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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 6, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. this morning -- the sports world sex scandal. an ex-coach at one of the most storied college football programs in america charged with sexually abusing young boys. now there are allegations of a university cover-up. what did the legendary coach joe paterno know? earthquake in the heartland. oklahoma's hit by the biggest earthquake ever there. a magnitude 5.6 sends people running, shakes newsrooms and rattles a huge football stadium. >> the stadium was rocking. >> we have the latest. thwarted love. amanda knox's ex-boyfriend who was accused of the same crime and served the same time is now speaking out this morning, new details about their doomed relationship, and he answers the big question, does he still love
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her? ♪ and we're moving on up and moving on up. breaking royal news. william and kate are officially moving. we take you inside their new home, but the question everyone is asking, do they need a bigger place because their family is about to get bigger? ♪ we finally got a piece of the pie ♪ ♪ well we're moving on up ♪ to the east side we're all energized and smiles this morning. that extra hour sure helps. >> fall back is an important national holiday for anybody who happens to work the morning shift on the weekends. we got a lot of extra energy as we bring you the top stories this morning including the latest controversy to rock reality tv, and we're not talking about the kardashian divorce. this is lip-syncing on "the x factor." it claims its contestants are performing live. we're going to tell you how simon cowell's show got busted, though and what the judge we love to hate is saying about it.
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>> big question, what could do that to ratings, if anything? also this morning -- i love this story. check out this golden retriever, one of the key members of this high school cross country treatment. we amazing the story of this young girl that she leads through the woods on treacherous runs. she is most ultimate guide dog you'll ever meet. >> really cool story. we're going to begin with those ugly sexual abuse charges against a former coach at powerhouse penn state. there are a lot of questions this morning, including how much university officials and legendary head coach joe paterno knew and when they knew it. abc's t.j. winick is on the campus this morning with more on this stunning story. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: bianna, good morning to you. for decades penn state football played here at beaver stadium has been known as the gold standard of how a college program should be run. that's why these allegations, these shocking allegations of abuse and cover-up has shaken this entire sport to its core. the allegations are shocking that here in one of the biggest and most storied football
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programs in america, boys as young as 10 were being sexually abused by one of the team's most prominent figures. >> this is absolutely a stunner in the world of sports. if you were to say, give me squeaky clean in college football, one of the answers that you might say first is penn state. >> reporter: jerry sandusky is known as the architect of penn state football's powerhouse defense, but the former defensive coordinator may become better known for allegations of sexual abuse. eight young boys over a 15-year period. sandusky's attorney asserts that his client is innocent and will fight the charges. more startling, sandusky worked with underprivileged children through a foundation that he started named second mile. >> children that are troubled or have a disadvantaged background, they're going to be more vulnerable to someone paying attention to them. >> reporter: but what may really shake the university, the charges also accuse penn state officials of a cover-up. athletic director tim curley and
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university vice president gary schultz were charged with perjury and failure to report the charges to state authorities. >> what happens is self-preservation sets in and when people have this type of information, they just deny that it's actually occurring because they're concerned about it affecting their concerns. >> reporter: attorneys for both men say their clients are innocent. but questions are also surrounding head coach and football legend joe paterno. according to the investigation, a graduate assistant to the team discovered sandusky in the shower with a boy and reported it to the head coach who related it to curley ch. >> reporter: he said that schultz and curley have his unconditional support. those two men are expected to turn themselves in to authorities tomorrow morning in harrisburg. dan? >> big story. a lot more to come on this one, t.j., thank you. now to politics, your voice, your vote. last night it was supposed to be herman cain against newt gingrich in a big one-on-one debate. instead it became herman cain
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against the press corps in a rather remarkable showdown. also this morning, a surprise, newt gingrich surging despite controversies over things like his tiffany's expense account. abc's david kerley is covering it all in washington this morning. david, quite an interesting evening. >> reporter: i tell you what, dan, debate is probably the wrong word to use when we talk about what happened last night. the real fireworks came after the event when cain lashed out at reporters for the issue that has dogged his campaign for a week now. >> don't even go there. >> reporter: herman cain lashed out at reporters again last night. >> please send him the journalistic code of ethics. >> reporter: when asked if he was never again going to address questions about sexual harassment allegations, he said this -- >> you got it. >> thank you so much for coming. >> reporter: hours before -- >> herman cain and newt gingrich. >> reporter: billed as a lincoln douglas debate it was more herman and newt's most excellent
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adventure, agreeing on most issues, trading notes and compliments. >> i'm supposed to have a minute to disagree with something that he said, but i don't. >> i'm going to for this evening's purpose sidestep the great temptation to discuss 9-9-9. >> reporter: before a texas tea party audience, they gave the conservatives what they wanted, privatizing social security and medicare. >> let's get politicians out of that decision process. >> optional, personal retirement accounts. >> this is the battle to be the alternative to mitt romney and we've seen a number of candidates already. and now there's talk about newt gingrich possibly emerging as the anti-romney. >> reporter: that's right. these conservatives are surging. while herman cain's skyrocketing in the polls has gotten all the attention, unnoticed by some is gingrich's climb. his poll numbers fell off a cliff this summer with surprising revelations of a $500,000 debt to tiffany's for his wife's jewelry and a massive exodus of his staff. >> these were the things that
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torpedoed his candidacy when he first entered the presidential race. >> reporter: gingrich dropped to below 5%. but in the past month, he zoomed into double digits. 12% in our latest poll. experts believe that it's unlikely that gingrich will really emerge as the opponent that could actually beat mitt romney, but they also point out, bianna, that this is a very unusual campaign cycle, and they're hedging their bets saying that anything could happen this time around. >> that is true, david, thank you. let's bring in the host of "this week," christiane amanpour who joins us from washington. good morning, christiane. >> good morning, bianna. >> and these candidates are facing offer at a time when voter outrage and disillusionment with washington and politicians really seems to have reached a boiling point. in fact, you have some new startling details on an abc news poll that seem to confirm this. >> bianna, that's absolutely right. you pointed out there is a mood of real pessimism and anxiety across the country and that new abc/"washington post" poll shows
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it with the numbers. let's put them up on the screen. some 80% of the american people are dissatisfied with the federal government. and of those, 31% are flat out angry, and that's an all-time high. as for who's to blame, the polls show, well, 35% of the unhappy people blame the republicans in congress. 32% blame president obama, and 26% say basically a pox on both those houses. so from the white house, from the congress there's clearly a lot of work to be done and these are, as we say, historic numbers in determines of dissatisfaction. >> and one man who has picked up on this level of dissatisfaction is former president bill clinton. he's out with a new book on how to bring america back, revive jobs, and he actually lashes out at the obama administration as well from things like the debt debacle, debt ceiling debacle and the midterm elections, as well. so is he someone that the administration is wanting to embrace or sort of distance themselves from as we go into this campaign year? >> well, bianna, this book is coming out this week, and you'll
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hear a lot more about it. and, of course, president clinton, the early reports are saying that he basically said that the administration hasn't put out the story as well as they could have. of what they're trying to do, but bill clinton is a very successful politician who reaches out and touches many, many people who will be required in this election, independents, for instance, so it may be a little irritating for the obama administration, but to have bill clinton on site out campaigning and supporting is likely to be a net positive for him. and they, of course, they did use him during the lame-duck session to sell that whole policy after the 2010 election. >> we'll likely see a lot of him in the coming months. all right, christiane, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and be sure to join christiane later this morning when she goes one-on-one with house speaker john boehner in a "this week" sunday morning exclusive. dan? >> thank you, bianna. a jury in the michael jackson doctor trial gets back to business tomorrow morning. nobody on the outside can
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know what's happening in the jury room, but legal experts say there's one big question that could create reasonable doubt and lead to a hung jury. abc's diana alvear takes a closer look now. >> reporter: who injected michael jackson with that fatal dose of propofol, his doctor or the superstar himself? the case against conrad murray rides on the answer to that simple question. jurors heard the defense's propofol expert, dr. paul white, testify that a desperately addicted jackson could have injected himself when murray stepped out of the room. >> so you think it was a self-injection of propofol between 11:30 and 12:00 that did it? >> in my opinion, yes. >> reporter: but the prosecution's star witness, dr. steven schafer, asserted that the sedated superstar could not have mustered the energy to administer the drug to himself. >> it's a crazy scenario. >> reporter: the jury has to decide whether the defense's self-infection
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scenario could have taken place. which argument holds more weight with the jury, do you think? >> well, it certainly seems that the schafer view of circumstances is more plausible without any question. i mean, dr. white's theory is definitely a stretch, but is it a reasonable stretch or ridiculous unreasonable stretch? if there's one juror there that finds the defense's version to be reasonable, then they're going to hang firm because the judge has told them to hang firm. >> reporter: if the jury is not unanimous and it results in a hung jury, the trial is over, dr. murray goes free, and the prosecutor decides whether to retry the case. but for now seven men and five women will reunite tomorrow for their second day of deliberations debating who gave jackson his fatal dose of propofol. for "good morning america," diana alvear, abc news, los angeles. >> a big verdict to come. now let's go over to ron claiborne with a look at the morning's other big stories including that earthquake in oklahoma. >> that's right. in oklahoma of all places. imagine that they're assessing the damage there in oklahoma, after
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what they're calling the strongest earthquake in oklahoma history. the 5.6 magnitude quake was centered about 40 miles northeast of oklahoma city. one local newscast was on the air during that earthquake. >> quake right now. our lights shaking quite a bit now. it's now calming down as another earthquake has just hit. i still hear a few lights rattling here in our studio. the earthquake came after a day of smaller quakes that cracked some buildings there in oklahoma. there are also reports of buckled highways and cracked chimneys. and more than a week after a rare october snowstorm, more than 100,000 businesses and businesses in connecticut still don't have power. the power company says though -- they say that 99% of their customers will have electricity by midnight tonight. and nearly two dozen people were arrested after police and protesters clashed at an occupy atlanta rally. now, police officers saw a tense confrontation after driving this motorcycle into a crowd leaving a city park. police rounded up demonstrators who refused to leave the park and those who spilled out into
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the street after leaving the park. and police in england have cleared all of the vehicles from a horrific 34-car pileup. the fiery crash occurred late friday killing 7 people and injuring more than 50. police say that a wet road and smoke from a nearby fireworks display likely contributed to the crash. and finally think of your cable bill as too high. well, consider the cost of waiting for the cable guy. it's a lot worse. a new survey finds that americans lose nearly $38 billion on a year to fix, install or deliver something. that's about $250 a person, and i got to be honest, i'm not sure how they calculated that. by the way, i forgot to say good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> i apologize. >> good morning to you. not ignoring you. >> what was that movie? "cable guy" with jim carrey. >> yeah. >> those numbers get me angry just thinking about it. >> that's why we told it, to get your blood boiling.
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>> to get me angry. >> we'll straighten this out later. it's time now for the weather and j.c. monahan from our boston affiliate wcvb. good morning, j.c. good morning to you. don't want to keep you waiting for the weather. let's get right to it. starting in weber canyon, utah, they had a 25-car pileup due to icy roads there. this did lead to one fatality all due to a semi truck that hit into another one causing this mess. it's the north of salt lake city. they had 3 inches of know. and there's another storm moving on the west coast, that is -- had brought 6 inches to the sierras. they still have some watches and advisories there. another storm moving into the southern plains states, not as strong as the last one. will strengthen a bit as it moves towards kansas city and. by the way, florida, offshore lows still keeping the seas rough and be car
7:15 am
>> a look at the midwest and northeast when we come back. dan? >> thank you, j.c. now to the supermodel christy turlington. she has graced more than 500 magazine covers, worked for calvin klein and versace, even done a duran duran video. but today she's making news for a very different reason. why is she running the new york city marathon? she spoke with abc's juju chang. >> reporter: she's one of the most photographed women in the world, but today supermodel christy turlington-burns isn't walking the runway, she's running in central park, training for the new york city marathon. are you ready for the marathon? >> i think so. i'm as ready as i can be. >> reporter: she's running to
7:16 am
help change the fact that pregnancy is the leading cause of death for teenage girls in developing countries, and she's urging moms across this country to support this cause. the call that you made for all moms to run 5ks, why is that important? >> 5ks actually the minimum distance that a woman has to walk to get to a clinic. >> reporter: women like janet from tanzania who christy featured in her film, "no woman, no cry." >> she had walked five miles, pregnant with her third child, about 20 days past her due date. she was observed for about 15 minutes, an hour, and then she was sent back that same distance home. she ended up needing an emergency procedure. >> reporter: christy herself suffered a serious complication during the birth of her daughter. and your complication, were you in the developing world, could have led to your death. >> absolutely. i mean, my complication led to a postpartum hemorrhage which is the leading cause of maternal death in the world. >> reporter: and as she goes the
7:17 am
distance today, the supermodel will be a role model for moms across the globe. juju chang, abc news, new york. >> to learn more about christy turlington and every mother counts, go to which is a joint project of abc news and the u.n. johnson & johnson will donate a dollar for the first 100,000 who sign up or like the million moms challenge on facebook. dan, we're going to talk about prince william and kate. in a new twist in the great pregnancy guessing game the palace has announced that the couple is moving. is it because they need more room for a growing family perhaps? lama hasan is looking into that question and gives us a look inside their new digs and they're not too shabby digs, lama. >> reporter: not too shabby at all. good morning to you, bianna. exciting stuff, huh? william and kate, they have new digs. a new, bigger home.
7:18 am
and, no, we have not given up on those pregnancy rumors now known as peanutgate. we have been digging a little bit deeper for you. william and kate will be moving from their modest two-bedroom london pad to this. feast your eyes on this humble abode they will soon be calling home. a three-story apartment with 20 resplendent, regal rooms complete with a glorious, well-pruned garden, which we saw when "good morning america's" robin roberts got a tour. >> we're here at kensington palace. the sunken gardens. >> there is plenty of space. they've got a nursery up on the third floor, so it's a ready-made family home. >> reporter: it has a nursery, a ready-made family home. is this a clue, a hint? are they trying to tell us something? is kate pregnant? remember this nugget of evidence when she refused to eat the peanut paste while hubby chowed down. >> who knows? i think this is a couple who know they want to do things
7:19 am
very secretly. the palace is not commenting either way. but i suspect this will not be the first or the last pregnancy rumor, but, yes, we've dubbed it peanutgate. >> reporter: back to the apartment, william knows this palace well. it's where he grew up with his father prince charles and mother diana. yes, that's him as a wee royal. >> so i think william felt that perhaps it was a little too crowded with memory, and kate told a friend that it was a little too creepy, the idea of moving back into the home where her husband grew up. so i think this is a happy compromise. >> reporter: but it hasn't been lived in since princess margaret died in 2002. >> it's going to need rewiring. it's going to need a new plumbing system, absolutely everything to modernize it and to make it safe, so they are going to have a bit of a wait before they can move in, but i suspect that once it's refurbished, kate will set about making it home. >> reporter: the bright colors will probably go and be replaced by more neutral colors to make it look more modern, more hip for this young royal couple. so their new posh pad needs
7:20 am
major renovation work done, and they won't be able to move in before 2013. that's two years from now. and, remember, it's a bigger home with a nursery so maybe, maybe that's a clue. maybe that's when they will start a family. i don't know, just a hunch. bianna, back to you. >> we're really scraping for clues. >> we are. you know, i have to tell you. it's beautiful, though. their backyard is actually hyde park. so it's stunning. it's a nice house they're moving into. >> sounds pretty good. >> good for them. >> all right. coming up on "good morning america," amanda knox's ex-boyfriend breaks his silence. why he says one of the most wonderful nights of his life was with amanda, so does he still love her? and will he leave italy to be with her? plus, the "x factor" flub. how simon cowell is responding after a contestant on his new talent show was caught lip-syncing. was this also happening on "american idol"? and a winning team. look at this dog taking part in this team cheer. we'll show you the inspirational story of how she turned one team into a champion. how she turned one team into a national champion. hi. you know, i can save you 15% today
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coming up on "good morning americ- coming up on "good morning america," amanda knox's ex-boyfriend speaks out for the first time since their release from prison. what does he have to say about her, and does he miss her?
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♪ bertolli soup's in the freezer aisle ♪ ♪ ♪ we'll never make it this is a key moment. see, the guy starts singing a couple seconds after you hear his voice. this has started a huge controversy in the fan world of competitive singing shows. this is from "the x factor." we're going to get into whether lip-syncing is super common on these shows. >> it does make you wonder how often it happens. >> good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, november 6th. also ahead, i love this story. it's such an inspirational story about a girl and her dog. we'll tell you how the extreme guide dog helped her owner get back into the game after a devastating diagnosis. >> and talk about extreme, how about bunny hopping on a competitive level. yes, this is for real. we're going to tell you about the latest craze in the rabbit world. i didn't even know there was a
7:31 am
rabbit world. that's all coming up in a little segment we call "fixation." >> that's a big rabbit. >> it's a big rabbit. >> all right, but we are going to begin with amanda knox. as hard as she tries, she can't escape the spotlight even after her murder conviction was overturned and she returned to the u.s. now her ex-boyfriend, raffaele sollecito, is speaking out for the first time about their tragic love affair. abc's scott goldberg has the details on what he said. >> reporter: to americans he was always the other defendant, the former boyfriend of amanda knox. but while she hides from cameras, raffaele sollecito is talking. on italian tv, he opened up about their relationship and the night knox's 21-year-old roommate, meredith kercher, was killed. paradoxically, he said, for me that night was a beautiful night because i spent the evening in amanda's company. we were living an idyllic love story. sollecito said that brief affair which began when knox was an exchange student in the romantic
7:32 am
city of perugia is over. he called it simply a seed that had been planted in the earth. the problem is that someone took that seed and crushed it. the former couple spent four years in what sollecito called hell. they were found guilty of murdering kercher but then dramatically set free after they appealed. sollecito says they were victims of a cruel injustice. he says that infamous image of them kissing a day after the murder after they went shopping for underwear has been misinterpreted. sollecito says he was trying to comfort knox after police seized her clothes. he says he prays every day for meredith kercher's family and he doesn't know if he'll accept the offer from amanda's father to visit the knox family in seattle. >> whether they take us up on that i think is really too early to tell because i know that raffaele is experiencing the same things that amanda is experiencing and wanting to reconnect with people and kind of just try to get back to normal life. >> reporter: sollecito may not be ready for a reunion. in a tv interview, he got emotional when the host showed him video of amanda back at home. "i wish her all the best in the
7:33 am
world," he said "because she suffered like i did, more than i did. i want her to be the happiest woman in the world." for "good morning america," scott goldberg, abc news, new york. >> huge transition for both of them. let's check the other stories developing this morning with ron claiborne. huge story in the world of sports. >> at penn state university, really a scandal rocking that football powerhouse. penn state has been rocked by that scandal when a former defensive coach, jerry sandusky, was arrested on saturday and charged with sexually assaulting eight boys over a 15-year period. two school administrators were also charged with covering it up. republican presidential front-runner herman cain lashed out at the media last night after his debate last night with newt gingrich. he cut off reporters who were trying to ask him questions about the sexual harassment allegations against him and cain said he would not answer any more questions about those claims. former heavyweight champion joe frazier is in hospice just a month after being diagnosed with
7:34 am
liver cancer. the 67-year-old boxer was the first man to ever defeat muhammad ali. that was back 40 years ago now. and finally, kim kardashian's marriage didn't last, but diamonds are still forever. tmz has reported that kim kardashian will pay soon to be ex-husband kris humphries to keep her more than 20 carat diamond engagement ring. it's said to be valued at around approximately $2 million. >> 2 million. >> i don't understand that. why keep it? i mean if you're not -- i guess that's her decision. >> yeah, and pay for it too. >> right. >> a ring is a ring. >> a ring is a ring. it is time now for the weather and jc monahan from our boston affiliate wcvb, news center 5. >> good morning. let's talk temperatures. new england finally getting back to average around here. after below average temperatures. we're above normal in places like st. louis but don't get used to it. cold front is coming through the midwest. it's bringing some snow to the dakotas. eventually colder air will filter into the midwest. speaking of cold, out in the southwest, we're still below
7:35 am
average. places like vegas should be around 71 degrees. and instead, as you can see, >> this weather report has been brought to you by kmart. dan and bianna. >> thank you, j.c. a little secret, did you know that j.c. and i went to high school together? >> i did know that. were you nice to her. >> i was very, very nice. >> j.c., we'll talk after the show. coming up here on "good morning america," we're changing the subject. are talent competition shows trying to fake us out with lip-syncing? "the examine factor" controversy coming up after the break. plus on the run. all thanks to a guide dog like no other. we'll tell you about sami and chloe and their special bond. >> a cool story. and later, a real dog and pony show, the story behind this showdown.
7:36 am
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>> you've got to look closely, but there it is, the incriminating moment, the moment that has us doing a reality check on those reality competition shows. it turns out, a lot of these performances that you see on the talent shows like "x factor" are lip-synced. some fans are truly upset about this, but is it really cheating? abc's rob nelson is on the story. ♪ i will never make it >> reporter: wait a second. did you catch that? ♪ i will never -- >> reporter: that's singer leroy bell on fox's singing competition show, "the x factor" on thursday, and it's pretty clear his voice starts a second or two before he actually raises that mike to his mouth. the apparent lip-syncing incident has forced fox to admit that, yes, even in a singing competition we're not always hearing live voices. >> i have seen the biggest stars, the most acclaimed, the greatest icons of our time using all of this technology, so it's really to create a
7:40 am
perfect final product. >> reporter: fox has pretty much shrugged off the criticism saying this is just how these kind of shows work. the network says lip-syncing happens fairly regularly in group songs when unlike individual performances conte contestants on the show are not at stake. such an obvious flub some say may seem like a major faux pas that in today's high-tech world of pop music this could be good, training for real -- real star -- stardom. a little harder than it works. from pop princess britney spears on the 2007 video mtv video music awards to ashlee simpson on "saturday night live." ♪ on a monday and i'm waiting tuesday -- >> reporter: who can forget the poster boys for lip-syncing, former r&b group milli vanilli. they managed to snag grammy awards for words they never even sang. >> should we give this grammy back now? >> is it cheating? yes.
7:41 am
but when you think about that these kids and adults on "x factor" are auditioning to become the next great major pop singers, this is what everyone in the industry does. so they have to learn to do it and do it convincingly. >> reporter: after all, they call it show business for a reason. for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> some disillusioned fans out there this morning. coming up here on "gma," bianna has a great story about an extraordinary guide dog that helped turn one young woman's life around. keep it here. young girl's life around. keep it here. hundreds of gifts... exclusively ours... to surprise and delight everyone on your list. holiday inspiration is easy to find, if you know the right place to look. that's the joy of avon. call 800-for-avon or go to
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7:45 am
playing sports you love. now imagine that all changes because of a degenerative and untreatable disease. that is exactly what happened to a young woman i met recently. but thanks to one extraordinary four-legged friend, she's back to doing what she loves. 16-year-old sami stoner loves running with her dog chloe. >> good girl, chloe. >> reporter: but sami and chloe aren't any ordinary running partners. chloe is sami's guide dog. sami, a high school cross country athlete, is blind. how long have you been running? >> i have been running since i was in eighth grade right before my vision started going bad. >> reporter: for months, she and her family didn't know what was causing the decline. >> it was a pretty tough time. i think it was tough on sami, and it was definitely tough on us. >> reporter: she was diagnosed with stargardt's disease, an inherited condition that caused central vision loss and renders its sufferers legally blind. losing her sight has been so trying for someone so young.
7:46 am
if there was one thing that you could see just one more time and have a good look at one more time, what would that be? >> probably my family's faces. it's kind of tough not being able to see their face or my face. it's kind of weird not knowing what you look like. >> reporter: and for any teen, learning that you can't get your driver's license can be devastating. >> that was kind of a tough day because i mean that's something every teenager looks forward to. >> reporter: but running was still an option. >> if you love something enough, then you'll find a way to do it even if you do have struggles with it. >> reporter: and sami doesn't just run, she runs cross country through the woods for miles on end. that's where chloe came in. since sami got her last summer, they have been training nonstop learning to move together and build up chloe's endurance. it's hard enough to get a person to be dedicated enough to run, i
7:47 am
can't imagine what it would require of a puppy, nonetheless. >> it's been a huge learning experience, but she really is doing a great job. >> reporter: the state initially wouldn't let sami and chloe run on the team, but the school fought for her and won. >> we've devised a plan where she could possibly run in a competitive situation in a sanctioned event. >> reporter: meanwhile, chloe was fitting right in on the team. watch as she takes part in this prerace ritual. >> one, two, three. >> all: one, two, three. >> we had 48 runners on the team and then came chloe. so we're a family of 49 runners. >> come here, chloe. >> reporter: and though she's all work on the court, when the harness does come off, she changes. her demeanor changes. she's one playful pup. you're irresistible. >> yes. >> yes, i know. finally after all of their hard work, the time came for sami and chloe to run their race. >> first time she ran with chloe, everybody was cheering.
7:48 am
go, chloe, go. >> that day sami ran her personal best. that's the best she's ever run. >> reporter: and in the end, this inspiring teen and her pup achieved their goal and crossed the finish line together. >> she just faces every day with the most positive attitude we could ever hope. >> i'm really happy we can be an inspiration to people because you really can do anything. >> and sami is the just happiest teenager i've ever met and smiled ear to ear. there are different rules for them. they have to start 20 seconds after the rest of the team when they're running so the dog doesn't get entangled with the other runners. we talked about that harness. when the harness is on, nobody can touch chloe. chloe is solely focused on sami. but once -- you saw what happened. once that harness comes off, she's all puppy. it was adorable. >> great story. >> yeah. >> great story. coming up next, a dog story of a very different kind, right? what's going on here? dan will tell you coming up. t kind, right? what's going on here? dan will tell you coming up. buckle up, because the truth is cleared for take off.
7:49 am
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♪ ♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ the random '80s song can only mean one thing. it's time for "fixation" where we show you our favorite pictures, images and miscellaneous stuff from during the week. >> jimmy kimmel has asked parents to send in their videos telling their kids that they hate all of their halloween candy. so as you can imagine, the kids are outraged. screaming, crying. >> oh. >> but this did my favorite one you're about to see, two brothers react. >> whoa. >> here they are. >> you ate it. what the heck? >> don't you guys think you ate enough candy last night? >> no. all i had was one bite of candy. are you serious? >> can't wait to meet him a few years from now. >> it goes on. >> you'll probably get a belly ache. >> all of a sudden, the kids turn into parents. >> he's going to grow up to be a lawyer.
7:54 am
>> yes. >> i like his hands behind his head. all right, mine will not make you cry, but it does give me sweaty walls. wait until you see this video. very cool video out of miami. by a san francisco-based aerial dance group. they're called project ba bandaloop, and this is a rehearsal yesterday at soundscape park for a performance that had last night called "sleepless night." it's something they do in miami from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. this morning. it's all cultural events. forget "dancing with the stars." you have to do this. >> i could see ron and dan doing this. >> yeah, right. one of these days. >> they choreograph it to the buildings that they're hanging off off but can you imagine doing that? >> no. >> i cannot imagine. >> ron has something even more -- >> guess what i have been fixating on this last week. you'll never believe it. rabbit hopping. that's like a machine over there. come on. this is rabbit hopping. this is rabbit hopping. it's catching on in europe. it's actually been around since the 1970s. in central -- >> really? >> yeah. i haven't heard of it until
7:55 am
recently until i saw these pictures which were compelling. they put them in a little harness and they carry them over these hurdles. trying to get them to go as fast as they can. not with a carrot. they train them. >> that's a big one. >> that's a big one. he's knocking over the hurdle so he's disqualified. this is catching on in europe. maybe coming here soon. >> yeah, i can't decide which one i want to do, that or dancing on the side of a building. we have been covering these occupy wall street protests. there's been a lot of really tough confrontations between the police and the protesters. we saw one that you might have missed, however. take a look at this. it's coming. there we go. that is a confrontation between a french bulldog and a police horse. i love the contrast here. looks like the dog is freaking out, and the horse is like, what is this animal, and can i eat it? the video was taken by a local attorney who said he thought it provided a nice contrast to all of the stress of the occupy wall street stuff. >> ungst.
7:56 am
>> ungst? angst. i should know. >> spoken from a dyed-in-the-wool warrior. j.c., great to have you here. >> thank you, guys. >> nice to have my old high school buddy back on the show. thank you, everybody, for watching "good morning america." we're always online at christiane amanpour is back with "this week." in just a few hours, and david muir is here with "world news" this evening.
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