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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 10, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, what's going on at penn state. a news van toppled. windows smashed by students. thousands swarming into the streets to protest the dramatic late-night firing of legendary coach joe paterno. throwing rocks and bottles. police in riot gear, trying to contain the crowd with pepper spray. we're live from the campus in meltdown in within of the biggest college scandals ever. rick perry's major mistake. completely forgetting his point in a debate flub. >> commerce, education and -- commerce, education and the -- the third one i can't -- sorry. oops. >> is this a fatal blow to his presidential campaign? he's here this morning to respond. vanished. does this scene from a recent
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episode of "law & order" explain the disappearance of missing 2-year-old sky? >> someone took my baby. >> the police's stunning new theory. nancy grace and dan abrams, back to weigh in. and country music on its biggest night. >> thanks to my hubby, too. it's been a good night tonight, baby! >> the women of country music push all of the boys out of the way to score the top awards. good morning. and, boy, what a hairy night at penn state. a little after 10:00 p.m., the trustees come out with a dramatic announcement. coach joe paterno, fired. the university president fired, all for their role in the child abuse scandal there. you saw the emotions explode across campus. >> seeing it again right now. end of an era at penn state. and mixed emotions. and many unhappy people about it.
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taking to the streets. fighting with police overnight. our weekend anchor, dan harris, was caught right in the middle of it. and he joins us, now, from state college, pennsylvania. how are you doing this morning, dan? >> reporter: i'm doing all right, robin. good morning to you. it was a wild night. it started after students here learned that joe paterno had been fired. and that it happened over the phone. not even a face-to-face meeting. the response was ferocious. the news touched off a protest that went very wrong, with special wrath reserved for the media. you're out here protesting. >> why are we protesting? >> what about these victims? why is this all about joe paterno and not the kids? it's the media that never talks about the kids. they made him look like a freaking villain. you call him a legend. treat him like a legend. >> you think he wants you to do this stuff? >> no. >> reporter: light posts came down. and police in riot gear moved
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in. police are spraying tear gas. the crowd dispersed for a few minutes. but they go right back in. they're using it liberally. and they kept on using it during several hours of running street battles. the moment that sparked this fire, this late-night news conference, where the penn state board of trustees, made an announcement that drew a gasp. >> joe paterno is no longer the head football coach, effective immediately. >> reporter: joe paterno, the 84-year-old beloved head coach of the nittany lions, gone. taken down in a scandal involving alleged child sex abuse, carried out by a former top coach. how difficult was this decision for you guys? >> of course, anything like this is tough. >> reporter: moments later, students were in the streets.
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>> joe pa is not the one that should be taking the fall for this. save joe pa. >> reporter: why are hundreds of thousands of people coming into the streets in support of the eight kids that were abused? >> i would agree with that, too. my heart goes to the victims and families. i hope they receive justice. >> reporter: joe paterno, who said he was disappointed about this decision, came out of his home and urged calm. >> hey, go get some rest. study. all right. we still got things to do. >> we love you, joe. >> i love you, joe. >> reporter: it took several hours for police to finally retake control of the streets. one interesting note, we actually were approached by several students who said they supported the decision to fire joe paterno. they were, however, too scared to talk about that on camera. robin, back you to. >> all right, dan. thank you. going to bring in espn's tom rinaldi who has been tracking the latest on the scandal, as well. i know you've been there all week long at penn state.
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and you've seen the mood change on campus. give us a sense of what's happening, the things we're not seeing on camera. >> reporter: that's a very good question, robin. we certainly saw a very volatile reaction, which really absorbed a lot of the news media's attention. certainly, in other places on campus that we visited, just, for example, next to the joe paterno statue outside of beaver stadium where we're at now, instead, students gathered, arm in arm. they sang the alma mater. they sang the fight song. they chanted the signature motto "we are penn state." and they wanted to stress they didn't want the image of the university tarnished by the student whose behaved and reacted the way they did in such a volatile way last night. >> and many were reacting because of the manner in which joe paterno was let go. after 61 years, a phone call. can you tell us what went down behind the scenes there? >> reporter: sure, robin. as our espn joe schad reported, a source close to the family told them that paterno was handed an envelope, delivered by
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messenger, just 15 minutes prior to the announcement made by the board, telling him to call a phone number, and he did. and he was informed he will no longer to be the head football coach here at penn state. i was speaking to a source close to the family, about ten minutes of that announcement being made. and that source said joe paterno had heard nothing and did not know about the status of his tenure. in fact, it turned out that he would not have the opportunity to complete his 46th season here. >> and the question people have been asking, tom, and i'll ask you about paterno's legacy. of course, this is a shadow on it. but you talked about the statue. his wife and he have given millions to the university. not just to the athletics department. but also, to the library, to education there. how will he be remembered going forward? >> reporter: i think it's too soon to really answer that, robin. but you know, you understand what joe paterno means.
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not only to college football and not only to the penn state football program, but as a living, walking identity of this university. and the mark that he's left upon it, having been here for more than 60 years. the head coach for 4 1/2 decades. obviously, no one could have foreseen that his tenure would end in this way. and it does leave a mark to some degree on how deep that mark, what shape it takes, only time will really be able to determine. >> tom rinaldi, as always, appreciate your time and your reporting on this. take care, thank you, tom. >> thanks, robin. now, to politics. your voice, your vote. and last night's presidential debate. all of the republican candidates were there. the topic was the economy. herman cain's story going in. coming out, everybody talking about rick perry and his oops moment. the texas governor is here to explain what went wrong. but first, abc's john berman rolls the tape. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, george. you know, there are only three
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words to describe what happened last night. oh, my gosh. and remember that number three. rick perry will because that number might have dealt the biggest blow to his campaign yet. it seemed like such a normal debate. the economy, the deficit, the usual. >> 9-9-9. >> reporter: then, out of nowhere, the flub heard around the world. rick perry started talking about three government departments he wanted to eliminate. three. if only he could get there. >> it's three agencies of government when i get there that are gone, commence, education, and the -- what's the third one there, let's see? >> his opponents actually tried to help. >> epa? >> epa, there you go. no. >> seriously? is epa the one you were talking about? >> no, sir. >> you can't name the third one? >> the third agency of government i would do away with,
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education, the -- commerce. and let's see. i can't. the third one, i can't. sorry. oops. >> reporter: oops is right. it was the energy department. energy. one of the centerpieces of his campaign. this was supposed to be a tough debate for herman cain, following the swirl of sexual harassment accusations. but he faced just one question on the subject. >> here, we're focusing on character and on judgment. >> reporter: one that was booed. >> the american people deserve better than someone being tried in a court of public opinion, based on unfounded accusations. >> reporter: you know, cain sailed through easy with help from that perry oops. and this is so tough for perry because he's already a punchline on "saturday night live." and after the debate, michele bachmann said she felt bad for him. george?
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>> john, thanks very much. let's hear from the governor himself, rick perry, joining us this morning. thank you for getting up, governor. and, boy, no one wants pity from an opponent. but you did look like you were in pain during that answer last night. what were you thinking about? >> i was thinking about the number of federal agencies that were coming to mind. but the one that i wanted to say, the department of energy, would not come out. and, you know, in all seriousness, that is one of the problems we have in this country, that we have so many agencies in government out there, that are impacting people's lives. everybody makes mistakes. >> that is true. that is one of the standard questions that everyone prepares for. name three agencies you'd get rid of. already calling this the worst moment in modern primary republican debates. you have a host of republican operatives out overnight saying this is a death blow to your campaign. >> well, the bottom line is, we're going to get up every day and go talk to the american people. and they know that there's not a
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perfect candidate that's been made yet. and i'm kind of proof positive of it every day, that people make mistakes when they debate. people make mistakes when they make statements. but there's one thing that americans do know about me, and that is my conservative beliefs about getting this country back on track are very deep-founded. for ten years, when i served, we created more jobs than any other state in the nation. while america lost 2.5 million. if they're looking for the best debater or the smoothest politician, i might not be it. but if they're looking for someone that is a principle, fiscal conservative, they can count on me every day. >> i take your point. but it seemed to come at an absolute worst time for you. you've been on a downward smile since the campaign began, dropped almost 20 points nationally. if you look at the polls in the
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early state, you've gone from first to fourth in iowa. first to fourth in south carolina, first to fourth in florida. doing even worse in new hampshire. how do you recover? >> we keep on going out there and talk about the issues that we think are important to the people of this country. again, there's going to be some mistakes made. and we'll deal with those as we go through them. and americans are pretty forgiving people. what americans are not forgiving about, are those sitting around the dinner table last night, watching the debate, worrying about whether or not they're going to be able to have a job in the future to take care of their family. >> you get in this race pretty late. did you fail to understand what kind of preparation it would take? >> oh, absolutely. from the standpoint of preparation to run for the presidency, it is a long slog and a hard slog. but absolutely. we gave complete and absolute thought to that. but again, the perfect candidate's never been created yet. and there's going to be people that make mistakes. and i'll make mine -- share of them. >> let me ask you about herman cain. he got some applause when he addressed the questions about sexual harassment allegations
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against him. did he put those questions to rest last night? >> that's for the american people to address. and that's the exact right place for it. we'll leave it with the american people and allow them to make that decision. >> final question, how are you going to prepare for the next debate? >> it's coming up on saturday. so, just like we have prepared all along, is be ready to talk about our plan to cut and to balance and to grow the economy and talk about the issues that are important to the people of america. and we'll probably -- as a matter of fact, i have a website up, george, at what federal agency would you most like to forget? >> i'll bet you get a lot of answers. governor, thanks for your time this morning. >> you're welcome, george, thank you. >> pretty good humor. i think he'll have a joke ready on saturday, as well. >> i'm thinking "snl." >> that's true. josh, what else do we have in the news? >> after that moment.
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we have a developing story today. word that one of major league baseball's rising stars have been abducted at gunpoint. women son ramos was a catcher for the washington nationals. he was at home in venezuela, when armed men burst in and took him away. police have no clue where ramos was taken. and there's been no contact from the kidnappers regarding ransom demands. and turning to the economy now, some good news about the jobs market. the number of people filing for unemployment benefits has dropped now to the lowest level since april. wall street trying to recover from wednesday's 389 point drop. amid concerns italy may default on its debt. "gma weekend" anchor, bianna golodryga, has been covering it all for us. and is here to explain, bianna. >> reporter: italy, the world's seventh-largest economy is a country that literally is too big to fail. but the question this morning, is it too big to save? remember that worry about greece defaulting? the big fear would be it would trigger a domino effect. bringing down bigger countries
7:15 am
like italy. and that is what's happening now. italy's interest rates have skyrocketed, making it hard to pay down their debt, which is more than the debt of greece, ireland and portugal combined. this has a direct effect on the u.s. europe is our biggest trading partner. and credit has tightened here. meaning american businesses have less access to money and grow and create jobs. so, what's next? italy is rushing to slash budgets and form a new government. that's helping to bring down borrowing rates this morning. but any will likely need an outside life line to bail them out. it may be the european central bank. but right now, no one know where's that money will come from. >> that's a huge question. meanwhile, here at home, another sign of this country's economic struggles. an entire county in alabama, just filed for bankruptcy. $4 billion in debt. it is the biggest municipal bankruptcy in american history. and eddie murphy is bowing out as host of the oscars. it follows the resignation of his producer, brett ratner, who was caught using an anti-gay slur. now, the motion picture academy is placing somewhat of a help-wanted ad this morning for
7:16 am
host. what do you say, george? >> all you, all you. you about you and ali. >> i nominate my wife. >> she would be hysterical, actually. let's start a campaign. >> i think you just did. she's watching at home. sam, are you in? >> i'll watch. and the twitter campaign begins. good morning, everybody. we have real issue was fog that we have to deal with. as you're waking up this morning, we're already slowing down air travel. we'll give you a live shot out of new york city right now. laguardia, jfk, to philly. down to d.c. this morning. foggy skies and this is slowing down airports. check with your carrier before you leave the house. and the system that brought a first hit of snow to chicagoland, and a little bit of snow all of the way eau claire yesterday, drops some cold air in. this is much colder air. we have frost and freeze
7:17 am
warnings in the middle of the country. tomorrow night looking at temperatures in memphis like 32 degrees, kansas city, 32 dallas at 40. it's 65 in dallas. atlanta's, 57, as well. big rain in the northeast. the big rain will be a little north of new york city. we'll go over that and probably a big snow/hurricane-looking system in alaska when we come back in the next half hour.
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>> in the next half hour, pictures of what was like a snow-hurricane or a snow tropical storm. just like that, that powerful, moved through alaska. pictures coming up. >> all right, sam. well, it is alaska. would imagine a little snow there. thought he was going to say somewhere else. you were in nashville. you set this up, sam. the cma awards. did you watch last night? a blockbuster night for country music. so much energy, excitement in nashville with some really funny moments too. and an emotional return for faith hill. great win for country sweethearts blake and miranda, too. >> ladies and gentlemen, mr. kenny loggins.
7:19 am
>> reporter: it was a wild night at the cmas right from the start. kenny loggins, blake shelton, center stage singing "footloose." ♪ i'm turnin' it loose "footloose" kick off your sunday shoes ♪ >> reporter: there were jabs at kim kardashian. jokes about the bieb. ♪ i'm going to love you forever ♪ ♪ for 72 days amen ♪ as long as justin bieber is not a conceiver ♪ >> reporter: even lionel richie went country, singing "dancing on the ceiling," with rascal flatts. ♪ we'll be dancing on the ceiling ♪ >> reporter: the big winners of the night, the band perry, taking home single of the year, song of the year, and new artist of the year. while country music's reigning music couple walked off with male and female vocalist of the year, miranda lambert, calling
7:20 am
out to hubby, blake shelton, from the stage. >> congrats to my hubby, too. it's going to be a good night tonight, baby. woo. >> reporter: and it was the women of country, pushing the boys out of the way this year. ♪ >> reporter: a beautiful performance from country music's queen, faith hill, singing her first new music in six years. ♪ could be >> reporter: and the darling of country music, taylor swift, getting the nod for country music's entertainer of the year. >> you have made my year. thank you so much. >> and there's a touching tribute to glen campbell. >> will have to see that on dvr. coming up on "gma," the bizarre twist in the search for a missing toddler. does a scene from primetime explain what happened to 2-year-old sky? dan and nancy are here to weigh in, live. >> oh, boy. >> plus, blind sided, kris humphries' father reveals how he
7:21 am
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where were you? i was calling. >> you've been calling? >> yeah. they took him. >> what are you talking about? >> they took the car. nate was in the backseat. i was gone for a minute. >> a strange twist perhaps pulled from primetime? police looking at the case, are wondering whether the story of a popular crime drama, you know the tune, is part of the crime. they're looking at that. brand-new details on why kim kardashian called it quits on her marriage. her ex, kris humphries, speaks out for the first time. we'll tell you about the huge bet one husband made with his wife to lose almost 200 pounds. plus -- >> is it the whipped cream diet?
7:31 am
>> you should -- wait until you see what he ate. and mariah carey is going to reveal how she got her body back. and gayle king is looking good, too. >> she sure is. we're going to begin with the missing toddler from washington state. the boy was left in the car after the mom went searching for gas. but officials are now thinking she may be responsible for the boy's disappearance. neal karlinsky is joining us from seattle. good morning, neal. >> reporter: good morning, george. i spent a lot of time talking with investigators on this case. they are beyond frustrated. they're also focusing much of their attention on the little boy's mother. and the story, they say, just doesn't make sense. police have now dissected the mother, julia biryukova's, story. and they don't like what they've found. >> the story doesn't add up. the whereabouts of sky is unknown. the mother's story is falling apart, day to day. >> reporter: she told police she ran out of gas and left
7:32 am
2-year-old sky metalwala alone in her car, as she and her 4-year-old daughter walked for help. but removing the gas tank, police say they found plenty of gas inside. the weird twist in a detectives are looking at, comes from a straight crime drama. they're looking at "law & order," which aired one night before the disappearance, where a mother's son was stolen in the car. >> someone stole my baby. >> reporter: there's more. the mother says sky was so sick, she was taking him to the hospital at the time. but she had left him in the car anyway. at the gas station she visited, police say she didn't buy any gas. she walked through a neighborhood of million-dollar homes. but apparently never asked for help. detectives have taken note of her facebook page, filled with pictures of her daughter. almost none of little sky. her estranged husband has agreed
7:33 am
to two lie detector tests. julia has so far refused to take one. >> the fact that mom isn't willing to come in and provide a polygraph. to be quite honest, that looks suspicious. and we're puzzled by that. >> we want to believe julia. we want to help her find her missing child. and we want her cooperation to do that. and at this point, the information that she's given us has been problem matter an has created more questions than answers. >> reporter: we have reached out to the mother for comment. through an attorney, she has so far declined. and police say they are focusing this case directly on those who knew sky best, friends and family. they say they don't believe a stranger took the little boy from the car. let's get more from our legal team. nancy grace, and legal analyst, dan abrams. great to see her in the studio. less sequins. >> yes. >> all clues pointing in one
7:34 am
direction. >> they really do. they point toward the mother. the mother has not been named an official suspect at this point. >> formality? >> i would say it may be a matter of formality. but the cops can't do that right now. i'd like to see the mom take a polygraph. they say she's cooperating. but when the mom won't take a polygraph, that raises a red flag. >> of course, she's a person of interest. she's a suspect, a person of interest. whatever you want. the bottom line, the police can't say, they don't want to say, with definition, suspect, person of interest. but when they say it's problematic, what they mean is, this story doesn't make sense. nothing that she's telling th them -- >> she has gas in the tank. >> nothing they're telling them is true. their saying, point-by-point, the story is falling apart. >> but i don't know how much weight you give this, the 4-year-old backs up the mom. >> yes, he was in the car. but having interviewed many,
7:35 am
many, i would say thousands of child victims, that doesn't necessarily mean that it was that day. that she saw the baby. that mommy told her the baby was back there. remember, in most jurisdictions, a child that's 2 years old goes in the backseat, turned away from the driver. so, what does the 4-year-old really see? and as you know, and as you know, the child, a 4-year-old girl, was interviewed first and then interviewed again and nothing more was revealed. so, i don't know how tight her story is. >> and i think it's going to come down to the family. look, when i say she's a suspect, doesn't mean she's the person. it just means authorities are looking at her. but they're going to continue to look at other family members. there was a lot of family dissension here. there were custody battles and legal squabbles. >> that doesn't make any sense. what other family member was in that car at that time? and another question. why doesn't she have a cell phone? >> you won't call her a suspect. and now, you're saying no one else -- >> i won't call her a suspect.
7:36 am
i'm wise enough to know that when you call someone a suspect, they're constitutional rights suddenly kick in. and i don't want that to happen right now. but she's driving a sports car that costs a lot of money. they had an escalade. they don't have a cell phone? you get out and walk over a mile to a gas station? people, daily, i practice with the twins carrying both of them at the same time. >> and how much weight do police give that both parents have been cited in the past for child endangerment? >> i don't know. because they left the child in the car. >> i know. number one, it's horrible. but number two, he was not on the scene when the boy goes missing. so, he's out of the game. >> if that's what happened. if what happened is they were driving and that the child was left there. >> i don't believe it. >> that's right. we don't know that that's the scenario that sighting, maybe t weeks ago by a neighbor. believe me, they hate each other. she's not covering for him. >> before you all go, we have to
7:37 am
talk about penn state. what a remarkable scene last night. the trustees fire the president, fire joe paterno. seems like the only choice they possibly had. but the campus erupts. >> i find that disturbing. and i love the loyalty to paterno. i like paterno. but why is somebody turning over a car when nobody is turning over a car when a 10-year-old boy is molested in the shower by a grown man? he's been formally charged. >> and i'm more troubled by the other penn state officials who have been charged, not just for failing to report, but for perjury. it means that the authorities believe they lied to the grand jury about what they knew in connection with in case. that's -- >> arrests happen. >> why does this happen so often in these cases? >> confused loyalties. people think they have to cover for their boss. they have to cover for the school. >> don't want to get involved. there's some degree of the game
7:38 am
of telephone. when the story is that a 10-year-old is getting raped -- >> not just one. >> it's very hard to say, oh, i misinterpreted or misunderstood. >> there's multiple independent witnesses. you have a grad student. you have several other people that visually see the child getting raped in the shower. >> but paterno is in no danger. correct me if i'm wrong, he's in no danger of being charged here? >> there is an argument that one could make. the person who came to him was his underling. that he was the supervisor and as a result, should have reported it. the authorities decided that's not going to be a theory they're going to. >> the whole thing, you know where. >> the civil lawsuits could certainly occur. >> dan abrams, nancy grace, thank you very much. >> it's over? >> why didn't i get invited to the dancing session? the dancing session afterwards. i was going to wear spandex and pull off stuff.
7:39 am
>> most regret ever saying. i tried to save you in the staff meeting. dan doesn't want to do that. now, he wants to do it. bring it on. sam, weather. >> wait just a moment. that's me scrubbing my brain of dan in spandex. i just don't want the image. let's show you some pictures we think are incredible this morning. going right to the pictures in alaska. nome, alaska, when you combine hurricane-force-gusts with the snow. this thing is wound up like a tropical storm. look at thaao swirl hit the coast of nome there. if it had been in a populated area, this storm would be headlinemaking. it was a powerful storm system. on the east coast, we get a low and some rain today. most of the heavier rain will be north of the new york city area, all the way up into maine. it gets a tropical shot from the system offshore.
7:40 am
most of the rest of the area will see showers after you get >> all of that weather was brought to you by jared, the galleria of jewelry. george? robin? >> thank you, sam. coming up, how kim kardashian's ex found out she was calling it all off. kris humphries' father teaks was calling it all off. kris humphries' father teaks out. that's a peerless diamond. that's the ideal ideal-cut diamond. what? female announcer: jared has five times the selection of ordinary jewelry stores, with thousands of loose diamonds and hundreds of settings to create your own one-of-a-kind ring. - that's an extraordinarily... [sniffs] beautiful moment. - yo, man. you crying? - [sniffs] no.
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we're back at 7:44. and new details emerging about how kris humphries found out kim kardashian was ending their marriage. and it's all playing out in a very public way, just like their engagement, just like their lavish wedding. and abc's andrea canning has the latest for us. >> just like their whole lives, robin. playing out in front of the camera. kris and kim are in different cities, focusing on their careers. and it looks like they're going to keep their distance for good this time. but they can't escape the fact they're in an upcoming reality show together. and it is raw, revealing a lot about what led up to the breakup. kim kardashian stepped out of the glare of the spotlight and on to this locked down movie set wednesday, complete with heavy security. these new photos show the reality star-turned actress, clutching her script for the new
7:45 am
film ironically titled "the marriage counselor." over 1,000 miles away in minnesota, kim's ex, kris humphries, could be seen heading to the gym, without his wedding ring. his father discussed the divorce with "life and style magazine." quote, it just came out of nowhere and blind sided kris. the broken couple may have met in his hometown last week to talk things out face-to-face. but now, the divorce is reportedly full steam ahead. >> they had a prenup. it can't be too messy. and it seems like they both want to end things. they realize it is not good now, even though kris was caught off guard. >> reporter: there are reports the world's most infamous break joup could make the upcoming season of "kourtney and kim take new york" to a halt. but the rumors are false. the show will go on november
7:46 am
27th. this new, explosive promo, gives an inside look of what's gone on. >> they've been out every night since we've been here. your wife has to find out you're in a different country on twitter. >> she couldn't deal with what she saw as verbal abuse. a very chaotic situation. it was something she was not prepared for. she dealt with a lot of name-calling. a lot of ridicule from her new husband. >> reporter: the ridicule didn't stop there. overnight, the former couple was even a hot topic on the cma awards. ♪ i'm gonna love you forever ♪ ♪ for 72 days amen ♪ >> reporter: some tyler perry fans have harshly voiced their concerns about to cast kim in "the marriage counselor." one wrote on the website, you cast a talentless expletive, with no degtive in marriage. we'll never support you again.
7:47 am
there's accusations that kim has reedited the show to make kris look like the bad guy. kris jenner was on talk shows late night, and said we are a real family. and we want it to be raw. >> simmer down now. andrea, thanks very much. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and momma mariah. her candid conversation with lara about how she lost the baby her candid conversation with lara about how she lost the baby weight, just ahead. and flu season hit, year when she didn't have the right medicine. morning, hon. how'd you sleep? ehh. i'm going back to bed. [ coughs ] ♪ go get your father. he's in the garage. [ female announcer ] so this year liz is getting prepared at walgreens... with answers like nyquil for cold symptom relief so you can get the rest you need. right now, get a nyquil or dayquil value pack for just $9.99. at walgreens. we bring a bold, savory new twist to noodles. mmm. [ male announcer ] and now so can you. the new succulent noodle entrees
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7:51 am
here's "the play of the day." >> all right, josh. come on. what you got? >> well, it's a good one. but we're not going to leap off the couch today. but it's all for a good cause. >> all right. >> look at these shots. remember last week, the rhinos being moved, to save them from poachers? we want to show you video of what it's like. it's an unbelievable thing, as the rhinos are put down. they are tranquilized. and then, they're moved to an undisclosed number of miles.
7:52 am
>> they look relaxed. >> this is the safest way to move them. to move them over ground would be difficult because there's virtually no roads. >> they do such amazing work all around the world to save endangered species. >> incredible. 19 black rhinos, about 3,000 pounds each. all moved. just wanted to show you the video. all right. everybody off the couch. >> all right. >> nicely done. coming up, it's me speaking with america's favorite family. chase freedom gives you 1% cash back. and the largest cash back card only gives you a quarter percent
7:53 am
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7:54 am
[ male announcer ] each of these photos was taken by someone on the first morning of their retirement. it's the first of more than 6,000 sunrises the average retiree will see. ♪ as we're living longer than ever before, prudential's challenge is to help everyone have the retirement income they'll need to enjoy every one of their days. ♪ prudential. bring your challenges.
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7:56 am
. a fugitive who has been on the run more than 40 years will surrender this morning. ronald bridgeforth wanted for his involvement in a shootout with south san francisco police in 1968. he's also wanted to connection with the shooting death of a san francisco police officer. time to check the weather now >> good morning. high clouds mixed with sunshine and warm temperatures above average in the mid 60s to low 70s. 40s and 50s tonight rain tomorrow. accident walnut creek southbound 680 towards 24
7:57 am
that's the reason for this slow traffic. drive times through the area, very slow traffic towards 24, 101 and 88 >> the
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] a beautiful day. here in early november in new york. and look at mariah carey. she looks terrific. all about "gma" dropping the pounds this morning. three amazing stories. starting with her right there. she had a lot of baby weight she wanted to lose. she talked to lara about how she did it. >> i remember you were chit-chatting about how -- you guys are girlfriends now. >> she is so happy. just chilling out. total girlfriend talk. >> can't wait. and take a look at this father of three before his wife dared him to load almost 200 pounds. i know, george. all that whipped cream.
8:01 am
wait until you see him now. we're going to wait and show him and we'll hear how he did it all on his own. no surgery or anything like that. >> that's great. like to hear that. and of course, nancy grace. we've seen how phenomenal she looks. she may not have won in the ballroom. but who cares? everybody is talking about how she is working it and winning the battle. yeah, you smile, baby. you should. we'll talk about that. nancy and tristan coming up. also, no "modern family" last night because of the cmas. but we'll show you the next one. first, a little news from josh. >> a lot of news to get to. we go back to state college, pennsylvania. we begin with the massive and violent protest at penn state university last night, following the abrupt firing of legendary head coach, joe paterno. thousands of students spilled on to the street.
8:02 am
smashing windows and tipping over a television news van. abc's dan harris was in the middle of it all. >> why is this all about joe paterno and not the kids? the media never talks about the kids. they're being handled like a -- you call him a legend. treat him like a legend. >> you think he wants you to do this, though? >> no. >> paterno and the university's president was fired because of growing outrage over their handling of sex abuse allegations of a former assistant coach. presidential candidate rick perry is on damage control today after an embarrassing gaffe during last night's debate. he was talking about the three government agencies he would like to eliminate. >> the third agency of government i would do away with, education -- commerce. and let's see. i can't -- the third one, i can't. sorry. oops. >> well, earlier this morning, right here on the program, perry attempted to explain it all to
8:03 am
george. simply saying, no one's perfect. >> the perfect candidate's never been created yet. there's going to be people that make mistakes. and i'll make my share of them. >> and now, this morning, as you can see here, perry's website asks what part of the federal government would you like to forget about the most? and a violent clash between police and protesters of occupy movement. police fought back the crowd with night sticks and tore down the protesters' tents. foreclosure activity close 7% last month, to the highest rating since last spring. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning to everyone at "gma," josh. and tonight, congresswoman gabby giffords. we have been waiting to hear from her since that shooting. and tonight, for the first time,
8:04 am
her voice. it's a remarkable journey. and we begin it tonight on "world news." speaking of remarkable, a village in the philippines, now officially the home of the world's largest saltwater crocodile. at least we hope. national geographic said this guy or gal captured in september, stretched 21'4". three feet longer than the previous record holder. >> solid. >> again, the very largest saltwater croc, again, we all hope. good morning, guys. how are you? let's do a little pop news. eddie murphy pulled out of the oscars. a campaign to get kermit and the gang has gone into overdrive. try to imagine fozzie bear as red carpet correspondent. miss piggy, doing fashion. and the swedish chef and beaker
8:05 am
handing out best foreign film. when the features get long, waldorf and staten can heckle from the balcony. the 2012 oscars is up to 17,000 fans and growing. there's a twitter page that's trending. if you like the idea, get out there and vote. >> also gaining steam, ali wentworth. it's gaining. >> ali and g. wentworth. absolutely. let's make it happen. >> yeah, you do. >> all right. it's kind of fun to hear what pregnant women crave during the mine nine months of motherhood. for me, it was scrambled eggs. for beyonce, it's all about ketchup on everything. even bananas. jessica simpson says she craves
8:06 am
cantaloupes. but they have to be covered in salt. one piece of good news, jessica hates pizza. she says it tastes sour. >> does it really? your taste buds are all out of whack? >> yeah. it's all out of whack. we'll discuss with mariah, coming up. "modern family" preempted by the cma awards last night. if you're jonesing for a dose of laughs? not to worry, only we can show you an exclusive look at the next week's episode where the family tries to help out a neighbor. >> oh, take this phone away from me. >> why? >> two of our best brokers left the agency. and the office is flying. but i want today to be about the -- oh, my god. those two guys took two secretaries and the tube dude with him. >> who is the tube dude? >> the guy that attracts attention. this guy? >> i see. he goes down like there and shakes up. and goes down there. >> you almost got it. >> hi. hi. sorry. we would have been sooner but this one had a wardrobe crisis.
8:07 am
>> it's a somber occasion. and all my tops are too joyful. >> you do not want our problems. >> here, jay. >> i got it. my back. >> no, jay. that's not quite it. you have to go airborne. it's like -- >> you can see all of "modern family" wednesday, 9:00, 8:00 central. that, guys, is pop news. >> that was good. >> thank you. let's get the weather from sam. where are you, sam? >> good morning, george, robin, josh, lara. we are live at the pasture of broadway farms. we have a lot going on this morning. this is the morning we change the seasons. are you excited about that? still shucking the corn this morning from broadway farms. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning. i know how to shuck corn. we're going to start be the snow pictures, by the way -- aren't
8:08 am
we? this out of wisconsin. this, from this early -- i mean, this is a big hit of snow. and it's aen early shot of cold air that drops all the way down to the deep south today. it started as that snow up in wisconsin. so, that cold blast stays just a short time because there's warmer air moving in. take a look at this by saturday. you're 50s in chicagoland. also 50s in minneapolis, by that point. and you're warming up in the -- over the next three days, even though the cold shot of air gets to the south today. the west coast, 80 degrees, l.a. today, after the 45, 47 day, not
8:09 am
>> you're not good at it? we have a lot of corn to get to. i got the folks involved. everybody, lara, josh? robin, george? >> josh is on his way. looks like a good crop this year. sam, thank you. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." a revealing conversation with mariah carey. she's opening up about how she got that body back after having twins. plus, a wife's dare to her husband turns into a huge weight loss. now, he's here to tell us how he did it. he dropped 200 pounds and is telling all. and nancy and tristan are here live in our own "gma" ballroom right in times square. we're talking pound there's, too. stay with us on "gma."
8:10 am
me to stock up! sears big veterans day sale is this friday and saturday. get a samsung washer or dryer just $799 each. and all gearwrench wrench sets are on sale. sears big veterans day sale.
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real deals. real savings. sears. why settle for a one-note cereal? ♪ more, more, more... get more with honey bunches of oats 4 nutritious grains come together for more taste, more healthy satisfaction. get more with honey bunches of oats. - oh, we miss you, honey. - i'll be home soon. until then... tommy? - behind every open heart is a story. - it's beautiful. - tell yours with my open heart collection at kay jewelers. keep your heart open, and love will always find its way in. and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪
8:12 am
keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at now, we're kicking off an amazing weight loss segment this morning. "gma" drops the pounds. the three people in the next three stories have lost more than 250 pounds combined. how did they do it? well, let's find out, shall we? starting with miss mariah carey, who lost 30 pounds after giving birth to twins. i had a chance to talk to her. and here it is. ♪ i don't want to let go >> reporter: she epitomizes the
8:13 am
word diva. ♪ won't you be my >> reporter: worth a whopping estimated $500 million. she is the best-selling female artist of all-time. ♪ you got me feeling >> reporter: but somehow, mariah carey seems to juggle it all. the career, marriage, and now motherhood. but like so many women, with the babies came some unwanted weight. i caught up with mariah to talk about her plans to lose it, her singing and our love of shoes. >> first of all, you copied my shoes today. only kidding. >> reporter: we have a girl bonding moment. >> girl bonding. >> reporter: that coincidence is somewhat fitting. mariah said it was the love of all of her shoes and the fear of not being able to wear them, during weight gain and edema, that motivated her weight loss. >> i did fear, since we have the shoes on, that i wouldn't be able to get back into my shoes. i have walls full of shoes on
8:14 am
two coasts. >> reporter: as you went through pregnancy, what was the biggest shock about the changes to your body? i hear you. >> i so tried not to look at my body. and nick knows. i don't think he has seen me fully naked in that long because i was just like, you know what? this is not the moment. >> let >> reporter: let me -- >> no. i couldn't get into this chair. >> reporter: then, came her c-section. it was like an appointment like getting your nails done. >> it's not like getting a pedicure, a manicure or a skin treatment. >> reporter: barbara walters got to spend time with nick cannon, mariah and the twins. >> they're so good. they're all dressed up. >> reporter: mariah says juggling the twins while being a
8:15 am
sexy superstar, left her with another challenge. did you feel pressure that you needed to lose the weight quickly? >> from me. >> reporter: so, she turned to jenny craig. and in 3 months has lost 30 pounds and counting. the pictures speak for themselves. and she's now the newest brand ambassador for jenny. >> jenny, set, go. >> reporter: how far away are you from your goal weight? >> honestly, until i fit into the my sport shorts from the "insanity" video, that's good. and "the heartbreaker" jeans. >> reporter: "touch my body"? >> "touch my body" is the goal. >> reporter: do you feel "touch my body" sexy now? >> not yet. >> reporter: and to women you say -- >> make it happen. make it that far. it's a song i wrote. the jenny theme. make it happen, i think
8:16 am
resonates because it comes from a real place. i had to go through adversity in my life. >> reporter: words from a woman who truly knows how to make it happen. ♪ you can make it make it happen ♪ ♪ yeah >> reporter: she's going to make it happen. she's got those shorts from the "fantasy" video. she says she's getting back into them. working on an album and can't wait to get back out and tour. robin? >> all right, lara. now, a bet with a stunning payoff. a man who was so overweight that the scale did not register how much he weighed. he completely transformed his life. you're going to see his amazing change live in a moment. but first, how about we look at this. >> i never knew what it was like not to be an overweight person. >> reporter: this is jay
8:17 am
warnock, 11 months ago, tipping the scale at 366 pounds. >> that was the worst shape i've been in. >> reporter: his wife, angela, tried everything to motivate jay to lose weight, to no avail. >> i used to eat everything. there were days when i topped 10,000 calories, no problem. no problem at all. >> reporter: so, for this past new year, she decided to get him in the gym. he had to make a ploy to his competitive side. >> it was a bet. let's see who can lose the most amount of weight fastest. >> reporter: a tough bet for jay to win, because in a typical night, he would eat like this. >> i wanted the biggest steak on the menu. when you go to a nice steakhouse, they have 20-ounce steaks. and you're looking at 10 sodas, which are about 2,000 calories. by 9:30, everybody would be in bed. and i'd go to burger king and get two triple whoppers with cheese and two spicy chicken
8:18 am
sandwiches and eat them right then. that doesn't include lunch, breakfast, snacks. >> reporter: he knew something had to change. >> i have three kids. i don't want to die. i want to live. that was the motivation i needed to say, i'm 30. if i don't do it now, when do i do it? >> reporter: so, to win the bet, jay buckled down and stuck to an intense fitness plan. >> i exercise six days a week, two hours a day at the gym. i was finding foods that were healthy and didn't cheat. >> reporter: and this morning, you'll see why that bet paid off, big-time. we're going to meet jay's wife, angela, their beautiful children, marcus, allison and jayce. are you ready for america to see your daddy? the new and improved daddy. jay, come on out. let's see jay. wow. whoa. you're working it. working it. i don't have to leave as much room for you. how are you? it's nice to meet this
8:19 am
beautiful, beautiful family. you cut the beard. i like that. >> the rugged look is in. you know? >> how did you do this? basically, it started with a diet. my diet was horrible. so, i changed everything. i went to whole foods. fresh fruits. vegetables, lean meats, chicken, turkey, fish. cut out all the fast food. cut out the pizza. cut out the soda. that's what my diet mainly consisted of. >> what's it consist of now? >> chicken, turkey, vegetables. lots of vegetables. lots of fruits. i do not drink regular sodas. i drink a diet pepsi every once in a while. nothing too crazy, just to break the monotony. a high-fiber diet is important. i eat the biggest meal in the morning. and my meals get smaller as the day goes on. i try to maintain a good amount of food. but not too much. >> you did this on your own. >> i did it all on my own.
8:20 am
no nutritionist. no personal trainer. no surgery. no pills. that stuff is unnecessary. if you want to put in the hard work and the dedication, it will work for you. 10 months, 200 pounds. >> that was some bet. did you have any idea he would take it this far? >> i didn't. i thought i had this one in the bag. >> you did. but he was so determined to do that. >> yeah. >> you know how important. >> i love how the little kids are leaning out, trying to see daddy over here. what do you think? what do you think of the transformation of your dad? >> i like it. now, he's a lot more active with us. when he weighed a lot more, he wouldn't go out and play with us a lot. >> uh-huh. >> because he'd get so hot because of the sun. now, he can go out there and it won't even look like he'll sweat. >> and he gets a sun burn he's out there so much. >> that was -- i got sensitive skin, you know? stuff like that. but not anymore. >> it was a family affair. >> it was. >> the family worked together. >> the greatest foursome you'll
8:21 am
meet in your life. these guys have been with me every step of the way. i'm madly in love with this woman. i'm on national tv to tell everybody that. this is the best family a guy could ask for. i'm so happy. >> i love this. i love your story, all of it. and i want you to tell people because, for the longest time, you were always overweight. >> since i was 5 years old, i was overweight. i used to get called pugsly adams. that will take people back to "the adams family." since i was 5 years old, i've been like this. >> how have you been able to -- the relationship that you had with food, you changed it. >> i don't know how it happened. i turned 30 at the end of last year. she came to me with a new year's resolution. i said, it's now or never. let's do it and try it. if it doesn't work, no one can blame me for not trying. you know what i mean? but i never really tried. let's try it. let's stick to it. let's work hard at it. let's have a positive attitude.
8:22 am
let's give my kids something to lead by example. i want to walk my daughter down the aisle when she's older. >> you have a little time. don't rush her. >> i know. i want to be there. 20 years from now, it didn't look like i would be there in 20 years. they were my main motivating factor. and i'm glad i was able to succeed. and i'm going to keep it up and do what i can to stay healthy. >> thank you. and spread the word. i love looking at the beautiful, little faces and how they're looking at mommy and daddy. thank you for sharing. >> thank you for having me. it's amazing. >> all right. we'll see. we'll stick with you. see how it goes. >> i appreciate that. thank you so much. let's get out to george. >> robin, while you're there with jay, i have to tell him -- they used to call me pugsly, too. that is a great story, guys. we're going to stick with our theme here in times square. nancy grace shimmied off more than 20 pounds during her time
8:23 am
at "dancing with the stars." here with tristan macmanus. we're here during the break. and you guys were practicing every step. >> i need every minute of practice i can get. every minute. >> what an amazing story. you lost more than 20 pounds. >> yes. >> this several weeks. is it all the dancing? >> that is what it is. after practicing with him seven or eight hours a day, seven days a week, i didn't feel like eating. too tired to eat. >> you look fantastic. and you're going to stick with it? >> oh, yes. i'm going to start dancing. and he's going to start practicing law. we got it all mapped out. >> that would be quite a show, by the way. it would help. but you always surprised us during this last week when we saw the cartwheel. especially dan over there, sitting in his judge's chair, getting ready to judge on the dance. but cartwheels? cheerleading?
8:24 am
>> okay, bruno. >> he could be your toughest judge yet. >> he already has a four written down. that's not good. i don't want a four. >> we have to work it out. are we going to see the cartwheel before? >> yeah. i'm thinking about teaching dan how to do a cartwheel. he needs to lighten up a little bit. >> he volunteered for it. >> he has to get the tie and shirt off. if you want to do "dancing with the stars," you have to unbutton your shirt down to here. >> i know. i did not come appropriately -- >> you have to come like this. >> yes. i'm ready. i'm ready to learn. >> oh, we're ready. okay. >> we're ready to see you dance. >> where is the music? >> let's hear some music. strike it up. [ cheers and applause ] >> five, six, seven, eight. ♪
8:25 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:26 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> what does the kiss get? >> i was going to give -- i was going to give a tough rating. but they're good. you know what? if i had a ten with me -- >> it's all tristan. >> it is amazing when you're watching it up close how hard it is. >> i know. >> how hard it is and how much, like, muscular concentration it takes. you guys are really good. if only the legal stuff was as good. >> dan, unbutton your shirt. we're doing a cartwheel. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
all is quiet operate uc berkeley campus following clashes. police in riot gear used force to remove tents last night. officers arrested 39. police formed a perimeter afternoon the steps of sproul hall before standing down. the move to create a campus offshoot of the occupy wall street camps came after hundreds rallied against education cuts. good morning. improving san jose accident reported northbound 101 highway 87 slow traffic past the scene. drive times 580 towards the maze, 101 to marin county and
8:28 am
880 towards the maze northbound all slowing. tolls easing at the bay bridge, metering lights are on but it is lightning
8:29 am
check out this beautiful picture from mount tamalpais haze and high clouds prevalent for today.
8:30 am
34 in santa rosa everybody in the 40s and 50s. warmest afternoon in the forecast. mid 60 ♪ there they are. it has finally happened. nancy grace, dan abrams, and cartwheels. right here on live television. "good morning america." now, it's dan abrams' turn. and he has to get it right. >> go. >> oh. valiant effort for dan abrams. >> i never stood a chance. >> i cannot believe he did it. that was great. >> that was scaring me. i was hiding. oh, my. wait, there's more.
8:31 am
seriously. did you see that? >> dan? >> yeah. >> no. i'll never forget it. also coming up on monday, something called "the hunger games." so incredibly popular. people are crazy about this. it's going to be a blockbuster movie. and you're going to see a sneak peek of it, only on "gma." and that's going to be on monday. >> incredible. and michael symon, you might notice, is here. he is getting us ready for our change of seasons. and helping us make good with our crops. >> you know, you wouldn't know it. but here in times square, the only indigenous corn, the island of manhattan. manhattan corn. sprouts about 7:01. drops beneath the asphalt about 9:01. but we have to make room for the holiday grove here. so, it's time to eat the set. >> if you're going to be my sous chef, you better do a better job
8:32 am
getting the silk off the corn. come on. can you clean the corn properly? while he's doing this. we'll look at this. looking for something cool, comfy and chic? there's one person that can do that. it's tory johnson here with "gma" secret steals and deals. she'll tell us how to get to it right now. >> all right. so exciting, okay. >> tell everybody to get the deals, they have to go to our website. >> you have to go to on yahoo! and you'll get the links and the promo codes. that's your first stop. the first deal is my fantasy. the fantasy is that alana is out sick and i get to glam up your face. this is the airbrushing machine. it will give you a flawless finish in just seconds. here is what's best of all. water-based. great products. regularly, $180 for this airbrush system. we are slashing more than $100
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8:34 am
>> yes. if you want to re-create that at home. just dance with me, is the number one family game right now. and it's the perfect thing for the holidays, too, because you don't have to be a professional dancer, like nancy is. we have our girls to show you. it's so super fun. >> let's let them go through. >> '70s, '80s, '90s, all your favorite songs. it's for nintendo wii or x-box kinect. the best part is the price. you'll pay just 20 bucks. >> a great way to lose weight. after din we're the family. >> a perfect way to burn off that food. look at lara. check out lara. lara's our own dancer. so, one of my favorite websites, a t-shirt company. and every one of the designs is submitted by an artist.
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50% off today only. it is pricey. but what is the cost of good sleep. when it's reduced, it starts at $95. a 50% discount. for a good night's sleep, hard to beat that. we have the exclusives you can only find at on yahoo! >> thank you again for our steals and deals. all of us were appreciated. and the pass christian company is still filling out orders. >> i talk to them every day. >> thank you for that story. you can get the full details on these steals and deals on on yahoo!. and sam has a very special guest. >> the "gma" weather team just grew by one. ginger, welcome. >> thank you so much. >> you debuted this weekend on "gma weekend," right? >> i'll be on this saturday. >> and finally, there's credibility to the "gma" weather team. >> come on. i'm working with sam champion. are you kidding me? >> everybody, welcome ginger,
8:37 am
please. we're proud to have her. there will not be a storm untouched by e these two faces. let's get to the boards. we'll tell you what we're looking at. stevens point, wisconsin, represented on the board with a little snow there. and woodlawn, arkansas. thank you for the pictures. what's going on in the northeast? >> someone said there's a party on island. too bad. you're going to have rain. not as nice as it has been for the last couple of days. >> it's true. moves into maine with the big totals. summer-like in florida p elsewhere in the country, nice and dry in the west. >> so glad you're here. >> happy to be here.
8:38 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by hershey's kisses. coming up next, elizabeth smart with a very important message that everybody needs to hear. ix
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
in washington today, a group called not one more child is kicking off a national campaign to crack down on internet predators. it will be led by two young women who lived through the horror of sexual abuse and are now trying to stop it. elizabeth smart, who contributes to our missing child cases. and alisa, who survived a kidnapping in 2002. your story is quite something. you met someone online who came and kidnapped you. and held you for four days. >> yes. i was brought from my home by an internet predator and held captive in his basement duncan for four days, until i was rescued by the fbi, which was an absolute miracle. >> a miracle, why? >> because it's so unlikely. there's so many things that fell into place. and so many people worked
8:42 am
together. back then, this wasn't as prolific. and because of that, the funding and the boots on the ground and the law enforcement officers to focus on my case. >> and you're trying to increase that. that's what the campaign is about. >> absolutely. my friend alecia and i have come to face this challenge and raise awareness and get the funding this program needs. >> that's why you're going to washington to lobby for the funding. and you are also in a new public service announcement. >> my name is elizabeth smart. we know where hundreds of thousands of child predators are. each red dot on this map shows us exactly where they are trafficking images of children. >> children being tortured and abused. these dots lead right to the doorstep of the child, waiting to be rescued. >> i was one of those children. >> i hope we have the map. we can put it up again.
8:43 am
those red dots is some place where porn is being watched and distributed. >> and created. >> it's all across the country. the whole country turning red. and when you go to washington today, elizabeth, what specifically will you be asking for from congress from president obama? >> we will be asking president obama and congress to really change the way that internet crimes are being investigated. and call a state of emergency so that we can have the funding to investigate as many cases as we can. that's the crime that's growing the fastest in america right now. >> fastest? >> yeah. >> my goodness. and you've put out a guy, a survivors' guide to help other child abduction victims. what are the keys -- it's hard for any of us to imagine what you've been through. but what are the keys and the
8:44 am
lessons you can pass on to families, to children, to other teens, to prevent this from happening anymore? >> there's many things that can be done. and it has to be done by parents, by teachers, by children and by their friends. it has to be made aware that it is a's happening. and it's happening often. >> we hear the stories so often. we know all the dangers. yet, young boys and girls going online and getting lured into these relationships. do you understand that? >> well, the problem is, that today, with so many websites, where do you meet people? i have friends who say, where am i going to meet somebody? everything that lets me meet somebody online. one successful relationship starts online. here's a happy commercial. why wouldn't children think they can do that on their own and
8:45 am
find their soul mates? that's what they're doing. >> not having any idea of who is on the other end. not at all. you're in your senior year of college. right now. any idea what's next? >> finishing college and continuing what i'm doing. >> keeping on with this work. and what are your plans? >> grad school. and i'd like to join a crime task force and work with a team sort of like that that rescued me. and i would ultimately like to rescue the child. but also help to recover after. >> you're inspiring a lot of people. safe travels to washington. the campaign is called not one more child.memememememememememeñ
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
eat the set. eat the set. eat the set. eat the set. eat is set. eat is set. eat is set. >> michael symon, there is -- just a dream here, the patch of broadway farms has become a reality. we get ready to turn it into a holiday grove. we are ready to eat the set. we have all this corn and all these pumpkins to get rid of. a friend of the show, author, chef, michael symon. michael? >> i'm excited to be here. i've never seen sam work so hard. >> first of all, we have the corn. forget frozen corn or canned corn. >> well, for me, you know, i'm an ohio boy. so, our ohio sweet corn is the best in the world. when you have beautiful corn, you don't need to waste it. >> all right. >> i'm going to make a cream corn.
8:49 am
it's pretty easy. first thing i do is a double fold of bacon in the pan.crisp . >> you can shuck it. >> is there a particular way to shuck it? >> take the silk off. >> you want to put that in the basket. >> come on, buddy. we have one day, all right. >> as you're shucking away, the bacon is crisping here. we add diced onions. >> and garlic. >> you can make it in no time at all. and you can use your props. >> this is manhattan morning corn. >> i know. it's scaring me a little bit since i brought it from cleveland. >> we got it going. >> corn, onion, salt, garlic and some of that corn. you guys have been working so hard to shuck, goes right in. there's a little bit of spice in
8:50 am
there. but i'm not worried. no problem. and here's a great lesson to learn with salt. after you guys cream it, you add your cob. put the cob in with water and onion garlic chilies. simmer it for 30 minutes and you have a corn stalk. the corn stalk has more flavor than the corn itself. we add the corn stock to the mixture, the onion, the bacon and garlic. we give this a stir and let it cook for about ten minutes. >> we have about ten minutes later. >> yeah. about ten minutes later, the liquid is reduced. i add a little bit of fresh sour cream. whatever you have in the house. >> time's awasting over there. >> we are. >> you're doing good. >> and get that in there. >> fresh sour cream. and a little bit of butter.
8:51 am
i don't put heavy cream. i like to put in something with a little more flavor. sour cream will do that. and you start working that in. and i'm afraid of cilantro. cilantro is one of those herbs, people can love it or hate it. you can use parsley or basil. and i'm going to put in the cilantro. and you have a beautiful cream corn. >> and that's it? >> that's it. we also made, you have the beautiful pumpkins. we made pumpkin soup with the spicy cream. >> it is delicious. >> also on "the chew," i made a chocolate pumpkin pie that you can also make. >> we have a lot of corn. >> a lot of corn. we don't want to waste anything. roast the corn in the husk. you want to soak these in salt water the night before so the husks don't burn.
8:52 am
you can put a compound of butter on top, which is whipped butter, garlic, salt and fresh herbs and you're golden. >> the corn's gone. >> amazing. >> it's been wonderful here. >> yeah. >> when you see him next, it will be at the holiday grove at broadway farms. you can see michael symon on "the chew," at 1:00 p.m. eastern, on abc. say good-bye, team, to the farm.
8:53 am
[ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is norma. who is inundated with all the information concerning the medicare part d changes this year. so she scheduled an appointment with her walgreens pharmacist... who prepared a free medicare part d report for her and showed plan options that can help her save money. if you have an anthem part d plan and want to keep walgreens in-network... schedule an appointment with your walgreens pharmacist today to review your part d plan options and find ways to save. walgreens. there's a way to stay well.
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and this is what we call a big finish because it was a big night last night for our bob woodruff and the stand up for heroes event. it marks the fifth annual stand up for heroes. last night at beacon theater in new york city. and what a lineup they had, yet again. you see bob and his beautiful wife, lee, there at the beacon last night. and let's come out to those that are here with us right now. these wonderful veterans. and i want to ask you.
8:56 am
you see this woman right here, she was elbowing me out of the way saying i want to be next to my son. how proud are you? >> i couldn't be prouder of our wounded or warriors and the sacrifices they've made. each and every one. >> so proud of your service and sacrifice. so glad you could come out here today. thank you very much. >> have a great day, everybody opinion
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
a fugitive who has been on the run more than 40 years says he will surrender this morning. let's check in with mike, warm today. high clouds, sun, warmest did kay in the forecast. mid 60s to low 70s. 40s and 50s tonight. rain in the morning showers in the afternoon friday drier, cooler saturday through wednesday. shot of the toll plaza light just areas of slow traffic. drive time hot spots, marin


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