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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 10, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c >> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield at uc berkeley. police and protesters clash as occupy cal kicks off. at this point protesters are claiming victory. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney at oakland city hall. protesters are no longer vowing to try to keep their demonstrations peaceful even an as a ha majority of councilmembers demand they get out of town. -- good morning clear and cool again. today will be the warmest day in the forecast. update on the rain not looking as impressive tomorrow. >> sue hall following thursday morning commute. live shot of the golden gate bridge fog-free clear beautiful morning. commute is good too.
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drive times coming up. thursday morning just about 6:01 thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze tents go up, police move in the scene played out repeatedly overnight at uc berkeley the scene of the latest occupy struggle. the difference here police in riot gear are making immediate and forceful arrests. amy hollyfield is live on campus. why are the protesters claiming victory? >> reporter: they were making arrests. check out what they are doing now. there are still police officers here, about nine of them but they are clearly standing down. they are very relaxed not making arrests. look at the protesters they've got tents set up sleeping bags here, which is against university policy. here's what happened earlier when people tried to set up their tents police responded with batons. they said they would move in quickly to prevent occupy cal from establishing a permanent presence. now there are tents being allowed. the protesters are claiming
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victory. they say it was worth the struggle. >> i was in the frontline i got beat a little but it was worth it because we managed to get our message through that together we will overcome all odds. >> reporter: some say when they saw the video of police forcing people out it motivated them to come out and help. at one point there was an estimated 1500 people including protesters from occupy sf. this group here at cal does align itself with the occupy wall street movement. and it hope to get as big as that one. the main point is to protest the tuition increases on uc campuses. they say they will keep going and calling people to come down again today. they want to get ramped up around noon they want people to bring tents and set up a presence here in sproul plaza. they are planning a major strike for next tuesday they hope this thing will continue to grow.
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amy hollyfield abc7 news. students at san jose state are planning their own protests tonight. they will set up a tent city to protest poverty and call for jobs for all as well as a living wage. organizers say they will hold a forum at 7:00 tonight followed bay overnight sleep-out. the university has not yet commented on the protesters' plans. tension escalating in oakland between occupy protesters and city officials. yesterday the crowd shouted down city council members who demanded the encampment be dismantled. terry mcsweeney is live at frank ogawa plaza with the latest. any signs things may be taking a violent turn again? >> reporter: last night at the general assembly members of occupy oakland rescinded their resolution to keep demonstrations peaceful. you can see it unraveling yesterday at a park on lake merritt when some council me tried to hold a news
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conference announcing they want protesters out now. here's what happened. >> everyone is free to talk. >> then let them talk. >> we have had a general assembly and we have voted by consensus that occupy oakland must leave! >> reporter: city council members and business leaders saying the camp is no longer safe. five of eight members saying it's got to go. oakland police department cancelled training exercises water and power turned off at frank ogawa plaza. here's reaction from yesterday's protesters. >> i came as a regular person to hear city council people had to say. i can't hear it. it was downed out. i don't feel like this is real democracy. >> reporter: mayor jean quan while that was going on came out of city hall talked to some folks here at frank ogawa
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plaza. she later released this statement: we renew our call on occupy oakland to make a decision to leave immediately. occupation is a tactic not a solution. she saying please leave. five of eight council members are saying leave now. again, power and water cut off. city hall closed today because of a furlough day because the city cannot afford to stay open. tomorrow is veterans day might be police working here later we didn't know. terry mcsweeney abc7 news. 6:05. more than 100,000 medicare beneficiaries in california will have to switch coverage quickly and them -- anthem blue cross has cancelled its plan. it would have to increase premiums or cut benefits so it decided to with . critics say they made a preemptive move before the
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government forces private insurers to roll back costs. deadline to switch plans is december 7th. today could be critical for california and its mounting budget woes. the state supreme court will hear a case that will decide whether governor brown and lawmakers had the right to eliminate city and county redevelopment agencies at stake 1.7 billion dollars lawmakers want to use to help balance the state budget. cities say lawmakers are violating state law which prohibits the state from raiding local government coffers. i'm not in the business of tolding you how to dress your kids for school. after hearing mike's forecast i subject a shortsleeve t-shirt with a jacket. >> let's -- check in with mike. >> cold morning stpoled -- followed by a warm afternoon. you do the wardrobe shuffle. area of low pressure spinning
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out over the ocean it is going to throw warm weather at us once again during the afternoon hours. today will be the warmest day. we still have chilly temperatures look at this livermore, fairfield santa rosa 30s rest of us 40s oakland and san francisco around 50 fog is forming right now visibilities are not down to dangerous levels. oakland palo alto san jose and livermore low 70s. the rest of us in the mid to upper 60s with high clouds and sun. even warmer weather down around the monterey bay upper 60s in monterey santa cruz low to mid 70s watsonville towards our inland neighborhoods. still think we'll have wet weather around for tomorrow scattered throughout the day. then the system moves on and so does the rain and the warm weather. first reports of an
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accident approaching dumbarton bridge toll plaza tanker truck and car. we'll follow that up. accident eastbound san mateo bridge flat section truck vs. a car there. we'll follow that. drive times traveling this morning chp doing a break on the san mateo bridge. highway 4 westbound 580 there's your san mateo bridge commute and stalled san jose southbound 880 at coleman blocking the right lane. >> trouble on the san mateo and dumbarton bridges we'll follow those closely. 6:08. a hitch in the housing recovery. what new numbers are saying about the nation's housing crisis. the tiny u.s. town that is with -- that is about to get hit by a storm why some say it could be wiped off the map.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 6:12 right now. gay marriage support pers this the senate have introduced a measure to repeal the act that defines marriage a a union between a man and woman led by dianne feinstein even she admits the measure will probably fail in the full
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senate and has no chance in the republican-controlled house. republicans say the effort is a cynical attempt to please the democratic base. sponsors of the repeal say it is never the wrong time to right an injustice. new numbers indicate foreclosures are still rising and going way up in california. default notices in the state climbed nearly 17% in october compared to september. more than 29,000 homeowners received notices last month. 13 month high giving california the nation's second highest foreclosure rate behind they have do. stock hand has the highest foreclosure rate in the country. agriculture department is postponing a plan to impose a fee on large christmas tree growers. some are calling it a christmas tree tax. actually it is a marketing fee of 15 cents a tree on farms that produce more than 500 trees a year. the fee was requested bay the
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national christmas tree association to promote the use of american trees over foreign grown or artificial ones. after criticism from conservative media outlets the obama administration has decided to revisit the idea. others who face self-imposed marketing fees include beef ranchers cotton growers egg farmers and milk producers. fees paid for the got milk ad campaign and the famous dancing raisins. powerful arctic storm battering communities in western alaska. in its path the tiny town of home -- town of gnome. -- wow nome is bracing for potential sea surge of up to nine feet. the storm driving those waves twice the size of texas. the national weather service says wind gusts have reached nearly 90 miles per hour as
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powerful as a hurricane right mike? >> yes. >> would you be standing out there in that? >> yeah. >> that's what i thought. >> it is king crab season now imagine, brutal. hopefully nobody loses their life over trying to catch some crab. or from the power outages or the other things that storm is going to bring in alaska. i would be out there. you have to experience adverse weather once in a while i think. 6:15. that doesn't mean you have to join me. looking down from -- [ laughing ] >> come on to the ledge come on! looking down from mount tamalpais this morning. high clouds signifying the warm weather still being pushed over our cold
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atmosphere this morning. i just updated the temperatures. getting a little concerned with santa rosa 32 the fog has thickened, 3/4 mile visibility. watch out for black ice there. fairfield, concord livermore los gatos 30s everybody else 40s around monterey bay in-- gilroy 34. mostly sunny today high clouds and sun again warmest afternoon. tonight into tomorrow system draws near that will buy clouds and cooler conditions tomorrow chance of showers, -- dry and temperatures close to average saturday through wednesday. today napa same as yesterday san francisco one degree warmer livermore san jose three redwood city oakland four and five degrees warmer than yesterday this warm day will end 5:02 when the sunsets low 70s in the south bay low 70's on the peninsula san mateo millbrae upper 60s.
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mid to upper 60s in your valleys. 70 in oakland and castro valley mid to upper 60s the rest of the east bay shore. upper 60s to near 70 east bay valleys. monterey bay upper 60s to 70 in watsonville low to mid 70s inland. here's what we are watching this area of low pressure sitting and spinning blocked by these two dominant highs between the two nice southerly surge of warm weather today. storm system sliding farther south than what the models showed. the bulk of the rain staying out over the ocean tomorrow morning. the closer you are to the coast more likely you will deal with drizzle and light rain during the morning commute into the early afternoon hours. then scattered showers throughout the afternoon into the evening. storm system slides south and by saturday afternoon we are seeing sunshine temperatures
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6 to 8 degrees cooler more sun sunday through wednesday temperatures close to average. good morning. back to an update live to the san mateo bridge reports of an accident in the eastbound direction looks like it is out of our live shot. it is on the flat section a car versus a truck. you can see the headlights are moving in the eastbound direction. obviously not slowing things dramatically. dumbarton bridge eastbound before the toll plaza tanker truck versus a car in the center lanes sensors not showing significant slowing as you approach the tolls eastbound. stall san jose southbound 880 right lane blocking. no significant slowing showing up on our sensors. drive times through the hot spots highway 4 580 from the central valley and 101 from santa rosa into novato. where you can get all the latest before you leave the house.
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from a salute to the tuskegee airmen to the sound of a blue's legend. don sanchez has this week's what's hot. >> reporter: the first napa valley film festival offers 65 films wine opening tonight. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the passion the dance -- saluting the tuskegee airmen parade friday in marin city. >> . -- cash. ♪
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♪ >> knock your socks off blues broads uptown theater in napa saturday night. >> forget it i will take care from now on. >> reporter: for getting the details one-woman show about alzheimer's. on 6th street. flamingo and jazz combined -- flamenco and jazz combined. the women's buildings annual celebration of crafts women. have a nice weekend. 6:20. imagine your employer giving you hundreds of thousands of dollars for your efforts then demanding you give it back or lose your job. that's what one of the bay area's hottest tech companies is doing. the rest of the story ahead. history in the high surf. record-setting ride and why in new record could last less than 48
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we come back. imagine working for a red hot start-up and being asked to return shares of company stock are be fired? that's what zinga is doing after deciding it had given out too many stock options in
6:25 am
its early days the company wants them back to use in attracting new talent. the move could invite lawsuits. the early employees appear to be sitting on shares worth millions. the company is expected to go public next week.ç surfer from hawaii has amazing world record he can boast about. if everything does his way he hopes to break it today. garrett mcnamara smashed the record for the largest wave ever surfed tuesday off portugal of there's a chance he will get a bigger wave today and cannot wait. 6:20 five. life on the run about -- to come to answer. the fugitive ready to give up after decades of hiding from police. why he says he's ready to face his crimes. but isn't ready to say he's guilty. >> reporter: occupy cal up and
6:26 am
running despite attempts by police to keep protesters from camping. i'm amy hollyfield live at berkeley. next hear from protesters who a their struggles with police were worth it. -- who say their struggles with police were worth it. a firing of a head coach ends in riots. damage done near the campus of penn state over sex abuse scandal. >> airports still quiet around the west coast through midwest. as you head into the east watch out if you are trying to get into philadelphia or new york. flight arrival delays there. check out specificúúúúúúúúú@@úúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúú@úúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúú@úúúúúúúúúú@@ú
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6:30. tradesing just getting underway stock futures rebounding after a drop in unemployment claims. labor department released weekly jobs report the number of people who applied for benefits last week fell to the lowest level since april. live to the new york stock exchange coming up in 15 minutes. uc berkeley police and occupy kalpoe tessers are poised for another -- and kalpoe tessers are poised for another confrontation that could come at any time as
6:31 am
police demonstrate a zero tolerance policy for tents. amy hollyfield is live there. >> reporter: police have changed course. they are allowing the three tents that are here to stay up. there are several sleeping bags. it is the opposite reaction than what we saw earlier. police responded with batons when protesters earlier tried to set up tents. uc officials said tents and sleeping bags are a violation of campus policy. they said police would use appropriate action to prevent camping. students who were hit by batons and yanked by police said they were surprised by the force police used. they called it excessive. now police are allowing a few people to camp. protester saying they are glad they pushed the issue. >> i don't know what the goal was but we got our tents and we are spending the night so i guess it is a victory.
6:32 am
>> i'm proud of everyone who managed to stay and support us through thick and thin. they've had our encampments dispersed twice and we managed to pull through. >> reporter: occupy sf protesters came over to berkeley last night to support them at one point estimated there were 1500 people here they made 39 arrests. they are calling this occupy cal. at one point they marched to a bank generally this group is protesting tuition increases. the group held a meeting and deciding they would beholding a strike tuesday they are going to have meetings everyday until then to land that event. they are calling for a -- to plan that event they are calling for a protest today they are asking people to come back by noon telling people to bring tends. their goal is to be as big as -- occupy wall street.
6:33 am
amy hollyfield abc7 news >> >> i [ unintelligible ] the berkeley police department won't be showing up to help. the berkeley city council has voted not to renew its mutual aid agreement. the council says after watching news reports it decided that uc and oakland officers used excessive force handling previous protests on campus and at occupy oakland protests. 6:33. in a few hours a fugitive who has been on the run for more than 40 years says he will surrender. ronald bridgeforth is wanted for his involvement in a shootout with san francisco police in 1968. he has been a fugitive since skipping bail a year later. his attorney says he will
6:34 am
plead guilty to assault with deadly weapon charges in that shooting. he's also wanted for a more serious crime. investigators say he was the getaway driver after san francisco police john young was shot to death in 1971. >> he was not the getaway driver. he was not even in san francisco on that day. he's innocent of the other case and we'll fight that case as hard as we can. >> eight suspects in that case were arrested four years ago. two pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter. charges were dropped again the others. the state attorney general's office is reviewing the case and a source tells vic lee they may drop it because bridgeforth's case was the weakest. 6:34. san francisco's appointed mayor now says he's the city's elected mayor. ed lee declared victory after most of the votes were counted. one of his challengers says not so fast. >> reporter: the city's
6:35 am
elections director says it will be 10 days to two weeks until results are final that is hopeful news for the man in second place. the apparent winner claiming victory. mayor lee was winning with 30% of vote when the polls closed yesterday. as of last night after 11 rounds of ranked choice eliminations he has 61%. supervisor avalos has 39%. elections experts say it is highly unlikely avalos can catch up. >> the outcome is still in question. there are 31 to 35,000 votes that haven't been counted yet. any candidate would wait to concede. >> i'm confident that we can use the word victory right now which obviously sounds very good for i guess the first elected asian mayor of the city. >> reporter: in his emotional and apparent victory speech last nightmare lee said he would work on bringing more
6:36 am
jobs to the city. he also said he plans to call all 15 other candidates this morning to ask for theirxx support. herrera and chiu have already offered theirs. catty mar sue so -- katie marzullo abc7 news. >> in for district george gascon has won a four year term. he was is flash flood's police chief until he was appointed to the d.a.'s in january. although there are thousands of ballots yet to be counted supervisor ross mirkarimi is on his way to becoming the next sheriff. you smell gas this morning near the interstate 280 area in redwood city. pg&e will be venting a gasline as part of pipe safety testing sometime between 9 a.m. and noon. the work will create some noise and release a natural gas smell. the utility says it poses no
6:37 am
danger if you are concerned call pg&e. >> pg&e says the gas pipe line that sprang a leak in palo alto had corrosion on its outer wall. crews were working to repair that leak tuesday. it is on the same transmission pipeline as the one that exploded last year in san bruno. the chronicle reports pg&e says corrosion pocket less than an inch wide weakened the pipe which led to the leak a week ago. crews hope to have the pipe fixed by tomorrow. another pg&e test in woodside last sunday ripped open the pipeline that spilled water and debris on to 280. weather forecast time. kind of a i goish start we are used to that. >> -- kind of a grayish start we are used to that. >> good morning our warmest day is today. our low will sit and spin over the ocean bringing a southerly surge of warmer weather a mix
6:38 am
of high clouds with sun. concerned about santa rosa 3/4 mile visibility because of the fog moisture lingering in air that is there's freezing. it could coagulate on bridges and overpass in the form of black ice. temperatures 10° warmer in napa to 12° cooler in half moon bay depends on which way the wind is blowing mainly out of east to southeast right now. high clouds and sun at 8:00 this morning still in the 30s and 40s. off to a chilly start. by noon high clouds increase and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s along the coast san francisco, san rafael everybody else low to mid 60s. 4:00 temperatures pulling back into the mid to upper 60s after being in the upper 60s to low 70s for highs this afternoon. temperatures well above average. tomorrow the rain is look less impressive. still out there light rain in
6:39 am
the morning or scattered showers as we need the afternoon and evening. once that system passes temperatures closer to average and increasing sunshine truth the weekend into next week. good morning. eastbound accident on the dunbarton bridge approaching the tolls a tanker truck accident two right lanes and a little slowing in the area eastbound. correction to make no accident eastbound san mateo bridge. that we can blame on the chp. they reported the accident wrong bridge. this was the right bridge, no accident on the san mateo bridge no wonder we couldn't see it in our live shot. we have a stall southbound 880 coleman right lane blocked there. drive times this morning as you leave the house out of antioch starting to bunch up 580 from the central valley up and over the altamont dumbarton bridge eastbound still not a bad drive. san mateo bridge just to prove to you there is no accident hear eastbound it is moving well.
6:40 am
once again chp eros -- erroneously reporting that accident it was the dunbarton bridge. metering lights on traffic back passed the west grand overcrossing. 6:40. it appears we have a compromise. the piece of president obama's jobs bill expected to make it through congress today. and a live report from the new york stock exchange. the dow up right now 118 points. he's out and they're angry. the college football coach the legendary coach's firing that had people rioting in the streets of pennsylvania all night. three agencies of government when i get there are again. commerce education and what's the third one? >> it gets worse. the 53 seconds that presidential candidate rick perry likely wants to relive. the debate mistake that some say do drive the one time
6:41 am
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to keep walgreens in-network... schedule an appointment with your walgreens pharmacist today to review your part d plan options and find ways to save. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. 6:44 warm weather taking over the stay. mid to upper 60s. warmest weather down south mid to upper 70s around san diego l.a. and palm springs.
6:45 am
this day penn state will have someone other than the legendary joe paterno calling the plays for the first time in half a century. last night the school's trustees voted to fire the head coach with the university president over the way they handled child sex abuse allegations against an assistant coach. thousands of students rioted in downtown state college pulling down lampposts and flipping over a news van. paterno said he would resign but wanted to go out on his own terms the end of the season. the trustees said no. >> joe paterno is no longer the head football coach effective immediately. >> [ unintelligible ] >> former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky is accused of molesting eight boys. paterno didn't call police in 2002 when he heard sandusky
6:46 am
had allegedly abused a boy in the team's shower. did you see this? everyone is going to be talking about it. rick perry admits he stepped in it his words, during last night's republican debate in michigan. he insists the mistake won't force him to end his campaign. listen to what happened when perry talked about which three federal agencies he would eliminate, if elected. >> the third agency of government i would do away with education the -- commerce and let's see, i can't, the third one i can't sorry. oops. >> yeah perry later revisited the issue and say the third agency is the energy department. herman cain took a jab at bay area democrat nancy pelosi. cain called her a princess while talking the health care overhaul when she was speaker of the house. >> we didn't hear about it if the previous congress because
6:47 am
princess nancy sent it to committee and it stayed there. it never came out. >> cain has apologized. you have to remember the context. the remark comes as he's facing allegations of unwanted sexual advances that have dogged his campaign for weeks. 6:47. better than expected news on jobs. cisco is having a good day on wall street. >> jane king joins us to tell us why. hello. calmer today than yesterday. better than expected news about jobs weekly jobless claims are slowly turning lower in recent weeks. that was good many greek prime minister new one in place now papademos is his name trained economist seemed as a reformer the market seeps to like that choice. dow s&p nasdaq all in the green today. bloomberg silicon valley index
6:48 am
also higher. today saturday the senate votes on a veteran bill. if it passes it will be the first piece of president obama's jobs bill to be passed in the senate. it provides incentives to make it more attractive to hire vets including tax credits for companies and provide job training. cisco having a good day. shares up more than a -. largest maker of networking equipment better expected earnings and -- and sales numbers. the head of cisco talked about how the company is making progress and a plan that did include job cuts. live at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. from jane to james. james is a puppy who was stolen from san francisco spca but he's safe this morning. the eight week old mixed breed was reunited with his new adoptive family last night, a day after he was stolen from a shelter in the mission
6:49 am
district. through video the spca believes a man and woman made off with james hours before his adoption was finalized. a woman watching the news recognized james and called. she bought the puppy for $200 from a man standing outside safeway on market street. police are looking for the suspects. she is out $200 but she did the right thing. >> my words exactly. that was kind of funny. i bet you are happy, i know you work closely with the san francisco spca. j any time something like that happens, that -- >> yeah any time something like that happens that's terrible. >> isn't that gorgeous let's stop a minute and look at that. beautiful sunrise coming up just on the bay bridge this morning this is coming in from our roof cam. if you are downtown san francisco, step out this is what you would see. uplighting the clouds gorgeous
6:50 am
picture. a little breezy that's why we don't have much fog. santa rosa 32 with a 3/4 mile visibility because of the fog still worried about a little black ice. 30° around fairfield concord livermore, los gatos the rest of news the 40s. monterey bay low to mid 40s. 34 gilroy. sunny, high clouds and sun today the warmest afternoon in the forecast. cooler tomorrow, chance of showers. after that dry with temperatures close to average the rest of forecast. today one degree warmer in santa rosa oakland and san jose too -- and san jose two. near 70 in livermore. 70 oakland castro valley. mid to upper 60s for everybody else. south bay low 70s. 72 san jose. upper 60s millbrae and san mateo. mid to upper 60s along the
6:51 am
coast into downtown south san francisco even through the north bay valleys mid 60s at your beefs. as we head to the monterey -- your beaches. as we head to the monterey bay upper 60s watsonville inland low to mid 70s. tonight cloud cover southerly wind 40s to 50 around san show say, san mateo 51 oakland san francisco 52 the set-up for today two dominant areas of high pressure blocking this low that has been cut off from the main jet stream. once it gets cut off it is very difficult one of the trickier forecasts for sure going to bring southerly surge of warm weather today then dive farther to the south. because it is taking that path you can see the rain will be best tomorrow morning along the coast pushing into the bay towards the end of the commute. then it starts to taper as the low heads south just drizzle and then scattered showers
6:52 am
develop during the afternoon and evening hours. be prepared for off and on rain during the afternoon evening hours the best chance of steady rain along the coast during the morning. wake up saturday cloudy towards saturday afternoon through the rest of forecast a lot of sun near 60 along the coast and mid 60s for the rest of us. beautiful picture out of castro valley check out the fog hanging around some of the valleys there beautiful picture thank you very much cv bruce he's a twitter follower of ours. if you have weather photos you would like to share we would love to see them. you don't have to be a twitter follower but it would be nice if you were. good morning. back to the dunbarton bridge eastbound before the toll still have a truck and car mixing it up before the toll plaza blocking right lane.
6:53 am
according to the sensors no significant slowing past the area. drive times highway 4 bunching up as you head antioch towards concord. 580 up and over the altamont under 35 minutes. there's the dunbarton bridge eastbound not a bad drive. we have debris in lanes southbound 680 past 780 somebody lost a couch. golden gate bridge smooth ride, beautiful ride into san francisco, four lane for your southbound commute. toll plaza, metering lights on. you will find slow traffic back towards the maze. one stop-shop for anything that has to do with traffic on your way out the door this morning. >> apparently furniture too this morning. 6:53 a >> recapping our top stories. uc berkeley police and occupy cal protesters are poised for
6:54 am
another possible confrontation after several violent clashes overnight. >> amy hollyfield is live with details. >> reporter: break in the action this morning. police reversed course and now allowing protesters to camp out in tents and sleeping bags in front of sproul hall. check out how they tried to prerent in from happening yesterday and last night. police used batons to try and keep people from camping here which they say violates university policy. protest are trying to kick start occupy cal. they marched yesterday at one point they took their protest to a bank. last night they had an estimated 1500 people here. uc officials told the crowd they could stay in the plaza 24/7 but no tents or sleeping bags. after several confrontations and 39 arrests, most people went home. a few stayed. those few were allowed to use tents and sleeping bags overnight. protesters want to do it again today. they hope to see this movement grow.
6:55 am
they want more people to show up today. they want them to bring tents. they say they hope this will grow to be the size of occupy wall street. now let's check in on the situation at occupy oakland terry mcsweeney is there. what is going on there today? >> reporter: good morning. on the surface everything is as it has been for the past several weeks more than 100 tends close to 200 set up big changes water and power turned off to the encampment and two occupiers and city leaders have turned up the volume at each other. a shouting match, city council members and business leaders held a news conference yesterday to demand protesters leave the plaza. protesters tried to shout them down and failed. council president reid says he was called the "n" word. it is getting ugly. while that was going on mayor
6:56 am
quan was asking protesters to move out. five of eight councilmembers are demanding they move out. last night during the general assembly it was decided to rescind a guideline calling for peaceful protests only. some want violent protest as an option. oakland pd cancelled training sessions meaning something may be up. it is like two different -- two different teams it going to be interesting to see what the next play is. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. one final check on weather and traffic. still concerned with fog and 32° in santa rosa. everybody else no need to worry. warmest afternoon low to mid 70s from the beaches. >> eastbound dunbarton still the hot spot. right lane before the toll plaza remains blocked with a tanker and car getting into it. before you leave the house couple new drive times 24 101 and 80 into the maze.
6:57 am
toll plaza metering lights are on. >> that's it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. you can keep track of the latest news on twitter and you can talk about it at have a great day. >> can we end on that? that's what i'm talking about. have a great day! closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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