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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  November 4, 2011 2:05am-2:40am PDT

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the script. we try to be as close to the 1960s as possible, but clearly some of the things are less shocking these days they were then. >> let's hear some music. here's the cast of "hair." >> ♪ when the moon is in the seventh house ♪ and jupiter aligns with mars ♪ then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars ♪ this is the dawning of the age of aquarius ♪ ♪ the age of aquarius ♪ aquarius. ♪ aquarius
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♪ harmony and understanding ♪ sympathy and trust abounding g drean living dreams ofderigs visions ♪ mystic crystal revelation ♪ and the mind's true liberation ♪ aquarius aquarius ♪ when the moon is in the seventh house ♪ and jupiter aligns with mars ♪ then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars begins in 60 seconds. as pass.
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>> excuse me. skaws me. >> in oakland tonight city council grapple with how to handle the growing occupied movement. >> it was at times contentious.
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speakers on both sides of the protest line up to give city leaders an earful. >> these brat in black who want to burn everything from the ground to the ground should be investigated and arrested because they are damaging other people's rights to free speech. good evening ever good evening. >> the council is trying to decide what the city should do next. >> lets check in with lillian who is live at that meeting for us. lillian. >>reporter: well over 100 people lined up to speak tonight. it has been a long meeting. with a few tense moments. >> officer, would you escort him away from the mike, please. >>reporter: speaker refused to leave when his time was up. then members of the audience engineered when oak land police chief howard jordan addressed the city council. >> my od great showed great restraint in -- >>reporter: but for the most part the special open city council meeting was calm. largely because the overwhelming majority who
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showed up were in support of the occupy oakland movement. >> occupy oakland is bigger, much bigger than oakland and we have an opportunity to lead in this city. >>reporter: council members call for the special forum in hopes of getting a better idea on what position if ancity the city should take on occupy oakland. encampment in front of city hall continues to grow one week after officers raided it. and yesterday thousands took part in a general strike. while mostly peaceful ended in a violent clash with police. small group of so-called anarchist broke window and spray painted graffiti throughout downtown. >> we have had several conversations with businesses that are saying they will consider not renewing their leases. unless something is done and done medley. the damage to the property is unacceptable. the violence is uncalled for. >>reporter: supporters of occupy oakland your honor the council to look beyond the violence. yesterday general strike was an inspiration. >> what happened late last
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night should be should not over shadow what beautiful thing happened yesterday. if you have been to an oakland raider game you have seen people engaging in violent acts. you do not hold everyone at that game responsible for the acts of a few. >>reporter: the council decided not to take any action tonight. council members say there's just not enough votes to do so but they could adopt some sort of resolution at the next regular meeting on the 15th. live in oakland, abc 7 news. >> thanks lillian. >> police release this image sent to them by a resident. they say the group wearing black clothing was responsible for vandalizing much of the downtown area. you can see some of them are carrying stic sticks. police say short time after this photo was taken the group took off the mask and walked back in the crowd. >> 101 people were arrested during last night clash with ly 43 lanceong them susie journali f farther is a cartoonist for the network.
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what did she say how it happened last night. >>reporter: well, susie said that she thought she did everything she was supposed to. staying hear at frank ogawa plaza but she still ended up in jail. after being cited and released earlier this evening she now wants answers as to why she a journalist was arrested here last night. >> had my press pass right up around my neck. >>reporter: susie trying to make sense of wednesday night. she's a cartoonist who is covering occupy oakland for the last 3 weeks. in fact she was videotaping as police clash with protestors last week. last night she was arrested. >> there was definitely a sense of confusion and panic among people. >>reporter: panic because oakland police were clearing the area after some rogue protestors took over a building on 16th. >> we had obviously changed our tactic from a peaceful right to assemble to something more of looting and criminal behavior.
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>>reporter: she thought she was in a safe place. >> last order i heard was for everyone to disburse to the plaza. plaza was fine. >>reporter: but it wasn't. >> i gave an order to encircle and arrest those that remain there for obstruction and for also failure to disburse. >>reporter: iran to a little vestibule area with many other people and was medley told get on the ground. you al upped arrest. >>reporter: being a journalist susie wasn't really worried. >> when i said i was press. i was originally told we'll take care of that in a minute. and minute turned into 14 hours at 2 different jails >>re >>reporter: she will have to appear in court next month and maybe it will get sorted out then. for tonight she just wanted to regroup. get some food. clean up. i asked if she would be back down covering the movement she said she would because they feel obligated to the story perhaps now more than ever. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> some protestors cause
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thousands of dollars in damage in downtown oakland. at least 2 dozen businesses have damage store front. many of those were looted. banks and chain stores including actualy coffee and whole food market and sub station left covered with spray paint and smashed window. does of people who participate entered the march yesterday returned today to clean up the mess they didn't make. they say the violence doesn't reflect the occupy movement so partner with city work investigators help scrub away spray paint and pick up glass and debris. oakland officials still assess the total cost of all the damage. >> 1 downtown oakland relevant estate developer held a loaded shot gun during the chaos to keep protestors from breaking in one building interfrank ogawa plaza. owe helped lead the 50 million dollar project to redevelop the building on 16th street. he watched the crowd take over the traveler aid building across the street. >> but we were armed and that was deterrent keeping them from coming in the building and we
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basically just had a stand off you could say until the police came to move the rioters. anarchist. >> he says that occupy protestors expressing their first amendment rights are rights of n the rights of others who live work and own property in downtown oakland. >>reporter: occupy oakland demonstrators are calling for the arrest of the driver who hit 2 protestors with her mercedes during last night protest. the cell phone video shows one of the protestors pounding on the hood of the car driver then accelerates and plows into the man. he then backs up and hits a woman. bart police handled the investigation. they lethe e after questioning him. decision they say was justified based on the contentious situation. witnesses are angr angry. both of the injured protestors are expected to recover. other news. shades of solyndra. according to california watch a unit of the center for investigative reporting, another bay area solar company is tanking after receiving federal money. this
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time san jose base sun power. company lost 370 million dollars last quarter. barely a month ago the obama administration gave sun power a 1.2 billion dollar loan. sun power cf o is resigning. company says it will reduce its work force. police brutality or reason force? in san francisco tonight 2 sides of law enforcements disagree over security video. on one side l video show as store obs being manhandled by police. owner claims the officer pushed him away and cuffed him for no reason. on the other side police chief says the video shows the shop owner making many a fist. >> he clench a fist. shows in the video. he posture which would appear to be offensive then in the report it speaks to fighting stance. >> dishonesty of this kind can not be tolerated. we are calling today for a sear tolerance policy.
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>> store owner says he was simply reporting a fight between his employee and a truck driver when the incident occurred. some people say the g cause he's running for mayor.w he says the man involved wanted the tape released. coming up next. if greece fails how the financial chaos half world away could have a direct impact on your wallet. >> also. google joins the battle for your television set. plans to be a part of your living room. >> snow is falling in the sierra tonight. sandy has the forecast. >> later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". take you inside the tense courtroom on day that sent the fate of michael jackson doctor to the jury. >> when the muppet franchise needed a revival they called >> when the muppet franchise needed a revival they called jason
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>> economic problem in greece is dominating headlines at the summit in france. greek economy collapses the repercussions are massive across europe and here, too. we want to explain why that's the case tonight. lisa is live in san jose with the story. lisa? >> greece only accounts for 3 percent of the european union economy but it risk is losing
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the position within the eu and a lot more if it doesn't meet its commitment. it's a modern day greek tragedy. playing out not only in the streets of athens but also on a global stage. right now greece is the focus of the g 20 summit of world leaders f.greece fails the implication is are far reaching. >> if europe has recession if europe has a problem that automatically means bad news for rest of the world. is watching how the markets react to the chaos unraveling in greece. earlier today greece prime minister considered taking the european bailout plan to the people for a vote. he later changed his mind. that mav anger and reaffirmed to president obama and others that the bailout plan was built in protection is next. >> most important aspect of our task is to resolve the financial crisis here in europ europe. >> best way to do that is to be prepared if and when greece
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default. >> should be moving on and better banking system to absorb the shock of default rather than trying to help greece. >>reporter: for many greek living in the u.s. it's not that easy. watching these images is painful. >> my inlaw. my family that are pensioner have seen the pension cut multiple times now. so again, planning is almost impossible. i'm worried about the people. worried about everybody who has spent their whole life working. >>reporter: he's also angry and sad by what has become of greece. >> it is not entirely the greek citizen fault. wrong policy over the last 30 years but basically led greece and greek to actually have less dreams. >>reporter: meantime the prime minister future is in question. he faces a confidence vote in parliament at midnight friday. analyst believe he will resign. live in san jose, abc 7 news.
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>> all right thank you lisa 8. wall street looking up after the recent development in greece. dow jumped 208 points today after the prime minister dropped referendum on the budget budget cut. nasdaq rose 58. s&p 500 gained 23 points. >> couple more business items. group on expected to begin trading publicly tomorrow. daily deals pioneer priced the initial public offering at 20 dollars a share, higher than expected. indicates investors eager to snap up the group on stock. that price gives ate market valley of 12.7 billion dollars. that's the largest i p o since google went public if 2004. >> in the battle for control of your television set add new name tonight. how about googl google? mountain view company is thinking about getting that the cable tv business. google has discussed contributing major television channel from tow like disney that owns abc and this station. google is already building a high speed internet service and this could unleash a new wave of
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competition in the television industry. >> if you live in berkeley look out for tiny deer on the loose. miniature deer has been spotted in berkeley l park animal experts concerned because the animal is so small and easy prey for larger animals. comes from asia and one of the smallest species de deer in the world and grows to only 24 inches tall. it was likely let loose in the park by its own. if you do see it experts say you should throw a blanket over it and call berkeley animal services. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. weekend is here. >> yes. more rain on the way. let's check in with sandy. >> yes mr. ran on the way as we head into the weekend but it's not going to dampen your entire weekend plans. i'll talk about that in just a moment. live done her 7 hd showing you some showers have developed and you will notice that they are mainly concentrated in the peninsula, east bay and los gatos down to the monterey bay we get very late showers right now on 101
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between morgan hill andd also rg and also right around the santa cruz mountains at this hour. here's the sierra nevada. check this out. it is snowing right four chains are required on interstate 80. highway if i and other routes leading to lake tahoe south of there. very heavy snow falling across some parts of the sierra nevada in the last couple hours. winter weather advisory until 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. 2 to 5 inches above they,000. chain control possible right through the morning hour as the snow will continue. she you that snow. this is just a short time ago from our haechbing camera. 8300 foot elevation. visibility low with the snow coming n.come in heavily at times so if you have plans to head up to the high country you may seeing white fresh powder on the ground as you head up tomorrow. numbers right now really drochlingt look at santa rosa. at the iai9 degrees. we have mid 40's napa
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fairfield downtown to the upper 40's like places like livermore fremont oakland. we are going to drop some more tonight. so look for few showers officer knight. cold morning the next 2 mornings with valley proingt and more rain coming in saturday late in the afternoon. here's satellite and radar. cold front came through generally speaking most areas received tenth of an inch or less in terms of the rainfall today. this area of low pressure is now bringing down the cold unstable air that's why we sea showers. you will see here on our computer animation very scattered in nature l really light showers expected right through the morning commute. 5:00 a.m. he goes bay south bay down to santa cruz. we see some wet payment then sun comes out late in the morning so we are looking at nice looking friday afternoon. >> first thing in the morning grab umbrella. grab a coat or swaert. it is going to be cold. particularly in the north bay valley near freezing
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santa rosa nap 37 degrees in clover detail. see 40's across the rest of the bay area. get colder the following night. tomorrow afternoon temperatures very much like today running cooler than normal. today high dropped 10 to 50 degrees compared to yesterday. so it was definitely a dramatic cool down. tomorrow afternoon look for low 50's around mostly clear la the low 60's around palo alto, concord, antioch and monterey bay. sunshine for the afternoon. mid 50's to low 60's. so certainly long sleeve weather tomorrow afternoon. here's 7 day forecast few early morning showers than some really cold conditions come saturday morning with frost. saturday afternoon into early sunday some more showers don't forget standard time at 2a change the clock back an hour. next possibility of rain coming in on wednesday. really temperatures will just moderate a few degrees early next week no. major warm-up coming. >> thanks sandy. >> coming up next. growing
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help protect yourself from some of what medicare doesn't pay... and save up to thousands of dollars in potential... out-of-pocket expenses with an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. call this toll-free number on your screen now... for this free information kit, including this... medicare guide and customized rate quote. i. mountain view linked in is growing and expanding according to the silicon valley business
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journal. >> networking company plans to add more than 110,000 square feat to its headquarters. linked in also has more than doubled the head count in the past year. >> nielson report confirms americans unthe able of 44 are much more likely to have a smart phone than their elder. report also shes apple is the no. 1 domestic make over smart phones. >> don't wait for prototype. print it. local companies are turning to 3d printers now to make quick prototype of the product. it could produce final versions. more on those headlines in tomorrow print edition of the silicon valley business journal. >> right now time for some sports. >> hockey to talk about tonigh tonight. >> sharks back from long road trip and many lasted only 2 minutes here in net in tonight's game. got the hook early but sharks came on very late against pittsburg. over early but sharks came on very late against pittsburg. over time highlights
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>> good evening everybody. shark return home after a 5 and 1 road trip. they came out absolutely flat tonight against pittsburgh. but they rallied late and somehow pull it out in the somewhat out. they honor joe thornton who played in 1,000 games. shark bought him
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a wooly mammouth tusk. maybe 100,000 years old i don't know where do you find. that it's very old. off the skate it was 2 nothing in a flash and pull it 2 men in for bryce. sharks down 3-1 and get back in it. the slide at home ties it at 3. on to the shoot out. brian. shoot and scores. only goal of the shoot out. before bryce with poke check on this. that wins it. i just like saying that name. the sharks come back from the dead literally and pull this game out 4-3 in the shoot out. on to football. tim tebow will get a dose of the black hole and sold outcome see um on sunday. fifth straight home sell out for the silver and black so this game will be televised legally. tube 0is the great unknown. denver fans desperately want to
2:32 am
see him do well libling in the college days at in but he gets lick no protection. when he drops back to throw, motion is awkward or crushed. now idea what will happen. 18 of 13 passing in a 45-10 loss for tebow last week and raiders head coach jackson would lick to sea more of that. >> obviously i think he's a heismann trophy winner. 1 and 1 as starter. come in here and continue what he has been doing and keep it that way. >> sometimes when i make something happen and you have to be patient. throw it away and ultimately, you know, just be smart with the ball and make good decisions. >> golf at harding park first round of the should what about championship final event on the tour. wouldn't let this stop him. putt on 5 1 under 70. president cup captain couples bothered by back issues, no issue with the chip on 4. couple 5 under on the front 9.
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rally with birdie on 18. couples tied forth lead with huhs at 3 under 68. basketball returns saturday night in san jose. sort of. charity game past and present is the werior believe warriors led by barns, richardson and company against some current warriors including ellis. this is at the event center at san jose state saturday night. proceeds will go to after lets versus cancer fun days. bounce started to stage the game 3 weeks ago and was inspired because of random twitter message. >> somebody on twitter. tweeted you used to did a warrior game. i remember the support we had out here and love for that team. thought it would be a tremendous opportunity and great idea to raise money for my foundation and most importantly during the look out get back to the fans
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because they are the ones that really miss out the most. >>reporter: you saw barren davis. matt has been training desperately to get dave is to commit to playing in the game l. doesn't look lake it's going to happen but parent may in barren davis fashion coach at the cameo. that's the toyota sports report. >> barren being barren and could will go that's that is a great idea. >> 5000 people down there. we'll take any l basketball at this point. it will be fun. >> it will be fun. see wet believe guys back is that thanks. >> "nightline"up next. >> remember you can keep track of the latest breaking news including the occupy movement in oakland on twitter at bay area. >> check us out from for larry for all here thanks for watching. live picture snow in
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representative of what is going on in terms of the occupy movement. >> i want to encourage people to get to know the people, on a human level. they're just kids that are in -- that are impatient for change. >> i believe that they shouldn't have terrorized the situation. while at the same time, it takes a lot to get your point across to oakland. >> it's, you know the police,
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city officials in -- in oakland emphasizing a small group of protestors broke off from thousand of people and unfortunately caused damage. it's not fair it impacts. working class people in the neighborhood. people who have created small businesses just trying to work for themselves and their families. they have to clean up the mess. >> actions of a few tarnish the image of a lot more. sad story. also a bizarre story here. the hacker group anonymous known for breaking into corporations and government computers is now targeting a mexican drug cartel. this online video claims the zetas have kidnapped a member of anonymous and gives them until today to let them go. if not, the hacker group will expose mexicans who collaborate with drug dealers, taxi drivers, policemen and journalists. lawmakers on capitol hill are demanding white house documents about the failed
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california solar energy company. a republican-led panel in the house voted yesterday to subpoena the record related to the solar company solyndra. the company got $500 million federal loan before going belly up. the loan went through though federal officials weren't against it. efforts to slow global warming have made little impact based on a new government information report. the global output of heat trapping carbon dioxide jumped by the biggest amount on record according to department of energy. calculations, levels of green house gasses are higher than worst case scenario outlined by climate experts four years ago. >> a startling report. startling report. >> really is. >> all right, just $30 to her name. a california woman headed to the san francisco airport to start a new life and she did, except this life was living at the airport for more than a week. terry wisenger didn't know about new baggage fees and didn't have the money to pay them.
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>> she missed her flight. the airline wanted $150 change fee on top of the $60 for bags. after eight days of wandering the airport, members of an airport church collected $200 to send her on her way. wow. >> think there would be family, friend. thank god for the charity and goodwill of others. that's bizarre. >> she said she hadn't flown a lot. she didn't understand the fee increases. $30 in her pocket. what are you going to do? pleasant in the northeast on this friday. morning showers in the carolinas, virginia. central states, mild temperatures. in will be rain to the west, maybe even in las vegas. first winter snowstorm of the year has shut down interstate 80 through the yuma gap in california. >> 55, new york. kansas city, colorado springs. 54, chicago, indianapolis. 64 in new orleans, dallas. 65, albuquerque. 52, billings. 48 in both portland and seattl


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