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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  November 11, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. religious leaders in oakland will gather for a rally to support protesters after last night's fatal shooting. a man in his 20s identified as alex was shot to death during an argument between two groups. alex was not staying at the encampment but frequently stopped by. amy hollyfield joins us with this morning's breakfast and
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another major development. >> reporter: now it is looking like if oakland police have to forcefully move protesters the mutual aid they had the last time won't be there, that's because of decisions made by mayor jean quan. 14 outside agencies helped oakland police when they forcefully removed protesters from frank ogawa plaza last month. because city officials allowed the campers back, law enforcement officials say the situation doesn't qualify for mutual aid any more. >> mutual aid is designed for emergencies. this is no longer an emergency when you have allowed people to cap out. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's office is in charge of cord naying mutual aid. -- of coordinating mutual aid. >> some people are getting upset saying why are we continuing to send people in when the mayor can't make a
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decision what to do. >> reporter: a spokeswoman from the oakland police department says the department is aware of this issue and says it will factor into their decision on whether to move in again. now that there's been a murder calls for the 'tis manhattanling are intensifying. the -- the mayor asked protesters to voluntarily leave last night, immediately. she is at a prayer breakfast this morning. not talk to the reporters. the immediate -- she did not talk to the reporters. >> i think the mayor will make the wisest decision on behalf of the city. i think that's what our prayer has to be that we pray for divine wisdom. >> reporter: oakland police can call in extra help before it goes into that camp if it would like to do that. but, it would have to pay for all of the overtime because it doesn't qualify for mutual aid. mayor quan hasn't said how she
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plans if get campers out if they don't leave voluntarily. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the head of oakland's police officers union released an open letter to occupy oakland today. i says, right now oakland is in a state -- it says, right now oakland is in a state of emergency taking police officers out of oakland neighbors away from protecting -- neighborhoods, away from protecting citizens. we ask you please leave frank ogawa plaza, peacefully and immediately. you have sent the world a strong message now it is time to go home. the entire letter is posted on under see it on tv of the >> the shooting has prompted a discussion on our facebook page. a report by california watch part of center for investigative reporting shows seven of california's 55 congressional members are among the so-called 1% with
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three of the top six from the bay area. san diego congressman darrell issa is the richest member of the delegation. congress as a whole with a net worth estimated around 303 million dollars. senator feinstein second in california worth as much as 77 million dollars. nancy pelosi third at 58 million. jackie spear is six at 12 million dollars. the cut off is nine million dollars according to data by a new york university economics professor. >> today is veterans day. >> one of the main commemorations just getting underway. local events take different tones, all share the same message. terry mcsweeney is live at the head of the parade route in downtown san francisco. >> reporter: i'm here at the head of the route. you get a good idea of the music behind me what is going on. the parade kicked off with pd,
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chp army group and a band just passed us by. what do you know it is mayor ed lee fresh off an election victory this week. he's saying thank you to everybody here. this is one way to celebrate veterans day san francisco state students coming up behind him this are other ways as there was this morning, across town. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: this morning a ceremony for all veterans. 21 seas available and not enough people to fill those -- seats available and not enough people to fill those seats. three vets one from the iraq war one interest the vietnam war and one from world war ii. i asked them for their thoughts. >> it means remembrance for the guys there, men and women who served and gave their lives.
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>> in general, life goes on and people get a holiday maybe they might think about veterans. in general i think it is pretty much business as usual. >> kind of reminisce about some of the good times i had during that time. i don't try to avoid the bad times. >> reporter: there's that way of celebrating veterans day and there's this way. you've got groups lined up as far as the eye can see. one group that deserves mention to give an idea how this veterans day has evolved from 11/11/11 here we are at 11:00 in the morning. marched the san francisco lesbian and gay freedom band to celebrate the rescinding of don't ask, don't tell. it is a long and storied
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history for america's veterans. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. president obama marked veterans day by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown at arlington national cemetery. the president called on america and congress to support america's veterans especially the so-called 9/11 generation. those who volunteered after the terrorist attacks. >> the president: this veterans day, let us commit ourselves to keep making sure that our veterans receive the care and benefits they've earned. the opportunity they defend and deserve. and above all, let us welcome them home as what they are, an integral essential part of our american family. >> president obama and the first lady are on their way to san diego right now. they will attend a historic basketball game aboard the aircraft carrier uss carl
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vinson. michigan state and north carolina will play. players practiced on the carrier yesterday. this video shows how crew turned the flight deck into a basketball court. the game is called a celebration of service. president obama will be among the thousands of special guests in the stands. >> and you are also going to see sailors men and women of uss carl vinson executing great teamwork. also in the stands, a lot of wounded warriors who have given a lot of sacrifice to this nation that is what we should all remember, the veterans. >> the carl vinson happens to be the carrier that buried terrorist leader osama bin laden at sea earlier this year. 225 pg&e employees will be laid off. since the san bruno
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ex-explosion pg&e has split its operations into two units. -- it has hired 90 engineers, mappers for the gas unit the cuts are difficult event by one priority ensuring safety and reliability. the majority of the cuts will cut from the information technology department. an attack at a parking garage has police on the hunt for a hid napping suspect. an -- exclusive. she wants justice. the mother of number within in the penn state sex abuse scandal tells her son's story.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. this morning san jose police are on hunt forea kidnapping and carjacking suspect. the car was taken at the third street garage after 7:00 last night. the victim and car were found safe two hours later at 17th and east santa clara streets. police spent all night searching but never found him. if you have information on the case you are asked to call san jose police. >> the mother of a boy who accused jerry sandusky of child sexual abuse is telling her story exclusively toozb÷ ab. the mother says her son met sandusky while finding the coach's second mile summer
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camp. >> reporter: she told "good morning america" george stephanopoulos she could tell there was something wrong with her son. he wouldn't admit it until a year after the alleged abuse began. abc has disguised her face and voice to protect her family's privacy. >> my son started acting out. i went to the school counselors and it was they said a beauty thing. >> that was the first time this mother suspected something was wrong. later her son's hints became more obvious. especially when he asked her how to look up sex wear doughs online. >> i asked who he was looking up. he said he wanted to see if jerry was on there. and i said well why would you look him up? and he said i don't know, he's a weirdo. >> she knows now that former penn state defensive coordinator jerry sandusky is facing charges for sexually soughting at least eight boys
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over 15 years. back -- back 10 there was a lot she did not know. sandusky was spending a lot of alone time with her son. >> even he was leaving the school with my child i didn't know he was taking him out of classes. >> and the boy was spending the night in sandusky basement. >> when you read in the indictment what was going on in that basement, what did you want to do >> i was horrified. i was absolutely horrified. >> when mother and son sat down to have a real talk about what happened.i=#)ús she asked him why he didn't come to her sooner? >> he said i didn't know what to do. i didn't know, you can't tell jerry no. >> police in texas are investigating jerry sandusky. they believe he may have salted a boy in the state in 1999 when -- may have assaulted a boy in the state in 1999 when penn state was there for the alamo bowl. >> we check in with mike. >> we'll talk about how much long they are rain is going to
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last and how much dry weather we have in the weekend forecast. details in a few minutes. new health advice for parents. why doctors want children of a certain age to get a cholesterol test. 11 reasons to say i love you. why today could be a record-setting day for saying "i do." ssssw!w!w!w!w!w!w!w!ñ
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>> earth shifting. >> at least the temperatures aren't at 11°. not here any way. >> all time records here. maybe 55, definitely cooler than it should be, not that cold. earlier today you can see the folks must have been watching channel 7 this morning because they had their umbrellas, that was a shameful plug, i'm sorry. wet weather going on. beautiful picture look how green everything is getting our time of the year to be green while everybody else is starting to turn brown. mount tamalpais you can see the clouds and defused nature the rain falling but it is very light, the most rain about a quart of an inch in the mountains -- most of us less than a inch. zoom out and over the last couple of hours it swept across the bay area and fell apart another band starting to develop offshore the waves of
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showers we'll have as we head through the afternoon into the evening. bulk of the moisture going to stay around big sur and south. monterey bay inland 50s. today scattered showers and cooler conditions five to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. showers linger tonight taper quickly tomorrow morning. dry saturday afternoon, sunday through thursday. today in the east bay valleys, the one area that will see the lowest amount of rain low 60s. upper 50s to near 60 east bay shore. south bay low 60s this afternoon your high same on the peninsula as you head to the coast where the heavier rain is going to fall mid to upper 50s that will include downtown south san francisco up into the north bay at the beaches or valleys mid to upper favre's and monterey bay upper 50s to -- look at how quickly the rain leaves us
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tomorrow morning we'll be partly cloudy temperatures in the 40s except for san francisco at 50. the low you can watch it moving south southeast now with that counterclockwise spin it is pushing the front closer to us bringing up moisture and throwing it over that front that's the lifting mechanism with our mountains that's why we see the rain. tapering during the afternoon just showers during the evening also. tomorrow morning you can see all dry. by tomorrow afternoon we will have a lot of sunshine. rainfall amounts up to half an inch to 3/4 of an inch along the coast into the santa cruz mountains. with the dry weather tomorrow and the afternoon sunshine two to eight degrees warmer than today. 60 at the coast mid to upper 60s with more sunshine for the rest of the forecast sunday through thursday. here's another 11 for you, every child needs to be tested
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for high cholesterol by the age of 11 according to new guidelines. the previous guidelines recommended testing only for children who are 0 bees, diabetic or have -- recent studies show many children with high cholesterol are being missed under those guidelines. doctors now recommend testing every child between the ages of 9 and 11. the panel cop from the american academy of -- pediatrics. friday's perfect pet, next. >> mike will
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today at 3:00, how to pick the perfect chocolate. michael finney has the 12 scams of christmas. then at 4:00, the diet domino effect that helps families get healthier. at 5:00, a land to handle occupy oakland how police and city leaders plan to control the encampment agencies do not plan to help out for free. those stories and more at 4:00 and 5:00. a san francisco is pooch one lucky dog. a man jumped into the san francisco bay to save his dog after it fell into the water. sky 7 hd was overhead as the fire department responded. it happened outside red's java house on the embarcadero. the man managed to get his dog out of water safely. they were checked out by paramedics. both are fine in this case, man is dog's best friend, right. >> whoa.
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time for perfect pet. we are going to switch pet types. good morning again. we have emily from the hussein society. i brought us jojo beautiful male kitten, young. >> about eight weeks old just went up for adoption after being in foster for a while. he's just one of many cats and kittens that we have. >> you still have a lot left. >> we do. >> because of that we have reduced the adoption fees through november 30th, by 50%. that gives you something to be thankful for, bringing a new friend home. >> jojo was with a couple of dogs from teenaged kids. what kind of family? >> i think he'll do great with any situation, especially considering that he was with two dogs and two teenagers. >> especially at that age,
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very young. >> i think he will flourish well especially with all the kisses he's giving me. >> very beautiful and loving if you are interested in jojo or any of many cats that you guys have, call the humane society. thank you nice seeing you. >> great to see you. i don't know why i want to nickname him biscuit. that's all for this edition of abc news, thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> keep track on twitter and talk about it at >> have a great day.
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