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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  November 1, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. a wildfire is burning out of control. >> evacuations are underway near silverado trail and soda canyon where the fire is growing. alan wang is there with the latest. alan? >> we are about half a mile away from the fire. definitely smoke blowing through the command center where we are. we are at silverado trail and soda canyon road. that's about two miles northeast of downtown napa. cal fire tells us 15 to 20 acres have burned. about two dozen homes are in this area and several residents have evacuated to this point.
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it started around 8:45, but the 25 mile per hour winds are definitely making it difficult to fight tonight. the flames are sweeping through neighborhoods. no homes are lost so far, but cal fire says at least two out buildings have burned. i would like to bring in a resident right now. how have you experienced the fire? >> it was the first fire on the hills. it is definitely a scary thing. my dad is up there with my husband and trying to keep it safe. >> how did you first experience this fire, and how close did it get to your house? >> we were watching tv and started smelling smoke. we thought it was a fireplace going. then our house started to get engulfed in smoke. my windows are not up to code, i guess. the house started to fill with
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smoke, and that's when we realized that there is something gosmght we looked out and saw the flames on the hill. we started loading up our stuff. we were waiting out the smoke and seeing if anything would clear up. the smoke got to about 200 feet from our front yard, and that's when we decided to leave and our dogs stayed with us thankfully. >> thank you very much. she is still waiting to find out the fate of her home. again as we mentioned, firefighters are trying to save about two dozen homes in the soda canyon road and off silverado trail. and there is some homes in loma vista and they are fighting the fires. these 25 mile per hour winds are making it eek -- extremely difficult to fight this fire. we will keep you up-to-date. i'm alan wang, reporting live. those strong winds are knocking down trees and power lines. they are falling in oakland
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and san san leandro. that's where lisa is right now. >> what a difference 30 miles makes. we were in palo alto where the weather was very calm. and then we came to san leandro and look at what we found. a tree is down here at east 14th between sunny side and stokes. the tree came down at 10:15. you can see the massive limbs fell on this car and smashed in the driver's side window. here is what the owner of the car had to say about it. >> the tree in the back, it hit the car. >> how did it happened? >> by the wind. it is strong right now. >> do you think more trees will come down? >> definitely, yes. >> what did you do because of that? >> we started moving cars around. the last car was left behind when the tree started coming
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down. >> as you can see back here live, they are afraid more of the tree will come down. i am also told that trees are down around the city. officers are having a hard time responding to all of the calls. the wind is causing power losses. 1300 customers are out of power in san san leandro. 2,000 in south berkeley and north oakland. and about 500 customers are in the dark in napa county and another 800 out in vacaville. and of course we will be following this as this situation develops. live in san leandro, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. bob bob thank he high winds and high fire conditions are causing problems. 46,000 people are without power in widespread outages. hardest hit are napa county, san leandro, oakley and vallejo. in danville, crews are working to contain a two-alarm grass
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fire. and on route 12 in sonoma, downed trees and power lines have fallen at agua cal -- caliente road. >> the winds are extremely powerful. we will show you a live shot, and show you exactly how windy it is out there. this is one of the highest peaks in the east bay hills. and as you look back toward san francisco you can see the cam are you bouncing. let me show you some of the winds right now in napa, gusting to 40 miles an hour, it is down to 8%. it is gusty in fairfield and 44. you can see 35 miles an hour in hayward. and so it is extremely windy. it is not just at the lower elevations, but the higher elevations as well. the mountains are gusting to 42 miles an hour. east bay hills gust to 50. diablo range gust to 48. they were reporting wind gusts a few minutes ago, close to 80 miles an hour at this point.
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that's beyond obviously hurricane-force winds as far as we're concerned. 74 is usually hurricane-force winds. red flag warning until 6:00 a.m. for north bay mountains and east bay hills. that goes until 6:00 tomorrow morning once again. the gusts to 45 or higher with the low humidity continuing in the 10 to 20% range. dan? >> sand yaw, thanks -- sandhya, thanks very much. tomorrow in oakland, the occupy protest takes a new tack. they hope they will close down a lot of businesses and shut down the port of oakland. now, more with what could be a very disruptive day there. john? >> reporter: oakland police don't anticipate the need for enforcement action, but they are prepared to move in to protect lives and property. but regardless of what happens, a number of businesses won't be open to see it. right at the 7:00 closing time they turned off the light and started escorting customers out.
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they don't plan to reopen until thursday morning after the general strike. >> we are not going to play any games with the protesters or the police. >> she said it is not to be in solidarity with the protesters, but the staff is not expected to be paid for tomorrow's day off. >> there are all business representatives down here that are definitely losing out on money. >> a number of restaurants near city hall are shutting down tomorrow whether for safety reasons or to support the protesters. some were given a drop in business, but a rise from potential customers concerned how close the restaurants are to the encampment. one bar will open at noon and will throw an after party. there are signs supporting the strike here, but the owner says occupy oakland has not helped his bottom line. >> there are 2,000 people on the streets. we are a bar with entertainment. it hurt us financially.
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>> banks plan to open, but there is no plan. signs went uped in -- next to the boarded up windows that were trashed with next week's violence. >> we will close the bank tomorrow in the interest of public safety for our employees. >> his employees will be paid. his bank caters to small businesses and middle and lower income customers. >> we understand the rights of the people to express their views and what is a frustrating time in the economic profile of the country, so we support that. >> another focus is the port of oakland. demonstrators are expected to march there tomorrow afternoon to early evening to disrupt operations. the port issued a statement saying this they are sympathetic to the economic us from frustrations of the demonstrators. abc7 news. >> thanks very much. many of the business owners we talked with simply want the
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protesters responsible for their actions. and they say the demonstrators need a coherent message. one protestor tried to define who the occupy movement is targeting with the march on the port of oakland. >> who is the target? >> the same target if there is a target is the banking system, the 1%, the people that control everything, the people that pay everyone and limit the resources. >> the city of oakland teachers are being allowed to march as a personal leave day. so far there have been 260 requests for the day off. because of the general strike tomorrow your commute may be affected. both ba rt and ac transit is urging customers to plan ahead and allow extra time for commute and check websites for updates. no unnecessary force will be used against occupy san francisco protestors to move them out of justin herman plaza. that was the result of a resolution passed today by the san francisco board of supervisors. also today meetings between city officials and protest organizers revealed a desire to compromise.
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>> as long as progress continues to be made, we will work together to find something -- to find a situation that will be beneficial to both sides. >> we are true iing to get them to respect other people's use of the property. they are making prague -- progress on that. one of the examples is they were occupying the bocce courts we spent private monies on. by this weekend they moved off of that. >> the mayor revealed the costs of city work crews cleaning up justin herman plaza will be funded privately. coming up next, separated after birth. tonight two little girls are resting in their own beds for the first time. we will have an update. >> and embarassed, but undetered. the man would predicted the end of the world is making more predictions on "nightline." >> and coming up next on "nightline" a wife survives three murder attempts and she says her husband, his mistress and three clumsy hit men are to blame.
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and brad paisley talks about
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to
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for the first time in their lives, two little girls are sleeping in separate beds. born as conjoined twins they underwent 12 hours of surgery at stanford. as lisa amin go legion report -- lisa amin gulezian reports, it went well. >> reporter: this morning she wrapped her arms around her two angels, conjoined twins. to tonight she holds on to the surgeons for support. they are the ones she trusted most to separate her girls so they could lead separate and healthy lives. >> god bless us all. >> reporter: preparations for this day started a year ago. soon after the twins arrived from the philippines. the two-year-olds shared a diaphragm and a liver. today the muscle and organ were split in two during a 10-hour long surgery. >> i would say the anesthetic risks and the risks of the liver separation were the
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greater risks. >> they were risks the family was willing to take. because without the surgery, the twins could suffer from scoliosis and spinal curvatures. this was his conjoined twins. it is last was in 2007, also a successful surgery. but this time the surgeons used newer technology when separating the liver and special plates made just for these girls for use to reinforce the sternum. >> at the end of the surgery after the tissue expansion and the flaps and the sternum reconstruction, they have a long scar from the middle of their chest down to their belly button. it is just a straight line. that's all that will show for the future. >> reporter: and more surgeries are not expected for angelica and angelina. >> this is a dream come true. >> doctors expect the twins will stay in icu for a week. after this they will move to a normal hospital room where they hillary cover for another week -- where they will recover for another week.
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the largest study of its kind show a few drinks a week could increase a chance for breast cancer. they followed women for 28 years and found three to six glasses of alcohol a week can increase chances of getting breast cancer by about 15%. have two drinks daily and that risk goes up 51%. researchers say alcohol increases estrogen levels in the body, fueling tumor creation and growth. the study is in the journal of the american medical association. the oakland radio minister that predicted the end of the world is addressing why it did not end on october 21st. evangelist herald camping calls the prediction an embarassing moment for family radio but continues to say that god was in charge of everything. the 90-year-old is now working on more predictions. you may remember last spring his organization spent millions in advertising that a huge earthquake would destroy earth on may 21st. when that didn't happen he said he miscalculated and october 21st was the real
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date. we have enjoyed some really warm weather for the first day of november. >> we have indeed. we can predict with some accuracy that that is going to change. sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> it is going to change in a dramatic fashion. first let me show you the wind speed in napa where the fire is burning. it is out of the north, northeast to 15 and gusting to 23 miles an hour. the wind appears to be coming down, but the humidity as you can see is still low. the relative humidity is 9%. the winds have been extremely strong, and not just at the higher elevations, but the lower elevations as well. i want to show you this photo submitsed to you report. a tree is down in san leandro. this was sent in and this was around 8:00 tonight. definitely gusty winds out there. and the temperatures are being held up by the winds. really it is very mild outside. near 70 degrees san francisco, oakland, napa. it is 60 degrees in san jose and half moon bay. it is 62 in antioch. here are the highlights.
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high fire danger through the night. gusty winds remain. mild again tomorrow and we are looking at much cooler weather with showers developing on thursday. that's not the only change that is coming. with the wind at the higher elevations and the breezy and wind econ decisions to the lower elevations it is going to be a mild night under clear skies. we are looking at low to mid50s across the entire bay area. i want to show you the pacific satellite picture and the change that is coming. this is the system that we are watching. it is coming down from the gulf of alaska. it is going to bring with it much cooler air. so we are going to see a good 15 to 20-degree drop in the temperatures as we head into thursday. this is the system that will bring us some showers. this system starts to fall apart by the time it reaches us. we are looking at light rainfall totals with the system that is going to come through here on thursday. in the sierra nevada, this is going to mean some snow, so if you are traveling to tahoe snow levels traveling to 6500
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feet and then lowering to lake level as we head into thursday night and friday. thursday, south lake tahoe 48 degrees and windy with snow. 29 in the morning. still some scattered snow showers on friday. 36 degrees, and as we head into saturday, 42 degrees with a chance of some showers after a morning low of 13 degrees. higher passes could pick up a couple of inches of snow as early as thursday. you may need your chains if you plan to head up to the lake tahoe area. highs tomorrow though, really pleasant. but the offshore flow, the same gusty winds that are giving us the warm weather today will drop off tomorrow. so the temperatures will come down a little bit. low to mid70s across the entire bay area. 75 in santa rosa and half moon bay,73 in oakland and mid70s antioch and san jose. for the monterey bay, sunny skies and mild weather for one more day. 76 degrees in santa cruz. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. it is a changing one. cold showers on thursday and maybe some thunder there continuing into early friday.
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saturday is freezing cold in some of the coldest valleys saturday night into sunday morning as you turn your clocks back. we go to standard time at 2:00 a.m. on sunday morning. high temperatures only in the 50s and 60s. big change coming. >> thanks, sandhya. coming up next, the golden ipad. >> and a shark citing. it -- sighting.
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the most extreme gadget you could buy, look at this thing. it is officially called the ipad 2 gold history edition. it features a solid gold back. anal pell logo and home button maiden tierl of 65 pure flawless diamonds. the setting is carved from rock and tehran nis -- tehran gnaw cor russ rex bone. the designer has sold one it an unnamed buyer. locals gathered at ocean beach today to watch top surfers from around the world to compete. kelly slater won his heat, and he is now just one contest away from his 11th title. today's competition continues despite a shark scare.
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surfer dusty payne said he spotted a large shark fin. rangers didn't find anything, and they say it could have been a dolphin. he is pretty insuccess stint it wasn't -- insistent it wasn't though jie. and what about football? >> the raiders added a veteran for carson palmer to throw to abb
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carson palmer and t.j. herschman were playing catch wondering if they would play football and now they are raiders. they were 34 years old and it is a veteran receiver catching passes from palmer when they were with the bengals together. he had 30 receptions for the ravens last year and scored three touchdowns. college ball riding high after their triple overtime win at usc. stanford goes on the road to
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oregon state this week. on paper this was a game that stanford should win easily. and that's the problem. the cardinal hosts oregon in two weeks. and then they have cal and notre dame on the schedule. it would be easy to over look oregon state. the idea is to keep them focused and not get them caught in the trap of overconfidence. >> a trap game comes when guys are not completely focused on trying to be the best they could be. it doesn't matter who comes out of the locker room. we need to make sure we are playing at our best every saturday. >> i guarantee you that stanford and oregon will not combine for 123 points like toledo and northern illinois did. tommy lee lewis, no relation to jerry leigh, had -- yes, sirly lee, had -- jerry lee, and he put illinois up 63-60. hook and ladder by toledo. nice try, but the huskies of northern illinois win 63-60.
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the nba season was supposed to tip off tonight, but with a lockout on going, he is busy playing flag football. he answered a tweet from students at oklahoma state and accepted the invitation to play. a very tall quarterback, threw four touchdown passes and picked off three as well. lebron james saw this, and he tweeted durant saying he wants to get his own team together in akron and set up a showdown in flag football. the one thing no athlete wants to be called is soft. so when joe thorton mentioned the s-word it got a lot of attention. the loss 5-2 in new york. a frustrated thorton called the rangers the softest team the sharks played on their recent road trip in new york. he was not amused. >> it surprised me. i have never heard a player say that. joe is a heck of a player, but here is a player popping off about our team, and joe hasn't won a thing in this league. he is one of the better players in our league and
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never won anything. what he should do is shut up. >> you shut up. 170 million people worldwide watched the medical burn cup. -- melbourne cup. this is the biggest horse race on earth. they were running it 151 years and here is the closest finish ever. a 23-horse field comes down to two. >> it is unbelievable. the horse at the top of your screen wins the race. and that is your toyota sports report. >> wow, what a finish there. "nightline" is next. >> have a great evening. we will see you back here tomorrow. >> good night.
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