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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  November 3, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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number's on your side. i like that story. that is what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great thursday. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc >> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in downtown oakland full of graffiti and broken windows. protests turned ugly overnight. several arrests were made and police used tear gas on the crowd. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live at if plaza. i've been talking to protesters. they are concerned about what the police did last night. they are also concerned about what the protest is doing to the real message of occupy oakland that story coming up. good morning. some of the big changes are already here when you step out it is almost 20° cooler in some areas.
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rain on the way. i'll show you when it gets to your neighborhood. looking good at the bay bridge toll. some possible street closures. weather cooler but things turned hot in oakland overnight. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. riot police still on standby this morning. a peaceful strike turned ugly around midnight. protesters took over an empty building. police fired tear gas, dozens arrested, several injured. amy hollyfield is at telegraph and broadway with the latest. >> reporter: what a mess here in downtown oakland. feey everywhere. -- graffiti everywhere just about every building a lot of broken windows like this one at this business. their window was broken along with several others here in
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downtown oakland this is on broadway next to the payless shoe store at 15th street. protesters on 16th street took over a vacant building overnight. they say it was foreclosed on and they were going to take it back. police say they ordered the crowd to leave. they say protesters threw rocks, lit flares and roman candles and bottles at them. police were given the order to use tear gas and bean bags. this was around midnight. they got the building cleared out around 2:00 this morning. protesters say some demonstrators were hurt. they estimate 60 people were realized. some protesters tell us they are frustrated that a splinter group turned a peaceful process into a -- protest into a destructive event. >> i wish people would have a consensus on what to do during a protest and not do this kind of stuff. but things happen when you are
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doing things such as this. >> reporter: at the tully's coffee shop at frank ogawa the window was broken. protesters say they pull the vandals away from it. they patched up the window and left a note pointing out they were not responsible for this the streets are quiet now. the riot police we just saw them walking away from this area. they had a wall of police here until 20 minutes ago. then police retreated. steve can you zoom in. there's four officers loading . otherwise, -- loading up. a huge group walked away 20 minutes ago. the small crowd started cheering when they left and yelling, whose streets? our streets. now we hear the sound of broken glass being swept up as street crews come in. several protesters told us
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they are going to get sleep after a long day and longer and pretty violent night. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> we continue our team coverage in contrast to the overnight clashes during the day oakland police kept a fairly low profile. terry mcsweeney continues the coverage a few blocks from amy at frank ogawa plaza. terry, you were frying to find the mayor, right? >> reporter: right we went to -- went to the office of emergency services on martin luther king. we were told by a police officer that mayor quan and police chief jordan left a couple hours before. i guess they left 2:00 this morning. the concern here among the protesters is what amy was talking about. that this protest is going to be associated with the violent few. that's what they consider them to be. the signs up here at frank ogawa plaza, one says get off oil and coal.
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then you come back over to the one behind me it says, love your brother damn it, dump your bank. you are going to see aerials of the area that amy was talking about on 16th, there was violence there after protesters took over a building, police say bottles were thrown that is the concern of some of the people we have spoken to here. they got some of the whiff of the tear gas that came over here from that disturbance last night. there's concern police might move in and take them out of here. the main concern is the message of occupy oakland is being diluted. >> a lot of people are scared that maybe the camp will get closed in on. i don't that i is going to happen today it is a good camp, -- a lot of peace here if they are causing trouble they should come back to camp and
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just chill. >> reporter: he is a long time occupant of occupy oakland. i talked to him last week. looking at streaming video now that has been posted of what went on last night. again, police are saying that they were assaulted first after they asked the demonstrators to leave on 16th. back at frank ogawa plaza the message is, we are not into the violence aspect of this. when you take this many hundreds of people at the core of this movement, you are not going to have a unanimous opinion about what to do next. and the folks who are here are concerned that the message of peace and social change is going to get lost in the violence. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. this morning oakland police are investigating an injury accident during yesterday's protest. a driver was initially detained in his car for a short time by bart police after witnesses say he hit a pedestrian intentionally while
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trying to pass through a crowd of protesters at 11th and broadway. a witness caught the whole thing on his cell phone. you can see the car trying to get past with the protesters blocking the crosswalk. the protester pounds on the hood and the driver slams on the gas, hitting the pedestrian in front of a woman behind him. >> i think he was angry. and he didn't seem to use restraint and he didn't care. >> there is no explanation. all he had to do was wait a few minutes. between he was upset by someone slapping his car you don't attempt to murder somebody. >> you can hear the crowd was so upset as bart police questioned the man. moments later the officer allowed the driver to leave and the crowd got more angry. so far no word on the driver or the victim's condition. banks around frank ogawa were the target of many of the protests yesterday. a wells fargo sign was smashed and seven windows shattered in
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the area. one office appeared to have been looted and graffiti scrawled on the entrance to citibank. the area became somewhat of a tourist attraction with people taking pictures and picking up glass as souvenirs. at times the street became a combination of parade, protest and pep rally. >> i want -- [ inaudible ] i don't want her to be the -- [ inaudible ] >> 14th and broadway was closed most of the boy with buses being rerouted. city leaders emphasize the great majority of what happened yesterday was peaceful and law breaking was rare. oakland police called mutual aid assistance from the alameda county sheriff's office, highway patrol and other agencies in case the protests turned violent. >> i wanted to continue to make sure that people are here to exercise their first
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amendmentb[$ññ rights and that y are not being disrupted by these groups who are bent on causing damage and confronting the police. >> which did happen overnight. oakland city administrator santana expected all city offices and departments to be open today for business. some occupy oakland protesters are calling for people to try and shutdown the port of oakland again today that was the primary goal yesterday and they succeeded. police presence was minimal as 3,000 flooded the main road to the port of oakland. they swarmed the last trucks trying to leave the port four in the afternoon. the movement attracted an economically diverse crowd. each person impacted in a different way. >> we live in a shelter, in a transitional shelter. we -- because of bad bank deals. >> they keep increasing tuition and people keep taking
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out loans. >> it is time for labor to tell in and do their part for the 99%. >> a port spokesman says business operations were effectively shutdown around 6 p.m.. no report of injuries or scuffles at that demonstration. >> we continue our occupy coverage. also, got to talk about the weather. you may head out with dry pavement this morning. when you come back from work, different story. >> even if if it is not raining it is chillier this morning. >> the change is already taking place. good morning. fairly clear sky and dry air really cool significantly, also going to keep showers to a minimum today. all of us going to be cooler, not all of us are going to be wet. first the temperatures. 20° cooler right now in napa than it was yesterday. double digits santa rosa, oakland, fairfield, concord, livermore, half moon bay eight degrees cooler mountain view, nine in san francisco.
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we are in the mid to upper 30s in the north bay valleys, upper 40s to low 50s for the rest of us. by the afternoon temperatures 13 to 19° cooler than yesterday. you can see the scattered showers even a little light rain possible as cold front rolls there. upper 50s to near 60 in most areas. low to mid 60s east bay valleys into the south bay. possibility of thunderstorms tonight, especially over the ocean water. we'll see showers taper tomorrow, frost possible saturday morning. saturday evening spilling into sunday another chance of showers. another chance after that on wednesday. the pattern has changed. let's see about traffic. good morning. very light traffic. roads quiet. quick bridge check, san mateo bridge taillights headed in the westbound direction from hayward to foster city 13 minutes. bay bridge toll light, no
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delays headed into san francisco. in oakland protesters set up at 7th street at west maritime street intersections may be blocked in that area anticipate delays if you are trying to make your way through there. 4:42. >> frames rip through a condominium in the north bay. what -- flames rip through a condominium in the north bay. brian stow has done something for the first time in3q during the darkest chill, brighten your home and lift your spirits. it's a new way to greet the holiday season. the winter lights collection from air wick. something in the air wick.
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good morning. 4:44. this is breaking news outside of chicago the town of elgin. a freight train has derailed and sparked a fire. you see firefighters apparently on scene there. somebody spraying foam it look like in that vicinity. we don't know how well
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populated this area is or if it is relatively farm, field or whatever. we know there's a fire burning. >> we know that some cause of a canadian freight train recorded off tracks. some reports indicated two trains may have struck one another. again live right now just outside of chicago. san rafael firefighters investigating the cause of an overnight blaze in the -- in a condominium. the fire destroyed or heavily damaged four of the five units at this building and injured a woman. >> firefighters could see smoke and flames en route. when they arrived they were met by intense flames at the front door and through the roof. there was an occupant that met them outside at the door. she was treated and transported to the hospital. >> about 45 firefighters have
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been on the scene all morning. initially they had problems getting into the unit where the fire started. giant's fan beat nine a coma is showing another encouraging sign of recovery. for the first time since attack. brian stow was able to write his own name. former giant slugger barry bonds helping out to raise money for stow's kids to go to college. >> having visited with brian and his family i'm inspired by their faith, courage and determination. >> bonds appeared in a video with stow's family members to promote the brian stow children's college fun. his family says he continues to show improvement from the serious brain injury he suffered in attack. coming up, new legal wrangling that will keep executions in california on whole for another year. good money after bad? the bailout loan solyndra
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almost got from washington as it was going bankrupt. president obama in france facing decision-making at the g-20. the president's first comments as he and other leaders look to fix the global economy. >> rescue and release measures to save two injured animals are starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope,
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old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding, guaranteed. d-con. get out. flight delays, philadelphia having departure delays everybody running on time. rain for kansas city through chicago, st. louis on its way to nashville and atlanta possibly columbus, ohio watch out could be delays there. cooler across most of the country. 80s miami, phoenix, 70s in new orleans. everybody else in the 40s, 50s and a few 60s. at the bottom where you will find our flight
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tracker. talking solyndra in less than two hours the commerce subcommittee will decide whether to issue a subpoena for white house documents related to the loan guarantee case. yesterday the government released 1200 pages of documents showing the obama administration considered bailing out the company. it was rejected in august. the committee says a subpoena is necessary because the white house has denied or delayed requests for documents. the company received half billion dollar federal loan before filing for bankruptcy in september and laying off 1100 workers. while protesters march for economic equality president obama arrived in france overnight to try and help head off what could be a global economic meltdown. katie is live with more on the president's arrival at the
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g-20 summit. >> the hope was that world leaders could focus on moving the entire global economy forward. it looks like the situation in gliese will get first priority. president obama arrived in cannes, france this morning and met with president sarkozy. they believed last week's deal to stabilize the region was a big step in the right direction. now that the greek prime minister is putting the rescue to a vote by the people, president obama has made it clear the u.s. will not offer any assistance to europe. however, he said this morning that europe's crisis is paramount. >> the president: i think it is no surprise we spent most of our conversation focused on strengthening the global economic recovery. so that we are creating jobs for our people and stable lighting the financial markets around the world. >> reporter: some say president obama is face being the same politics as his european counterparts. because his 447 billion dollar
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jobs package is not expected to pass. the vote on the bailout in gliese is set for december 4th. europe is not offering the country any more financial aid until then. katie marzullo, abc7 news. it appears california will go at least another year without executions. yesterday governor brown's administration and attorneys for death row inmates agreed they won't complete preliminary battles in the challenge to the state's lethal injection procedures until next september. more than 700 inmates are on death row. it has been more than six years since the moratorium on executions began. at least 12 inmates on death row have exhausted their appeals and would have been eligible for lethal injection. 4:52 can you feel that chill in the air this morning? if you kept the windows overnight you did. >> seat warmer this morning? >> no. but i did have the windows
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open overnight. >> it is so dry i could feel it in my eyes, itchy. something is changing. a lot of people complaining about their allergies with the dry air the last couple of days. good morning that is about over. we are about to get a moist, cool flow maybe that will help temper your allergies. 4:53 we look down from vollmer peak into emeryville into san francisco, crescent city and you are week that's where the rain is now. showers moving northeast the entire system sliding to the southeast. it is on its way. let's talk about what is going to happen as you head you the door this morning. temperatures are on the chilly side mid to upper 30s in the north bay valleys 40s and ling gathering 50s along the peninsula, oakland and antioch into the south bay many monterey bay mid to upper 40s inland to salinas. gilroy 39°.
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let's talk about what is going to happen. showers, much cooler today, thunder small hail possible tonight more showers saturday evening that will follow a cold front where we could have frost in the north bay valleys. today the first thing you will notice is temperature change 13 degrees cooler in concord to 19 in santa rosa, highs 50s and 60s. low to mid 60s in the south bay as warm as it gets upper 50s to low 60s peninsula, mid to upper 50s along the coast into downtown south san francisco. through the north bay from the mid 50s at the beaches to near 60 in your valleys. upper 50s to near 60° throughout the east bay shore with low to mid 60s into the east bay valleys. the last area to receive the rain around monterey way upper 50s around the bay into salinas, low to mid 60s inland. you can see showers tonight even the thunder which is best
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over the ocean 50 san francisco, 40s for the rest of us. as the sky clears you will dip into the upper 30s. cold front rolling in, the tail end of this system as far as wet weather goes. we are definitely getting the full onslaught of cold weather. as we head through the morning, look for light rain in the north bay by 9:00, push through the heart of the bay mid-morning to mid-afternoon. then after 5:00, it is scattered showers throughout the overnight hours into tomorrow. the best chance of showers with thunder and small hail over the ocean. once that passes frost saturday morning, set our clocks back saturday night with another chance of showers into sunday. monday, tuesday dry. another chance of rain wednesday. have a great day. good morning. let's start with mass transit. no major delays ought at this time. however, ac transit may be rerouted throughout the day due to protesters in oakland.
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14th and broadway lots of activity. near the frank ogawa plaza. also, the 12th street oakland city center station for bart is open. however, the 14th street and frank ogawa plaza entrance and exits are closed. all other entrances are open. looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is nice and light. for the latest traffic go to happy ending to the story. hawk found with a nail through its head is back flying. the female red tailed hawk was released yesterday at. it prompted perched on a tree. the young bird spent 10 days at the wild rescue center where it underwent rehabilitation. experts say it should have no problem surviving in the wild. this morning the penguin exhibit at the san francisco zoo will welcome a half dozen
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new residents. six penguins were among a group of 373 who became stranded three years ago. hundreds of miles from their normal feeding grounds. they were rescued and the six thought to be too weak to survive were donated first to the aquarium now the zoo. they go on display for the first time in morning at 9:30. >> all those penguins and not one emperor. >> but they do have happy feet. peaceful protest turns violent. next, tear gas and arrests as police and protesters clash in the streets of oakland. we have live team coverage. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney at frank ogawa plaza in oakland, protester got a whiff of the tear gas used last night. their main current is what the protesters were
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