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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 11, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. a "gma" exclusive. the mother of victim number one in the penn state sex scandal speaks out for the first time. what she says now about the man at the center of the allegations. >> i want justice. i want him -- i want him to be locked up. there's no help for somebody that does this. plus, threats sideline the whistle-blower coach before tomorrow's big game. gabby's fight. we hear the first words from gabby giffords this morning about battling back to health. her moments of intense frustration and incredible, medical break throughs. diane sawyer has a sneak peek of her exclusive interview. hollywood ending for the oscars. a dramatic comeback for one of the show's favorite hosts ever. billy crystal returning to center stage to make us laugh one more time.
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>> and get ready for one amazing morning. a "gma" live event as cameron mathison takes uninside the biggest baby day of the year, 11-11-11. >> baby, oh, baby, what a night it's been. yes. 11-11-11. so special because it is also veterans day. and we're going to be talking about that coming up. >> great to see those veterans, thank you all for your service. >> absolutely. can we get this live shot in orlando? baby, oh, baby. it's been a night of miracles. 40 babies so far. you see the count there. cam is there. some think that 11-11-11 is lucky. >> very lucky. 16 boy, 24 girls, a lot of lucky families this morning.
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also this morning, the latest on the sex scandal at penn state. i had a chance to speak to the mother of the boy who is victim number one. had he not come forward, we may not know the truth about what happened. this has been a long ordeal for the family. we'll talk to the mom about her suspicions and the heartbreaking conversation she finally had with her son when he was able to say what happened. >> we heard a bit of her in the cold open, her voice is altered, we should tell people, because she's trying to protect. we're going to hear that interview in a moment. first, abc's dan harris is in state college, pennsylvania, and has the latest on the growing scandal at the university. good morning, dan. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. as the people of penn state prepare for their first football game without the head coach joe paterno in more than 40 years, a really seismic shift here, the investigation into joe paterno's former defensive coordinator is now only expanding. jerry sandusky, accused of recruiting sex abuse victims from his charity for at-risk youth, which he's seen here discussing on the 2007 penn
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state tailgate show. >> it's an opportunity for me, you know, to have been touched by so many great people. >> reporter: is now under investigation, not only in pennsylvania but also in texas. police in san antonio say they're looking into the possibility that sandusky abused a boy that he took with him to the alamo bowl in 1999. sandusky, who we saw driving away from his home on thursday, is now, quote, devastated, his attorney tells abc news, that joe paterno has been fired as a result of this scandal. >> hey, good luck, everybody. thanks for coming. joe pa, as they call him here, says he will stay away from tomorrow's big game, out of respect for tom bradley, who has been appointed as the new interim head coach. >> i take this job with very mixed emotions. >> reporter: another coach who has been told to stay away from tomorrow's game, mike mcqueary, the man who says he witnessed sandusky sexually abusing a 10-year-old. mcqueary reported it to joe paterno. but he did not intervene to stop
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it, a fact that has infuriated so many people that the university says there have been multiple threats against him. but when paterno's firing was announced, there was mayhem. local police now saying it was, quote, a riotous mob of 4,000 to 5,000 students. they're spraying tear gas. the governor of pennsylvania, who describes these students as -- >> knuckleheads. >> reporter: -- is now practically begging students not to do it again. >> behave and demonstrate your pride in penn state. >> reporter: the athletic director at nebraska says he's been assured by the people here at penn state that they will beef up security ahead of tomorrow's game. meanwhile, the pep rally scheduled for tonight has been canceled. instead, there will be a candlelight vigil for the alleged victims. george? >> dan, thank you. now, my exclusive interview with the mother of victim number one. her son was brave enough to step forward. and she is speaking out now to make sure justice was done and
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other children are protected. for her protection that the difficult time, we won't show her voice aher face and her voi been altered. her son was just 11 hen he met jerry sandusky. it all seemed so innocent. when was the first time you suspected that something was wrong with the relationship? >> my son started acting out. i went to the school counselors. you know, and it was basically, they said a puberty thing. >> and at some point he came to you and said he wanted information on how to look up -- sex weirdos? >> yes. >> i asked him who he was looking up. and he wanted to see if jerry was on there. and i said, well, why would you look him up? and he said, i don't know. he's a weirdo. and i preceded to ask him if there was something he needed to tell me. and at that point, he didn't indicate anything.
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i called the school and expressed my concerns. i told them to pull my son down to the guidance office and talk to him, and they did. at that point, they called me and said it was very important that i get there immediately. at that point, i already had suspicions. i kind of knew what it was about. >> reporter: that was more than a year after her son began spending more time with sandusky, alone, every week. sleeping over in his basement. that's when prosecutors say sandusky began to abuse the boy. when you read in the indictment what was going on in that basement, what went through your mind? what did you want to do? >> i was horrified. i was absolutely horrified. >> reporter: according to the grand jury indictment, high school administrators had been allowing sandusky to pull her son out of class for unsupervised visits. one wrestling coach said he even caught sandusky lying atop the boy in a secluded weight room. but his mother said she knew nothing.
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>> i didn't know he was leaving the school with my child. i didn't know he was taking him out of classes. they never told me that. >> reporter: why do you think your son never told you? >> well, i think it was a lot of embarrassment. he was giving me hints to figure it out. andy eventually figure it out. >> reporter: when you did have a chance to have a heart-to-heart with your son years after the relationship first began, tell us about that. what happened? >> we had a discussion where, you know, i had said, you know, maybe we should have, you know, come to this conclusion earlier. you should have told me. and he was like, well, you know, i didn't know what to do. i just didn't know what to do. and you just can't tell jerry no. >> he felt stuck, he was just a little kid. >> yeah. >> and what surprises and saddens her the most, the number of people who seemed to know something was going on, but didn't call police, including coach joe paterno. >> do you think it was right for him to be fire? >> well, i think if he had any
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inclination of this, and he legally needed to do what he needed to do. but there have to be morals there. but in my opinion, yes. i think they all needed to be gone. >> i can't imagine what you must be feeling, what you must be thinking. and how angry you must be. i know how angry i would be if this was something that happened to my kids. do you have any sense of how this could have gone on for so long and be so widespread and never got out? >> i have no idea. i have no idea how. i can't even imagine. i don't have any clue. >> reporter: what is your son saying now about what happened? and about everything that he's seen at penn state over the last few days? >> the students of penn state are not involved in hiding this or doing anything to him. so, he's really, you know -- he's all cheering for the team. but as far as the people who hid it, no. we have no respect for those people. >> reporter: at some point, he will be testifying in court. that's going to be very difficult. >> very. but he's a brave kid. >> reporter: how did you and
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your son like to see this end? what would you like to see happen? >> i want justice. i wanted him to be locked up. there's no help for somebody who does this. not like this. there's -- he needs to be put away. he needs to be put away for a long time. >> boy. that is just so hard to hear. and the mother alluded to it. what compounds the crimes is the shame they heap on these kids that make it so hard for them to speak out. and it gets to go on for so long. >> the abuser often tells the child, no will will believe you. but her son, very brave to step up as he did. now, to politics. your voice, your vote. rick perry is now doing damage control. taking to the late-night shows to turn his remarkable gaffe at wednesday's debate into laughs. is it enough for a comeback? john berman has all the answers. as always. good morning, robin. you know, there's no question that rick perry is in full-scale political rehab. it's like a 12-step plan. joke about it.
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joke about it. send out your wife. rinse, repeat. what's the best way to recover after you can't remember three departments in a presidential debate? >> i would do away with education, the -- commerce. and let's see. i can't. the third one, i can't. sorry. oops. >> reporter: do the top ten on david letterman. >> you try concentrating with mitt romney smiling at you. that is one handsome dude. i wanted to help take the heat off of my buddy, herman cain. >> okay. and the number one rick perry excuse. >> i just learned that justin bieber is my father. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: perry's appearance on "the late show," was part of an all-out media assault, a "brady bunch" like appearances. five morning show, two fox shows and late-night comedy. >> if we're electing a debater
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in chief, don't elect me. >> reporter: and the next step in debate club rehab, the wife. anita perry on the trail. >> everybody forgets something every now and then. but he remembered our anniversary last week. >> reporter: before rick perry had the flub heard around the world, the candidate doing the most damage control was herman cain, fending off sexual harassment allegations. the foxnews cameras caught cain joking with supporters about anita hill who famously accused clarence thomas of harassment in the 1990s. >> did you hear the news today? anita hill is going to come here. >> is she gonna endorse me? >> reporter: the most effective p.r. tool for herman cain right now might be that he's not rick perry. rick perry recently hired george allbaugh to run his campaign. allbaugh was george bush's campaign manager. but more importantly, he ran fema. he knows how to recover from disaster.
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robin. >> rinse, repeat. all right, john. thank you. >> i think john enjoyed this story. now, to diane sawyer's exclusive interview with gabby giffords. we remember that weekend in january, when the congresswoman was shot point-blank in the brain. it was hard to imagine back then that she would survive. but this remarkable woman is so full of spirit and fight. she and her astronaut husband mark kelly have written a book about her miraculous recovery, called "gabby." and she sat down with diane for her first interview. >> the greens, the libertarians and the vegetarians. good morning, everyone. want to be able to stand up and say it like it is. >> reporter: there she is, vibrant, spirited. someone called congresswoman gabrielle giffords the most positive person in congress. then, seconds after these pictures were taken, on january
7:13 am
8th, a man aimed a glock 19 at her head. and three feet away, pulled the trigger. >> we are following a developing story. >> a shooting at a grocery store. >> 12 people were injured -- >> reporter: through all these months, we knew her husband, astronaut commander mark kelly, was there, holding her hand in the hospital. >> how about a thumbs up? >> reporter: what we didn't know is there would be hours of videotape, of an astounding, determined journey. gabby giffords fighting her way one breath, one word, one hard-fought step at a time. there would be music for incredible breakthroughs. ♪ gee, it's great to see you looking ♪ >> reporter: and moments of despair. >> are you frustrated? >> reporter: but it was not just the journey of one woman, it was also the husband, who knew what his wife was made of. >> gabrielle giffords is too tough to let this beat her. >> reporter: the team of medical professionals. some of them astounded. and the mother who remembered
7:14 am
her daughter, singing at the top of her lungs with hope. a mother who knows she'll make it back. >> i think gabby's got a message, now, that exceeds the political one. >> reporter: on monday night, the woman who went from this, to this. so much distance traveled, unafraid of the distance to come. how do you feel? >> pretty good. >> reporter: is it painful? is it hard? >> difficult. >> reporter: gabrielle giffords, mark kelly, a chance to answer our questions. does she think she will run for congress again? and what does she remember of that gun? the bullet? the day she was shot. >> hearing that voice for the first time. diane will be back here on monday with more.
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you can see the entire interview monday at 10:00, 9:00 central. mark kelly will join us tuesday morning. right here on "gma." his live interview. a lot coming up. first, let's get some news and josh elliott. >> good morning to you both and to all of you. we're going to begin in hawaii where a tourist helicopter has crashed in the side of a mountain near an elementary school on the island of molokai. the pilot and the four tourists were killed, two of them newlyweds from pennsylvania. a helicopter from the same company had crashed in the year 2000, killing seven people. and some dramatic looks this morning at the moment that that 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck turkey this week. security cameras show people running for their lives. there's part of buildings collapsing. and thick smoke enveloping entire neighborhoods. rescuers are finding survives. but today, they also found five more victim, bringing the death toll to 19. and the senate has approved part of president obama's jobs bill that will companies tax breaks for hiring veterans. the bill also provides job
7:16 am
training to help vets return to the workforce. the unemployment rate of troops returning from iraq and afghanistan is up to 15% in many areas. and on this veterans day, abc news is proud to launch a series of reports called "standing up for heroes." a unifying call to action. every abc news program today will look at the needs and sacrifices of our military service members as they return home. and later here on "gma," bob woodruff will introduce us to some of the wives and sisters and mothers who take care of our wounded warriors and help them rebuild their lives. and if you see someone in uniform today, please won't you say thank you to their sacrifice for our freedoms that we all hold so dear. >> give them a hug. say thank you. >> look at that. >> you see them in our audience here. >> thank you. we're going to head out and say thank you personally. >> it's a trifecta. it's veterans day. it's 11-11-11. and it's friday. happy friday, sam. >> all these things make me feel good today. happy friday, everyone.
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let's talk about the cold air. most of us feel a chill this morning. for northern areas like chicago, it's about time. this is the latest you've gotten below freezing since we've been keeping records around chicago. but for the deep south, this is 10, 15 degrees cooler than that. a big chill that goes into florida today. as this cold air opens up. for the west coast, there's some rain. timing out to meet santa barbara this afternoon. and then to san diego. the low does not go onshore in southern california, as previously thought. probably makes its way to the mexican coastline. just looking around the nation this morning, it's nice and clear and dry to the middle of the country. we salute with our little flag on the board today.
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>> next half hour, we'll talk about the 13 states in the deep south that have frost or freeze watches or warnings out. >> very quickly, tonight, at 7:00 p.m. on espn, the game on the aircraft carrier. >> the rain is in before the game.
7:19 am
by 10:00 p.m. >> no overtime. great red tie for veterans day. a dramatic ending to all the speculation over who will host the oscars after eddie murphy pulled out. he's back. billy crystal, cracking jokes about agreeing to return to the stage for hollywood's biggest night. and abc's chris connelly has the story. >> reporter: he's back. funnyman billy crystal, has once again put a smile on oscar-loving faces. >> since my grassroots run for governor didn't take hold, this felt like an option. >> reporter: agreeing on thursday to host the academy awards. for the first time since 2004. and breaking the news worldwide via twitter. am doing the oscars so the young woman in the pharmacy will stop asking my name when i pick up my prescriptions. looking forward to the show. at 63 years of age, more than the ages of last year's hosts
7:20 am
combined, crystal says he's more ernie kovac, than edward and bella. but expect crystal to find ways to connect comedically, with something unconnected to his eight oscar stints. >> crystal is so synonymous with the oscars, i think people love the idea of him hosting again. and he gets to come in on his own head of steam. >> reporter: member jack palance from 1992? or this entrance has hannibal lecter? consider that year's end will feature "the girl with the dragon tattoo." and meryl streep playing margaret thatcher in "the iron lady." we can only imagine the looks crystal will have to choose from. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> old pro back in the saddle. coming up, ashton kutcher under fire. what he said about joe paterno. it may change what you think about twitter. baby, oh, baby.
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san jose police on the hunt for a kidnapping and carjacking suspect. a man carjacked and kidnapped the driver of a white chevy camaro at the third street garage after 7:00 last night. the victim and the car were
7:25 am
found safe two hours later. police searched that neighborhood for the suspect but did not find him. >> let's see how veterans day traffic going. >> relatively light. live shot of the san mateo bridge stall reported in the eastbound direction. flat section. i don't see it in our live shot. obviously traffic is moving well. northbound 101280, stall. veterans day parade market and montgomery to civic center expect muni delays.aassssñ
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. welcome back. ever thickening clouds northbound from mount sutro this morning. the rain moving near the coast almost perfect timeline. you can see why i think the santa cruz get the bulk of the wet weather. the closer to the coast the more rain up to 3/4 of an inch. 40s and 50s in most areas 60 at half moon bay. destination upper 50s to low 60s showers becoming more çññiooñqñqñqñqñqñqñqñqñqñqñqñh
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at progressive, you can bundle
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your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at remember little baby lisa is still missing after a month. desperate search by her whole family, by the police. her mothers now being interviewed by authorities. we'll tell you what may be the key to the case. >> and baby lisa, 1 year old today. and ashton kutcher taking some heat for his social media meltdown. we'll tell you why he's turning away from twitter. >> that's an understatement after the tweet he sent out. here's "the new york post," what a tweet. >> he was the first to 1 million on twitter, too. may rethink it. >> hanging up the blackberry. let's go out. baby, oh, baby.
7:31 am
cameron mathison, at orlando hospital for women. 11-11-11. 16 boys, 25 girls. it will be fun to check in with all of them. it's friday, that means bonus "play of the day" from josh. not one, but two. now, to the latest on little baby lisa. authorities finally interviewing her two brothers on wednesday. so, can the boys provide new clues in the investigation? abc's linsey davis joins us with the latest on the case. we haven't forgotten about this. >> reporter: not at all. good morning to you, robin. the family has been delaying the interview with lisa's half-brothers for more than a month. now, a child specialist is talking with them, in hopes of getting new information. and all this, as today, baby lisa turns 1 year old. >> i prefer to believe it is baby lisa's first birthday, as opposed to this would have been. >> reporter: instead of celebrating their sister's birthday, baby lisa's half-brothers are now answering questions. after weeks of delays, child specialists are interviewing the
7:32 am
5-year-old and 8-year-old boys. they were home the night lisa went missing and haven't been questioned since. in that time, police say they've followed about 1,000 leads and still have no major break in the case. >> we have no blood. we have no body. we have no area where the body may be. so, that gives me hope that this baby very well may be alive. >> reporter: lisa's parents, deborah bradley and jeremy irwin, have insisted all along their daughter was abducted from her crib. and bradley's father tells "the kansas city star," his daughter is telling the truth. people are judging whether debbie's crying too much or not enough. his daughter has come under considerable scrutiny. bradley admits to failing a lie detector test. and says on the night baby lisa went missing, she drank to the point that she may have blacked out. certain details do appear to support her story.
7:33 am
three eyewitnesses say they saw a man carrying an infant from the home on the night lisa disappeared. and this woman, megan wright, says she received a call placed from a cell phone bradley says was stolen from her home that night. >> i don't know who answered it or what was said or who was on the other end of the phone. >> reporter: lisa's parents say they never met wright. >> if there is a history of someone making the call by jeremy or deborah, someone must have made that call that knows her. >> reporter: "the kansas city star" talked to debbie's mother-in-law. saying there's no way she couldn't have done this. she's just not smart enough. not that she's dumb. but she couldn't have covered it up so well. >> we'll ask about that. thank you, linsey. joining us now, is the attorney for lisa's parents, joe tacopina. thank you for joining us. how are they going to recognize
7:34 am
today as being her 1 year birthday? >> this is a tough day of celebration. obviously, they're really hopeful. they believe that lisa's still alive. but they're going to recognize and deal with this day privately. this is not going to be something that they wish to share with anyone. >> it's going to be very difficult. the brothers, finally, last night, met with police. they were interviewed. reinterviewed. they were interviewed shortly after the abduction. any new clues or anything to 2k3wi6 light to police with? >> we weren't privy to that interview. we weren't in there with them. there was a child specialist in there. you know, they answered questions for a second time. hopefully there is something they can take from them, from those questions that will give us some insight. >> the parents were concerned they would be traumatized. there was delay in the interviewing taking place. are they satisfied how it was conducted? >> we were concerned. it's 6-year-old and 8-year-old
7:35 am
boys who have been through a lot. and we wanted to make sure that the person questioning these two boys would have the best interest of the children at hand. this is a sensitive issue. the fbi flew in a specialist from washington just yesterday. and we think that everything went fine. >> police are saying they haven't interviewed the parents since october 8th. that's a little over a month now. and they would like to talk to the parents separately. what is that saying? >> i'm baffled by that whole pronouncement. this family has done nothing but cooperate. yesterday, they allowed 6-year-old and 8-year-old boys to be interviewed. they didn't have to do that. they searched every every follicle request, every swab test request. they spoke to the kcpd and the fbi. they don't have any insight on what happened to their daughter.
7:36 am
the last time they went down there, deborah was told the last time she went down there by her attorney at the time, the police said come down, we have information about lisa's whereabouts, new evidence. she went down there. and they had no new evidence about her whereabouts. but it was another interrogation when they accused her. and i think that was overly cruel. she doesn't have answers. what we've asked, our local attorney in kansas city. we said, what do you need from them? tell us and we can get you information. that has never come to us. >> many say the parents of a missing child, they would be willing to talk to police, whenever, whatever time, as much as they can, because they might not have information. >> they've answered questions for 19 hours. it's become accusatory, quite frankly. and we say, instead of keeping the focus on them, there is
7:37 am
evidence. there's viable leads out there that to me are powerful. i don't know why the leads aren't being pursued. we had someone call jersey. a quasi homeless individual who finished work around 11:30 p.m. that night, in the vicinity of the irwin home. at 12:00, there was a sighting soon after midnight, by two, husband and wife neighbors, who they say see a man fitting jersey's description, walking with a baby with just a diaper on. at 2:00 a.m., we see the grainy surveillance video. in that vicinity, a dumpster was set on fire with clothes in it. an hour and a half later, a separate individual identifies a man again, at 4:15 a.m., holding a baby with a diaper. at 11:57, there's a phone call from deb's missing cell phone that went missing with the baby, to megan wright. megan wright doesn't know deb. that's jersey's ex-girlfriend. >> the police insisted they have been following through on those
7:38 am
and other leads. >> i hope they have been. they're honing in repeatedly on this poor mother. >> joe, thank you very much as always, for being willing to come and talk to us. appreciate that. let's get to sam and the weather. >> good morning, everyone. fingers are flying in the deep south. and not everyone is happy about this. 13 states with freeze or frost watches or warnings. in atlanta, you hit the door and it's like what? 26 degrees. jacksonville, 24, as well. jackson, mississippi, at 31 this morning. this is a real big shot of cold air and it goes all the way into south florida. it doesn't last for days and days and days. there's a warmup behind it. this morning, you better bundle up when you step out into the south. it's going to hit you fast. chicago, by the time you get into sunday, you're part of an arcing warm air. you got to the freezing mark. dallas will be 83 by sunday. atlanta, 70 degrees by sunday. new york city, 61. all across the country in the
7:39 am
middle, it's chilly down south but the skies are beautif >> haven't done it in a while. >> i know. >> all that weather was brought to you by crayola. robin? >> i love it and it's friday. you know i love it when you do that. thank you, sam. coming up, why ashton kutcher may be calling it quits on twitter. come on back. [ female announcer ] this is liz. who came to walgreens...
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more, now, on the perils of twitter for one of its pioneers. ashton kutcher rose the top of the twittersphere, building up more than 8 million followers. now, he's hanging up his iphone after the embarrassing mistake we were telling you about. andrea canning is here. he seemed so epically clueless with that tweet about joe paterno. >> reporter: and he certainly heard about that cluelessness from his fans, george. kuchar says he didn't know about the scandal around joe paterno. he thought paterno was being fired for his age. the backlash was swift, with fans calling him a moron and worse.
7:44 am
8 million followers received this tweet from ashton kutcher about penn state coach, joe paterno. how do you fire joepa? insult. no class. as a hawk eye fan i find it in poor taste. not thinking for beat thing. >> ashton kutcher quitting twitter after over the penn state sex scandal. >> reporter: he backtracked on the tweet. saying he didn't know paterno was being fired in connection to a sex abuse scandal. in follow-ups he wrote, thought it was a football thing. fully recan't previous tweet. his apologies escalated to, as of immediately, i will stop tweeting until i find a way to properly manage this feed. even posting this picture last night. kuchar deleted his message but couldn't ignore the roar of the twitterverse. try to watch the news every now
7:45 am
and then, ash. sometimes when i want to ensure i do not screw something up i ask myself, wwakd, what would ashton kutcher do. >> he is going to tweet about a case like this, or an issue like this, he should know what's going on. >> reporter: kuchar has now relingi relinquished his tweeting to his management team. the two have showed photos in bed on their fifth anniversary. more recently after allegations he had an affair with a 22-year-old, kuchar posted this bizarre four-minute rant about the media on the website, chimein. >> people can bastardize your relationship if they want. >> reporter: could the latest social media meltdown finally give in to his bad case of oversharing? >> it's not an instance like gilbert gottfried who made
7:46 am
comedic statements about the national disaster in japan. ashton is going to move on from this. >> reporter: 8 million followers should not be taken advantage. and he said he should be responsible for giving an informed opinion, exactly what he criticized the media of doing in his video. >> and he put up another tweet late last night. >> reporter: it's obvious he feels bad about this. he said, i'm just trying to be a good person. he feels stupid. >> and demi's been a little active again on twitter. >> a little bit. a few days ago, she tweeted 11/11. i don't know if that means anything will happen today or if she was making a wish at that moment. nothing really newsworthy. >> andrea, thanks very much. coming up, josh has "the play of the day" plus a bonus round. and baby, oh, baby. the count is climbing.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
here's "the play of the day." >> well, maybe the largest house pet in the world. you're about to meet bailey, who is six feet tall. no big deal. he's 1,800 pounds. he's a buffalo. >> what? >> not just any buffalo. he likes to ride shotgun. >> come on. >> yeah. in their pontiac. >> oh, they do. they had bailey's father, also named bailey. this is bailey jr. >> does he get to control the radio? >> he gets to control whatever he wants. it's terrific. a terrific house pet as long as you don't -- of course, its is friday. >> two-for. >> it's a two-for friday. how about we say hello to this little guy. lucy the beagle versus the
7:52 am
family's new leaf blower. this is a draw. an epic draw. he wants to gobble it all down. or blow it all down. oh, yes. get in there, lucy. get after it. >> teeth cleaning. >> you know, it's also 11-11-11, a lucky day to have a baby, or so people think. our cameron's in the middle of it all. the baby, oh, baby celebration down in orlando. 41 so far. how is it going? >> fantastic. this is an unbelievable place. nearly two kindergarten classes a day are born here. we've had 25 girls and 16 boys. >> cameron, we'll be back with you in moments.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
san francisco transportation officials are planning to meet monday to discuss ways to reduce a projected 34 million dollars deficit in the next fiscal year. ideas include raising muni cash fares by 20 , additional 25 cents if they use a transfer. what is the forecast look like mike? >> check out the wet weather moving along the coast now. this is slowly going to move inland and slide down south with along the coast.
7:57 am
increase in the wet weather through the afternoon and evening hours. tomorrow looks dry. witness friday light bay bridge toll nobody there. slight muni delay due to the veterans day parade that starts at 11. >> the
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] celebrating service on this veterans day. but we're also celebrating the miracle of birth. baby, oh, baby. in the last 24 hours. that baby just got -- there's little babies just born today. look how beautiful they are. >> 41 born since we've been there in orlando. it's been called the luckiest day for babies to be born. we go in the delivery room with the parents. and, cam, a couple friends you
8:01 am
have with you? >> this is sweet little london who is about an hour old. and twin sister, taylor, here. and the proud father, mike, who is being generous and letting me hold his little bundle of joy. >> be careful. sam's looking like he -- i'm sorry. i said sam. i mean cam. >> i thought you were breaking news there. >> really. this just in. >> cam looks very comfortable holding that newborn. >> yeah. and we move on. it's become one of hollywood's trendiest games. and it's also kind of babyish. my trailer is bigger than your trailer. from will smith to j. lo, we're going to check out the new trend, multimillion-dollar bells and whistles inside these estates on wheels. >> i'm trying to picture sam's wife. the look on his face when you said that.
8:02 am
it was so priceless. >> sam/cam, you can understand. >> similar. big, new project from sting. no "message in a bottle," he's getting it out in a million different ways. we're going to tell you about that, as well. let's get other news from josh. >> we're going to begin in state college, pennsylvania, with the widening investigation of the sex abuse scandal. authorities in texas are looking into whether former assistant coach, jerry sandusky, abused a boy that he took to a bowl game in san antonio. we're also hearing from the mother of one of the victims. she told george, that she knew nothing, even as her son was visiting sandusky unsupervised. >> i was horrified. i was absolutely horrified. i did not even know he was leaving the school with my child. i didn't know he was taking him out of classes. they never told me that. >> the assistant coach, mike mcqueary, who said he witnessed the abuses is now being told to stay away from tomorrow's game
8:03 am
because he is receiving threats. and in lieu of a pep rally tonight, a candlelight vigil will be held for the alleged victims. we turn, now, to the abduction of one of baseball's rising stars. wilson ramos was kidnapped in his native venezuela. now, we're hearing from an eyewitness. pierre thomas is following the case. >> reporter: police say they believe ramos is alive this morning, even though he vanished after being abducted in this getaway car on thursday. ramos was kidnapped at gunpoint, by three, armed men right in front of his family, while visiting his mother's home in venezuela. an eyewitness, whose identity had to be protected, described the chilling abduction. suddenly, with no warning, i see the suv stop. and they're pointing at him with guns. and the only thing they say is not to look at their faces. >> this looks very much like a targeted kidnapping. and they intentionally selected him because of their assessment of his access to financial resources. >> reporter: ramos is an emerging star with the
8:04 am
washington nationals. a natural whose fielding and power hitting propelled him into the role as starting catcher in only his rookie season. he now becomes the highest-profile symbol of what some say a growing epidemic problem of kidnapping for ransom in venezuela. according to espn since 2004, at least three major league players from venezuela have had relatives kidnapped. josh, still no word on what the kidnappers are demanding. so, for now, the family can only hope and pray. >> thank you, pierre. meanwhile, police near portland, oregon, have now released a dash cam video showing a terrifying crash. a squad car slams into a car before careening into the house. now, luckily no one was seriously injured. police are blaming that driver for not yielding to the oncoming officer. this morning, the court has been built, the stands are in place for a one-of-a-kind veterans day event, weather willing.
8:05 am
tonight, "the uss carl vinson," aircraft carrier, will host, yes, host, a college basketball game on the deck. michigan state faces the top-ranked team, north carolina. president obama will be among the spectators. espn will bring it to you at 7:00 eastern. again, the rain is closing in on san diego. so, rain, rain, stay away. now, here is diane sawyer with a preview of what's coming up tonight on "world news." diane? >> good friday, josh and everybody there at "gma." caring for wounded warriors when they come home. we're going to show you more of what generous americans are doing to help them get their lives back to normal, thanks to "standing up for heroes." that will be tonight on "world news." and on veterans day, we can't get enough of scenes like this. an alabama elementary school was holding an assembly for a guest speaker. madison marrenger, wearing a statue of liberty crown, had no
8:06 am
idea who the guest speaker would be. >> oh, my god. [ cheers and applause ] >> it was her father. staff sergeant mark marrenger, who spent almost a year overseas. and this morning, daddy and daughter are doing beautifully. >> oh. >> we got a little tease. >> love those reunions. >> especially today, for veterans day. all right, guys. let's get to pop news, shall we? good morning to you and everybody else. hold on. yep. breaking news. breaking news coming out of england. pippa middleton, single. scott? scott? >> yeah? >> stage manager, ready? >> have the flowers ready to go. the press in britain going into overdrive. kate's famous sister and her boyfriend of three years have, in fact -- this time it is true -- called it quits. word is, he found it hard to deal with her new mega sex symbol status. we're pretty sure that -- man up!
8:07 am
>> that she'll bounce back. thank you, robin. nice. >> i don't have that problem. >> scottie has no problem manning up. >> no problem. so, pippa, call scott. moving on, sting who is 60 years old, may be more tech-savvy than many of the artists out there, releasing what many believe will be the concert film of our time, a retrospective app. and it is free on monday. it has all of sting's greatest moments. so, no more "message in a bottle." you'll find it on your ipad. and to the topics we love most on pop news, animals and celebs. animals and celebs have been combined in a new book called "famous faces." the book photographs the animals in their natural expressions. the makers brought out the inner feline in gaga. they have made guinea pigs out of the royal couple. and oh, yeah, baby. do you think he's sexy? robin, give it to us. >> oh, behave. behave.
8:08 am
magma. >> and that's the pop news. >> i was getting into character. i thought, oh, behave would be better than magma. >> finding your motivation. appreciate it. >> no doubt, josh. another incredible actor out there, i'd like you all to meet 6-month-old arthur hammon. only six months. quickly becoming the meryl streep of his time. but here's arthur's rendition of "american beauty." and the icy stare of "rambo." his take on "the blair witch project." and who knew? oh, no. i don't know which one that is. let's go to the next one. who knew? >> that's it. >> that's the horse's head. >> there's another one that i wanted, where he really looks like the godfather. it's okay. it's all right. the godfather wears a diaper. who knew? all right, so, anyway. we tried to contact author and his mom for an interview.
8:09 am
we were instructed to contact his agent. really? that's the pop news for today. it is friday. >> sam, i am, out there with some special guests. >> we are, indeed. good morning, everybody. service nation, sir. service nation. veterans day. by the way, why not do something different this year? we can walk around. we can say thank you to people. but you can actually make a big difference by joining service nation. what are some of the things you guys do? it's a mixture of civilians and -- >> that's right. service nation is a campaign dedicated to raising opportunities for every american to serve. our mission serve campaign is about uniting the talents of our military communities and civilian communities and do projects. >> what are one or two things going on? >> we have 11 things going on, because of 11-11-11. veterans day today. projects in washington, d.c. where people are going to habitat of humanity. florida, l.a., dallas. we have people revitalizing community infrastructure, care packages.
8:10 am
>> thank you, chris, for bringing the gang with you. we will link you to our website and their website. go to at yahoo! and we'll tell you how to get in touch with service nation and do something. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about. the quick shot of cold air that makes a rush this morning. it's a little chilly but doesn't last for long. we'll get a warmup in the next couple of days. and there's a look at the big board. that is >> and we are live in times square. robin? george? lara?
8:11 am
>> all right. thank you, sam. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." baby, oh, baby. 41 and counting. we're inside the delivery room for a morning of miracles. plus, the battle of the celebrity trailer. who knew? wait until you see how everyone's from will smith to jennifer lopez, where they live when they're on the road. camping very much in style. and standing up for heroes. bob woodruff here with an unforgettable story about the families of returning vets. all that and more coming up on "good morning america." ♪
8:12 am
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8:14 am
and the moment is here. the car arrives. baby, oh, baby. 11-11-11. it's time for you to meet all of the babies born since our camera started rolling. cameron mathison has been there for all of the deliveries. >> reporter: 24 hours. in the maternity word. >> push. >> reporter: that delivers more babies than almost any other hospital in the country. >> a crying baby's a healthy baby. >> reporter: this is babypalooza. we're hunkered down with moms and dads and nurses and doctors at the ray palmer hospital in orlando, florida, to welcome a steady stream of new arrivals. and today's date, 11-11-11, only
8:15 am
comes around once in a century. >> it's a very spiritual day. it's a very exciting day. you know, 11-11-11. no one will forget their birthdays. >> reporter: there's stephanie and christopher expecting their first baby. >> this pregnancy has been the best. and awesome. >> reporter: sara and joseph await their second. >> and push. >> reporter: a few doors down, lee and raymond are about to meet their new daughter. beautiful baby adelia arrived. not long after, sadie bell. after being weighed and measured, mom and dad settle into a private room with their new addition. just amazing. in a few moments, you're holding a beautiful girl. >> i know. >> reporter: you're holding her. >> it's so much, to go through.
8:16 am
>> and push down. >> reporter: and there's still more to come. i watched in awe as we welcome little layla valentina. when layla arrived, there was not a dry eye in the house. how do you feel about her making her national television debut in about 3.5 seconds? oh. took me 27 years to make my tv debut. but we're not done yet. at 8:17 p.m., stephanie pushed madison kate into the world, hours after labor began. dad, christopher, said he had sympathy exhaustion along the way. >> i just woke up. >> reporter: you're not supposed to admit to that, man. we've had four births so far. but the nurses tell me the night is still young. that's, in part, because of tonight's full moon. now, what's this with the full
8:17 am
moon? >> oh. it's absolutely true. >> reporter: come on. >> labor and delivery nurses do not like full moons because it does bring in a lot of business. >> reporter: sure enough, a lot of women are in labor, including angela and dad, eric. do you plan on staying in the room for the actual birth? >> yes. >> reporter: that's your plan? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: two hours later, true to his word, cameron is there to watch little brother, kasim enter the world. >> oh. >> reporter: it's midnight. and the night shift is waiting for the first 11-11-11 baby. people who plan deliveries in and around that date. >> i think some people have planned deliveries on 11-11-11. we have people who scheduled c-sections. >> reporter: and this gives me chills. if you rewind the calendar nine months back from 11-11-11, you
8:18 am
land right in marvin gaye territory. some of the babies probably got their start on valentine's day. and getting her official start on 11-11-11 is kiora gisele. her name means welcome. it's after 5:00 a.m., and they're ready for their delivery. 24 hours and more than 40 babies later, the maternity ward is still abuzz with nine more mothers and fathers to be, waiting their turn to wish a new baby a very happy birthday. >> from women and babies in orlando, florida, that's where cam is with a bunch of new moms and dads. how's it going down there, cam? >> it is absolutely amazing to be here, in this place in particular. and to witness this and to be in
8:19 am
the rooms. you guys have all been so generous to let me be a part of it. i have to tell you, george -- go ahead. >> we can feel the quiet here. you know, everybody just rocking those babies so peacefully. it must be just amazing to watch so many different families getting that joy. >> the sense memory emotions, being a dad myself, that come up. and being there and witnessing new parents and emotions and seeing the birth, the miracle of birth. it's incredible what it brings. a little over five years for me since my experience. enough about me. i'm -- it is so peaceful. they were saying in new york how peaceful it is and how fantastic you all look. we met your 12-year-old older brother, cameron. how is he doing? did he get some sleep? >> he is getting sleep. he is a champ. he watched all night with him. and couldn't wait to hold him. >> how about you? did you get any sleep yourself? >> no.
8:20 am
not at all. >> okay. >> up all night. >> sara over here. it was beautiful. sadie bell. you said she slept like a baby. >> she did. she's so good. we're so proud. and she's feeding great, as well, too. it's been a beautiful experience. >> i don't know if it's 11-11-11, guys, or because of the full moon, but there's certainly a peace and calm in this room that you don't associate with newborn babies, right? >> you're so right. i should say i have a little baby envy myself. i've six years out myself. tell us a little more of what actually went into this whole project. >> like we've been saying all morning, it's been 24 hours. and we've sort of been tracking different moms in labor. and being allowed in the rooms. and obviously, witnessing births ourselves and trying to do the interviews and bounce back and forth between interviews and
8:21 am
labor. and i should also say, since we got here, there's still 15 moms still in labor. 41 births. 15 moms in labor right now. this is a pretty busy place. a pretty incredible place. >> it certainly is. thanks for sharing with us, cam. >> we should point out, in 41 babies, not a surprise that girls are winning. >> thank you for noting. >> if your baby was born today, send us the newborn's photo. we'll post it on our website and get all the details at on yahoo! >> that's awesome. a special day for us. now, for fun. "supersize me." it was fast food. and now, it's trailers. they're 18-wheelers. they're wonders. it's the latest trend in celebrity accommodations, keeping stars comfy on location. from will smith to ashton kutcher, the mobile mansions
8:22 am
have been making big headlines and causing a little trouble when movie shoots come to town. take a look. will smith's megatrailer is called the heat. he got plenty when he parked it on an already-crowded new york city street. >> look at the size of that thing. >> reporter: ashton kutcher faced intriguing questions when he brought his baby girl, as he calls it, to the set of "two and a half men." >> what do you do in there? >> reporter: and simon cowell, the size of the studio, as he calls it. it doesn't matter, as long as it sizes up to wills. >> is it as be as will it? >> reporter: it's become a hot game. and $300,000 worth of electronics, steam showers and tvs hidden in mirrors. this is a far cry from the trailers of yesteryear. these are more aptly-named
8:23 am
mobile estates. >> we're the andersons. >> reporter: the anderson family has revolutionized the industry, by creating things never thought possible on 18 wheels. will smith's heat, is probably the most high-tech. it's 1,100-square feet. 14 flat-screen tvs. a push-control panel for all the electronics. and all costing $2.2 million. this is big willie's big trailer. >> everything is specialized. touch-screen. all computerized. it's the highest tech thing that's rolling around. >> reporter: does will know how to use all of it? >> he does. he's so tech savvy. >> reporter: this trailer has everything, from a doctor on-call, provided by guardian, 24/7. not to mention a tv for every occasion. if he doesn't like that tv, he can watch the big screen right next to him. >> yes. >> reporter: you hear about stars not wanting to come out of their trailers. now, we know why. door open. you have to see that.
8:24 am
>> a full steam shower. a tv right in the bathroom. >> reporter: because you can't wait three minutes to get downstairs. >> watching a football game or something. now, this is the upstairs. >> reporter: not too shabby. >> 360-degree view. windows all the way around. you have a 100-inch dropdown screen. >> reporter: this is where will watches "good morning america." >> "good morning america," of course. >> reporter: what goes into building one of the behemoths? we got a sneak peek inside one of the mobile estates designed for simon cowell. this will be simon cowell's home away from home. >> yes. >> reporter: and office. wow. granite floors. >> there's going to be ultraleather. we use the italian fabrics on all of the couches. >> reporter: that was a few weeks ago. this is what it looks like today. now finished, the studio features 3d tvs, imported fabrics from italy. an it stands 17 feet all. all at a cost of $1.6 million. what's the craziest star request you've gotten on one of these?
8:25 am
>> a thumb scanner for the bedroom. >> reporter: a thumb scanner. check out the aspen. complete with a furnished bedroom and playpen. j. lo said it was perfect for her twins during "american idol." it's a favorite of ben stiller, vin diesel and ryan reynolds. you can buy it for $1.2 million. i love the interior design. it feels like a home. is this his office area? >> it has a entrance. wardrobe can come in. he can have his buddies in here. a $3,000 toilet. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: it is ridiculous. >> it flushes itself. >> reporter: stars don't need to flush. >> upstairs is the bedroom and playpen area. the playpen right here. look at this. mariah carey has slept here. >> is there a button where a maid pops up? >> we're english butlers without the accent. >> reporter: try to imagine, if
8:26 am
you will, tailgating in one of these bad boys. whether you like high-tech or country casual, anderson mobile ed states could just have the trailer perfect for you. all you need is a check. and the andersons are taking it to the next level. if you could imagine there was a next level. now, there's a three-story trailer, complete with an outside roof deck. so, hope will doesn't think about parking that downtown in new york. that's what's happening in hollywood. coming up, we have thanksgiving recipes to die for. stay with us, everybody, right here on "gma."
8:27 am
pg&e has announced it is laying off more than 200. cutbacks as pg&e reorganizes following last year's deadly explosion and fire in san bruno. 200 employ fist the information technology department are being cut along with 25 connected with the wireless smart meters program. the online blog says it has hired y engineers, mappers and managers assigned to -- pg&e's gas operations which is politic from its electric unit. >> a check on your morning commute with sue hall. it is friday and it is veterans daylight. walnut creek southbound of 0 very light. ghost town that -- 680 very
8:28 am
light. ghost town known as the plaza. market to civic center 11:00 this morning expect muni delays. we'll check in on y y y y yx
8:29 am
welcome back. looking from sutro tower to the northwest. rain is here. let's look at it on doppler. there you have go up and down the coast getting heavier in
8:30 am
the santa rutz mountains where most of the rain is going fall. the rain taper as you head [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] pretty extraordinary morning here. a couple getting married today. yes, they are, on 11-11-11. we've been celebrating all morning long babies getting born. they did. we're right back at you, little buddy. 16 boy, 25 girls. cam has been there. i hear you have breaking news from a grandma in massachusetts. >> yeah, we do. it's a great grandma in massachusetts. we just got a text. she wasn't able to be here. the first time she got to see her great granddaughter was on "gma," how is that?
8:31 am
>> that is great. >> we're so happy for everyone. >> 11-11-11 marks one of the best restaurants. i haven't had the pleasure of being there yet. do you really get the little granola, mason bar jar? >> two big events. i met my mother-in-law, and i had my bachelor party there. so i don't remember a lot. >> have a lot of question for yo you. >> like to say a little mason jar of granola. >> hey, listen, 11/11 is also
8:32 am
veterans day, and we are standing up for hero, how generous americans help pg wounded warriors, when they try to get their lives back. we'll talk about that. >> bob woodruff will be here to talk about that. >> first an abc exclusive about a small town mayor convicted of a crime no one ever expected. linda lusk is was married and akusd of sexting. >> this is one of those story, the headline is enough. this is not why we did the story, this is a story you need to watch not for what happened but why it happened. there are big issues at play in this very small town.
8:33 am
>> reporter: linda lifk, was a housewi housewife. their home for friends, including rich "bubba" frank but the encounter between them spread like wildfire, sending rumors ricochet. carly lusk first heard about it at school and was surprised the her mother's response when she asked her about it. >> she said what you did hear is not entirely true. but i did have inappropriate texting with this kid. >> i was mortified about whatdy to my family. >> how did you hear about this? >> latelight night, she said i have something to tell you. it was unbelievable. you don't text kids.
8:34 am
>> reporter: kevin said after the boy repeatedly asked for a picture of linda naked. she did send a picture of him in a bra. >> it's when a kid asks for candy 500 times, you give it to them. was it wrong, yes. people say they know the result of her reckless behave yore. was a boy, her son, taylor. >> she was everything for taylor. she was with him 24 hours a day. >> reporter: but fate would eventually win on a spring afternoon two years ago. linda had left taylor at home with the other kids as she often did to work a while at her handbag shop. by the time she got back, taylor's breathing had stopped one more time. and this time, would be the last.
8:35 am
>> i just found him in his bed, not breathing. i blame myself a little bit, that i wasn't there. and could i have stopped it? >> reporter: depression is not just being blue and sad. it literally is a disorder that can overtake who you are as a person. >> right. i mean, you just -- my son died, of course, i was sad. but i didn't realize how bad it was. my whole way of life was gone. i would get up in the morning and go into his room just automatically and go, oh. he's not there. >> reporter: into that empty space came bubba franks. a teenager who linda perceived as being in need of care and nurturing. >> i felt like i needed to be what this kid needed, help him in whatever way i could. >> reporter: if linda's actions had hidden motivations, bubba franks had his, as well. friends noticed the special attention linda showed him. some had seen the texts and the bra pictures.
8:36 am
did friends start daring you to push it? >> yeah. every once in a while. i would get motivation from my friends to do stuff. >> reporter: and you, too, right? to be honest about it? >> yeah. >> reporter: this was exciting to you? >> yeah. >> i'm going to be honest with you, chris. to see the headline for the story, when i was reading about it, and knowing you were going to be here. i was like okay. it is nothing like you think. you have to get beyond the headline. >> i wouldn't have done it if it was just another sex scandal. we need to know why this happened. the problem is not bubba frank. he was a young kid then. he's a great football player now. there's another kid you have to learn about, taylor. the special boy you saw with a rare disease. >> the son. >> what linda lusk did for that kid and the emotional toll it took on her is a window into depression. and that's what this story is about tonight. >> and her husband sitting right next to her. >> one of the best men i've met. what he does is an honor to marriage. every man should watch. >> wow. you've done it again. all right, chris. it's great to see you. it's great to see you. and you can see chris' exclusive report, tonight on "20/20."
8:37 am
a special "20/20" at 10:00, 9:00 central. two-hour block tonight. time, now, for the weather. your man, sam, has another special guest as we honor our veterans today. >> talking about veterans day. and by the way, lucille is ready to do the kiss. the cosmo kiss. abc family superstar, by the way. good morning. good morning, by the way. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> nice to see you. i'm talking to you but not giving you the mic. how about that? all you have to do to do this is to make a big lipstick mark on this card. they'll make sure it gets to one of the troops. you give it to the troops when? >> next week. we'll put these in uso big apple packs. and thanks to "cosmopolitan" and maybelline new york, and they'll be delivering notes in appreciation for the holidays. >> you can do this at home. and the troops will know you appreciate them. but go ahead. >> here goes. >> yep. that's a good one. that's very good. it's that simple. just a card like this.
8:38 am
you can actually do it at home. we'll link you to the website, at our website. at yahoo! let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to tell you about as you step outside. it looks like this, basically. we have plenty of cold air that's making a move down in the country today. and the temperatures will be on the chilly side. these are your veterans day cities, by the way. we just picked one or two across the country. here's your weekend outlook. so you can make your plans. we have a little moisture in the first part of the weekend for the southwest. we're warming it up where it's cold as we get through the weekend in the deep south. 's cold as we get through the weekend in the deep south. >> how about some good-looking troops. a little applause, ladies and gentlemen. how about that?
8:39 am
and coming up on this veterans day, how generous americans are standing up for our heroes. just like these right here. lucy, thanks so much for showing
8:40 am
8:41 am
you are looking live at the university of st. thomas in st. paul, minnesota. all day long, they will be celebrating service members who give so much to our country on this veterans day. some rotc cadets there, marching this morning.
8:42 am
and today here on abc, we're launching a series called "standing up for heroes." all across abc news, we're going to be reporting on veterans and the challenges they face. and where americans are coming together to make a difference for our vet transhere at home. abc's bob woodruff leads it off. and, bob, you look at some of the heroes that are forgotten, the families here at home. >> it's all about the families. one of the costs of war we don't often talk is the emotional and financial toll on families caring for a loved one who has been injured. according to the veterans administration, there are more than 3,500 primary caregivers in the country. many of whom put their own lives on hold to take care of others. at the event that is very close to my heart, the stand up for heroes celebration here in new york, we had a chance to give back to some of the remarkable families who have all sacrificed so much for their country. it was a rare moment of indulgence for some of these women, who are ordinarily away from the spotlight.
8:43 am
>> she gets to feel beautiful and just have some normalcy back. >> reporter: for sisters carla and bernadette, this week's stand up for heroes event in new york city, rolled out the red carpet for wounded veterans and their caregivers. >> normal chores are a hassle. and it becomes very difficult to function on a daily basis. >> if she needs me to remember for her, then that's what i'm here for. >> reporter: 140 veterans and their families rubbing elbows with stars, like bruce springsteen. ♪ we're going to rock this joint ♪ >> reporter: ricky gervais. and jon stewart. >> what's happening? >> reporter: many getting the star treatment themselves. over $25,000 worth of clothes and accessories donated by sears. makeup artists from dior. hair stylists from l'oreal. volunteered their time. all to say thanks to those who
8:44 am
have sacrificed so much. the families and the caregivers who have joined us when we've gone through what we've gone through. >> do you have pain right now? >> reporter: there's been more than 46,000 severely wounded troops in iraq and afghanistan. hundreds of thousands of others suffer less-visible wounds. post-traumatic stress and brain injuries. nick santoro joined the marines after high school. during his third tour in iraq, he was wounded by an ied. >> i'm not an easy person to live with. i'm somewhat of a pain with all of my injuries and the things they have to put up with. but they do it and help me. >> reporter: his parents, joe and penny, return to a familiar role, caregiver to their child. >> he had a head injury. so there's a lot of issues dealing with loss of memory. lots of reminders we have to put all over the place for him. it's more than worth it just to have him back. >> reporter: for shane and deana rumley, recovery hasn't been easy. is it harder than you thought it was going to be? >> yeah. we go to therapy.
8:45 am
and our families have been through a lot. >> reporter: but the time in the big apple gave them a chance to connect with others with the same hardships. what does it feel like when someone does recognize who you are and what you're going through? >> it's amazing. what i did was phenomenal. i never experienced anything like that in my life. >> reporter: and for sisters bernadette and carla, it was a trip to last a lifetime. >> i'm honored. i'm honored to be here with my sister. to me, she is a hero. and so are all the other men and women. >> reporter: so, you really do need to know that many troops do say they feel invisible when they do come home. so, we're actually calling our viewers to action today, on veterans day. we're asking you to go out and say thank you to anyone you see on the street in their uniform and send us their pictures. >> we want to get a lot of pictures. a terrific piece. you can just see how much the families were enjoying that. >> they had some really great
8:46 am
moments. good relief. >> and we'll be honoring veterans throughout the day here on abc. "standing up for heroes" continues tonight on "world news" and "nightline." and to learn about the organizations making the difference for veterans and their families, go to on yahoo! let's go outside and thank some veterans for their service.od
8:47 am
8:48 am
and now, to thanksgiving. it's hard to believe, we're two and now, to thanksgiving. it's hard to believe, we're two weeks out. i cannot believe that. in the spirit of today's date, 11-11-11, we're going to go inside kitchen of eleven madison park, one of new york's hottest restaurants. and we'll show you how you can take a four-star dish and whip it out yourself for the holidays. who better to turn to than owner and executive chef, daniel humm, who is author of a book just released today?
8:49 am
>> it's released today. >> and has recipes that taste great, look great. and you're going to show us one of them right now. >> i want to show you how to do the best roasted chicken you will ever have. it's a dish we do at the restaurant. it's really easy. >> this is the stuffing. you're putting into in. >> brioche, lemon, butter, herbs. you put it beneath the skin so the skin becomes really crispy. it's really easy. you can do this at home. >> i can do this? >> you can do it. >> can i give it a try right now? >> go for it. >> i don't know. >> just pipe it in here. >> nice and easy. >> that's it. and then, spread it out afterwards. and afterwards, we tie it up. we have a beautiful chicken. and we got to put it in the oven, for 20 minute, 25 minutes at 400 degrees. >> okay. and it comes out looking like -- >> it comes out looking very beautiful. beautiful, crispy skin.
8:50 am
>> unbelievable. so, what are we serving with the chicken? >> with the chicken, we have roasted butter nut squash puree. some winter vegetables. really easy and simple. this can be great. turkey is great. but also for thanksgiving, you can do chicken. >> you hear something like sweet potato puree. it's got to be thanksgiving. is it easy? is it easy to make? >> it's very easy. it's just butter, sweet potatoes and stock. and we blend it with butter. >> and these are baby vegetables? >> they are baby vegetables. >> heard a lot about the granola. >> i know. >> i know. >> there's a big -- you have to get over a high bar for this granola. >> nobody leaves our restaurant without getting a jar of granola. there's no reason you can't make this. >> what do we have here? oats? >> oats. brown sugar. coconut. pistachios. >> robin, are you making note of all of it? >> i'm in it. >> pumpkin seeds, dried cherries.
8:51 am
maple syrup and olive oil. >> let's say a guy wants to have a bachelor party at your restaurant. are they still walking out with granola? >> everybody walks out with granola. >> food to see you. >> that is so good. can i get in there? >> it's really easy. >> i have to make myself useful. >> mix it up. put it on the sheet pan. >> butternut squash. >> and this is a great holiday gift also. and you will look really good giving this to your friends. >> okay. so, just get it out there and spread it out? >> spread it out. and you bake it for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees. >> and that's what you have. >> that's what we have. and at the restaurant, we have them in these jars. and everyone leaves with this. >> that is absolutely impressive. all right. i understand -- can we show a quick picture of your kids?
8:52 am
dressed as chefs? this first baby, oh, baby. look at that. oh, they are beautiful. daniel humm, chef, at eleven madison park. thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you so much for joining us. >> at yahoo! for all of the recipes you just saw. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription.
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and monday, world premiere of "the hunger games." some of those with us today, honoring army, air force, navy and marines. thank you all so much. it will be going on all day long. we're very proud to honor you here. >> thank you for your service. have a great weekend, everybody. ♪ three words you said in the night ♪ ♪ before we hell the fight ♪
8:56 am
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san francisco will be honoring our veterans with a parade starting at 11. in san jose a ceremony is schedule the at 11 before the parade at noon. you can find the list of activities on may want to bring your rain jackets. >> better to be prepared we have light scattered showers. this will be the case through the morning maybe even more during the afternoon and evening. bulb of the rain going fall in the santa cruz mountains. drier, starting tomorrow. highway 4 late problems, accident left lane port chicago highway slowing th


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