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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  November 11, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> that's good. >> got to laugh with him >> that's good. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning. i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. calls to end occupy oakland are intensifying. police might not have much help. i'll have that story coming up. one of the only people to keep their job in the wake of a penn state child abuse scandal will not be on the field at tomorrow's game. i'm katie marzullo with details on the coach who is receiving death threats. good morning. clouds increase as the storm nears the coast. no rain yet i'll show you where it is and when it will get here. good morning happy friday. live look at san mateo bridge. moving well this morning.
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we will have muni delays with a veterans day parade in san francisco. details on that coming up. good friday morning. it is 4:30 one. it is veterans day. thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. i'm kristen sze our top story. a day after a young man was shot to death near the occupy oakland encampment there's new incentive for the city to move in and end the month long protest. amy hollyfield is live at the police department which may not get help in nut confrontations amy? -- >> reporter: it looks like police may be on their own or not have as much help they did the last time they cleared out that camp. calls tone the camp are intensifying after last night's shooting which you can hear on a clip captured by one of our crews. >> oh my god!
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>> reporter: that's abc 7's laura anthony about to do her 5:00 shot when the bullets started flying. paramedics tried to revive the victim but he did die. the killer got away. some in the occupy oakland insist that the victim was not a part of the movement and point out that violence is an ongoing problem in oakland. they are hoping people won't blame this on occupy oakland. the city officials are saying the camp needs to shutdown immediately. >> the shooting may or may not have had anything to do with the encampment but it is time for people to go. we are asking them to go voluntarily. we've made arrangements for people who need homeless shelters to get those services. >> reporter: mayor quan's popularity is at any new low. many chamber of commerce took
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a poll and said 73% disapprove of the way she has hammed occupy oakland that was taken before the shooting. she has not said how she plans to clear the place out if people don't go voluntarily. according to the bay citizen the alameda county sheriff's office is going to charge the city $1,000, per deputy if they use their help. they say since police cleared it out the last time and then the city let the campers back in, they say this no longer is considered an emergency. other local agencies are also saying they are hesitant to jump in and help oakland on this one. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this afternoon a group of veterans is planning to march from frank ogawa plaza to denounce police brutality and support two injured occupy protesters, both of whom are iraq war vets of the last week one suffered a ruptured spleen after he says police clubbed him during a standoff between
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occupy oakland and oakland police officers. october 25th, scott olsen suffered a fractured skull when he was hit in the head by a projectile during a con phone . -- confrontation. pg&e is laying off more than 200 employees. the as pg&e reorganizes following last year's deadly pipeline explosion and fire in cyril wecht -- in san bruno. 200 employees are being cut along with 25 workers connected with the wireless smart meters program. at the same time the online blog says it has hired 90 engineers, mappers and managers assigned to pg&e's gas operations which is now split from the [ unintelligible ] pg&e crews are working in downtown san francisco to fix a damaged gas pipeline and driving through could be a challenge later in the morning. crews capped a leak on beale street between mission and howard last night.
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a backhoe ruptured a 16 inch line while digginging in the area after 7:00. the leak forced the evacuation of people from nearby businesses and restaurants where the odor was strong. >> we are feeling a little lightheaded when you went through the restaurant you could smell the gas smell. when we stepped outside it was overwhelming. >> there was no fire police did block off the area. residents at millennium tower were told to day in. aspen state gets ready tomorrow to host its -- first game without head coach paterno in half a century for the first time the mother of a victim in the alleged sex abuse is speaking out. katie is live in the newsroom this is "good morning america" exclusive. >> it is. the mother of one of former penn state defensive coordinator jerry sandusky's alleged victim is telling her son's story.
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she spoke about what a confusing time it was for their family and the power sandusky had over her son. abc disgraded her voice to protect her family's identity. >> i said maybe we should have come to this conclusion earlier, you should have told me. he was like well, he said i didn't know what to do. and you just can't tell jerry no. >> he felt stuck he was just a little kid. >> yeah. >> meanwhile, at penn state the fall-out continues. current assistant coach mike mcqueary testified before a grand jury that when he was a grad student he walked in on sandusky assaulting a which in the shower. he did not stop it, nor did he call police. he only told head coach joe paterno. paterno was fired wednesday. mcqueary was not. mcguire query will not be on -- mcqueary will not on the
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sidelines at the game. students and football fans rioted yesterday outraged that paterno lost his job. many have questioned why mcqueary was not punished for his apparent lack of action? the board of trustees has advised paterno not to go to the feel tomorrow for his safety. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 4:37. this morning san diego police are looking for the attacker who stabbed a man in the parking lot after the raiders beat the chargers at qualcomm stadium last night. the wounds don't an appear to be life-threatening. investigators don't think fan rivalry was the motive. a stabbing in brentwood caused the by road rage. two men stopped their cars yesterday afternoon and got night a fight. one was stabbed several times. the victim drove to another neighborhood and called police. he's being treated for life-threatening injuries. police are still looking for
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the suspect. san francisco transportation officials are revisiting what ways to raise revenue as it moves to reduce a 34 million dollar deficit in the next fiscal year. mooney officials are considering raising cash fares by 25 cents and additional 25 cents if they use a transfer expected to generate more than five million dollars. drivers may have to pay more for parking meters running late weeknights all day sunday. the ideas will be discussed monday today is veterans day. san francisco will be honoring our veterans with a parade starting at 11 a.m. from montgomery and market to civic center plaza. a program at the golden gate national cemetery in san bruno with a wreath commemorating blue star moms. in east bay deer hill and observing roads expressing grief over the loss of life in
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iraq and afghanistan in san jose ceremony at 11 a.m. before a parade through down at noon. for a list of veterans day activities throughout the day area go to click on see it on tv. 4:39. on the way in this morning experienced a brief bout of rain it came down quickly then over. just a tease. >> right then we have the parades. >> scattered showers it is a possibility you can't say for sure. it looks like most of us will get rain at sometime today especially during the morning into the early afternoon. right now scattered along the marin coast heading into one and even trying to get to 101, mill valley, novato, san rafael, possibly sausalito, light rain over the next 15 minutes or so. 29 around napa, up towards mount st. helena radar
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returns. everybody else quiet until you get to vallejo and hercules coming down 80 seeing radar returns. does not mean all the rain is haiging to -- is making it to ground. the best radar returns still offshore they will be moving onshore through the morning. in the 30s in santa rosa novato the rest of news the 40s and 50s mild this morning. as was the case yesterday most of the rain along the coast temperatures cooler today upper 50s to low 60s. showers will taper quickly tomorrow morning increasing sunshine saturday afternoon. dry sunday through thursday. happy friday everyone. if you are traveling through morgan hill an accident waiting for you southbound 101 before cochran a car has gone off the road and started a grass fire. fire crews on scene. southbound 101 past laurel an accident there in the right
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lane. we have veterans day parades scheduled for san francisco downtown market, expect muni delays and rerouting in the area. bart on a regular schedule but a parking holiday for bart riders. >> that's a holiday everybody can get behind. along with veterans day. it may be back to square one for the bay area stretch of california's proposed high speed rail system. >> the world's most popular online hangout could be more private. the deal to give facebook users more privacy protection. 3q> a dog owner puts his life
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throughout the day. keep your umbrella nearby. sue will talk about your traffic coming up. another legal setback in the state's plan to build a 99 billion dollar bullet train system. yesterday a superior court judge ruled the state must revise its environmental plan for the route from the south bay to the anyone's latch the judge says officials need to study how the -- how the train would affect local traffic and roads as well as how residents would be handicapped by freight trains running closer to properties. the rail authority says it will reapprove the route after the the studies. facebook may have to get your approval before making changes related to privacy. the social networking company is close to settlinging with the government in a two year investigation. the deal was reportedly force facebook to get consent from users before changing privacy settings and potentially closing -- ex-posing profiles
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to a wiser audience. -- no comment from facebook or the ftc. san francisco dog is one lucky pooch. a man jumped into san francisco bay to save his dog after it fell into the water. the san francisco fire department responded to the rescue last night. this happened outside red's on the embarcadero. the man managed to get his dog out of the cold water safely. once back on dry land they were checked out by paramedics. both are fine. little shivering for a while but just fine. >> a twist on the cliche man is dog's best friend. >> you bet, nice. >> congresswoman gabby giffords continues her remarkable recovery. we hear from her. president obama heads to asia today. what he hopes to bring become from the long awaited trip.
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welcome back. all airports on time as we head towards the west into the midwest even east coast all major airports on time. if you are leaving coolest weather around the great lakes spilling into the east coast 49 new york, 48 chicago, 49 minneapolis. 49 seattle. miami, dallas and phoenix in the 70s. where you can find our flight tracker at the bottom. i 4:48. president obama is taking part in veterans day observances in washington and san diego today. later he will leave for a nine day-venture with summits in hawaii and indonesia. the administration views the asia pacific region as a rising voice in world economic
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and political affairs. president obama will travel across more than 10,000 miles to explain to people how the u.s. role in the asia-pacific region is essential to american jobs and security. congresswoman giffords and her husband astronaut kelly are chronicling her recovery after a bullet nearly took her life last january. together they've written a book. diane sawyer looks at how far give forces has come in her recovery. >> there she is vibrant, spirited. someone calls her the most positive person in congress. seconds after these pictures were taken january 8th, a man aimed a glock 19 at her head and three feet an pulled the trigger. >> we are following developing story shooting at a grocery store. >> 12 were injured. >> through all these months commander kelly was there holding her hand in the hospital.
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>> how about that thumbs up. >> we didn't know there would be hours of videotape of an astounding determined journey. gabby giffords fighting her way one breath, one word, one heartfelt step at a time. not just the journey of one woman, also the husband. who knew what his wife was made of. >> gabrielle giffords is too tough to let this beat her. >> the team of medical professionals. some of them astounded. monday night the woman who went from this, to this. so much distance traveled, unafraid of the distance to come. how do you feel? >> pretty good. >> is it feignful, hard? >> physical. -- >> 10 months later a first conversation. and something we believe might change the way you think about your life. >> diane sawyer will have more in our special monday night. you can see this at 10 p.m.
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right here on abc 7. some middle schoolers texted mom and dad, others reached them by cell phones. others just screamed they didn't want to die during a frightening ride with a drunk bus driver. new jersey police say there were 25 kids onboard yesterday afternoon when the driver began waving one student texted mommy, i think our bus driver is drunk, -- she is not driving right of the police pulled the bus over and found the driver had a blood alcohol level five times the legal limit. nobody was hurt. you know what today is? 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year. a numerical combination that will happen only once this century. it is supposed to be lucky for relationships. that's why have chosen today get married. some clerks are adding extra staffing. pneumologists refer to 11 as
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the -- -- [ unintelligible ] >> honey let's get married it is a lucky day. >> you should see vegas. we are lucky today in the sense that being look at your weekend it is looking drier. >> a little road bump, if you will as we -- >> sorry. >> there's your blip. >> i that every time i -- [ talking over each other ] >> my fault. 4:52 we will move on and talk about sausalito in the foreground, san francisco in the background and how we can see the fog not a factor because includes rolled in last night that kept it from forming. let's see what clouds did to our temperatures. warmest half moon bay and los gatos at 56.
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38 santa rosa, 39 novato. sprinkles possible this morning the bulk of the wet weather out over the ocean. monterey bay mid to upper 40s santa cruz, gilroy, 50 watsonville and 57 in salinas. scattered showers, cooler temperatures this afternoon. showers will linger tonight quickly taper tomorrow morning. leaving us with a dry and mile pattern saturday afternoon at least for sure sunday through thursday. let's look at what is going to happen in the south bay. low 60s. as you move up the peninsula low 60s here with mid to upper 50s along the coast into downtown south san francisco through the north bay at the coast or in the inland valleys mid to upper 50s may get to 60 in ukiah. as you head inland low 60s. you can see how significantly -- or how quickly i should say rain showers taper as i head
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east. upper 50s around monterey and carmelo 60s for everybody else even inland. around the state the bulk of the rain along the coast more inland towards babiers field into los angeles. we have snow -- snow possible at highest elevations around tahoe and yo stem lake level 50° -- 50 san francisco tonight everybody else 40s to cloverdale 48. today while were you sleeping the cold front starts sinking more south then east it is inching closer to the coast. it should start moving into the coast after 7:00 in the form of scattered showers. more widespread showers will move in during the mid-afternoon and evening hours. overnight you could see how they taper and we have sunshine working into saturday. temperatures still cool tomorrow. sunday through thursday pretty
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close to average. 60 at the coast mid to upper 60s for the rest of us. happy friday. if you are leaving the bay area southbound 101 in morgan hill accident on the shoulder and emergency crews there i don't see any significant slowing. be aware it is there. also, veterans day parade this morning. market and montgomery folks will start gathering around 8:00 this morning the parade stars at 11 expect delays on muni on 16 lines around the area they could be rerouted. bart on a regular schedule today and nice for everybody, they are having a parking holiday for bart riders today. before you leave the house for the latest. 4:55. the white house has missed a deadline to produce all communications related to the loan ran tee given to solyndra. a congressional -- a
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congressional committee is investigating the loan to the bankrupt company. it subpoenaed documents the administration says it has handed over 85,000 pages of documents and calls the subpoena partisan politics. investigators trying to determine if solyndra used political influence to secure that loan. and then to get it restructured when the company started to faulter. a piece of fisherman's wharf history open again after being shutdown for most of the year. the fish company reopened yesterday. the owners voluntarily closed the iconic store while an environmental cleanup took place near they were concerned debris and dust might contaminate their fish and crab. >> they are gone, everything is settled we've cleaned up, everything is beautiful now and we are ready for could do season. >> the tanks sit -- empty now hopefully they will be fill after the crab season opens next tuesday. they've been in operation for more than 70 years.
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4:56. calls grow for an end to occupy oakland after a deadly shooting near the camp. why police may not have much needed help if they attempt to dismantle the tent city again. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in san francisco. this morning pg&e facing possibly millions of dollars of fines. the result of a new public utilities commission investigation. lay-offs at the company. and i'll tell you about last night's gas main break that lead to a sheller in place order. east bay man -- shoots and kids three family members before turning the again on himself. what police say may have driven him over the edge. ñtñtñtp
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