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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  November 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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burns. we are live with the latest. >> and another iraq war veteran claims police put him in the hospital during the occupy oakland
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good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. a diesel spiel on a school bus sends a dozen kids to the hospital. >> the students from woodside hospital were heading home from a field trip when the trouble began. the bus pulled off interstate 680 in pleasant hill and that's where thomas roman is for us. >> 36 high school kids are on their way back to the peninsula. their bus left an hour ago, but left various area hospitals are 11 students who were exposed to diesel fuel that flooded the floor of the
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bus. the school bus with 38, 11th grade woodside peninsula high school students was traveling along 680 when the diesel fuel started flooding the floor of the bus. the bus turned off here at contra costa boulevard near the pleasant hill shopping center. the driver called police as students were evacuated from the bus. >> the driver realized there was a fuel spill going on in the school bus. the driver took the ices zit and pulled off on -- took the exit and pulled off at contra costa boulevard. they were sent to local hospitals for the fumes. >> reporter: the students were returning from an environmental trip up the yuba river. they complained of walking in the diesel fuel on the floor. others complained of not being able to breathe after inhaling the fumes. the remaining students were treated at the scene by firefighters and escorted to another bus which is on its way back to the peninsula. the sequoia union high school
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district sent this tow truck to pick up the bus and take it back to the yard to find out exactly why this leak occurred. the parents of those injured students who were at four area hospitals are on their way to those hospitals to be with their children. reporting live in pleasant hill, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. a second iraq war veteran was sent to the hospital during the occupy protests on the streets of oakland. and he claims police put him there. it happened early yesterday morning during a clash with authorities on 16th and telegraph. abc7 goes live with the story. >> reporter: he is here in the hospital. his family has been with him as he recovers from a ruptured spleen. they took time out to come out and talk to us and give us his side of the story. >> i am upset this happened to somebody i am close to. >> reporter: richard collins is a close friend.
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he is here at highland hospital after he says he was beaten by oakland police officers while being arrested during the sweep near the plaza early on thursday morning. >> absolutely furious with the way they treated my little brother. >> her brother, a veteran in the wars of afghanistan was out supporting the occupy movement, but wasn't one of the troublemakers. once in jail her brother was denied medical treatment. >> if someone is on the floor and unable to walk and vomiting blood, there could be little doubt there is something really wrong with him. he has a ruptured spleen. they had no idea what was wrong with him. >> the alameda county sheriff's department released a statement saying in part that it is investigating the claim that he requested and did not receive medical attention. meanwhile, he continues to recover, but he doesn't feel like talking. >> he felt that we shouldn't talk about. - talk about it. he doesn't want a fuss.
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>> and only a few in the inner circle are speaking publicly. he is a co-owner in elsaerrito. i spoke with wynn -- with one of his colleagues who didn't want to be on tv and he just wants one of his friends to get better. and he is listed in fair condition tonight. as for oakland police, i tried to get in touch with them. all they will say is they are investigating the incident and they are asking anyone with information to give them a call. in oakland, abc7 news. >> thanks very much for that. this story has prompted quite a discussion. they say the police don't know/care which protesters or veterans. all they are seeing is annoying protestors and nothing else. and jesse k says, it is funny, they go there and fight for our country and then come back and get injured fighting for our people. go to our facebook page, facebook .com abc7 news. the city of oakland is adding up the cost of the occupy protest as some of the
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city's downtown banks start boarding up ahead of the weekend, and the possibility of more protests. chase bank had their windows shattered, and they decided not to take chances as demonstrators returned to the area. business leaders say they will have to fend for themselves without help from mayor quan. >> she has not responded to my first letter. she has not responded to my second letter. we had a mealing with her two days -- we had a meeting with her two days ago and all we could do was talk. >> i think time was wasted when they cleared the park and engaged in unnecessary action. >> the city says it spent $1 million 2 thousand dollars and three quarters of that went to police and public works personnel. >> and a third of the 103 people arrested during the general strike protest easy -- protests were from oaknd la. here is the break down. 32 are from oakland and 42 from other bay area cities and 15 are from other parts of
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california, and nine are actually from out of state. as for people taken into custody for failure to disperse and other charges, the san jose mercury news says they came from as far away as texas, michigan, new york, out iewts, new jersey and oregon. >> it is going to get close to freezing in the bay area. >> sandhya patel is here with the weekend forecast. >> by the morning we are looking at icy cold conditions. let's show you the current observations of how cold it is at this hour. it is 36 degrees right now. santa rosa, 43 degrees. we pan around and we will show you what it looks like in other parts. bay area down to 39 degrees. clear skies and cold air mass in place. livermore is dropping. 41 degrees. the coldest area is looking to be right in this vicinity, and that's why the frost advisory is in from 1 a.m. to 9 a.m.
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two hours of freezing conditions, 28 to 32°. other areas carmel valley and salinas valley and hollister valley. besides the pros econ decisions we are looking at rain coming tomorrow of the i will let you know when. >> it could be snow. >> pg&e detects a tiny leak in the transition line that exploded in the san bruno disaster. crews are trying to pinpoint the exact location so they can fix it. the focus is on a four-mile stretch. crews were conducting a safety test in that area when they discovered the leak last night. pg&e says there is no danger to the community and they say the repair process is underway. the i team reports that the payroll manager accused of embezzlement is accused of a guilty plea. they filed a document increasing the amount of money and o'connor is suspected it
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of embezzling $2.2 million. they want o'connor to return the money and two vehicles she bought this year, a bmw and ford reporter. they told the i team dan noyes that they discovered them after they applied for a home loan and was contacted by the lender. an affidavit shows she forged a letter from the human resources department to explain she found the large deposits. >> they are getting a powerful message. just ahead, the california woman who is leading a backlash against the biggest banks in the country. >> and gabby giffords says she will return to congress. new details about her recovery. >> and a close encounter of the homeless ind could. an aircraft carrier-sized asteroid races close to earth. and then later on "nightline." >> carolyn and dan, coming up next on "nightline" extreme picky eaters. kids who will eat almost nothing. a family's crusade to battle a
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food phobia. and roseanne barr and edie
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to many credit unions will be
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open extra hours to take advantage of a nationwide campaign called bank transfer day. it was designed to punish banks for the proposed debit card fees. this week bank of america joined chase and wells fargo and canceled the plans to do so. we spoke with the organizer of bank transfer davey yaw skype. -- transfer day via skype. >> i don't consume actions from a handful of the organizers. they are choosing to engage in the actions. >> the credit union national association says 650,000 people switched to credit unions last month. byway of comparison they had 600,000 customers open accounts in all of 2010. the gop presidential hopeful herman cain was back before the crowds trying to bring a little normalcy to the campaign. >> have i been in washington
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all we -- i have been in washington all week, and i have attracted a little bit of attention. >> cain has been doged all week by allegations of sexual harassment from at least three former employees. one of those women released a statement through her lawyer. details though were lacking. >> mr. cain knows the specific incidents that were alleged. my client filed a written complaint in 19ninety 9 -- 1999 against him specifically, and it had very specific incidents in it. >> aside from the statement, the woman declined to revisit the incident any further. two other women have made similar allegations against cain. he maintains he has never sexually harassed anyone. cain is taking his campaign to late knitel vision. he is scheduled to appear on jimmy kimmle live on monday and airs here at midnight. gabby giffords is vowing to return to congress in a new book that details her
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remarkable recovery. it is entitled "gabby, the story of courage and hope." it reveals her struggle how to learn to walk and talk. she says "i will get better." she stunned colleagues when she appeared on the congress floor eight months earlier. she was shot in the head outside a grocery store and receiving treatment at a rehab center in houston. a huge asteroid about the size of an aircraft carrier will pass relatively close to earth next week. scientists say they are 100% confident it will not hit. the fly by will be the closest encounter in 35 years. it will give astronomers a great view. they will be able to research the composition. it contains carbon-based minerals and can be used in future space exlor ration. -- exploration. the stretch that runs through golden gate park in san francisco will be closed overnight for construction work. traffic will be detoured right at the southern edge of the
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park. a bridge can be replaced north of the mcarthur tunnel. the ramp that leads to northbound 101 as you see on the map will also be closed. all of this is part of the project to replace doyle drive. it is a billion dollar project that will take another four years to complete. the highway one closure is planned for 9:30 tonight until 9:00 tomorrow morning. although if it rains, the construction will be rescheduled for tomorrow night instead. but it is not going to rain it does not look like. >> the answer to that first, let's look at i believe we have shots in the tahoe area. yes, we do, and look at all of that snow. the ski resort is actually now open. enough snow has fallen there, incredibly enough. it seems rather early in the season. >> and more may be coming. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the weekend forecast. >> dan and carolyn, indeed more snow coming to the high country. they have already seen five to 10 inches at the resorts, and
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they could see an additional foot of snow up there. want to show uh beautiful shot. he calls it a good day in san francisco. it was indeed. just some puffy cumulus clouds. leftover cold, moisture combining to create the beautiful clouds. we did have some showers go through earlier today. and the total rainfall anywhere from a few hundreds to a third of an inch. it is dry outside right now, but with the clear skies and the cold air mass in place, the temperatures are dropping. 36 in napa and 39 in fairfield. livermore down to 41. look at san jose, 49 degrees at this hour. we have a long night ahead. redwood city, novato, 48, santa rosa, 43 degrees. sub freezing temperatures and frost advisory roups for the north bay valleys, and the rain arrives tomorrow afternoon with mainly sunny conditions by sunday afternoon if you are making plans i will tell you the timing for this storm system. certainly going to be a cold night, and first thing in the
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morning make sure your sensitive plants are brought inside. make sure they are not prone to froes. you will want to bring them inside. bring your pets in. 31 in santa rosa. frigid in livermore. freezing at 34 degrees. morgan hill 36. san jose and palo alto and san mateo and oakland in the low 40s. same with half moon bay. a chilly night ahead. the winter chill is here. the satellite-radar shows you the storm that moved through our area and brought rain and snow to southern california. it is pushing out, but another storm will replace it. this one is also dropping down from the gulf of alaska bringing the cold air with it. let me show you the timing of this system. 11:00 tomorrow morning, just going to see some clouds. as the day goes on by around 2:00,3:00, 4:00, there will be rain developing in the north bay. and then the rain becomes organized and more wide widespread. you can see some yellows indicating some moderate rainfall. could sigh -- could see a quarter to half an inch.
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still some lingering showers at 8:00 a.m. on sunday. the sun starts to pop up and we will see these showers pretty much winding down as we head into the afternoon hours. it should be a dry sunday afternoon. but not in the sierra nevada. the winter storm wach goes into affect tomorrow afternoon and it continues until sunday morning. 6 to 12 inches of snow is expected above the 6,000 foot elevation. certainly count on chain controls and travel delays if you are heading up to the lake tahoe area. lake tahoe is under a winter weather advisory. the west of the sierra nevada is under a winter storm watch. it is on the cool side. low to upper 50s in the north bay. upper 50s to low 60s. for the monterey bay, numbers in the upper 50s to the low 60s. want to show you the forecast if you are going to the cal game tomorrow. they take on washington state at at&t park. grab the umbrellas. rain will be developing. it will be a cool one. you will need your jack qet,
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mid50s. and if you are head together raiders game on the other side of the bay, it is going to be dry for that game on sunday as they take on the broncos. mostly sunny and mid to upper 50s. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, don't forget we fall back on sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. we go to standard time. rain will be ending later in the morning. dry days coming on monday and tuesday. then we start to change a little as we head into thursday and veterans day chance of rain. >> thank you, sandhya. coming up next, the improbable ending to the story involving a san francisco crab fisherman. >> his reunionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn d
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a cleaning lady who worked really, really hard on a piece of art over did it to say the least. here is what happened. the woman scrubbed away the metal bowl in the sculpture by martin kipenburger. it is still on exhibit at the museum in germany. when it starts driping from the ceiling, it was supposed to look like a dried rain puddle, apparently.
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the officials are trying to decide whether to restore the sculpture or leave it as is. youtube is broadcasting live coverage of the haj for the first time. 2.5 million muslims will start the islamic ritual in mecca, saudi arabia. it is one of the five pillars of islam. it requires all muslims who are able bodied who can perform it to do the pilgrimage once in their lifetime. it is being produced in association with the saudi government. back here, a small chip helped to reunite a san francisco crab fisherman and his first mate today. four months ago this cat disappeared on to dry land from kevin snow's boat. an spca volunteer found the cat when she was -- putty, yes, sorry. she was rounding up cats to be spayed and neutered.
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they discovered a microchip with kevin's details. he was delighted to hear his first mate, putty, was alive. >> we had this story earlier at 4 ago and larry delivered the putty line. >> yes, the putty-cat line. >> putty is now tweeting. >> kids, this is why you need to do your math homework. kelly slater's surfing title is not really his because somebody messed up on thehehehe@
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good evening. carson palmer says he is ready to go, but darrin mcfaden is not. the leading rusher will miss sunday's home game. he sprained his foot a couple weeks ago and it is healing slowly. he was seen with a boot on his foot and on crutches this week. he will start in mcfaden's place and another injury and
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he is questionable with a hamstring injury. the niners visit. he is a former first round pick and never developed into the start that the skins were hoping for. after six years he left with the 49ers and has three picks and threw seven games. rogers cannot wait to suit up. >> it is all-around the first round. they are looking at all of the negative stuff. once you lose them, that's all it is. >> college football, no matter who wins the game of the century tomorrow, lsu or alabama, stanford figures to move up to third in the bcs if they beat oregon state. andrew luck says the cardinal will be focused. >> we know oregon state is a tough place to play. they are a well-coached team. defensively they are tough and
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hardnosed and they fly around the football. we know there is no weeks off in college football. >> if cal wants to go to a bowl game they better beat washington state. he will get the start as qb. it could be on a short leash. he had four picks in the loss to ucla. they were four and four overall and needed two wins to become bowl eligible. and they need more out of maynard. >> sometimes it can be a route or sometimes it can be a protection or a poor throw. it is not just one thing. you hope with experience that consistency comes. >> usc at colorado. ralphy running wild. don't get in ralphy's way. a school record six touchdown passes. the trojans win big 42-17. round two of the charles schwab championship, freddy couples all tied on top of the leader board.
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he had the shot of the day and the approach on two, and that is a slam dunk eagle. it is one shot off the lead. and how embarassing is this? turns out kelly slater didn't actually win the surfing world championship at ocean beach on wednesday. the tour messed up the math by a fraction of a point. you want to about high character, it was slater himself who pointed out the numbers to tour officials. that's your toyota sports report. way to go kelly slater. dudes, add. >> like totally. "nightline" is up next. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 5:00. >> for larry beil and sandhya patel and putty, have a good night.
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