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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 9, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live at san francisco's city hall. the votes are in but we do not have an elected mayor here. today rank choice voting kicks in. we'll take a look coming up in a live report. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. there are some signs to indicate that occupy oakland may soon be coming to an end. at last the cam -- camping part. police appear to be making plans to move in as businesses complain this camp is hurting them. good morning. live look at the embarcadero where dry but chilly. rain in the forecast, but not as much for the weekend. sue hall following your wednesday morning commute. live look at the bay bridge, light here. first reports of a stall
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westbound on the upper deck. we'll tell you where that is how to get around it in a few minutes. day after election day 5:01 thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. today the elections department will begin applying the complex ranked voting formula to its mayor's race. terry mcsweeney is live at city hall. >> reporter: right now mayor ed lee has a fairly commanding lead. but it doesn't mean anything yet, because there is that ranked choice voting that starts today. look where we stand now with 100% precincts reporting. mayor ed lee with 30% of the vote. supervisor avalos second place with 19%. city attorney dennis herrera 12%. the next page the next tier, david chu 9%, yee with 8 and
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adachi with 7. add up the numbers, 85% of the vote. so it is going to be the second pick from somebody in this list that going to play a role in the election of the mayor. take a look at ed lee's campaign last night. granted 30% over 19% is a nice looking lead. but it doesn't mean he is going to win. until he sounded like he believes he had won last night, not the case says supervisor john avalos. >> i'm feeling great, elated so proud of the work we have done together with this grassroots campaign with less money than anyone else and we are in second place, amazing. >> reporter: also showed you video there of the absentee and provisional ballots in the basement of city hall still to be counted today. today begins8ñú the computer program for the much maligned although some like the rank choice voting that is going to begin today. we may have a winner by today. more likely tomorrow or
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possibly later in the week. if things get really tight, according to the director of elections down here, we may not know who the mayor of san francisco is going to be, until next week. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. of course when we know we will pass it on to you. many schools, emergency services, youth and senior programs are celebrating this morning. bay area voters approved a majority of tax measures and bonds to save their programs and city from financial ruin. >> reporter: voters across the bay area signed off on dozens of new taxes and bonds to fund schools to the general funds. residents are willing to spend to make up for state and federal cuts. in solano county voters in vallejo said yes to a 10% business license tax for marijuana businesses. measure b passed with 76% of the vote. santa clara measure c, a vast
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majority of voters, 83%, agreed to raise the hotel tax from 10 to 12% in cupertino. same in san mateo county, measure i passed with 73%, raises hotel tax in redwood city to 12%. in san francisco big money for school bonds. 71% of voters agreed to 531 million dollars in bonds for fixing campuses in the district. san francisco voters did say no to increasing the sales tax. i'll be back with more numbers at 5:30. we'll have more results straight ahead. also real-time results on our website at and we'll continue scrolling results at the bottom of the screen. 5:04. occupy oakland protesters and city officials may be gearing up for another showdown. complaints building over potential fire hazards and
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sanitation as they did before police moved in and cleared out the encampment two weeks ago. amy hollyfield is live with more. >> reporter: the san francisco chronicle is reporting that all training exercises at the oakland police department have been cancelled for next week good indication police are making plans to move these campers out of here in front of city hall. next up watch to see if they cancel days off and call for mutual aid. mayor quan issued a letter asking occupy oakland to support the city not hurt. saying campers are costing the city jobs. many businesses asking that the camping be stopped. the mayor says she is trying to work with the protesters. >> we are asking the camp itself, whatever form they take in the future, wherever they are to disassociate themselves from the violent demonstrators. and they haven't done that yet. i un--
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[ inaudible ] we have a little talk today, i hope that was a good beginning. >> reporter: the city is listed the number of hazards at the camp, they believe there are 180 tents now. officials are concerned about electrical cords running under the wet hay out here. tw worried more fires will be built possibly inside tents they've seen that a couple of times because it is now turning cold. protesters working on big plans, having discussions about taking over empty foreclosed on buildings in the city as part of making3:óyiz thr statement. the city says that will not be tolerated. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. meantime being oakland police are calling it a view from their perspective. four new videos just made public show hundreds of occupy oakland protesters on october 25th, hours after officers removed the encampment outside city hall in one video, an officer gets pelted by a
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bright red paintball. police chief jordan says the fat taopblg reveals what officers were confronted -- footage reveals what officers were confronted by that day. >> it is important to know the officers didn't overreact they were provoked assaults -- assaulted, paint thrown on him. the measure needs to come out what happened behind the lines. >> an hour after these videos were shot police used tear gas and fired bean bags.0hqw new report by the oakland police department shows the city's north oakland gang injunction has not reduced violent crime in the safety zone area. the tribune reports homicides, assaults and other crimes have gone up since the injunction was implemented on 15 known gang members in june of last year. however, the number of weaponses arrests and gang related incidents have dropped. -- community leaders have said there's a sense that criminal
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activity has declined since the injunction began. a fugitive wanted for the murph a san francisco police officer plans to -- for the murder of a san francisco police officer plans to turn himself in this week after four decades on the run. ronald bridgeport will surrender for a depth store shootout with south san francisco police officers in 1968. he has been described as a member of a violent offshoot of the black panthers. he spent a year in africa, after jumping bail. he's also wanted on a murder warrant this is what he is known for, for the 1971 shooting death of san francisco police sergeant john young. word is bridgeport plans to fight that charge. that rotten egg smell lingering over one concord neighborhood may get worse before it gets better. the odor is coming from a crude oil leak. it has produced such a foul smell people are getting sick.
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conoco phillips crews discovered the leak monday night. county health officials say the offer is safe, but the stench may get worse as crews begin removing the contaminated soil. >> next week uc president will propose a plan asking the state to contribute nearly three dollars, yes three dollars to the university's system. he says that amount is the minimal state funding needed to pro serve the system. he will present the proposal to the board of regents when it meets next wednesday. officials for the first time saying students are paying more toward their education than the state is contributing. 5:09. time to look at that forecast. mike was telling us there was rain in it. how much rain is there now? >> hopefully not much this weekend. a lot of the youth spores in is the last weekend for the season. >> absolutely, coming to a close for a lot of them. that means we want dry weather. i think we'll get some at
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least saturday into sunday. friday, a different story. wednesday morning, good morning. temperatures that will greet you when you step out mid to upper 30s north bay valleys, fairfield, concord, livermore, los gatos the rest of news the 40s. winds calm. not much windchill and not much fog now. check out these temperatures during the afternoon mostly sunny mid to upper 60s low 60s along the coast. as you head to the monterey bay, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s even 70 as you head into gilroy. tomorrow the warmest more widespread 70s rain likely friday morning turning into showers friday afternoon scattered showers possible saturday. sunday looking dry as is monday and tuesday. good morning sue. >> good morning. still with roadwork northbound and southbound 101 peninsula,
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101 closed between embarcadero and university. little late picking that you up. detourin place. san francisco now, -- detour, in place. if stall big rig blocking a lane. balanced budget westbound past ti toll plaza clear sailing earlier stall cleared out of lanes smooth ride into san francisco. golden gate southbound reconfiguring lanes for the morning commute four lanes out of the waldo tunnel on to the span. san mateo bridge nice ride between foster city and hayward. 14 minutes to get from side to sigh. a little embarrassing. i thought it was making a point. uc president will ask the state to condition butte three trillion -- i'm sorry that would be too much, 2.8 billion
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dollars is how much he's asking for, for the university system, not three dollars. sorry about that, big, big mistake. >> just a little gaffe there. 5:12 heads-up for toyota ers problem forcing the automaker to recall half a million vehicles. -- >> [ unintelligible ] select scan and down. amazing -- and done. amazing high-tech wall that s to make shopping a snap. >> first more election results. [ woman ] day party idea pillsbury crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels just unroll, add ingredients, roll and bake. and the crowd goes wild.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. . toy -- toyota recalling half a million vehicles affects toyota and lexus including the 2004 and 2005 camry highlander and sienna. toyota says the problem could cause the power steering belt to come off making steering more difficult. no reports of accidents or injuries related to this problem. if you have purchased an itunes gift card you could be getting good news. apple offering a $3.25 store credit to anybody who purchased a 99 cent gift card and used it to buy a $125 song
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before may 10th, 2010. apple sold the card and raised the price to $1.29. it was accused of overcharging. apple said it agreed to avoid a costly lawsuit. it appears apple is closer to a fix for a battery problem with the new iphone 4s. the company has just release add up grade to the phone's ios 5 operating system a second few. the company hopes the upgrade will fix a glitch that apple says is to blame for draining the battery on the new phone. no word on how long this select group of users will be testing the new fix before it gets to all iphone 4s users. san jose-base add doobie is slashing 750 -- jobs lay-offs part of a restructuring plan to refocus on digital media and marketing
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despite their project of -- there are reports the photo shop maker is planning a new business strategy that will allow customers to recent software monthly. sears and kmart trying something that could make shopping more convenient and more profitable. retailers are launching virtual shopping malls around the country in a bid to search for tech savvy shoppers. featuring pictures of toys and hot sellers along sidebar codes that can be scanned and purchased on the spot using your smartphone. the items will be delivered to your home. the walls will be located in movie theaters, bus shelters, airports animals across the country. you don't even have to go inside -- inside a store. >> i'm sure your convenience is more important than their profits. >> of course. >> i see a lot of impulse
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buying. i can use that, scan. >> [ unintelligible ] looks impressive, if it is still moist in your hard you may be able to hold off a couple more days without needing to turn the sprinkler system back on. another system bearing down for the weekend. the back half of the weekend not as -- not looking as wet as it did. looking down from vollmer peak, clear sky, some fog forming up around santa rosa now. visibility about a mile and 3/4. mid to upper 30s there, fairfield, concord, livermore, los gatos, 40s everybody else, upper 40s oakland and san francisco. low to mid 40s around monterey bay inland salinas and gilroy 34°. today, mainly sunny with more of that slow warming trend we felt yesterday. clear tonight, cool again in most areas. the rain for friday and the
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weekend looking less wet. let's talk about today compared to average. back where we should be in most areas redwood city 68, livermore 67, oakland 66, san francisco 675 where we should be. one degree cool -- cooler in san jose. sunsets about 5:04. is 5:00 evening or still afternoon? i'll let you decide. the cool spot along the coast low 60s mid 60s for downtown and south san francisco through most of the north bay valleys beachs low 60s. mid to upper 60s throughout the east bay shore into the east bay valleys pleasanton 68, concord, walnut creek and danville 66. monterey bay mid to upper 60s. gilroy hollister and salinas, still feel the chill of 30s
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tonight in morgan hill, livermore, fairfield and north bay valleys of the rest of us 40s with clear start tomorrow morning. high clouds passing over from time to time as the next system is being steered to the north right now by two areas of high precious. because it is doing that, two more -- high pressure. because it is doing that, two more dry days. fast forward to friday morning, 3:00 watch the rain follow in during the morning commute, heaviest towards the end of the commute at 9:00. by noon we have scattered showers developing and scattered showers will continue during the afternoon and evening hours. even into saturday. saturday scattered showers, temperatures cool, sunday we'll see increasing sunshine and more sun and warmer weather for monday and tuesday. hope you have a great day here's sue. san francisco still got that stalled big rig northbound 101 vermont street off-ramp blocking a lane not
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significant slowing now but we'll keep an eye on that public transit, bart, muni, cal train, no delays. that's good news for your commute wednesday morning. current drive times, highway 1 out of marin county, could you tell of sonoma into marin and novato, 580, 205, 680 still a good drive. westbound 4 still a nice right. san rafael southbound towards the siff vick center, no problems. there is -- civic center, no problems. will give you the latest information that you need before you leave the house. 5:21. state lawmakers come up with a plan to save a few education dollars. it could mean some california kids could spend two years in kindergarten, whether they need it or not. how the calendar may heevic. and that's "america's money."
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i'm sunny hostin. i
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at . starting next year a california law will require kids to be 5-years-old when they enter kpwar 10. new transitional kindergarten will be added for students that turn five between september and december. the idea to make sure that 4-year-olds aren't in kindergarten and save money for a year by delaying entry for many students born in those three months. some educators and parents say those kids are too young for the academic and social demands. some schools have already tried it. >> it has proven to be
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valuable to the districts lowering retention and we project that drop-out rays will go down. >> participation -- is voluntary in transitional or regular kindergarten. parents who believe their kid is ready but was born after september 1st, the cut off date, will be able to ask their districts for early admission. u.s. senate takes up a bipartisan bill today that will permit states to collect sales tax on internet sales. retailers have been exempt from collecting sales tax in states where they do not operate stores since a '92 supeme court ruling. since then e-commerce has grown so much that retailers say they are at a competitive disadvantage. states stan to lose 24 billion dollars in uncollected sales tax next year without in bill. -- it is a day that only comes around once every 100 years. this friday is november
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11th2011. some hotel and travel sites are offering deals for travel over the next couple of months if you book november 11th, 2011. discounts 5 to 10% off. one has figured out the big tie-in 11% discount. >> those tickets often go fast you have to stay on the computer with fast fingers. >> i'll start working out. 5:26, san francisco voters are waking up still uncertain who their next mayor will be. we are live with the latest numbers as a controversial voting method is put to the test. >> following election results when it comes to bonds and taxes that will cost voters millions. most of them have passed. >> warning from cal-state. that may have thousands of students signing up for more
5:27 am
financial aid. >> looking at airports everything is green going good in california. as you head to the east flight arrival delays into chicago's o'hare, laguardia, raleigh-durham and flight departure delays out of philly. you can see cooling trend across most of the country, 70s and 80s, atlanta, new orleans, miami, phoenix. s in the 40s and 50s. -- picture at the bomb to the
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>> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield in oakland. fire officials are getting nervous about potential hazards at occupy oakland. business owners are getting sick of occupy oakland and say it is time to move the campers out that they are hurting businesses.
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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in san francisco city hall. all votes in still no-winner in the mayor's race. here is where ranked-choice voting kicks in. it gets interesting and complicated too. keep it here. good morning fog forming in the north bay valleys as temperatures are nearing freezing. we'll look at possibility of freezing of black ice and i've taken some of the rain out of weekend forecast. details on the way. following your wednesday morning commute. live look at toll plaza those paying cash have a slight delay otherwise everybody is moving at the limit. update on an earlier stall in a couple of minutes. we'll have an update for you on those election results around the bay area. 5:30 on this wednesday. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. this is a day ranked-choice voting will decide who will be san francisco's next mayor. incumbent lee will probably declared winner under the old
5:31 am
system. >> we are in this complex ranked voting system. let's check in with terry mcsweeney. ed lee would have been the leader last time but not necessarily the winner, right? >> reporter: absolutely right. before the city approved ranked-choice voting it would be ed lee would be the in the runoff because he didn't get 50% of the vote. this time around it is different. take a look at numbers that we have right now this is 100% of precincts reporting. you can see mayor ed lee with 30% of the vote. in second place is john avalos supervisor he has 19% city attorney dennis herrera with 12%. the next interesting, david chiu, leland ye, jeff adachi. add up the six and you have -- 85% of the vote. if every other candidate's second place vote second
5:32 am
choice went to ed lee he still would not have 50% plus one of the vote. this is going to be bringing in the second place votes from adachi, ye and probably chiu as -- yee and probably chiu as well. other ballots, absentee and provisional balance lots in the basement of city cash ballots in the basement of city hall. they are not going to give lee the victory or anyone else. it looked like a victory party last night for lee and his supporters. they were celebrating. they don't have 50% plus one, they've got a good lead but he still sounded like he won. >> one thing to be appointed the first asian mayor. but it is another thing to be confirmed by all of the members of city, thank you very much. >> reporter: to tell you the truth that hasn't happened yesterday. today the election department begins the computer program for the ranked-choice voting
5:33 am
counting second and if necessary third place votes that goes on until some candidate has 50% plus one. might have a decision today, maybe tomorrow, maybe not until next week. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> we have surprising winners and losers in bay area elections. public schools and colleges, police and fire services, city streets, all had a lot riding on key tax measures and bonds. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. voters showed unexpected generosity given the economy. that is in many cases, not all. >> exactly many call it generosity or necessity. voters across the bay area did not hesitate to say yes to new bond measures and taxes to upgrade cities and schools. but not everything passed. we start with al maida county 81% of voters in emeryville said yes to measure c that does increase the business tax rate in san francisco measure b has been approved, 68% of
5:34 am
voters said yes to 248 million dollars in bonds to fix streets, sidewalks and bridges. in san mateo county, one that is a little different, 51% of voters in the san bruno park school district voted yes on measure o, a measure for campus upgrades. but it did not pass the measure needed super majority, 55% vote. finally, a twist out of santa clara, in sunnyvale voters approved measure b by 89% it eliminates annual 5% pay increases for city council members. not as many examples of that this morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news. we have more results ahead. you will find real-time results on and we'll continue scrolling results at the bottom of your screen. new signs this morning that another showdown may be
5:35 am
imminent between oakland police and occupy protesters. businesses are sending a clear message to the mayor that the movement is about to break them. amy hollyfield is live at frank ogawa plaza with the latest. >> reporter: the mayor and some of her staff met with protesters in the plaza yesterday. she is trying to work with them, hoping to come up with a peaceful end to this camping. there are indications that police are preaching to move them out of -- are preparing to move them out if it comes to that. the chronicle reporting police have cancelled all training exercises for next week. a sign they are planning something. oakland businesses are calling on the city to move the camp out. they are worried about lost revenue. the fire department is concerned about safety. especially since the camp is growing, they believe there now 180 tents out here. >> i'm looking for full cooperation but i'm worried as it gets colder and daylight shifts, we going to get more people burning small fires,
5:36 am
more people bringing in gas heaters that are going to get close to combustible materials. >> this kitchen is working hard 24/7 to keep people fed if it requires lighting up propane to give somebody a hot meal because no one is going to bring us none or no one is helping feed these people, then we are going to do it. >> reporter: some businesses say occupy oakland has slashed their sales in half. the chamber of commerce says some businesses are hesitant to locate here. some owners say they believe in goes beyond freedom of speech they call this unlawful. one more ironic note. occupy wall street donated $20,000 to occupy oakland and the group put the money in an account at a wells fargo bank. one of the banks they've targeted in their protests. they say it is temporary they will move it to a credit union. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> that is ironic. 5:36. in marin county people who
5:37 am
work at "star wars" director george lucas' ranch are assessing damage done by a fair -- by a fire. firefighters showed up around 5:30 last evening. private fires and crews worked to put out the blaze in the 50,000 square feet main office building it was confined to one chimney and fireplaces in the renovated victorian mansion. there were concerns about layers of wiring in the subfloors of the building. fans were brought in to vent the smoke from the site which includes screening rooms and sound equipment. a spokesperson says the fire caused little overall damage to the property. pg&e crews working through the night to repair a pipeline leak in palo alto. it is a millimeter in diameter but big enough to cause a rupture. crews detected it during water testing. the work may cause a strongs go odor in page mill road and
5:38 am
handoverstreet. the utility says it does not pose a danger. students could face tuition increase of more than 9% next year unless lawmakers give the csu system 200 million dollars more than it got this year. they are set to vote on charge -- charging $500 more. an average of more than $7,000. the chronicle reports the chancellor is asking for the increase to hedge against additional budget cuts in california's continuing economic crisis. i know you have been worried about the rain coming this friday wonderingo9éa if its going to last into the weekend. mike has an update. >> things are looking up. >> absolutely. looks like one big storm and then little chunks of minor storms that are falling apart as they roll through. our best chance for rain
5:39 am
friday lesser amounts saturday more so sunday. here's the next storm churning to our west where going to stay the next two days. jet stream pushing most of the clouds to the north. a few high clouds from time to time this afternoon a lot of sun in our forecast. novato just like yesterday 3/4 mile ability due to fog. unlike yesterday, the temperatures das dark temperatures above freezing at 36. right now that would be the only where we have problems. mid 30s around santa rosa, napa, fairfield, concord upper 30s livermore and los gatos rest of us in the 40s where we will stay at 8:00 this morning. as we head towards noon temperatures warm rapidly under the sun we hit the mid to upper 50s along the coast even 60s around the bay shore. as we head towards 4:00, in the low to mid 60s after spiking in the mid to upper 60s around 1, 2:00 that's what time our high hits.
5:40 am
cooler tomorrow, i should say warmer tomorrow, cooler friday with wet weather, a chance of scattered showers saturday, warmer and drier monday and tuesday back to san francisco now where we had an earlier stalled big rig at northbound vermont street off-ramp that has been cleared. traffic getting by without delay. some of your drive times out of antioch towards concord about 20 minutes, less than 20 minutes good drive out of the central valley up and over the altamont pass less than 25 minutes in the dublin pleasanton area. from hayward towards the peninsula, 15 minutes. san mateo bridge moving well in the westbound direction. 5:40. san jose is ready to play ball with the a's. city leaders make pick a pitch they hope will put the city on the team's roster. the results in the san francisco district attorney and sheriff's races as well as pension reform
5:41 am
measures c and d.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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oakland police are hoping someone will come forward with information to leads to the man who abducted and raped a teenage girl. the 16-year-old was walking alone in the 900 of 59th street last friday night. a van pulled up a driver forced her inside. he drove her to an undisclosed location sexually assaulted her and held her captive for several hours before letting her go. y council has voted to give the oakland a's the option of buying land for the purpose of building a new park. the nearly five acres of land is -- a's owner wolf has put together a team of investors willing to pay 500 million dollars towards building the park. >> it is a bad deal from first to last. and there's no advantage for san jose to do it now. it amounts to a self-imposed distressed sale. >> the opportunity to leverage of half a billion dollars of private capital in this
5:45 am
economy doesn't happen anywhere often. i urge you to take advantage of the situation. >> estimates are a ballpark in san jose could bring in over 5 1/2 million dollars annually for the city. you could have your girl scout cookie without eating it. bloomberg business report is next. he has been in the u.s. illegally since he was 15. now he's days from being deported. why this bay area man's supporters say he deserves to stay here. >> mississippi voters make a strong statement at polls. the vote on when a fetus becomes human. >> first the results in some bay area mayoral races beth! hi. looking good! you've lost some weight.
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welcome back. notice all 60s from low 60s around eureka, chico mid to upper 60s fresno, big sur mid to upper 70s around l.a., san diego and palm springs mountains mild tahoe 50, yosemite 57. 5:48 now. voters in mississippi have rejected a measure that defined human life as beginning at the moment of conception. if passed the so-called personhood initiative would have outlawed abortions in the state it would have been a deck challenge to roe vs. wade the supreme court decision
5:49 am
that established a legal right to abortion. the measure questioned birth control methods, fertility treatments and a pregnant woman's right to drink. mississippi is the first state to test the personhood law. debate among eight republican presidential candidates scheduled tonight in michigan. herman cain is likely to contend with the latest sexual allegations against him. cain says won't dropout of the race. he held a news conference yesterday and says he doesn't even remember meeting sharon bialek the who came forward this week accuse him of trying to touch her inappropriately. cain said he would be willing to take a lie detector test to prove her wrrpbg in an interview -- cain accused her of lying. >> i have absolutely not acted inappropriate with this lady or anybody else in my entire career. >> another woman revealed her identity. she received a cash settlement
5:50 am
after accusing cain of sexual harassment when they worked together more than a decade ago. just about 5:50 on this wednesday. rain in the forecast for this weekend but not as much now. >> yeah, the weekend is looking drier. bulk of the rain will fall friday which i know is veterans day unfortunately that is where it is slated to fall now. 5:50. as you look at results at the bottom of your screen we'll shoot a tower cam from sutro to the east bay shore lack of fog compaired to yesterday. we still have a little around novato temperature of 36. otherwise pretty clear this morning. other temperatures mid 30s most of the -- most in the -- [ unintelligible ] gilroy about 34° watch out frost may be forming in outlying areas.
5:51 am
mostly sunny today, more of that slow, warming trend we felt questioned. it will be clear tonight expected to be cool almost as cool as this morning. the rain bulk falls friday we still have chances over the weekend. they are looking less and less impressive. today our 24 hour temperature change. oakland 66 again, 66 san rosa. san jose 68, concord 66, fremont 67, san francisco 65 all five degrees warmer than yesterday. east bay valleys low to mid 60s as you head towards the east bay shore. a lot of mid even upper 60s starting to develop. down to the south bay temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. a lot of mid 60s on the peninsula a few upper 60s upper 60s to low 70s low to mid 60s around downtown and south san francisco low to mid 60s through the north bay valleys. your beaches upper 50s low
5:52 am
60s. low to mid 60s monterey bay mid to upper 60s inland. tonight 30s morgan hill, livermore, fairfield, napa, santa rosa and cloverdale the rest of us 40s. warm spots oakland, san francisco and and san mateo, everything shifted couple hundred miles east high pressures will hold on two more days today and tomorrow dre then this cold front gets -- dry, then this cold front gets a shove, 3:00 friday morning out in the ocean. end of the morning commute raining everywhere. by noon the bulk of steady rain has moved on showers develop and hang around through the better part of the afternoon into the evening even into saturday. sunday drier air sports to move in monday, tuesday will be dry. -- today and tomorrow the warmest days in the forecast.
5:53 am
a lot of us from the coast will hit 70 tomorrow. now to the guantanamo bay bridge traffic -- to the golden gate bridge traffic flowing. no delays as you can see nice ride. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights off at this hour. just a few cars bunched up to pay cash the rest sliding through no problems upper deck into san francisco. drive times out of antioch highway 4 westbound continues to be a good right. 580 not a problem from 205 up and over the altamont. marin county 101 from highway 37 in novato to central san rafael less than 10 minutes nice clear road. a great resource before you leave the house. 5:53. oil giant bp moving into the restoration phase in the gulf and winding down cleanup
5:54 am
efforts. new safety recall from toyota here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. toyota recalling more than 400,000 camries, highlanders, plus some lexus models. crank shaft pulley may cause power steering pump to become detached meaning it could be difficult to steer. looks like bp may be able to wash hands of responsibility for cleaning up shores at the gulf coast. the oil giant responsible for cleaning up oil that comes ashore when officials can prove the oil came from that well explosion last year. target scrambling to make its website reliable enough to handle black friday traffic. heavy use crashed the site in september and five more times in the past month. lay-offs of the company behind photo shop and flash player technology cutting 750 jobs. at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king.
5:55 am
friends and supporters of a 31-year-old bay area resident are urging senator feinstein to intervene in his scheduled deportation. he came to the united states from the philippines when he was 15. he faces deportation this saturday unless his case forest den is reopened. he had a val -- valid visa in 1995 when his family filed for political asylum. that has complicated his case. supporters gathered more than 3,000 signatures to continue his residency. >> it is very heartwarming that i have support from the public, my friends, family and the church. very heartwarming that people -- [ inaudible ] he has paid all his taxes while working after graduation in daly city and san francisco state university.
5:56 am
solyndra has brought in more than six million dollars in an auction to sell off some of its equipment. the company sold off nonessential items like spare equipment and company memorabilia to pay back the federal stimulus loan it defaulted on. more than 3900 bidders registered for the auction. potential buyers can bid on the actual business at another auction later this month. this is the time to get flu shots. today you can get one free. clinic by the way in san francisco's mission district is you ever ago adults free vaccinations to celebrate its first anniversary. the clinic is staffed by volunteer doctors and nurses and serves working uninsureed in san francisco and daly city. today's clinic is open to any adult. shots given from 1 to 5 this afternoon. just ahead, did she break the rules?
5:57 am
the stock questions that now have one of televisions most respected news programs investigating nancy pelosi. >> can occupy oakland come to a peaceful end? that's what the mayor is hoping for. there are now signs that police are preparing to move in. i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. that story is coming up. c
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