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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  November 11, 2011 2:05am-2:40am PST

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walmart doorbuster deals. would you want to be shopping on thanksgiving night. >> i think you want to burn the calories. and usually i am in the food area. and one last check. 50 minutes ago. not unless i am wearing protective gear. and what question was this for. this is a shop. heck no. that day is for football. it is for shopping at problem
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at walmart. you can always contact us on facebook or tweet or e-mail at or twitter handle 7live on line. >> i got to get away from the garlic smell. see you tomorrow. bye-bye. [applause] 8ftttttttttr
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>> series of shots fired on the edge of occupy oakland and tonight one man is dead. >> protestors say the shooting was unrelated to the occupy movement but it could spell the end of the downtown encampment. good evening. >> tonight mayor kwan says occupy oakland must go. >> she's again pushing for protestors to dismantle the camp going the deadly shooting.
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it happened on the south east corner of frank ogawa plaza right across from the encampment. lil i don't know live for news oakland tonight. lillian? >>reporter: officers have cleared the crime scene so things are pretty quiet right now. the shooting happened just before 5:00 p.m. as laura was preparing for her live shots. abc 7 laura was only few hundred feet from where the gun shots rang out. it happened near the bart entrance at frank plaza. paramedic tried to rae visit victim but he ended up diego from his injuries. >> seemed like a scuffle between 2 people and they kept going back and forth yelling at each other and then he left that way and right when we were coming back that's when all this started happening. >>reporter: officers lack for the gunman in the bart station but couldn't find him. police and protestors say neither he or the victim were part of occupy oakland. encampment that started forming at the plaza one month ago. some
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members of the movement became hostile to the media trying to document the scene. photographer randy davis got punched several times in the head. tonight oakland mayor kwan is calling for the camp to close medley. pirp is the spokesperson. >> shooting may or may not have had anything to do with encampment but it's time for people to go we are asking them to go voluntarily and we have made arrangements for people who need himless shelters to get those services. >>reporter: plan is for city work investigators walk through the camp and distribute hom homeless vouchers. but the people of occupy oakland say the city shouldn't be using the shooting incident against them. >> this happens all the time in downtown oakland. i have been here listening before the occupation when there were shoot outs in downtown oakland. this is not something that is specific to the camp. >> this is jaws simple every day life that oakland goes through. just happened to happen right by what we are protesting. what we are traeing to prevent from happening. >>reporter: we asked the mayor spokesperson washington is
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going to happen if people don't leave voluntarily. she did not answer that question. by the way, recent chamber of commerce poll found that 73 percent of those surveys disaproof of mayor kwan handling of occupy oakland. leif in oakland, abc 7 news. lil i don't know thank you. quay it night at uc berkeley one nature after police arrested 39 people. dozens of activist met tonight to plan demonstration to protest budget cut against higher education. protestors are call for a student and faculty strike on the cal campus next tuesday. >> santa rosa city council approved an ordinance that will allow occupy santa rosa to apply for a permit to continue camping at city hall. protestors have been there without a permit for two weeks. orders to evacuate and shelter in place tonight after gas main break in san francisc francisco. happened at dipper time south of market. pg&e construction craw ruptured a 16 inch gas leap at mission and
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beall. we are there live and streets were blocked off for awhile what's the latest. >>reporter: certainly were. but lack behind me you can see traffic now flowing on the mission and fremont but again the gas break happened over at mission and beall. in fact, they just turned out the lights there. pg&e crew tell me that they have finished all the repairs so things are quiet now but bat 7:15 when this happene happened, things looked a lot differentt its what it sound lick when a one inch hole is ripped in a 16 inch gas pipeline. >> fair men were there then the policemen started running around then the fir men running around so it was kind of crazy. >>reporter: alex was just trying to enjoy a few drink and apptizeer at rn 74 when gas started spewing from the pipe at the corner of mission and beall. the damage was done by a pg&e craw which was working on a distribution line to accommodate construction of the transbay terminal. >> we were excavating a hole we actually damaged. 2 inch
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fitting on the line. >>reporter: no explosion. no fire. but police did block off the area. >> we have one block radius cordone off news writ now is for the resident to shelter in place. if you are on the street to extinguish all the cigarettes and to manufacture quickly out of the area. >>reporter: rn 74 began to evacuate. ttle a little light headed when you went through the restaurant could you totally smell the goods smell and when we stepped oureporter: residentlming. >>reporter: resident that the tower on mission and fremont were told to stay inside and turn off the ac while pg&e got things under control. >> we valve off the leak at 4 different point. stop the flow of gas. >>reporter: that's an hour and a half after the leak started leaving 4 commercial customers without service. pg&e says everything was safe. >> so everyone was safe. nothing happened. there were no injuries. but again they have finished change and getting that capped off over on
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mission and beall. as for the people out of service pg&e says that the gas is if you back on but they have to individually relay all the pilot lights. this is 7 in news thanks. >> newly elected san francisco mayor ed lee may not have listening to save vor the have been try. the question is thousand handle occupy san francisco tent city. avoid what has happened elsewhere. police arrested 2 men at the camp this week including one they say was carrying this concealed handgun. >> there's limited capacity at justin herman. there is more limiting tolerance by both the residents and businesses down in that neighborhood. >>reporter: and mile an hour lee has another big decision to make. who will replace outgoing supervisor ross karee kareem. san francisco board of supervisors district 5 seat is now up for grabs. latest rank choice election results shows that he will become the city next sheriff with 53 percent of the vote.
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will repla will replace henneso held the job for more than 3 decades but is rae tirling. george declared victory late today in san francisco district attorney race with 63 percent of the vote. about 12,000 ballot still need to be counted but the canada lat ladies are big enough that the ballot shouldn't make a difference. >> police say stabbing in brent wood was the result of road rage. happened just after 3 this afternoon. police say 2 men stopped their cars near clear view drive and bell fore road got into a fight. one man stabbed several times. one victim drove to another neighborhood and called police. police still searching for the man responsible. >> pittsburgh police believe a man financial problem and stress getting laid off drove him to kill 3 family members and shoot him self to death. 38-year-old jason aiv and we learn he was distraught afterlessing his job as sales executive for home improvement company in hay word a month ag ago. his former boss spoke to
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us but didn't want to appear on camera. >> one thing i was surprised is that i remember he mention his wife couple times and seems they love each other so is even make it more shock >> police first went to the house after getting a 911 call around 4 this morning. caller threatened to kill himself and mentioned hurting his family. officers broke that the home around 9 after failing to reach anyone inside. the victim appear to be his wife and her parents. fugitive on the run for nearly 40 years after being caused of shooting at police officer turned himself in today in san mateo county. 67-year-old ronald bridge port surrendered this morning saying he will face the consequences for his actions. bridge port jumped bail in 1969 following his felony conviction for assault with firearm on a police officer outside a south san francisco deputy store several months earlier. >> it seams to be the rate thing to do and in the and it's
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always about family. >> he's taking responsibility for his actions. he wants to be a model for his sons. he wants his sons to continue to be proud of him for the man that he is today. and not on that tragic day of novembert 5th, 1968. >>reporter: bridge forth was taken in custody after a brief court appearance. he's being held on 25,000 dollar bail. today development came just high pressures after the state torn general office cleared him of charges in the 1971 shooting of san francisco police sergeant. call for calm at penn state on the night after the campus erupted in protest over the firing of coach joe paterno. the mother of a molestation victim is now talking about what happened. ment. >> and twilight anticipation. red carpet was rolled out in san francisco for the hottest ticket in town. those stories and more coming up then on nature line. >> coming up next on "nightline". woman who tried everything to shed pounds and
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then took an ire reversible leap of faith. why year long journey of triple digit weigh weightless. plus the wizard pitch man bringing beyonce, jay weightless. plus the wizard pitch man bringing beyonce, jay z and the rest of hip-hop to a
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i. governor of pennsylvania appealing for calm on the campus of penn state universit university. last night students respondd with violent protest when the reveered head football coach paterno was abruptly fired. scott is on campus. >> penn state head football coach bradley. doesn't sound quite right. not even to him. >> very mixed emotion. heavy heart that this eyes occurred that i'm going through this. >>reporter: new interim coach met reporters for the first time less than 24 hours after he found out he's replacing joe paterno. icon 61 year run at the university ended in disgrace. >> we want joe. >>reporter: campus erupted after the beard of trustees voted unanimously to fire paterno effective medley. 2000 students poured on to the streets. they said the year-year-old deserved to coach at least one more game. >> joe shouldn't be taking the fall for this. >>reporter: penn state also lost the president. gram was one of the longest serving
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university president in the nation. su him and for him and paterno was drowned out by concerns they didn't do enough. they didn't call the police once they heard alleges that is paterno former assistant sandusky was sexually assaulting children. >> in our view things reached a point where change was necessary. >> paterno said he would retire at the end of the season. but he accepted the board's decision. >> thanks. once he became head coach he won more football games than anyone else in the history of the top division. now he leaves at the lowest point in his contrary. one of the grit sorrow of my life he called i i had i wish i had done more. penn state last home game this season is saturday against nebraska and campus police say they will have extra security herement one of nebraska regent called to say he's concerned about his team safety after seeing pictures of the chaos here last night. about abc news state college pennsylvania. mother of one of the boys
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accusing jerry sandusky of child sexual assault tells abc news says her son felt he didn't have the power to assist the coy. had said maybe we should have, you know, come toou shouldklawtion earlier. you should have told me and he was like well, i didn't necessity what to do. i just didn't know what to do. you just can't tell jerry no. >> he felt stuck. he's a little kid. >> yes. >> you can watch good morning america tomorrow for more of george stephanopoulos nov no husband exclusive interview with the mother of victim no. 1. well it is time to light a candle. 75 actually for the san francisco oakland bay bridge. cal-trans workers and local politicians held a big bash for the span 75 birthday which actually taking place this saturday. and kick off a year long celebration. bridge opened to traffic on november 12th, 1936 and took just three years to complete. new eastern
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span is expected to be open in 2013 taking roughly 11 years to finish gentleman exitment is building for twilight fans as we near the of the opening of te highly anticipated breaking dawn. dozens of fans wait entered line tonight to catch the music and stars of the film at the million fore -- fill more in san francisco. concert tour featuring music from the twailt saga. fans got a chance to meet some of the cast. >> fans seem to love them we make the movie for them. as long as they like it i'm happy. >> really exciting. nice for to us interact with our fans because they really are sort of the driving force behind this. >> whole different feeling and the whole reason we are here. nice get back to meet the people. good energy. >>reporter: breaking dawn ope opens next friday the 18th. so far the twilight saga films have ed almost 2 billion dollars worldwide. >> is that all? >> yes. before breaking dawn.
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>> a lot of hype around the film. incredible gentleman weekend forecast almost here. >> sandy is here now. >> that's right. i want to tell you that the weekend is going to be just faint if you have weekend plans but we do have some showers coming tomorrow. i'll talk about those in just a moment. i'll show you this report photo submitted earlier tonight of jupiter and the 3 moons. from yesterday. tonight if looking outside you probably saw jupiter and the 4 moons. sky were his clear enough to see them and speak of the moon take a look at this time lapse. full moon tonight as it rose really just spectacular mostly clear skies allowed for to us look at the moon. things changing quickly as you look at 7 hd. where the rain is right now. it's off the coast line but none of this is really advancing very quickly. you will see why. in just a momen moment. temperatures at this hour running higher than where they were yesterday. we have numbers in the upper 30's to about the low to mid 50's so certainly not as cold tonight.
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scattered showers tomorr thatery morning and look for dry conditions really for the remainder of the weekend. so if you have plans for the weekend not to worry other than early saturday morning things are looking just fine. tonight most areas will be in the 40's and 50's. we will see just a few chilly spots like nap a-fairfield, down to 39 degree degrees. here's look at the satellite and radar we have been talking about the storm for a couple days now. this area of low pressure will continue to drop south. watching the progression. mane while the cold front is slowly approaching. problem its main part of the energy is right her and as it days attaches from the cold front there is not going to be much left with the front. so here's what we are expecting. certainly cloudy cloud cover increasing overnight tonight. first thing in the morning as you head out the door for the commute it will be cloudy. may need umbrella and windshield wiper at times as the front approaches. showers will develop at 9:00 o'clock. not going to be very organized. very scattered in nature.
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really continuing for the evening hours s well. and then as we head into early saturday morning couple of wet roadway possible down towards the south bay. but really this is not going to be a major rain event. most of that action is going into southern california northern baja area where the rain is headed. motor areas bay greater few hundredths to. n quarter inch. santa cruz mountains could pick up up to half inch as the system is taking more of a south ward turn than normally would. normally from west to east. having said that if heading up to tahoe tomorrow mostly cloudy turning wine at times. 20 in the morning. 50 in the afternoon. after mid nature going that saturday certainly a chance of some snow showers. no advisory out there. could run into some snow fl on on saturday sunday. 28 in the morning. here's the forecast for us here in the bay area. hit or miss showers is how i call it. low 50's low 60's so cooler day today. we had low 70's around the region. tomorrow afternoon monterey bay upper 50's to low 60's. here's
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accu-weather 7 day forecast. few showers for veterans day. early saturday morning then i'll quote dan. all systems are go for the weekend. really dry for most of the weekend and well that next week. with temperatures about in the 60's. nature looking weather. >> thanks. >> in 40 minutes it will be 1 11-11-11. >> and this is just one way people plan to celebrate the >> and this is just one way people plan to celebrate the triple conversion
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>> start up may soon get more money if the government approves legislation according to the silicon valley business journal. congress wants to increase the cap on mininirl initial public offering from 5 million to 50 million dollars if approved by the senate the bill would give start up access to cash without the hurdle of full blown i p o. >> amy has updated software to fix a problem affecting the new i-phone and i pad. update fix what is apple describes as bugs affecting battery life on did he vases running on i o s 5. more in tomorrow print edition of the business journal. >> tomorrow is the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th yea year. some people say they will buy 11 lottery tickets.
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others will say i do. many people around the country are making arms ments for a once in a century wedding. 11-11-11 is to be lucky for relationships. knew him oly gist refer to 11 as the number of transformation illumination and enlightenment. >> if okay larry. >> transformation, that's a saint we have in the sports department. >> frustration i thought. >> some of that too. speaking of which. when was the last tim bay area had 2 pro football teams in first place. can you remember? no it seems like a foreign con z.raiders get it done in san diego. silver and black occupy the back field. i have the transfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsf
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>> good evening. this is the kind of win raiders need. on the road division arrive a.holding on tight in san diego and lead the west. former rai raiders coach hoping to snap a 3 game losing streak. bush ran
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for 157 yards. raiders up 7-3. second quarter. palmer. airing it out. look at the catch by mary. grabs the back end of the football. 46 yards. raiders get afeld goal out of it and make it a 10-3 game. how does he hang on to. that rivers under siege all night. cameron with 4 of the raider 6 fense of offense at the half. 2 99 yards. deep to moore again. on 33 yard touch down. raiders up 17-3 at the half. ery palmer quickly developing chemistry with this kid moore. 26 yard striking here. moore 5 catches. 123 yard. 2 score. raiders up 24-10. chargers come back. philip rivers rolling hitting jacob. chargers down 24-17 souvenir football for you. one last chance san diego seconds left. rivers swallowed up by tom kelly. raiders hold on 2 24-sfaeb. 5 and 4 and lead the afc west. >> guys step up and make plays and fill in and come in here
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and win as banged up as we were is big for the team. >> coach told me at half time give me the ball 15 mr. times so i told him just feed the study. so he did.>> i say that college football. 3 touch down passes tonight and this guy tail back similar running wild. 52 yards for the houston running back. 4 minutes later. 72 yard score as 11 rank houston blast a bad 2 lane. this kid can good. cougar now 10 and o. with pa teern tern 0pushed out penn state coached by broaderly rest of the season taking over the team with school reeling following revelation of that child sex abuse scandal. bradley has been coaching there for 33 years. he said he's barely had time to think about nebraska on saturday. >> football part we'll get working on that right away. right now i think you should know where our team is toward
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the whole issue and is toward the children, toward their families and our thoughts and our are with them. >> and the shark beat minnesota wild 3 to 1. that's the toyota sports report. >> all right thanks larry. >> nature lane is coming up next. >> keep track of the latest breakingtwitter twitter at 7 news bay area. >> by all men check us out there and for all of us here thanks for watching. we appreciate your time vichlt a thanks for watching. we appreciate your time vichlt a good night ?x?x?x?x?x?x?x?x?x?x?x?x?x?x?x?
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month's quake. australia is about to become the first country worldwide for cigarettes sold in drab packages with graphic warnings. here is the bbc's duncan kennedy. >> reporter: cigarette packs as you know them and as you don't. shocking photos with no branding. in a world first, australia
2:37 am
passed a law to remove all logos, replacing them with plain packaging. the law bans all advertising on packs to try to cut the annual 15,000 smoking related deaths. >> i feel like it is probably a good thing. it needs to be reinforced. however, people at the end of the day i think still are going to buy cigarettes regardless. >> it would just make people really angry. especially cigarette smokers. i mean, they have already been restricted so much. like they're even banning them smoking outside. >> i think it is a great idea. anything to make something less attractive to people who -- particularly young people that may be tempted to take up smoking. >> you may not like tobacco companies, you may have no sympathy for us whatsoever, but i think the principle is the same. you can't just take people's property. >> reporter: the government says with cigarettes health will always trump profits. in the future all these colored
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packs will be illegal. a step being watched by many other countries. the new law takes effect in december of next year. already the tobacco companies are saying that is far too soon. the government, show, says in the interest of public health, logo free, plain packaging for cigarettes cannot now be stopped. duncan kennedy, bbc news, sydney. what's interesting to me. the graphic images that are going to be on the cigarettes. include pictures of mouth cancer and toes with gangrene. the possibilities that, you know, after you smoke these cigarettes. >> you have to wonder if the power of that advertising is going to have an impact. it is an addiction. whether you want to do it or not, it can be very, very tough to break. >> that's true. that's true. i think it will be pretty powerful. and get this -- fines for tobacco companies refusing to comply could top $1 million. we will see those. >> yeah, said it right there.
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we want to get your feedback on this. a big topic of discussion on facebook page. we want to hear what you have to think about this. if it happened in the united states, a lot of people would be outraged. the graphic nature of that. all right. well, fans of the movie "twilight" -- sunny, this is you now. lining up all night in line for chapter of the film doesn't open until monday. it's friday. fans from new zealand, waiting to buy tickets in los angeles. one of the fans is seven months pregnant. she doesn't care. she will stand in line. she loves her "twilight." i read the books before the movies. >> you were hard core. >> yes. well, here's a look at your weather. showers in the pacific northwest. all the way down to san diego. light rain in new york. windy, boston to d.c. cool from the tennessee valley, gulf coast. morning frost, freeze advisories from mississippi to florida. >> speaking of florida. miami, 75.


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