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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 2, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. "v" for victory. after outrage at the atm boils over, one of america's biggest banks backs down. suddenly dropping that $5 fee on debit cards. is this a grassroots revolution? and republican front-runner herman cain changes his story again. as one of his accusers says she wants to go public on charges of sexual harassment. and we learn that another woman might have gotten an entire year's salary of pay not to talk. kim kardashian talks about suddenly ending her marriage. swarmed by cameras, defending herself against marrying for money instead of for love. bieber shocker. the stunning accusations overnight against the teen superstar that he fathered a child. now, he's fighting back against the headline-making claim that he's a dad.
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and, boy, is bieber fighting back. no question about it. his spokespeople putting out a statement saying the claim is malicious and defamatory. we'll get into all of that ahead. >> we just saw him last night on "dancing with the stars." and a new study that everyone needs to hear about. is there possibly a link between how much you drink and your risk for breast cancer? dr. richard besser is going to be here with the details. it's another study. and people wonder, what should i do? >> this one is surprising. as little as three drinks a week could increase the risk. that was really something. >> also coming up, surprise exit on "dancing with the stars." david arquette. i couldn't believe it. he was getting better every week. he had his number one fan, coco cheering in the audience. she was so happy. but it wasn't meant to be. david arquette is going to be here. >> that's a great expression.
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let's get to josh and the other stories. >> good morning, all of you. we're going to begin with your money. it could be another morning of turmoil for the globes financial markets after word overnight that the government of greece is going to hold a referendum on whether to accept the european bailout plan. greece already angry over budget cuts could sink the bailout plan all together, that could lead to greece defaulting on all of its debt. what could that mean for the u.s. economy? bianna golodryga is here to explain. >> reporter: good morning, josh. a greek default could tip the european banking system into crisis, which would have a serious impact here in the u.s. first, confidence here would fall. in the past few weeks, there has been a burst of optimism that things are getting better. but if europe's economic turmoil confidence in our economy plummets as well. and the jobs picture would get worse. falling confidence would make businesses less willing to higher. you also find it harder to get a mortgage. banks would be less willing to lend money and rate was go up.
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earlier, european markets are somewhat reassured by french president, sarkozy, who says the current bailout plan is the only way to solve this crisis. he and global leaders, including president obama, will meet in france for the g-20 summit. josh? >> thank you, bianna golodryga. the fbi is investigating the collapse of a wall street investment firm, m.f. global, which heavily invested in europe. $700 million in customer money is missing. at issue here, whether the firm used that money to cover its own trades. and one other major headline from the financial world, bank of america is backing down, responding to collective consumer outrage. it has decided not to charge a $5 monthly fee for debit card purchases. the woman who gathered some 300,000-plus online petition signatures to petition bank of america, says she hopes others are now inspired. four members of a georgia militia group are under arrest this morning, trying to buy explosives and to produce ricin to attack government officials. the fbi says the group had
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suggested scenarios for dispersing ricin throughout atlanta. even suggesting it be thrown on to interstate 285. agents say it was more than just talk, saying the group had taken steps to carry out their plans. and a remarkable five days after that freak snowstorm that battered the northeast, more than 1 million homes and businesses remain without power this morning. connecticut's governor is demanding that the federal government send in more power crews. the feds blame a lack of preparation time before the storm. and the pilot of a polish airline is being hailed as a hero for this. landing a plane on its belly in warsaw. the captain handled this so smoothly, many onboard thought the boeing 767 had landed on its wheels. it had not. turns out, the problem with the landing gear happened soon after the plane took off from newark, new jersey, but wanted to get to that airport, because he knew he could do it. and a delicate rescue operation here in new york.
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police pulled a falcon from between two buildings. poor little guy or gal, had a four-foot wing span and the buildings were too close together. the bird, unharmed, released. wrapped in a pink blanket, flying free once again. and we are asking that bird to join us here in the studio in the 8:00 hour. >> i thought that was going to be your "play of the day." >> we have a much better "play of the day." >> oh. >> we have a special thing today. a live, in-studio guest, for "play of the day." >> what? i like that tease. right now, we're going to get to the new developments in the sexual harassment claims dogging herman cain's presidential campaign. a lawyer for one of cain's accusers says cain is not telling the truth about what happened. and his client wants to tell her side of the story. we're learning from "the new york times," that the second accuser received a full year's severance from the national restaurant association, after making the claims against cain. jon karl is covering that for us. a year's severance is much more substantial than cain suggested.
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>> reporter: it sure is. he talked about no severance, three months' severance, and now, a year. he has a flurry of meetings today on capitol hill. but the swirl of the decade-old sexual harassment accusations and his shifting story about them, continues to swirl around the campaign. at a dinner last night, herman cain received a standing ovation. >> thank you very much for that warm reception. >> reporter: but he continues to face questions about sexual harassment allegations from the late 1990s. >> they were so ridiculous, i don't remember what they are. >> you remember they're ridiculous but you don't remember what the other things were? >> the reason i forgot them, robin, is because they were ridiculous. i dismissed them out of my mind. >> reporter: the women accused cain when he was ceo of the national restaurant association, received cash payments and agreed not to talk about the allegation. now, a lawyer for one of the women says she wants to tell her side of the story.
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the lawyer told cnn, cain is lying. >> mr. cain has been giving the impression that she is someone who came out and made false allegations. and that's certainly not true. >> reporter: over the last 48 hours, cain's story has changed. at first, he said he didn't know if the women were paid. >> i am unaware of any sort of settlement. i hope it wasn't for much because i didn't do anything. >> reporter: late monday -- >> we ended up settling for what would have been a termination settlement, quite frankly. >> what would that be about? >> maybe three months' salary or something like that. >> reporter: and yesterday -- >> there was a financial settlement. and it was somewhere in the vicinity of three to six months' severance pay. >> reporter: and now, "the new york times" is reporting that one of the women received a payment of one year's salary, $35,000. on fox news, cain suggested a racial motivation behind the controversy.
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>> do you think that race has anything to do with the fact that you've been so charged? >> i believe the answer is yes. but we do not have any evidence to support it. >> reporter: later today, that lawyer for one of cain's accusers will formally ask the national restaurant association, to free his client from her confidentiality agreement and allow her to tell her story. as to whether or not cain would object to that, last night he said, quote, i can't give you a definitive answer until i consult with the attorneys. >> he's going to get pressed on that again today, jon. >> reporter: absolutely. and the lawyer said cain has violated the confidentiality agreement himself by talking about it. he will be pressed on this again. >> jon karl, thanks very much. >> more to come. now, to a major development growing out of an abc news investigation, which we broke right here on "gma," concerning the company goldline, which sells gold on tv. touting it has a good
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investment. here's the latest. the company is facing criminal charges. abc's brian ross, he's been on this from the beginning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. goldline became well-known with an advertising blitz that used endorsements from glenn beck and other conservative commentators. now, a year after we first raised questions here on "good morning america," local officials in los angeles have filed a 19-count criminal complaint, alleging misdemeanor fraud and theft by the company. at its headquarters in santa monica, goldline took in hundreds of millions of dollars from consumers who were told they were in good hands. >> now, just so you know, glenn beck is a client here. >> the people i trust are the people at goldline. >> reporter: beck, along with former presidential candidates, fred thompson, and mike huckabee, were big draws for the company. >> the people at goldline will explain just how easy it is for you to buy gold. >> reporter: but the criminal complaint says, while the company touted gold bouillon, key executives, conspired
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together to cheat and defraud consumers by steering them to hugely overpriced so-called collectible coin, a bait and switch. that's what joe martin of suburban detroit says happened to him. >> i wanted the bullion, the guy talked me into buying the cold coins. >> reporter: the criminal complaint says that goldline falsely told consumers, as with this commercial, that only collectible gold coins were safe because the government could confiscate gold bouillon. >> you see back in 1933, fdr said we're going to take all of your gold. >> reporter: last year on "gma," goldline executive, scott carter, denied the allegations to george stephanopoulos. but in the new complaint, carter was specifically accused of offering bouillon for sale with no intention of selling it. the criminal complaint makes no charges against glenn beck or the other commentators paid to deliver their endorsement. as for goldline, in a statement released overnight, the company
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will vigorously contest the bait and switch allegations which is called without merritt and preposterous. we'll see more in court, robin. >> appreciate your investigation, as always, thank you. >> could not have been more definitive when he was here. brian, thanks. now, to the latest on the search for missing baby lisa irwin. missing now for more than a month. the police have had so much difficulty getting her parents to answer the questions. but another family member has come forward now. and matt gutman is live in kansas city with more on that. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right. the family attorney is trying to shift the spotlight back on to baby lisa, after weeks of distractions. squabbling attorneys, a stalemate with police. and perhaps a sign of renewed cooperation, baby lisa's uncle met for a couple of hours with police yesterday. short on leads and long on questions, kansas city police on tuesday, interviewed this man, baby lisa's uncle, phil ness. unlike baby lisa's parents, phil ness agreed to go downtown with police for an interview that
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police say lasted a couple of hours. they asked him about the night baby lisa went missing. he's the man seen in this surveillance video, buying boxed wine with baby lisa's mother, deborah bradley, the night baby lisa vanished. she said she drank enough to feel no pain. >> i was drinking. that had nothing to do with my daughter's disappearance. >> reporter: ness was one of the first people at the house on north lifter avenue, when her parents realized baby lisa was missing from her crib. police say they been chasing down over 1100 tips, spending thousands of man hours, but so far, no suspect, no arrests. >> i don't recognize him. >> reporter: but a parade of possible witnesses. the neighbor and the motorcyclist and the woman who got that mysterious phone call from deborah bradley's stolen cell phone. all of them have led nowhere. weeks of distractions, bickering attorneys and a near staredown with police, led for this statement from baby lisa's lead attorney, joe tacopina.
7:13 am
in the past week, we have observed potentially vital information regarding possible sightings of lisa, take a back seat to announce meetings with law enforcement and attorney press conferences. tacopina had to appoint a new local attorney, john pacerno. the last local attorney, didn't work out so well. >> one of us had to go. and that someone is me. >> reporter: the person police want most to talk to is baby lisa's mother. she has denied all wrongdoing. but hasn't consented for an restricted questioning from police since october 8th, more than three weeks ago. >> even though her attorney said many times she did want to answer the questions. matt, thanks very much. we're going to turn to a new study that shows women who drink just three alcoholic beverages a week face slightly higher chances for developing breast cancer than those who do not drink alcohol at all. our dr. richard besser is here with details. because this has raised a lot of eyebrows. break down the study for us. >> this is a study women should pay attention to.
7:14 am
it's not the first to look at the question. but it's the biggest and the best. 100,000 women. they were all nurses. they were followed for 28 years to look at the relationship between alcohol and breast cancer. age 30 to 55. and what they found was a little surprising. as little as three to six drinks per week increased a woman's risk of breast cancer by 15%. and the more you drank, the greater the increase and risk. and that's important. >> does it matter what type of alcohol? or alcohol in general? >> it didn't matter. we talk about red wine, and other wine, it didn't matter. whether a glass of red wine, a beer, a shot of alcohol, it's all the same. >> what's the link between alcohol and breast cancer? >> alcohol can increase the amount of estrogen that circulates in your body. especially as women get older in years, estrogen is a risk factor for breast cancer. so, women who have a relative who may have died or relatives who died of breast cancer and have that risk, there's not a lot you can do to reduce that risk. but here's something you can do,
7:15 am
stop drinking. >> red wine, more women die from heart disease than they do from breast cancer, and we've been told that an occasional glass of red wine doesn't hurt. in fact, it may help. >> that's right. >> so, when people hear a study like this, their head is swimming with the information. >> this is what makes it so confusing. there's so many studies. there's lots of studies that show that having a drink a day or a little less, decreases your risk of heart disease and dying of heart disease. one in three women will die from heart disease. 1 out of 36 will die from breast cancer. if you don't have a big history of women dying from breast cancer, the heart disease risk takes the front. and you don't want -- you wouldn't want to give up that drink. you don't want to start drinking because of this. yeah. >> you're not going to condone drinking. but if you're having an occasional drink, don't stop it because of that. >> and does this study look at cancer returning? the recurrency? >> it didn't. this is looking at first cancer.
7:16 am
women who have breast cancer, it doesn't say anything about that. all in moderation. don't overreact to the study. the stress of that isn't good for you either. >> thanks a lot, rich. appreciate you shedding light on that. time, now, for the weather. say good morning to sam champion. good morning, sam. >> good morning, robin roberts. good morning, everyone. we start with blizzards. we have one going on right now in eastern colorado. abc's clayton sandell set up a time-lapse camera outside to show us how quickly the snow started piling up. this is before the blizzard conditions got into the area. now, we have 50-mile-per-hour -- this is an overnight look at how quickly snow can stack up from nothing to a good six or seven inches on the table there. we have a 50-mile-per-hour wind right now. and we've got this warning that extended into kansas. this is amazing, only because here, in this area, we pick up five to ten inches of snow. this is the second snowmaker in exactly one week. last week, we got the exact same thing happening in this region. there goes that low in the middle of the country. there's nice, warm air in the deep south. atlanta, nashville, oklahoma city, for a moment, you're in the 60s.
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>> we are weeks and weeks away from winter to have a blizzard on the board is unbelievable. especially one this size. robin? george? >> thanks a lot, sam. >> appreciate that. going to get to some good news about the conjoined twins. the 2-year-old we first told you about yesterday. after ten hours of high-risk surgery, angelica and angelina sabuco are sleeping in their own bed. for the first time in their lives. abc's cecelia vegas with the details. and it sure sounds like it couldn't get any better. >> good morning to you both. this operation was long and complicated. but doctors say they got the outcome they had hoped for. the twins are healthy and now on their way to living independent lives. the ten-hour surgery was risky and delicate. just separating the girls took more than two hours. nearly half of the operation was spent reconstructing their tiny bodies. but when it was finally over,
7:19 am
these conjoined twins from the philippines emerged in a california hospital, as unique individuals for the very first time. >> we're very pleased. things basically could not have gone better. >> reporter: angelina and angelica sabuco have never spent a night without the other by her side. they have never taken a step alone. their mother hopes today is the start of a healthy, ordinary life. >> i thank god for everything. this is a dream come true. >> reporter: the girls were born attached at the chest and abdomen. joined from the middle of the breastbone down to the naval. they had two hearts but shared a liver. separating that organ was the most challenging part of the operation. >> it's a very large surface area. the livers are fused together. and that just took time. there was really no blood loss. >> reporter: it took 20 doctors and nurses from stanford
7:20 am
university's children's hospital, to help conceive this double-dose miracle. dr. gary hartman, who led the team, is no stranger to this complicated operation. this was his sixth separation of conjoined twins. >> our long-term prognosis, we would expect happy, healthy set of girls. >> reporter: the girls will spend at least the next week in intensive care. and the next few months rehabilitating their strength. their future remains bright. >> they're very resilient. so, my expectation is that they will bounce back from this quite well. >> reporter: the girls were kept sedated overnight. but doctors say they could be awake by today. >> that is fantastic. thanks, cecilia. >> i can't get over how beautiful they are. thanks, cecilia. coming up, another setback for michael jackson's doctor after conrad murray decides he will not take the stand. >> and lots of emotion in the bizarre murder for hire case in houston. the mistress testifies. and kim kardashian surrounded as she lands in australia, speaking out for the first time since calling it quits.
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at last word the fire has 90 acres. firefighters expect to have it contained this morning. they are -- there are about two dozen homes in that area, so far no injuries. let's see how the drive is going. slow drive out of livermore due to an earlier accident that has cleared out of lanes. it is still an hour ride from 205 towards the dublin up ter change. about with toll metering lights on. -- you are backed up into the mcarthur maze. slow and go into san francisco this morning. when we come back, mike has a look
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we come back of the mostly sunny from sutro tower this morning. still have fire danger in the north bay mountains until 9:00 this morning. gusts still hitting 40 humidity levels low. right now 40s in the north bay mountains or the valleys, i should say to 50s and 60s for the rest of us.
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7:30 am
in a tough situation, i think i'm trying to be the best that i can. >> kim kardashian speaking out in australia. where she landed there. you could sigh there are a lot of folks from the press waiting to swamp her. that's the picture that they wanted. the picture of her not wearing her ring. her sister, khloe is by her side. we have all of the details just ahead. >> she wasn't hiding that hand. was she? >> that's the mistress, michelle that said she hired a hit man to kill the wife. she broke into tear. we'll have more on that.
7:31 am
>>. david arquette, voted off? we'll talk to him live. >> sorry to see him go. we'll begin with conrad murray. his case will go to the jury after each side presents closing arguments thursday. but the jury will have to make his decision without hearing from murray himself. abc's jim avila joins us from los angeles this morning. jim, this decision actually divided his defense team? >> yes, the team was divided and they suffer aid huge setback at the hands of the judge who told them he has given instruction from the jury, that would make it impossible for an acquittal according to some observers. even if michael jackson took the propofol himself, conrad murray could still be found guilty if he left the drug within michael
7:32 am
jackson as reach. >> the people rest their case? >> yes. >> reporter: next up, closinging arguments tomorrow, the jury expected to get the case tomorrow. >> ladies and gentlemen, you've seen and heard the evidence in this case. >> not without drama, standoff from the defense team. sources tell abc news conrad murray was getting conflicting advice from his lawyers right up until the end. lead defense turn ed chernoff taking the witness stand, his partner, michael flanagan had to explain his side to the jury in person. out of view, the judge said this to dr. murray, if you want to testify, you will testify? do you understand this is an individual decision? >> yes, what is your decision? >> my decision is that i will not testify in this matter.
7:33 am
>> you could be the most sympathetic defender, but you'll not let seasoned prosecutors cross exam you. >> now that the evidence is in. tito and rebe are talking about how helpless they felt about their brother's drug habit. the jacksons blame michael's security for keeping them away from him. >> i got in physical fights with security to get to him. it wasn't good. >> i drive my car right through the gates one time. >> they would put things in the roadway to block us. it was ugly. we did many times try. they kept him away like he was the president of the united states. >> reporter: the guards said they were under strict order from michael jackson himself to keep his family out, unless they had an appointment, george. >> let's bring in dan abrams. you always said these jury
7:34 am
instructions are key. how devastating are these instructions from murray? >> it's a big loss, but not a surprising one, though. this now aroused prosecutors in the closing argument to go to the jury and say, no matter what you think about what michael jackson did or didn't do, dr. murray still guilty. because dr. murray created an environment, created a situation, left the material there, that allowed michael jackson to do this to himself, even if you believed that. the prosecutors can say -- >> jackson turned the dial himself, took the drugs himself? >> this is involuntary manslaughter, right? we're talking about grossly negligent conduct. the question is, does that lead to his death. and ha this judge is now saying in this ruling is, yes, it still could have been the cause of death, if he created an environment that allowed michael jackson so easily. as a doctor, he had additional obligation. >> by putting the drug there's and leaving the room, that could be enough?
7:35 am
>> it could be enough. >> let's get to how the defense counters that in their closing arguments. >> the defense will have to put the focus on michael jackson. they have to say, he's the one who likely did this. and even if you're not sure, that's still an acquittal. now, you'll say, wait, what about the jury instruction? if the jury instruction said even if he did that, i think in the end this will be kind of a human decision, these jurors are human, in the end, i think they'll say to themself, do they believe that dr. murray was a fundamentally good guy, who got caught up in a terrible situation, where he made some mistake, that's what the defense hopes. >> and could that be why the defense wants everyone to believe, and it may be true, that the defense team is really divided over murray should testify? >> defense want us believe their attorneyses clamoring them to testify. the public saying, he refused to testify. he wouldn't testify. you always want the client to
7:36 am
make it seem like he wanted to testify. that may everybody a divide on the team. i certainly think dr. murray wanted to testify but in the end it is a right call. >> does this verdict take a long time? >> in high profile case, tend to take longer, unclear. >> thanks very much. >> now for the latest twist in the shocking murder for hire trial, michelle geyser broke into tears as she told the texas courtroom how she hired a hit man to kill her lover's wife. >> michelle somebodied as she told the jury how she arranged to have houston socialite murdered. i made a horrible mistake and there isn't a day that goes by that i don't feel ashamed what i've done. what she did is fought with e yvonne's husband to pay a hit man to shoot his wife. a charge he denies and his wife,
7:37 am
the victim, believes them. >> i love my husband. i believe in him wholeheartedly of his innocence. he had nothing to do with this and could not do anything with this. we are victims of a fatal attraction. >> >> reporter: gaiser is the star witness in the trial against alleged hitman, damian flores. he's accused of shooting stern in the stomach, as she sat in her cadillac suv of may of last year. he was allegedly the third hitman hired to kill yvonne stern in four months. gaiser admitted to the jury she told flores where stern lived, what type of car she drove, when she'd be alone. and then, gave flores $15,000 as a down payment on the murder. he was supposed to go over and wait for yvonne and do the job. shoot yvonne. in exchange for her dramatic testimony, gaiser made a deal with prosecutors. she pleaded guilty to solicitation of capital murder. but will not have to serve more than 25 years in prison.
7:38 am
>> she's a liar. this trial is just her warmup act. she is also expected to testify against her former lover, jeffrey stern, when he stands trial here in a few months. in that case, the defendant will have a most unusual ally, the victim. >> we're getting past this. i forgive him for his indiscretion. >> reporter: the mistress spent some seven hours on the stand yesterday. crying much of the time. she's now done and the case is almost over. two police officers are expected to testify this morning, then the jury could get the case by this afternoon. robin. >> good to see what happens. very forgiving wife. time, now, for the weather. let's get back over to sam champion. i like to say your whole name today. >> and good morning, robin roberts. george stephanopoulos. good morning, america. that will just be your full name for this morning. good morning, america. we start with the blizzard conditions. it is unusual to get the strong blizzards this time of year,
7:39 am
even though november is the second-snowiest month in the denver area. kmghtv chief meteorologist mike nelson is up all night, working all day, and still can send us twitter pictures of snow stacking up in that area. here's the very powerful low, pulling down very cold air. it's drier air. there's zero visibility. and the snow will continue to stack up. that system will continue to move east. but it does not bring another hit of snow to the east coast, basically. it will be a rainmaking event by the time it gets there. there's some good news. into the southwest, we watch the strong winds. the santa ana winds, which could mean fire season's back in. >> i know. i know. wait a minute. and so, i think it's going to go like this. i don't know. this is brand-new from josh.
7:40 am
all of that weather was brought to you from amazon. go ahead. here we go. "play of the day." >> oh. >> you got it. >> this is what i really wanted to be for halloween. angry birds. you know how much i love angry birds. >> i do. >> what are we teasing here? >> "play of the day." >> it's all ahead. i want to get to it. let's go. i'm waiting. >> i know you're eager. but we have a story before that. >> oh. was it all for money? or was it love gone wrong, like an angry bird? kim kardashian speaks out for the first time since fieing for divorce. you have to wait, josh.
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[ male announcer ] introducing the reinvented 2012 toyota camry. it's ready. are you? [ busch ] ♪ ...second chance kim kardashian speaking out now. why did she call it quits so soon? she says she tied the knot for love but they have rushed into things. here's andrea canning with the latest. >> reporter: kitchen kardashian touched down in australia and a swarm of paparazzi were out in full force. ambushing her and khloe, as soon as they got off the plane. photographers fought to snapshots like this, kim's ring finger, bare. missing that famous wedding ring. >> mr. and mrs. kris humphries. >> reporter: the fairly tale wedding has ended in divorce after just 72 days. and now, for the first time, kim speaks out. >> in a tough situation. i think i'm trying to do the
7:45 am
best that i can. >> reporter: talking to the "kyle and jackie" radio show this morning. >> i would never get married for a tv show or money. i think it's ridiculous that i have to, you know, defend that. but, you know, i guess that comes along with, you know, when you film your wedding for a reality show. >> reporter: overnight, kim also defended herself in an emotional, open letter to her fans. i married for love. i want a family and babies and a real life so badly that maybe i rushed into something too soon. according to "people" magazine, kim is purposely lying low. >> friends are telling us that kim's embarrassed by this whole situation. so, we're not anticipating to see her at any parties or clubs in the near future. >> reporter: she wrote, i got caught up in the hoopla and filming of the tv show. that when i probably should have ended my relationship, i didn't know how to. and didn't want to disappoint a lot of people. she continued, it just didn't turn out to be the fairly tale i had so badly hoped for.
7:46 am
she also let her mom, chris jenner, speak for her on the radio show, "sway in the morning." >> kim didn't make any money off of this wedding. she didn't make 5 cents off of the wedding. she spent millions of dollars of her own money on the wedding. >> reporter: and according to jenner, she consulted her daughter. >> i told kim, you're not the first person who's ever gotten a divorce. >> reporter: kim's stepfather, bruce jenner, also spoke out. >> kim is doing great. >> reporter: meanwhile, kris humphries' plans for a big vegas bash seem to be on hold. and kim ended her letter with an apology. i'm sorry if i've hurt anyone. but my dad always told me to follow my heart. and i believe now that i really am. for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news, new york. and coming up, josh is so excited. special, live guest on "play of excited. special, live guest on "play of the day."
7:47 am
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7:51 am
here's "the play of the day." >> as of yet. >> this is jo-jo, a 1-year-old st. bernard and a balancing phenom. this is not camera magic. that is a pot. that is a wastebasket. and he does everything, including kittens. and guess who is joining us live in studio. jo-jo. and so, with no further ado, stu. >> in honor of robin roberts, we thought we would go with the angry bird. although, maybe he just wants to chew on it. can we get him going here? >> he's not getting away. >> what is he going to balance? >> he'll balance the bird. >> come on, jo-jo. no pressure, jo-jo. >> good boy. >> that's my bird. >> he just kind of did it.
7:52 am
even as a puppy. >> drumroll. >> all right. >> stay, boy. stay. >> all right, jo-jo. >> stay. >> all right. >> yeah. >> all right. what have we got? we have 15 seconds. all right. we're going to do this. we're going to promise you, all day long, with jo-jo. what do you want to see jo-jo balance? go to the "gma" of on your smartphone. come on back.
7:53 am
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7:55 am
7:56 am
your commute could be disrupted any time today due to a general strike called for by occupy oakland protesters. thousands are expected to turn out to add their voices to the anti-corporate greed movement. some businesses will close because they want to avoid confront taste. others are shutting down to show -- show solidarity. still breezes red flag warning continues until 9:00. today is our last day of above average temperatures. tomorrow 8 to 12° cooler showers thursday, friday and
7:57 am
again sunday. no relief at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights still on traffic backed up into the maze. once you get off the upper deck into the city there's a stalled garr been truck @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ t
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ wonderful audience, as always here in times square with us. and we're listening to this tune because of this man right here, david arquette, and kym johnson. one of our favorite couples on "dancing with the stars." popular with the judges, the audience. did you hear the audience boo, when they were told they were going to exit the ballroom? but they are good enough to get up with us this morning. look at them. david and kym. i'm going to miss coco. >> coco was great. >> we'll talk with them live. and also, justin bieber sang last night, performing "never say never."
8:01 am
he's also facing some headlines this morning, breaking overnight. a woman is claiming that he's the father of her child. he's denying it, saying it's malicious. also coming up, guys, we have a "show me the money" you do not want to miss. it's a new trend in making some bucks and making some cash. we hope to help you with that. we also have the cake boss. he is here in times square with us. always love his work. never met a cake i didn't like. >> i'm right behind you, sister. and, josh, though, is going to bring us the morning news. >> indeed. good morning to all of you. and to all of you. we begin with the accusations faced now by republican presidential front-runner, herman cain. the lawyer for one of the women who accused cane of harassment says cain is lying and wants to tell the public her story. but can't. the second accuser was paid one year's salary for severance. that's more than cain has acknowledged.
8:02 am
on fox news, cain suggested a racial motivation behind the controversy. >> do you think that race has anything to do with the fact that you've been so charged? >> i believe the answer is yes. but we do not have any evidence to support it. >> now, cain says that he expected some accusations to surface during his campaign. but was not prepared for a sexual harassment scandal. meanwhile, this morning, wall street once again reacting to troubling news from europe. the government of greece today confirmed it will hold a referendum on whether to accept europe's bailout plan. that increases the odds the bailout won't happen, which could then jeopardize the entire global economy. european leaders have called an emergency meeting for today. and one of the nastiest divorce battles in recent memory is now resulting in the sale of one of america's best-known sports franchises. after fighting for years to hold on to the team, l.a. dodgers owner, frank mccourt, has agreed to sell it.
8:03 am
he and wife, jamie, bought the team in 2004, for $421 million. the team could sell for as much as three-times that amount. and teen pop star justin bieber has been socked with a sensational paternity suit. "star" magazine reports that a 20-year-old california woman claims she gave birth to their son three months ago. the result of an encounter in a bathroom after a concert. but bieber's publicist vehemently denies the claim. telling abc news, and i quote, it's sad that someone would fabricate malicious, defamatory and demonstrably false claims, end quote. the publicist says they are pursuing all legal options. precarious situation over in britain. a cliff has suddenly collapsed. and has left people living in that mobile home park, literally, on the edge. 15 trailers, perilously close to falling over. crews are working to move the trailers, and i hope, the inhabitants. and a remarkable story from tennessee. a mother and daughter have a
8:04 am
baby doll, a baby doll to thank for their lives today. the doll was part of a high school child development class and was programmed to start crying early in the morning for a feeding. that woke up 17-year-old christian deason. good thing because the smoke detectors in the house weren't working. there was smoke everywhere. she and her mom got out minutes before their house burned to the ground. >> oh, my. >> incredible. >> i know. completely incredible. also incredible, diane sawyer, with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning to you, josh. and so, the woman called the happiest woman in america, a busy wife with a demanding job. has some secrets about staying in perfect health. what are they? we're going to tell you those tonight on "world news." and finally, americans may complain about rising health care costs. but new figures out this morning shows that when it comes to our furry friends, no expense will be spared. take a look at this. medical spending on our dogs has risen some 47% over the last decade. and that's nothing compared to
8:05 am
the feline finances. spending on cats rose a whopping 73%. and let me tell you, with jub jub in the house, who can blame them? >> can i say something about jub jub? you asked the audience, what do you want to see him budget -- oh, i gave it away. to balance. and someone said the budget. they want to see him balance the budget. thank you, mary. see jub jub balance the budget. what have you got, lara? >> good morning to you and to you. here's a little pop news for you. much speculation over who will take over for regis when he leaves "live." on november 18th. it has been announced. it's another entertainment giant, jerry seinfeld. at least temporarily. by the way, the show will be called "live with kelly," until a full-time partner is named. otherwise, it would be a lot of work for the graphics department. can understand that. remember this scene in "love actually," the one where british prime minister, a.k.a., hugh
8:06 am
grant, dances down downing street? he has something else to boogie about. he is a first 6 time dad. the mom is chinese actress. they're not together any longer. they're thrilled about their daughter, born in late september. and we realize that grant starred in a flick about "about a boy." but it's about his baby girl. and an exclusive announcement about a performance that will have you want to cut loose next week at the cma awards. kenny loggins and blake shelton will open up the show with a rocking rendition of "footloose." loggins, you recall, wrote the song. and shelton's version is burning up the charts. so, get ready to kick off your sunday shoes. thank you very much. and robin's special first. >> and robin roberts' special. >> thank you. thank you. enjoyed it all. >> thank you. did you know it's movember?
8:07 am
that's not a typo. it's movember. it's when men across the globe are encouraged to grow mustaches to raise money for prostate cancer research and other men's health issues. it's pretty simple. you start out clean-shaven. and then, grow your stache until november 30th to raise awareness and eyebrows, in some cases. it is for a great cause. the movember movement has raised $174 million so far to fight prostate cancer. >> i've done a beard before. but i've never done a mustache. >> i don't know what it's called right there. if you know -- >> you are not allowed to do a fu. there are rules. it can only be -- >> only a mustache? >> yes. you can't connect them. >> george and i could both have that on the show. we'll do our part. >> you're doing your best for prostate cancer. have you ever seen sam on vacation? he tweets pictures of himself and has a full-on beard.
8:08 am
>> that's sam on a friday. >> stealing my secrets. yes, i don't shave on friday normally. i can grow a beard like that. it happens to be all white now. i look like santa. how are you guys? tell me where you're from. >> pennsburg, pennsylvania. >> that is near? >> quaker town. allentown. >> and you're here to see the rachael ray show a little bit later this morning. it's going to be good. let's get to the boards show you the things we want to talk about. this outbreak of cold air. when you get these powerful systems of low pressure, it's not that unusual to get a cold front moving down into the country this time of the year. but you would drop the temperatures five degrees. in this case, this is 20 degrees colder than normal air that's been moving through the country in rapid succession. so, this is very unusual. and it's even happening on the west coast, as well. l.a.'s going from 84 to 64 on friday. san diego is going from the 70s into the 60s. the high 70s, into the 60s. and atlanta this morning is at 65.
8:09 am
there's a little pocket of warm air along the gulf and down into florida during the day today. look at duluth at 47. that's a s >> and we are outside in times square. josh, it's about time to harvest the corn in times square. so, we should do that some time this week. lara? >> thank you, sam. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." we are so sorry to see david arquette and kym johnson leave the dance floor. they were so entertaining.
8:10 am
but we're glad they're with us this morning, live. that's coming up. and today is judgment day for lindsay lohan. is she heading back behind bars? what she is facing in court this morning. and it's "show me the money" time. you don't want to miss this one. we're going to tell you how to turn things you already own into cash by renting them out. all that and more, coming up on "good morning america."
8:11 am
just in time for the holidays... a little avon magic. hundreds of gifts... exclusively ours... to surprise and delight everyone on your list. holiday inspiration is easy to find, if you know the right place to look. that's the joy of avon. call 800-for-avon or go to to find a representative today.
8:12 am
keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is. come new expressions of the elegance lifestyle. fullfill your dream today with savings on all accessories... and select furnishings or 36-month financing. the drawer closes on these offers november 30th. the couple with the lowest overall combined total and therefore leaving right now
8:13 am
is -- david and kym. >> oh. david arquette and his partner, kym johnson, are the latest couple to get the boot from the ballroom. we're going to talk to david and kym. a shot live in a moment there in los angeles. first, here's a look at david arquette's incredible journey on "dancing with the stars." >> i'm ready to entertain america on the dance floor. >> reporter: and, boy, did he deliver. for seven weeks, david arquette captivated viewers on "dancing with the stars." ♪ >> reporter: with his humor. >> david. >> reporter: and enthusiasm. >> i'm really happy to have jazz hands this week. it's giving me, like, that extra pow. >> reporter: and some serious dance moves. ♪ >> reporter: david waltzed his way into our hearts on week one. ♪ >> reporter: and followed that up with a lively jive. ♪
8:14 am
>> reporter: but it was his week three rumba that gave us a look at david's sensitive side, when he dedicated his heartfelt performance to his daughter. week four was movie week. and david played the part of leading man, with his paso doble. his highest marks of the season came from his "tainted love" tango, which earned him praise from the judges and delighted daughter, coco, who cheered her dad on from the sidelines, along with her mother, courteney cox. for broadway week, "grease" was the word. ♪ >> reporter: and on monday night, his magical cha-cha cast a spell. but it just wasn't enough to keep him dancing in the ballroom for another week. >> it's been an amazing experience. and i'm very grateful. and joining us now, david and kym, live from los angeles.
8:15 am
congratulations on making it as far as you did, david. and last night, you said you learned some things about yourself going through this. what did you learn? >> well, quite a bit. there's a lot in dance and life in general, about being graceful. you know, being in touch with your center. standing upright. having self-appreciation. and i really just came out here to entertain people and have a good time. learn how to dance. and i got an amazing opportunity to dance with kym. >> mission accomplished. you, my friend, highly entertaining week in and week out with that woman by your side. a two-time champion, kym johnson. what was the best part about working with david, kym? >> just getting to know david. i was so -- yeah. it was just such an amazing experience. when we started, we had a great connection. we got along really well.
8:16 am
and david just really threw himself into it. we had a lot of fun in rehear l rehearsals. but he was also very serious about it. david really took things seriously. an it was so great working with david. heeds an amazing person. >> kym says you throw yourself into it. one of the things that was most impressive, you put yourself out there emotionally. especially in that rumba, when you danced the most difficult years of your life. and you did it for your daughter. how did that feel? >> yeah. my daughter had such a great time coming to the show. it was kind of an interesting, like, parenting moment when i came home. she was like, it's just not fair. it's not fair that you're gone. and i just said, listen. sometimes in life things aren't fair. but you have to go through it with dignity. and i'm just really happy where i am in my life right now. and this was a great opportunity. and it was a lot of fun. so, i have no regrets. >> it must have been so great for her, every, single week to
8:17 am
see you go out there and give it everything you had. >> yeah. it was. it was a lot of fun. this is a spectacular show. and there's a lot of fun about doing it and getting to know everyone. the camaraderie. learning how to dance with kym. so, it's been a blessing. >> and you really, your impressions. we heard you do some mean impressions. and we want to play a couple for everybody right now. >> it was all going great. kym, you broke down. and started ordering fish and not getting chips. >> i feel all right. i mean, i don't know. i got so crazy out there. i tried my best. i tried to dance. but i don't know. >> my goodness. >> i'd just like to say, all the lights made me crazy. >> a little john travolta there. and len before that. >> i love the len. >> did it come naturally to you,
8:18 am
david? does it come naturally, david, doing those kind of things. >> yes. it comes naturally to me. sometimes, i just am taken by something. i have to express myself. like a child, seeing the world for the first time. >> oh, my goodness. i'm going to miss you so much. >> we're all going to miss him. >> that is great. kym, before you go, put on your professional hat. put on your judge's hat. who is going to win this thing? >> i think it's going to be a tough battle. but i think j.r. and karina will take this one out. >> that's who i'm voting for. >> they're doing a great job. they're doing so well. ricki and derek are great, too. and rob has really done a great job. it's going to be a tough battle, i'd say. >> everybody's -- >> going for j.r. >> that's right. everyone says j.r. >> i mean, he's the greatest. he is really cool. >> he's great. >> he's an american hero.
8:19 am
>> that's true. we don't want to throw the word around too easily. but he is a great american hero. david, the best to you. kym, best to both. and "dancing with the stars" back on monday, 8:00, 7:00 central, here on abc. thanks, guys. switching gears to a dramatic court date for lindsay lohan this morning. she is going before a judge that could sentence her to more jail time for violating her probation. but the troubled star is going to great lengths to convince that judge that she has cleaned up her act. abc's abbie boudreau is in los angeles with the latest. abbie? >> reporter: good morning, lara. lindsay lohan could be facing 90 days in jail, if a judge decides not to reinstate her probation. so, once again, all she can do is hope for the best. lindsay lohan, doing whatever it takes to stay out of jail. logging hours of community
8:20 am
service at the county morgue. sweeping floors, emptying trash cans, hoping to impress the judge. that's because at a hearing later this morning, judge stephanie sautner will decide if lohan will go back to jail for violating probation. what can we hear on this hearing? >> the judge has some discretion to toss her in jail for skipping community service. >> reporter: tmz reported that lohan even pleaded to the coroner's office to write a letter to the judge. praising her for all of her great volunteer work. and it looks like her janitorial duties at the morgue may have inspired her halloween plans. partying with pals at the hollywood forever cemetery, dressed as a nurse. and over the weekend, at the playboy mansion, she showed off this sexy maid costume on twitter. in fact, lohan just wrapped a four-day shoot with "playboy,"
8:21 am
reportedly raking in $1 million, where she will be showing off her new teeth. and presumibly, a whole lot more. >> i don't think what she does for her occupation should be held against her, in terms of her ongoing criminal matters. >> reporter: even though it seems lindsay is trying to make things right, her father, michael lohan, doesn't seem to be helping. >> what part of no contact do you not understand? >> reporter: arrested device last week on domestic violence charges and for harassing his ex-girlfriend, kate major, a former reporter for "star" magazine. michael pleaded not guilty after his first arrest. an says the claims against him are false. >> i'm thrilled. i can sleep at night knowing he's in jail. >> is he a dangerous man? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the l.a. city attorney is planning to ask the judge to send lohan back to jail. now, if that happens, experts tell us, she likely will not spend too much time locked up because of the massive jail overcrowding here in california.
8:22 am
lara? >> all right, abbie. she has some work to do. thank you very much. george? >> okay, lara. thanks. time, now, for one of our favorite segments, "show me the money." and our money-saving edition, elisabeth leamy is back to show us how to make cash renting out everything you own. eli is joining us from her home in washington to tell us how it works. you have a lot of stuff, eli. >> reporter: i do. all over the country, people are going to websites where they can rent each other their stuff. the people with stuff to rent takes something that's gathering dust and turn it into a moneymaker. and people who need stuff, save a lot of money by renting instead of buying. >> good job. go. >> reporter: kelly and steve haley may look like proud pet owners. but heath cliff, the dog, isn't actually theirs. they rented him.
8:23 am
>> it's always funny when we tell people we rent a dog. they say, you rent what? >> reporter: amy shillington was nervous at first. but thought heathcliff needed extra attention when she got pregnant. kelly and steve get extra exercise. and amy makes an extra 5 bucks. >> that will buy my coffee today. thank you so much. >> reporter: on websites like loneables and, you can rent and rent out almost anything. a bungee cord. power tools. parking space. or storage space. so, i tried it. it doesn't look like it. but this is a car rental company. watch this. kristen. >> hi. >> reporter: i'm elisabeth. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: i'm here about the car. >> reporter: kristen campbell has rented out her volvo several times over the last year. you're not nervous? >> i trust you.
8:24 am
>> reporter: by listing her vehicle through snapgoods, she gets a $5,000 guarantee. it's definitely not a corporate rental. ooh, it's sticky. this is the perfect day for a picnic. only i need a cooler. sure enough, i find one to rent. okay. a nice cooler. thank you. mike makes 10 bucks for something that was just sitting around. and i get a cooler for half the price of buying one. all right. here i go. it's no fun having a picnic on your own. so, now, all i need is a friend. you can rent one of those, too. at hi. i'm elisabeth. >> hi, elisabeth. >> reporter: rental friends are available to be your wingman or woman for almost anything, as long as it's not a date. and there are advantages. >> every girl needs an enabler
8:25 am
to help get brownies. >> reporter: okay. my new bff recommended the perfect picnic spot with a stunning view of the brooklyn bridge, which i didn't know about since i'm not from new york. priceless. so, i guess this is our first awkward friend silence. do you worry about meeting strange aeros and that it might not be safe? >> i don't think it's more of a risk than it would be hanging out with somebody you just met in a bar. >> reporter: laura likes the cultural exchange and the extra 50 bucks she typically makes. i was hoping to use the restroom at the park before we go. >> everything is closed. >> reporter: but coming soon, cloo, a bathroom rental app. believe it or not, some people are willing to rent out their bathrooms to perfect strangers, just to make an extra buck. now, if only i can rent more hours in the day. kristen made $65. and since renting a volvo in the
8:26 am
big apple costs twice that amount, i saved $65. here you go. thanks, ma'am. all right. so, i came back from shooting that story and prowled around my own garage looking for things i could rent out. first, the stuff that goes for 10 bucks a day. like this croquet set. bunch of my power tools. a shop-vac. my daughter's stroller. i found a bigger ticket item. giant ladders go for about $25 a day. and up above me, about 100 square feet of storage space i could get about 50 bucks a month before. >> all without renting out your bathroom. how about that? eli, thanks very much. >> okay. and coming up, the cake boss is here live. and we have some of the strangest pet pictures ever.
8:27 am
napa county firefighters remain on the scene of a wildfire that has destroyeds one home and forced evacuation of several residents. the blaze broke out last night. strong winds fanned the flames. at last word the fire burned 90 acres. firefighters expect to have it contained this morning and controlled by tonight. there are two dozen homes in the area. so far, no one has been hurt. let's see how the morning commute is going. slow ride through the south debut to accident northbound 101 past oakland road. bay bridge toll pack your patience metering lights on traffic backed up into the
8:28 am
maze. >> when we come back,
8:29 am
welcome back. sunshine out there but still windy at least through . high fire danger above 1,000 feet. this will be the last day with temperatures above average in the 70s.
8:30 am
much cooler by 10 to 12° tomorrow. showers possible thursday, friday and sunday. >> the ♪ hey, jub jub. he's the balancing st. bernard. and guess what he is balancing, america. well done. >> he did that better than some people. >> he jumped to the top of the presidential polls right now. >> all right. all of us dog owners, we take pictures with our pets. sometimes we're proud of. some not so much. oh, ozzie. that's me as a young lad. >> oh, my gosh. >> i would not have known. >> wow. that was tremendous. >> you were a blondie. >> it was. it gets light in the summer. but america doesn't really care about that. >> it was sort of -- awkward family photos are back. dan harris caught up with a new
8:31 am
pet edition. it is priceless. you're going to want to see it. >> reporter: everybody's heard the old song about not judging a book by its cover. but this cover photo pretty much tells you everything you need to know about this new book called "awkward family pet photos." there are dogs in costume. dogs with stogies. dogs being lovingly strangles. dogs in funny outerwear. and dogs contemplating the infinite universe with their owners. there's cats, too. cats looking peeved. cats kissing babies. cats being manhandled by babies. and cats in outer space. all these pictures were lovingly cu curated by these two guys. >> there was a guy who took a photo of a cat with the easter bunny. it points out the length we go to with our pets. the pets are confused.
8:32 am
one of the things that blew us away was all the different types of pets that people have. people have dogs and cats and have birds. but then, we started to get some with people with skunks and possums, and sugar gliders. ferrets. there's a great portrait of a family taken in their living room with their goat. families with snakes, crocodiles. every lizard you can imagine. >> reporter: mike bender and doug chernack got their start with a website and a book of awkward family photos. but they noticed the ones with pets were the most popular. >> there's a different dynamic when you talk about people with their pets. people will do anything for their pets. >> reporter: anything. like put them in leg warmers. patriotic costumes. or pose, and this one is strange, with the skeleton of a
8:33 am
deceased pet. >> it's not the pets that are awkward. it is us. we're the ones who make the situation awkward, because we love the pets so much. >> we dress them up in outfits. we throw them elaborate birthday parties. we celebrate the holidays with them. >> reporter: really? pets are never awkward? look at what this pet is doing to this child. or this child. or check out what's happening in the background of this picture. or this picture. of course, all of this animal behavior is understandable as nature's imperative. but some of the human behavior in this book, like posing two dogs next to a person in a rather scary bunny suit, or putting a cougar in a crib with two children. or this deeply weird shot, some of the human behavior here is really hard to wrap your head around. it all illustrates the depth of the love we have for our pets. even if we have a funny way of showing it. >> thank you, dan.
8:34 am
thank you, jub jub. jub jub is going with the ukulele. >> jub jub is coming through. >> the deceased pet. your thoughts, people? >> profoundly disturbed. >> maybe we can just make them -- >> let's hear about the cougar and the crib. >> and what was that big, giant gerbil? >> me and my dog one more time. we had to put him down one week before i went to college. >> oh. >> fantastic. >> tears coming. >> yeah, probably. let's get to sam and the weather. >> i can't wait to cheer it up a little, josh. we'll just cheer it up. buddy is here. cake boss is in the house. and by the way, this may be my favorite segment ever, because there is frosting laying all over the counter. and juliet? >> yes. >> and we are going to wrestle
8:35 am
over or in the chocolate frosting. >> in the frosting. >> let's go. we are frosting lovers. let's get to the boards. we start with our twitter pictures. by the way, it's getting tougher to get pics for the twitter photos. look at nanuet, with the fall and the snow. the autumn color with the snow down the road. beautiful. let's get to the boards. the colder temperatures in new england, it's a day you need a little frosting. put on a few extra calories to keep your body warmer. i'm sure a doctor would say don't do that. here's the low pressure moving out of the rockies and right into kansas. this has been blizzard conditions all morning long in eastern colorado. a real heavy hit of snow and strong, gusty winds. there's still great temperatures in the deep
8:36 am
all that weather was brought to you by ethan allen. coming up, this may be my new best friend. cake boss. he has the icing on the table. everything you need to know ab about how to make incredible stuff. stay with us.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
we told you earlier about the public outrage that prompted bank of america to drop their plans for a $5 fee on debit card purchases. well, the uproar isn't just limited to one bank. customers know that many banks are trying all kinds of ways to raise fees. so, do you know how to avoid them? "gma" financial contributor, mellody hobson, hit the streets to find out. on a windy day in the windy city, our mellody hobson went back to her booth. >> back to the booth. back to the booth. >> reporter: or perhaps a better way to put it -- >> welcome to my office. >> reporter: she set up shop outside of a neighborhood walmart.
8:40 am
>> now, we just need some customers. >> reporter: it's mellody's money test, fending off fees. >> come on in, please. no, no. over here. this is my office. how do you usually pay when you go to a store? >> by debit card or credit card. >> now, some banks are charging you to use your debit card. what do you think about that? >> i think it's okay. >> what do you think about that? >> i think it's okay. >> i think it's crazy. >> paying to use your own money -- >> reporter: be aware. find out if your bank is charging debit card fees. >> can i ask you some questions about your purchases. you bought some things. how did you pay for it? >> debit. >> do you usually use your debit card? >> i usually use my credit card. >> why did you use it this time? >> you need to use it so many
8:41 am
times to get it for fee. >> how many do you have? >> 12. >> do you use cash ever? how do you get cash? >> atm. >> do you go to another bank's atm? >> sometimes, yeah. >> do you go to another bank? >> unless it's an emergency, i avoid it. >> watch out. those fees can add up. but to avoid fees when you pay -- >> do you write a check when making a purchase? >> never. >> do you ever write a check? >> do you ever use a check? >> yeah. i have my checks in my purse. >> let's see. you're the first person who has checks with you. >> really? >> you have your checks with you. >> reporter: go retro. paying with checks can save on fees. >> i love my checks. >> good for you. >> it's not fun being broke. >> you know, we might make that a slogan. >> reporter: ain't that the truth, sister? and mellody has a few more tips.
8:42 am
she is here. so, let's first start with the why of it all. why are banks doing it to us? >> they are doing it to recoup billions of dollars in lost revenues that have come from regulations. so, there's something called the swipe fee. we don't know about it. they charge it to merchants. every time we swipe our debit card, they make 40 cents on every transaction. congress capped that at 21 cents. it went from 20 billion to $13 billion. they lost $7 billion in revenues over the recent change. >> they will find it somewhere. hello, ladies and gentlemen and gentlemen of america. you will help them recoup that if they have their way. how can we protect ourselves against it? >> people should be happy that there's a lot of outrage over the debit fees. the banks backed off. but if you're in a situation where your bank has thousands of
8:43 am
atms in its network that you can use, i would do everything i could to avoid the debit card fee by getting cash out from the atm. if you're in a situation where your bank's atms are not near your work or home, and you're finding yourself going to an out-of-network atm, another bank, you might want to think about switching banks. on average, you're paying $3.81, every time you go out of network to an atm. you're looking at the debit fee and out of network fee. >> i need to fix that. what else can we do? >> there are other fees to keep in mind. one that is big, the days of free checking, basically over. two years ago, 76% of us had free checking. >> right. >> today, it's about 45%. and that number is dropping fast. banks like chase, who have the total checking account. and say you keep a $1,500 balance or pay $12 a month. you can avoid this fee by doing
8:44 am
things like signing up for automatic deposit. or having a certain number of transactions every month. >> how do you feel about cash and getting cash back when you buy grocery stores? they always ask me. is this smart? >> cash back is smart if you -- if your other choice is to get money out of an atm that's not your bank. it doesn't cost you any money to get cash back. don't do it just to do it. but cash back is not a bad idea. there are no fees related to it for the customer. other questions -- should you use checks or cash. under $25, try to use cash or check. old-fashioned checks. i have mine in my wallet because the data is very clear. when we use plastic, be it a charge card or a debit card, we spend more money. >> but we get points for traveling. >> the points are like 1 cent.
8:45 am
we spend 12% to 18% more when we use plastic. >> i like my free tickets. i travel. >> they're not worth a lot. >> but they make me feel good, mellody. >> don't buy them for points. >> thank you, mellody. great tips. you can learn more of mellody's
8:46 am
8:47 am
[ cheers and applause ] it's a big favorite in my house. cake boss, buddy valastro. and he has a new book coming out. this is the actual recipes. >> this is the real deal.
8:48 am
this has lots of baking ideas. lots of techniques. lots of great s rrecipes. from cookies, to pies and cakes. i kind of did this where you have to learn from the ground-up. you have to learn the grunt work. piping cookies on a cheat pan before on a cake. and rolling out pie dough is the same -- >> i am the ground. i can cook. but ali and harper are the bakers in our house. >> this is my favorite cake. everyone has a bundt pan around the house. but they don't know what to do with it. you take it and turn it up like this. you fill the center with chocolate icing. there's the chocolate. you want to start to squeeze that in there? >> okay.
8:49 am
you have to really work at it. >> you have to squeeze it. make sure it doesn't come out the wrong end. you got it? >> yeah. it's not coming out too fast here. >> all right, george? >> how did you do it so fast? >> it's all in the muscle. we come here. and we're going to start doing some piping. this is exactly how we do it. so, we're going to start with -- and we just go like this. and then, we go to white, right? we go one, two, three. and this is one of the recipes in the book, which i feel is so easy to do because even if you don't do it exact, it's -- do the red, george. >> do the red. >> you have to hold your colors. here's our model here. >> i see that every day, too. >> and i put recipes that are
8:50 am
really simple. they're real easy. >> let us know when you're done. >> look at that. big reveal. >> totally pathetic. >> well, i have to say, george, you're not making it look as easy as i do. you're not helping the cause here. but if you have fun with the kids. >> look at that. you make it look so easy. you want this job? >> yeah. >> all of that right there. are you a righty or lefty? >> a righty. >> you have to squeeze with your left. >> really? >> keep it tight. there you go. squeeze. oh, no. there you go. look at you. >> george, it's you. >> it's definitely me. >> i will -- >> just want people to know -- >> i will try it, too.
8:51 am
>> come on, josh. we can do it. >> oh, look at that. >> george, i think it was that you picked the lower tail feathers. >> thanks for trying to save me. >> you didn't have the right grip on it, george. you have to do some classes with me. >> i do. >> i actually go -- >> i'm going to wind up going to 20 cities in america. we're going to do book signings and a live show. >> that sounds great. >> it's going to be a lot of fun. and it's going to be awesome. >> i'll go for intensive training. and you have a whole bunch of other stuff down here, too. >> do you have the recipes for these in the book? >> the black and white cookies. cannolis. pumpkin pie. when i was learning how to decorate, i wanted instructions, all of them in this book. >> i'm going to buy five copies.
8:52 am
>> thank you.cacacacacacacacacaa
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
[ cheers and applause ] hey, sam, come on. it's time to say good-bye. do you have anything to say, sam? no? all right. we have to say good-bye. we asked you earlier, we have jub jub, the balancing st. bernard with us. and we asked you to vote. what do you want to see jub jub balance? and by an overwhelming 40%, you chose a christmas tree, followed by a laptop computer. stew mcfadden, thank you so much for bringing in one of the great canines in the history. >> the forecarosting. >> we need you to focus. stew, if you can bring him out. come on, everyone. >> here we go. >> on the clock. about 25 seconds. come on, jub jub. jub jub, sit. >> we were thinking about having him balance one of buddy's cakes. but that wouldn't be very nice. >> stay. >> george, who do we have tomorrow? >> kris jenner will be speaking
8:56 am
up. but i'm watching jub jub. he's going to pull this off. come on. >> stay, boy. it's okay. it's okay. >> jub jub is going to keep working at this. i know he's going to get it before the end of the day. >> you were great. >> he's a good boy. >> have a nice day, everyone. bye-bye. @b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b@b
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
. your commute could be disrupted any time today due to a general strike called for by occupy oakland protesters. thousands are expected to add their voices to the anti-corporate greed movement. some businesses will be closed to avoid confrontation. others are shutting down in solidarity with the movement. delays for ace train number 5. anticipate delays later today due to the strike in oakland. now a check on the forecast. good morning. looks like the fire threat will expire as the red flag warning overnight. low to mid 70sed this is the last warmer than average


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