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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 7, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ >> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield in woodside. another pipeline problem. this happened on the same line that failed in san bruno last year. >> police in san jose have a warning for residents after a girl is tacked over the weekend. -- girl is attacked over the weekend. police say the suspect is is on the loose. mainly clear except for valley fog forming. clear sky, chilly temperature some of news the 30s. warming trend on the way. good morning sue hall following your commute live look at toll plaza light at this hour. road closure in hayward and a
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stall waiting once you get on the bay bridge that and more coming up. monday morning thanks for joining us at 5:00 i'm kristen sze. >> this morning pg&e will pull up the pipe that blew apart yesterday during safety testing. the rupture sent mud and rocks on i-280 shutting it down for hours this is the third known failure during testing raising a lot of safety questions. amy hollyfield is live near the scene. >> reporter: pg&e officials say they are glad they discovered this problem during a test. they say they are going to be butting that pipe up this morning. they don't think this will affect gas service because they've rerouted it to other lines. the pipeline has a three foot hole in it the result of a hydro static pressure test. line 132 failed 3:20 yesterday afternoon. water shot up 60 feet high in the air water and mud ran down to i-280 in woodside near san mateo.
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chp closed northbound lane for an hour. this is the same pipeline that failed in september of last year in san bruno. that explosion killed eight people. pg&e is testing this pipe because of what happened in san bruno. officials think a dent in the pipe may be to blame in yesterday's failure, not the pipe material. >> we are looking at evidence of what appears to be characteristics of a dent caused by third-party damage. we haven't verified that yet. we are going to take that segment out do more analysis and investigation of what happened here. >> reporter: this is the third failure pg&e has found in the past two weeks. a pin hole leak was found friday near stanford. in late october the line rupture during a test in bakersfield. you will be seeing more tests they will be testing 150 miles of pipeline this next year. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. a big warning this morning
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to women in san jose. police searching for a sexual assault suspect after a teenaged girl was attacked on a pedestrian overpass by a man who asked for her help. katie marzullo is live near that scene. >> reporter: police issued a public safety warning for folks who live in the grammercy place neighborhood in east san jose. they say a sexual assault suspect is on the loose this morning. i was on saturday that a 14-year-old -- it was on saturday that a 14-year-old girl was tacked while on a pedestrian bridge near highway 68 so. -- deer she was with a friend the two separated after this stranger turned up and asked to borrow one of the girl's cell phones. when the friend realized she had lost track of her friend she called police. police called the cell phone and the victim answered and said she was still on the bridge and needed help. the police showed up, found the girl and also say the
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suspect was still there trailing behind her. after he saw officers he took off. the police gave chase but he did get away vanished into the grammercy place neighborhood that is why police want those residents to be careful. not much of a description of this guy. say he is short, heavy set, maybe in his early 30s and has light facial hair. the warning is, be very careful if you are walking alone, preferably don't walk alone and be leery of any stranger who shows up asking for help. police will keep an eye out for this sexual assault suspect. katie hard sue low -- katie marzullo, abc7 news. faculty members in the california state system plan to walk off the job for two hours today over stalled negotiations. professors and other instructors at sf state will walk out at 11 a.m., sonoma
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state at 7:30 this morning. tomorrow san jose and cal-state east bay will hold their walk-outs. they were given a 5% pay raise but there was a clause to renegotiate. two demonstrators with occupy oakland seriously injured after a car hit them last week. now the man that was hit in talking for the first time. the incident was caught on video. lance lavendure said he and a friend were nudged by a silver mercedes as they crossed the street. lavendure reacted by pounding his fist on the hood of the car. that's when the car lurged forward. police took information on the -- driver then let him go. oakland police have taken over the investigation. an independent auditor has been an designed investigate. no charges filed in the death of a teenaged girl hit by two cars in san jose. she was struck while walking
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near pearl avenue saturday night. police say both drivers stayed at the scene and are cooperating. there is no evidence that drugs or alcohol were involved. antioch police investigating a landlord's claim he shot a burglar after catching him in one of his vacant homes. he walked in on a man trying to steal copper wiring and tubing from that house on west 17th street. according to the landlord this the first time his house has been burglarized. he said when the burglar threatened him he pulled the trigger. police say copper wiring were -- was ripped out of the home. five are dead and two hospitalized after a fire at a home care facility for disabled. it happened early yesterday morning in the town of marina in monterey county. four adults were found dead. firefighters discovered a fifth victim. amateur video showed the facility on fire, three police officers suffered smoke
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inhalation after they tried to rescue the people in the burning structure. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the reward in a disturbing case of animal cruelty has climbed to $8,000. workers found a drowned cat in a lagoon the cat had a five pound dumbbell tied to its neck. the cat was clawed which indicates it was probably someone's pet. officials say the case has sparked public outrage the owner faces felony charges if he or she is found to be guilty of that. growing coalition of medical marijuana supporters in california fighting back against efforts by authorities to shut them down. today their lawyers will file a federal lawsuit in each of california's four districts seeking an immediate halt to a statewide crackdown. authorities are been telling property owners they could face federal drug charges by renting to the dispensaries. the industries wants the courts to force the feds to
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come to resolution without threats of long prison sentences or forfeiting property. 5:08. i know we have fog out there. is that enough to hamper your visibility driving? >> in certain parts absolutely. down less than a quarter of a mile hard to see around novato, napa quarter of a mile. fairfield mild visibilities keep getting lower by the minute. conversely, santa rosa they keep getting better. not concord or livermore but in between that area a lot of fog in the sand ramon valley, -- san ramon valley, everybody else doing good. jet stream still diving from the north. bowl of cold at the -- bottom starting to move east that means a slight warming trend the next couple of days this morning 50 oakland, 51 mountain view everybody else in the 40s until north bay valleys reporting stations there in the mid to upper 30s by the afternoon, sunshine, a
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few clouds because there is so much moisture in the ground. a few clouds this afternoon. upper 50s to low 60s may hit 63 palo alto for the warm spot, 56 clear lake for the cool spot, 57 half moon bay. 58 monterey today low 60s for the rest of the bay low to mid 60s inland. 7-day forecast, election day tomorrow looks to be just like today, maybe a few degrees warmer. warmer wednesday temperatures back where they should be cooling trend begins thursday looks like another wet weekend for friday, saturday, sunday a chance of rain even scattered showers. good news in hayward. earlier structure fire now out road closures picked up. things are roped. you can get through there now. that's -- good news for folks traveling through hayward. in brentwood solo spin out. that is blocking lanes.
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live look at the bay bridge toll, metering lights remain off. we have a stall once you get on the upper deck past treasure island that in the left lane. golden gate bridge it looks clear and certainly no traffic problems as you head southbound into san francisco. 5:10. still ahead, the deal that may ease the concern of world financial markets over a debt default in greece. now another european nation may be in big trouble. >> the small relief at pumps that drivers in california, are finally seeing. more fall-out from last apple iphone prototype. beth!
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[ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't... multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories per serving... more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a run on banks in protest. thousands flooded into credit unions and local banks as part of bank transfer day a protest against fees that big banks charge for personal account . >> wealth gap is wider than ever. typical household headed by someone over 65 has a net worth 47 times greater than one headed by someone under 35. 170,000 versus 3700. in theaters a cat pounced on the competition. us and boots the top -- us and
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boots the top selling. that is america's money i'm rob nelson. republican presidential hopeful herman cain says he will no longer answer questions about allegations of sexual harrassment made against him. go into a testy exchange with reporters during a campaign stop in texas this past weekend. >> last question. >> mr. cain the attorney for one of the women who filed sexual harassment complaint -- >> don't even go there. >> can i ask my question? >> no. >> may i ask a good question? >> where is my chief of staff? >> i'm right here. >> please send him the journalistic code of ethics. [ talking over each other ] >> ladies and gentlemen thank you for coming. >> cain has denied the
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accusations they date back to the 90s when he headed the national restaurant association. italian premier berlusconi rejecting reports that he resign. meantime the leaders of greece is emerging -- interim government working on naming the country's new prime minister to save that country from default. prime minister papandreou and the conservative leader in the country are to resume talks today to hammer out a power sharing deal. it will finalize new debt plan with the rescue creditors. papandreou will step down under the deal. global investors have been keeping a close eye on the situation. >> a greek default a year from now will be easier to take than a greek default tomorrow morning. that will give the europeans time to put their support structures in place. >> late last month greece reached a new deal with our european nations to payoff its debt. >> gas prices headed back down
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a little good news. latest survey finds national average is $3.43 down four cents over the past two weeks. $3.06 new mexico the lowest. los angeles not san francisco has the highest at $3.83. lowest price in california $3.71 a gallon in bakersfield. statewide average is $3.80 down two cents in the last two weeks. new fall out in the disappearance of an iphone prototype. apple's chief of security operations has been forced into retirement by the company after two recent mishaps with secret prototypes in march last year an apple engineer left an iphone 4 in a redwood city bar in late june another was left at another bar in time in san francisco. neither the former chief of security nor apple would comment on the c-net report.
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new survey reveals how tied we've become to our cell phones people, especially young adults are texting more and more. the pew poll shows 95% of 18 to 29-year-olds use their cell phones to send or receive text messages an average of more than 87 text messages on a normal day. >> 87 a day! older adults don't texas much. they receive 41 sessions per day. i'm going to text mike for the weather. oh you are right here next to me. that's what people do these days, you've seen it, right? >> yeah let's look outside and show what is going on. texting each other from across the take. i've seen teenagers do that. they walk by each other in the mall won't say hi then starting to text. >> what is up with that? >> i don't know kids, what are you going to do? take their phones away, absolutely.
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clear sky over downtown. if winds have gone nearly calm that's been the case everywhere that's why it is so chilly this morning. temperatures, cool air from alaska, hardly a cloud to be found except for fog and the lack of winds and you see why mid to upper 30s are hanging around the north bay valleys 40s everywhere else to 50 around oakland and mountain view. down to the monterey bay 37 santa cruz for the cool spot everybody else in the mid four even inland. mostly sunny, -- no need to worry about rain. temperatures start bounce off cool highs over the weekend. clear and chilly tonight valley fog will form as long as the ground stays saturated more rain in the forecast thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. today, temperatures below average by three to six degrees that puts us in the low to mid 60s in the south bay. 59 millbrae otherwise low to
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mid 60s on the peninsula. to the coast some cooler weather mid to upper 50s, upper 50s around downtown san francisco mid 50s north bay beaches inland upper 50s to low 60s east bay shore mainly low 60s except for hercules, berkeley and richmond upper 50s low 60s throughout the east bay valleys temperatures homogenized this afternoon. monterey and carmel may pull up short upper 50s inland low to mid 60s. tonight's temperatures could be near freezinging in napa and cloverdale with -- 33 in santa rose , 30s around vallejo, fairfield, palo alto and morgan hill. cold front moving away. jet stream over top of us bringing in that cool air midweek stars to move away, high pressure move -- starts to move away, high pressure moves in.
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when temperatures get back to average wednesday, the breeze returns from the ocean brings in extra clouds and cooling trend thursday. best chance of wet weather friday, saturday, sunday. periods of rain even showers during that timeframe and cooler weather. hope you have a great day. so far, so good. one surface street accident in brentwood vasco road past camino die ab low blocking a lane. live look -- at san jose 280 northbound up towards cupertino just a couple headlights, no problems. san rafael clear skies and clear lanes. lucas valley road headed towards north san pedro southbound no problems as you head up pass the civic center into central san rafael. bay bridge earlier we had a stall that has been cleared light, metering lights remain off. that's
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the latest for all the drive times and incidents. 5:20. the storm that left hundreds of people stranded in one of the most moat parts of the world, that story, -- most remote parts of the world, that story next. >> the new digs that prince william and princess kate will be calling home. >> we are over-the-top excited. >> who is going to come up withñh all the decorations for the national holiday tree? it is from northern california. ♪
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more than one thoup people are stranded in the tallest -- more than one thousand people are stranded on the tallest mountain in the world. mount everest. for the past five days poor visibility has cancelled flights at the airport. travelers have been sleeping there. forcasters expect fog and clouds to cover the region for a few more days. new fuel for the rumor that william and kate may be about to have a royal baby. in addition to the princess refusinging to eat peanut paste last week, the royal couple has chosen princess margaret's old apartment as their permanent home at kensington palace. apartment may be the wrong word since it is the size of a mansion. a spokesman says the couple will move in, in about two years. >> this holiday season, california giving a huge present to the nation. 65 foot tall white first from
5:25 am
the national forest in the -- white fir from the national forest. [ unintelligible ]5fñ it is a great honor, once in a lifetime opportunity something that hasn't been ever on the stand shraus we are over-the-top excited -- stan laws -- >> tree taking the long route to the capital expected to get there november 28th, decorated with 5,000 ornaments handmade by california residents. house speaker boehner and a child from california will light the tree at the front of the u.s. capitol december 26th. a gas pipeline rupe during pg&e safety testing. we are live near the scene with the latest on what neighbors are saying. >> reporter: good morning i'm katie marzullo live at the
5:26 am
police department in san jose. officers have a warning for residents in one neighborhood. there was a sexual assault over the weekend and the suspect is on the lose. -- on the loose. just about all major airports on time. philadelphia having flight arrival delays. dulles planes are taking off on time. it is warmest along the gulf coast 60s and 70s 80 miami. 61 phoenix. around the rockies, 30s and 40s. flight tracker is available for you at the bottom of the page at
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>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield in woodside. another pipeline failure on the same line that ruptured in san bruno a year ago. the pg&e is calling this a
5:29 am
success. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo in san jose. a public safety warning has been issued after a sexual assault over the weekend. details coming up. good morning. live look from downtown san francisco hard to see the fog here but scituating for you i'll show you where in -- but it is waiting for you i'll show you where. i'll have the weekend forecast. >> no fog here live at the golden gate bridge. sue hall tracking your commute. so far, so good. details in just a few minutes. 5:29. hope had you a great weekend. thank you for starting your week . i'm kristen sze. >> san jose police warning residents in one neighborhood to watch out for a man who sexually assaulted a teenaged girl after asking to use her cell phone the same phone that led police to the scene. katie is live at police headquarters. the location of the attack is surprising. a pedestrian overpass? >> reporter: it is.
5:30 am
but it was a deserted overpass. there are a lot of interesting details. the girl who was attacked on saturday around 6 in the evening was walking with a friend. safety in numbers as they say. something went wrong this man approached the two girls, asked to use a cell phone when the one girl offered her cell phone her friend apparently kept walking somehow left the man and her friend alone. after a while when she realized she lost track of her friend she called police and reported her missing. police called the girl's cell phone and she answer. she say she was still on that bridge which was near highway 680, pedestrian bridge there, she said she was still there and needed help. officers showed up to the scene. they did find the girl and they found the suspect kind of lingering behind her. he saw them, he took off, they gave chase. he did disappear into the grammercy place neighborhood. he is on the loose this morning.
5:31 am
he's described only -- not a great description, short, heavy set, early 30s and might have light facial hair. because he's on the loose police have issued a public safety warning for the grammercy place neighborhood. they ask folks to be careful when you are walking alone or better yet, don't walk alone. keep your eyes and ears open and be wary of strangers asking for help until they find this guy. katie marzullo, abc7 news. keying keying crews will try to answer why the pipe -- pg&e countries will try to answer why the same pipeline that blew in san bruno last year blue during a test. it renewed fears over the pipes. -- >> reporter: a pg&e representative is answering questions. he considers this a success and says it should not make you feel nervous. it happened at about 3:30
5:32 am
yesterday afternoon in woodside, close to san mateo. they blew water through the line to test it at a higher pressure than the line typically carries gas at and it ruptured. this caused water to shoot into the air and water and mud to slide on to northbound 280 which chp had to close for an hour. the same line that ruptured in san bruno last september. officials say it appears there's a didn't in the pipeline where this happened in woodside. they that i was caused by a backhoe or construct -- that it was caused by a backhoe or construction equipment. >> i think it is good that it was water going through the line and not gas. >> reporter: this is the third failure that pg&e has found in the past two weeks. there was a pin hole leak found near stanford friday in
5:33 am
late october the line ruptured during a test in bakersfield. you will see more of these tests they want to test 150 miles of the pipeline before winter hits. they say they have 30 miles to go. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. woodside residents are saying they are happy it ruptured during a water test rather than during normal operations. property owners have known for a year that the same gasline that caused the san bruno disaster runs through their yards. some welcome the idea of pg&e coming in to perform safety tests. >> i've been nervous since the explosion in san bruno. i hope they are taking care of it. >> i think it is probably the safest thing that it happened in our backyard so it will be the first pipe that gets replaced. hopefully, the testing throughout the bay area is going to be effective and they will replace everything that is broken.
5:34 am
>> they say they are glad nobody got hurt considering that tons of mud and water were seen shooting sky high after the rupture. in contra costa authorities looking for two armed robbery suspects wearing mass bes and skeleton suits and hoodies the two took part in robberies at two locations last night. they robbed a drive-in theater on olivera road in concord shortly after 9:00. two mendesed in the same attire confronted a -- two men dressed in the same attire confronted a man in a parking lot, the victim was forced inside a convenience store where the suspects robbed him and the clerk. san francisco police trying to determine the circumstances behind a shooting near fisherman's wharf police found the man last night. he had been shot paramedics rushed to -- rushed the man to the hospital. his wounds don't appear to be life-threatening. no suspects at this point.
5:35 am
un two demonstrators seriously -- one of the two demonstrators seriously injured after a car hit them last week during a strike. lance lavendure said he and a friend were numbered by a silver mercedes as they crossed street with other occupy marchers. lavendure reacted by pounding his fist on the hood of the car that's when the car -- lurched forward. >> are you angry? >> yeah. because you can't hit people with your car and just drive away and then no one like -- you can't do that man. >> oakland police have taken over the investigation. an independent police auditor has been assigned to investigate as well. uc's chancellor says the university system is facing more budget cuts of up to 100 million dollars. according to the berkeley campus newspaper, the
5:36 am
chancellor says he was sured by governor brown in september the cuts were coming. the decision whether to enact the triggered cuts are included in this year's state budget and will be finalized next month if new cuts go through it will bring the total reduction in funding to the university this year to 750 million dollars. if you have kids in the uc system i know were you hoping there wouldn't be further tuition hikes something we will be following close this morning we are watching the fog in some of our north bay and inland communities. mike what does that mean? >> visibilities around a quarter even less at times watch out variable conditions diving around this morning especially north bay and east bay valleys wet weather gone for now other than the thick queue the next couple of mornings. -- thick the thick dew the next couple of mornings. slow warming trend, this morning much cooler than yesterday from one to eight
5:37 am
degrees antioch and san jose the same, los gatos two degrees warmer not in those negative fall back temperatures. fairfield 3/4 of a mile half a mile napa, quarter -- some of the valleys in the east bay fog there watch out in those areas. santa rosa you have improved up to seven miles per hour -- seven miles visibility right now. it is monday, get iting to. 34 santa rosa 35 napa, 39 livermore everyone else in the 40s around 4:00. by none, a lot of -- by noon a lot of sun. 4:00 most temperatures upper 50s to low 60s a few clouds developing during the afternoon. a lot of sunshine the next couple of days temperatures warm back to average wednesday cooling trend thursday unsettled weather with periods of rain and showers friday, saturday, sunday, cooler those days also. good morning. getting off to a good start.
5:38 am
we take you live to walnut creek southbound 680 drive from concord past north main on in towards walnut creek moving at the limit just a little slowing towards 24 and points beyond in the sand ramon sal -- finish the san ramon valley. vollmer cal highway 24 as you past lafayette towards the coll cut tunnel. -- cull cut tunnel. mass transit, no issues, everyone running on time. >> 5:38. anger against washington is growing. still ahead, why democrats and republicans are nervous. >> nation's service members and veterans caught in the push to slash the deficit. for the first time they may feel the pain of military cuts in their pocketbooks.
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defense secretary panetta considering makes changes because of budget cuts. he's under orders to cut the pentagon budget by 450 billions over the next decade. the pentagon could face another 500 billion dollars in cuts if a special congressional committee cannot agree on a deficit reduction plan later this month. "new york times" reports panetta is considering spending cuts in categories once considered sacred, reductions in benefits for military personnel as well as shrinking number of troops and making additional cuts in the nuclear arsenal. more americans are angry with the federal government. according to a poll, 31% of people asked say they ever angry with government. add in those who are saying they are dissatisfied and the total soars to 80%. 74% say the country is seriously on the wrong track. 36% blame republicans and 32% blame president obama. in general, bad news for all
5:43 am
incumbents. in oklahoma crust still assessing the damage from a weekend quake a big one for that part of the country. saturday's magnitude 5.6 quake was the most powerful in the state's history. although buildings cracked and suffered damage, no reports of severe injuries or major devastation. seismologists say aftershocks could continue for months. oklahoma typically has 50 quakes a year but the number recently spiked seismologists don't know why. troops may be lining up for a call of duty tonight. bloomberg business report coming up. being a teen is tough. new poll on sexual harassment reveals how tough some young people have it. >> plus, why tens of thousands of power users still in the dark a week after a surprise early snow storm. penn state football legend accused of molesting eight boys. the story coming up. >> baby, baby, justin bieber says he's out for justice. what he is willing to do to
5:44 am
prove he's not a daddy.
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5:46 am
pretty dry but cool in the mountains. upper 50s to low 60s through the central valley out to big sur. 54 you are week -- eureka.
5:47 am
5:46. huge story for college football fans. explosive child sex abuse scandal and potential cover-up blanketing the penn state campus this morning. former football coach jerry sandusky is charged with sexually abusing eight boys over 15 years. two stepped down last night and will be in court this morning to face charges they a grand jury. >> reporter: a penn state gridiron legend faces 40 criminal counts of child molestation. former penn state assistant coach sandusky accused of molesting eight boys part of a foundation he created in 19 7 for at-risk boys. he -- 1977 for at-risk boys. >> i'm not in a position i can make any statements. >> reporter: prosecutors say he used i had position as a hero to the community to prey
5:48 am
on young boys over 15 years. >> scary. i don't know what to say. as a mother it is upsetting. >> i'm blown away, completely. >> reporter: the athletic director tim curly and school administrator schultz stepped down amid charges they covered up sandusky's crimes. >> if these allegations are true this guess to the top of the athletic department of penn state. -- one would have to think there would have to be skin of housecleaning. >> reporter: penn state of trustees held an emergency meeting yesterday but did not discuss the possible resignation of legendary coach paterno. he was told in 2002 that sandusky was caught having sex with a 10-year-old boy in a locker room shower. authorities say paterno reported the incident to administrators who failed to act. in a statement coach paterno said he was surprised, shocked and sadden -- saddened to hear
5:49 am
about the charges. tens of thousands in the northeast are looking at several more days without power in the wake of last week's unusually powerful and early snow storm. connecticut is the hardest hit state. 88,000 power customers there have been without electricity for nine days now. utility companies say it may be wednesday before they've repaired down powerlines. hundreds remain without power in new jersey and massachusetts. snow storm in the mountains of southern california is generating more snow than predict. die-hard skiers and joe borders loving the conditions in san gabriel mountains. rest sort was expect ago inch of snow but wound up getting several inches. >> it looks like it is going to be more. -- >> expecting one to two inches i was expecting rain too. >> the slopes were packed with people over the weekend. no road restrictions the
5:50 am
resort offered discount passes for the early opener. those folks are die-hards. when it looks like that visibility going down the slopes, pretty bad. >> looks like a lot of fun, but yeah. >> you can see aide-you. which the problem for some commuters. j dense fog advisory in the central valley we have our -- -- >> jones fog advisory in the central valley. not much fog from mount tamalpais to san francisco. north instead of south you wouldn't see anything that's where the fog is. a lot of thick fog north bay valleys and selected east bay valleys everywhere else clear and cool this morning. check out the temperatures mid to upper 30s north bay valleys low to mid 40s east bay valleys mid 40s to near 50 for everybody else around the monterey bay santa cruz the cool spot at 37 everybody else around 43, 44, 45°. mostly sunny today, warming
5:51 am
trend. will we get back to last week's temperatures? no we talked about how once the pattern changed the 70s were going to be gone for a long time. clear and chilly tonight valley fog again for tomorrow's morning commute unsettled weather periods of wet weather for thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. as far as our 24 hour temperature change, baby steps today back two degrees in oakland. 62 san jose concord and fremont two to three degrees warmer than yesterday santa rosa 61, three degrees warmer than yesterday. east bay valleys this is where we'll have the low 60s today, 60, 61, 62 degrees upper 50s around berkeley, richmond and hercules low 60s for the rest of the east bay shore. south bay some of the warmer weather low to mid 60s -- low to mid 60s on the peninsula,
5:52 am
palo alto into the south bay los altos in the mid 60s millbrae 59° today. mid to upper 50s along the coast upper 50s downtown and south san francisco through most of the north bay valleys may touch 60 here and there. mid 50s at your beaches. around the monterey bay, monterey and carnell -- carmel upper 50s. inland low to mid 60s. tonight 30s back morgan hill, palo alto, livermore, fairfield, napa, santa rosa, cloverdale patchy fog in the same areas we have it this morning everybody else should be in the 40s still chilly tomorrow pattern changing high pressure coming in that going to bring us a dry and warmer pattern, i should say, through the midweek which would be today, tomorrow into wednesday. close to 70 in some areas. cooling trend begins thursday. look at friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures much cooler with periods of wet
5:53 am
weather just in time for your weekend. have a great day. starting to get busy. coming off the richmond san rafael bridge eastbound 580 stall as you approach san quentin. they are in the telling what lane jyñ be aware of that coming off the bridge eastbound. accident southbound 101 central san rafael two right lanes in the clearing process that could slow your commute as you head past the civic center towards san rafael. accident out of fairfield this morning if you are driving towards the core delia junction two right -- right lanes blocked with an accident out of the fairfield at the cordelia junction we'll follow that. toll plaza metering lights off, no problems into san francisco upper deck. is a great resource before you leave the house. 5:53. parents, the king over throne
5:54 am
-- over thrown. [ unintelligible ] justin bieber striking back against a woman claiming he fathered her baby of the teen heartthrob says he will take a paternity test to prove he's not the father of the three-month-old. then promises to sue her. bieber says he has never met the 20-year-old who filed court papers claiming they met backstage at a bieber concert. the singer's lawyer says bibler will do the dna test when he returns from europe in two weeks. new survey says sexual harassment is an epidemic pervasive in america's middle and high schools. 48% of students in grades 7 to 12 experienced some form of sexual harassment. 56% of girls and 40% of boys say they were victims.
5:55 am
malicious rumor, lewd photo or groping hands. only 9% say they reported the incident to a teacher or another adult at school. the survey was conducted by the american association of university women. the three uc berkeley graduates who were imprisoned in iran are still trying to adjust to normal life. >> i have to tell you this is all very strange for me. it is strange to come out of a cell and to be sitting here in front of you. it is strange to be called a hiker. >> bauer$=a/x, fattal and shourd spoke at an amnesty international conference in los angeles this past weekend. the three were arrested in 2009 along the iran/iraq border they were tried and convicted on espionage charges. iran released shower last year the men were freed in late september. jane king right now red which your bloomberg business report. good morning. thousands flooding into credit
5:56 am
unions and small banks. boeing in seattle signed up for a one day record number of new members saturday according to the "wall street journal." the grassroots movement behind bank day ginned know momentum after -- [ unintelligible ] latest installment extremely popular military video game hits stores after midnight wal-mart offering early access burger king offering a $10 family bundle meal that includes two sandwiches, drinks and fries plus a kids meliorism at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. >> -- >> burger king doing away with the king himself. a big boom goes bust.
5:57 am
still an the half hour fireworks display that went from start to finish in one minute what officials now say was to blame for the fiasco. >> reporter: pg&e answers questions about another failed section of pipeline. i'm amy hollyfield live in woodside. next, you will hear from them and why they are calling this a success. ♪
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