins us with an update from occupy oakland. >> reporter: good morning. just a couple minutes ago we had a little bit of news. for the first time this morning an oakland police - -- police car was driving up and down 14th and kept going. the tents are back up at frank ogawa plaza in front of city hall. give you a little tour. first thing i'm going to show is the candles, tribute to former marine scott olsen, a protester injured tuesday night during a clash with police. some say he was hit by a tear gas canister fired by police. there was a meeting last nightmare quan turned out to speak, there was a lot of
6:56 am
commotion and she defer did get the microphone. the tents were moved out tuesday morning. tuesday night disturbance, 100 arrested, two police officers injured unknown number of protesters injured as well. mayor quan apologized for results of the demonstration and confrontation tuesday night. she will take it one day at a time going forward. about 30 tents a far cry from what this was at its peak tuesday morning. we'll see what happens next. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:56 now. final check on weather and traffic. 70 along the coast through the weekend, mid to upper 70s around the bay and inland halloween looking the same. next thursday the rain and fog comes back into the forecast. new accident san jose 237 at north first accident blocking a lane there. drive times before we leave
6:57 am
you this morning, remember that new portion of the bay bridge is going in and could cause delays later this morning. >> but don't look. that's it for this edition of the abc 7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. keep track of the latest news at twitter. you can talk about the news stories at have a great day. >> bye-bye everybody!
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