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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 8, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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in the headlines keep windows and doors locked advice given in concord after an oil spill leaves a sickening smell. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live at san francisco's city hall. on they election day inspectors are coming down from sacramento to make sure the election is clean many some are wonderinging what can be done to make it less confusing? -- >> hours from now, professor
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from every school in the state will begin walking out of class in protest. good morning. fog in the north bay temperatures hovering around 32°. we'll look at potential for black ice. rain still in the weekend forecast sue hall fall following your tuesday morning cute. capital corridor delays through oakland and emeryville. a couple incidents out of tracy as well. 6:01. it is beginning to feel like winter out there. we'll tell you more about that coming up. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. health officials warning concord residents to keep windows and doors shut after an oil spill left people feeling very sick last night. a -- amy hollyfield is live in the area. are you smelling it now? >> reporter: yeah we do. it is pretty strong and gross that sulphur rotten egg smell. when we first got here, i felt a little lightheaded officials
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say that is probably a reaction to the smell. your body rejecting it. they in-- they insist it is not a reaction to anything toxic in the air. the advice if it bothers you stay in doors or get out of the area this is because a crude oil pipeline on the concord naval weapons station spilled yesterday. at one point it was leaguing 10 gallons of oil a minute. the pipeline has been shutdown. it is no longer leaking. officials say it is not expected to get any oil in the water sources. but the smell is a very unpleasant side effect. it has residents wondering what is going on? >> someone needs to find out what that is. i don't know if it is a gas leak then it could blow people breathing that stuff in it can be healthy. someone needs to fix it. >> if you get big strong odors and stuff you may want to air out your home to get the odor out. we don't expect any health
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affects from these odors. people may feel transient health affects like headaches and nausea. >> reporter: conoco phillips owns the pipeline and say crews worked overnight putting tarps and dirt over the oil to try and beat back the smell. they have to estimate of when the smell will be gone. there's no word on what caused the leak. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:03. this is election day polls open in less than an hour in counties throughout california. when polls open in san francisco, they will include state ordered monitors where voters will use rank choice voting for the first time to decide a bitterly contested mayoral race. terry mcsweeney is live at city hall with more itch >> reporter: those -- those roaching observers from the secretary of state's office aren't saying where they are going to be or when. they there there to make sure
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there is nothing improper. there have been a lot of allegations about the improper voting techniques going on. look at the campaign at the center of the controversy the campaign of hair lee. he is the mayor and he is the -- front-runner. but his campaign is at the center of an investigation by the d.a.'s office over voter manipulation, voter fraud by his workers. san francisco is the only place in california the secretary of state sending observers perhaps based on a letter signed by seven of the other candidates for mayor alleging voter fraud. add to that a little confusion. rank choice voting is going to matter this time. i has been around for a while. gavin newsome always won over 50%. you rank candidates first, second, third. if no one gets 50% the first ballot last place thrown out that second place vote goes into effect they keep doing that until someone gets 50%.
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some say it is confusing. one is a person in mower and can do something about it. the supervisor if going to introduce a measure to put on the june ballot a measure that would allow voters to get rid of rank choice voting. and just go back to the old fashioned way where the top two if no one gets 50% have a runoff in a month or so it costs the city 15 million dollars over 10 years. so rank choice is a money safer. the other way some feel would be less confusing. polls open at 7:00. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. in alameda county federal election monitors will be watching poll there is to make sure monitors or minors have a chance to vote an equal chance. justice department lawyers want to make hurt spanish and chinese-speaking voters have access to materials in their language. alameda county is one of eight regions nationwide monitored by the justice department to make sure it complies with the
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voting rights act of 1965. abc7 news will bring you the election results as they come in at 9:00 on coffee tv 20 and at 11 on abc7 news. also up to the minute results on if you see any kind of issue at your polling place today we want to hear from you. please give us a call at: an oakland city councilman now says if oakland mayor quan doesn't do something about the protesters the council will. that word came after the council met in closed session to discuss the camp. the occupies has grown to 1 -- the occupation has green to 160 tents some are still using open flames and camping overnight in defiance of the rules set down by the mayor. many businesses say the camp
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is driving customers a way the councilman says it is time for his colleagues to act the next meeting is tonight. so far the camp issue is not on the agenda. professors, students, stuporers of nearly every cal-state university will walk out of class today to call attention to stalled contract talks. the association will hold job protests at all 23 csu campuses locally professors will be walking out at san francisco state, sonoma state, san jose state and cal-state east bay for several hours in the current budget professors with given a 5% pay raise they only get if revenues met expectations, they have not. so the raise is unlikely. faculty members voted to hold a day long strike next thursday heads-up. 6:07. mike and sue both on the lookout for road ice, black ice if you will, it could be dangerous out there. >> because temperatures are approaching freezing.
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>> 32 in novato, the fog starting to form allowed the temperature to warm up to 36. our closest temperature to freezing is in santa rosa. black ice still possible but the likelihood is starting to wan ex-specially with the sun starting to peak over the who are -- frost advisory temperatures still hang around cool numbers. temperatures when you step out over antioch and los gatos being the same everybody else one to eight degrees cooler than yesterday morning. our highs by the afternoon hours will be in the low to mid 60s whether you are around san francisco bay inland valleys or the monterey bay more sun two to three degrees of warmth compared to questioned. this election day will see the start of a warming trend through at least thursday where we hit the 70s from the
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coast. cooler with rain likely friday. chance of rain and cooler saturday and sunday. here's sue with an update. cal train update and corridor still 20 minutes behind between oakland and emeryville due to equipment problems cal train 1 slight degree number 35 to 10 minutes out of -- number 3, 5 to 10 minuteses late out of stockton. -- drive times now. highway 4, 580 bunching up 30 minutes. toll plaza, metering lights just been turned on. you will start to fan a bit of a delay to the west grand overcrossing. -- >> 6:09. >> the open mic gaffe that could leave president obama trying to explain himself to israel. are you ready for your refund? why the nation's biggest bank will be returning more than 400 million dollars to its customers.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it's :13. a technical mistake could further -- this morning a french blog is reporting as
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many as a dozen journalists listened as an open mic picked up a private conversation between president obama and french president sarkozy. the conversation again with president obama criticizing sarkozy for failing to let anyone know that france would be voting for a palestinian bid to join the united nations. sarkozy was heard telling president obama that he couldn't stan israeli prime minister netanyahu and netanyahu was a liar. president obama reportedly replace, -- replied you're fed up with him? i have to deal with him everyday. neither has commented on the report. if you are a bank of america customer you may have money coming to you. a federal judge in miami has approved a 410 million dollar settlement to be split among 13 million current and former bofa customers who used debit cards over the past decade for excessive overdraft fees.
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the suit claims the bank processed payments in a way that triggered overdrafts. those people will recover only a fraction what they paid. >> a study says the day you shop online can be as important as where you shop. the site says you can save at least 10% by shopping on a different day of the week the best deals vary by category. >> most electronics are cheapest to buy online monday, computers, tv's, video games, cameras. typically get more expensive throughout the week where they hit a high on friday. then something like jewelry is cheapest wednesday. most expensive later in the week. >> folks from extra bucks say books are cheaper saturday. appliances sunday. it all depends on when manufacturers offer discounts and the days when most shoppers are hadn'ting didn't an item. more information on this on our website,
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only thing is when is the best deal to get a heavy coat to keep you warm? >> why jewelry tuesday? >> it gets more expensive later in the week because you are planning for your date. coat deal is what we want. >> coats are good. did they say when the time to clothes was? >> i hope it is today. >> you going to need it now pattern has changed chill i had -- chilly mornings are here to stay. fog spilling out of the north bay valleys which is good news. visibilities improving as temperature drop near freezing in the north bay. you are looking southbound from mount tamalpais you can see mount sutro through the low clouds. 32 santa rosa, visibility three miles no black ice there. mid to upper 30s around novato, nap bag, frost around fairfield at 32.
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low to mid 40s elsewhere, san francisco the warm spot at 47. 33 in gilroy, fog possible around your neighborhoods, 38 salinas, low 40s for the rest of the monterey day. this election day and all the sun we'll get warmer than yesterday, still cooler than we should be for november 8th. clear tonight almost as chilly as this morning also patchy fog to form by the morning commute. rain likely friday still holding on to a chance over the weekend. today, one degree cooler than yesterday in santa rosa with 62, oakland 3 the same, concord 63 with san francisco, 61 -- fremont two to three degrees warmer than yesterday. 10 hours and 22 minutes of sunshine this afternoon. let's talk about the temperatures in the south bay. san jose 63, santa clara,
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sunnyvale, saratoga 62, 63, 64. cooler on the coast up wither 50s. near 60 downtown south san francisco. low 60s through the north bay valleys. mid to upper 50s at your beaches. low to mid 50s throughout the east bay shore spilling into the valleys. we could top out around 65 santa cruz for one of the warm spots around the monterey bay. tonight morgan hill, livermore, fairfield, north bay valleys mid to upper 30s the rest of you are 40s. two areas of high pressure one to our east, one to our west come dating the flow now pushing the -- dominating the flow now keeping news in dry pattern for today, tomorrow and thursday. this cold front rolls through and crashes the party and brings rain and cooler weather friday. then once that moves through another storm comes in for the weekend from alaska bringing us cooler weather and a chance of rain it will dry out monday
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and start warming once again. have a great day. update capital corridor train back on time between oakland and emeryville. equipment problems cleared up. ace train delay number 3 still 5 to 10 minutes out of stock stone behind schedule. accident westbound 4 just cleared slow traffic remains past hillcrest on to railroad avenue. less than a half hour 580 commute improving and 680 towards 24. san mateo nice drive no problems over to hayward. toll plaza metering lights on, evidence there traffic now backed to the west grand overcrossing. stalled eastbound in the right lane. for the latest.
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6:nine now. -- a question people have been asking for decades. have we made contact with aliens? next the white house gives its official answer. it is not e.t. but the world is with about to have a close encounter
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tomorrow the federal emergency manage agency and every local tv and radio station, including us will con a test. at 11 a.m. wednesday morning. abc 7 will be participating in the first national test of the emergency alert system. the test will run 30 seconds and is meant to identify any problems with the system used to inform the public of any emergency or disaster. the system has been in place 60 years but never had a nationwide testify. tomorrow at 11 a.m., when the midday news is going to start, what you can expect is to hear a tone followed by instructions explaining the test. about nine hours from now, give or take, an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier will pass by the earth within the moon's orbit. it is the largest object of this kind to get within 200,000 miles of our planet in a generation. it will be close enough that
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astonomers will be able to research its composition and anyone with a clear sky and small telescope will be able to track it. it is expected to happen about 3:28 p.m. today. e.t. won't be needing to phone home because the white house says it has no evidence that extraterrestrials exist. the white house made the unusual declaration in response to a feature on its website sight that an blues people to submit -- website that allows people to submit petitions. more than 5,000 people demanded that the white house disclose the 's knowledge of extraterrestrial beings. dangerous reaction to the verdict. the fall-out after jurors -- [ unintelligible ] his depend has been accused of heavy handed tactics. oakland's police chief sits down with abc7 news to spoken to specific accusations of police brutality. we usually see more dog
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walkers and joggers out at this time of morning than we are seeing in concord this morning. i bet i can guess why they are staying inside that story coming up. >> all airports on time here in california and across most of the nation. however, chicago, o'hare still experience flight arrival delays. check out our flight tracker ú@úú
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morning opening bell ringing now. stock futures higher overnight as traders wait for a key vote out of the italy the new tkwoert. announcement on who will be ailing greece's new prime minister. both decisions could affect talks over a new bailout. the latest from the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. oil leak inside the concord naval weapons station is capped. but neighbors say it has left a nauseating smell that has officials telling residents to keep windows and doors closed. amy hollyfield is live near the scene with the story. amy you've experienced that smell. >> reporter: yeah it is pretty bad. i'm taking one for the team doing this story. we haven't seen any dog
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walkers or joggers out which is unusual for this time of morning. it is cold out, but people are loyal to their jog or to their dogs. because it stinks out here is what i'm guessing. it smells like sulphur that rotten egg smell. officials tell us it is not harmful, just unpleasant. a crude oil pipeline spilled and that released this icky smell. the advice is stay in or leave the area if it bothers you. you may feel a headache. i felt lightheaded at one point. they insist that's your body reacting to the smell not to anything toxic in the air. it has residents wondering what is going on? >> i've been smelling this the last three, four days today is the strongest it is getting worse. it is like really bad now. it is like a pungent odor. i don't know if it is gas, sulphur, something like that >> if you get strong odors you may want to air out your home.
6:32 am
we don't expect any health affects. people may feel transient health affects like headaches and nausea. >> reporter: the 16 inch underground pipe is operated by conoco phillips. a spokesperson said she needed to get back to me. i'm still waiting to hear back. we want to hear from their end about the progress. county officials told us crews did work all night trying to contain the smell. they've stopped the leak now they are putting dirt and tarps over the oil to try and beat back this horrible smell. they have no idea when this stinky smell will be gone for good. they also don't know what caused the spill. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. a lot of questions. repairs on a ruptured gasline in woodside are expected to begin today. pg&e crews conducting
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inspections. a section ruptured sunday during a high pressure water safety test sending mud and rocks on to the freeway. pg&e says the damage was done by a backhoe. crews injected helium into four miles of the line and using detectors to try to find any more leaks. the oakland city council meets tonight mid growing division over the occupy camp that has taken over frank ogawa plaza. there are 160 tents outside city hall. demonstrators are still using open flames and camping overnight in defiance of the rules set by mayor quan as a condition for the campers to stay. the council met in closed session yesterday to discuss the issue. one councilmember says if the mayor doesn't move to get rid of the camp, the council will. >> i am prepared to act. i think it is possible, i think we are in a, in my
6:34 am
opinion, emergency type of public safety situation. and the mayor is not acting, we need act. >> abc7 news has learned that many city hall workers are complaining about the camp. some are call it a hostile work environment. while the city tries to figure out what to do about the oakland camp -- the occupy oakland are trying to consider occupying foreclosed or abandoned buildings. the subject came up during the group's general assembly this week. the city warning the move would not be toll lated -- would not be tolerated. oakland's police chief says he's appalled by some of what he's seen on video taken during last week's clashes between protesters and police. chief jordan reached out to alan wang to specifically comment on this clip where a citizen journalist spotted an oakland officer with his name tag covered by black tape.
6:35 am
the chief says he has a problem with that. >> when i saw it, i was appalled. that is not representative of our officers higher and what they should be doing it is against our policy. i did order an immediate investigation itch >> i thought it was fair to show there are maybe a small part of -- part of oakland pd not following poll sill. >> that journalist says he contacted -- contacted a commander officer who corrected the situation by peeling the tape off. the chief is reviewing more chips to make sure his officers operated within department policy danville police hopes someone will recognize a person caught on video defacing private property. police set up the on sycamore circle because the vandalism was recurring. the tape catches a man in a hoodie spray painting a wall. officers say the man sprayed not only graffiti but racial epithets. the family who lives in the
6:36 am
home that was hit is biracial. authorities believe this man may be responsible for several similar incidents in that neighborhood. michael jackson's doctor is on suicide watch this morning at the l.a. county jail after a jury convicted him yesterday in the pop star's death. jurors found dr. murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter after deliberating for nine hours. the ruling means jurors believe his criminal negligence was a significant factor in jackson's fatal overdose on the anesthetic propofol. >> wonderful, absolutely justice was sever ofed. michael is watching over us -- jackson's father joe showed two thumbs up. dr. murray was handcuffed and led away to jail. his attorneys plan to appeal. he faces up to four years in prison when he's sentenced. more coming up on gma after
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our newscast. 6:36. mike what is the official temperature reading in your car? >> 33. unofficial, technically. official reporting stations are showing we are getting near 32 in some areas. frost advisory panning out especially in the north bay in the interior valleys. let's take a look at those official reporting stations. santa rosa 32. novato up to 36 now. you were at 32 you had some thick fog which means black ice could have developed, hopefully, it didn't. we haven't heard reports of it. 37 napa, freezing in fairfield, frost in. concord, livermore, los gatos upper 30s everybody else in the 40s san francisco 47. visibilities, three mile santa rosa, everybody else around nine or 10, patchy fog it doesn't look like it is thick enough to cause
6:38 am
problems. 30s, 40s by 8:00. think we will drop down another degree or two in most areas. noon sunshine mid and upper 50s spike in the low to mid 60s around 1:00, 2 then fall back to near 60 with a mostly sunny sky at 4:00. we reach 70s by thursday as that will be the warmest day in the forecast. rain and cooler friday chance of rain and cooler yet saturday and sunday. good morning. happy tuesday. mass transit problems this morning. ace train 5 minute delay out of stock stone number 3. bart 10 to 15 minutes on the fremont line equipment problems on the track. muni problems, bus shuttles on the m line to 19th overhead wire damage. if you are headed on to downtown san francisco at 19th, you can transfer to light rail
6:39 am
that will take you to king and 4th street. accident in san jose as well, northbound 101, blocking lane two, slow traffic approaching the scene. drive times if you are just headed at this hour. 6:39. >> trading is underway on wall street. live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. here's a live look at big board dow up 22 points. the news every california homeowner has been waiting to hear. new signs that your property is go about to go way up in value. hoped to stay on message. now herman cain says he has no choice but to address the harassment allegations against him. i'm live in the newsroom with what he and she said yesterday. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney on this election day here in san francisco. some folks from sacramento coming down to be at the polling places to make sure every vote gets counted and@x
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welcome back. 6:43. sprinkles and 55 in eureka. big sur sunshine. 44 tahoe. sunny 70 l.a., san diego and palm springs. 6:43. public war of words this morning kphaoepb republican
6:44 am
presidential front-runner herman cain and the first woman to go on camera with sexual harassment accusations. she is making the morning network miss sir cut and he's holding his first press conference in a few hours. -- [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: herman cain said after accuser number four held a news conference yesterday he feels he has no choice but to keep speaking out on this issue although he earlier said he didn't want to. cain talking on jimmy kimmel live last night. kimmel started the interview with how was your day? because the fourth accuser had come forward yesterday she held a news conference and gave graphic details about what she says happened in the backseat of a car 14 years ago. >> he put his hand on my leg, unmy skirt and reached for my genitals. he also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch. i said, this isn't what i came
6:45 am
here nor. mr. cain said, you want a job, right? -- >> when you know that all of this is totally fabricated, you go from anger then you get disgusted. >> reporter: cain was in san francisco yesterday. he spoke to a investment firm at the palace hotel. he did not address the harassment allegations and avoided cameras he left. his news conference is scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon from phoenix. sharon bialek is going to be on "good morning america" this morning so we will have more from both sides today. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 6:45 now. in mississippi, voters will decide today whether to change the meaning of the word person. the so-called personhood measure is an anti-abortion initiative that has drawn a lot of criticism. initiative 26 could declare life begins at fertilization.
6:46 am
opponents say defining personhood at concept would open the door to prosecute women who miscarry. supporters hope it will property a court challenge to overturn roe vs. wade the decision that established a legal right to abortion. california home prices ready to begin recovering next year. the latest ucla/anderson forecast predicts the median price will jump 11 thaw% from the current average to more than $320,000 next year. also climb 20 1/2% by 2013 and bay 2017 it will be up by 52%. while prices will go up recovery in home sales isn't moving as fast. the number of homes sold isn't projected to begin bouncing back until 2013 according to the forecast sales are expected to drop nearly 1 1/2% next year before the recovery kicks into gear. retailers are hoping to bounce back
6:47 am
san francisco-based gap is joining the thanksgiving parade of retailers open for the holiday. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. you know how stores are opening on thanksgiving night getting an early start on the black friday sales and how some stores like wal-mart are opening on thanksgiving day last year. now gap getting in on the game. the chain planning on opening 1,000 stores on turkey day to entice people trying go an early start. that includes more than 800 old navy stores, 1 six between gaps, 54 banana republics and almost 30 gap outlets. all this as retailers wraeus for a slow down in spending this year compared to last. -- here's what investors are watching today, italy and greece. italy borrowing costs hit a new record high today. by some measures and
6:48 am
prime minister berlusconi hanging on by a thread according to some accounts. italian lawmakers will be voting on the budget. we have a higher open on wall street. green arrows across the board. bloomberg index trading up 1%. new game modern war game maisel as many as six million units in the 24 hour period that started at midnight. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. time to hear weather numbers from mike. >> they are definitely low. you don't want the market to reflect these chilly outside. 6:48. beautiful sunrise as we lack from our roof cam you can see fog spilling from the north bay across the rest of bay so
6:49 am
far visibilities are above three miles that's good news there. let's talk about temperatures freezing in santa rosa and fairfield mid to upper 30s napa, novato, concord, livermore, los gatos low to mid 40s for rest us. san francisco 47 near 40 monterey bay 38 salinas near freezing 33 gilroy on this election day a lot of sunshine still cooler than average clear tonight almost as chilly as this morning rain rolls in friday and another chance for the weekend. today compared to average two degrees cooler in redwood city three in oakland livermore 63 in san francisco 65 cooler than average napa six, san jose should be 70 but only 63 sun will set 5:04. concord, pleasanton livermore warmest at 63 same around the east bay shore south bay mainly mid 60s except for mill pea does 62 low to mid 60s
6:50 am
peninsula san mateo 63 upper 50s -- along the coast near 60 downtown and south san francisco 59 carmel, low to mid 60s for the monterey bay mid 60s inland. more tkpwhaeul, livermore, fairfield, vallejo, napa, -- all in the 30s tonight the rest of us in the 40s. high pressure to our northeast to our southwest. that is dominating our weather not only today but through thursday that's why it is going to be dry the next 72 hours. this cold front will turn our attention to the jet stream start pushing it our way friday when the rain returns so does the cooler weather. by sunday temperatures 10 degrees cooler than they are thursday when we top out near 70 in most areas. want to show you a beautiful sunrise from the napa valley this is from karen she lives in -- anguin she took this
6:51 am
picture looking east towards lake hennessey over the weekend. if you have weather video or photos would you like to share we would love to share them. good morning. we have mass transit issues first the good news. bart back on schedule recuperating from a 10 to 15 minute delay on the fremont line. elsewhere, ace train number 3 still 5 to 10 minutes late. muni bus shuttles in place on the m line to 19th because of overhead wire damage. if you are headed downtown you want to transfer on to the light rail at 910 -- 19th, capital corridor delays 30 minutes leaving fairfield due to train equipment problems and track issues. now the toll plaza metering
6:52 am
lights on, traffic is now very slow into the maze. there you can find the latest drive times. 6:52. medical marijuana advocates will be in court today to try to the federal government from closing down pot clubs in california. attorneys for pot patients and dispensaries will ask for a restraining order against the justice department. last month the u.s. attorney threatened to seize property of landlords who rent to dispensaries if they don't close by november 12th. that's this saturday last week the attorneys filed a lawsuit accuse the department of justice of violating a previous agreement that lets states regulate medicinal marijuana. the u.s. attorney's office has not ed. honda's human shaped robot has become more human. the newest version was department strayed in tokyo yesterday. the robot can run faster balance on uneven surfaces hop on one foot and almost think
6:53 am
on its own. the robot even opened a thermos and poured a drink. also able to distinguish the voices of three people speaking at once. >> close your windows and doors the advice being given to some folks in the east bay. oil spill triggered a smell that is making people sick. >> amy hollyfield is live in the area with details. sick. she has been smelling this four or five days. she frustrated. she was on her way to work and glad to be going to work to glad to be going to work to sulphur rotten egg stink in the air here in concord. the advice is get out of the area and get fresh air or stay inside if it bothers you. this is because of a crude oil pipeline on the naval weapons station that spilled. at one point it was leaking oil at 10 gallons a minute. the pipeline has been shutdown. it is no longer leaking. officials say they don't
6:54 am
expect any oil to get into the water sources. but, the smell is a very unpleasant side effect and it has residents wondering what is going on and they are frustrated. conoco phillips owns the pipeline. their crews have been working overnight putting tarps and dirt over the oil to try and beat back the smell. they have no estimate of when the smell will be gone. no word yet on what caused the spill. our other top story covered in san francisco by terry mcsweeney he joins us live. i'm willing to bet it smells better where you are. >> reporter: it certainly does. out in front of is 's city hall 30 people wearing boxing gloves, a moment ago they were punching each other.l%áñ turns out to be an exercise class. controversy in san francisco not new. take a look at the person at the center of the controversy, mayor ed lee. the front-runner, the mayor his campaign at the center of an investigation by the d.a.'s
6:55 am
office over voter manipulation, fraud by his workers. san francisco is the only place the secretary of state is going to be sending observers today perhaps based on a complaint from seven of the other 15 candidates in the field for mayor all alleging voter fraud. another controversy, rank choice voting going to take effect today. people voting for the first, second and third choice if no one gets 50% on the first ballot last place eliminate second place comes into play they keep doing that until someone gets 50% plus one vote. it is not popular with a lot of people. a supervisor is going to propose an initiative to put on the june ballot an opportunity for voters to do away with rank choice voting. they say it is too confusing. it saves the city 15 million dollars over 10 years, an estimate. in october a poll showed that 1/3 of people spopbling to this poll thought gavin newsome
6:56 am
was still mayor. so this there is a lot of confusion. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:55. frost advisory, north bay in your valleys, freezing temperatures possible until 9:00 this morning. right now we have frost around santa rosa, 32 same at fire field the rest of news the 30s to -- to 40s chilly start this morning. slightly warmer than yesterday still below average even with sun low to mid 60s in most areas around 58 half moon bay. 30s and 40s tonight. warmer afternoons through thursday rain friday cooler with a chance of rain this weekend with ace train number 3, 5 to 10 minutes late. muni, bus shuttles on the m line due to overhead wire damage. capital corridor train 518 30 minutes late leaving fairfield due to equipment problems.
6:57 am
drive times as you leave the house this morning. it is election day. you want to vote. that's it for this edition of the abc7 news. >> we'll be become with a local update at 7:24. keep track of the latest news on twitter and you can talk about it at follow abc7 news tonight for all the election results. thank you for joining us.
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