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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 11, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. it is not just city leaders in oakland who are frustrated with the way mayor quan is handling occupy oakland. now other law enforcement agencies say they're frustrated too and might not help oakland police if they have to move in and forcefully move protesters out. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. pg&e up to its neck in news. new investigation that could cost the utility and customers millions.
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lay-offs. and last night's gas leak that lead to a shelter in place or. the stories coming up. good morning. thickening clouds over san francisco, -- a few sprinkles so far the bulk of the wet weather offshore. i'll show you when it will get to your neighborhood. friday morning light at the bay bridge toll plaza. a few folks waiting to pay cash. it is veterans day we'll look at schedules in a few minutes. it is the day we honor the men and women in u.s. uniforms. 6:01 thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. the voices calling for occupy oakland protesters to leave their camp near city hall are getting louder. the morning after a man was shot and killed within yards of the camp. amy hollyfield is live with the latest. >> reporter: oakland police relied on the help of other law enforcement agencies the last time they had to clear
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out occupy oakland. if they have to do it again they might not have help again. the calls to clear out that camp are intensifying after last night's shooting. we have sounds of the gunshots captured by our news crew last night. [ gunfire ] >> oh my god! >> reporter: laura anthony was preparing to do her live report at 5:00 when the shots were fired. her photographer randy davis was beat up by protesters who did not want him photographing the crime scene. he suffered from a mild concussion. occupy oakland protesters quickly distanced themselves from the shooting saying the victim was not part of their camp. two newspapers are reporting the victim did visit the camp frequently and volunteered in the kitchen. >> these things happen all the time in downtown oakland. i've been here long before the
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occupation when there were shootouts this is not specific to the camp. >> the shooting may or may not have had to do the with -- to do with the encampment but it is time for people to go. we'll made arrangements for people who need homeless shelters to get those services. >> reporter: the mayor has not said how she will clear out the protesters if they don't leave voluntarily if she calls the police they might not get a lot of help. alameda will charge oakland $1,000 per deputy because they don't consider this an emergency any more. since she evicted the protesters and the city allowed them back -- the -- other chiefs and city councils are now saying they can't afford to send more police officers to observing . and they are frustrated with the -- with the indecisiveness of the mayor.
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quiet morning at uc berkeley a day after police arrested at least 40 people attempting to set up an occupy-type camp at sproul dozens met to plan a department station to protest budget -- cuts but voted not to occupy the plaza 24 hours a day. protesters are calling for a student and faculty strike next tuesday. in santa rosa the city council approved an ordinance that will allow occupy santa rosa to for a permit to continue camping at city hall good for two weeks at a time. protesters have been at city hall for two weeks now. with this morning san jose police on the hunt for kidnapping and carjacking suspect. the suspect carjacked and kidnapped the driver of a white camaro at the third street after 7:00 last night. the victim and the car were found safe two hours later at the intersection of 17th street and east santa clara
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street. police searched for the suspect but never found him if you have any information you are asked to call san jose police. pg&e customers may foot a massive bill and face new safety worries as the result of a stunning new state investigation. the state says the utility made a big mistake that potentially infected -- affected intersections of 00 miles of gas pipelines. -- of 200 miles of gas pipelines. >> reporter: pg&e under the microscope again not so much for the gas leak that lead to a shelter in place order more for an investigation into why it didn't keep better track of gas pipelines. an investigation that could cost the utility millions. customers could end up picking up that tab. look at the scene after 7:00 last night beale and mission streets. workers were working on a 16 inch gasline they cut a hole
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in it a mile area cordoned off. no explosion, no fire there was concern people were told not to light a match there was a strong gas presence. >> we were feeling lightheaded. when we went through the restaurant you could smell the gas. when we stepped out it was overwhelming. >> reporter: the public utilities commission wants to know how pg&e misclassified 172 miles of pipe as being an undeveloped area and exempt from federal standards and inspections. most of those pipes in counties pg&e announcing it is laying off 225 people, result of a restructuring, direct result of what happened in san bruno last year when the pipeline blew and killed eight people. most of those lay-offs are going to be taking place at pg&e headquarters here on beale street the building is
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half a block from where i'm standing. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. our time is just about 6:07. >> terry had his rain jacket on. it doesn't look like it is getting wet. >> i'm apparently the only person in the room who has seen a little rain this morning. >> scattered through most of the morning commute. 6:07. that ban has moved into the central valleys. the other side of the screen, a wall of water start to move towards the coast. still looks like towards the end of the morning commute we are going to get more of that more steady rain that is going to hit the coast more than anywhere else. low sink the -- low sinking to the south. mountains, monterey bay and points south will get the bulk. low to mid 40s novato, santa rosa, napa, redwood city, fremont, livermore, antioch
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concord mid to upper 40s everybody else low to mid 50s. during the afternoon you can see the rain shield along the coast into the santa cruz mountains. scattered showers in the south bay into the east bay valleys, lighter rain than the rest of us. upper 50s to low 60s. good 10° cooler than yesterday. 59 monterey, low 60s for the rest of bay. also inland. showers will taper overnight, increasing sunshine tomorrow, temperatures about two to four degrees maybe two to six december warmer than today temperatures close to average -- six degrees warmer than today. going to the altamont pass. westbound 580 at the altamont pass at north flynn accident multi-vehicles glass debris scattered in lanes. accident is blocking the left lane. looks like not too slow in the
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area. we'll continue to watch this it is veterans day holiday public transit on regular schedule no problems. expect muni delays laser with the veterans day parade at 11 amman and market to the sieve -- to the civic center. from bad to worse. what new projections are saying about california's budget gap and the impact it could have on every one of the state's residents. paying for protection. why hundreds of thousands of california residents can expect sticker shock as they prepare to pay a new bill coming from firefighters. star sightings in the city by the bay. events that brought some of hollywood's hottest names to san francisco last night
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. . 6:13. you are looking live at arlington, virginia the of the unknowns. 8 a.m. our time the president will arrive for a wreath-laying ceremony. is an annual event at the tomb of the unknown. more about that later on. it is veterans day. oakland police are trying to identify a woman found dead in the 1600 block of east 22nd street. detectives say there are no visible signs of injury. if her death turns out to be a homicide it would be the 101st of the year, six more than all
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of last year in oakland. >> oakland police say a weeklong operation to get wanted felons off the street was a success. place arrested 138 people. they confiscated 13 firearms and more than $32,000 worth of drugs. >> more than 100 law enforcement officers came together from nine federal state and local agencies. over the past six days, they all had just one thing in mind, let's work together to help make oakland a safer and better place to and work. >> the operation focused on areas where gang violence has been on the rise. california homeowners who rely on the state for all or part of their fire protection are going to be billed. homeowners will be surprised to find the fee if going to be higher than first proposed. it will affect nearly a million rural residents the fee is $150 with exemptions most will pay $115 higher than
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the one approved in august which was $9 which with exemptions that -- was $90, with exemptions that would have only been $25. >> you went through a public process, hearing to determine what was the right thing to do. you came out with a number and that number wind acceptable. >> i'm retired and -- wasn't acceptable. >> i'm retired and every $50, $100 is hurting me. >> opponents are thinking about mounting a legal challenge. they say the fee amounts to a tax. more budget cuts could be ahead for california. according to state controller john chung the state has fallen 1 1/2 billion dollars behind in revenue for the first four months of this fiscal year. in october the state was 810 million dollars behind expect tastes that could mean automatically triggered budget cuts. under the deal signed in june if the state falls between one and two billion dollars short education funding will be cut.
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however, those cuts could be avoided if revenue improves in the coming months. let's see who might be able to avoid the rain today. >> good question. let show you how how much thicker the clouds are than they were yesterday. -- right now it is very, very scattered from mount tamalpais this morning. live doppler off to the east in the central valley left of the screen still out over the ocean if you are heading out now you still have plenty of time for a dry commute. as far as temperatures, let's update those 39 santa rosa everybody else in the 40s to near 50. half moon bay you have a southeast wind at around 12 bringing in mild temperatures 59° for you it mid to upper 40s around the monterey bay inland low to mid 50s gilroy and salinas.
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scattered showers today and cooler conditions for all of us showers linger tonight and taper quickly tomorrow morning. that will leave us with a dry and mild pattern sunday through thursday. today down in the south bay low 60s temperatures running five to eight degrees cooler than yesterday. low 60s on the peninsula mid to upper 50s coast downtown south san francisco mid to upper 50s from north bay beaches towards your inland neighborhoods on the east bay shore upper 50s to low 60s for you. mainly low 60s in the east bay valleys. rain tapers considerably towards the east an which from the coast. upper 50s to low 60s around the monterey bay. tonight clearing will take place temperatures in the 40s in most places san francisco around 50 cloverdale 38°. here's what is happening, you can watch this low sinking to the south as we talked about yesterday. the cold front is slowly
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inching towards the coast. it will get here by 7:00, 8:00 in the form of light drizzle along the coast. then by noon we start to see showers develop and heavier spotty rain move through during the afternoon early evening hours and overnight it is gone by 8:00 tomorrow morning by the afternoon we are looking at sunshine temperatures warmer than today. rain half to in the santa cruz mountains. farther east in the lower elevations only going to get a couple hundreds of an ink of -- after inch of rain. tomorrow increasing sun, temperatures two to eight degrees warmer than today. for the rest of the forecast, increasing sun, near 60 along the coast mid to upper 60s for the rest of us. update, back to the altamont pass we have one al 0 at north flynn multi---
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blocking left lane glass shards of glass in the roadway. as you can see, drive times now no significant slowing past the scene relatively light good news hopefully get that out drive from 205 to the dublin interchange less than 20 minutes through marin county not bad carquinez bridge to the maze still light. golden gate bridge off the waldo across the span everything at the limit no problems as you go to the golden gate tolls, bay bridge tolls lie. a little back-up cash paying folks headed into san francisco. no metering lights and no delays. is the place to go for the latest information. the excitement is building for twilight fans as we near the opening of the highly anticipated "breaking dawn." dozens waited in line to catch
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the cars part of a concert tour featuring music from the saga. star struck fans got a chance to meet some of the cast. >> we are making these movies for them as long as they like it i'm happy. >> it is nice to interact with our fans because -- [ inaudible ] >> they are the whole reason we are here it is nice to meet these people good energy. >> we "breaking dawn" opens next fry. so far the films have -- grossed almost two billions worldwide. francis, we've been in touch, planning a day when we can go see that. >> what do you think your pulse is right now? >> i don't know 200 beats a minute. >> calm. much anticipated phone fix
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software upgrade that may end a battery battle with the newest iphone. asking for permission instead of forgiveness. new solution facebook may have for the g
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facebook may soon have to get your approval before making changes relating to
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your privacy. the company is close to setting with the government in its two year investigation. the deal would reportedly force facebook to get consent from users before changing privacy settings and potentially exposing profiles and activities to a wider audience. this would offer more protection than the opt-out approach criticized by privacy add kids and users. -- >> apple says it has fixed the recent battery problems plaguing its iphone 4s customers since the new phone came out. since it came out thousands have complained the battery gives out in a few hours. the company has just released an updated version of its ios5 software. it appears to fix the issue and for the first time this update is available via wifi using icloud. 6:25. no confidence. still ahead why the occupy oakland protest put a bigger
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divide between mayor quan on the city council. >> >> reporter: the oakland police department may get called on again to clear out the occupy oakland camp. who will be there to help them? i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland where some law enforcement agencies are distancing themselves from oakland. that story straight ahead. >> plus, the opening -- events happening today around the bay to honor america's veterans. >> a stunning win for the raiders in san diego. why it could be overshadowed by fan violence, after the game. even with the rain no delays now in california. they could develop later this afternoon as the rain gets heavier across the country we are running on time at our majorúúúúúúúúú@@úúúúúúúúúúúúúúúú
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opening bell has rung already signaling the start of the trading day. stock futures ending up, new leaders begin taking over in italy and greece feeling hopes of a new resolution for europe's growing debt crisis. the italian senate passed an economic reform bill today paving the way for berlusconi to step an sigh.
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we go live to the new york stock exchange coming up in 15 minutes. from the mayor's off to the city council to the chamber of commerce, the drum beat is getting louder tone the occupy oakland protests. the momentum is building after a man was shot and killed last night amy hollyfield is live at the oakland police department with more. >> reporter: the oakland police department might be on its own if it has to forcefully move the protesters out. some law enforcement agencies are distancing themselves from the oakland police department. it is looking more like think that forceful evection is going to have to have happen. city leaders are calling on the end of this camp because of the shooting last night. we have sounds of the bullets fired captured by one of our news crews. [ gunfire ] >> oh my god! >> reporter: that's laura anthony, she was pretty calm when several shots were fired
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close to her. just before her 5:00 live shot for our newscast. her photographer randy davis was assaulted when he tried to take video of the crime scene. some protesters punched him several times he suffered a mild concussion. the man who was shot did die. police have not made any arrests. city leaders are saying this violence is the reason to end the camp immediately. mayor quan called on protesters to voluntarily leave last night. occupy oakland leaders say the city shouldn't blame the shooting on their cause. >> this was a simple everyday life that oakland guess through. it just happened to happen right by where we are protesting. >> the shooting may or may not have had anything to do with the encampment, but it is time for people to go we are asking them to go voluntarily and we've made arrangements for people who need homeless shelters to get those services. >> reporter: mayor quan has
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not said how she will clear out the plaza if people don't leave voluntarily. if she calls on police they likely won't have as much help as they had the first time around. the alameda county sheriff's office will charge $1,000 per deputy. they don't consider this an emergency any more since the camp was cleared out before and city leaders let the protesters back in. the berkeley city council voted to ends its aid agreement with oakland. other law enforcement agencies are starting to say they don't think they can afford to send officers to oakland once again. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. meantime, this morning the criticism of oakland mayor quan is growing specifically because of how she has handled the occupy protests. president of the observing lantz city council has said one member of the board is calling -- calling for a no confidence vote according to the survey of 1100 oakland voters commissioned by better of commerce 59% of those who
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investigated an opinion say the encampment should end. 63% say the impact on businesses has been harmful. 73% disapprove of the way the mayor has handled the whole thing. quan has not commented on the call for a no confidence vote or on the poll. this afternoon a group of veterans is planning to march from frank ogawa to denounce what they call police brutality and support two protesters, both of whom iraq war vets. last week one suffered a ruptured spleen after he says police clubbed him. october 20 -- october 25th, scott olsen suffered a fractured skull when he was hit in the head. police say a stabbing in brentwood was caused by road rage. two men stopped their cars and got into a fight.
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one man was stabbed several times during the confrontation. the victim drove to another neighborhood and called police. he is being treated for life-threatening injuries. police are still searching for the other driver. this morning san diego police are looking for the attacker who stabbed a man in the parking lot after the raiders beat the chargers at qualcomm stadium last the wounds don't appear to be life-threatening. police say so far it doesn't appear that fan rivalry was the motive. san francisco transportation officials revisiting ways to raise revenue as it moves to reduce the projected 34 million dollar deficit in the next fiscal year. muni officials considering raising fares by 25 cents and additional 25 cents if they use a transfer. drivers may have to pay more for parking with meters running late weeknights and all day sunday. the ideas will be discussed monday.
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6:35. today is veterans day. san francisco will honor our nation's veterans with a parade starting at 11. it runs from montgomery and market to civic center plaza. there will be a program at the golden gate national cemetary in san bruno with a wreath commemoration by the blue star moms. in the east bay vigil at the crosses of lafayette on deer hill and oak roads expressing grief over the loss of life in iraq and afghanistan. in san jose, ceremony scheduled at 11 a.m. before a parade through downtown at noon. for a list of activities throughout the bay area, go to >> >> the president will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown in washington. here in the pwaeufr area the parades shouldn't be a rain out -- prepare for wet weather doesn't moon all of us will get some.
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the closer to the -- meanwhile of us will get some. closer to the coast more likely you will. on the left is the wall of water there's the latest update that is slowly moving towards us and it is moving more to the southeast than it is towards the east. you can see the push right here towards the monterey bay, santa rutz mountains more than anywhere elsewhere -- santa cruz mountains more than anywhere else. the low shrunk to the south as we talked about it would that's why the heaviest rain will fall the further south you are. 8:00 rain moving into the coast temperatures in the 40s and 50s. as we head towards the lunch hour scattered showers anywhere with the bulk of the weather along the coast into the afternoon hours we'll start to see some of this push more inland. better chance of seeing more organized wet weather during the afternoon and early evening. mid 50s to near 60 at 4:00. here's a look at your forecast,
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showers taper quickly tomorrow morning, afternoon sun, warmer, temperatures close to average the rest of the forecast. good morning. happy friday. looks like it is friday light at the bay bridge toll plaza, that's how we like it. cars streaming into san francisco. on the incline section there is a stall waiting for you westbound in the left lane it is a motorcycle. we are not showing any significant slowing past there. be forewarned. san mateo bridge at the limit both directs from hayward to fostery westbound and you can see taillights moving nicely. -- we have good news altamont pass westbound 580 north flynn accident cleared. never did see significant slowing by that. good news for your friday. 580 there you have it 20 minutes into the dublin interchange. 92 across the san mateo bridge and highway 4.
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muni delays due to the veterans day parade montgomery and market this morning at 11. it is 6:38. >> how far would you go for man's best friend? would you jump into the icy cold water? how one man's love of his dog left him treading water in the bay last night. live report from the new york stock exchange. the latest on trading. right now the dow rallying big time up 180 points. putting a life backing to. congresswoman give forces s exclusively to abc news about life after nearly -- nearly being killed. did a california judge just stop a bullet? not that kind. the decision that could scrap plans to run high speed trains across the peninsula. >> from unauthorized trips from school to sleepovers in the basement, we are learning more about the sexual assault allegations against jerry sandusky. the mother of the alleged÷x÷x÷xx
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scattered showers across most of the state today even high snow levels around 7,000 feet in the sierra. temperatures in the 60s to 70s in southern california. the 50s will dominate the high country. let's go up there and she what is going to happen this weekend.
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scattered snow even rain today. cloudy and upper 40s in tahoe same in yosemite mid to upper 50s throughout the weekend. the south part of the state and you can see showers for saturday in san diego and l.a.. 6:44. aspen state gets ready tomorrow to host is first game -- without head coach paterno in half a century for the first time the mother of a victim in the alleged sex abuse by one of paterno's former football coaches is speaking out. katie is here with the "good morning america" exclusive. >> reporter: the woman tells george stephanopoulos her son was 11-years-old when he met former defensive coordinator, jerry sandusky at the coach's summer camp. at some point after her son started acting out. she didn't know right way his behavior was due to alleged sexual abuse. since the indictment she has learned a wrestling coach once saw sandusky lying on top of her son in a secluded room and
6:45 am
he was taking her son out of school without her permission. abcs had disguised the mother's voice. >> at some point he came to you and said he wanted information about how to look up sex weirdoes? >> yes. >> what did you think? >> i asked him, who he was looking up? he said he wants to see if engineer write was on there. and i said -- jerry was on there. i said why would you look him up? he said i don't know here's a weirdo. >> reporter: at penn state the fall-out continues current assistant coach mike mcqueary will not be allowed at tomorrow's game bus of death threats. he testified before a -- before a grand jury when he was a grad student he walked in on sandusky assaulting a boy in the shower he didn't stop it or called police he only told head coach paterno. paterno was fired, mcyear --
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mcqueary was not. you can watch the entire interview with the mother of an alleged sex abuse victim on "good morning america" at 7:00. arizona representative gabrielle give fors able to speak with a clear -- giffords is able to speak with a clear voice since she was shot 10 months ago. she was seated with her husband astronaut mark kelly. the interview welfare mondays with previewed last night. giffords suffered a brain injury in january when a gunman opened fire. her recovery has been a long uphill battle. >> how do you feel? >> pretty good. >> it is painful? >> difficult. >> sawyer spoke to giffords about the other victims in the shooting and about her future in congress. diane sawyer will have more on
6:47 am
gabby give forces during an hour long special -- gabby giffords during an hour long special monday night. monetary awards for members of the military whose homes were illegally foreclosed on. >> jane king has more on that and early trading. hello. this impacts 160 service members, big september between a unit of bank of america and department of justice. as part of the settlement the home loan -- [ unintelligible ] the justice department tells us the largest settlement ever reached. stronger start to things this morning. italian bond yields down,
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stocks are up. it is that simple today. there's hope the new government will quickly implement a new budget deal. bloomberg index trading up 1%. i'm jane king. mike is tracking your chances for getting rain. >> good if you live near the coast less likely inland especially in the east bay valleys you will probably get the least amount unless we get one of those scattered showers. to the west you can see thicker clouds thicker lower deck is going to bring the more organized wet weather towards the coast over the next hour or two you can see it on doppler. left side of the screen that wall of water rolling towards us. a few sprinkles this morning have moved into the central valley and dissipated. it is pretty calm now. running in the 40s and 50s just about everywhere.
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santa rosa 39. warm spot half moon bay at 59. as you head into the monterey bay upper 40s mid to upper 40s inland low to mid 50s if you are stepping out. let's talk about those scattered showers and cooler temperatures for all of us today. showers lingering during the evening and taper quickly tomorrow morning that will put us in a dry and mild pattern. today temperatures drive -- drop five to eight degrees compared to yesterday. as you head through the south bay today temperatures in the low 60s. highs the same low 60s on the peninsula mid to upper 50s along the coast into downtown south san francisco mid 50s north bay beaches mid to upper 50s in your valleys. 59 monterey, 58 carmel everybody else around the monterey bay and inland in the low 60s. tonight you see the rain tapering quickly temperatures dropping into the 40s except for 50 in san francisco and
6:50 am
cloverdale at 38. here's what happened while were you sleeping. the low as we talked about yesterday sinking south the front ever so slowly inching towards the coast. that is what is pushing the rain towards us. by 7:00, you can see it knocking on the coast. kind of staying right along the coast through 12:00. during the afternoon into the early evening we the waves of light showers develop overnight you can see we quiet down and we get sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. rainfall ats a quarter to half inch along the coast. -- just a couple hundreds as you head into the east bay val hits. tomorrow temperatures warm two to eight degrees with increasing sunshine in the afternoon. sunday through thursday 60 at the coast mid to upper 60s more shun thine for the rest of us. just had to -- had to show you this beautiful monterey sunrise out cropping of the rock with the birds hanging around, isn't that absolutely
6:51 am
gorgeous? i wish we knew who sent that in so we could thank them. if you have photos would you like to share we would love to see them upload them and your name to ureport or e-mail them, thank you. going to our map of mass transit. we expect muni delays later on veterans day parade downtown san francisco at montgomery and market, 16 muni lines on the route in that area that will be affected. you can expect rerouting and delays on muni this morning. no other mass transit problems of the bart on a regular schedule. bart park something free to -- >> westbound 152 injury accident all lanes temporarily blocked landing a medivac helicopter in lanes to get those accident victims picked up. you will expect delays on 152 at this hour.
6:52 am
toll plaza, metering lights off. very light heading into san francisco. you will find a stall on the incline left lane a motorcycle. golden gate bridge smooth sailing out the tunnel nice morning to come to san francisco from marin county. est information. -- 6:52. in morning another legal setback in the state's plans to build a 99 billion dollar bullet train system. yesterday a judge ruled the state must revive its environmental plan for the route from the south bay to the peninsula the judge says officials need to study how the train would affect local traffic and reds as well as how peninsula residents -- could be handicapped by trains running closer to their properties. the rail authority says it will reapprove the route after completing the study. 6:52. a san francisco dog is lucky a
6:53 am
man jumped into the bay to save his dog after it fell into the water. the fire department responded to the rescue last night. this happened outside the landmark red's java house on the embarcadero. the man managed to get his dog out of the water safely. once back on dry land they were checked out by paramedics. no hypothermia, both are fine. >> got to hear the dog side of the story. >> yeah we have to talk about that. the calls for occupy oakland protesters to leave their camp near city hall are getting louder after a man was shot and killed near the camp. >> amy hollyfield is live at the oakland police department. >> reporter: new problem. if police are called on to go into that camp and get the protesters out it is not looking like they are going to have a lot of help. some law enforcement agencies are distancing themselves as calls are intensifying for someone to go in and break up that camp. that is coming after last
6:54 am
night's shooting. we have yes we have the gun shots captured by our crew -- we have gunshots captured by our crew. [ gunfire ] >> oh my god! >> reporter: laura anthony was calm when several shots were fired. that was before her 5 o'clock live shot for our show last night. the man who was shot was killed and police have not made any arrests. now city leaders are calling on bringing an end to this camp. they say the violence is unseparable. mayor quan called on -- unacceptable many mayor quan called on protesters to voluntarily leave last night. occupy oakland leaders are saying the city should not blame the shooting on their cause. pointing out that violence is a problem for all of observing , not just there in the downtown there's their camp -- oakland, not just there in the downtown.
6:55 am
if the -- if the mayor has to clear out the camp, the alameda county sheriff's office is saying it would charge about $1,000 per deputy if they had come in. other agencies are saying they can't afford to bring in police officers to help oakland. they are frustrated with the mayor's indecisiveness since they cleared out the plaza before and now the protester are back. a lot of developments today. our other top story in san francisco. terry mcsweeney is there with an update. >> reporter: great job here in san francisco, pg&e offs must be wondering if pg&e stands for problems, grief and extra investigations. the public utilities commission launching a new investigation as to why the utility didn't keep better track of its pipelines that's the long term concern. last night here in san francisco, a short term
6:56 am
concern but a big concern for a while. pg&e crew cut a hole in a pipeline on beale near mission and a one mile area around the area here was cordoned off. no ex-explosion or fire but a strong smell of gas capped at 8:45. back to the puc, it wants to know how pg&e misclassified 172 miles of pipe as being in undeveloped areas therefore exempt from inspections. most of those lines in marin, sonoma, contra costa and santa clara counties. fines up to $20 to you a day are possible. -- up to $20,000 a day are possible. pg&e laying off 225 people as a result of the san bruno fire last year. they are restructuring and layoffs are to happen. gas leak on bale headquarters where most of the lay-offs are going to take -- take place, half a block away. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. we start with doppler more
6:57 am
organize wet weather moving towards the coast so you will get rain during the morning commute. most of us will get the bulk of the wet weather during the afternoon and evening temperatures cooler today upper 50s to low 60s. tomorrow afternoon sunshine and warmer weather and we'll stay mild through the end of the forecast. have a great weekend. hollister eastbound 152. all lanes temporarily blocked with a medivac that is handling to rescue.
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