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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 9, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PST

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making news in america this morning -- not backing down. >> herman cain takes on his accusers. denying the claims of sexual harassment. even calling one of the women a liar. also a huge show of support on the streets of state college, for joe paterno. as a sex scandal threatens to end a career that started in the lee johnson administration. and next stop, semifinals as one more star is sent home. good morning. i'm sunny hostin. >> and i'm rob nelson. herman cane is feeling the pressure. >> in just the past day and a half, cain has been bombarded about the sexual harassment
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claims against him. >> cain called one of his accusers a liar. more details, now, from abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: after days of dodging questions, gop presidential hopeful, herman cain, confronted the allegations that he is a sexual harasser. >> the charges and the accusations are absolutely reject. they simply didn't happen. they simply did not happen. >> reporter: but just minutes before cain's news conference, a second woman went public with the accusation that cain sexually harassed her. she is one of the four women to accuse cain of sexual harassment when he was head of the national restaurant association back in the 1990s. and in an exclusive interview for the abc news yahoo! newsmaker series, cain suggested he's the victim of a conspiracy. >> there's an element in this
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country in our politics, that does not want to see a businessman succeed at getting the nomination for the republican party. >> reporter: cain's rivals for the republican presidential nomination also spoke out about the controversy. >> these are serious allegations, george. and they're going to have to be addressed seriously. >> clearly, herman cain has to answer the charges. >> reporter: polls show cain at or near the top of the gop presidential field. and the candidate says he's not dropping out of the race. cain says he expects even more women may come forward in the days to come with accusations. he'll likely have to face more questions about all of this. and a republican debate tonight in michigan. rob and sunny? >> tahman bradley in washington. thank you. now, to another man struggling to hang on. penn state head coach, joe paterno. the school has appointed a special committee to look into the growing sex abuse scandal surrounding a former assistant coach of paternos.
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students took to the street last night in support of him. but abc news has learned that the decision on the coaching legend's fate is expected in the next day or two. we'll have much more later in this half hour. voters in mississippi had defeated an effort that would have defined life as beginning at conception. supporters hoped that would give them a platform to fight roe versus wade. but the personhood was rejected by more than 55% of voters. in ohio, organized labor scored a big victory last night. buckeye voters rejected a recent law that limited collective bargaining. the result is expected to serve as a warning to republican governors in other states that are intent on similar legislation as a way to balance the budgets. and key votes in two gubernatorial races. haley barbour cannot run again.
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and kentucky governor has been re-elected. president obama is facing a victory over his u.s. reform law. the provision of that law was required that requires every american to buy health insurance by 2014 or pay a penalty. the supreme court is also considering this week whether to take up several challenges to the law. >>y mortuary supervisors at dover air force base have been disciplined for mishandling the remains of troops from afghanistan. an investigation found that they lost the bodies of the war dead. and they said a body of a marine was handled in an undignified manner. the incidents took place between 2008 and 2010. a separate review is under way. the obama administration is considering tough, new sanctions on iran, following a new report about that country's nuclear program. that from the nuclear watchdog says there is clear evidence that iran is taking actions to
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establish nuclear weapons. the u.s. has long believed iran's been working to build a nuclear arsenal. iran, though, maintains its activities are only for energy and research purposes. and don't be surprised today about 2:00 p.m. eastern time to be exact. that's when the first-ever nationwide test of the emergency alert system will take place. it will affect every tv and radio station in the country. it's expected to last about 20 seconds or,y the test, th is an important trial to see how the system would work in the event of a real crisis. a small group of occupy wall street protesters is leaving new york today and heading for washington. they plan to arrive in the capital two weeks from today. to back a decision on whether to keep president obama's extension of bush-era tax cuts in place. the protesters say those tax cuts only benefit the rich. the new leader of the
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protest. the protesters elected her after denver's mayor insisted they find a leader to deal with city and state officials. >> making a statement there. now, for this morning's weather from around the country. showers and thunderstorms from new orleans to pensacola, niche vill and louisville. some drenching downpours with flooding around indianapolis, detroit and cleveland. inches of snow in michigan. and three to six from des moines to madison. >> 45 in boise. 61 in sacramento. and 72 in phoenix. mostly 40s in the middle of the country. dallas only gets up to 60. new orleans, 74. and miami, 81. 60s from atlanta up to boston. and coming up after the break, the airline that plans to offer something new on its flight, porn. plus, the plan to bring portable internet to millions of americans who can't afford it. and the surprising friendship being forged at
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occupy wall street. yes, it involves that horse right there.a
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welcome back, everybody. well, you might call it the berlusconi bounce. the stock markets are up on news that italian prime minister silvio berlusconi will resign. investors believe that will clear the way for a leader who will be more aggressive in solving the nation's debt problem. the news did spark a late-day rally on wall street, which is continuing today overseas. and tokyo's nikkei average is up 100 points today. hong kong's hang seng jumped 336
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points. in london, the ftse opened higher. and on wall street, the dow rose 102 points yesterday. the nasdaq index picked up 32. bp is off the hook after last year's massive oil spill. the coast guard says the company is no longer responsible for cleaning up oil that washes up on the gulf coast shoreline. about $1 billion has been set aside, now, for restoring damaged areas. and more good news cheering wall street this morning. there were more job openings in september than in any other month in the past three years. almost 3.4 million of them. but there are still 4.2 unemployed people for every opening. that's more than double the ratio in a healthy economy. many employers are still cautious about filling jobs in these tough times. the ftc and internet service providers later today will announce a major push to get broad bard into millions of low-income homes. families that are eligible for the school lunch program will
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pay just $10 a month, compared to the average of $40. they'll also be offered refurbish computers for $150. new ones for $250. and the blue skies may get a little bluer for some travelers. the head of ryanair, the discount airline, says he hopes to offer customers in-flight gambling, game playing and even porn. he's quick to add it wouldn't be available on the public screens. only on hand-held devices. >> okay. >> nothing to say after that? >> no, no. >> i thought you may want to -- next on this wednesday, it's deadline day in the nba contract talks. but are the sides any closer to an agreement? also, new developments in the penn state sex scandal, as coach joe paterno offers a message to his supporters. what makes a dollop of daisy so creamy and delicious? care and dedication. our family-owned company has focused on making... the best-tasting sour cream for over four generations.
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slick on i-90, from madison to cleveland. and i-94, from chicago to detroit. also, wet on i-10 along the gulf coast. i-20, from jackson, mississippi, to atlanta. and i-40, from nashville to north carolina. >> if you're flying, just a few weather-related airport delays are possible in chicago, detroit and new orleans. now, back to one of our top stories this morning. the sex scandal at penn state and whether coach joe paterno could be fired for not doing enough to prevent that alleged abuse. >> his future in the hand of the board of trustees, which met in emergency session last night. at the same time, the streets around the university were filled with students. many of them supportive of the man known to so many as joepa. >> students also gathered outside paterno's house in a show of support. and abc's dan harris was there. >> love you, joe. >> reporter: an extraordinary show of support for joe paterno, the embattled penn state legend. his house, mobbed by hundreds of students, linking arms, chanting
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and singing. >> well, we've been -- >> we love you, joe. >> reporter: that joe paterno is fighting for his job is an epic reversal of fortune for the man who built penn state into a national brand. paterno is caught up in a scandal involving his former defensive coordinator, jerry sandusky. alleged to have abused eight boys through the charity he started for at-risk youth. when paterno was made aware of one alleged incident, he reported it to campus authorities. but in the eyes of so many, that was not enough. sandusky was only brought down when a 15-year-old boy spoke up. >> it's remarkable. it took a very brave person, like the mom said. she is very proud of her son. he had to stand up to this giant. this football god. >> reporter: minutes before paterno's first news conference since the scandal was about to start, it was suddenly canceled. >> today's press conference
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cannot be held. it will not be rescheduled. >> reporter: but then, we learned that paterno wanted to speak and he was furious, in fact, that it was canceled. >> i was hopefully going to be able to answer it today. but we'll try to do it soon. >> reporter: his son denying reports in "the new york times," that his father is about to be fired. >> there's been no contact about anything to do with anybody stepping down. that's all we have really to tell you. >> reporter: meanwhile, a former paterno player, matt millen, broke down on espn. >> i get mad. and it's -- if we can't protect our kids, we, as a society, are pathetic. >> reporter: abc news has learned a decision about whether paterno will get to keep his job could be made in the next 24 to 48 hours. this is dan harris, in state college, pennsylvania. we also learned overnight that the coach at the center of the scandal, jerry sandusky, is no longer allowed to be alone with his own grandchildren as a result of a court order.
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today is another deadline day in the nba's ongoing labor struggle. the players say they will ignore a 5:00 p.m. eastern time deadline today to accept the league's latest offer. instead, they are hoping to meet again today with team owners to discuss revenue-sharing proposals. commissioner david stern, though, says if the deadline goes by, the next league offer will include proposals to benefit the owners. now, highlights from a game with both teams scoring more than 60 points. and it was not basketball. we get the details from espn. >> i'm stan verrett. this is your "sportscenter" update. more m.a.c. football on espn2. toledo hosting western michigan. first quarter, western michigan up 7-0. alex carder to jordan white. and it's 14-0, western michigan. later in the first, toledo down 14-7. terrance owens to adonis thomas. and thomas would do the rest. 40 yards for the touchdown.
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and it's 14-14. but there was lots more scoring 30 seconds later. carder, from the gun, to white. he coughs it up. it's recovered by dan molls. he's got it. and he knows what to do with it. teams turned the ball over a combined ten times in the game. 20-20, at the half. third quarter. toledo up 42-35. owens, play-action. he will get to bernard reedy for 42 yards and a touchdown. 49-35, toledo at that point. western michigan driving now. later in the third. carder, to white. 60 yards for a touchdown. he had seven touchdown passes in this game. white, 16 catches, 237 yards and 3 touchdowns. putting up video game numbers in this game. toledo up 56-49. 5:30 remaining. thomas taking it to the house. 42 yards. and toledo holds on to win, 66-63, to get to 5-1, in the
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m.a.c. 2 teams provided for 69 first downs and more than 1,400 yards of total offense. 129 combined points. the most in a bowl subdivision game this season. and a game with 18 total touchdowns, 9 for each team, a field goal was the difference. i'm stan verrett. that's your "sportscenter" update. and sad news for the music world this morning. condolences are pouring in for rapper heavy d. the 44-year-old self-proclaimed overweight lover died yesterday at his home in beverly hills. the exact cause of death is unclear. but police do not suspect foul play. heavy d. was one of the positive rappers of the '90s. he collaborated with stars like michael jackson, janet jackson and b.b. king. he had a number of appearances, including an appearance in the eddie murphy film, "tower heist." his final tweet on tuesday morning was, quote, be inspired. up next, "the pulse."
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outrage across the pond this morning. who is spying on members of the royal family? plus, the dance floor verdict against nancy grace. we'll be right back. my whole body hurt. it was an ongoing, deep pain.
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don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. i found answers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. as our ocean spray cranberries, which is why we're declaring it the unofficial official fruit of the holidays. the fig's going to be so bummed. [ chuckles ] for holiday tips and recipes, go to the only thing better than our tasty, good-for-you products is when they're on special. here's this week's grower's special. find ocean spray on sale at your local store. and for thanksgiving recipes, visit welcome back, everybody. time to check "the pulse." we start this morning with "dancing with the stars," where it is now down to four. >> and that's because nancy grace was shown the ballroom
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door last night. she was well behind all the others after monday night's dancing. >> afterwards on "jimmy kimmel live," she seemed in good spirits, even when asked about that now-famous wardrobe malfunction. >> whose idea was it for nancy's nipple to come out. >> that didn't happen. >> that didn't happen? >> it's the beauty of the dance. i'll sack if i a lot for my art. >> a lot, indeed. as for the semifinal lineup, it is j.r. martinez who received perfect scores on monday night. also, reality star, rob kardashian. tv personality, ricki lake and soccer star, hope solo. congrats to the final four. compelling details emerging over the hacking scandal that brought down the british tabloid, "news of the world." >> a private investigator who worked for the paper said prince
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william and his brother, harry, were among the targets. private eye derek webb said he spied on women five years ago when he was staying at prince charles' country home. >> the paper's parent company has not responded to the latest allegations. and there's no comment, either, from the royal family. i can imagine that would not sit too well with the british. not -- not very good at all. we mentioned the occupy wall street protests earlier. here's proof, there's some fondness between protesters and police. >> check out frenchy the bulldog there, becoming fast friends with a rather reserved new york city police horse. all that separates them is a barrier and more than a few feet in height. >> the four-legged friends got together near the new york stock exchange. and clearly, it's all good. for some of you, now, your local news is coming up next. >> and for everyonepreparing ls preparing for a battle this carrier crew has never seen before. and it's just two days away. [ female announcer ] this is liz. who came to walgreens...
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. effect the count continues but there's a clear leader. we'll look at the latest numbers. and the latest on other key tax and measures from around the bay. >> another showdown for occupy oakland and city leaders. >> mike nicco has the forecast. >> chilly start warmer weather today. i've taken th i'm ready for this last story. go ahead. >> all right. well, finally this morning, what promises to be one of the most unique college basketball games ever played is set for friday,
4:28 am
which is also veterans day. >> that is when my number one north carolina tar heels take on michigan state. and what is now being called the carrier classic. bob lawrence of our san diego station explains why. >> reporter: swabbing the deck is part of life in the navy. but when the eyes of the world will be on you, getting rain and oil out of the way, it becomes a priority. the flight deck of "the uss karl vincent," is going collegiate. this is what the flight deck is meant to do. instead, grandstands are being built. >> this looks pretty amazing. >> reporter: the stands are almost all in. and the scoreboard is taking shape, as well, for the first-ever basketball game between north carolina and michigan state. and ricardo milan scored a ticket. the rest of the tickets went to others on the base, the
4:29 am
secretary of the navy and the schools. about 7,000 total. there are contingency plans. all that you see up here, if the weather doesn't cooperate, will be moved down here to the hangar bay. if it is, then seating, which is already limited, will become another issue. only 3,000 of the 7,000 up on deck can fit down here. >> we're at the mercy of the elements here. so, that'll be the contingency. we'll take who we can down there. and everyone else will have to watch it on tv. >> you'll bet the president won't be one of them. basketball's number one fan plans to be courtside. and both teams will be wearing camouflage uniforms. let's just hope college basketball's newest temporary stadium will be a dry one. bob lawrence, 10 news. >> what a cool idea. the tar heels start the season in style. very cool. and that's what's making news in america this morning


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