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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  November 9, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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demonstrations and makes sense to set up here, now this will be where they'll conduct so called general assemblies happening every night at 6:00 p.m. before this announcement there was a rally, then a march where they stopped in front of a bank of america branch gechblt a peaceful march and tuition hikes are the reason they're here. students face more tuition hikes. >> besides then, uc now. i just am scared i won't be able to go to school anymore. >> and the chancellor of uc berkeley sent out an e mail yesterday. here is what it says. we stand ready to support our campus community in leading the move nmt a way that is productive, dignified and goes
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on to say that the university will not allow stud dwrobts set up tents or encampment structures that. is not going on now. they're setting up the tents. the showdown is seen between students and police have started. and chancellor warned occupation of buildings will not be tolerated. so stay tuned. >> looks like a long night, thank you. >> and what is supposed to be a news conference about occupy oakland descended into a shouting match. protestors interrupted the gathering at the lake merit band stand. officials say the month-long camp is hurting downtown businesses and straining city
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resources and posing safety concerns and protestors dispute that. >> we'll bring sanity back downtown to oakland and back to the community. >> the mayor paid a surprise visit today and said the protests could continue but camp needs to go immediately. >> occupy san francisco demonstrations are in a location that draws a lot of visitors especially at this time of the year. ice skating rink at justin herman plaza opened today and this year, skaters will be sharing with nearby occupy san francisco encampment. there is some concern about proximity from both sides. abc 7's mark matthews is live with that for us. mark? >> fear and loathing starting inside of the encampment. there has been talk after elections, comes crack down.
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this sock pier heard the talk around camp. >> everyone is concerned there is going to be another action. >> saying campers felt safe because they didn't think the mayor would make a move until voting was over. >> if someone supports it, he might lose votes. >> today, fear of a police sweep is growing. >> there is a worry in the camp. >> yesterday, police found one occupier carrying a unloaded pistol. diners at the swanky one market restaurant may get a window table but the view is not appetizing. >> between thanksgiving and christmas, is it going to hurt hempeople sneer. >> i'm not sure. i think on the other side of the embarcadero could have a bigger affect. >> on the other side, street vendors say the occupy camp is cutting into business. >> a lot of people normally coming fwoi visit artists here
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have not been by. people coming through are scurrying through. >> 10%? 20% down? >> more than that. >> as for tourists, some support the camp. >> we're proud they were here and doing what they're doing. operators were happy to talk about opening, not about the occupier autos we're just focusing on positive. our main focus is the holiday ice rink. that is all we're talking about. >> last night i asked the mayor if the protesters fears of police action were justified we're still continuing to talk with them. and have continued communications with them. >> what do you say? >> not immediate. >> coming up, how they're relying to concerns of local businesses. >> and san francisco election officials are on the verge of
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announcing a winner in the mayor's race, or maybe they're not. and right now ed lee has 31% of the votes provide -- superviseor as 18 and city attorney, 11%. number koz change drastically because of the controversial rank-choice voting. and then again, may not change. now, as mentioned we have new number that's just came out moments ago and abc 7 joins us live at city hall. and they just left to get latest numbers so let's move on here and talk about solyndra. >> this afternoon, white house is insisting it did not facilitate a multi million dollar loan to solyndra despite e mails suggesting it that it did and there is another from a member of the board, one e mail mentions how
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it was gung ho and another says steven hsu called the company a success story. and solyndra declared bankruptcy this year. >> a group of former 49ers walked one of san francisco's toughest neighborhoods this morning in an effort to keep kids from skipping school. and this is on the truancy walk, instead of looking for kids they were there to talk to merchants and to get them to report kids who should be in class. >> we're going to provide them with a schedule today. and we don't know what school hours are and we want them to call us. >> students will be then taken to a ymca center and given resources to keep them in
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school. the truancy vait more than twice of what sit in san francisco. >> there is carolyn tire and we have a winner? >> you're right. and history in the making today. ed lee, the win yemplt 61.2% of the vote in 11th round of counting. chinese americans not and well now, interim mayor has become the mayor elect. the party last night, but at that time ed lee stopped short of declaring victory with 31% of the vote at that time. and there is with rank choice voting a candidate needed 50% plus one to win. and tonight after taking into account the second and third choices, lee is the winner.
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>> i want to make sure going to work they're not going put in place everything i promised during this selection. >> this is the full immersion of the chinese american population in terms of the election that. said this has been a building block for years. commune yeez community played a role in previous mayors being elected and we're part of the coalition to elect governor brown. >> the first elected asian american mayor, 61% for ed lee after the rank choice voting system went into play. 38% for the supervisor. there are still ballots that are outstanding. 7500 pro visional ballots and 27,000 absentee but those are not likely to change the outcome. the mayor is up there now in
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room 200 at city hall talking to reporters about this victory, about the historic nature, we'll bring you what he has to say, live at 6:00 n san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and thank you. >> and that is going to be interesting going forward. >> yeah there. has been a lot of controversy about that. >> still not sure we understand. >> yes. >> and there is we know spencer understands the forecast. >> indeed, i do. there is another lovely day. this afternoon has been clear and mild. this evening we'll see it turning cool again. early evening hours, temperatures ranging from 50-60, then, tomorrow morning, sunny skies and chilly in the morning. maybe not quite so cold but temperatures from 34-44 and tomorrow afternoon another mild one. it will be the end of the trend and we may see another
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mild trend building after that. >> and next at 4:00 a look inside of the last place michael jackson called home. >> health side affects of a low sodium diet. >> g mail users have fewer smart phone options this afternoon that. story is live. >> and taking a look live right now at the san francisco skyway. traffic incredibly heavy in both directions heading into and out of the city. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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sky 7 is live. police in riot gear formed what is a human barrier preventing protestors from occupying buildings today. some students and other members of the occupy protestors said they wanted to get into builds on campus, these are campus police at this point. it looks like a standoff here and officials say they're not going allow a tent city here tonight. so we'll keep an eye on this. >> checking healthy living news this afternoon, eating less salt can lower blood pressure but now warn it could raise your cholesterol levels. danish researchers analyzed studies and found sharply reducing sodium intex increases total cholesterol by 2.5% on average. critics say many studies in
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this aknoll nal sis were too small or relie skbrabl say level koz even out over time. >> a new study finds older abullet dults are more likely to drink and smoke when having financial troubles. researchers spent 14 years looking at adults over 65 and found men with money issues were 30% more likely to start drinking heavily and older women as well as those with higher education levels cut back during times of financial hardship. >> researchers in britain say switching to daylight savings could help in the fight against childhood obesity. researchers suggest that not changing clocks back would give kids more opportunities to be active outside, seen as a biggest factor in fighting obesity. >> turning to business news
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now, google socked it to the company that makes black berries today but the big story is what happened on the markets. stock tanks and not one indus stwraiz spared and let's go to today's after the bell report. >> there is only one way to describe the market. carnage, blood shed everywhere. no sections were spared. dour jones losing 389 points, s and p dropping 3.7%. and there is all 75 tech companies were losers today this, comes down to trouble in europe. concern italy may be the next greece and may need a bailout but traders say european central bank doesn't have enough money for a bail jourt, adding italy is too big to fail, and too big to bail w this news, need tloes say your index was down a lot and all
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13 members posting losses. cisco shares up after showers. the biggest maker of networking equipment beating estimates, cisco in the throws of a massive turn around effort after laying off thousands of employees and closing divisions this year. the ceo says there is quote, major progress and else wrrk it's a push to get internet for all. a trade group says cable vision are pledging inexpensive service for families. the programs will offer service offer broad band for just under $10 a month for two years for anyone eligible. and traitd group adds about
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5.5 million homes may be able to participate starting next school year. research in motion cannot seem to find a break. the latest blow coming from google, impacting black berry users, google announcing it will stop supporting g mail apf for smart phones. that app won't be available come november 22. this is as they struggle to keep customers who are opting for iphones. bloomberg studios, with the bloomberg west update. back to you. >> thank you. >> let's get a check of the forecast now. another beautiful day. >> absolutely. >> and this is very chilly early in the morning and mild into afternoon hours and there is live view with a few thin, high clouds, mainly blue skies
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looking south now. there is a lively day, one more is coming our way. this afternoon, sunny skies and we'll see clouds overnight tomorrow night into friday. wit now temperatures into 60s, one cool spot in san rafael with temperatures of 59. 67, fremont, oakland. 68 in mountain view z san jose, los gatos and redwood city. lots of mild weather is holding on. cooler weather friday with some showers. there is a look at projected lows, 37 santa rose yachl still chilly in spots and 40s in other locations. and we've got a lot going on here, high pressure holding on and controlling weather. there is a flow going to be moving in ahead of the advancing frontal system
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bringing us rainfall and give us a mild day tomorrow. then front comes in. this is aiming south. heaviest rainfall will likely go to the south bay and points south. 5:00 friday morning, friday morning we'll see clouds and again, mainly south and showers continuing throughout the day. off and on, into early saturday morning before tapering off. high temperatures tomorrow on our last day of the trend of sunny, mild weather, highs into low 70s in parts of the east bay and into south bay. 60s most of the remainder of the area, near monterey bay, highs mainly into low 70s, just upper 60s in santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. things hooking good. there is some lingering clouds
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saturday morning and mainly sunny skies and dry over the weekend. cooler than now z next week starting to get mild again, temperatures rising back into upper 60s so this interruption is going to be a brief one. >> we should not be a problem at all. and there gou. >> thank you. >> and entertainment news there is a shake up this afternoon at academy awards. >> major news hits academy wards today. and actor eddie murphy has withdrawn as host following the resignation of the show's producer. murphy says he was looking forward to being part of the oscars but assured the new team will do a great job. mariah carey is opening up about her weight. the singer named new celebrity spokeswoman for jenny craig. since july lost 30 pounds and
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says it's thanks to the program, eating jenny's food and doing exercises four to five days per week. now, nancy grace and last night. >> i don't think one day went by bithat we did not laugh at something. so that is a good report. >> here is what stars that are still standing on i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> a juror in the trial of michael jackson's doctor reveals why the jury needed a weekend. >> then, republican presidential contenders try to refocus on the issues. >> then at 5:00 weighing where the state made strides and set backs in thexoxwxwxwxwxwxwxwxwxw
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a huge collision and fire closed westbound lanes of interstate 10. shortly before 8:00 during rush hour a dairy truck collided with a tanker. the driver of the milk truck was killed. and it took two hours to put out fires and westbound i 10 remains closed. >> and a juror convicted michael jablgson's doctor is talking about that difficult decision. >> and abc news exclusive debris franklin says she believes jackson would be
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alive today if it were not for dr. conrad murray. >> and says nearly all decided on guilt, not everyone was convinced murray was soully responsible for the death. >> towards of the end of the day we took a vote. it was not unanimous. we talked more bit. lets think bit over the weekend. it was stressful. we did yelling and we had to keep saying nobody talk while this person is talking. raise your hand if you have something to say. >> and conrad murray's lawyers have said they'll appeal. >> murray sits in jail, prop raigss underway to auction off items from the home where jake jakson died. paintings and even the bed where jackson took his last breath are up for sale, an auction taking place next month. the house and furnishings were leased to swrakson while they lived there. the owners say they'll sell the home separately.
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>> and just ahead in our 4:30 half hour, march from wall street to white house. >> and penn state's head coach might not be the only one out of a job in the aftermath of a sex abuse scandal. >> there is a fugitive wanted in a police shootout says he'll surrender tomorrow. that story is coming up. >> there is another lovely late afternoon looking westward from our east bay hills camera. sun sets at half hour or so. enzwloi now. patterns are good change. i'll give you the forecast.
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breaking news now on abc 7 news at 4:00. it's official. ed lee is officially the new mayor of san francisco with all of the votes tallied after 11 rounds. lee garnered 61%. >> lee says he feels confident he has votes to make him the winner and plans to call his opponents tomorrow. here he is speaking live right now. >> we're able to touch from china town, sunset and richmond or castro district. we're going to touch them all. i'm very proud of the city. and also, what buoyed me this morning, though, i was so happy to get up to hear that
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proposition b and c passed. so important to a message in working with the board. and that unity resonates. they're willing to vote to spend more money on roads and infrastructure and to trust us with the most collaborative effort ever experienced with our labor units and management to put forward a good, honest effort to reform our pension system. we didn't get everything. we're going to have cham yempks but i'm up for it. we're going to figure out things as long as i don't eat pork buns too often. and brianna will write about me. i am very, very thankful to the residents of san francisco. >> that is mayor ed lee elected with 61% of the vote.
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and there is to get to us this point becomes the first elected asian-american mayor. >> there are other results to pass along. and it's official in san francisco district toush's race, gornl gascone is the bin winner by 63% to capture first place. supervisor ross mercurini won. and we have results it's final. >> if you'd like to follow ed lee's comments, he continues taking questions now, you can do so at abc 7 >> and g.o.p. presidential candidates gathered in michigan now for a first debate in three weeks. there is a live look. the allegations against herman cane sure to come up, but it's supposed to focus on how candidates would fix the
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struggling kme. more than a third of the michigan homeowners are underwater on their mortgages and unemployment stands at 11.1%. >> where are the solutions? who has answers? who has a logical approach of bringing our economy back? >> all eight have blasted the bailout of chrysler and gm. >> and a man says he wants to do the right thing plans to surrender for his role in a 1968 shootout. >> he will admit his part in a department store shooting in 1968. he will not admit to having dig to do -- anything to do with a more serious crime. >> he is now 67 years old. his lawyer won't say where he's been hiding for four decades but we know he has a family and has been teaching
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students in a college. on monday, his lawyer called the county district toush's office and said his client is kuchling in. >> it's been 42 years. yeah. and this is very unusual. >> karen never expected to hear from him again after he skipped bail. he was arrested the year before, after a shootout with police in a white front discount store in south san francisco. >> mr. bridge foerj began shooting and officers returned fire and the, i believe one officer shot out a tire. the car crashed. and they were taken into custody. >> paul smith is bridgeforth's lawyer. >> he jumped bail. and twont africa for a year, came back and for 40 years led a constructive and model life. >> sminl says his client wants
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to do the right thing. >> he wants to be a model for his sons of a man who stands up for the wrong he's done that. is why he's starting over. >> bridgeforth is wanted for another, more serious crime. this one for the murder of a san francisco police sargeant john young. police say he was a driver of a get away car after young was shot to death at ing yellside station. investigators say the killers were members of the black liberation army and a militant shooting of the black panther party. >> he was not a member of the black liberation army involved allegedly. >> eight suspects were arrested four years ago. two pled guilty. and both serving life sentences for other murders. his lawyer says bridgeforth will plead guilty only to the south san francisco charges.
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>> he's innocent and will fight that case. as hard as he can. >> and now in the more serious murder charge, the state attorney general says that they're reviewing charges and a good source tells me he doubts they'll prosecute him because this case was apparently the weakest of all. >> thank you. >> and up next on abc 7 news at 4:00 where joe patterno may or may not be allowed to coach another game. >> and mayor traffic moving along, and chicago's midway has delayed up to about 15 minutes because of strong winds z new york area, delays of a hachl hour to 45 minutes because of low-clod cloud ceilings, there are clouds coming our way and i'll have
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the accu-weather forecast coming up a little bit later.
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penn state football coach joe paterno has announced he'll retire at the end of the season. >> but they may force him to step down with three games left in the regular season. >> the university president will be removed after being accused of covering up allegations of sex abuse by a former penn state assistant
4:39 pm
coach. >> good afternoon, you know for decades penn state football was a gold standard for how an ethical program should be run. but now with a shocking scandal throughout the school it's claimed an iconic coach and as mentioned, school's president. after six decades it was not how the coach wanted to announce his retirement. his players took the news hard. >> there are a lot of emotional people now. you know? >> and he is stepping down under increased pressure from school board of trustees. many believe the 84-year-old coach didn't do enough in 2002 when told former assistant coaches was engaged with
4:40 pm
inappropriate behavior a boy as young as 10. patterno told school official buzz not police. patterno said with the benefit of hind sight, i wish i'd done more, also under fire is penn state president gram spanner. >> i have urged the board to deal with this quickly and swiftly. other comments have to wait until after meetings. >> as for sandduskski more alleged victims have report lid come forward after he was charged with sexually abusing eight young boys over 15 years. and in their own defense they maintain they were not made aware of the true sear yoursness that happened back in that locker room. >> thank you. >> and following breaking news
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at uc berkeley a group of occupy protestors have taken over the plaza here, you can see one tent has been set up. we know of one arrest in berkeley police, campus police are calling this unlaw afl sem bli. we're expecting more arrests, perhaps to come here as this continues. >> and looks like it's going to be a long night. >> yes. >> realtime updates on a war that started more than 70 years ago. >> live to cma awards in nashville happening now.
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what if twitter was around during world war ii? a graduate has started a project to tweet the second world war day by day. the kt is realtime ww 2. today's tweets from november 9, 1939. george elser has been taken to munich for interrogation and is denying everything and british war cabinet now meeting to hear reports on air and naval situation. all quiet on the western front f you'd like to follow the war from 70 years ago in realtime, or unreal time we have a link under see it on tv. >> wow. >> and nashville is the place to be now. the country music awards
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taking place there tonight and red carpet arriveals are happening now. report and we are live in tennessee. hi, george. >> hi, carolyn thank you. very much. there are going to be a lot of stars here tonight and a lot afterwards, the star power here is indescribable in the world of country mutsic, some of the biggest names have stepped on to red carpet. two of the biggest names are hosting the show. brad pacely and carrie underwood are back again and will perform a fun duet. they are deep into rehearsals for the cma awards, performing together and serve as co-hosts for the fourth time its a good show, you go to a concert, you can see two people performing
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for a couple hours this, way, you go and see a ton of people performing. >> paisley along with keith urban and vins gill will be part of a contribute rut to glenn campbell who announced he's suffering from alzheimer's disease. >> we're cut out of that mold. we want to be glenn campbell. getting to pay tribute to him is -- its still early but there is a limited amount of time as far as doing this tribute to him when it would be the most effective. it's going to be cool. >> the music-filmed show will feature dozens of performances. including faith hill, and martinna mcbride. >> i love cma awards, and i've
4:47 pm
watched since i was a little girl. and i grew up practicing my speech in the bathroom mirks so it's a dream come true its like a big party. here out there doing what we love to do. cma awards is a nice pat on the back from the industry. >> there is reese witherspoon going to be presenting along with miss piggy. it's a busy night here in nashville. now back to you in the studio. >> thank you. what a she that will be. enjoy it. you can watch right here on abc 7 tonight. that show of course followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> still to come, rising costs of the holidays.
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the treat going to cost more this year. >> and a trip like no other. why line yos are going on a helicopter ride blind folded. >> and upside down. there is just how genuine are they? i'll answer the question and more coming up. >> and there is a deal of a find on craig's list, taking back what is rightfully yours.
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michael finney is here now to answer questions you've posted to his facebook and twitter page autos there is a question about survey autos i do like this one quite a bit and i'm glad i have an opportunity to answer this. sergis asks i'm curious if reward based surveys we can see in store receipts are
4:52 pm
genuine and winners drawn? they better be. there is a lot of strong laws about this. let me explain here this, is officially a sweeps stakes. you don't pay to join and take nose skill. there are specific sweep stakes rules. first, no purchase is necessary. second, disclose odds of receiving prizes. you must know the chances of winning and must provide a list of winners. if you doubt it, ask for the list z give people a call. then, you'll know. okay. our second question, a twitter user asked i have ended my unlimited contract with at and t. how can they hold me to a two-year obligation if they changed what i sign up for? because they have excellent attorneys and a wonderful contract. it says is that they're allowed to make minor changes and there is nothing you can do. large changes they have to
4:53 pm
send you a note a month in advance. you have the right to opt out f you don't they can keep charging you and hold you to original contract. we've seen lawsuits about this. and as a rule, they have an excellent contract for them because they wrote it. not for you. and in our final question from a twitter user why do cities not have sidewalks? that is because they decide not to. you'll see some neighborhoods have no sidewalks at all, no curves or gutters and others will have a sidewalk on both sides, others on just one side. that is all oak local. there are generally no state laws there is a principal pel any right of way you must be able to walk on safely. i don't know how you can do that without a sidewalk. >> thank you. >> time for a check of the forecast this hour. >> there is things looking good. it's been a lovely week.
4:54 pm
this afternoon, how about this view from our south beach camera? there is lots of blue, mild weather, tomorrow, sunny, mild again for another day. 65 tomorrow and there is 72 in fresno. upper 70s in los angeles and san diego. 76 palm springs and 67, big sur, here in the way area there is another sunny and mild day before rain arrives friday. low 70s and sunny skies. on pin anyone la, up to and just above 70 degrees. and there is mid-60s on the coast. downtown san francisco, there is a high of 66 tomorrow and north bay north lovely day as well. 68 sonoma and napa.
4:55 pm
70 in cal stoga. east bay, sunny, mild condition was upper 60s in oakland. and the inland east bay highs also into upper 60s to around 70. 70 in concord and antioch. there is highs up to 70 in watsonville. inland. low 70s in morgan hill. sandhya will be along at 5:00 to take a look at the accu-weather forecast. >> and there is another destructive earthquake struck turkey. three people are dead from this quake. >> it hit in the same area as a bigger quake in october. 7.2 quake killing 600 people and reports are that dozens of people are trapped in a collapsed hotel. 20 buildings fell today. >> and these are not your
4:56 pm
usual tourists, 19 line yoz made the trek to their new home blind folded and by helicopter. it's part of an effort to safety endangered animals. they were sedated and then hoisted by ankles and air lifted. part of the effort to protect them from porching and help increase their population. there are only 4,000 left in africa. 341 have been killed this year. >> more than 40,000 people switched to credit unions saturday, part of a movement that they called bank transfer day. >> the movement grew out of anger over a plan to charge fee that's make of america skporj banks. the banks backed down on the fees and 650,000 people have joined credit unions in five week autos and a treat for holidays is going kouft more
4:57 pm
but christmas tree will not. >> price for pecans used in pies and cookies are going nutty thanks to a drought in the south. because they're expected to hit $11 a pound this year, two years ago they were $7 a pound. >> and the obama administration is denying reports that its planning to put a tax on christmas trees. however, national christmas tree association did ask for a 15 cent fee on fresh cut tree goesing to fund a board to promote christmas trees. skb association said the fee was not expected to raise the final price but report of the fee made a stink and the program is being delayed. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and you can talk about
4:58 pm
it on facebook dorm. >> oakland occupiers shout down counsel members. also... >> voters in san francisco want four more years of what we've been doing. >> san franciscoins made history with a voft cast for mayor. >> and there is a local family familiar with the consequences of precipitation drug abuse chosen by a program. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> a new movement sprouts up in berkeley. tonight turning into a confrontation. >> police were surrounded when tried to remove tents set up late today. and sky 7 is live over a standoff. they're angry about education cuts in tuition increases and we have more on this developing story. >> clearly a tense situation here at uc berkeley.
4:59 pm
earlier, police told student protestors here to disperse, they didn't do so. this is what happened shortly flaf -- thereafter this, is video given to us by protestors. police went after them and started to set up camp and tents. some were truck or pulled by the hair. and police told them they had to disperse, and they didn't. six people have been arrested. one for interfering with police. we don't know why five were arrested and we're not getting that information from the spokesperson. and there is what two students told them happened. >> they try to keep us back. we tried to hold our ground that. failed and they used a response to hit us in the stomach. they got that. and


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