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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  November 3, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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autos that is going to do it for us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan this is "world news." tonight, moment of truth. closing arguments in the michael jackson manslaughter trial. and why jackson's children could tip the scales. backlash. after an american city erupts in chaos, surrounding the protesters against greed, some americans are saying enough is enough tonight. fighting back. herman cain's supporters produce an ad, arguing racial bias is fueling the attacks against him. a daughter's revenge. a daughter releases a videotape, creating an uproar about what is discipline, what is abuse. and, by the way, her father on the tape is a judge in family court. ♪ we were singing and roll down the window, turn up the radio and celebrate the 100th birthday of an american original.
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good evening. after six weeks and 49 witnesses, it has come down to this. the closing arguments in the michael jackson manslaughter trial today. both sides taking their last best shot, on the key question before the jury. who is responsible for the death of a star? the man we all saw careen through the soaring heights and depths of celebrity. and as we all debate the trial evidence, it's hard to remember the michael jackson who perfected every move on stage, here in his 30s, moonwalking at the 1995 mtv video music awards. and 16 years later, at 50 years old, hoping to rekindle that old magic in a new concert tour, as we saw in the documentary "this is it." in rehearsals, he was working for the old perfection, but behind the scenes, sounded terrified, desperate and medicated.
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>> i want them to say, "i've never seen nothing like this in my life. he's the greatest entertainer in the world." >> and now in this moment, two years, four months and nine days after his death, abc's jim avila gives us a summary of what the jurors must decide. jim, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, diane. the jury must decide one simple question. did the mistakes and negligence of conrad murray kill michael jackson? or, as the defense contends, did michael jackson kill michael jackson? michael jackson's life was such a drug-addled mess when he died, today, prosecutors had to find a more sympathetic victim to fuel the jury's sense of justice. enter prince, paris and blanket, jackson's innocent children. the opening act to the district attorney's two-hour closing argument. >> for michael's children, this
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case will go on forever, because they do not have a father. they do not have a father because of the actions of conrad murray. >> reporter: the prosecutor weaving a story of a michael jackson who wanted to clean up his life, but on june 25th, 2009, a hired hand, the $150,000 a month dr. conrad murray, killed jackson and his dream. >> he hit the lottery. he was going to get $150,000 a month. michael jackson trusted conrad murray. he trusted him with his life. he paid with his life. >> reporter: dr. murray's, quote, bizarre behavior, mistakes and neglect. delaying the 911 call for help, district attorney walgren said, caused the singer's death. >> what on earth would motivate a medical doctor to delay making that call, other than to protect himself, putting conrad murray
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first, putting michael jackson, his life, last. >> reporter: for the defense, lead attorney ed chernoff went to the heart of their case. yes, conrad murray made mistakes, he said, but it was not him that killed the drug-addicted michael jackson. >> they want you to convict dr. murray for the actions of michael jackson. they just don't want to tell you that. >> reporter: the defense telling the jury, dr. murray could be in trouble before the state medical board or in civil court but he did not commit a crime. >> if it were anybody else but michael jackson, anybody else, would this doctor be here today? >> reporter: the defense ending and reminding jurors that while this ises will angeles, this is not a reality tv show. the jury now has the case. they begin dleb rations tomorrow.
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diane? >> jim, thank you so much. i want to bring in abc's legal analyst, dan abrams, once again, tonight. you were saying earlier, this is an uphill battle for the doctor because even if the jury isn't convinced that he administered that last dose, he's in trouble. >> reporter: that's right. the judge issued a huge victory to the prosecutors, telling the jurors, in effect, even if you think michael jackson may have administered that final dose, you can still find him guilty if you think it was reasonably foreseeable that harm could occur by leaving him in the room alone with the drugs, enough for a conviction. >> you mean a drug within arm's length could still be a manslaughter charge? >> reporter: involuntary manslaughter. big fight, by the way, the defense was furious when the judge agreed with the prosecutors to give that instruction to the jury. >> so does the defense have anything to hope for? >> reporter: i think it's a human hope. which is, they have to a, hope that the jurors believe michael jackson may have administered the final dose, but b, they have to hope that they think, boy, this is a guy that made mistakes
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but who cared for michael jackson. who was fundamentally a good person who got caught up in a terrible situation. >> all right, dan, thank you so much. and of course we will be watching as the jury goes out. and now, we want to take you to france and the big financial summit with major developments that directly affect your wallet. greece caved. the chinese, with all their cash, are hovering in the wings. and our david muir is right there tonight to tell us all about it. david? >> reporter: diane, good evening from france tonight, where it's actually greece's high wire economic act that sort of hijacked this summit. president obama here today meeting with top european leaders. they are trying to prevent greece's economy from collapsing and taking down global markets with it. after hearing the anger here at the summit first-hand, greece's prime minister went home to greece, abandoned his plan to allow the greek people to vote on the bailout themselves and instead offered a 40-minute plea today, trying to convince them that this european rescue deal
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is the only way to save greece and the global economy. president obama huddled with french president sarkozy and german chancellor merkel, the white house saying today that this european bailout plan, with built-in protections, is needed to prevent collapse. >> the most important aspect of our task is to resolve the financial crisis here in europe. >> reporter: aware stocks have taken a beating back home because of worries over greece. and not lost in the group photo today, china. president hu jintao quietly standing there. the chinese have essentially said, "don't look to us," reportedly telling european leaders they're confident that europe has "all the wisdom and capability" to fix the problem. beijing has said it could lend billions but if and only if there's proof this bailout will work. china, of course, is already the largest holder of u.s. debt. of course, china does hold $3 trillion in foreign currencies already. not looking to add greek debt to its portfolio, at least not yet. and one more note. when the president arrived here
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in cannes today, famous for its film festival, he said, "i came to see some movies." his attempt at a little bit of humor as they deal with a very serious economic picture here tonight. >> all right, a big day at the summit. thank you david muir tonight. and now, the republican front-runner, herman cain, battling that tempest, three women claiming sexual harassment. and today, the candidate's supporters rallied around him, evoking a racially charged chapter in american history. abc's jon karl explains. >> reporter: herman cain's supporters are firing back. launching a blistering new web video, seen here first on abc news, portraying the sexual harassment story as racially motivated. >> now we're getting the high tech lynching of a beautiful man, herman cain. >> reporter: the video was made by a pro-cain group independent of his campaign. it closes with the words of clarence thomas from his 1991 confirmation hearing. >> and it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, you will be lynched,
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destroyed, caricatured rather than hung from a tree. >> reporter: last night, the cain campaign blamed rick perry for the story. >> rick perry needs to apologize to herman cain and, quite frankly, to america. >> reporter: perry denied it, but today cain stood by his allegation that it was the perry campaign that leaked the story. >> let's just say, there aren't enough breadcrumbs that we can lay down and connect that leads us anywhere else at this particular point in time. i don't see any other way it could have come out. >> reporter: none of the three women who accused cain have gone public. but the lawyer for one of them has asked the national restaurant association to allow him to release a statement on her behalf. that could come as soon as tomorrow. cain stayed out of the limelight today, meeting privately with henry kissinger in new york. in his iowa campaign headquarters, cain supporters worked the phones, standing up for him but also taking questions from iowans about the story.
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>> that came up with every phone call. and i think there's a concern about it but i really think that he's above so much of this. that -- i don't think that it's going to hurt him at all. >> reporter: despite the confusing and conflicting accounts offered by cain this week, his campaign has been raking in cash, claiming to raise $1.2 million since the story broke last sunday. diane, that's almost half as much as he raised in july, august and september combined. >> okay, jon karl reporting from washington. and we learned a sobering number today about the rising number of americans living in extreme poverty. it's up one-third in the past decade, and that is 1 in 15 americans who are getting by on less than $6,000 a year, less than $12,000 a year for a family of four. some of the hardest-hit groups? hispanics, the elderly and a notable spike in the number of poor living in the suburbs.
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which takes us to the protesters all across this country, those who have been decrying corporate greed. overnight, there was an eruption in the streets of oakland, california, protesters clashing with police. and tonight, there are signs of a backlash against the protesters from americans saying they have gone too far. abc's neal karlinsky is in california. >> reporter: the streets of oakland today are filled with cleaning crews taking on an enormous barrage of fresh graffiti. and ordinary citizens like this woman -- >> you're going to break the windows where i work? >> reporter: fed up with a movement she used to support. >> i don't see any positive message. i'm just hoping that they'll go home. >> reporter: overnight, a violent run-in between protesters and police led to fires, tear gas, 100 arrests and frustration that the movement is being hijacked by a destructive minority. >> i don't like the fires. i don't like the graffiti. but most of us are not doing those things.
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>> reporter: it's not just oakland. in new york, there are allegations of sexual assaults at the occupy wall street site and fresh calls to evict protesters. the costs of the protests is mounting, too. already $5 million to the city of new york. a half million in atlanta. and $1 million in cash-strapped oakland, which doesn't even include the $4 million officials say was lost when protesters temporarily closed down the nation's fifth largest port overnight. >> i am in favor of the movement, but not in support of the people who do vandalism. >> reporter: so, is this movement aimed at corporate greed and corruption -- which gained so much popular traction so quickly -- in danger of snuffing itself out? >> even if they're a very, very small segment of what's happening, a very small amount of violence can be enough, ultimately, to stop a movement. >> reporter: protesters here are sensitive to the turn of events. you can even find signs like this one near some of the damage, apologizing for it. diane? >> thanks so much neal karlinsky. and still ahead on "world
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daughter, her father, who is a family court judge and the videotape she made of what he calls discipline, she calls abuse. some of the images in this story are disturbing, as "20/20" anchor chris cuomo takes us inside the national uproar tonight. >> bend over the bed. >> reporter: this video can be disturbing to watch. it's over seven minutes and it's gone viral the world over. it's a father in texas, whipping his 16-year-old daughter for being on the internet when she was told not to. you don't need to see much of the video to get what it is. a father's idea of discipline. 17 lashes. what he calls spanking. but why the tape surfaced may be more revealing. the girl in the video is hillary adams, and she set up the camera. >> another discussion was escalating in severity and i could tell that a beating was going to take place, sooner or later. so, i set up the camera and just waited. >> reporter: this was in 2004. hillary held the tape for over
5:47 pm
seven years. then, another argument with her father. this time, she tells him about the tape and she says he basically said "so what?" hillary says she released it to confirm what she had believed for so long. this is wrong. >> i just wanted somebody to see it and tell me that, no, this wasn't right and i'm glad you were able to grow up and move on past this and your dad really wasn't right for doing that. >> reporter: her dad is william adams, a family court judge in texas. support for hillary peppered the internet, as did a lopsided debate about the difference between punishment and punishing assault. reporters reached the father, who defended himself to a local cbs affiliaaffiliate. >> in my mind, i haven't done anything wrong, other than discipline my child after she was caught stealing and i did lose my temper. i've since apologized. it looks worse than it is. >> reporter: texas courts and obviously judge adams have condoned spanking at home and in schools in the past. the question is, is this spanking or assault?
5:48 pm
even if there's no criminal prosecution, judge adams could still face disciplinary action from the state bar. an investigation is pending. >> so, chris, what kind of disciplinary action? what's next? >> reporter: there's a range of affects for an ethical violation. lawyers can be disbarred, never be a judge again. there are two tiers here, though. criminal prosecution and what happens to the judge and then for the rest of us. for hillary, the message is out there. to her, it's crystal clear what this video is about. it gives us something to think about. and that matters much more than what happens to her father. >> thank you so much, chris. and still ahead, that surfer who got the surprise of her life. [ pneumatic drills whirring ] ♪ ♪ [ beep ] ♪ [ male announcer ] available 268 horsepower. class-leading mpg and intuitive mobile technology.
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so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. super poligrip free made the kiwi an enjoyable experience. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. in healthy livi, in healthy living, startling numbers tonight about the danger of just sitting around. researchers reporting that prolonged physical inactivity, sitting, lying down, contributes to 49,000 new cases of breast cancer. 43,000 cases of colon cancer each year. expects explain that active bodies produce fewer hormones, less insulin and inflammation, which can play a role in cancers. and doctors urge anyone sitting for more than an hour to get up and walk around. and what may be a joke by mother nature. someone in connecticut might be a quarter billion dollars richer tonight and not know it. the only winning ticket in last night's powerball lottery game
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was sold in connecticut, where hundreds of thousands of residents were unable to watch the drawing because they've had no power since that wild snowstorm last week. no one has claimed the jackpot yet. but they have a year to discover that $254 million are waiting for them. and what a surprise off the coast of santa cruz, california. it seems like a quiet day on the water. the woman calmly paddling around on her surfboard, when, out of nowhere, look at this, it's a scene from a movie. those are two humpback whales. look again. they suddenly emerge from the deep. and the woman, by the way, even though the birds were agitated, the woman was completely calm. so were the people on the kayak. they had been there hoping to spot one of the many whales feeding offshore recently and they got their money's worth for sure. and when we return, we go
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who doesn't remember that chevy cruising down the highway, the music cranked up, everybody so young? well, tonight, chevrolet is 100 years old and we thought we'd roll down the window, turn up the radio and once again, together, celebrate. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: 1953, dinah shore sings of a car. ♪ see the usa ♪ in your chevrolet >> reporter: in its day -- ♪ america's asking you to call >> reporter: nearly a national anthem, seen weekly by millions, a commercial. ♪ america's the greatest ♪ land of all ♪ giddy up 409 >> reporter: but somehow, you hear that. ♪ 409 >> reporter: chevy jumped the jingle genre early and forever. in "409," the beach boys sang their tribute to the chevy impala 409. genre, surfer rock. but prince, in 1983, found an r&b way in "little red corvette." ♪ little red corvette
5:57 pm
♪ baby you're much too fast >> reporter: and on it goes. the soft rock of elton john, in "crocodile rock." ♪ holding handing ♪ and singing songs ♪ had an old gold chevy ♪ and a place of my own >> reporter: and for country, taylor swift's ode to tim mcgraw. ♪ just a boy in a chevy truck ♪ that had a tendency of getting stuck ♪ ♪ on back roads at night >> reporter: more than 100 songs, many of them great and all badly needing words to rhyme with chevy. ♪ we started singing ♪ bye-bye miss american pie ♪ drove my chevy to the levee but the levee was dry ♪ >> reporter: bingo, don mcclean, "american pie" 1971. but to get back to dinah shore's old commercial. jingles can go a long way. all the way to the cast of "glee" this year. ♪ in your chevrolet >> reporter: but also forever, a lyric, when the song wants to be about the american dream on wheels.
5:58 pm
john donvan, abc news, washington. >> we've traveled a lot of miles together. and we thank you for watching. we're always there at and, of course, "nightline" will be along later. and we'll see you right back here for friday night tomorrow. good night. it's occupy oakland versus black block. tonight justice demonstrators accused hooded protestors are giving their movement a black eye. >> they're calling for arrest
5:59 pm
of a driver who mowed down two demonstrators and police explain letting him go was standard procedure. >> right now, oakland city council is debating a resolution supporting the occupy protestors. that calls on the mayor to provide city services to the encampment. and districts police not to use force to evict them. the mayor and police chief coming under fire tonight for demonstration that's got out of hand overnight. abc 7 is live in oakland to begin our coverage. laura? >> hi, dan. i'm standing next to just one example of how things got out of hand here last night. and these are protestors wearing masks and carrying weapons. a splinter group, if you will this, is a police substation near the plaza. some say this kind of destruction was due to a police presence too minimal. oakland police displayed dozens of items. ro


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