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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 6, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PST

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good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm carolyn tyler. occupy oakland protestors are waking up cold and foggy this morning but still camped out at frank gallo plaza. they put out a request for tarps and other rain gear. damp weather has helped cool down tensions. for the first time since resigning last month, anthony bass is speaking out in how the city has handled the protestors. here is a report. >> reporter: this is the first cold steady rain this group has
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had to deal with since their occupation started with. >> rain, it's actually cold. everybody works together to bring us altogether. >> about a mile west, former police chief takes in the pressure immigration of coalition of local pastors honoring the service to the city. >> what is watching it happening? >> it's painful. i think oakland is a wonderful city and there is a wonderful people that care very much about the city. they want to see us with a positive reputation. >> he watched the clashes on tv over the last couple weeks. he has been out of town meeting with people including bill clinton on other issues. he was careful not to criticize but did give advice given by president clinton. >> you have to do it with diplomacy. >> he handed his badge in friday
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tying up the final details of the resignation, one day after the first occupiers descended on the plaza. he is no longer chief but officers perspectives being affected. >> in reality you have people sitting down on the grass and you have people that are camping illegally in a park. we have to take a breath right now. we have to show some patience right now. >> he resigned last month after the city council nixed three crime fighting initiatives. courts could take over the oakland police department if reforms were not instituted. he was also at times in conflict with some of the mayor's priorities. we have some video we want to show you posted on the internet after last wednesday's demonstration in oakland. it has sparked an internal
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police investigation. during the demonstration a citizen journalist noticed an oakland police officer covering his name tag with black tape. the training bulletin for crowd control requires officers to wear visible identification. that is also mandated in the state penal code. >> not showing your name, why is that? >> the photographer points out the higher ranking officer realizes he is out of compliance and peels the tape off. it is aware of this incident and now investigating. morgan hill residents are shocked by the first murder in that city in more than two years. a 14-year-old girl died friday night when she and three other teenagers were shot. police have arrested five suspects, but people in the
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neighborhood tell lisa amin gulezian they still fear for their safety. >> a small memorandum is set up around the amounts -- small memorial is in honor of a girl that was shot to death while hanging out with friends. three other teenagers were also shot. one remains in a medically induced coma. >> we don't believe they targeted them specifically, those four. they just came by and randomly shot using a rifle. >> morgan hill police believe the shootings were gang-related. they say a gang member drove up the avenue. when they reached del monte they started firing at the four teenagers who just left a birthday party at the apartment complex. >> police found the suspects four adults and one 17-year-old less than a mile from the crime scene hiding. this witness did not want to be identified.
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[ speaking spanish ] >> she says i'm afraid for my family, for every who living here. these were children and they were shot. i'm very upset. >> homicides are fairly rare in the city. the last one was in 2009 and that was also gang-related. in morgan hill, lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news." >> a teenage girl died in san jose last night after she was hit by two cars. she was walking near pearl avenue around 8:00 and it was pronounced dead at the scene. both drivers are cooperating with authorities. there is no evidence that drugs or alcohol were involved. no charges have been filed while the investigation is underway. >> in antioch, a landlord told police he caught a burglar in vacant home yesterday and shot him dead. he caught the man trying to steal copper wiring on west 17th
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street. according to the landlord, this wasn't the first time so he says when the burglar threatened him he pulled the trigger. police say it was copper wire and was being ripped out of home. the victim has not been identified and police say they are still investigating the landlord's claim of self-defense. >> port of oakland is still wrestling what to do with potentially explosive refrigerated containers. compressors have exploded in three major ports. one of them blew up in the port of oakland two months ago long before the other explosions happened. tomas ramon spoke to a longshoreman who was injured while trying to service a container. >> the burns have healed now. >> she is a longshoreman in the port of oakland. two months ago he tried to service a compressor container from vietnam. >> as soon as i started opening the system up, it spontaneously
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burst into flames. >> these were obtained from a dock worker who does not want to be identified of them show two of five that exploded after being serviced in vietnam. it killed three workers and injured simplify. others exploded in china and brazil over the past two weeks. when he was injured two weeks ago, doctors thought it was an isolated incident. joe, a mechanic works with him. >> the indication these boxes are from vietnam. >> mine was the first to be discovered. >> work was stopped at least three terminals last monday because longshoreman refused to unload any containers. they wanted suspected containers identified. >> we have a whole list of boxes that are potentially dangerous, quarantine them on our terminal.
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>> so far the indication is the compressors were improperly filled in vietnam something other than freon. the union says 51 of these containers have been found at the port. 8,000 may be spread worldwide. >> frankly we would like to ee the government get involved. they need to find out who is responsible for this. who made these decisions, somebody might need to go to jail. this is a very serious problem because three workers have already been killed. >> attorneys for the terminal operates operators say they are working on the problem. longshoremen are worried about what is going to happen to the containers. who is going to transport them and where. >> coming up next, several earthquakes jolt oklahoma causing damage and rattling the nerves of people that are used to dealing with tornadoes. herman cain faced off with newt
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gingrich last night but the real fireworks came afterwards when cain took questions from the media.8t8t8t8t8t8t8t8t8t8t ñ ñxp
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things are still shaking in central oklahoma where there has been a magnitude 4 onto 0 quake following yesterday's 5.6 tremblor. it was felt as far away in
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tennessee. you can see some damage near the epicenter, 40 miles northeast of oklahoma city. you can see cracks in walls. one man's ceiling caved in. highways cracked but no buildings collapsed and no serious injuries. the series of quakes begin yesterday morning with a magnitude 5.2 shaker that woke people up. >> let's turn to politics. what was supposed to be a debate between two top republican candidates turned into a rather remarkable showdown between herman cain and news reporters. plus, a surprise surge in the polls for newt gingrich. >> don't even go there. >> he lashed out at reporters again last night. >> please keep the code of ethics. >> when he was going to never again address sexual harassments
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questions. >> billed as a lincoln douglas debated it was an adventure, agreeing on most issues, trading notes and complimenting. >> i'm supposed to have a minute to disagree with something he said, but i don't. [ laughter ] >> for this evening's purpose i am going to side step the great temptation to discuss 999. >> they gave them what they wanted. privatizing social security and medicare. >> with the politicians out of the decision process. >> optional al retirement account. >> this is the battle of alternative to mitt romney. and newt gingrich emerging as the anti-romney. >> that is right. conservatives are surging. herman cain is sky rocking in the polls has gotten attention a notice is gingrich.
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his poll numbers fell off this summer with surprising revelations of half million dollar debt to tiffany's for jewelry. >> these were the things that torpedoes his candidate. >> he dropped to below 5% but in the past month he zoomed into double-digits. 12% in our latest poll. >> experts believe it's unlikely that gingrich will emerge as an alternative, they appoint the out this is an unusual campaign cycle and has bets saying anything can happen. >> former secretary of state condoleeza rice says she is concerned that foreign policy is rarely discussed in this presidential campaign especially among republican candidates. on this week she describes how her former boss took a crash course during the first run for the white house. >> i would suggest that anybody is going to run for president of the united states spend some
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time on the basics of foreign policy. i remember when i was working with george w. bush, governor of texas, he knew mexico and latin america well, but he spent a lot of time in 1999 really addressing the issues, bringing people to the governor's mansion to talk about foreign policy. we had seminars at george shuttle's house. >> in her new memoir, she describes meeting with president obama. she writes his questions were sharp but not rude. he actually seemed interest in my answers. i was really impressed. i'm interested in what lisa argen has to say. >> we're getting cloud build-up so the rain is not over yet. we had a good system move in yesterday. from vollmer peak, some showers focusing on the south bay but
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i'll tell you when we are going to warm up next. >> next after a slow start, oregon state on a soggy
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. we did have a little bit of rain out there but i don't see any right now.
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>> inch and a half in napa, inch and a quarter in ben lomond but we are on our way to a warming trend. warming gets underway next week. heavenly looks like sunny right now but blue canyon, flurries and all the winter weather advisories had been lifted. if you are headed up there or back, it's been very dicey in terms of the roads, chain controls. we are looking at improving conditions. we enjoyed some sunshine. here is a look from sutro. you notice there is clouds around but overall we'll call it partly cloudy skies. in fact we're going to see a bit of warmup. that is going to take a day or so. numbers in the 50s. 48 in redwood city. 54 half moon bay. 49 by the delta. 42 santa rosa but not only are the temperatures cool. we had some fog that is a bit of problem.
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dense fog around santa rosa and napa. low visibility around the coast. ten-mile visibility elsewhere but cumulus clouds are beginning to build up. we have an unstable atmosphere, isolated showers mainly in the south bay. partly cloudy school today. sun is setting at 5:06. we could see a significant weathermaker come our way thursday. its cutoff low which brings us lots of uncertainty. third in san francisco, more than that in mill valley. santa rosa three-quarters of an inch. over a third of an inch and .19 in redwood city. near 100 rainfall totals so far. you see the activity south of san jose and also around carmel and looking at this activity to continue throughout the morning hours. if you head north and east, you
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can see it is pretty quiet. a couple cells developing offshore. as we put this in motion, you notice from the northwest to southeast is the trajectory of the cells, but we have an area of low pressure, the core of the system still to the north of us. it's going to head to the north and east. with it, we have a little bit northwesterly flow. that is the driver air but we still have a chance of showers and then later on this afternoon through the evening, weak high pressure that builds on in. you'll notice darker shading, that front has pushed on through. southern california is getting wet. mountains are seeing rain. cool afternoon, upper 50s to around 60 in the south bay. mid-50s at our coast. 59 downtown, it will be bright. mid-50s bodega bay, oakland coming in the low 60s. out over the hills, partly cloudy, cool, 60 in dublin.
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here is the best chance of showers and another cool afternoon for you. as a look ahead, 60s should do it monday and tuesday. election day looks great, wednesday upper 60s, warmest day and then by thursday and friday, still into the quite sure. if you do see some rain, it could be a soaker or miss us altogether. it won't be carried in by the jetstream. >> you are trying to hedge your bets. >> you got it. you know me. >> thank you, lisa. 49ers play washington redskins in a five-game winning streak, carson palmer makes his debut against denver, stanford is expected to move up to number three in the bcs standings. here is shu with the highlights. >> good morning, fourth ranked stanford has not won a game in
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the state of oregon in the last five years and cardinals changed that increasing win streak. he wastes no time finding the end zone. jeremy stewart, luck finds his roommate, what a throw. it's 14-0 stanford. it's a scary moment. he gets drilled by he targeting the head. he did not return. but did give the thumbs up. stanford up at the half. luck to step on taylor, 27 yards puts stanford up by 7. to the fourth, stanford ran for 300 yards. now 9-0 for the first time in 50 years. >> taking on alabama, lsu, michael ford scores a touchdown!
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not so fast. he stepped out on the 7-yard line. that sets up 25-yard game winner he nails it. 9-6 was the final there. >> tony larussa bringing the mojo to at&t park. td pass, bears are up 7-0 in the first. big day, career high 138 yards from zach. cal threw 288 yards, bears bounce back with a 30-7 win. >> here is a 2-yard carry. they led 22-7 at one point. but roaring back in forth. taylor davis, 2-point conversion and vandals go on to win it
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32-29 the final. >> michael barnes got the former warriors for charity b-ball. david lee looks like in he in form. the reverse throw down. the old guy showing plenty of flash, jay rich off the glass. jason showing what they are missing. throwing it over to anthony mora from way downtown. more from jay rich. slides through the lane. they took it seriously. in your face. warriors win it. >> and they get the predators third period, pavelsky, 3-1 sharks. on the power play, ron suter
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gets it passed but they still call this one a goal. we head to overtime. frances gets it in front. david knocks it in. 4-3 the final. >> niners and redskins and raiders hosting the broncos. we'll have that for you at 5:00. next at 9:30, yahoo changes the focus and takes aim how u.s. tv and use your started money and tablet computer. >> is it a new clue what is cause morgue speculation that cause morgue speculation that prince william and so...what do you think? i'm not crazy about these light fixtures. kitchen's too small. what's next? 607 franklin st. ♪
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welcome back everyone. yahoo is trying to reinvent itself. sunnyvale company is shifting focus from computers to mobile devices. david louie breaks down yahoo's new strategy. >> they have never been known as fancy home page but look now. it's diving deep into new services for mobile devices and big emphasis is graphic appeal. eye grabbing video and interactive ads seem to come to life. they see it as their future as sales of tablets soar. wise stand a new news app is one example. another one is using technology
9:31 am
using sound tech. it also analyzes the flows captioning. it's news and tweets from the internet and relate to what you are watching on tv. >> these are all articles that are surfacing because she was talking about them. >> yahoo research claimed one-third of tablet owners are using them in tandem as they watch tv. >> individuals are more and more watching tv with a tablet on their lap engaging like the same content. >> think of a sports fan watching a game getting play and team stats without asking for them. >> we can pull the stats while somebody is watching the football game. this sunday, i expect to see lots of folks using it now, looking at their best players, fantasy football leagues and getting data in realtime. >> yahoo also unveiled a new android smart phone app that makes appropriate time of day
9:32 am
photos when you call up weather around the world. >> it's important in the u.s., but even more important outside the u.s. >> yahoo is hopeful that the new services will broaden their graphics breeg bringing more people to yahoo. it's been a difficult year for a lot of americans. already seeing a need for holiday food, clothes and toys here in the bay area. you are looking at a sign there in san jose. people lining up yesterday to register for boxes of food and toys at sacred heart community service. >> we actually seen a lot more families, people showing up 15 hours, to get the opportunity for holiday food stocks. >> you have to be humble because you have to provide for your family. it's the most important thing. you have to swallow your pride and get what you need.
9:33 am
>> sacred heart is expecting to give out thousands of food boxes along with more than 15,000 toys for needy children. >> fans of prince william and kate are excited about a new twist. palace has announced the couple is moving. is it because the newlyweds need more room for a growing family? that question and inside peek at their new digs. >> william and kate will be moving from the london pad to this, feast your eyes on they will be soon calling home. a three-story apartment, with 20 rooms with a well pruned garden where we got a tour. >> we're here at the palace.
9:34 am
>> it's a great view from the third floor, it's a ready made family home. >> it has a nursery and family home is a clue or hint? are they trying to tell us something? is kate pregnant? remember this nugget of evidence when she refused to eat. >> this is a couple who knows they won't do things so secretively but in this isn't the first or last rumor. >> but back to the apartment, william knows the palace well, is where he grew up. >> i wi think it was a little too crowded and kate told a friend it was a little too creepy. the idea of moving back home. >> it hasn't been lived since
9:35 am
princess margaret died in 2002. >> it's going to need a new plumbing system, everything to modernize it and make it safe. they are going to have a wait before they can move in. i expect they will make it home. >> the bright colors will probably go and be replaced by more neutral colors to make it look more modern for this young royal couple. >> okay. we're back to chattedering. the colors are bright. >> in fact, and hoping that the weather is improving. pretty sunny, most of cloud cover and a few showers are left over in the south bay here in san jose. monterey coast not out of the woods but everyone else enjoying a bright and cool start to sunday. we are going to warm up. >> all right. also ahead, a restoration plan
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for one of northern california's
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[ male announcer ] dandruff, meet micro-beads. any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing. i hope you remember to turn your clock back. they are saying what are these
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ladies doing here now. it is 9:39 and sunday morning news, lisa argen is about to give you the full accu-weather forecast. >> involves more changes out there. >> the rain looks like it's over. for the most part it is. we are looking at a few areas of light showers. as we head outside, you'll see the bright blue sky. and the spider has got its web all gone. we've been watching him for a couple weeks now. santa cruz is looking nice. temperatures will be below normal and rainfall amounts anywhere from 64% of normal in santa rosa to 200% of normal in salinas. you get the idea. we have a wide range of rainfall totals for this time of year. it's so early. we definitely have seen more than we normally do in terms of rain. right now, 42 in santa rosa. fog that is trying to warm up here.
9:40 am
52 in san francisco, 54 in half moon bay. we dropped to the upper 40s along the along the shoreline. it's dense in santa rosa and novato. half moon bay has stubborn clouds, as well. we are looking at highlights. isolated showers mainly in the south bay and along the central coast. otherwise, partly cloudy cool, northwesterly winds will scour out that unstable air. we still have a trough to the north of us that could swing in a shower or two or some drizzle but we are overall looking a nice start to the week. mild temperatures, in fact the numbers will continue to bathroom. the sun will be setting just after 5:00 this afternoon. look at the difference between napa, 1.42. rain at livermore, .19. elsewhere pretty uniform with a
9:41 am
quarter an of inch to third of an inch. oakland, san francisco and mill valley but, of course, we expect to see more in santa rosa. there was a little more rain. 64% of normal for their rainfall up to this date in santa rosa. spotty showers mainly around carmel, around morgan hill. in and out of san jose and off the coast of point reyes you can see a little bit of shower. most of the activity remains offshore. it is continuing to sink to the south and east. front moved through yesterday. there is a lower remains to the north. west of us, it will swing on to the east. as it does it takes unstable air with it. northwesterly winds will continue to dry us out. we are looking at high pressure to build on in the next several days. so today, 59 in san francisco, 60 in san jose. then maybe a sprinkle or two out there. more sunshine, couple degrees
9:42 am
warmer tomorrow. wednesday, nice day with numbers at or above average then by thursday, friday, we could see more rain out there. thanksgiving and beyond no rain at all but we are starting early. klamath river in northern california was once one of the largest spawning grounds for wild salmon. klamath snakes along the border but near the headwaters there is a series of dams that prevent the fish from reaching their breeding grounds. dan ashley looks into the plan for removing those obstacles. >> native americans once fished salmon along the banks of klamath river as far as oregon. >> they are part of our lifestyle and culture. it's unfortunate we have been denied the salmon, resources that have been part of our history. >> historically you probably saw about a million salmon coming in there.
9:43 am
>> there are no salmon in the basin today because five separate dams keep them in getting there. first is 190 miles from the pacific ocean. more than 10,000 salmon have returned to breed and die. the only reason they keep coming back is because of a hatchery at the foot of the dam where they are bred and released. >> 65,000 chinook salmon and 200,000 steelhead. >> it would give them a place to spawn naturally. federal license to operate them, they must be upgraded to modern standards, it's expensive. it's estimated to cost $300 million to tear down the dam and would be paid for by local utility rate payers. >> instead a coalition of tribes landowner owners have come to an agreement -- the dam should go. >> we have concluded what is on
9:44 am
the table now, to removal of the dam is the better option for our customers and company. >> the company would pay $200 million to tear the dams down. california would pay $90 million funded through the sale of bonds. federal government would chip in another billion dollars to fund the restoration of the river. federal environmental review removing the dams would boost salmon populations by more than 80% by giving them more river to spawn. but not everyone likes the idea. farmers worry about life without the dams. clam 5th fertile fields made 200,000 tons of potatoes last year. many farmers came out to speak the removal plan at a recent community meeting in klamath falls, oregon. farmers worry about their
9:45 am
future. in 2001 water was shut off to provide more water downstream for the salmon. >> farms didn't get water. the farm didn't have any income and had no way to service what i would call its debt. it had no production. we didn't employ people. it was a pretty tough conditions around here. >> steve's family has worked this land for three generations. he isn't happy with the settlement but thinks it's as good as it going to get. they will have access to water even in lean years. >> talk of taking the dams out has really hammered our business. >> james barney owned an rv park down from the first dam. he has sunk three million dollars into an expansion plan for a resort above the river. he worries if guests will still visit if dams go. farther upstream there are concerns, its popular recreation area, if the dams are removed the lake will disappear and most
9:46 am
of the property will be left high and dry. homeowners could be overlooking the river bed than stead of the lake. >> they moved from san ramon. >> the dams may come out. homes would drop about 50%. >> they estimate 670 property owners will be significantly impacted by the dams removal. supporters sympathize but the potential for restoring this rich habitat is worth the price. >> the dams have had such a long term negative effect on us as people, we can relate to the fact of having an impact on us. right after our newscast, please join us for a special program celebrating diversity. we will introduce you to five local leaders who are changing lives for the better from homeless advocates to long time
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activists that voluntary volunteer to a judge that helps kids stay on track. that is at 10:00 a.m. right here. >> 7 on your side is next. >> you are going save some money. i'm michael finney. "7 on your side" guide to your lifeosososososososososososososos
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everyone is looking for a deal, especially in this economy. many are turning to coupons and daily deal sites for help. some of the rules and regulations are really complicated. "7 on your side" michael finney sorts it out. >> can coupons expire? how about gift cards? daily deal sites? can you get cash back? what is up with all that fine print? for instance this tgi's buy one get one free deal. seems simple but read on down through the fine print. discount applies to items of equal or lesser value. >> you purchase three and they took off the least expensive meal. i thought that didn't quite jive with the coupon. >> that interpretation cost her family ten dollars. >> it says equal or lesser but they chose the lesser. that didn't seem fair.
9:51 am
>> fair? well, it appears to be legal. couponing is a national obsession but what do you know about that coupon? take the fine print. it's there because if a rule is listed it can generally be legally enforced. for instance, coupons can list expiration dates, areas served and additional conditions such as no reproductions allowed. daily deal sites offer consumer protection few are aware of. expiration dates aren't what you may think. groupon says the amount paid doesn't expire, living social says amount paid doesn't expire for at least five years. that means if you purchase this $80 deal for $40 and it expires, you can still use the $40 you paid for services at that the retailer. so if are daily deal expires
9:52 am
check before you throw it out. gift cards have their own rules. those issued by retailers never expire. once the value drops you can get the remaining money in cash. only after a card goes unused for 24 months. bank branded cards, like visa and mastercard have different rules. they can expire after five years. promotional cards can expire after one year. inactivity fees are allowed but only after a card goes unused for 12 months. >> i wanted to thank tigi friday for taking care of that. we'll have all the information posted on our website at you'll have ago system to it. >> up next, don sanchez reviews
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in theaters this weekend, new comedy tower heist, ben stiller and eddie murphy h head an all-star cast. it centers around a financial scandal similar to bernie madoff but you may get swindled if you see it. here is don sanchez. >> good morning.
9:56 am
>> alan alda as a wall street heavyweight. he lives in a penthouse that looks a lot like trump's tower. he handles the pension of the building employees. he has a role mood el, bernie mad onoff it's a search and recovery mission. >> you were robbed $20 million from there. >> yes. >> these guys don't know anything about robbery. so they find an expert. eddie murphy. >> you move your satellite dishes. >> can you hook me up? >> no. >> so, no big time things. >> robbery, any moment. >> you follow along, there is crazy theme hanging from the
9:57 am
building thanksgiving parade goes on. >> it has its moments. >> and getting away with it, calling it a comedy. it's a humorous film with occasional laughs but not enough and it's looking at today's economic realities. it's somewhat disappointing. tower heist doesn't scale any new heights. i'll have to give it just half a bucket. guess he didn't like it. >> lisa argen with the final check of the accu-weather forecast? >> a few random showers around the south bay. you can see them swinging southward, parallel to the shoreline. few sprinkles but otherwise,
9:58 am
partly cloudy skies, upper 50s to low 60s, cool afternoon, with a warmup tomorrow. more warming wednesday and thursday and more rain. >> thank you for joining us. next newscast starts at 5:00 tonight. i'm carolyn tyler acres long lisa argen. keep track on twitter and talk about it at [ female announcer ] from the very first moment we arrive... we're on the move. ♪ and we don't want anything, ever, to slow us down. so it's surprising that most women aren't getting enough calcium. but thankfully, with over 25 great flavors, like strawberry cheesecake and blackberry harvest, only yoplait original gives you 50% of the daily value of calcium and vitamin d in every cup. yoplait. it is so good.
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