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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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please put your weapons down! there's nobody here throwing anything at you! this is a place of peaceful protest. the only ones being violated are you! a day of largely peaceful protest descended into chaos overnight. police and protesters faced-off over anú abandoned building that included tear gas, pepper bullets and more than 60 arrests with claims of serious injuries by protesters. 6 a.m.. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. we have team coverage of the police face off with protesters. >> let's begin with amy hollyfield who has more on the overnight clashes.
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>> reporter: on broadway you see graffiti everywhere just about every single building has some graffiti on it, hard to find one that doesn't. there's a lot of broken windows. overnight police did use tear gas and fired bean bags on the crowd. officers say activists threw rocks, lit flares and roman candles at them. protesters lit trash can fires break windows and took over an empty building. this appeared to be a er group except from the occupy oakland protesters -- some of the occupy movement are out this morning cleaning up the damage. they say they don't want the business owners to show up this morning and see this vandalism, especially since some of these business owners have been supporting them. >> i came here at 3:00 and i saw things on fire and i saw this this is not our message. we want to rebuild our community, -- we want to make
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our community stronger. >> reporter: a window was broken out at the tully's overnight. the occupy oakland protesters tried to board it up and left a message saying they were not responsible for this here's a live picture of tully's this morning. it is open. you can see the windows are cleaned up. you don't see spray paint. but the stilledding still has spray point on it tougher to -- but the building still has spray paint on it tougher to get off than the windows. 60 people were arrested overnight. one person taken to the hospital it appeared he had been hit by some kind of project tile that police fired and consumed by -- projectile that police fired and consumed by father goose. those who didn't stay to -- those who didn't stay to clean said they were going home to get sleep. abdulmutallab -- amy hollyfield, abc7 news i would like to toss it to over
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to terry mcsweeney. >> >> reporter: there's a devoid in the movement. not -- there's a divide in the movement. you can see a number of signs from where i'm standing recall quan, love your brother. get off oil and coal. forgive college student debt. a number of signs, but peaceful. people are sleeping and hanging out. contrast that with this. take a look at what was going on last night a few blocks from here, 16th and telegraph, protesters took over a billing according to police they were throwing bottle -- over a building, according to police they were throwing bottles, rocks and explosives at police. that led to the police going in and making dozens of arrests. those pictures that action, that violence is a concern of the people here the mostly peaceful protesters hear at frank ogawa plaza.
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>> a lot of people here at this camp are scared that maybe the camp will get closed in on. i don't that i is going to happen today. it is a good camp, a lot of peace here. people should instead of causing -- if they are causing trouble they should come back to cam and just chill. >> reporter: -- mayor quan saying she is taking it day-by-day as far as what they are going to do with the camper here at frank ogawa plaza at oakland city hall. i have not seen a police officer all morning. earlier i was down at oakland pd headquarters i saw oakland and san francisco pd cars down there to make sure nobody tried to do something to that building. here at frank ogawa plaza, talking to protesters, for the most part, peaceful and they want to keep that it way. and not liking the message sent out by those involved in the violence as we saw last night. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. this morning oakland
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police are investigating an injury accident during yesterday's protest. a driver was initially detained in his car for a short time by bart police after witnesses say he hit a pedestrian intentionally, while trying to pass through a crowd of protesters at 11th and bring. a witness caught the incident on a cell phone. you see the car trying to get past with the protester blocking the crosswalk. the protester pounds on the hood and the driver slams on the gas hitting that pedestrian in friend of the car as well as a woman behind the car. -- in front of the car as well as a woman behind the car. >> he was angry and didn't care. >> all he had to do was wait a few minutes. even if he was upset by someone slapping his car you don't attempt to murder somebody because someone slapped your car. >> the crowd was upset as bart police questioned the man then let him leave. so far no word on the identity of the driver or the condition of the victim.
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also no word on whether he will face charges >> we have a handful of vandalism reports during yesterday's demonstration. a wells fargo sign was smashed seven windows shattered in that area. one office appeared to have been looted. graffiti was scrawled on the entrance to citibank. the damaged banks became a bit of a tourist attraction with people taking pictures and picking up shards of glass as souvenirs. >> part of this belongs to me too, a little piece that belongs to me and my family and people, that's why. i want to keep it as a memory of today when the people stood against the big banks. 14th and broadway closed most of the day buses being rerouted. officials warn the area could see similar problems today. right now ac transit running normal bus service. several of the occupy oakland protesters say the vandalism overnight and yesterday was the result of an outside group that has nothing to do with their movement.
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people hurled chairs through the windows of a whole foods market and panned a huge strike sign on the side of the -- and painted a huge strike sign on the sigh of the bidding. a fellow demonstrator tackled some of those responsible. >> i want to thank the demonstrators, police and community who tried to reevent vandalism in the city. >> we had indications that a group of what we believe to be anarchists that were in the crowd, 60 to 70 were responsible for this action. >> one reason whole foods may have been targeted, involved rumors on facebook that employees would be penalized if they took part in the protest. whole foods says the rumors were false. there are calls across twitter for people to once again shutdown the port of oakland today that's what demonstrators managed to do yesterday. police presence was minimal. an estimated 4,000 protesters the main road to the port of oakland swarmed
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the trucks trying to leave around 4 p.m.. no reported injuries or scuffles at this demonstration. there are reports that a handful of protester are still gathered at the port this morning. 6:08. turning to other news san rafael firefighters are investigating the cause of an overnight fire at a condominium complex at the peacock gap golf course. the fire started before midnight at one of the condo buildings surrounding the course. the fire injured one woman and destroyed or heavily damaged four of the five units in the building. about 45 firefighters have been on the scene all morning. no word on how seriously that woman was hurt. 6:08. weather changing fast. right now cold and dry. >> it is, but cold and wet later on. >> absolutely the warm weather, gone. no more 70s in the forecast. 50s and 60s. here's a look at the rain in the valleys and notice the mountain snow. this is definitely the first
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cold winter storm of the season. up to our north right now. starting at 10, 11:00 going to start moving into the bay and sliding south across the bay with light rain and turninging into showers as we head into the -- turning into showers as we head into the afternoon and evening. some of those could have thunder mainly over the ocean. you can see the low to our north on the tail end of the system rainfall amounts will be light. frost forming around novato 32, same at santa rosa 33, 37 napa. mid to upper 40s until you get to san francisco down the peninsula into san jose and oakland low to mid 50s. by the afternoon, light rain moving through scattered showers developing behind the system. stuck in the upper 50s to low 60s in most neighborhoods. mid 60s possible around livermore, san jose through morgan hill. you may see a break of
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sunshine or two. once this passes scattered showers tomorrow morning then clearing for that frost saturday morning. saturday night into sunday not only do we set the clock back we also watch out for more showers and wet, cool weather hangs around wednesday. good morning. traffic trouble in novato this morning due to potholes that developed on southbound 101 approaching 37 overnight. caltrans is out there they have two left lanes blocked cars pulled over on the right shoulder with flat tires. speeds as low as 32 miles-an-hour this is already a slow ride for your morning commute. allow yourself extra time if you are planning on using southbound 101. bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights yet. back-up developing in the cash lanes. 6:10. critical admission from apple what the tech giant is now saying is to blame for the biggest problem with the
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 6:14. you are looking at video from overnight. more than 60 people arrested after police in riot gear clashed with a group of protesters this happening after midnight.
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several businesses severely vandalized. right now protest are trying to cleanup some of the graffiti and broken windows. we'll continue our coverage all morning. right now this story. a great white shark just released has died. i was released into the wild last week after -- it was released into the wild last week after living at the aquarium. the shark had an electronic tracking tag which indicated it hadn't moved for 96 hours. sharks have to keep moving to breathe. scientists say it is not likely they will figure out how the shark died. kelly slater will go down in history as the youngest and oldest surfing champ in history. slater won his first crown into '92 at 20. now he's 39. slater wrapped up his
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championship in three to five foot surf, not huge but still it was a great scene with fans carrying him up the beach. slater from florida captured his first title in u.s. surf. >> it hasn't sunk in. i've been pretty saysed to be honest. i'm glad it is over -- it is fulfilling. just personal satisfaction. >> nearly 2,000 showed up to watch slater win. >> old man out of the water but a kid when sets foot on dry land at 39. 6:16 now. it is going to rain later today right now cool and frost beginning to form in the north bay valleys that will be short-lived as the clouds draw near they will help raise the temperature we are as cool as we are going to get up there. the rest of us we still have another hour or so of cooling
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as we look at clear sky from emeryville to san francisco. live doppler, here's the rain from crescent city, eureka down to -- also mountain snow give you an idea how cold this system is. going to take the better part of the morning to get here. let's talk about temperatures. right now novato 32 to 37, 3 4s if, last hour we were at 33. you can see some of the -- warming developing. 38 napa, 40s to low 50s for the rest of us. mid 40s santa cruz, watsonville, uper 40s salinas, 37 in gilroy. this afternoon showers and much cooler today. much cooler right now that will translate into the afternoon. thunder small hail possible tonight most likely over the ocean saturday frost in the morning and showers will return during the evening.
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today compared to average, dipping dunaway below -- dipping down way below. napa will 11° cooler than average san jose 58, 13° cooler than you should be. sunrise 7:37. sets 6:08. low to mid 60s in the south bay. 59 millbrae low 60s for the rest of the peninsula. beaches in the north bay mid 50s inland upper 50s to near 60 east bay shore upper 50s to near 60 possibly 61 fremont low to mid 60s throughout the east bay valleys livermore warmest at 63 upper 50s around the monterey bay mid 60s inland tonight temperatures clearing takes place first north bay valleys 30s the rest of us in the 40s and 50s with lingering scattered showers. cold front and low to the
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north this low and cold front brings rain today this other low by itself will buy scattered showers tonight cold front -- will bring scattered showers tonight cold front changes our temperatures to more fall-like conditions. light rain north bay movinging across the bay to 7:00 then scattered showers and thunderstorms roll through around 11:00, a few linger into 7:00 tomorrow. by lunch tomorrow sunshine and rain threat is over. after a trace to possibly half inch of rain. saturday night into sunday chance of showers once again daylight saving ends set the clock back an hour. stays cool and dry monday, tuesday. wet and cool again wednesday. have a great day. good morning. chp has issued a "sig alert" for this problem in novato southbound 101 as you approaching highway 37 two left lanes blocked due to potholes that developed overnight. this is already a slow ride
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for your commute. if you are planning on using southbound 101 and need to get to 37 you may want to consider using lakeville highway as your alternate. northbound 880 at the 7th street off-ramp in oakland protesters blocking are blocking that ramp. a lot of activity near 14th and broadway and the frank ogawa plaza. if you are planning on using mass transit this morning ac transit may be rerouted. bart stations are open. however, the ogawa plaza plaza entrance and exits are closed. for the latest go to -- still ahead, new survey that could have patients asking if the doctor knows any more than the people they are treating. admission about the new iphone. what apple now says is to blame
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woah. major traffic problem in the bay area "sig alert" called on southbound 101 in novato just before highway 37 at rowland boulevard as a large, large pothole has formed. caltrans crews are doing their repair work now. several blown tires this morning. now with two left lane shutdown heading into san francisco, we are going to
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have major delays. the estimated time for roping those two lanes maybe 7:00 this morning. right now expect huge delays in that area. 6:25. if you look for medical advice on the internet, you are not alone. your doctor may be looking there too. a new survey asked more than 300 physicians how they get information to treat patients? 46% say they frequently turn to search engines such as google for yahoo. 63% say in the past they've changed a diagnosis after finding more information online. is your iphone 4s battery not holding is charge? apple is admitting there's a problem. the company says a problem wits latest mobile operating system is -- shortening battery life. some older devices can be upgraded toun it. a spokesperson says apple has found bugs in the program and
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will release a software update a few weeks. putting death on hold. why california's prisons say they will be -- it will be another year before the next execution. plus, another accuser. new charges lobbed at gop presidential front-runner herman cain cain and the fellow presidential candidate that cain is blaming for this growing controversy. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. some of the protesters are trying to cleanup some of the damage left behind by destructive protester who clashed with police, spray pained downtown buildings and broke a -- spray painted downtown buildings and break a lot of windows. >> all major airports on time. rain around chicago, st. louis, memphis, heading to nashville úúúúúúúúú@@úúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúú
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good morning. trading is underway now. government has released is weekly jobs report. labor department says fewer people applied for jobless benefits last week hopeful sign the market might be picking up. weekly applications dropped to its lowest level in five weeks. we'll go live to the new york stock exchange coming
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up in 15 minutes. right now, oakland is calming down and cleaning up after a massive overnight battle between riot police and protesters. that battle left protesters injured and lead to dozens of arrests. this morning several business owners are going to show up to find their businesses are seriously damaged. amy hollyfield joins us live near telegrah and broadway with a look at some of that damage. >> reporter: there's a lot of cleaning up to do here. -- protest turned ugly around midnight last -- [ inaudible ] >> we apologize for problems she was explaining now clashes between police and rioters began around midnight lead to about 60 arrests. protesters occupied a building that helped lead to the chaos. she will tell you more coming up.
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one of the things that happened overnight was an injury accident during the protest. this morning police are investigating that. a driver was initially detained in his car for a short time by bart police after witnesses say he hit a pedestrian intentionally while trying to pass through a crowd of protesters. a witness caught it on a cell phone. that car a mercedes benz by the way. the pro%er pounds on the hood and the driver slams on the -- the protester pounds on the hood and the driver slams on the gas. >> i think he was angry and he didn't seem to use restraint and he didn't care. >> there is no explanation. all he had to do was wait a few minutes if even if he was upset you don't attempt to murder somebody because someone slapped your car! >> crowd was upset as bart police questioned the driver then allowed him to leave. so far no word on the identity of the driver or the victim's
6:33 am
conditions. calls across twitter for people to once again shutdown port of oakland today. right now that is beginning to happen. we are told a small group of protesters has begun blocking the entrance to the port within the last hour. yesterday more than 3,000 protester flooded the main road swarming trucks as they tried to leave or end. business operations were effectively shutdown around 6 p.m.. no reported injuries or scuffles at that demonstration. we are going to try to get back to amy hollyfield now. the current situation which is calming down and cleaning up after clashes overnight between riot police and protesters it >> reporter: sorry about the signal trouble. i want to tell you about the reaction we are seeing as people start to arrive to work. we saw a jogger instead of running the normal way he was running sideways and reading the graffiti on all of the windows, every window here just about has graffiti on it.
6:34 am
it happened around midnight police were given the order to use tear gas after the activists flu bottles, lit flares and roman can -- threw bottles, lit flares and roman candles. they took over an abandon building lit trash can fires, broke windows and sprayed graffiti tough to fan a business that didn't get spray pain not just the -- winds but buildings. >> i wish that people would have a consensus on what to do during a prefast -- protest and not do this kind of stuff. but things do happen when you are doing things such as this. >> reporter: some of the protester showed up early this morning to clean the spray pain off of the windows. they say the message of occupy
6:35 am
oakland is rebuild communities, not tear them down. they don't want business owners to see this especially since many of the business owners don't here have supported the movement. police made 60 arrests overnight. at least one protester was hurt and taken to the hospital. he a bruise on his knee he got hit by a projectile overcome by tear gas. riot police left this morning around 4:00 or a little after. the small crowd cheered when they left. then those protesters left they told us they were going to get some sleep. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. let's turn to other news. san rafael firefighters investigating the cause at -- off an overnight fire. flames erupted shortly before midnight at one of the condo buildings surrounding the golf course. the fire destroyed or heavily damaged four of the five units and injured a woman.
6:36 am
>> firefighters could see smoke and flames en route to the scene. when they arrived they were met by intense flames at the front door and through the roof. there was an occupant that met them outside at the door. she was treated and transported to the hospital. >> about 45 firefighters have been on the scene all morning. they initially had problems gettinging into the unit where the fire started. -- 6:36. time for a look at the weather. chilly as you head out. how low can the temperatures go, mike? >> about as low as they are going to get high clouds starting to roll in ahead of our next system which is putting down valley rain and mountain snow to our north this is our first fall/winter storm of the season. you can see it churning off the pacific northwest, tail end of the system coming down into california and through our neighborhoods from mid-morning to mid-afternoon.
6:37 am
20° cooler in half moon bay today double digits cooler this morning livermore, concord, fairfield, napa the rest us from one to nine degrees cooler than yesterday. 8:00 this morning a few 30s still around the north bay valleys dominated by 40s and 50s with increasing includes during that time. by noon light rain moving into the north bay valleys very light today. temperatures at noon in the low to mid 50s until you get to the east bay and south bay upper 50s to near 60. upper 50s to near 60 at 4:00 with the light rain sliding southeast through the bay area. in fact, just a couple hundreds of an inch of rain out of that. heavier rain possible with scattered showers tonight even thunderstorms that will be mainly over the ocean. friday afternoon clearing, saturday morning, frost, saturday evening into sunday, showers once again. showers possible wednesday and cool all seven days of the forecast. good morning.
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tracking a major problem in novato southbound 101 approaching highway 37, "sig alert" in effect two left lanes are blocked at this time. due to potholes that involved overnight. speeds as low as 27 miles an hour traffic backed up to atherton. expect major delays, allow yourself plenty of extra time if you are headed into san francisco this morning. new accident in antioch westbound highway 4 approaching summersville right lane blocked this affecting your commute ride this morning as you make your way over to pittsburg. ace train 1, five minute delay. ac transit may have to be rerouted due to ongoing protests in oakland. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on, traffic backed up well into the foot of the maze. 6:38. trading underway on wall
6:39 am
street now. live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. here's a live look at the big board, dow did move this morning up 124 points. heavy hitter adds his support as a giant fan's fight to recover from a traumatic head injury continues. death takes a holiday. california prison officials say executions are on hold for at least another year. sew and bailout in the same sentence. -- solyndra and bailout in the same sentence. following a hearing at the house this morning the day of it is revealed
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check out the california forecast especially north of 80 where we have valley rain and mountain snow temperatures in the 50s in eureka and chico to mid 50s in sacramento and big sur. sun fresno 72. santa anas relaxing. high country where we have a winter weather advisory starting at 5:00 this evening through 5:00 tomorrow morning. snow level down to 4,000 feet. changes are possible on our passes as we get up to half a foot of snow around 7,000 feet. 6:4 the giants fan -- if we can quickly i go to this developing situation at port of oakland. live pictures of protester
6:44 am
starting to gather again at the entrance of the port of oakland. a few trucks are still getting through. definitely traffic slowing, some trucks backing up. protesters trying to shut it down again after successfully doing that yesterday at the height of the general strike. terry mcsweeney is there gathering information. he's going to be live with us in five to ten minutes. the giants' fan who was beaten into a coma after opening day in l.a. for the first time since the attack brian stow was able to write his name. his family post it on his website. barry bonds is helping to raise money for stow's kids to go to college. >> having visited with brian and his family i'm inspired by their faith, courage and determination. bonds appeared in a individual -- in a video with stow's family members. stow's family says he continues to show improvement
6:45 am
from the serious brain injury he suffered in attack. new problems for herman cain. a third former employee has come forward now saying she has considered filing a workplace complain against cain for what she calls aggressive and unwanted behavior when they worked together in the late 90s. she claims cain invited her to a corporate apartment. two other women came forward a few days ago with similar complains of sexual harassment. cain denies doing anything wrong and his campaign manager has call it a smear campaign led by rick perry. 6:45. right now in washington, d.c., a house panel discussing a plan to subpoena white house documents related to solyndra. the failed manufacturer -- [ unintelligible ] lawmakers have been meeting for just about 45 minutes. committee leaders say they need to move forward with a subpoena because the white house is not cooperating. the chairman made these remarks moment ago.
6:46 am
>> we simply cannot allow the executive branch at its highest level to pick and choose what they will produce or whether they will produce anything at all. keeping documents confidential because public officials might be embarrassed by disclosure or "because errors and failures might be revealed" is inexcusable. the american people demand more. >> reporter: an energy department spokesman says the administration is cooperating and releasing documents. from the 1200 pages that were released yesterday, we learned the energy department was considering a bailout for solyndra in august. a hired analyst said without it the company would fail, which it did in september. more than 1,000 people lost their jobs. the bailout money would have followed the half a billion dollar loan the government already gave solyndra. republicans say federal investigators had already warned the company was in trouble when the government made that loan. katie marzullo, abc7 news.
6:47 am
at the core of the occupy most is the number of people who cannot make ends meet. any report says a record number of people in the u.s. are in dire straits according to researchers, 1 in 15 now live in extreme poverty. a record 20 million americans living at 50% or less of the official poverty level. that's an income of $5500 a year for avoid and just over $11,000 for a family of -- a family of four. these figures are the highest in the 35 years the census bureau has maintained such records. better news here. events in europe and a better jobs picture here at home are giving stocks in the u.s. a boost. >> time to check in with jane king at the new york stock exchange. new privacy concerns surrounding facebook. sorry about that get. >> that's right. as you mentioned we have a big
6:48 am
rally going on today. all about europe. lots of stories going on. first of all, there's speculation the bbc has reported that greece's prime minister will offer his resignation and the new leader of grease will accept that european bailout. the bbc reporting that the prime minister will step down today and protest a coalition government headed by the former vice president of the european central bank. the european central bank like our federal reserve kept benchmark interest rates. the dow up 126 points. s&p and nasdaq in the green as well. bloomberg silicon valley index trading higher. facebook facing more controversy about privacy. unveiling a new feature call timeline will show your past back to when you created the account. u.s.a. today says that means users will are to be vigilant about who sees old posts.
6:49 am
live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. now to mike getting the latest weather information. what do we see is rain coming? >> yeah, i'm checking out live doppler rains up to the north, valley rain along with mountain snow. it is coming our way. gives you an idea how cold this next system is because of the dry air and lack of clouds. we are as cold as we are going to get which was there's frosty conditions in the north bay valleys earlier. here's a look from mount tamalpais to the south. you can see rain heading through crescent city around eureka, red way, and mountain snow -- this is going to take the better part of the morning to get here. until it does the big story is cooler conditions. we have mid to upper 30s north bay valleys. 41 fairfield mid to upper 40s
6:50 am
from livermore, concord, fremont, san jose, los gatos and half moon bay everybody else in the low to mid 50s. 52 monterey. chilly still 37 in gilroy no winds there. showers much cooler our first highlight today i think we'll see thunder out of this system and small hail that's more likely tonight and over the ocean. saturday morning we start with frost, saturday evening more showers in the forecast and there's another chance of showers next week. remember how we talked about the pattern change it was really going to change it has. 24 hour temperature different concord 13 december cooler today fremont 14, -- 18 in oakland and santa rosa, from 77 to 50 eight° today, 19 cooling trend in just -- 24 hours. low to mid 60s east bay valleys upper 50s to near 60 along the east bay shore. south bay low to mid 60s for
6:51 am
your neighborhoods. cooler on the peninsula, low 60s millbrae 59 mid to uper 50s along the coast today downtown south san francisco through the north bay valleys temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 mid 50s along the coast. down to the monterey bay temperatures upper 50s around the bay and low to mid 60s as you move inland. with the cold front coming through tonight it will sweep showers around and keep news the 40s we start clearing we'll have -- temperatures in the mid to upper 40s in the north bay valleys. cold front in the north from sections of our state now by 10:00 the light rain develops in the north bay by 6:00 it exits the south bay and light rain and sprinkle just a couple hundreds of an inch. heavy rain and scattered showers tonight through tomorrow morning up to half an inch there, clearing frost develops saturday morning. saturday night into sunday more showers wednesday temperatures below average all seven days of the forecast.
6:52 am
have a great day. good morning. still tracking major problem novato "sig alert" in effect for southbound 10û- approaching highway 37 due to pot -- potholes two left lanes blocked traffic backed up to atherton, mr. you are using 101 allow yourself -- plenty of extra time -- earlier crash in antioch definitely slowing things down for your ride on westbound 4. 31 minute trip from lone tree way to highway 242. slow from westbound 580 to 205 towards the dublin interchange, 41 minute trip. southbound 101 from highway 12 to highway 37 over an hour commute. for the latest traffic go to it appears california will
6:53 am
go at least another year without executions. yesterday governor brown's administration and attorneys for death row inmates agreed they won't complete preliminary battles and the challenge to the procedures until at least next september. more than 700 inmates are on death row. it has been more than six years since the moratorium began. during the delay at least 12 inmate examines used -- exhausted their legal appeals and would be eligible for lethal injection. occupy protesters making a big push right now to once again shutdown the port of oakland. >> downtown things are quiet with a cleanup underway after violent overnight clashes between police and protesters. we begin our live team coverage with amy hollyfield. >> reporter: there's graffiti all over downtown oakland every business got hit it is hard to find one that didn't.
6:54 am
maybe this sign protected them. this stands out one of the cleanest windows in the city. police did use tear gas and fired bean bags on the crowd overnight. officers say activists threw rocks lit flares and roman candles at them. protesters lit trash can fires, broke windows and took over an empty building. this appeared to be a small ter group. protesters say they are -- not an serb soed with these people. some came out and started cleaning up -- cleaning up some of the damage. they didn't want the business owners to show up and see the vandalism since some of the business owners supported them. 60 were arrested overnight. it looks like one person was taken to the hop. he suffered a bruise to -- taken to the hospital. he suffered a bruise to his knee. the right not police left a little after 4:00 this morning. we turnover to terry mcsweeney he's could having the port of
6:55 am
observing lab. it looks like -- port of oakland. >> >> reporter: a little busy and confrontation. you can see protesters garred across from where i'm standing and you can see a dumpster out and just a moment ago we had a couple of pick-up trucks come up and the first one forced himself through. the second one tried to come through and a person -- protester sat down in front of pick up struck and just sat. the driver of that second truck backed out and drove away earlier tonight we had a pick-up truck drive through the fence when it was set up on add line. right now it is on 3rd -- street. a pick-up truck drove through that set-up fence. some truckers are honking horns, i don't know if it is in support or frustration. right now protesters are holding their ground they have
6:56 am
adeline blocked. there is at this moment zero police presence. one car deficient by and kept going. they have -- they have slugfully closed the entrance to the -- successfully closed the entrance to the port. anger and hitting of cars no person-to-person violence that we've seen. more on midday at 11:00 this morning. right now protesters have closed the adeline entrance to the port of oakland. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. let's check on weather. mainly 30s and 40s with the rain still to our north by 10:00 it is cominging to the north bay sliding south through -- 6:00, light couple hundreds of an inch maybe sprinkles, heavier showers
6:57 am
tonight. "sig alert" remains in effect for southbound 101 approaching highway 37 due to potholes that have two left lanes blocked. anticipate a very slow ride as you make your way through novato this morning. >> thank you. that does it for this edition of the abc7 news morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. follow us on twitter and also talk about stories on have a great day. @ @aaaaaaaa)a)a)a)a)ppptptawltt
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